Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 02

From the last chapter:

"Okay Jay, strap in and get ready to say good-bye to Earth." said Jarron. "I have to ask one last time Jay, even though I've fallen in love with you. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I'll follow you to any world Jarron." replied Jay, as he strapped into the seat next to Jarron. "I love you very much."

"Then we better go now." said Jarron. "I believe your Air Force is back!"

Jarron lifted off, and took off toward space just moments before the clearing was surrounded by helicopters. Jay really didn't believe they were off the ground, much less heading toward space. Then Jarron opened the viewing screen in time to give Jay one last look at the planet Earth.

Good-bye cruel world.” said Jay softly, under his breath.

As Jarron's ship passed out of the Earth's solar system, Jarron turned to Jay and said, “Everything you see from now on will be new to you Jay. I will do my best to teach you about the stars, and other worlds. I know it will be difficult at times, but you're my mate now, and I'll be with you constantly. I love you Jay.”

I love you too Jarron.” replied Jay. “I know that as long as I'm with you, everything will be fine.”

Jarron smiled as he programed the course to his home planet. Once that was done, Jarron let his ship's navigation computer take over. Then Jarron motioned for Jay to join him down in front of the viewing portal. The seat there was just big enough for both of them to sit together snugly.

I want to show you what Earth has been missing Jay.” said Jarron, as he smiled warmly at his new mate.

Do you mind if I make myself comfortable?” asked Jay, as he winked at Jarron.

I wish you would, so I can join you.” smiled Jarron. “Just remember to keep your clothes handy though, in case we are hailed by another ship.” Once Jay and Jarron were naked, they put an arm around each other and squeezed into the seat together.

As Jay ran his free hand over Jarron's entire body, he said, “You are a very beautiful man Jarron. Sitting with you like this is the most wonderful feeling I can imagine.”

I find your beauty fascinating as well Jay.” replied Jarron, as his fingers lightly caressed Jay's cock and balls. “I am so happy that I've fallen in love with an Earthling. We are going to be so happy together. Now, allow me to show you some of our galaxy. Our galaxy is very large Jay. Most interplanetary species have adopted a uniform map of the galaxy, which is split up into four quadrants. Both our home planets are in Quadrant A. As I said earlier, it will take my ship at least ten solar days to reach my home planet. The worm hole I used to get me here cut that trip to about thirty minutes.”

Wow!” exclaimed Jay. “You could really cover a lot of the galaxy using worm holes, couldn't you?”

Yes, which is exactly why we send ships like this to investigate them.” replied Jarron.

Jarron, I'm getting very erect now.” smiled Jay.

So am I.” replied Jarron. “That's exactly what I want. Your Earthling penis is incredibly beautiful when it's erect. Anyway, for my ship to travel from one end of the quadrant to the other takes about sixty solar days. A ship like mine would be impractical for traveling to other quadrants, as it could take up to two hundred solar days to travel the galaxy at its longest axis. We do have ships that can cut that in half though, but it can be cut even further by mapping and using worm holes.”

So, our planets are really kind of close then, aren't they?” asked Jay.

Yes, and even closer now.” smiled Jarron, as he ran a finger back and forth, along the length of Jay's cock. “Our quadrant is made up of sixteen sections. Earth is in section 3-B, and my planet is in the next section, 3-C. The worm hole I investigated turned out to be one of the smallest of the intermediate class worm holes. We have discovered worm holes that do cross into other quadrants. The problem is getting back. Worm holes only go one way, so we would have to find a separate worm hole that leads from where we went, to where we started from. That has been a very difficult challenge so far. We do still send our fastest ships to other quadrants though, as exploration means knowledge, and we always search for knowledge. Our researchers are even trying to develop ships that can travel out of the galaxy. At our current top speed though, traveling to the closest galaxy would be out of the question.”

It's so beautiful out there Jarron.” said Jay, as his breathing deepened, and his hand wrapped around Jarron's cock.

It's very beautiful Jay, but it pales in comparison to your beauty.” replied Jarron. “I sense that you need to be relieved of some of your semen Jay. I want you to look at the beauty of our galaxy while I take care of that for you.”

Jarron then got down in the floor in front of Jay, and spread Jay's legs apart widely. Jay gasped loudly as he looked out at the stars, and felt Jarron's tongue wrap around his cock. Jarron's tongue pulled Jay's cock deeply into his throat, then began thrusting Jay's cock in and out of his throat. At the same time, the slender tip of Jarron's tongue softly caressed just the head of Jay's cock. In a very short time, Jay was breathing deeper than he ever had before, as he tried harder than he ever had to to hold back his orgasm. When Jay finally began to cum into Jarron's mouth, it was almost explosive. Jay shuddered as he had the most intense orgasm of his life.

