Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 01

Jarron was about one light year from where the worm hole spit him out. He hated assignments like this one. He could be anywhere in the galaxy right now, weeks away from home. Although his ship could support a crew of six, including himself, the Exploration Council said they couldn't afford a crew this time, just to check out a worm hole. Jarron knew what it was though. He was in hot water with them for objecting to the Aerithians going on exploration missions with his people, the Marissians. In Jarron's opinion, the Aerithians were the morons of the galaxy.

"Okay, I guess it's time to figure out exactly where I am." said Jarron to himself, as he had the computer calculate his position. "Oh fuck me!" he exclaimed, after reading the results. "I had to go cruising into a worm hole to nowhere! It'll take ten days at my best speed to get home from here! I hate doing this, but I have to land on the closest planet to get supplies if it's going to take THAT long!"

Jarron knew what that meant too. The closest life sustaining planet to his location was one that its inhabitants called Earth. Earthlings, as they called themselves, were only a semi-intelligent species. That meant that they were only just smart enough to be dangerous. Contact with Earth had finally been dismissed by the Planetary Council, because Earth's idea of a space program was mostly to worthlessly orbit their own planet.

"Okay, I guess I deserved this for being so hard on the Aerithians." said Jarron. "As long as I find an isolated spot to land, I should be able to get in and out without any trouble."


Jay Findley loved living in the middle of nowhere. He would live in the city, but in the part of the country he lived in, the people there wouldn't accept him. It was the same with his family though, which is why he lived by himself, out in the middle of nowhere. Being gay was almost a curse to Jay in the part of the country where he lived. At least the family he never talked to was now three counties away, and he had plenty of privacy to bring someone home, if he were to get that lucky.

"What the hell was that?!" Jay asked himself, as he saw a light in the sky pass quickly in front of him, and land in the woods. "Oh shit! Whatever it was landed in that clearing over there in the woods!"

Being the adventurous type, or at least that's how he liked to see it, Jay pulled his Jeep off the road, and as close to the clearing as he could get. Then Jay crept carefully through the thick brush and woods, until he came to the clearing.

As Jay parted the last of the brush, and saw the strangest sight he had ever seen, Jarron tapped him firmly on the shoulder and asked, "Is there something I may do for you?!"

The next thing Jay knew, he was laying naked on a strange bed. The bed was firm, but soft. The walls of the room he was in were not made of anything he had ever seen either. The illuminated buttons and blank screens on the wall looked like something right out of his favorite series, Star Trek.

"Ah, I'm glad to see that you're still with me." said Jarron. "You hit your head rather hard, and I was worried that our methods of treatment might not work on your species."

"You're not from around here, are you?" asked Jay.

"That is very good!" replied Jarron. "How did you ever guess that?"

"Well, around here people's noses stick out a little further, and we don't have those ridges on the bridge." said Jay. "Also, our eyes don't slant upward at the corners like that. Our ears also are a little bigger than yours, and our skin isn't quite that color."

"You're absolutely right, I'm not from around here." replied Jarron. "I'm from Russia."

"No you're not!" said Jay.

"How do you know?" asked Jarron. "Do you know anyone from Russia?"

"No, but I've seen them on TV!" replied Jay.

"Hmm, maybe we're not being fair to you Earthlings." laughed Jarron. "You're right though, I'm not from Russia either. My name is Jarron, and I come from a planet quite far from yours. My planet's name is Marissa."

"Am I on your... your..." started Jay.

"My flying saucer?" asked Jarron. "My UFO? My space capsule? You are on my star explorer, number 192850. There are so many of these smaller ships that we just give them numbers."

"Why am I naked?" asked Jay.

"First, I wanted to check you over to make sure you were okay." replied Jarron. "I had to remove your clothes to do so. Then, I also wanted to make sure you didn't try to run off on me before I could talk to you."

"You didn't give me an anal probe, did you?" asked Jay.

"Don't worry Earthling, I wouldn't stick anything in your anus, unless you wanted me to." laughed Jarron. "Now it's my turn to ask questions. You are the male of your species, correct?"

