Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 05

From the last chapter:

That's a very smart computer!” said Jay, “Can it recognize my voice too?”

Thank you Jay, and yes I can.” replied the voice. “I am Jarron's entry and security computer. Please enter an eight digit password in any combination of letters or numbers.” Once Jay entered his birthdate as his password, the computer said, “Thank you Jay. I will now recognize that password as yours, and belonging to your voice.”

Jay and Jarron then went on inside. They sat in the sitting room and talked, until a van stopped out in front to deliver Jay's and Jarron's baggage from Jarron's ship. The van was very sleek and metallic colored, and the entire side opened upward as it stopped. The man inside looked like he hadn't been driving, as the van had no driver's controls. It also had no lights on the outside.

As soon as the delivery man left, Jay said, “That was a strange looking vehicle. How was he even driving it?”

That was your average ordinary delivery van.” replied Jarron. “And he wasn't driving it. People can make mistakes while driving, which can lead to potentially hazardous accidents. It was controlled by its onboard computer, which is controlled by the regional vehicle system through contacts in the roadbed. That is also how it gets its power. Anyway, our meal should be ready now.”

After a nice meal, Jarron took Jay up to the bedroom, to address Jay's problem from earlier.

Jarron had thought nothing of leaving the shade on his window open as he and Jay passionately made love. Jay let himself completely go, so he could feel every feeling possible while Jarron's penis was inside him. Jay thought the probe inside Jarron's penis had been intense before, but now he was concentrating even more on how it felt as it searched around inside him. Jarron was amazed that Jay's penis seemed exactly one inch longer than he had ever seen it before, as Jay moaned as loudly as he wanted. The feelings were so intense for Jay that he began cumming well before Jarron's orgasm hit. Jarron watched as Jay's semen shot high into the air, then splattered against Jay's chest and stomach. Once Jarron had his orgasm and his penis returned to its flaccid state, Jarron leaned down and longingly licked Jay's chest and stomach clean of the cum that had landed there.

Jay and Jarron then looked out the window, and saw that they were in plain view of the two young Marissians they had seen earlier. They were standing on a balcony across the back yard from Jarron's home, and holding each other with one arm while their other hands were caressing each other's penises. When they saw that Jarron and Jay had spotted them, they both smiled brightly as they waved across the back yards.

We may as well invite them over sometime my love.” laughed Jarron softly, as he gazed into Jay's face. “They seem like nice young men.”

Let's give them a nice kiss to watch, and I'll think about it.” replied Jay as he smiled.

Meanwhile on the other balcony, one of the young Marissians said, “They are the most exciting couple I've seen besides us, aren't they Gillen?”

I agree completely Perreth, my dear!” replied Gillen. “I would love to see them mating up close. Earthlings are very interesting!”

Maybe they'll invite us over sometime, and we can get closer as couples.” said Perreth.

That would be so nice, but I'll bet they think we're just a couple of horny kids.” replied Gillen.

Well, we are out here on our balcony massaging each other's penises, where everyone can see us!” laughed Perreth. “Besides, we're not kids. We're both eighteen now.”

By then Gillen and Perreth had seen enough to make them take each other into an embrace, and share a passionate kiss out the balcony. Later that evening, Gillen answered a call at his door to find the two men they had been watching at their door.

Hi young man, my name is Jarron, and this is my mate Jay.” said Jarron. “Where is your nice looking young mate?”

Perreth, come to the door!” called out Gillen. “You'll never believe who's here!” Then he turned back to Jay and asked, “You're an Earthling, aren't you?”

Guilty as charged.” laughed Jay, as he noticed the young Marissian staring at his cock. “If my mate Jarron doesn't mind, why don't you go ahead and feel it?”

Go ahead young man.” said Jarron as he smiled. “I know you have to at least be curious about my Earthling mate's body.”

As Perreth came to the door, he saw his mate Gillen gently massaging Jay's cock. “Can I do that too?” asked Perreth excitedly.

Sure, but can we come in?” asked Jarron.