When Jay's orgasm had finally ended, he gasped loudly, “Oh God... Jarron! That was... the most... incredible orgasm... I've ever... had!”

I was a pleasure to make you feel that way Jay.” smiled Jarron, as he savored the taste of Jay's cum inside his mouth.

It took Jay a while to recover, but then he got down on the floor in front of Jarron and said, “I want you to use your probe in my throat until you have your orgasm Jarron. I love the way it feels deep down inside me!”

It would be my pleasure Jay.” replied Jarron.

Jay once again felt the elongated head of Jarron's cock swell inside his mouth. Then he felt the probe extend from Jarron's cock. Jay used his tongue as much as he could, while Jarron's probe wriggled around in his esophagus. Several minutes later, Jarron began moaning loudly. Then Jay felt Jarron's cum shooting into his stomach. Once Jarron's moaning ended, Jay felt the probe retract back into Jarron's cock. Jay could only taste a slight trace of Jarron's cum, as the probe passed quickly through his mouth. Jay loved what little he could taste though.

Jay then squeezed back into the seat with Jarron, put both arms around him, rested his head on Jarron's chest, and said, “It's too bad I can't taste more of your cum Jarron. I really liked the small trace that I could taste.”

When we get home, I can have it withdrawn from my body so you can taste it fully.” replied Jarron. “It's a part of our artificial insemination process. I won't be able to use it to mate with you, so I might as well use it to pleasure you.”

Would we be using that process on me at some point, so I can mate with you?” asked Jay.

If you want me to bear offspring for us Jay, I would be honored.” replied Jarron.

Jarron and Jay then sat in each other's arms, watching the galaxy pass by. What must have been hours later, Jay noticed the lighting in Jarron's ship begin to dim. Jarron saw that Jay had noticed that, so he needed to assure Jay there was nothing wrong.

All of our ships are programmed to simulate a solar day.” said Jarron. “It's the best way to keep our bodies from getting out of sync.”

Do you mean it's night now?” asked Jay. “We've forgotten to eat anything all day, except breakfast this morning!”

So we have.” chuckled Jarron. “Let's go to the galley and eat. Then we can come up with a way to burn some of it off before we go to sleep.”

Talking about sleep, what if the ship comes across some situation while we're both asleep?” asked Jay.

Don't worry, it will notify us in a way where we wouldn't sleep through it.” laughed Jarron. “It can be kind of frightening at first though, so let's hope for a quiet night.”

After a quiet night, Jay and Jarron awoke in each other's arms. “Good morning Jarron.” said Jay. “I love you.”

I love you too Jay.” replied Jarron. “Let's go to the bridge so I can check the computer for anything out of the ordinary while we slept. After that, we can have a nice breakfast together.”

After breakfast, Jarron and Jay went back to the bridge. As Jay continued looking out at the passing stars, Jarron sat in the Captain's chair. “Last night was really nice Jarron.” said Jay. “I can still feel you inside me.”

Yes, we both worked off our late dinner nicely, didn't we?” replied Jarron, as he laughed lightly. Then he stopped laughing and said, “Jay, I need you to get your clothes on, but hand me mine first! We're being hailed.”

As soon as both men were dressed, Jarron lowered the communications screen and said, “Go ahead Carpathian transport ship Aesop. This is Marissian star explorer 192850.”

192850?” asked the transport commander. “Is that you Jarron?”

Yes, this is Jarron.” replied Jarron. “Who is this?”

It's Prometheus!” replied the transport commander.

Prometheus?” asked Jarron. “You mean they finally got around to giving you your own ship? Why are you putting out a distress signal already?”

My soon to be ex-navigations officer spilled a cup of Carpathian red tea on the navigations computer.” replied Prometheus. “I managed to save everything except the star charts. I was wondering if I could download a copy from you.”

Anything for a friend.” replied Jarron. “I'll dock with your ship, so you can do the download manually. That way you'll have a back-up copy of the star charts, in case of any more beverage spills.”

Thank you very much Jarron.” said Prometheus. “I'll have my crew prepare for your visit.”

Okay, we'll be there in about ten minutes.” replied Jarron.

Once Jarron had raised the communications screen, Jay asked, “Prometheus? Aesop? Carpathian? What's with those names?”

About one hundred years ago, the Planetary Council wanted to institute a uniform language pattern among all council members.” replied Jarron. “You should have heard the Carpathian's former name. You would have sprained your tongue trying to pronounce it. As luck would have it, they were very fond of ancient Earth cultures.”

