Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 04

From the last chapter:

Well, the job is yours for as long as you want it, as long as I feel you're okay with it.” said Jarron. “There is one other thing I want to discuss with you men, and this is for Oedipus and Apollo as long as they're on board too. As you men know, us Marissians are very comfortable with no clothes as long as we're not interacting with other species who might expect it. Jay was also very comfortable with no clothes on his planet, although most Earthlings aren't. Since Jay and I are to be mates, we were use to this ship being clothing free. I would like to ask that it continue, but it will be up to you men. This is going to be unanimous too. If anyone does not feel comfortable being naked, we will all be clothed. That includes you too Oedipus and Apollo. I want everyone to write down their vote on this while Jay and I leave the bridge. Then I will read the votes without knowing who voted how.”

When Jarron came back and read the votes, he smiled. “I want to thank all of you for approving of this ship being clothing free. I'd like everyone to join Jay and me in taking our clothes off now. Apollo, when you go back to the medical bay, you can explain the new ship rule to Serrat and Gullith.”

Jarron and Jay then removed their clothes. The first to follow suit was Borrack, who was Jarron's friend. Next though was Oedipus, followed closely by Apollo. Then Dorrin and Callet joined the other men in taking their clothes off. All seven men then took a few moments to look at each other, before all smiling and getting to their duties. When Apollo and Oedipus returned to the medical bay, Serrat and Gullith went along with the decision right away.

As Jarron sat at the captain's seat with Jay beside him, he smiled over what promised to be a great trip home.

The first test of the crew's comfort level came when Prometheus visited Jarron's ship for dinner.

I see that you and Jay have corrupted your crew and my two men with your deviant behavior!” laughed Prometheus. When a few of Jarron's crewmen looked spooked, Prometheus asked, “Have you men lost your sense of humor? It was a joke, and to prove it, I'd be happy to go along with the custom of your ship.”

Prometheus then removed his uniform, which put Jarron's new crew at ease. After dinner, all of the men relaxed on the bridge of Jarron's ship. Jarron, Jay, and Prometheus sat in the viewing area, keeping an eye on the galaxy ahead of them, while the crew sat at their stations.

I am so looking forward to mine and Jay's mating ceremony when we return home.” said Jarron. “For the first time in my life, everything feels right and in order.”

I'm glad your little trip to Earth was such a benefit to you then Jarron.” replied Prometheus as he smiled. “Anything that makes my friend happy is a good thing.”

I know something that makes him happy.” said Jay impishly.

Then Jay got down in front of Jarron, and lovingly took Jarron's penis into his mouth while everyone on the bridge watched. Jay passionately massaged the head of Jarron's penis with his tongue, until he felt Jarron's probe extend into his throat.”

I know this isn't proper bridge protocol, but I can't help it!” moaned Jarron in pleasure.

There's nothing at all wrong with your mate showing you his love.” replied Prometheus. “It's a very interesting sight to watch, and I think my crewmen agree!”

Apollo and Oedipus were standing toward the back of the bridge, involved in a very passionate kiss. Then Oedipus laid on his back, and Apollo knelt between his legs. Apollo took out the lubricant his friend Jay had given them, and prepared his penis. As Jarron's crew watched, Apollo slowly pushed his penis into Oedipus. That was all Borrack could take, as he went to Callet at the navigations console.

Callet, I've been interested in you for quite some time.” said Borrack. “I was always afraid you wouldn't share those feelings toward me, but now I have to take that chance.”

Callet looked up at Borrack, and replied, “You are a very attractive man Borrack. If we were to someday become mates, it would make me happy.”

Borrack then leaned down, and shared a very passionate kiss with Callet. After the two men finished kissing, Callet turned to the side and pulled Borrack's hips toward him. Borrack moaned softly when he felt Callet's mouth engulf his penis. Callet then contracted the end of his tongue as much as he could, and inserted four inches of it into Borrack's penis.

Oh my goodness!” moaned Borrack loudly. “I love it when a man inserts his tongue into my penis! Please thrust your tongue in and out of it gently Callet.”

I have to see this!” exclaimed Prometheus, as he got up to go over to the couple. As Borrack was being driven insane with pleasure, Prometheus asked, “Callet, may I see the juncture between your tongue and Borrack's penis?”

