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The Inquisition

Chapter One

Julian was, for all intents and purposes, a normal 17 year old. He went to school, got average grades, he played volleyball, hung out with friends, you know the usual. But one day, his whole life changed in less than thirty seconds. You see..... no wait. I am getting ahead of myself; let me start at the real beginning.

Julian comes from a military family. Since before WWI, way before. We are talking Revolutionary. And while his family may not have been the most well known, they were all good soldiers, all of them. Julian is no exception. Julian waits for the day he can sign up and continue the line. He dreams of becoming a sniper. Like his grandfather, who was a sniper in WWII, and his father, who served as a sniper in Nam and Desert Storm.

Julian just seemed to have it in his blood. When he was 8 there was never an argument, during cops and robbers. You knew he got you, mostly cause he would be hiding in a tree, on the roof, in a bush, or wherever. And you didn't see him till you were already dead. At twelve, in middle school, when he went into hiding, teachers didn't even bother to look for him. His natural stealth carried with him to his current point in high school. His smaller than average size as a freshman warranted his need to hide from those who would exploit him.

Now a junior, his size was no longer a problem. He had grown from a small 5-4 going into high school to the towering 6 foot even he now stood. Thanks to his military preparations, he did not become lanky by any means. He was nice and lean, trim, and well defined. Brimming with muscles, no, but the kind of look where you can see the power hidden beneath his skin. Though most people who never saw him play wouldn't know it. He usually keeps himself covered with his various sets of urban camos. With his newly acquired camo trench coat, he was an imposing figure to run across.

Yet his face did not betray him. His still boyish looks would never e associated with a person willing to kill, and kill well, for his country His hair was spiked not quite a military cut, but close. Average length brown spikes. His face was still nicely rounded, with sharp eyebrows and soft brown eyes. Soft cheekbones and even softer pink lips, which hid a nice set of pearly whites. But when he was out and about he usually had on his full outfit with sunglasses.

Well this Saturday at the arcade was no exception. He was practicing on his favorite machine, Silent Scope. Sure it was nothing like the real thing but it was practice none the less. Not to mention fun. And he was good at both the game and the real thing. He was distracted briefly when he heard shouts and screams from the mall behind him. He turned just in time to see a man of about 35 years running straight at him with two men in black suits close behind. Julian barely got out of the way in time and yet the man somehow managed to bump into him slightly but kept going, the two other men still close behind. Julian shrugged and continued playing the game without missing a beat. Little did he realize he now had a silver necklace in his pocket that wasn't there a few minutes ago.

* * * * * *

Julian slipped in quietly in through the back door and made his way to the staircase. His foot was about to hit the first step just before he heard his fathers voice from the TV room.

"You are in early tonight Son." Donald, Julian's father, was the only person with good enough ears to catch his son on a regular basis.


"Watch your mouth!"

"Goodnight Sir..."

"Goodnight Son."

Julian continued up the stairs to his room. Closing the door behind him he glanced around his room. 'Two more years' he thought to himself, but by the look of his room, he was ready now. Everything was perfectly ordered; bed was made, with hospital corners, closet was perfect from his hats to his shoes. He had M.I.A flags and army unit flags hanging on all the walls. A small dresser was in the far corner and a footlocker in front of his bed. But his most prized possession was on the wall over his bed. In a locked case was a brand new, unfired, USA M24 SWS. A full sniper rifle set. Donald had the only key. It was put there on his 16th birthday and was to be opened on his 18th. His father took him out to the firing range all the time. But not once did he let him use that rifle. His father even put the name for the gun on it already. 'Justice' was carved into the stock of the weapon.

Julian sat in his chair and stared at the gun, remembering why he named it. If he could have gotten away with it, the name would have been Justin. Where Julian excelled in all things he strived for to prove himself to his father, there was one lacking he could never face up to. The fact that he would rather hold Justin in his arms than that rifle. His father would most likely shoot him if he ever found out, so Julian buried his feelings as far down inside himself as he could. But they kept coming back.

Julian could not understand why he felt so attracted to his teammate. Justin being shorter and significantly lest built than Julian, but still a good volleyball player none the less. But Justin was more academically inclined. An avid chess player and president of the school chess club. Justin had a strong knack for strategy. Julian often joked to himself how that alone made them perfect for each other. One to plan the perfect strategy, and one to execute the strategy perfectly.

Julian always wondered why Justin bothered to join the team. He just did not seem the physical type. Not out of shape by any means, but just so out of place. They rarely talked to each other, but one would always catch the other staring. Julian prayed at night that maybe, just maybe, Justin liked him too. But he never had the courage to find out.

