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In The Temple of Nogged

The workroom was warm with morning light. Nory sat on a floor cushion, alone next to a chest filled with pearls, her spools of thread arrayed next to her on a small table. Outside she could hear a gaggle of priestesses giggling over the latest set of offerings. The morning rituals must have ended already. She picked up a handful of pearls and let them fall into the chest again. Once she admired their richness and the great wealth they represented. Now, they were just beads. She looked up from her work to see Arlaen bringing in another basket of pearls, and almost broke into tears.

"I hate this!" she announced, pushing the chest away. "I can't stand it anymore!"

Arlaen stopped in the doorway. "Nory, what's wrong? Did you stick your finger again?"

Nory glared at the chest of pearls she was supposed to be restringing. The long strands of pearls decorated Nogged's dancing girls during worship services and invariably broke during the wild gyrations. Arlaen scoured the floor after morning services and Nory spent long hours threading the varicolored orbs onto silk.

"That's not it, Arlaen!" Nory kicked at the chest with one bare foot, then stared at the long bare leg stretched on the carpet. "It's the whole thing -- everything -- I can't stand anymore. Damn it, I'm not a seamstress or a beadmaker -- I'm a general! I led armies on the field! I had men tremble in fear of my glance, and women beating each other over the head to climb into my cot!"

Arlaen set down the basket. "That was before, Nory. You're a priestess of Nogged now."

The pearls glistened softly under the window, honey golden. Nory grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, as if offering them up as evidence. "These aren't mine! I mean, sure, it was fun for a while, but...I'm a man!"

"Why don't you come down and look at the new offerings with me?" Arlaen offered, her tone cajoling. "I've heard they've got some really nice dildos in this batch, ivory ones. And some bolts of silk."

"Don't you hear me, Arlaen?" Nory's face twisted with disgust as she looked at the transparent shift that barely covered her. "I don't want to see stupid fake dicks the worshippers give us. I'm talking about the real thing here!" She gestured at herself. "This body isn't mine! Nogged did this to me when he defeated my armies. This was...this was a punishment for worshiping a fake god."

"You know Nogged doesn't think like that." Arlaen overturned an empty basket and sat down, the diaphanous skirt of her short gown sliding up her thighs. "He turned them into toads and lizards, but as soon as they repented following a fake god, he turned them back -- all but the priests. And they live in the swamp below the garden, eating every bug that flies by. They're happy."

"Don't you feel it, Arlaen?" Nory's sweet face was furrowed with sorrow. "Don't you...miss it?"

Arlaen's hand drifted to the softly fuzzy mound between her legs, a place the diaphanous skirt was purposefully split to expose. Her eyes filled with sadness, and she sighed deeply. "I...don't think about it anymore."

"Damn it, Arlaen, you were a man, too! Before Nogged changed you! You were a king, a conqueror! They put up statues to you!" Nory squeezed her breasts as if she would tear them off, then hugged herself tightly, biting her lip hard to restrain the tears already beginning to fall over her cheeks..

Arlaen slid from her basket seat and put her arms around Nory, hugging her softly. "You can't think about it. Please don't cry."

"Damn it all, Arlaen, I even cry like a girl!" The blonde cuddled into the familiar embrace. "Three's been three years. I'm not a woman and I'm not a man."

Arlaen ran one finger along Nory's jaw, lifting the blonde woman's face up and placing a kiss on her lips. "Is it really so very bad? "

Nory shivered and closed her eyes. "You don't play fair, Arlaen." She signed deeply. "You've made it bearable -- more than bearable, sometimes it's been wonderful. But sometimes...most of the time anymore..."

Arlaen searched the young blonde's eyes, then looked at the floor. "This is just how it is, Nory. Nogged likes women."

Nory glared at the pearls again. "Don't I know it? All day, every day, worshipping that giant phallus of his! Thelessa and all the dancers rubbing themselves on it, anointing it, kissing it...Every morning we have to line up and kiss that thing. Every night before we go to bed, we have to hug it and compliment Nogged on his mighty endowment!" Nory's shoulders drooped. "What about my endowment? It wasn't so very mighty as Nogged's is, was mine!"

Arlaen stroked Nory's long blonde braids. "Nory, you can't say you don't have enough women to please you. It isn't like there aren't beautiful women everywhere you look. It isn't like you can't have one in your bed every night -- or every afternoon -- or for breakfast, even."

Nory smiled a little ruefully and leaned her head on Arlean's rather broad shoulder. "I know that -- you, of all people, know I know that. But it's not the same. I won't say I don't enjoy it...I do...there are being female. But it isn't what I am. Inside, I mean. I feel...mutilated. I feel incomplete." Slowly Nory sagged against her friend. "It's not enough. If I can't be what I am, Arlaen, I don't want to live."