Callet opened his mouth and extended his tongue, clearly showing Prometheus that about four inches of his tongue had been inserted into Borrack's penis. Prometheus reached down, feeling around the head of Borrack's penis. He could feel Callet's tongue sliding back and forth inside it.

Ohhhh!” moaned Borrack loudly.

I think you better take his penis back into your mouth now Callet.” said Prometheus, as he released Borrack's penis. “He seems to be about to have his orgasm.”

It then got very loud on the bridge when Borrack, Apollo, and Jarron all had their orgasms at the same time. Once everything had quieted down, Apollo and Oedipus traded places, followed by Borrack and Callet. Then Jay and Jarron traded places too.

I want you to do the same thing to me that Callet did to Borrack!” moaned Jay, as Jarron's lips wrapped around his cock.

Everyone on the bridge smiled as Jay let out one of the loudest screams of pleasure any of them had ever heard. Jay had never felt anything so intense, and he knew he would cum hard and quickly. A few minutes later, Jay's orgasm almost shook the entire bridge. Jay's moans and screams of pleasure in the midsts of his most intense orgasm ever was enough to make Callet and Oedipus have their orgasms soon afterward. It would take Jay nearly a half hour to recover from his orgasm.

Once Jay began coming around, Jarron said, “Callet, I need you to plot a small deviation from our course. It should only take us about thirty minutes off our current course. I want to show Jay one of the most unique star systems in the galaxy.”

Once they got where they were going, Jay looked out and saw a star with what seemed to be twelve planets orbiting it. Some of the planets appeared to be in very odd positions around the star.

Does that star have twelve planets in orbit around it?” asked Jay.

It actually has fifteen planets orbiting it.” replied Jarron. “In most star systems, the planets orbit around the star on a plane, and in the same direction. In this system, the planets orbit in various planes of ellipse around the star. Also, some of them orbit in opposite directions of others. It kind of looks like a huge gyroscope. There are two planets with a ninety degree difference in their orbits, and their orbits pass within two hundred thousand miles of each other. Both planets support life forms. Due to gravitational forces though, no land based life forms can live at lower than fifty feet above sea level if they're within ten miles of a coastline of one of their major seas. We've visited both life sustaining planets, although we haven't made our presence known to them yet.”

That's amazing!” said Jay. “It must be spectacular during high tide, and I'll bet their beaches are huge!”

Huge, but quite dangerous when the high tide is coming in.” replied Jarron. “One of the planets has a civilization that is almost as advanced as Earth though, and they do show promise. They have been able to successfully travel to their sister planet, when the two planets are at their closest point. The problem is they only have a two week window during every annual cycle. After that, the planets are too far apart for them to reach in a decent amount of time. They have learned to communicate with the inhabitants of the other planet, although those beings aren't quite as advanced. Their communications are somewhat tenuous at times.”

What about the other planets?” asked Jay.

The next one out away from the star from them use to support humanoid life forms at one time.” replied Jarron. “We think an asteroid collision might have altered the planet's orbit though, causing them to lose their temperate seasons. The humanoid life forms eventually went extinct, and only the heartiest lower life forms survived. Those things do happen in our galaxy at times. The asteroid that hit them was only a bit larger than the one that caused the extinction of dinosaurs on your planet, but it was just enough to shift their orbit.”

I'd love to be able to see these places someday Jarron.” said Jay.

You will someday my love, I promise.” replied Jarron. “We do have all of our pictures and information from the three planets in our universal database, if you want to see those for now.”

I think I'll take you up on that sometime tomorrow.” said Jay.

Then I'll set up access to our computer system for you tomorrow.” replied Jarron. “Then you can go onto the computer at your leisure. You may want to learn some about Marissa before we get there anyway. Callet, you may resume our course for home now.”

Well men, it's getting late.” announced Prometheus. “I must get dressed and return to my ship. Apollo, please remember that you have duty tomorrow.”

Yes sir, I remember.” replied Apollo.

And Jay and myself will retire to our quarters too.” said Jarron. “Borrack, you have the bridge.”

Yes sir.” replied Borrack.

