Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 03

From the last chapter:

After leaving the nebula, it was well past lunchtime. Jarron and Jay then agreed to forego lunch, and accompany Prometheus back to his ship in a few hours for dinner. In the meantime, Jarron convinced a reluctant Prometheus to join him and Jay in removing his clothes. Jay watched in curiosity as Prometheus began to bear his naked body to his friends. Carpathians were a totally hairless species, with rough reddish brown skin. The ridge that went from the bridge of Prometheus's nose and over the top of his head extended about halfway down his back. The trunk of Prometheus's body was tougher than his head and limbs, and the skin there almost appeared to be scaled. His buttocks were flat, like Jarron's, but his tail was slightly more pronounced. Then Jay finally studied Prometheus's penis. It was one of the few smooth parts of his body, along with the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. Prometheus's penis was a little more reddish than the rest of his body, and was long and slender, at about nine inches. It was also different from Jay's and Jarron's in that there was no sign of a head to his penis.

I can tell you find my body interesting Jay.” said Prometheus. “The shaft of my reproductive organ is a little stiff right now. It's always the same length, but it usually swings around a little more freely. I guess you two did have a little effect on me earlier. I'll be able to take care of it quickly when we get back to my ship though. We always have females of our species onboard, so the men don't get too worked up. You may go ahead and feel it with your hands though, if Jarron doesn't mind.”

Jay then spent several minutes feeling Prometheus's body, with Jarron's approval.

Dinner that evening was much spicier than lunch on the Aesop had been. Once again, Jay was warned by Jarron not to ask too many questions about what he was eating. Once Jay was finished with his dinner though, he had forgotten about Jarron's warning.

The sauce on the meat we had was very good Prometheus.” said Jay. “What was it?”

That was a sauce made from Carpathian Bore Worms.” replied Prometheus. Then when he noticed Jay looking a little sick, he added, “Don't worry though Jay, all of the impurities have been cooked out of it.”

I did warn you Jay!” laughed Jarron. “It's not too late to give up eating meat.”

I think I'll just learn to stop asking what I'm eating.” replied Jay, still not recovered from his knowledge of the sauce. “And no Prometheus, I don't want to know what the meat was anymore!”

That made Prometheus and Jarron both laugh. After enjoying Prometheus's hospitality for a little while longer, Jay and Jarron got back aboard Jarron's ship and undocked.

After making love before going to sleep, Jarron held Jay in his arms and said, “I'll never get tired of our love-making Jay.”

Neither will I, Jarron my love.” replied Jay.

Jay and Jarron started out the next day being woken by the ship's alarm once again. This time Jay was able to make it to the toilet though. When Jay joined Jarron on the bridge, he said, “It better not be Prometheus again!”

No my love, it isn't.” replied Jarron, as he pointed out the viewing portal. “It's a celestial ribbon.”

Oh my goodness, it's beautiful!” exclaimed Jay.

Yes, but hazardous.” replied Jarron. “If our ship had run through it, it may have taken me 2 or 3 days to fix it, and get us underway again. It wouldn't have destroyed us unless our shields had been down, but we would have felt it!”

Well, it's still beautiful, as long as we keep our distance.” said Jay. “What causes it?”

We believe it's caused by the solar influences of two stars that are too close together.” replied Jarron. “The ribbon is the reaction of the meeting of two different frequencies of gamma waves. The Aesop is taking measurements from it right now. As soon as they're done, I have our courses plotted safely around it.”

A few moments later, Prometheus came onto the communication screen and said, “Thank you for your ship spotting that one Jarron. Our really ex-navigations officer didn't see it until we were alerted that your ship was stopping.”

Is this the same one who wiped out your star charts?” asked Jarron as he laughed lightly.

Please don't rub it in.” replied Prometheus. “I don't know what they're teaching our new trainees in our academy anymore. I will keep him on the crew though when we return home, so I can bust his chops until he straightens out.”

I'd be happy to talk to him after we pass the ribbon, if you want me too.” offered Jarron.