As Jay and Jarron tried to carry on a normal conversation with Gillen and Perreth, the two young men gently played with Jay's cock and balls. The Gillen leaned down, and took Jay's cock into his mouth.

I hope you two don't mind, but we've never seen an Earthling's penis and testicles before, and we think they look very nice.” explained Perreth, as Jay moaned softly.

It's okay, but let's move this to your bedroom.” suggested Jarron.

The four men went to the younger mens bedroom, and Jarron had Jay lay on his back. Then Jarron knelt between Jay's legs, and pushed his cock into Jay. As Jarron's probe extended, the two younger men began taking turns sucking Jay's cock. As one pleasured Jay's cock, the other would caress and tug at Jay's balls. Then as Perreth was taking his turn sucking Jay's cock, Gillen climbed up and straddled Jay's face. Jay opened his mouth widely, and sucked Gillen's cock into it. Gillen was not a breeder, so he had no probe inside his cock, but it still swelled to fill Jay's mouth. Jay was the first to have his orgasm, as Perreth swallowed his cum hungrily. Then Perreth climbed onto Jay's stomach behind Gillen, and pushed his cock into Gillen's rectum. Jay could feel the two young men having anal sex while sitting on his chest and stomach, which made him suck hard on Gillen's cock. As Gillen flooded Jay's mouth with his cum, Jarron had his orgasm deep inside Jay. Once Gillen's orgasm was over, he leaned over onto Jay's face, driving his cock deep into Jay's mouth. Perreth, who was a breeder, leaned forward onto Gillen's back, and drove his cock into Gillen forcefully. That drove the head of Gillen's cock in and out of Jay's throat. As Perreth finally had his orgasm deeply inside Gillen, Gillen began cumming again. Once everyone was finished, they shared a kiss between all four of them.

We want to thank you and your mate for coming over Jarron.” said Gillen.

Yes, we never thought we'd get a chance to meet an Earthling, much less have sex with him and his mate!” said Perreth. “Jay, your species is very beautiful, and very sexually arousing as well. It was so arousing that my probe extended into Gillen's child bearing organ though.”

Thank you Perreth.” replied Jay. “It was fun for Jarron and me to get together with two good looking young men like you. I've never had so much semen inside me in my life! And I hope if you've impregnated your mate, you make a very happy family together.”

It was a pleasure to put our semen inside you.” smiled Gillen. “I just hope we weren't too rough when Perreth was driving my penis into your throat. And I also hope Perreth did impregnate me tonight. I want very much to have his son.”

Well, Jay and I must be going as it's getting kind of late.” said Jarron. “Now that you two young men know where we live, and we've met properly, you're invited to visit anytime. My mate seems to have an insatiable hunger for Marissian penis, and I love him so much that I want to see him satisfied. You two are very attractive, and I don't mind at all if you can help me with that.”

It would be a pleasure to help out from time to time!” replied Gillen eagerly. “I'll tell you what. I have a younger brother who's just now becoming sexually active. His name is Terron, and he's extremely preoccupied with other species. He's always hanging out near the space port when he's not in school, meeting men from other worlds. I know he'd love to meet Jay.”

Then bring him over with you sometime, as long as your fathers don't mind.” laughed Jarron softly. “If he's still in his first two years of sexual activity, I'm sure we'd love meeting him!”

Why is that my love?” asked Jay.

Marissians have no control over the force of their sexual performance in the first two years of activity.” replied Jarron. “We tend to be extremely hard and forceful during that period, and sometimes even savage. Our younger people are known throughout the galaxy for their intense reputation.”

Well, our fathers wouldn't mind.” said Gillen. “They are trying to keep him focused enough so that he may get into the academy, and travel to the other worlds that he seems so interested in seeing.”

Maybe he would make a fine crewman for mine and Jay's ship eventually then.” said Jarron. “I could promise him that it would never be boring.”

I'm sure that would help him focus even more.” replied Gillen. “He's already ready to enter his last year of schooling, well ahead of others his age. I guess you could say he's a genius, and our fathers say he's likely to be the youngest person to ever graduate from the academy once he gets accepted there.”