Jarron and Jay did nothing more than cuddle after retiring to their quarters, still being satisfied from earlier. Upon awaking, Jarron relieved Borrack and Callet so they could rest, and called Dorrin up from engineering. Dorrin routed his console to the bridge, and joined Jarron and Jay there. Then Jarron set up access to the ship's computer for Jay, and had Jay use the computer at Borrack's com station. Jarron was really impressed at how fast Jay learned to navigate the ship's computer, and complimented his mate to be.

Thanks my love.” said Jay. “I was actually quite adept with computers back on Earth. I once looked up a complete set of plans for our space shuttle. Of course it wasn't all in one place, but I was able to put it together piece by piece. Of course I ended up deleting it, but it was fun putting the plans together.”

Now I AM impressed, my love!” exclaimed Jarron. “I may have to recommend you to the academy, and make you a part of my crew!”

While Jay spent the first part of the day on the ship's computer, Jarron and Dorrin made themselves busy with running the ship. Of course Jay and Jarron did take a few breaks to share some affection. After lunch, Oedipus returned to Jarron's ship from the Aesop, and had some news for Jarron.

I'm happy to say that I am ready to release Serrat and Gullith.” said Oedipus. “I will miss being here on your ship Jarron, but mine and Apollo's place is aboard the Aesop. We are a short shuttle pod trip away though, anytime you need us.”

Thank you very much for your help Oedipus.” said Jarron. “I hope things go well for you with your crew.”

Captain Prometheus has already made quite a few changes.” replied Oedipus. “Apollo and I are very happy there now, and the crew is accepting us well.”

That is very good news then.” said Jarron as he smiled.

A few moments later, Serrat and Gullith joined everyone else on the bridge. “Serrat, I'm very glad to see you doing so well!” said Jarron. “It would have been a great loss if anything had happened to you.”

Thanks Jarron, my friend.” replied Serrat. “It was still a great loss though. I lost a ship, and a very valuable member of my crew.”

Yes, and I'm very sorry for that.” replied Jarron. “If there is anything I can do to help heal the hurt that you feel, please let me know. In the meantime, I would like to introduce you to my future mate, Jay.”

Hello Jay.” said Serrat, as he shook Jay's hand. “You are an Earthling, if I'm not mistaken.”

Yes, I am from Earth.” replied Jay.

Well, I trust Jarron's judgment, in spite of what I've heard of Earthlings.” laughed Serrat. “I hope you make my friend very happy.”

He does.” said Jarron, as he winked at Jay.

So Jay, what do you think of the galaxy as an Earthling seeing it up close for the first time?” asked Serrat.

It's a very fascinating and wonderful experience so far.” replied Jay. “I just wish the people of Earth could learn to get along with each other well enough to make it out here.”

Well Jay, there's always hope.” said Serrat. “I see you're studying the ship's computer on Marissa. I think you will find it a very interesting place.”

From what I've seen here, I'm sure I will.” replied Jay.

Since Serrat and Jarron were friends, Serrat had no problem with being Jarron's second in command until they returned to Marissa. He did however have doubts about Jarron taking an Earthling as a mate. Serrat gave Jay a chance though. On the way to Marissa, Serrat made sure to spend time with Jay, talking about why he left Earth with Jarron, why he felt attracted to Jarron, and what they had done sexually. Jay felt a little like he was meeting Jarron's parents, but he understood that Serrat was only concerned for his friend's well-being. Jay did everything he could to put Serrat at ease over his and Jarron's relationship.

About twenty four hours out of Marissa, Serrat was coming back from examining his ship, trying to find out what went wrong. Jay had been going through the universal database on the ship's computer, and came up with some interesting news from Marissa that he wanted to share with Serrat.

Hi Serrat, I came across some information I thought you might be interested in.” said Jay. “Your home planet is about to pick a crew in the next two weeks, for the launch of a new ship that they've kept under wraps from everyone. From what I found out, the new ship may be the one that has been rumored to be fast enough to travel to other quadrants without using worm holes.”

They've been keeping that information very quiet Jay.” replied Serrat. “How were you able to come up with it?”