"Yes, and my name is Jay." replied Jay.

"Very good Jay!" exclaimed Jarron. "You guessed my second question! Is this your reproductive organ?" As Jarron asked that, he gently took ahold of Jay's cock.

Jay closed his eyes as he breathed in and out heavily a few times, then gasped, "Yes, it is!"

"You Earthlings are very easily aroused, aren't you?" asked Jarron. "You Earthlings do have a very aesthetically pleasing penis though. It's much nicer than some species I've seen."

"Uhh, thanks." replied Jay, his breathing becoming heavier.

"You ARE very easily aroused!" said Jarron, as he gently stroked Jay's stiffening cock back and forth. "I love how it is stiffening so easily! This may require further investigation!" By this time, Jay couldn't respond. He just smiled blissfully as Jarron masturbated him. "I can see that in this state you won't be able to answer any more questions until you orgasm."

Jay watched excitedly as Jarron leaned over, and began sucking his cock. "Oh God!" gasped Jay. "Your tongue is wrapping completely around it!"

Jay had never felt anything like that, and could only last a few minutes. Jarron could tell that Jay's orgasm was imminent, so he backed off and watched as Jay shot his cum onto his stomach. Then Jarron gathered a sample of Jay's semen, and put it into his bio-scanner.

"I hope you don't mind that I didn't ingest your semen." said Jarron. "I have to run a scan on it first, to make sure it would be safe to do so."

"How are you so good at making me cum?" asked Jay, as he recovered from his orgasm.

"My planet is comprised of nothing but males of my species." replied Jarron. "We have become very adept at pleasing each other in that way. Your species has both males and females though. Are there many males who enjoy the pleasure of other males here?"

"We're a very small minority here." replied Jay.

"Hmm, that is very interesting!" said Jarron. "I'm very glad that you enjoyed the way that I stimulated you. It seems from the scan I ran that it would be safe to ingest your semen, in case we do anything else like this. For now though, we must move on with business. The reason that I am here is because I was sent alone on my current mission. It will take me approximately ten days to return to my home, and I need to resupply my ship first. You do have organic plants here that will suit me fine. Since your species is only semi-intelligent though, I must be careful with my contact here. You seem to be a very friendly Earthling Jay, but I know from our earlier observations of your planet that not all Earthlings are. I ask that you please keep my presence here a secret, so I may complete the resupplying of my ship, and get underway back to my home. Could you be my friend, and do that for me Jay?"

"I'll do anything I can to help you Jarron." replied Jay. "If you give me a list of what you need, I can even go into town tomorrow and get it for you. It would be much safer than taking a chance on getting caught taking what you need."

"You are very correct there Jay." said Jarron. "Are you sure you would like to help me?"

"Absolutely!" replied Jay as he smiled. "We are friends now, aren't we?"

"I would like that very much Jay." replied Jarron. "I think I can trust you enough now to let you put your clothes back on, unless you'd rather leave them off for now. I'm beginning to find Earthling's bodies very intriguing."

"How's that?" asked Jay with a smile.

"First of all, although many species in the universe do have hair on their heads, yours is one of very few who also have hairs on your body." replied Jarron. "I especially like the way it is concentrated under your arms, and around your penis. Secondly, I have always had a fascination for smooth bodied species, such as yours. And finally, you Earthlings have one of the nicest looking tails I have ever seen. I love how rounded it is, with the deep cleft between your buttock muscles. May I touch that part of you Jay?"

"Sure!" replied Jay.

Jay then rolled over onto his stomach, as Jarron stepped closer to him. Jarron placed both hands on Jay's cheeks, and began to gently rub them. Jay hummed softly, as he felt Jarron caress his butt cheeks. Jarron carefully slipped one hand into the cleft between Jay's cheeks, and ran his fingers along the inside of Jay's cheeks. When Jarron's fingers found Jay's pucker, he lingered there feeling the opening with his finger. Jay gasped lightly, as he felt the tip of one of Jarron's fingers slip just inside him. Jarron smiled, as he could see that Jay was once again feeling pleasure from him. After about five minutes, Jarron finally let go of Jay's butt.