We'll look forward to meeting Terron then.” smiled Jarron. “Now if you'll excuse us, we have to get some rest. I have to start preparing Jay for one of our extensive exams tomorrow. Our people want to make sure his body is compatible to sexual activity with us, although I can already vouch for that. They're just being picky because he's an Earthling.”

Well then Jay, remember to stay as relaxed as possible during the exam, and try to enjoy it.” laughed Perreth. “I hear those exams can be very physically demanding.”

I'll try.” replied Jay.

The next morning after breakfast, Jarron received a call from the Medical Council. They wanted to see Jay the next day, so Jarron would only have one day to prepare him. They went to the computer, and Jarron searched for inter-species compatibility exams.

Okay Jay, they will start with a thorough exam of your vital statistics.” said Jarron. “Since we have no database for Earthlings, they will be asking you quite a few questions about normal readings for your species. They will also be drawing a small sample of your blood, urine, feces, and saliva, so they can check for incompatible organisms in any of your bodily fluids. After that will be that probing you were looking forward to so much. The nano probes won't be bad. They are microscopic, and travel through your body to send back images from inside you.”

Then Jarron began pulling images up of the larger physical probes as he continued, “This first rather long one will go down your throat, and just into your stomach. Then they will expand the first half of it to measure the flexibility of your mouth and throat. The camera mounted in the end will begin taking images of your stomach, and then your esophagus and throat as it's removed. Please don't worry though, all of these probes can sense exactly how much your body can expand before causing it to rupture, and will stop just before any chance of that. This next shorter one will go into your rectum, and will measure how much your anus and rectum can expand. In order to be considered compatible, they will be looking for your anus to expand to a three inch radius, and your rectum to expand to four.”

Damn, they're going to spread me wide open, aren't they?” asked Jay.

Yes, I'm afraid so my love.” replied Jarron. “Do you think you'll be okay with this?”

I can handle it.” smiled Jay. “I've always wondered what fisting felt like, and I guess now I'll get to find out.”

Fisting?” asked Jarron inquisitively.

Yes, some Earthling males enjoy having other males insert their fist into their rectum.” replied Jay. “I've seen pictures of men who put their arm into another man right up to the elbow.”

If you can be that flexible, I'm sure you'll be fine!” laughed Jarron. “Anyway, the next probe is rather large, and has a tube protruding from the end. The larger part will be inserted all the way into your colon, and the tube will take images from inside you past that point. Then as the tube is retracted back through the probe, it will take images of your colon and rectum. Then we come to this last long and slender probe. This one will be inserted into your penis, and will be the most uncomfortable. It has to go all the way in, but you are about the same size as we are, so it shouldn't be any problem. The longest part that goes all the way to your bladder will have to expand to a half inch radius for the insertion to be successful. They will be looking for the upper seven inches that will make up the part that's in your penis to expand to a one inch radius. I'm afraid they will be stretching your penis more than it's ever been stretched before.”

Jay looked a little shocked, so Jarron asked, “Would you like for me to prepare you for this Jay? At least I can do it for you with love and compassion, and then you may be ready for tomorrow.”

What would we be doing?” asked Jay.

First I will insert my fist into your rectum, as you've said other humans can do.” replied Jarron. “That should be a unique experience for me as well. After that, I will do something that our people have done on rare occasions. I will hold the ends of our penises together firmly, and extend my probe into your penis.”

You'll need to work at relaxing me first my love.” said Jay almost breathlessly.

I will relax you as much as I possibly can!” replied Jarron as he smiled.

Jarron gathered as many pillows as he could, then placed Jay into position on his knees, with his body inclined down to the bed. Then Jarron began to caress and massage Jay's entire body. Once Jay was as relaxed as possible, Jarron lubed his hand and arm with the best internal lubricant he had. Jay took Jarron's first three fingers with no strain at all. Then Jarron added a fourth finger into Jay's pucker, which caused Jay to grunt rather loudly.

If you need to shout out when I begin pushing my fist in my love, don't worry about it.” said Jarron softly, as he rubbed Jay's back with his other hand. Then Jarron began to push, and watched as his hand began going into Jay.