Julian shook himself from his thoughts and began his nightly workout routine. He hung up his coat and stripped off both his shirts putting them in the laundry. Wearing only his pants and boots he went through his workout with a clear thought, concentrating only on getting his body to execute every movement precisely. After finishing his push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, he began his Judo and Aikido kata practices. His body became like water, fluidly moving back and forth across the room as he practiced his blocks and strikes, moving in slow-motion one moment then impossibly fast the next. After he finished, Julian sat on the floor to catch his breath for a few moments. Again his thoughts drifted back to Justin and he quickly forced them away by reminding himself that he needed to shower and sleep. Getting up, he began to empty his pockets.

* * * * * *

Justin sat staring dreamily out the window of his room. It hurt sometimes. Only Fate would be so cruel as to put his house in clear view of Julian's. Justin's room being on the third floor and his house being on top of a hill, he had not only a clear view of Julian's house, but his window as well. At the long distance you couldn't see much with the naked eye. Justin thanked technology for developing things like telescopes. Every night he watched Julian go through the same ritual of exercises and martial arts practice. It was a pleasurable torture for Justin, who, while practically drooling, tried to convince himself that he didn't just like Julian for his looks. He wouldn't deny that was part of it, but it was that consistent military attitude, that self discipline, how he was always so confidant in his abilities.

Justin couldn't help but sigh as he watched. Julian looked so close, and yet he was so far away that they might as well have been on different continents. He watched as Julian entered the second half of his workout; moving back and forth across his room, sweat glistening on his form and flashing when he moved through light just so.

Justin's hands gripped his desk tightly while he watched. He mused to himself that the money spent on the new stand for the telescope was worth it. Especially since the last stand was damaged during one of these workouts. But now Justin was following through with his promise to control himself. If he could make it through practice everyday, including the shower room, then he could make it through this. He almost questioned why he felt the need to do so, but forced it from his mind as he saw Julian pull a necklace from his pocket.

* * * * * *

"What the hell....?" Julian was now fully baffled. He had no clue how the strange looking necklace ended up in his pocket. He just stared at it, it seemed to bull his thoughts, demand his attention. The necklace was made up of silver chain links that attached to a deep purple gem wrapped in silver roses. The gem was set within the necklace itself, rather than hanging from it, and it seemed to glow with its own dim internal light. Julian stared intently at the flat, rose shaped gem, and thought idly about trying the necklace on. He ran his hand over the amethyst rose bud, and there was a flash of light.

As Julian's eyes refocused he realized he was remembering things he had forgotten years ago. Nearly his entire childhood raced past his mind's eye. He remembered nearly his entire extended family, all his old friends, even his grade school teachers and strangers he had said hello to on the street, everyone.

Soon the events slowed, and he recalled more recent events. Faces of people who he had met within the last few years, his freshman year professors, fellow students, and old homework assignments even. And all the time if felt like he was searching for something, always looking, but never finding - until he remembered Justin. Sweet, beautiful, intelligent Justin. Just as quickly as his mind had flashed past everyone else, it latched onto Justin and he began to remember his teammate in ever increasing detail.

The way his lips always looked bright red against his pale skin, the way his sea blue eyes sparkled when he smiled, and the way his cheeks always looked soft and round. He saw Justin standing with his head bent slightly to the side, his clothing loose and baggy as usual as he pushed his oval shaped glasses up his nose in the trademark way that meant he was thinking.

He realized that the memories were being intensified, as though he were seeing Justin for the first time all over again, but knowing everything about him. And yet, it was erratic, his thoughts jumping from place to place with no logical progression at all. He watched from afar and noticed who Justin hung out with during school, then the way his brown hair would flop down in his eyes occasionally and have to be brushed out of his face while he sat in class. He saw the books Justin carried in his arms, then thought how well Justin played on the team, then saw his arms in the loose, short sleeved shirt that he wore during practice. He remembered Justin's birthday, then a picture of Justin's chest as water from the showers cascaded down his form after a game, then remembered his address, his phone number, how he looked in the sun, the way his glasses sat on his face and were constantly slipping down his nose. He remembered again how beautiful Justin's smile was, this time accompanied by the sound of his laughter during practice.

Somewhere in all this Julian realized that his eyes were shut tightly and he couldn't move. He didn't care though, as he now remember how Justin looked in his team uniform, how he looked just after practice, sweat slicking his hair to the sides of his head and making stains on his shirt. His breath became ragged as he saw Justin completely stripped down for the showers, then wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He say Justin washing his hair and remembered longing to run his fingers through Justin's hair, remembered how Justin laughed and wrestled with the others in the shower, saw him drying off and envied the damnable towel as it ran over the smooth, supple flesh of Justin's body. Caressed his skin, felt his arms, legs, chest, stomach, everything.

With another flash, Julian felt his mind and body released just in time for him to grunt as his pants filled with wetness. His fingers dug into the carpet and slowly he realized he was laying on the floor grinding into it.