Arlaen pulled Nory close and kissed her head and face. "Don't say that. You don't mean that!" She hugged Nory for a long time. "You can't mean that. Nogged gives eternal life to his priestesses. He's good to us. He provides us every comfort, every gift, as long as we worship him and revel in the pleasures he prizes."

"It sounds nice, Arlaen, it really does." Nory wiped a trace of moisture from her blue eyes. "I know it's true. Nogged really is a god, an all-powerful god. I've done my duty by him. I've ...serviced him, and I won't deny it has...pleasures. He may be 30 feet tall and green, but I...I don't refute him. I just wish...I just wish..."

"What, Nory?"

"I just wish Nogged could have priests as well. I want my dick back!" Nory closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands. "I can't live like this anymore. I'd rather...just die."

"Don't say that! Don't even think like that." Arlaen hugged Nory tightly. "I've been here a lot longer than it isn't everything we could want...Nogged isn't cruel..." Her voice fell into silence. "Don't talk about dying."

Nory shook her head and patted her friend's hand. "I'm sorry. You've been so good to me -- I can't really complain of life here. But I can't help how I feel. No, Arlaen. I know what I am inside. This is a pretty body, I'll admit, but it isn't mine! I don't belong in it. I can't live in it anymore."

"Are you certain of that?" Thelessa stepped through the open doorway. The High Priestess was resplendent in ropes of jewels and tiny wisps of transparent fabric that enhanced rather than hid her large breasts and rounded hips. She stared at Nory and Arlaen where they huddled on the floor. "Look at me and say it, and I will know if it is true."

Nory trembled. Thelessa was who knew how old, very much in the favor of the very real and powerful Nogged and in her own right a woman of considerable power. But Nory shook off the moment of fear and stood up. She was taller than Thelessa, with much smaller breasts and more narrow hips, but Thelessa seemed not to notice the difference at all. Thelessa's limitless black eyes bored into hers. "Say it again, Nory."

Nory drew in a deep breath. "High Priestess, I cannot live any longer as a woman. I am a man. If I cannot be what I am, then I would plead instead for death."

Thelessa stared into Nory's eyes for several breaths, then looked beyond her. "And you, Arlaen? Are you of the same mind?"

Arlaen also stood. She was taller even than Nory. Beneath the shape and softness of a woman, there was also the shoulders and bearing of a man. "I have accepted my lot, High Priestess. I have never claimed it made me happy. I do not seek death, but...I would do much to be my former self again."

Thelessa stepped back, studying the pair as they stood shoulder to shoulder before her. She tapped her lower lip with one finger, her head tilted slightly. Nory and Arlaen stood at attention as only the military trained can, not glancing to the side, not twitching or flinching. Finally, the High Priestess smiled.

"It is a thought worth considering. Nogged is a god of pleasure, after all. He does not like to see unhappiness, really. But..." and a sly look came into her eyes," if I intercede with him on your behalf, will you agree to do whatever is required of you? Nogged will demand that any change in his worship to be...entertaining. You might not like what you are asked to do." Her smiled broadened. "Of course, you cannot leave the temple -- you are among the initiated, no matter your origins, and are therefore Nogged's forever. If he were to grant you your wishes, would you be able to remain here, under whatever conditions he sees fit to give?"

Nory's eyes flickered with hope. Her voice was firm. "High Priestess, if I am allowed to be a man again, I will do whatever is requested of me in return. I will swear to remain faithful to the worship of Nogged and confined within his temple."

"I swear the same, High Priestess," Arlaen echoed.

Thelessa rested her hands on her bejeweled hips. "All right then. It's almost time for the noon services and I must go. You two go bathe and prepare yourselves for after the ceremony -- I'd recommend avoiding any jewelry or flowers, and wearing your simplest gowns. I'll summon you when I am ready." She swept out of the little chamber, leaving the two stunned women staring after her.

Arlaen sat down first. "Do you think it is possible?"

"I don't know." Nory sat down next to her, heedless of spilled pearls rolling across the floor. "But if it can be...what a life! The only men in a temple full of beautiful, wanton women!"


The Temple of Nogged was a huge collection of buildings constructed over many centuries, all dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh. Thelessa looked out the tall windows of her chambers as her maids dried and braided her long hair. She had been high priestess to Nogged for...well, almost since the first walls of the temple were built. Nogged derived his powers from every sort of physical pleasure, -- dancing, eating, bathing, laughing -- and in particular the pleasures of sex. Hundreds of women devoted their lives to his service, and to those particular pleasures. The energy itself fed him, and he could feel the actual sensations of a few special worshipers, such as Thelessa.