I guess I should be flattered then!” laughed Jay.

Oh, just wait until they meet an actual Earthling!” laughed Jarron. “They'll want to treat you like royalty. The Carpathians were the last ones to give up on approaching Earth on behalf of the Planetary Council. I'll be surprised if this doesn't open up the Earth debate all over again!”

So, I may actually benefit my planet by leaving it huh?” asked Jay.

Not on your life, my mate!” smiled Jarron. “Their loss is my gain!”

Jarron had not been kidding either. Prometheus immediately recognized Jay as an Earthling. While Prometheus gave Jay a grand tour of his ship, he ordered his galley crew to prepare a lunch feast as quickly as they could. Jay had never been treated as the guest of honor before, so he loved how Prometheus and his crew were treating him. The food the Carpathians served was delicious, although Jarron suggested to Jay not to ask what everything on the menu was. After the feast, Prometheus, Jarron, and Jay sat around a few minutes to talk.

So Jarron, it's just you and Jay on your ship?” asked Prometheus. “I thought it could hold you and a crew of six!”

Well, it was just me when I left Marissa.” replied Jarron. “I picked Jay up on Earth, after a worm hole spit me out near his planet.”

Are you in hot water with the Exploration Council again Jarron?” asked Prometheus as he chuckled. “Don't tell me, let me guess. It was over the Aerithians, right?”

I have a right to my opinion.” replied Jarron. “They have trouble remembering the difference between a black hole and a worm hole, and a mistake like that could hurt!”

I personally agree with you Jarron.” smiled Prometheus. “You have to learn when to express your opinion, and when to keep it to yourself though.”

Well, the good part about not having a crew this time was being able to meet Jay.” said Jarron, “He's the exact opposite of what I expected of an Earthling.”

Thanks Jarron.” laughed Jay.

Hey, haven't we always told the Planetary Council that Earth wasn't completely without merit?” asked Prometheus. “Wait a minute Jarron! You and Jay aren't considering being mates, are you?”

I can't help it.” replied Jarron with a wink. “Jay is a very charming and attractive Earth male.”

Well then, it's a good thing we were done with our last mission, and on our way home!” said Prometheus. “We will set a course to follow you two back to Marissa. I wouldn't want to miss this mating ceremony for anything! Just think, a Marissian and an Earthling becoming mates! This will do much to reopen the debate to approach Earth.”

Somehow I knew you would see that angle!” laughed Jarron.

Once Jarron and Jay got back aboard Jarron's ship, they resumed their course to Marissa. This time though they had the Carpathian ship Aesop following them. That didn't seem like too much of a problem to Jarron and Jay at first. Then they tried to get undressed while watching the stars pass by. Five minutes later, Jarron heard the signal that he was being hailed. Jarron and Jay dressed, and Jarron lowered the communications screen.

Hello Prometheus, what can I do for you?” asked Jarron.

I was thinking that maybe you and Jay could join me for dinner later.” replied Prometheus.

Well, I was going to prepare an Earth meal for Jay for our dinner, since he had to endure both a Marissian dinner last night, and a Marissian breakfast this morning.” replied Jarron.

Oh yes, of course.” laughed Prometheus. “I would imagine that would make him miss Earth meals!”

Are you saying my cooking is no good?” asked Jarron jokingly.

Jarron my friend, you are probably the best cook from Marissa!” laughed Prometheus.

Well then, maybe you would join us for my attempt at Earth cooking.” said Jarron.

I'd be delighted too!” replied Prometheus. “Contact me when you're ready.”

This time Prometheus went an hour before contacting Jarron again. “We might as well forget about pleasure for now Jarron, and invite him over.” said Jay.

Prometheus got into his shuttle pod, and joined Jarron and Jay in only a few minutes. Jarron greeted Prometheus aboard, then led him to the bridge. Jarron and Jay tried to keep up the conversation with Prometheus, but they obviously had their minds on something else. Prometheus finally noticed that.

I can be a very inconsiderate Carpathian at times.” said Prometheus. “When I kept hailing you, I was interrupting something, wasn't I?”

Well,... uh...” replied Jarron.

Of course I was!” said Prometheus. “You two are to be mated! I know how pleasure oriented your people are Jarron. I really don't want to interfere though, so I'll tell you what. Why don't you two just try not to think about me being here? Just do what you would be doing if I weren't here. If it gets too much for me, I'll jut leave the bridge for a few minutes.”

Are you sure Prometheus?” asked Jay.

Absolutely my new Earth friend!” replied Prometheus. “You two do whatever you want!”