"I can see that you greatly appreciated my little examination Jay." said Jarron. "I think that part of you is very beautiful."

"Thanks Jarron, it felt very nice to let you examine my butt." replied Jay.

"Well, I'd love to continue this Jay, but I have to tap into your planet's water supply." said Jarron. "I have found a stream that's deep enough that I should be able to remove any harmful elements from the water, and my tanks will need to be restocked."

"After that, could you be convinced to spend the night at my house Jarron?" asked Jay. "If you stay out here, someone could possibly find you."

"That makes sense Jay, and I'd love to take you up on your offer." replied Jarron.

Jay remained naked as he watched Jarron go about his work. Jarron couldn't help but to occasionally glance at his new Earthling friend. Once Jarron had the drilling procedure set into his ship's computer, he checked his power levels. Then Jarron had Jay get dressed, and follow him outside.

"Now all I have to do is set my cloak and shield, and we can go to your house Jay." said Jarron.

Jarron opened a panel on the outside of his ship, then pushed a few buttons. Jay watched in amazement as the ship disappeared.

"I can see you like that little trick!" laughed Jarron. "Let's go Jay." As Jay let Jarron into his Jeep, Jarron said, "This is a very interesting vehicle Jay. How does it operate?"

"Well, it burns fuel in its engine, and the combustion of the fuel drives pistons inside the motor." replied Jay. "Then those pistons drive the wheels through a transmission, which makes it move."

"Do you mean this is powered by a combustion engine?" asked Jarron. "No wonder you Earthlings have never done more than travel to your moon and back. That is a very primitive way to get around."

"We have sent unmanned ships to other planets in our solar system though." said Jay.

"I imagine that it probably takes weeks or months for those ships to reach their destination too, doesn't it?" asked Jarron, as Jay started the Jeep.

"Yeah, something like that." replied Jay, as he got underway back to his house.

"Your species will always be confined to this star system like that Jay." said Jarron. "As an example, when I leave here, my ship will pass out of this star system in approximately twenty minutes. My planet is in the star system that is the ninety eighth closest to yours, and I can be there in ten days. Your people couldn't dream of traveling that far in a lifetime at your current level of development."

"Well, we may be slow, but we're cute!" chuckled Jay.

"That you are, my Earth friend!" laughed Jarron. "Seriously though Jay, this type of vehicle also pollutes your planet's atmosphere. If Earth keeps this up, the planet my someday become unfit to inhabit. Then where will your people be?"

"I don't like to think about that Jarron." replied Jay. "I know you're right, as does quite a few other Earthlings, but the powers in charge seem unwilling to do anything about it."

"That is very sad then Jay." replied Jarron. "Let's go ahead and change the subject. Is there anything you'd like to ask me?"

"Sure!" replied Jay. "You say that your planet is comprised of only males. How do you restock your population?"

"Even though we are all males, each of us does have organs inside us that are capable of producing offspring." replied Jarron. "Those remain dormant though, and only become active when we decide to put them to use. That use to be a very painful process for us, and our population never grew too rapidly until we developed artificial insemination. Before that, we had select males known as breeders. Their penises were slightly different than the average male's penis, in that it has an extension that can come out of the penis, and reach deep inside our mate to the dormant egg bearing organ. This is done through our mate's anus, due to the fact that the egg bearing organ is between what you call the colon and small intestine. We are very flexible from that point outward. The sphincter that separates our anus from the outside can expand during childbirth to allow the fetus to pass through, although it is still somewhat painful. Most mates wishing to reproduce do use artificial insemination now, which means that breeders are no longer required to accomplish mating. There are very few of us breeders left now."

"Do you mean that you're a breeder Jarron?" asked Jay. "Do you have one of those probe things that extend from your penis?"