But, aside from the worshippers permitted to enter the outer grounds on special celebration days, there were no men within the temple walls. Oh, once upon a time she had agreed to let a group of men act as priests, but it had been a dismal failure. They had not recognized her position, nor had they respected the other priestesses, regarding them instead as members of a private harem. The result had greatly offended Nogged, and those foolish men were now the ancestors of the goldfish in the fountain that decorated the central courtyard.

She waved her maids away and looked at the fountain. This was a different circumstance, however. Her instincts told her that she could make all happen differently, and perhaps restore balance within the temple -- all to Nogged's greater power, of course. She eyed the beautifully carved phallus that rested on her nightstand -- made of some exotic wood, exquisitely realistic, admirably proportioned. It was not only a playtoy, but a symbol of Nogged. Still, it was cold and unyielding and it could not respond to anything she did. It had been so long since she had seen a real one of human proportions that she could barely remember what it was like.

The Central Alter room was dark and quiet after the noon service. Thelessa returned walked into it quietly and stood before the huge green statue that filled the space behind and to the left of the altar. It grinned at her through a tusked mouth, its knees spread wide to thrust forward its enormous stone phallus and the giant round lumps of testicles. She climbed the three marble steps that brought her just above eye level to the proud swelling head, then she wrapped her arms around it and kissed it soundly and wetly.

One huge stone eye opened. The appearance of stone vanished and the giant form of Nogged moved and breathed. "I thought we'd just had noon worship, Thelessa." The voice echoed like distant thunder.

"Yes, my Lord Nogged. I've come on a different matter." Giving the giant phallus a final squeeze, she climbed the next step and settled herself on the altar. It was wide and long and covered in deep cushions. The other giant stone eye opened and looked upon her with lewd fondness.

"So? What is this matter?"

She smoothed the simple chain of rubies she wore between her breasts. "Two of our priestesses, great Nogged, are unhappy. Very unhappy."

"Why should that be?" Nogged's colossal head tilted, ropelike locks of shaggy hair swaying between the massive horns just above each eye. "The Temple of Nogged is not for unhappiness. They should be made happy!"

"Of course, grand and glorious Nogged. That is why I have come to you, to make an appeal on your mercy for them." She casually twirled the end of one her long braids. "These two are...unusual cases. And I have ideas about how to make them happy...and to make you happy, my lord."

"I am always interested in being happy. What have you in mind?"

Thelessa smiled. "You require worship in the form of physical pleasure, my lord. Sexual pleasure above all. Our ceremonies and rituals are all about that, which makes us happy. I suggest, however, some new variety of ... entertainment."

The two prodigious eyes were half-lidded and the head of the giant phallus throbbed. "I am always interested in variety and entertainment. I will hear this appeal."

Thelessa reached over the altar's edge and tugged a silken rope dangling there. Silvery chimes echoed through the altar room. From a side door, Nory and Arlaen appeared. As instructed, they wore plain, simple gowns, which still did little to actually cover them. Their hair, grown long in the fashion of the temple, was braided into thick plaits hanging well past their waists. Thelessa motioned for them to near the foot of the altar. "Here they are, most enormous Noggin."

Noggin tilted forward in his huge stone chair, his huge eyes blinking. "Hmm, not the prettiest of my priestesses. Still, not bad. Would the dark one like bigger tits, perhaps? The blonde could use a rounder figure."

"No!" Three voices spoke as one. Nogged's huge eyes blinked.

Thelessa sat up, jiggling her breasts as she did so, making the soft light of oil lamps glitter on her chain of rubies. "You have seized upon the matter, oh clever Nogged. It is indeed their appearance that causes them so much unhappiness. Can you not feel it in them?"

Nogged closed his huge eyes for a moment. "Indeed. It is a dark cloud in my temple. I do not like it."

Thelessa raised up her hands. "Oh most puissant Nogged, you are the god of human appetites, the overseer of nature. All who worship in your temple must be true to themselves and offer themselves fully to you."

Nogged smiled, his tusks glinting white ivory against the greenish grey of his skin. "That is so, that is so."

Thelessa rubbed her hands across her breasts, squeezing the nipples until they were as red as the rubies shining next to them. Nogged's eyes glowed. "Then, oh powerful Nogged, you should know that these two are not...true to themselves."

Nory was chilled at the sudden icy gaze the giant eyes turned on her. Unthinking, she grasped at Arlaen's hand. The taller, darker woman did not move.

"They are not? How can this be?"

Thelessa voiced a soft moan which pulled Nogged's eyes back to her. "Oh, great Lord Nogged, do you recall, in the past, when armies of unbelievers rose up against you and your temple? In your greatness and mercy, you transformed those misguided ones into toads and lizards and all manner of bug eating reptile, until they could repent and proclaim you as the true god that you are."