Jarron was surprised when Jay began removing his clothes in front of Prometheus. Jay didn't stop until he was completely naked though.

I'm only attracted physically to Carpathian females, but I can see why Jarron has such an attraction to you Jay!” said Prometheus.

That was all it took for Jarron to begin undressing, so he could join Jay. Jarron and Jay then tried to carry on as though Prometheus was not in the room, even though they did continue talking to their Carpathian friend. Jarron and Jay once again sat in the main viewing chair together, with Prometheus sitting off to their side. Then Jarron and Jay began softly touching each other again. Prometheus smiled at the fact they were now comfortable enough to do that in front of him.

I see you are both very pleasure oriented.” said Prometheus. “There's nothing wrong with that either. You two look very right like that.”

Thank you Prometheus.” said Jay. “It's just that we long so much for each other's touch.”

I can see that.” replied Prometheus. “Like I said, it looks right for you two. Have you been showing Jay the beauty of our galaxy Jarron?”

As much as I can.” replied Jarron. “We just haven't passed by much yet. There is a nebula along our way though, about another twenty four hours from here. He HAS to see that.”

Yes, I know which one you are referring to.” said Prometheus. “It is a very awe inspiring sight.”

Prometheus remained there, talking to his friends and watching them interact with each other. That made Jay and Jarron both feel very good. Then it was finally time to start preparing dinner. Jarron and Jay saw no reason to dress now, so Prometheus followed them as they walked naked to the galley, holding each other's hands. Jarron took out what he would need to prepare the meal from the pantry and the cooler, then turned to Jay.

Jay my love, I have no idea how to program my processor to prepare this for us.” said Jarron. “If you could tell me your manual procedure for preparing this on Earth, I should be able to enter the information into the processor.”

Jay smiled as he went ahead and recited recipes from memory, of what Jarron wanted to prepare. Fifteen minutes later, the meal was ready.

That looks pretty good Jarron!” said Jay. “That processor is a very handy piece of equipment to have.”

It would be pretty difficult to prepare meals on a ship without it.” laughed Jarron.

Then Jarron, Jay, and Prometheus sat down at the galley table to eat. Jarron stuck to the vegetable portion of the meal, which he had to admit was pretty good. Prometheus went ahead and shared the main meat course with Jay, and said that it was good, although it lacked a little spice. Jay then asked Prometheus to bring some spices he liked with him next time, and they could try that.

The situation that had gotten off to a shaky start earlier, was fine with everyone now. Prometheus finally excused himself to his friends, so they could have privacy the rest of the evening.

Jay was awoken rudely the next morning by a siren that went from a high squealing pitch, to a low and loud pitch. The lights in the room were also going from intensely bright, to pitch dark. Jay jumped up and ran to the bathroom, while Jarron jumped up and ran to the bridge. Jarron got to the bridge naked, to find that Prometheus's shuttle pod was docking to his ship. Jarron then went to meet Prometheus at the shuttle airlock.

Prometheus, you really have to call ahead first thing in the morning like this!” laughed Jarron. “I think you scared my poor mate Jay into having a bodily function!”

That would be a bad thing, wouldn't it?” chuckled Prometheus.

At that moment, Jay came walking down the passageway naked. “Did you make it in time my love?” asked Jarron.

No, but I cleaned it up.” replied Jay.

Oh my, I'm so sorry!” laughed Prometheus. “I never meant for you to have an accident Jay!”

I take it that was the alarm that the ship's computer requested your presence on the bridge, wasn't it?” asked Jay.

Well, I did tell you that there was no way of sleeping through it.” said Jarron.

There's no way the dead could sleep through that, my love!” replied Jay. “Since we have the Aesop traveling right next to us, is there any way we could turn that off?”

I'm afraid that would be against regulations my love.” replied Jarron. “Either someone who is commissioned to command this ship has to be on the bridge, or the alarm has to be activated. If the ship's engines were to overload or something like that, we could both be dead before we knew what was happening.”

Okay, it was just a thought, in the interest of not having to clean any more pee off your floor.” said Jay, which had Jarron and Prometheus both laughing hard.

I'm so sorry Jay!” laughed Prometheus. “I'll try to give you two a chance to wake up from now on. It's just my crew wants the galley to be able to start on breakfast soon.”

Jarron followed the shuttle pod back to the Aesop and docked. Then he and Jay accompanied Prometheus to the galley. Jay had to admit that breakfast was even better than their lunch the day before. He was still warned by Jarron not to inquire too much about the contents of breakfast though. Prometheus laughed as he kidded Jarron about his system just being too delicate at times.