Oh God!” groaned Jay loudly, as he felt Jarron's knuckles come in contact with his sphincter. “Your hand feels like a truck my love!”

It only has to go a bit further my love.” said Jarron, as he now rubbed Jay's back firmly.

Jarron watched in amazement as Jay moaned and groaned loudly, as the largest part of his hand slipped into Jay. Then Jarron slid his hand back and forth past the opening a few times, as Jay gasped and yelled. “I'm... going... to... cum... soon!”

Jarron then inserted his hand into Jay, and put two fingers into the opening into Jay's colon. By this time his arm was inside Jay up to his mid forearm. Jarron couldn't believe how widely Jay was now open, as he slowly thrust his arm back and forth. Then Jarron listened as Jay let out one of the loudest moans of pleasure he had ever heard. Jay's cock erupted into the pillows beneath him with more force than he had ever felt before.

I believe I've just made you orgasm without ever touching your cock!” exclaimed Jarron softly, as he enjoyed the feel of his hand and arm inside Jay. “This feels very nice and stimulating Jay. Now I'm going to pull out, so I can put my probe into your beautiful penis. You are already in a good position for that, so I'll just pull your penis back out behind you. Just lay there and relax my love.”

Jarron slowly pulled his arm out of Jay and wiped it off. Then he grabbed Jay's cock, lined up their piss slits, and held their cocks together firmly. Jay moaned deeply as he felt Jarron's probe begin to enter his penis, and his erection returned immediately. Jarron let his probe go, and extend as fully into Jay as it could. Jay had never felt anything as intense, as he felt Jarron's probe travel up his shaft and past his prostate. Then the probe kept going until the tip of it finally made it into Jay's bladder.

Oh God Jarron, I love you!” screamed Jay, as he began losing control of his senses.

Jarron just grunted erotically, as his probe began going back and forth, and undulating inside Jay's bladder. Jarron only hoped Jay's bladder would be able to expel the semen he was about to put into it. Before that could happen though, Jay began writhing wildly on the bed. Then Jarron felt Jay's semen pushing past his probe, and covering his hand and both their cocks.

Then Jay went limp, although he didn't pass out. “I've never felt anything like this.” moaned Jay weakly. “Please put your cum in my bladder while I can still feel it Jarron.”

Here it is my love!” moaned Jarron loudly.

Jay screamed in pleasure, as he felt his bladder fill with Jarron's cum. Then Jay finally passed out from the intensity of the feelings. As Jarron retracted his probe, he and Jay were soaked by his semen and Jay's urine. Once they were finally detached, Jarron picked up his unconscious mate and carried him to the bathroom. After cleaning both of them off thoroughly, Jarron carried Jay to the living room, and laid him down on the sofa. Then Jarron went back to the bedroom to strip and clean the bed. Once everything was back to normal. Jarron took Jay back to the bed and laid down with him. Jay finally came to with Jarron holding him in a loving and comforting embrace.

Welcome back my love.” said Jarron softly, as he gazed into Jay's eyes.

Jay immediately put his lips against Jarron's, and the two shared a soft but passionate kiss. Then Jay said, “I can't wait for the ceremony my love, and then to begin having a beautiful family with you.”

And I can't wait to bear your children Jay.” replied Jarron as he smiled. “They will be the most beautiful children in the universe!”

The rest of the day was spent by Jay and Jarron sharing quite a bit of non-sexual affection, and then by going out to see a bit of Marissa's main city. Jarron's home was very beautiful, especially with most of the residents being naked. Jay was becoming very comfortable with that now, as his cock hung flaccidly and beautifully as they walked. He was still attracting a lot of attention to himself though. Jarron and Jay stopped quite a few times, and Jay let quite a few people examine and handle his cock and butt. Jarron and Jay both smiled from all of the attention Jay was receiving. That evening before bed, Jarron and Jay made love more traditionally, and it was very beautiful for both of them.

Jay was nervous the next morning, as he and Jarron waited for him to be seen by the doctor. Jay was finally led back to an examination room, and told to lay face up on the table, since he was already naked.