The mountainous being chuckled, like huge boulders grinding together far underground. "I remember. They made the dancing stop and I can't have that."

"Of course not, mighty Nogged. And in your mercy and wisdom, you changed them back to their true form in the passage of time."

"All except those dratted priests." The great head wagged. "But they seem to be making good progress against the mosquitoes. Can't have my lovely priestesses itching all the time." He chuckled, and one huge finger dangled near Thelessa, as if about to caress her. "But what's the point, Thelessa? There's no army at the gates now."

"No, my Lord Nogged. But these two -- they were not transformed into reptiles, although they came as unbelievers. They were inside the temple when your power went forth. They were the leaders of the unbelievers, but they saw their error." Thelessa stretched up so that one of her nipples rubbed firmly against the extended finger, and she gasped softly at the contact. "You changed them so they could worship you properly, as penance for their transgressions."

Nogged's eyes, which had been fixed on Thelessa, swiveled once more to fix on Nory and Arlaen. "These two? Well, that explains the lack of tits."

Nory blushed and released her hold on Arlaen's hand. Thelessa shifted again on the altar. "They have served in your temple well, most potent Nogged. Arlaen has been here...oh...well over twenty years. Nory has served nearly three."

"Where is this going, Thelessa?"

The High Priestess adjusted her pose on the altar so that she captured Nogged's gaze once more. "I think, almighty Nogged, that you should have priests once more."

The huge head shook. "But Thelessa! Remember the last time we tried to have priests? They were a nightmare -- fighting over the girls, interfering with the dancing, mucking up services. I don't have problems watching horny men...I know you girls miss it...but really...I'm happy with things how they are!"

Thelessa smiled. "Oh, gargantuan Nogged, I have a different idea this time. Please..." She held out her hand to Nory, waving her to approach. "Kneel at the altar, Nory, and tell Nogged what you told me."

Nory bent her knees and bowed her head. "Oh grand and glorious Nogged, please let me be a man again. I cannot live as a woman any longer. I will do -- I have promised -- whatever you command me in exchange. If I cannot be a man, I do not wish to live."

Nogged's huge mouth formed a concerned look. "She's serious. She really means it!" Thelessa nodded. Nogged pointed at Nory. "You are not content to be a pretty woman, enjoying all the pleasures of this temple? You take no joy in worshipping me?"

Nory looked up at the giant entity. "Great Nogged, please hear me. I do take joy in worshipping you. I have tasted the pleasures of your temple and I am grateful for them. But...seeing your ... endowment ... worshipping it as we do..." Her eyes dropped. "I miss mine. It was in no way as grand as yours, but I liked it."

Nogged blinked once, then twice. "I hadn't considered that. That would be a rough blow." He looked again at Thelessa. "Are these the only ones I've turned to women? I thought there were others."

Thelessa nodded. "There are, but they came here seeking to be women, and they are one with their natures now. These two...Arlaen, you should come forth and speak. Let Nogged hear you."

"Oh, omnipotent Nogged, I, too, miss the pleasures of being a man." The broad shoulders curved inward as Arlaen knelt down. "I admire you and your masculine traits, but not being a woman in my soul, I can only appreciate them as a man would. And not being a man in my body, I am deprived of that, too."

Nogged sat back on his huge throne. "This is serious, Thelessa. All right, I see your point. But I don't want another mess."

Thelessa now sat up on the altar, as queenly as any royal personage on a throne. "They both have promised they will do anything -- anything -- to be made men once more. They have also sworn they would remain in the temple and faithful in their worship. So..." She leaned to one side, resting on her arm, her heavy breasts swaying. "...I propose a new entertainment for you, great Lord Nogged. Nory, Arlaen, you are sworn?"

The women looked up at the high priestess. Arlaen raised her hands in the air. "I am sworn, High Priestess, before the mighty Nogged, that whatever I am commanded to do, I shall do with pleasure, if I am returned to my manhood."

"I am sworn as well, High Priestess, before the most glorious Lord Nogged." Nory raised her hands, too. "I shall do with pleasure what you command, if my manhood is returned to me."

"See, great Nogged?" Thelessa looked up to the giant head. "I think they will keep their word, since you can turn them back at any moment if they slip up."

"True...true..." Nogged raised a great hand and pointed his finger, first at Nory, then at Arlaen. Lightening zapped out, illuminating the altar room and echoing thunderously through the columns. "There."

Noren opened his eyes. The gown he wore had torn loose from one shoulder. He lifted his hands -- they were no longer soft and rounded, but the muscular hands with which he had once reined in a horse and held a sword. He rubbed his chest, exultant over the broad, flat pectorals. Then he lifted the short skirt. Between his legs swung the cock and balls he had so missed.

"Thank you, oh glorious Nogged!" Noren fell to his knees. "I am myself again!"