"Yes, although I can't show it to you." replied Jarron. "It can't be exposed to air, only to the inside of our mate. I rarely get a chance to extend it though. Very few of our people still prefer to mate the old fashioned way, but a few do find it very stimulating to have my probe wander around inside them."

"How did you wrap your tongue around my penis?" asked Jay.

"Although usually my tongue is not much different than yours, my people can control their tongues, making them very slender and flexible." replied Jarron. "Since my people are all males, we use that method quite often to stimulate our mates. That is actually our preferred method when having a sexual encounter merely for pleasure."

"Okay, enough about sex!" chuckled Jay. "I'm starting to get a little aroused here! What is your planet and people like?"

"Well, my people are mostly like me." smiled Jarron. "My home planet is very beautiful though. It looks quite a bit like Earth, except our climate is much more stable. Two thirds of our planet shares the same climate, which is kind of like your temperate region in the summer, except that due to the axis of our planet, it remains the same temperature during our entire annual cycle. That is a great benefit to our vegetation, which is a good thing because we are a non meat-eating species."

"You eat nothing but vegetation?" asked Jay.

"We do get some nutrients from animal by-products, but we don't consume animal flesh." replied Jarron. "We don't have any problems with species who do, it's just that our systems cannot digest animal flesh."

"Well, here we are Jarron." said Jay, as he pulled into his driveway.

Jarron took out the scanner he brought with him, and after using it, he said, "Your nearest neighbor seems to be approximately two and one half of your miles away. Do you like being so isolated Jay?"

"Yes." replied Jay. "I have had problems before with other people because of the fact that I'm sexually attracted to other males. With me being so far away from other people, I don't have as many problems."

Jay followed his long, tree-lined driveway up to his house. The house was set back away from the road, and hidden in a grove of trees. Once inside the house, Jay instinctively started removing his clothes. As he removed the last of his clothes, he noticed Jarron watching him.

"I'm sorry Jarron, I forgot that I had a guest." said Jay. "I normally don't wear any clothes around here though. The house is so private that I even do most of my yard and garden work with no clothes."

"I don't mind at all Jay." replied Jarron. "As a matter of fact, most of my people usually don't wear clothing. The only exceptions are those of us who normally come in contact with other species. May I join you in removing my clothes?"

"You can do whatever you want here Jarron." smiled Jay. "No one will see us. I have a fence around the main part of my property here, and that gate we came through keeps other people out of my driveway unless I let them in."

Jay watched as Jarron removed his clothes. The grayish-brown skin of Jarron's face, which was grainy but smooth in texture, covered the rest of his body. When Jarron removed the last of his clothes, Jay stared at his penis. The organ was about seven inches in length. The first two and a half inches was the shaft, which was the same color and texture as the rest of Jarron's body. The last four and a half inches made up the elongated head of Jarron's penis, which was much smoother and a little more reddish than the rest of his body. It tapered off to the tip much more than the penis of an Earthling. Then Jarron turned, so Jay could see his backside. Jarron's buttocks were much flatter than an Earthling's, with almost no hint of cheeks. Jarron also had a flap of flesh which covered his anus.

"That's a very interesting body Jarron." commented Jay. "I kind of like how it looks."

"Would you like to examine it more closely Jay?" asked Jarron. "I would love to feel your smooth hands on it."

Jay stepped in close to Jarron, and began running his hands over Jarron's body. Jarron had no hair anywhere on his body, except for the course black hair on his head, and his eyebrows. Jarron's chest was flat, except for the nubs of his nipples, which came out about three inches from his chest, and laid flaccidly against it. They looked kind of like two limp drinking straws. Jay gently caressed the nubs between his fingers.

"They only produce milk for our young after we've given birth." said Jarron. "It's too bad I haven't recently done so, or I would let you sample some of the milk they produce. It does feel nice for you to caress them between your fingers like that though."

Then Jay leaned in, and took each nub between his lips. As Jay sucked gently on them, Jarron ran his hands over the back of Jay's head.