Hello Jay, my name is Morren, and I'll be conducting your examination.” said a man of about forty, as he entered the room. “I just want to explain to you that we are not trying to find any fault with you. Since you are an Earthling who wishes to mate with a Marissian though, we have to make sure that our two species are compatible to mate. This is for your safety as much as it is for Jarron's. We don't want to see him harmed by this, and we certainly don't want to see you harmed. Jarron actually should have waited for this exam before any sexual contact with you, but I can understand why he might not. Some of our people can be set in their ways, and might have opposed you even staying here if there had not already been a physical relationship. I personally hope that everything turns out well today, since I think some of our people on the Exploration Council have dismissed Earthlings too easily.”

Thank you Morren.” replied Jay. “Jarron did run a scan on my semen, to make sure it wouldn't harm him. I love Jarron, and I wouldn't want him harmed either.”

Yes, I could tell there was something very special between you and Jarron as I observed you in the lobby.” said Morren. “I look forward to everything going well, so I may observe the mating between you two. Are Earthling males capable of bearing children?”

No, just Earthling females can bear children.” replied Jay.

Then Jarron will have to be inseminated with your sperm if you want to have a family with him.” said Morren. “I look forward to conducting the procedure for you two, when you get to that stage. Now, I will be examining you very thoroughly Jay, as we have no database on Earthling physiology. You will be building that database for us, so I will have quite a few questions about your vital statistics. First I need you to put your hands and arms on the table, and against your sides as closely as possible.”

Once Jay had done that, Morren placed a large shield over his body. The shield covered Jay from all of his neck, down to his hips. As Morren placed a cap with electrodes over Jay's scalp, the lining of the shield began to inflate until it fit his entire upper body snugly.

Just relax Jay.” said Morren. “That will ensure that we get average normal readings for you. The monitoring device will not do anything the least bit uncomfortable to you. It just lets us monitor everything that your body does. While it's doing its job, I will examine your head, and everything from the waist down.” As Morren began examining Jay, he spoke out his findings out loud, so they could be recorded by the computer. “The ear is covered by a lobe of flesh, as are most species. The lobe of an Earthling's ear seems to be designed to aid in amplification of sounds. The drum inside the ear seems to lubricate itself, but the lubrication seems to harden if not removed periodically. My scope is showing a complex structure behind the drum, which also seems to control this species' sense of balance. An Earthling's ear seems to be a highly advanced organ compared to other species.”

Before moving on, Morren stroked Jay's earlobe gently, putting Jay completely at ease. “The Earthling eye seems to be quite like most species, except that it is completely self contained except for the ocular nerve. That does present the possibility of very good visual acuity, unless the eye cannot maintain its proper pressure on its own. It seems the eye has a very wide range, with the exception of ultraviolet and ultrawhite light. The Earthling eye would probably require protection from direct sunlight. The nose and nasal passages seem very typical, and seems to be designed for aesthetic purposes. It is a very visually pleasing nose. The mouth is very interesting. The teeth seem to be made of a material that could be prone to decay, although there is none in this subject. He must care for his teeth very well. The glands that produce saliva are located underneath the tongue, and the tongue seems to control the sense of taste in this species. That does not allow them much manipulation of the tongue muscle. There seem to be a few organs in the Earthling's mouth that serve no purpose, except maybe to filter harmful elements that may try to enter the body through the mouth. In conclusion, the Earthling seems to have a very functional as well as visually pleasing head.”

Then Morren softly stroked the side of Jay's face, as he said, “I can see why Jarron is so attracted to you Jay. You Earthlings are a very nice looking species.” Morren then leaned down, and kissed Jay softly and quickly right next to his mouth. Then Morren walked down to the other end of the table, and Jay gasped lightly as he felt Morren take ahold of his penis.