Arlan cleared his throat. "We have made a promise in exchange for this gift, most powerful Nogged. What will you have us do?"

Nogged looked at Thelessa. "This was your idea, Thelessa. What did you have in mind?"

Thelessa's smile widened. "Why, that they should provide entertainment for you, great Nogged, as the priestesses do. They should fuck one another, of course."

Nogged paused, considering. "Hmm, not unappealing. Of course, it isn't my dick that's having the fun, but I'm in favor of dicks as a rule. I'll watch." He settled back in his throne. "Then I'll decide."

Noren stopped in his celebration and also looked up at the Priestess. Then he looked at Arlan, then at Thelessa again. His face reddened. "I...I've"

"Virgins? Bah! Virgins are boring," Nogged growled. "Watching a pair of virgins figure out how to fuck is worse than watching the frogs eat flies."

Arlan straightened. "I am not a virgin, my Lord Nogged. In any sense."

Thelessa clapped her hands and laughed. "Perfect. Then you shall be the man and Noren the boy -- isn't that the way it is described, Arlan?"

"Sometimes, High Priestess. But we should not insult Noren already...let us say I shall give and he...shall receive."

Noran jumped to his feet nervously, eyeing Arlan, his stomach jumping. "But...but..."

"You did swear to do whatever you were commanded to do, Noren," Thelessa reminded him, her voice firm. "Nogged is waiting."

Arlan was the taller of the two, and his long braids had come undone, leaving his dark brown hair trailing over his back. His gown had split completely, revealing all of his broad chest and belly, a trail of dark curling hair leading from a patch between his nipples to where it almost disappeared beneath the fabric still clinging around his waist. He reached for Noren's hand and held it firmly. "Don't be afraid, Noren. I never did you hurt when we were both women. I won't hurt you now."

Noren's blush deepened. As Nory and Arlaen, they'd certainly shared a bed for more than sleep. Just remembering Arlaen's many lover's tricks made him feel warm all over. He swallowed hard. "You're right...we've been lovers a long time. I...just feel... awkward."

Arlan again addressed the High Priestess. "Where shall we perform? The floor here is hard and cold."

Thelessa slid from her seat on the altar. "Here, of course. This is an offering to Nogged. It should be done where he can best see." She then straddled the giant phallus that jutted just feet away. Nogged sighed like the wind above them all. "You will need the Balm of Joy. It is there, in the alabaster jar."

Noren let Arlan lead him up the marble steps to the altar. The light in the altar room changed, dimming everywhere but on the altar itself. On the top step, Arlan stopped. Noren stood numbly on the step below him. His head spun. He didn't know quite what to do.

With an expert twitch of his well tanned fingers, Arlan loosed the remaining shoulder of Noren's gown, letting the flimsy bit of cloth fall. "He was a pretty woman, great Nogged, but he is a far more beautiful man."

Noren's blush returned as Arlen kissed him, first lightly over his jaw and cheeks, then more firmly and insistently on the mouth. Arlaen has always been one to kiss, but it felt so different now. While he'd daydreamed idly about becoming a man and making love to Arlaen, he'd never once pictured having sex with both of them male. "Get up on the altar, Noren. Remember, they are watching." Arlan guided Noren onto the padded surface of the altar, then joined him. Noren blinked in the brighter light, which had the effect of blanking out everything else. He could sense more than see Nogged and Thelessa. With one motion of his hand, Arlan stripped of the remnants of the gown he wore. Noren saw the man naked for the first time.

Arlan was in the full depth of his manhood, broad and dark -- dark hair flowing silkily over slabs of muscle; large, long fingered hands that matched his arms that matched his legs. If his waist wasn't perfectly slim, or his belly flat as a board, it hardly seemed noticeable compared to his shoulders, chest and back. It certainly didn't diminish the respectable phallus beginning to come to attention below it. His face still held hints of the high cheekboned, narrow nosed woman he had been just minutes before, with the same full, sensual lips and dark eyes, but the hunger glowing in those eyes made Noren shiver and scoot a little further up on the altar.

Arlan put one of those large hands on Noren's leg. "Are you really so afraid of me?" he asked, his voice quiet and betraying a little hurt.

Even though now coming from a larger chest and through heavier vocal cords, the voice was still familiar. The accent and inflection was just like Arlaen's. Noren blushed again and smiled despite himself. "You look different...I look different. I'm just being silly. I'm sorry." He lay back, trying to relax onto the soft pad. "I was never ...with a man before. What do I do?"

Arlan's face lost its anxious expression and opened into a smile. He climbed further onto the altar until he knelt on all fours over Noren. "Move as I tell you. Let me know when I please you. That's all you need to do." He dipped his head to nip at Noren's face and lips, bending more deeply into the kiss as Noren at first stiffened, then relaxed, then tentatively responded. "You are so beautiful," he breathed into the younger man's ear, pausing only long enough to hear Noren's answering sigh before covering his face with kisses once more.