I'll try anything right now.” replied Prometheus.

As soon as both ships were safely past the celestial ribbon, a shuttle pod approached Jarron's ship from the Aesop. Once the pod docked, a very nice-looking young officer, at least by Carpathian standards, came aboard Jarron's ship.

Hello sir, I'm Junior Officer Oedipus.” said the officer. “My captain says he wants me to have a talk with you.”

Go ahead and have a seat Oedipus.” said Jarron, as he pointed to the seat across from where he and Jay were preparing to sit. “The ribbon we passed was very beautiful, wasn't it?”

Yes sir, I guess it was.” replied Oedipus.

There's no need for formalities here Oedipus.” said Jarron. “My name is Jarron, and my future mate here is Jay. Just so you know though, that beautiful ribbon is also very destructive. It could have crippled your captain's ship for several days.”

Yes Jarron, I know.” replied Oedipus. “You have to believe though, I'm very sorry about it getting past me.”

And what about your ship's star charts?” asked Jarron.

When Oedipus looked like he was struggling for what to say, Jay asked, “Is there something going on that you're not telling anyone Oedipus?”

What are you talking about?” asked Oedipus nervously.

You keep glancing back and forth between me and Jarron.” replied Jay. “Are you intrigued about Jarron and I being mates, and we're both males of our species?”

When Oedipus remained quiet, Jarron asked, “Are the Carpathians still unaccepting of males of their own species being attracted to other males? You would think with them being so comfortable around us Marissians, Carpathians would have become more tolerant of their own people who feel that way.”

I can't help the way I feel.” replied Oedipus softly. “A few Carpathians are changing their views now, but it is so few that Carpathians like me don't know who to trust.”

So then, you just sit at your station, so worried about this that you find it hard to concentrate on your duties, is that right?” asked Jay.

Yes.” replied Oedipus.

Maybe I can help then.” said Jarron. “I've known Prometheus for quite some time. He knows that Jay and I are going to be mated when we return to Marissa, and he's happy for us. That's why his ship is following us there, so he can be at our mating ceremony. If you're looking for a Carpathian who will do everything he can to respect and understand your feelings, your captain is that person.”

Can we call Prometheus over here, so you can talk to him away from you fellow crewmen?” asked Jay. “You'll feel much better, and be able to concentrate again if you talk to him.”

Are you sure he'll feel that way?” asked Oedipus.

Don't say anything to anyone about this, but he let my mate examine his penis very closely.” replied Jarron as he smiled. “I'm positive he will support you and your sexual orientation.”

Prometheus joined the three men about fifteen minutes later. Oedipus opened up his feelings to Prometheus, who listened compassionately while Jarron and Jay watched. When Oedipus was finished, Prometheus gave him a warm and caring hug.

You're not the only male on my crew who is attracted to other males.” said Prometheus. “Three others have talked to me about this subject since I became a Captain. I guess they found me easy to trust, and I'm glad they did. I wish you had come to me sooner, but now that I know what has been bothering you, I'll do everything I can to help you. I have seen moments when you have been a fine young officer, and I'll help you concentrate on that. One thing I can say to help right now is that I don't want you to worry about who you're attracted to Oedipus. No one on our crew will be privy to this information unless you want them to be. I'd also like to get you together with our Junior Medical Officer Apollo. He very badly wants to find a male mate.”

Thank you sir, I'm so glad I talked to you about this!” replied Oedipus. “I promise that from now on, you'll get nothing but my best from me. Thank you for understanding who I am.”

You're welcome Oedipus.” said Prometheus as he smiled. “I also want to do something for you and others like you in the long run too. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you never have to fear what others may think of your sexual orientation. It's time us Carpathians join the rest of the intelligent species of the galaxy, and show all of our people the same respect and tolerance. Now, I'll see you back aboard the Aesop, Junior Navigations Officer Oedipus.”

Before leaving for his shuttle pod, Oedipus turned to Jarron and Jay and said, “I want to thank you two for what you did for me today. You gave me back a little of my dignity and self-esteem.”