He couldn't figure out what happened, and lay on the floor for several minutes. When he opened his eyes he still saw darkness, and when his eyes adjusted he found that the light bulb broke. He searched out a new pair of pants while trying to figure out what brought on the most powerful wet dream of his life. His boxers were quite literally dripping. After changing the light bulb he saw what time it was. 'I must have passed out or something, I finished my workout over half an hour ago.' Just before he hopped into bed, he caught sight of the necklace still sitting on the floor. He picked it up and looked it over again. Looking down at the necklace, he thought of Justin again. 'That necklace would be perfect on him,' Julian thought to himself. 'But how do I give it to him? What possible excuse could I have for giving him anything, especially a necklace?' As he considered the possibilities, a thought struck him. Who said Justin had to know it was from him? There was always the 'oh so cliched, but always effective secret admirer' tactic.

* * * * *

Justin was not far from calling 911. The only thing stopping him was trying to explain why he was looking in the window of a team mate from a good distance way. So instead he waited. About twenty-five minutes later he saw movement and about died on the spot. Julian moved past the window of his darkened room, and was illuminated magnificently by the moonlight. As he passed, Justin could se a very large, very dark wet spot on the front of Julian's pants. And while it could have been anything, Justin had a pretty good idea of what it actually was. Justin's hands found their way into his own pants. When he caught another glimpse of Julian, this time in only boxers, Justin had to force himself to go to bed. Much more of this and he might get up the guts to call and make a fool out of himself. He couldn't mess this up. He needed to be close to Julian. Justin never wanted anything so bad in his life.

* * * * * *The next morning Julian lounged around the house and relaxed, the day not picking up nearly at all until that afternoon. His school was hosting a volleyball tournament, against several local schools, including their cross-town rival. Needless to say it was an important day. Julian showed up two hours early doing some stretches and warm ups. He sat in the locker room, already dress to go, thinking about his upcoming matches. The door opened but Julian didn't bother to look and see who it was. It was still a bit to early for it to be a teammate. Julian laid back in his locker, which was more of a cubicle considering the lack of any door.

Justin walked into the locker room early, hoping to get totally ready and miss Julian completely. His mind kept wandering back to the show he had witnessed last night from his window. As hard as he tried he just couldn't force it from his mind. So it didn't help when he turn the corner to get to his locker and saw a pair of legs sticking out from a locker almost all the way across the room. He knew those legs. He could spot those legs from a mile away, in fog, on a moonless night. He knew every curve, the exact shape of the muscular calves, and the soft coloring the thin layer of brown hair caused. Justin's breath caught in his throat, and it took him a moment or two to dislodge it. With a deep breath Justin began to get ready for the match.

Julian heard the sounds of what had to be a teammate, which caused him to take a quick glance. He let out an audible gasp when he looked just in time to see Justin but on his jockstrap while facing away from him. Justin froze immediately while Julian wasted no time in hiding back in his locker. Just wasn't quite sure if he had heard something or not, when he looked behind him Julian appeared to be sitting in the exact same position. Julian on the other hand was mentally kicking himself for slipping like that. Justin finished changing and started for the gym, which took him right past Julian's locker. As he passed by, Julian found the courage to speak.

"Hey Justin."

"Uh... Hey Julian?" Justin stopped just before Julian's locker.

"I heard you got seeded against Pishley. Watch out for those guys. Those pampered rich kids can be killers." Julian tired to keep his eyes on Justin's face.

"Thanks. Who are you up against?" Justin was looking at everything except Julian.

"Johansen." Julian was obviously not looking forward to this match up.

"You know coach did that on purpose. That's cause you are one of the best guys we have. You know your spike is near legend."

"That may be true, but how many times has anyone got anything by you? You are like a machine out there." This was true. Justin had accumulated some amazing saves.

"Thanks. I just hope its enough today. Would suck to loose on our own turf."

"No kidding. Best of luck to you man"

"You too." And with that Justin continued into the gym.

Julian waited a minute or two so as not to be caught. After he was sure it was safe, he pulled the necklace and the note from his locker and quickly went to Justin's. He hid it deep under Justin's street clothes, knowing he doesn't touch them till after he showers. With perfect timing, a majority of the team walked into the room and Julian went to joke around with his teammates, none of which noticed the small purple glow coming from Justin's locker.

* * * * * *


Automated briefing presentation.

Basic initiation information for 'Inquisition' recruits. Field agents code named Templar.

Dissertation on 'The Properties of Magik,' 'Enchantable Substances,' and 'Magik Users.'