I was able to find a back door into the Research and Development Administration on Marissa.” replied Jay. “I think one of the project developers put it there in case he needed to get in from his home terminal.”

That was very sneaky of you Jay!” replied Serrat, before breaking out into a grin. “I'm very impressed! I just don't know if they would allow me to command a ship like that after just losing a ship though.”

From what I can tell Serrat, you were attacked.” said Jay. “Someone was just waiting for anyone to use that worm hole, and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sure you will be cleared as soon as they examine your ship, and the data from Jarron's and Prometheus's ships. From what I've also found out, you have better qualifications than anyone who has applied for command of the new ship so far. I hope you'll at least apply for the command.”

I will Jay, and thank you for your confidence in me.” replied Serrat warmly. “Just make sure no one catches you looking up confidential information. You are Jarron's future mate, and since Jarron is a close friend, I also consider you the same now. I think Jarron has chosen his future mate very well.”

Thanks Serrat, that means a lot to me.” replied Jay. “And don't worry, I've made sure no one would know that I've accessed confidential information.”

Jarron's arrival back on Marissa was highly anticipated by officials on Marissa. They already knew about the attack against Serrat's ship, and were anxious to find out who would attack them, and why. The one thing they didn't know about though was Jay. When Jarron stepped off the ship with Jay, both were taken to a room to investigate their relationship, and Jay's worthiness to be allowed to be on Marissa.

After well over an hour, Jarron finally had enough of the interrogation, and said, “I know a great deal of Marissian law. I have legitimately asked Jay to be my mate, and his sincerity in being my mate can be confirmed by two independent witnesses. Unless he can be proven to be a threat to our planet, our wishes to be mates must be respected. I know Jay is an Earthling, and I know what most people including the Planetary Council thinks about Earthlings. If you had been taking the time to really listen to Jay, you'd know our assumptions about all Earthlings may be incorrect. Now, do you honestly feel Jay is a threat?”

I can't say that I do at this time Jarron, but the Security Council will want to keep track of you until they are satisfied.” replied the investigator.

Then are we free to go, and to pursue our plans to be mated?” asked Jarron.

Yes, you and Jay may go.” replied the investigator. “I must remind you at this time though that before you and Jay can have a mating ceremony, and since this is an inter-species relationship, Jay will have to be thoroughly examined by our medical board, to ensure physical compatibility with our species.”

Okay, I will prepare Jay to expect that.” replied Jarron.

As Jarron led Jay to the exit to the facility, Jay asked, “How thoroughly are they going to examine me my love?”

Let's just say that they will know you as intimately as I do.” replied Jarron. “And do you remember that anal probe thing you were asking about when you first regained consciousness on my ship back on Earth?”

Yes, what about it?” asked Jay.

You can expect it now.” replied Jarron.

I knew it!” snickered Jay. “I knew there would be an anal probe somewhere along the line!”

You Earthlings and your preoccupation with anal probing aliens!” laughed Jarron. “But I'm sorry I didn't prepare you for this possibility Jay.”

Don't worry about it Jarron.” said Jay. “Even if you had, I would go through anything to be with you. I love you Jarron.”

And I love you too Jay.” replied Jarron as he smiled.

Then Jay got his first sight of the planet Marissa. The sky was a deep and bright blue with a greenish tint, and with e few small beautifully puffy clouds. Most of the trees he could see were the brightest and most beautiful shade of green he had ever seen. His first comment though was about the sky.

I've never thought of the sky being that color.” said Jay. “Why is it?”

Well, the surface of the Earth is seventy five percent water, and that is reflected in the color of your sky.” replied Jarron. “The surface of the planet Marissa is only fifty percent water, which gives us a little greenish tint in the blue in our sky.”

You said that the people of Marissa are comfortable not wearing clothes, but you had us put ours back on before we landed.” said Jay. “Why haven't I seen anyone without clothes yet?”

You will soon my love.” replied Jarron as he smiled. “The building we just left is the main building to our space port facility. Out there by the main street is the headquarters of the Planetary Council. Up and down the street there are all sorts of places that deal with people from other races. This section of the city is a clothing requested area, because of the good possibility of coming in contact with other species here. Once we get to the area that caters mostly to the citizens of this city, you will see a drastic change.”