"Your species is very pleasure oriented, isn't it Jay?" asked Jarron, as he enjoyed the contact. "I may find it hard to drag myself away from here when it's time to leave! Your lips on my nipples feels very nice."

Jay finally moved on, and as he gently caressed Jarron's penis with one hand, he caressed the flap over Jarron's anus with the other.

"You've found my weakness, haven't you Jay?!" exclaimed Jarron. "My tail flap is the most sexually sensitive part of my body, and I love how your smooth hands are caressing it!" After a few minutes of that, Jarron said, "I would love to continue this later Jay, but we should talk about what I need first."

"Okay Jarron, but I do want to make love to you later." replied Jay.

"I'll look forward to that Jay." smiled Jarron. "It will be very interesting to see how compatible our two species are sexually."

Jay and Jarron then sat in Jay's living room, and discussed what supplies Jarron would need. Jay knew that he could get everything Jarron needed in town, so it was decided that he would go shopping for Jarron the next day. Since Jarron would stand out quite a bit, it was decided that Jarron would stay at Jay's house during his stay. Jarron also agreed that he could stay two days on Earth, but he would have to leave for home at that time. Then Jay led Jarron out to his front porch, and they sat next to each other on the porch swing. Jay put an arm around Jarron, and pulled the alien close to him. Jarron slipped his arm behind Jay as well, and the two men looked out at the stars in the sky.

"You Earthlings have a very beautiful view of the galaxy." said Jarron softly.

"I've always liked to sit out here and look up at the stars, as I wondered if there were anyone else out there." said Jay.

"Well, now you know the answer to that!" replied Jarron as he smiled. "It is a very wonderful galaxy though. Your people would be amazed by how much there is out there. It's a shame that your people will never see that for themselves though."

"I wish we could though Jarron." replied Jay. "I at least wish I could though, if nothing else."

"Are you serious Jay?" asked Jarron.

"I have nothing to hold me here Jarron." replied Jay. "I've isolated myself in the middle of nowhere at only twenty four years old, to keep others from hurting me. My family lives three counties away because I can't stand the pain they cause me at times."

"But to leave the planet?" asked Jarron. "Why?"

Then Jay took Jarron's head in his hands, and turned Jarron's face toward his. Jay moved their faces closer together, until his lips met Jarron's. Jay gave Jarron the most passionate kiss that he could. When Jay finally broke the kiss, he replied, "Because, I think I'm falling in love with you Jarron."

"You are so different than what I expected to find here Jay." said Jarron. "Most of the intelligent species out there have given up on your people. When you put your lips against mine though, I could feel what was really inside you. You have a very beautiful spirit Jay, and I can't help but to have some feelings for you as well. If I returned home with an Earthling, I would have weeks of explaining to do. I am almost convinced that it would be worth it for you though Jay."

"Let's go inside to my bed then Jarron, so I can convince you completely." replied Jay.

The two men then went inside, and Jay led Jarron to his bedroom. Once Jarron had laid down on Jay's bed, Jay wrapped him in his arms. Then Jay shared an even longer kiss with Jarron. After about five minutes, Jay slowly worked his way down Jarron's body, and took Jarron's penis into his mouth. Jarron now wanted badly to be compatible with Jay, so he let his penis become aroused. Jay could feel the short shaft stiffen with his lips, but it never grew any. Then he felt the head of Jarron's penis begin to swell inside his mouth. By the time it stopped, Jarron's penis completely filled the inside of Jay's mouth. Jay now had to breathe through his nose in order to be able to take in air, but he loved having his mouth filled with Jarron's penis. Then Jarron began to extend the probe in his penis. He felt around for the opening to Jay's esophagus, so Jay could continue to breathe. Then Jarron extended his probe until it was just short of entering Jay's stomach. When Jarron looked down, he could see a look of intense wonder on Jay's face. Then Jarron began to wiggle and undulate his probe inside Jay. After a few minutes, Jarron retracted his probe, and allowed his penis to return to normal.