Noren's hands flexed on the soft alter pad. It wasn't so different, really, from those passionate nights with Arlaen. Then he felt the thick, heavy weight of Arlan's cock brush against his thigh. That was different. He didn't want to be afraid, but he couldn't stop the quiver in his stomach. Instead, he concentrated on the warmth of Arlan's touch. Those long fingered hands ran over his chest, finding his nipples and making them tighten with little pinches and tugs. As a woman, his breasts had been sensitive, but not like this. Had he felt such shocks of pleasure sizzling into his groin years ago, before Nogged's transforming magic? He tried to recall the last sexual encounter he'd had before that day -- during the campaign march, with an expensive whore who'd writhed and cried out with practiced boredom. Nothing she'd done had felt like this. His dick -- the precious bit of flesh for which he'd bargained -- began to swell. His legs trembled and jumped with tension as Arlan's teeth tortured a long moan from him.

On her perch, Thelessa slowly rode up and down, pressing her damp nether lips to Nogged's huge phallus, her eyes fixed on the bodies on the altar. "They look well together, do they not, great Nogged? Their skins contrast so beautifully." Nogged only mumbled in answer, like stones shifting under the earth.

As Arlan worked his way slowly and carefully down Noren's pale torso, his tongue and lips tasting every inch of flesh, his hands making long trails and circles, Noren felt as if the top of his head might blow off. He whimpered and sighed, catching his fingers in the long strands of Arlan's hair, feeling helpless and anxious and very, very aroused. He caught his breath when Arlan paused and rested his head in the curve of Noren's hip. All his thoughts, his very ability to think, seemed very distant. Then a warm, moist breath of air brushed over his organ, making it leap and the skin over his testicles tighten. He moaned long when Arlen caught the swelling organ in his mouth, intent on swallowing it to the root.

If Noren had been a feast and Arlan on the edge of starvation, he could not have devoured the younger man any more avidly. Noren trembled, lifting his hips, his mouth falling open, his moans becoming short ecstatic cries. The skin over his chest reddened, his heels pressed hard into the pad. Very gently, Arlan let the tumid organ slip from his mouth. Noren felt him lay at his side, pressed up hard against him, his arms wrapped around the younger man, holding him tightly. Noren clung to his lover, eyes closed, reassured.

"Are they done?" murmured Nogged, his soft tone still enough to rumble the floor. "That wasn't much."

"Oh no, Nogged. I think this is just intermission." Thelessa rubbed her breasts along Nogged's phallus. "I'm enjoying this very much. Aren't you?"

"Oh, it's pleasant enough...better than those priests we used to have. But it's really not more than the priestesses do."

Arlan nuzzled Noren's ear and cheek. "It's not enough that we please each other," he whispered. "We must please Nogged as well."

Noren pushed a long strand of brown hair behind Arlan's ear and trailed his finger along the man's strong jaw, then nodded. "I know." He smiled, the last bits of tension leaving his body. "But I'm still enjoying this."

Arlen laughed softly. Gently, Arlan nibbled and kissed his way around Noren's neck and shoulder, gradually turning the younger man over on his stomach and repeating his lavish worship over his back.

Noren sighed as chills washed over him. He'd stopped trying to anticipate what Arlan would do next and let his body flex and flow under the man's warm touch. When he felt Arlan's hands shaping to his ass, caressing each cheek and squeezing them tightly, he lifted up onto his knees without prompting. Somewhere a little voice in his head popped up.

"I'm warning you," it whined, sounding very much like his tutor, an old man with a pickle shaped nose and a sour expression. "Not only is this going to hurt like hell, but it's not something men do. Might as well cut your balls off and be a woman."

"I've already been a woman, you idiot," He answered back in irritation at the distraction. "It can't hurt any worse than my first time with a dildo, and I got over that pretty damn quick . Arlan's not going to hurt me. Get the hell out of my head."

The internal conversation ended abruptly when something warm and wet lapped against his butt. His asscheeks were spread wide, and Arlan's tongue was working the small orifice between them thoroughly. Noren's legs trembled and threatened to spill him over. Arlan's hand worked his cock steadily and between the two sensations he could not keep still. He wanted to drive down into Arlan's tight fist and push up onto that probing tongue at the same time. Little animal grunts sputtered into the padded altar.

"Noren seems to be enjoying himself," Thelessa commented, still rubbing her crotch and breasts against Nogged's never-flagging member. "You can practically feel it from here."

Nogged had positioned one finger carefully so her ass rubbed against it as she moved. "I can feel it, Thelessa. They are finally praying properly."