Jarron and Jay got onto a commuter shuttle, which resembled an elevated train, and took that to near the end of the street that the Planetary Council headquarters was on. Then they walked up to the next intersection, and soon came to an underground commuter station. Over half of the men going in and out of the station were naked. The further away from the space port they got, the more younger Marissian males got on the shuttle. Most of the younger Marissians were naked. Jay didn't notice it, but he did tend to look at different people as they walked by naked.

If it would make you more comfortable my love, you can feel free to remove your clothes now.” chuckled Jarron. “That is why I have a carrying bag with us, with not much in it right now.”

Then Jarron began to remove his uniform, with not much notice being taken. When Jay began removing his clothes though, quite a few people began to take notice. Most of them were younger, around twenty or less.

I guess you're going to have to get quite use to being a source of curiosity to my people for now Jay.” said Jarron. “I'm sure everyone will get use to you soon though.”

Several people began to look like they wanted to approach Jay, so he was glad when Jarron finally announced they were about to get off the shuttle. Jay couldn't believe that he and Jarron were walking down the street naked, and no one was saying anything to them. Then again, a majority of Marissians who were walking along the street were also naked. Quite a few did still look though. As they approached Jarron's street, a couple of younger Marissians were watching Jay, and gently fondling each other's penises. Jay had to mention that to Jarron.

It's really not uncommon to see that.” said Jarron. “To us it's just a show of affection. When we do actually have sex, it's usually in the privacy of our homes. Anything else is perfectly acceptable in public here.”

Then I better get use to it so I won't be walking around like this all the time!” replied Jay as he pointed down at his erection, which was sticking straight out from his groin.

While they were still in sight of the two younger Marissians, Jarron reached down to fondle Jay as he said, “I don't know my love, I kind of like walking around with you and your beautiful erection.”

Jay moaned softly as Jarron caressed his cock, and the two younger Marissians who were watching giggled. Then they walked up, and each one caressed one of Jay's butt cheeks as Jarron caressed his cock.

We need to get home now my love!” moaned Jay.

Jarron chuckled as he bid the two younger guys good-bye, then led Jay on to his home. Jarron led Jay up to a nice looking bluish gray building, which looked like it held two units. The building had several very nice looking trees in front, and flowers of every color Jay could imagine around it. Jarron walked up to the door one one side of the two unit building, and entered his password into the keypad.

Hello Jarron, welcome home.” said a soft male voice. “Which rooms would you like lighted?”

The sitting room, kitchen, hallway, and stairway.” replied Jarron.

Would you like a meal prepared?” asked the voice.

That would be fine.” replied Jarron. “Make it a meal for two please.”

Who is your guest?” asked the voice.

His name is Jay, and he's my future mate.” replied Jarron.

Welcome to your new home Jay.” said the voice. “Would you like to set up a password for Jay now?”

Sure.” replied Jarron.

That's a very smart computer!” said Jay, “Can it recognize my voice too?”

Thank you Jay, and yes I can.” replied the voice. “I am Jarron's entry and security computer. Please enter an eight digit password in any combination of letters or numbers.” Once Jay entered his birthdate as his password, the computer said, “Thank you Jay. I will now recognize that password as yours, and belonging to your voice.”

Jay and Jarron then went on inside. They sat in the sitting room and talked, until a van stopped out in front to deliver Jay's and Jarron's baggage from Jarron's ship. The van was very sleek and metallic colored, and the entire side opened upward as it stopped. The man inside looked like he hadn't been driving, as the van had no driver's controls. It also had no lights on the outside.

As soon as the delivery man left, Jay said, “That was a strange looking vehicle. How was he even driving it?”

That was your average ordinary delivery van.” replied Jarron. “And he wasn't driving it. People can make mistakes while driving, which can lead to potentially hazardous accidents. It was controlled by its onboard computer, which is controlled by the regional vehicle system through contacts in the roadbed. That is also how it gets its power. Anyway, our meal should be ready now.”

After a nice meal, Jarron took Jay up to the bedroom, to address Jay's problem from earlier.

So Jay is now at Jarron's home. That anal probe thing sounds like fun though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again for the probing in Chapter 5.