"How did that feel Jay?" asked Jarron.

"That was... incredible!" gasped Jay breathlessly. "My cock has... never been... so hard... or big before!"

Then Jay used all of his strength to kneel in the bed, so Jarron could see his cock. "Oh my, it IS much bigger than before!" exclaimed Jarron. Jarron then laid Jay on his back, and said, "I want you to watch this Jay."

Jarron stuck his tongue out, and Jay watched as it became longer and more slender. Then Jarron wrapped his tongue around Jay's cock several times, before slowly drawing it into his mouth.

"Ohhh!" moaned Jay loudly.

"Hold your orgasm back as much as you can Jay." said Jarron, after releasing Jay's penis for a few moments. "I enjoy your penis in my mouth very much, and I want this to last as long as it can."

Then Jarron wrapped his tongue back around Jay's cock and drew it back into his mouth, eliciting another loud moan from Jay. Jarron enjoyed Jay's beautiful Earthling penis in his mouth more than any he had ever pleasured before, as he lovingly sucked on it, and stroked it with his tongue. Jay held back as long as he could, but that was still only about five minutes. Jarron was surprised at the taste of Earthling's semen. It was the best he had tasted in the galaxy.

"I want you inside me Jarron!" moaned Jay.

"Do you mean in your anus?" asked Jarron. "Are you sure of that Jay? Once I start, it may be impossible for me to stop until it's over."

"I'm sure Jarron!" replied Jay. "I love you, and I need to feel you inside me."

Jarron's penis began lubricating itself, in anticipation of performing the mating act with Jay. Jay rolled onto his stomach, and Jarron climbed on top of him. Jarron placed his penis between Jay's cheeks, and up against his pucker. Then Jarron pushed his penis into Jay as gently as he could. Jay relaxed as much as he could, and held on until he felt his sphincter close around the smaller shaft of Jarron's penis. Then Jay felt the head of Jarron's penis expand as it filled his anus.

"Are you okay Jay?" asked Jarron softly.

"I love you so much Jarron!" moaned Jay softly. "Please let me feel you probe around inside me."

Jarron extended the probe from his penis, before losing control and letting it do what came naturally to it. Jay gasped lightly, then held his breath as he felt the probe enter his colon. Jarron held Jay tightly to him, and moaned himself as he felt the sensations his penis was feeling inside Jay. Jay almost screamed out, as he felt the probe go into his small intestines. Jarron knew that the probe would not put enough pressure on Jay's internal organs to damage them, but Jay had no way of knowing that. Then Jay felt the probe throb as it began to undulate back and forth inside him. Jarron knew what Jay was feeling now, and wanted him to stay relaxed.

"The probe has now found a spot where it thinks is okay to inseminate you Jay." said Jarron. "What you are feeling now is it building to its climax. It won't hurt you though, so just relax and feel it. Are you okay Jay?"

"Oh yes Jarron!" moaned Jay. "I'm more than okay. I know that I love you now!"

A few moments later, Jarron's orgasm hit. Jay had never felt anything like it before, as he lost control of himself and had a second powerful orgasm. Jay moaned loudly as he felt Jarron shoot deep inside him, and felt his balls empty themselves once more. When it was finally over, Jarron pulled his penis out of Jay, and laid down next to him on the bed. Jay used the last of his strength to turn and take Jarron into an embrace. Jay fell asleep right away, as Jarron smiled as he enjoyed the contact. Then Jarron finally drifted off to sleep, still wrapped in Jay's arms.

The next morning, Jarron awoke still in Jay's arms. Jarron smiled as he woke Jay, then said, "Last night was very special Jay. I've had sexual contact with species other than my own before, but it has always been for the sake of pleasure. I always thought I would someday find a male of my own species, and we would be mated. I never expected these feelings with you."

"Last night was the most intense and incredible thing I've ever felt Jarron." replied Jay. "I wouldn't know what to expect out there, but I know that I'd do anything to be out there with you. May I please go with you as your mate Jarron?"