It was our pleasure.” replied Jay. “I hope we can be friends too.”

I'd like that very much.” said Oedipus.

Once Prometheus and Oedipus were gone, Jarron said, “I'm very impressed that you picked up on his feelings Jay!”

I guess I've always been slightly empathic about the way others feel, and I knew something was bothering him.” replied Jay.

Well my love, thanks to you, that young man will be very happy from now on.” said Jarron. “I think what you did for him was remarkable.”

Most of the day was fairly uneventful. Jay and Jarron had breakfast aboard their ship, and lunch aboard the Aesop. By then Prometheus had already played matchmaker between Oedipus and Apollo, and the two men looked like they were getting along very well. Jarron and Jay invited Prometheus, Oedipus, and Apollo to their ship for dinner that evening, and Jay reminded Prometheus to bring some Carpathian spices. He did however request that Prometheus leave the worm sauce aboard the Aesop.

Dinner turned out very nicely, and Jay knew better than to ask about the ingredients of the spices. Prometheus wanted very badly to tell him that the main spice was derived from crushed Marsh Beetles, but the look Jarron gave him made him hold back. After dinner, Oedipus and Apollo asked permission from Prometheus to remain aboard Jarron's ship until the beginning of the following day. Since both men's positions were covered, Prometheus gave his approval after checking with Jarron to make sure it was okay.

Just before time to retire to their quarters for the evening, Oedipus said, “Apollo and I are very interested in each other. We know we have no interest in females, and we want to have intercourse together, but we're slightly inexperienced.”

Yes, neither Oedipus not myself has ever had intercourse with another male before, although we very much desire to now.” added Apollo.

We were wondering, could you two could guide us in our first experience with each other?” asked Oedipus.

We'd be happy to!” replied Jay as he smiled.

Yes, we would.” said Jarron. “Let's all go to your quarters, and Jay and I will help you have an experience you'll never forget.”

Once everyone was in Oedipus's and Apollo's quarters for the night, Jay had the two men undress each other. Then he said, “The first thing I need you guys to do is lay down on the bed in opposite directions. Then you need to position yourselves so your heads are level with each other's penises.”

Once that was done, Jarron said, “Now we want you two to stare at each other's penises until you long to taste them. Once you are at that point, go ahead and take your mate's penis into your mouth.”

It only took a few seconds for Oedipus and Apollo to desire each other enough to eagerly take each other's penises into their mouths.

Now, caress each other's penises with your lips and tongues, trying to give your mate as much pleasure as you can.” said Jay, as he and Jarron watched the two men make love.

In just a few minutes, Oedipus and Apollo were making love to each other as passionately as they could. Jay noticed as their shafts became covered with saliva, that Carpathian saliva looked very slippery and held its moisture well.

Okay, now we want you two to try something else.” said Jay. “I want Apollo to turn onto his back, and Oedipus to kneel between his legs. Be careful that you don't kneel on his tail though Oedipus. Once that's done, I need you to lift Apollo's ankles up onto your shoulders Oedipus. Notice how that opens up his anus so you can get to it?”

Yes, it looks very nice.” replied Oedipus.

Good, then go ahead and place your penis at Apollo's anus.” said Jay. Then I need you to push it very slowly and gently into Apollo. You guys aren't use to this, so be very gentle. Once your penis slips inside him Oedipus, go ahead and hold it still there so Apollo can get use to it.”

Jay and Jarron coached Oedipus until his penis was as far into Apollo as it could go. Then they watched as Oedipus thrust in and out of Apollo passionately. Both men seemed to be enjoying it very much, and when Oedipus had his orgasm inside Apollo, it looked very intense. Then the two men switched places, and Jay and Jarron coached Apollo through making love to Oedipus the same way. Jay and Jarron finally left the two men happily in each other's arms, after they had both drained themselves into their mate.

The next morning at breakfast, Oedipus and Apollo thanked Jarron and Jay for all of their help. As the two men were preparing to return to their ship, Jarron picked up an alert at his Captain's chair.