After breakfast, Prometheus accompanied Jarron and Jay back aboard Jarron's ship. By this time, Jarron and Jay had no reservations about stripping naked in front of their friend.

I enjoy your lack of inhibitions.” said Prometheus. “It is starting to become slightly stimulating to see both of you so freely undress in front of me, so you can enjoy each other's appearance.”

If you like that my friend, you might really enjoy this!” replied Jarron, as he had Jay sit down.

Jarron then took his place in front of Jay, and Prometheus watched as Jarron wrapped his tongue several times around Jay's quickly stiffening cock. Then Jarron pulled Jay's cock into his mouth and throat. Prometheus now watched intently as Jarron pleasured Jay. Having Prometheus watching them now was miking Jay almost painfully aroused, which made Jay moan loudly in ecstasy. Jarron's tongue and mouth worked on Jay's cock passionately, as Jay writhed in his seat. Prometheus almost gasped, as a loud moan escaped Jay, and his orgasm flooded Jarron's mouth.

I can tell my two friends will be very happy as mates.” said Prometheus. “That was a very wonderful sight to watch, and I'm honored you allowed me to do so.”

If you liked that, you'll really enjoy this!” replied Jarron.

Then Jarron had Jay recline his seat, as he knelt between Jay's legs. Jarron lifted Jay's legs up onto his shoulders, and placed the head of his slickened cock against Jay's pucker. Jay moaned again as Jarron's cock entered him, and the head expanded to fill his rectum. When Jay felt Jarron's probe extend into him, his softening cock went back to a full erection. Prometheus was watching almost breathlessly, as Jarron made love to Jay. When Jarron's probe began writhing wildly inside Jay, Jay moaned loudly and incoherently. As Jay felt Jarron's orgasm begin inside him, his cock began shooting a second powerful orgasm. Prometheus watched in awe as Jay's cum shot up onto his chest.

As Jay and Jarron recovered, Prometheus exclaimed, “That was one of the most incredible displays of mating I have ever seen! I have never seen a penis of any species orgasm without being stimulated by some physical contact! You two have to have been meant to be mates.”

The next few hours were spent with Jay and Jarron answering dozens of questions from Prometheus, about what they did. Then Jarron finally announced that they should be approaching the nebula he wanted to show Jay. Since the Aesop was much larger and less maneuverable than Jarron's ship, they held back while Jarron moved in closer. Jay was left speechless by the sight outside the ship.

When Jay could finally find the words to say, he said, “Our scientists on Earth have tried to come up with pictures of these, but they don't come close to doing this justice! I have never seen anything this incredible!”

Once you've traveled the stars with Jarron long enough, you'll get use to it.” laughed Prometheus. “Seriously though, it's a shame that your people cannot see things like this for themselves. I've studied Earth, and they do have the resources to be out here with us. They just haven't developed the technology. It seems as though their focus is always in the wrong direction.”

Some Earthlings do seem to have problems focusing on priorities, don't they?” replied Jay.

Yes, but I still support at least limited contact with Earth.” replied Prometheus. “Maybe that way, they may learn to focus themselves in the proper direction. I think if Earthlings really tried, they could amaze themselves by what they could accomplish. I know I have been impressed so far by my actual first contact with your species.”

That's because Jay is an exceptional Earthling!” smiled Jarron.

After leaving the nebula, it was well past lunchtime. Jarron and Jay then agreed to forego lunch, and accompany Prometheus back to his ship in a few hours for dinner. In the meantime, Jarron convinced a reluctant Prometheus to join him and Jay in removing his clothes. Jay watched in curiosity as Prometheus began to bear his naked body to his friends. Carpathians were a totally hairless species, with rough reddish brown skin. The ridge that went from the bridge of Prometheus's nose and over the top of his head extended about halfway down his back. The trunk of Prometheus's body was tougher than his head and limbs, and the skin there almost appeared to be scaled. His buttocks were flat, like Jarron's, but his tail was slightly more pronounced. Then Jay finally studied Prometheus's penis. It was one of the few smooth parts of his body, along with the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. Prometheus's penis was a little more reddish than the rest of his body, and was long and slender, at about nine inches. It was also different from Jay's and Jarron's in that there was no sign of a head to his penis.

I can tell you find my body interesting Jay.” said Prometheus. “The shaft of my reproductive organ is a little stiff right now. It's always the same length, but it usually swings around a little more freely. I guess you two did have a little effect on me earlier. I'll be able to take care of it quickly when we get back to my ship though. We always have females of our species onboard, so the men don't get too worked up. You may go ahead and feel it with your hands though, if Jarron doesn't mind.”

Jay then spent several minutes feeling Prometheus's body, with Jarron's approval.

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