As far as genital organs go, the Earthling penis is very beautiful.” said Morren. “In his flaccid state, this subject's penis is exactly five inches in length. He is now becoming erect as I manually stimulate his penis. The head of the penis is completely exposed, although at one point the penis appeared to have a fleshy covering over the head. I can see no reason why it was surgically removed at birth. The penis is now fully erect, and is seven point two zero inches in length. The penis in this state has a thickness of one point eight five inches. The Earthling penis is so pleasing that it makes one desire to handle it, and produces quite a bit of pleasure for the subject when it is handled. The testicles are unremarkable, except that they are very aesthetically matched to go with the penis. Earthlings have very nice looking genital organs. Since I will need to collect a sample of the subject's semen, I'll continue stimulating the subject until he reaches his orgasm. Just relax Jay, and let me pleasure you until you ejaculate.”

Jay relaxed, and began breathing deeply as Morren masturbated him. Morren ran his hand back and forth over Jay's cock as erotically as possible, while he massaged Jay's balls with his other hand. After a few minutes, Jay was moaning softly as he began to build toward an orgasm. Morren was very intrigued at how Jay's erect penis throbbed in his hand as it approached its climax. Then Morren got a specimen container, and placed the head of Jay's cock into it as he continued masturbating him. Jay finally began to moan loudly as his cum shot into the container. Morren continued stimulating Jay's penis as it orgasmed, in order to collect enough semen for several tests. Once he had collected as much semen as Jay could produce, Morren sealed the container and gently cleaned Jay's cock.

That was almost as stimulating for me as it appeared to be for you Jay.” said Morren, as he went back to the head of the table.

Then open your lab coat, and let me take care of you.” replied Jay.

Okay Jay, but I can't orgasm inside your mouth until the exam is completed.” replied Morren, as he opened his coat and stepped up close to Jay's head. As Jay took Morren's penis into his mouth, Morren continued, “When I approach my orgasm, I'll remove the shield and you can masturbate me to an orgasm. You do look very nice performing oral sex on me though Jay.”

Jay enjoyed Morren's cock for several minutes, then felt the shield deflate and retract. Then Morren pulled his penis from Jay's mouth, and placed Jay's hand around the shaft. Jay aimed Morren's cock at his chest, and watched in awe as the head began to pulse dramatically. Morren moaned loudly as his semen shot out onto Jay's chest.

Oh my goodness Jay!” moaned Morren. “I know I'm a bit older than you, but if things don't work out between you and Jarron, please come see me!”

I think I'm going to have a line of people here waiting for that to happen!” laughed Jay, as he rubbed Morren's cum around on his chest. “It won't though. Jarron and I do want to be together for the rest of our lives, and start raising a family together as soon as possible.”

I can't wait to take your semen and inseminate Jarron with it then Jay.” replied Morren, as he began cleaning his cum from Jay's chest. “Now, let's finish this part of the examination. The Earthling torso is very smooth skinned, and does have some body hair on it, especially under the arms. The nipples on the male Earthling chest seem to perform no function, but does apparently contain quite a few sensitive nerves. There is a pronounced indentation where the umbilical cord was attached before birth. The torso is as pleasing to the eye as the head and genitals were. Now I'm having the subject turn over, so I may examine his buttocks and anus. This is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing part of the Earthling body. The buttock muscles are very rounded, and there is no tail flap. That makes the cleft between the buttocks very pronounced. I'm spreading the subject's buttocks apart now, and looking at his anus. It does appear somewhat smaller than average, but much more flexible. It will be very interesting later to find out exactly how flexible it is. It is apparent that some Earthlings are very much accustomed to same sex intercourse, as the subject's anus shows signs of years of sexual penetration. This concludes the physical observations.”

Then Morren looked at the readings that were taken from Jay. “Earthlings seem to have a potentially high capacity for intelligence, but only use a small amount of that capacity.” said Morren. “Has anyone on Earth ever tried to tap into that excess capacity Jay?”

Very few, and people usually accuse them of being from other planets.” laughed Jay.

I'll bet with so little brain capacity in use, it makes for some amusing moments on Earth.” smiled Morren.

I could tell you stories that would have you rolling on the floor laughing.” replied Jay.

I'll bet you could.” said Morren. “If everything goes well today Jay, I would like to work with you on increasing your intelligence capacity. I think it would be very interesting to see exactly how intelligent Earthlings could be. Now, do you know of any conditions at all which could affect your vital readings?”