What is it Jarron?” asked Jay.

I'm picking up the signature of a worm hole exit.” replied Jarron. “There also seems to be a ship stranded there.”

Jarron had his ship scan the stranded ship, and discovered it was Marissian Star Explorer number 256848. The scan showed five life signs on board, and nothing except life support systems running on battery power. Jarron tried to hail the ship, but had no luck.

It looks as though we'll have to dock with her.” said Jarron. “If their life support is running on battery power, it won't last much longer. Jay, once we dock, I'll need you to stay at the bridge here. Oedipus and Apollo, I'm glad you're still here. Their drive section seems to be damaged, and there may be more damage, as well as injured crewmen.”

What do I do here Jarron?” asked Jay. “I don't know how to fly a ship like this!”

Don't worry, you won't have to fly it while we're docked.” replied Jarron as he smiled. “Just watch the computer screen, and if it gives you any alerts, call me immediately. I'll set the com system to my com unit. Just push the button marked com.”

Once Jarron had docked his ship to the crippled one, Oedipus and Apollo followed him to the docking hatch. The lighting inside the other ship was on emergency lighting, and was very dim.

Is there anyone here?!” called out Jarron.

No one answered, so Jarron and his group headed toward the bridge. “Is there anyone here?!” called out Jarron again.

Yes, we're on the bridge!” called out a crewman. “Is that you Jarron?”

Yes, who is there?” asked Jarron.

It's me, Borrack.” replied the crewman.

Jarron and his group entered the bridge, and found three men. Jarron spotted his friend, and asked, “How are you Borrack? Is Captain Serrat with you?”

I'm fine Jarron.” replied Borrack. “Captain Serrat and another crewman were injured in the accident. They're in the medical bay. We think our engineering officer is dead. He was in the drive section when the accident happened. The ship shut that section down, and we haven't been able to raise him.”

I'm so sorry but I'm afraid from the damage we saw outside the ship, there may not be any atmosphere in the drive section.” said Jarron. “Oedipus, I need you to accompany Apollo to the medical bay. See if Captain Serrat and the other crewman need any medical assistance. Now Borrack, what happened?”

We were investigating a worm hole that started in B Quadrant.” replied Borrack. “When we came out of the worm hole, our ship struck an asteroid that wasn't detected by our computer. It must have been knocked off course by a collision with something, because the computer should have seen it. The asteroid apparently struck us in the drive section, because we lost main power immediately. The ship jarred very violently, and Captain Serrat and Gullith were injured from being thrown around the bridge. That left me, Callet, and Dorrin on the bridge. Our com system is down, and even if it weren't, we needed to save battery power for life support.”

Jarron, this is Apollo.” said Apollo over his com unit. “Captain Serrat needs more attention than I can give him with their damaged systems here. We need to evacuate the injured to your ship immediately.”

Okay Apollo, we're on our way to help you.” replied Jarron.

Jarron, this is Jay.” said Jay over the com system. “Your computer shows that an asteroid has turned completely around. It was headed away from us, and now it heading toward us. The computer is recommending immediate action!”

I've got it for you Jarron!” said Prometheus, who had been monitoring the situation from the Aesop.

The weapons system on the Aesop was able to pulverize the asteroid into dust particles, so that it posed no threat to Jarron and the other ship.

What kind of asteroid makes a u-turn in space?!” asked Jarron in disbelief.

This one seems to have been guided my friend, although I don't know how.” replied Prometheus. “We watched it on our scanner as it changed directions though, and headed back in the direction it had came from.”

We'll have to send someone back here to investigate this.” said Jarron. “For now though, we have injured people to take care of.”