The Properties of Magik

Magik, simply put, is the ability to manipulate the laws of nature by exerting your will upon them. In order to do this, you must be able to tap into the Rith-Tan, a power that runs through all things and is utterly inconsequential to life except for it's ability to allow 'mages' and enchanted objects to effect their surroundings outside the normal laws of nature.

Within magik there are five known spheres of influence. Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Energy. Within each sphere there are further divisions; for example 'Metals' is a Minor Sphere inside the Major Sphere of Earth. Minor Spheres can be further divided into Mini Spheres, I.E., Metals can be divided into Mini Spheres of iron, copper, lead, and so on.

It is important to note the relationships between the five Major Spheres. Fire and Water are direct Opposites, as are Earth and Air. Any combination of Opposites will almost certainly result in either the nullification of both energies, or a violent reaction that is utterly unpredictable in size, scope, or effect. It is advisable to avoid such actions. Energy has no Opposite, but it is dangerous to use it in tandem with other Spheres, as it is highly unpredictable. Any two or more Spheres which are not direct Opposites can be used in alliance with each other, but such alliances can be unpredictable, as well as dangerous.

A Minor Sphere which is effected by multiple Major Spheres is known as a Minor Sphere Extent 'N', where 'N' indicates the number of Major Spheres which exert direct influence upon the Minor Sphere Extent. The Major Spheres involved in a Minor Sphere Extend are know as that MSE's Major Sphere Principals. An example of such a sphere is Weather, which is a Minor Sphere Extent Two, being controlled by Water and Air. Minor Sphere Extents can, in special circumstances, be effected by, or cause effects outside of their Major Sphere Principals. For example, Weather can cause occurrence of Electricity, a Minor Sphere of Energy, in the form of lightning.

More Information on the specific powers encompassed by the Major Spheres and their Minor Sphere delineations will be made available as you progress in your training and ultimately choose your areas of expertise

Enchantable Substances

To enchant an object, is to give it the ability, or enhance it's innate abilities to affect the laws of nature in ways that are not natural to the object in question. The actual process of enchantment varies widely depending on the material to be enchanted, and the effect you attempting to create.

It is interesting to note that almost any substance can be enchanted to a degree, but if the force of your enchantment is greater than the enchanted substance can withstand, it will be destroyed. The force of this destruction will be exactly proportionate to the amount of force the object was actually holding at the moment of it's destruction. Thus, you would not be able to cause great damage by over enchanting a blade of grass, which is nearly unenchantable, as it cannot hold enough energy to light a fire. However, if you over enchant a resilient object, such as a flawless gem of some type, you could cause an explosion comparable to an explosive device roughly three times the gem's size.

No object can be enchanted with energies from a sphere directly Opposite it's inherent Sphere of influence.

Some objects can be enchanted with powers from only the Spheres that they pertain to. For example items made of Wood, a Minor Sphere of Earth, can only be enchanted only with Earth and it's sub related energies. Conversely, most any Metal can be enchanted with all Major Sphere energies, save Water energies and, of course, Wood energies. Only specially prepared Metals can hold enchantments from the Energy Sphere.

The only positively identified substance which is inherently enchanted is Lead. This Metal possesses the unique ability to nullify all other magiks with surprising effectiveness. Of course the amount is relative, a massive spell would not be detrimentally effected by a simple lead amulet, but if an entire army were to be issued charms made of lead, any spell, no matter it's size, would be effected to an exponentially greater degree. Unfortunately lead is poisonous to nearly every living being, and thus has it's own drawbacks.

It should be noted that while objects can be categorized by the sphere of influence they pertain to directly, there is a division of greater importance. This division is between those objects which can be used by mages and non-mages alike, and those artifacts which can only be used by mages. There are many objects which fall into each of these categories, but it is interesting to note that nearly all of the more powerful artifacts require the ministrations of a mage to activate them. There are unconfirmed reports of enchanted artifacts that can be used only by non-mages, but as yet such rumors are completely unsubstantiated.

Magik Users

Magik Users, or Mages, are men and women who possess the ability and training to access the Rith-Tan.

It is believed that, with proper mental training and discipline, any human being can be taught to access the Rith-Tan and thus manipulate the Spheres Of Magik. It is known that there are those born with a greater aptitude for such access, and it is speculated that there have been those who were born with the innate ability to access the Right-Tan, allowing, and in fact causing them to do so whether they wanted to or not.

"The Inquisition" of which you are now a part, has made it its goal to regulate and restrict the use of Magik in order to prevent its power from being used for detrimental purposes. Only 'Inquisition' licenced Mages are allowed to practice the uses of magik, and all other mages are rouges that you will be responsible for tracking, apprehending, and punishing.

End of initial briefing concerning 'The Properties of Magik,' 'Enchantable Substances,' and 'Magik Users.' More information on specific topics will be made available to you as you progress in your training.

End Chapter One

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