During my last physical exam on Earth, my doctor complained that I was too healthy and normal.” replied Jay. “He said if that caught on to his other patients, I would put him out of business. Then he suggested that I take up a few habits that are bad for my health, to give him something to do. I'm pretty sure he was kidding about that though.”

Good then.” laughed Morren. “We can accept your readings as normal for Earthlings. Now, when I was stimulating your penis, most of your readings began to increase. They became phenomenally high as you were having your orgasm, then quickly returned to normal. It seems as though your body is incredibly adept at regulating itself. Did you train it for that, or is that normal for Earthlings?”

That's pretty normal for us.” replied Jay.

Then I am satisfied with your level of physical fitness for mating with Jarron.” said Morren. “Now let me look at the readings from the sperm sample I took from you. I have good news there. You seem to have no harmful organisms to us in your sperm, and it seems to be very compatible with our systems. I think a mating between you and Jarron will have a very high success rate. According to the DNA readings, our species do fit well together, and we have no organisms in our bodies that could harm you. This is looking very good Jay. Now I will take samples of your saliva, blood, urine, and feces.”

Morren had Jay lay on his side, and hold a specimen container to his cock. Then Morren held another container near Jay's anus and said, “I need you to try to force some bodily excrement out Jay. If you cannot, we will have to extract it from you.”

Jay concentrated and pushed, and eventually began filling his container with urine. Nothing was coming out of his rectum except gas though, so Morren put on a glove and put his finger into Jay. Morren searched around until he was able to find a small deposit of feces, and began pulling it toward Jay's anus. He finally ended up with about a golf ball sized pile of Jay's feces in his container, which was good enough. Then as Jay held a small vial up to his mouth and began to produce some saliva, Morren extracted some blood from him.

Okay, the computer should have that all analyzed by the time we are finished Jay.” said Morren. “Now comes what I'm sure Jarron has prepared you for as the uncomfortable part of the exam. I'll need to to open your mouth, and swallow on this first probe until I have placed it in your stomach.”

Jay did as he was asked, and then Morren began to inflate the probe. Jay felt an incredible pressure, as his mouth and throat were stretched more than they had ever been stretched before. Morren was satisfied with how far Jay's mouth and throat could stretch, so he began to extract the probe and watch the images it was taking on the way out.

Okay Jay, you did very well there.” said Morren. “I need you to take a few deep breaths to get your breath back, then lay face down on the table.”

Once Jay was laying face down, he felt the longer of the two anal probes Jarron told him about being inserted into him. The probe was inflated, and Jay felt the end of it extend up into his small intestine. Then he felt quite a bit of pressure as Morren began to retract the probe, and view the images from inside Jay. Jay tried to relax as much as possible when he felt the next probe enter his rectum. He knew these last two probes would stretch him further that he would ever be stretched in his life. Morren began inflating the second anal probe, and Jay breathed deeply. Jay could actually feel his abdomen swell, as the probe kept inflating. He knew it would not stop until his body could stretch no further without damage. Morren was watching the probe inflate in awe. He could not believe how much Jay's body was stretching. When the probe finally stopped stretching, Jay was sweating heavily. It felt to him as though he had a large watermelon inside his rectum, and his anus was so open that a car could park in it. Then Jay sighed a sigh of relief as he felt the probe deflate.

My goodness Jay!” exclaimed Morren. “I would have never believed this if I hadn't seen it myself! Your rectum was stretched to the point that a person's head could fit inside it, and your anus stretched to the point that both of my arms could fit into it! There seems to be no evidence of bleeding on the probe either, so that is the point you can stretch to without damage. I don't see any problems with you having sexual intercourse with any known species in the galaxy! Now I have one final probe, so I need you to roll over onto your back.”

Jay felt Morren take ahold of his penis again, but this time a good sized tube was inserted into it. Jay felt the probe being inserted past his prostate, and right up into his bladder. Then the probe began to inflate, and the pressure Jay felt on his cock was incredible. Morren watched in disbelief as Jay's now erect penis began to swell to twice its normal diameter. Jay never felt so relieved in his life as he did when the probe finally began to deflate, and Morren began to extract it from his cock.