Jarron and his group got the crew from the other ship back aboard Jarron's ship, and Apollo immediately went to work on the injured crewmen in Jarron's medical bay. In the meantime, Oedipus watched Jarron's bridge while Jarron and Jay put on pressurized suits and went back to the other ship. Since the drive section was reading as being depressurized, Jarron depressurized the entire ship then overrode the computer to gain access to the drive section. He was hoping the sixth crewman had been able to get to his pressure suit, but the crewman had apparently been killed at the time of the accident. Jarron and Jay then went ahead and removed the crewman to Jarron's ship, so he could be taken care of by his family back on Marissa. Jarron was going to leave the ship there abandoned, until Prometheus offered to tow it to Marissa using his ship. That way the officials there could examine it, and try to determine what went wrong.

Jarron went to the medical bay back on his ship, to find that Captain Serrat had regained consciousness. “How are you feeling Serrat, my friend?” asked Jarron.

Like I had been tossed around like a bag of grain.” replied Serrat. “Did you get all five of my crewmen off?”

Yes, but I'm afraid the engineering officer didn't make it through the accident.” replied Jarron. “I'm very sorry my friend. I know how you usually feel about the people who serve under you. Do you know what happened?”

Not really.” replied Serrat. “The accident happened the second we came out of the worm hole. Whatever hit us seemed like it was waiting there for us.”

Well, my Carpathian friend Captain Prometheus is towing your ship back to Marissa for us.” said Jarron. “I'm sure they'll figure out what happened.

They finally gave Prometheus his own ship huh?” asked Serrat. “I know he deserves it.”

Yes, I ran across Prometheus and his ship shortly after leaving Earth.” replied Jarron.

You went to Earth?” asked Serrat. “Why?”

That was where the worm hole I went into spit me out, and I needed to resupply my ship before starting home.” replied Jarron. “It was the only choice I had. I did meet a very nice and intelligent Earthling though. He has joined me for the trip back to Marissa. Jay, come over here for a second.” Once Jay had joined them, Jarron continued, “Jay, this is Captain Serrat. Serrat, this is my new friend from Earth, Jay.”

Hello sir, it's nice to meet you.” said Jay. “I wish it could have been under better circumstances though.”

It's nice to meet you too Jay.” replied Serrat. “I've never met an Earthling before. Is Jarron keeping all of this from being too overwhelming for you?”

Yes, he's doing a wonderful job of helping me cope with space travel.” replied Jay. “It's been very interesting so far.”

Serrat then looked at Jarron and Jay both, and said to Jarron, “I hope you know what you're doing Jarron. I can see the look in both of you that tells me you two want to be mates. You know you'll have to explain that to the Council, especially since Earth isn't a part of the Council, right?”

Yes, I'm aware of that.” replied Jarron. “When you get to know Jay though, you'll realize he's nothing like what we expected of Earthlings.”

As long as he takes care of my friend and keeps him happy, that's all I care about.” replied Serrat as he smiled. “So Jay, what do you think of our galaxy so far?”

Most of it is really beautiful, even if some of it is dangerous.” replied Jay. “It's a shame that most of my people will never see it, because they're too busy disagreeing between our own people.”

Yes, that would have a tendency to limit the development of Earthlings.” said Serrat. “Maybe that can change somehow. I suspect that now that we've had contact with an Earthling, the Carpathians will want to reopen the debate about Earth with the council. If that happens though Jay, the impression you make on the more intelligent species of the galaxy will carry a lot of importance.”

Yes, Jarron has explained that to me.” replied Jay. “I hope I'm up to representing Earth well, although I won't want to mislead anyone about the problems our planet faces in just getting along with each other. The reason I came out here with Jarron is because I was made to feel like an outcast among my own people, merely because of my attraction to other males.”

Yes, that's something that would be very important to any debate about Earth.” replied Serrat. “I do like you though Jay. Maybe we can get through to your people before it's too late.”

Well, it would be good not to delay then.” said Jarron. “At the rate they're destroying their own environment, we may not have more than a few decades to get through to them, and get them up to speed.”

Is that true Jay?” asked Serrat. “Why would your people allow that to happen?”

Our leaders sometimes seem more interested in monetary wealth than in people.” replied Jay. “There are many Earthlings though who are getting tired of that kind of thinking.”