"We better prepare for you to make the trip with me too then." smiled Jarron.

Jay and Jarron decided what would be needed, then Jay kissed Jarron good-bye before taking off into town. As soon as Jay got to town, he noticed there were strangers in town.

One of the strangers met him outside the supermarket, looked at a picture he was carrying, then asked, "Are you Jay Findley?"

"Yes, what can I do for you?" asked Jay.

"My name is Major Hampton, and I'm a special investigator with the US Air Force." replied the man. "I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind."

"And what if I DO mind?" asked Jay as he smiled.

"Then I'll probably ask anyway." replied Major Hampton. "Have you seen or heard anything unusual last night or this morning?"

"If you're going to use the word unusual around here Major, you might have to be more specific." replied Jay.

"Mister Findley, I'm not joking!" said Major Hampton. "We at the Air Force have no sense of humor. Could you please answer my question?!"

"Well sir, I wasn't joking either." replied Jay. "Do you see that man over there? He runs a small dairy farm outside of town. He sings Frank Sinatra songs to his cows every night, because he says it makes them give better milk. Do you see that kindly old lady over there? She hangs tin cans in her trees to scare off tornadoes. We even have one old man around town who thinks he's still a Lieutenant in the Confederate Army, and that the south won the civil war. Whenever anyone does anything for him, he tries to pay them in Confederate money. The problem is, he was born in nineteen thirty. It was his grandfather who was a Lieutenant in the Confederate Army. Unusual is a very broad term around here."

"Okay, I see your point." said Major Hampton. "I work with a team that investigates unusual aerial phenomenon. Military radar tracked an object last night, which disappeared off their screen somewhere near where you live. I was going to make the trip out there to talk to you, so I'm hoping you can help me now. Have you seen anything unusual in the sky?"

"I thought I saw something last night, but I assumed it was swamp gas." replied Jay. "It came in really low, just over the treetops, then looked like it was heading to the north of town."

"Thank you very much Mister Findley." said Major Hampton. "I'll find out who lives out there, and get right on it!"

Once the Major left Jay, Jay went straight to his Jeep. Fortunately the supermarket was his last stop. Jay knew it wouldn't take an Air Force Major long to figure out that he had lied to him, once the Major met the civil war Lieutenant. When Jay got home, Jarron was waiting for him.

"Jay, we may need to get to my ship." said Jarron. "I saw some very loud aircraft earlier, hovering near the woods where my ship is. It looked like they were thinking about landing, until they suddenly took off to the north. I knew I should have come in cloaked last night!"

"If you had done that though, I might not have seen you." replied Jay. "Anyway, the reason they took off was because I met an Air Force Major in town, and led him in the wrong direction. I bought us a little time, but not much."

"Did you get everything we need?" asked Jarron.

"Yes, we're ready here." replied Jay.

"Do you need to take anything with you?" asked Jarron.

"I guess I should take my music, and some clothes." replied Jay.

"Okay my love, pack quickly." said Jarron.

"I will, my love!" smiled Jay.

In thirty minutes, Jay was packed and ready to leave his home, possibly forever. Jay and Jarron headed back out to the ship as quickly as they could. The moment the shield and cloak was off, Jay and Jarron loaded everything on board as quickly as they could. Then Jarron checked to make sure he had collected enough water, and discontinued the drilling process. The second Jarron completed the power up sequence, he recloaked his ship.

"Okay Jay, strap in and get ready to say good-bye to Earth." said Jarron. "I have to ask one last time Jay, even though I've fallen in love with you. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'll follow you to any world Jarron." replied Jay, as he strapped into the seat next to Jarron. "I love you very much."

"Then we better go now." said Jarron. "I believe your Air Force is back!"

Jarron lifted off, and took off toward space just moments before the clearing was surrounded by helicopters. Jay really didn't believe they were off the ground, much less heading toward space. Then Jarron opened the viewing screen in time to give Jay one last look at the planet Earth.

"Good-bye cruel world." said Jay softly, under his breath.

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