Noren was only a little surprised to feel the particular soft, thick sensation of the Balm of Joy being rubbed into his ass. That magical mixture was a part of every worship ceremony, and was kept in every bedchamber for non-worship purposes as well. It was only when Arlan's finger began to work its way inside him that he tensed. Arlan stopped, instead stroking the outer ring of muscles. It felt so good Noren was almost angry with himself. When Arlan tried again, he pushed back, almost impaling himself on the long digit.

"Shh, Noren. Let me do do not have to prove yourself to me." Arlan's voice drifted to him, warm and deep. The dark skinned man knelt beside him, pressing close. "Be patient, my love."

Those two words so shocked Noren that he forgot completely what was going on, until Arlan's finger slipped inside him. The combination of emotional surprise and the feeling of penetration combined to create an intense, but not really painful, gnawing inside him. The finger moved in and out, then remained inside. Noren froze, not wanting to do anything to make the sudden waves of new pleasure diminish.

Arlan moved expertly and more feeling poured into Noren than he could sort. Had his ass always been such an erotic place? As a female, he'd not really explored it much. Now, he thought he'd been sorely cheated by life. Then Arlan began moving his hand in a new way.

"I...I'm...I'm going to pee on you!" he gasped.

Arlan chuckled behind him. "Go on and try, if you can."

For a few more seconds, Noren was really afraid he would. But the sensation changed again. It wasn't his bladder that was responding, it was...he couldn't understand it, but his body was not in doubt and his hips began to ride Arlan's finger. It was as if his dick was being massaged from the inside. He noticed only the slightest increase of pressure as Arlan added a second finger, and then a third. He was trembling so hard that his legs would no longer hold his ass in the air, and he was flat on the altar pad.

Arlan still lay next to him. "You act as if you are enjoying this," he whispered, a wicked delight in his voice.

" this!" he gasped in answer, irritated at the distraction.

"Just imagine how it will feel when I'm inside you," Arlan breathed.

Noren tried, and couldn't. His mind simply blanked. "Oh...yes...please..." was all he could offer.

The fingers were removed and he felt strangely bereft, but it only lasted long enough for Arlan to turn him onto his back again. "I want to see your face," he explained in a throbbing voice as he positioned himself between Noren's legs. "I want to see the moment you finally belong to me."

Noren let himself be positioned, feeling momentarily guilty that he'd not given Arlan's cock the slightest attention, wondering why Arlan was speaking to him as he did. His ass rested on Arlan's thighs, his calves on his shoulders. He could feel cool air between his ass cheeks, making the new territory of his asshole feel twitchy and exposed. Then the round head of Arlan's cock nudged at him.

"Breathe deeply, my love, and relax as you did before." Arlan's instructions filtered through the little spasm of panic that stung him. One of Arlan's hands was guiding what Noren now remembered was a sizeable dick into position. The other was again caressing his own, which had gone a little slack. Inside his groin was a hunger like he couldn't remember feeling before -- not unlike the gnawing of desire he'd felt a space that had once held a womb, not unlike the concentrated lust with which he was more familiar, but somewhere in between those two. Then he felt himself being stretched.

It did hurt, a little, in the most peculiar way, a way that he didn't really want to stop. Arlan was so slow, so careful, whispering little words of loving encouragement, penetrating a little deeper, then a little more. It seemed endless -- Noren thought he couldn't stand it much more, would have to cry out for Arlan to stop, have to beg to be released -- and then something seemed to open inside him. He was so filled up, his ass pressed to Arlan's hips, the sensation inside his body that was connected to his dick suddenly thudding and thumping inside, that he didn't even know how loudly he cried out, or that he cried out Arlan's name.

Between the friction of Arlan's dick in his ass, and that of Arlan's hand on his dick, there was no room in Noren's head for thinking. He locked his legs around Arlan's neck until the man bent forward over him, biting at his nipples, kissing his throat, stroking into him slowly at first, then with greater force and need. Noren caught the long strands of Arlan's hair in both his hands, groaning and grunting and repeating nonsense over and over. He felt as if an explosive force was building up inside him, not just in his cock, but in his entire body.

Arlan teased him to the brink and then slowed, letting him fall back. It made Noren dizzy, overcome with lust and need, only the perfect intensity of pleasure preventing him from crying out in frustration. He felt like some exotic musical instrument Arlan was playing..

"Hmm, I think this Arlan has learned some of your tricks, Thelessa." Nogged's eyes were almost closed. "I've seen you do things like that to the girls."

Thelessa was breathless, her arms wrapped around the monumental phallus. "Yes, my lord Nogged."