Well, that's a start.” said Serrat. “They have to learn respect for all people though, to accept the level of advancement they will need to help themselves.”

I hope that's not impossible.” replied Jay. “Maybe when it comes to the day they find out they're not the only ones in the galaxy, that will help. It'll shake the beliefs that are holding them back.”

As Serrat continued talking to Jay, he could see why Jarron was so attracted to him. Jay was impressing Serrat very much. Apollo finally had to insist that Serrat rest for a while. Since Jarron had two injured people on board, Prometheus insisted that Apollo stay on board Jarron's ship. Oedipus begged to stay with Apollo, and Prometheus finally agreed on the condition that Oedipus keep a shuttle pod docked to Jarron's ship, and come back for his scheduled shifts at the navigations console. Until Apollo released Serrat and Gullith, he and Oedipus would share the cabin they would have occupied.

Jarron now found himself in command of a full crew, at least until returning to Marissa. If he and Jay wanted to continue their nudity on board the ship, they would have to talk to Serrat's crew first.

After gathering the crew together, minus Serrat and Gullith, Jarron said, “Okay everyone, I know you are use to Serrat's command, but now I will be the commander until we return to Marissa. Jay here is to be my mate once we return home, so I want everyone to treat him with that respect. I know none of you are use to dealing with Earthlings, but Jay is a very warm and open person. If you take the time to speak with him, I'm sure you will like him. Our Carpathian friends are our temporary medical officer Apollo, and his mate Oedipus.”

I never knew Carpathian males could be attracted to other males.” said Borrack.

It is somewhat rare on Carpathia, but there are a few of us.” replied Oedipus. “We hope to see that change someday, with Captain Prometheus's help.”

Okay everyone, you can talk to Oedipus and Apollo about that later.” smiled Jarron. “Anyway, Borrack will be my com officer and temporary second in command until Serrat recovers, at which time he will be my second. Callet and Dorrin, which of you are better accustomed to ship operating systems?”

I was the back-up for our engineering officer.” replied Dorrin. “I wanted the job eventually, but not this way.”

I understand Dorrin.” said Jarron. “Now I'll want you to be my engineering officer. That will leave you as my navigations officer Callet. Is that a job you can handle?”

I've studied navigations at the academy.” replied Callet. “I should be okay there.”

Good, but if you have any problem you can't solve on your own, call me and I'll assist you.” said Jarron. “I take it Gullith was your navigations officer.”

Yes sir.” replied Callet.

Well, the job is yours for as long as you want it, as long as I feel you're okay with it.” said Jarron. “There is one other thing I want to discuss with you men, and this is for Oedipus and Apollo as long as they're on board too. As you men know, us Marissians are very comfortable with no clothes as long as we're not interacting with other species who might expect it. Jay was also very comfortable with no clothes on his planet, although most Eartlings aren't. Since Jay and I are to be mates, we were use to this ship being clothing free. I would like to ask that it continue, but it will be up to you men. This is going to be unanimous too. If anyone does not feel comfortable being naked, we will all be clothed. That includes you too Oedipus and Apollo. I want everyone to write down their vote on this while Jay and I leave the bridge. Then I will read the votes without knowing who voted how.”

When Jarron came back and read the votes, he smiled. “I want to thank all of you for approving of this ship being clothing free. I'd like everyone to join Jay and me in taking our clothes off now. Apollo, when you go back to the medical bay, you can explain the new ship rule to Serrat and Gullith.”

Jarron and Jay then removed their clothes. The first to follow suit was Borrack, who was Jarron's friend. Next though was Oedipus, followed closely by Apollo. Then Dorrin and Callet joined the other men in taking their clothes off. All seven men then took a few moments to look at each other, before all smiling and getting to their duties. When Apollo and Oedipus returned to the medical bay, Serrat and Gullith went along with the decision right away.

As Jarron sat at the captain's seat with Jay beside him, he smiled over what promised to be a great trip home.

There we have Chapter 3, as well as a happy and naked crew. In the next chapter we will see Jarron returning to his home with Jay by his side. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.