I have never seen a species who's body is as flexible as yours Jay!” exclaimed Morren. “As long as the samples I took are okay, I'm going to give you and Jarron my full blessing to mate. I'll never get over how far your penis was able to stretch open. That would have made almost any species cry out in agony!”

It was close doc!” gasped Jay, as he recovered from the final probe.

Morren then called Jarron into the room for the final report, and said, “Jay's body is flexible enough to endure intercourse with any species in the galaxy. You will not harm him in any way Jarron, and he poses no harm to you. None of Jay's bodily fluids seem to be harmful to us either, and ours pose no risk to him. The DNA between our two species seem to be incredibly compatible, and I will anxiously await to see the results of your mating. Please come see me as soon as you are prepared to be inseminated Jarron, and I wish you both a very happy life together. You can proceed with the mating ceremony as soon as you want to.”

Thank you so much doctor, you've made us very happy!” replied Jarron.

I'm glad I could do that for you and Jay.” smiled Morren. “Now I suggest you spend the rest of the day massaging Jay's entire body. He went through quite a bit today.”

On the way home, Jarron and Jay planned the ceremony to be performed in two days, as neither of them wanted to wait any longer. Once they got home, Jarron contacted all of his friends, including Prometheus at the space port, and their two new younger friends. Perreth and Gillen both said they would come right over, and the four talked as Jarron massaged Jay comfortingly. Perreth and Gillen were both understanding of Jay's cock being too sensitive for any contact, considering what he had been through. Prometheus also joined the four of them for dinner that evening, and brought Apollo and Oedipus along with him. Perreth and Gillen had never thought of seeing two Carpathian males as mates before, so it was very interesting for them to meet Apollo and Oedipus. As Jay, Jarron, and Prometheus talked after dinner, they watched Perreth, Gillen, Apollo, and Oedipus share a four way sexual encounter together. As Perreth and Apollo laid on the floor and sucked each other's penises, Gillen thrust his cock in and out of Apollo while Oedipus thrust his cock in and out of Perreth.

They're not even making my poor mate erect tonight!” chuckled Jarron, as he continued massaging Jay.

Maybe not, but they're making me interested in having sex with another male!” laughed Prometheus. “I think when I return to the ship tonight I'll call another male crewman to my quarters instead of one of the females we brought along for that purpose. It's beginning to look very pleasurable to have sex with another male.”

I hope you enjoy it then, my friend.” smiled Jarron.

I honestly believe I will!” replied Prometheus. “It'll certainly feel very different to have another male's penis inside me, and I'm very curious as to how a penis tastes inside my mouth. Would either of you mind if I see how Jarron's tastes?”

Of course not Prometheus, you two are good friends.” smiled Jay.

And I would love for my close friend to know me that intimately.” replied Jarron.

Prometheus leaned over, and tentatively took Jarron's cock into his mouth. When Prometheus began to pleasure Jarron with a little more feeling. Jarron's probe began extending itself. Prometheus was shocked at first, when the probe worked its way down his throat, but then he settled into sucking Jarron's cock passionately.

You're really enjoying pleasuring a male penis, aren't you my friend?” asked Jarron, as he and Jay stroked Prometheus's head.

Mmm hmm.” moaned Prometheus, as he enjoyed the shaft and head of Jarron's penis in his mouth.

At that point, the four people on the floor began having their orgasms. Jarron and Jay watched as all four of them took turns moaning loudly in pleasure. As soon as the last four of those orgasms were over, Jarron began to shudder as his orgasm approached. Prometheus sucked intently as he felt Jarron's semen begin to shoot directly into his stomach. Once Jarron's orgasm had finished, and Prometheus finished pleasuring him, Jay and Jarron both gave Prometheus a passionate kiss.

Prometheus finally said, “I believe I enjoy having sex with males as much as I enjoy it with females. This shows me that our people have many misconceptions about this, and that things do need to change on Carpathia. I am very happy to have had the chance to bring you pleasure Jarron.

And it was a pleasure for me too!” replied Jarron.

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