Noren was no longer aware that anyone else existed except Arlan. Great waves of rapture flowed through him like tides, controlled not by the moon but by Arlan's motions inside and outside of him. Finally, he could contain them no longer. His legs went rigid and he growled as Arlan's fist milked burst after burst from him, the white liquid evidence of his pleasure splashing onto him.

Only then did Arlan wrap his arms around Noren's waist and begin to pump into his body with insistent force. Noren felt the same waves of desire, only a little more distantly, now that his own lust was momentarily sated. That his body could create pleasure for Arlan crowded his heart with bliss. When Arlan came, growling and chewing at Noren's chest, Noren hugged him tightly, feeling the heat of it pumping inside him.

They lay intertwined on the altar for long minutes. Noren moved first, pushing the long, damp strands of Arlan's hair out of his face. He made the softest protest as Arlan slid out of his ass, and embraced the dark man tightly.

"I didn't know you loved me," he whispered into Arlan's ear as he nuzzled the man's neck.

"That's because you are young and rather foolish," Arlan replied, holding Noren so tightly the younger man could barely breathe.

Noren returned the embrace with as much strength as he could muster. "I'm sorry I didn't realize months ago. You know I love you, too, right?"

"Shhhh..." Arlan kissed him silent.

Above them, Thelessa panted, her body loose and relaxed on her peculiar perch. "Well, great Nogged?"

The giant entity seemed also to be breathing rather heavily. "Um...yes. All right. Yes...very good."

Thelessa slid down to the edge of Nogged's giant throne. "Noren, Arlan, come forth to hear the mighty Nogged's decision."

Slowly and a little reluctantly, Noren and Arlan detangled from each other. The bright spotlight over the altar dimmed while the other lights came up as they stood together on the top step, arms around each other, and looked up at Nogged.

"I'm a sucker for a good love story," Nogged rumbled. "What was that thing you did with your finger in his ass, Arlan?"

Arlan smiled. "For many men, great Nogged, there's a point of pleasure just inside. For some women, there is a similar spot in the vagina."

Above him, Thelessa nodded. "That's one reason so many of the girls use the ceremonial dildos the people offer, most powerful Nogged." She patted the god's knee. "After all, my Lord, none of us can truly enjoy you as we would like...your awesome size would kill us."

The great entity sighed. "You'd think someone would have told me about the ass thing." He leaned forward, looming over the three humans who were so small beside him. "I could feel it, you know. Good trick."

Thelessa smiled at the two men. "Grand and glorious Nogged, then will you accept these two as priests in your temple?"

"Huh? Oh, yes. Let's see..." Nogged gave Thelessa a tusked smile. "I suppose they should service any of the priestesses who want it a dedication to me. Those two cocks will be living offerings, like the dildos." He fixed Arlan and Noren with his glowing eyes. "But that's how you'll think of it. When you're with one of the girls, you're representing me. Got it? No running around and making nuisances of yourselves."

"Of course, almighty Nogged. Every act of pleasure is dedicated to you," Noren answered, hugging Arlen with one arm.

"And for ritual...what do you think, Thelessa? Every seventh day, evening? And once each high holy day...special ceremony?"

"And at least one morning ritual, during the monthly purification dances," Thelessa added. "I think they can keep up with that schedule without trouble."

"Of course, High Priestess." Arlan bowed. "Thank you, kind and generous Nogged."

"Yes, thank you, most wise and wonderful Nogged," Noren echoed.

Thelessa stepped down to the platform just in front of the great phallus, stopping to hug it tightly and kiss the bulbous head. Noren followed, wrapping his arms around it and kissing it has he had done every morning and night for the past three years, only this time with new reverence. Arlan stepped up last. He wrapped his arms around the mighty phallus and hugged it, at the same time pulling upward.

There was a thunderous grunt. At the tip of the huge head, a white luminous liquid pearl appeared.

"Ahhhh..." Nogged sighed, long and deep, making the walls rumble. "Thank you, Arlan. I needed that." Thelessa ran forward with an empty jar and scooped the liquid into it. There was never enough Balm of Joy.

"Fine, fine. Everyone's happy now. You can go. I need to nap before evening ritual." With that, the great entity rested his hands on his knees, his huge eyes closed, and he became as hard and cold as stone.

Thelessa tucked the jar away and lead them from the altar room. "I knew you two wouldn't fail me." She smiled at each of them. "And I do expect you will extend those skills of yours all of the priestesses. I have a few special rituals planned...for myself." She left them at the door.

Noren felt suddenly shy as they walked down the corridor towards their bed chambers. "Uh, Arlen? Will I ever...well...will you teach me to fuck you? I mean, do you want me to?"

"Want you to?" Arlan stopped, grasped Noren by both shoulders, and kissed him soundly. "I fully demand that you do so and on a regular basis." He smiled. "Now let's go bathe. We still have to get the pearls strung."