Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 06

From the last chapter:

Prometheus leaned over, and tentatively took Jarron's cock into his mouth. When Prometheus began to pleasure Jarron with a little more feeling, Jarron's probe began extending itself. Prometheus was shocked at first, when the probe worked its way down his throat, but then he settled into sucking Jarron's cock passionately.

You're really enjoying pleasuring a male penis, aren't you my friend?” asked Jarron, as he and Jay stroked Prometheus's head.

Mmm hmm.” moaned Prometheus, as he enjoyed the shaft and head of Jarron's penis in his mouth.

At that point, the four people on the floor began having their orgasms. Jarron and Jay watched as all four of them took turns moaning loudly in pleasure. As soon as the last four of those orgasms were over, Jarron began to shudder as his orgasm approached. Prometheus sucked intently as he felt Jarron's semen begin to shoot directly into his stomach. Once Jarron's orgasm had finished, and Prometheus finished pleasuring him, Jay and Jarron both gave Prometheus a passionate kiss.

Prometheus finally said, “I believe I enjoy having sex with males as much as I enjoy it with females. This shows me that our people have many misconceptions about this, and that things do need to change on Carpathia. I am very happy to have had the chance to bring you pleasure Jarron.”

And it was a pleasure for me too!” replied Jarron.

That night Jarron stroked Jay's entire body softly, until they both drifted off to sleep. During his sleep, Jay had a dream that he was back on Earth. All of the people of his town had been transformed into hideous barbarians, who found out that he was gay. They has shown up at Jay's home as an angry mob carrying torches, and trying to break down his gate. As the gate collapsed, and the mob rushed toward Jay's home, a bright white ship swooped down out of the sky, and a beautifully naked Jarron emerged from the ship. Jarron had a secure and comforting glow emanating from him, as he demanded that the townspeople leave Jay's property immediately. When they made the mistake of turning toward Jarron, he turned them into a bunch of insignificant little cockroaches. That made Jay smile in his sleep, as he instinctively cuddled into Jarron.

The next morning Jarron was awoken with Jay's penis inside his rectum. Jay smiled down at Jarron as he gently thrust in and out of Jarron's rectum.

I see someone is feeling back to normal this morning.” moaned Jarron in pleasure. “I have to say that I love how you wake me up Jay!”

Jay leaned down as he continued thrusting, and kissed Jarron passionately. When he broke the kiss, Jay moaned, “I love you so much Jarron! You've given me a life I could never imagine, and I can't wait to be your mate!”

You only have to wait until tomorrow my love!” moaned Jarron. “Now please allow me to feel your love flowing into me!”

Okay my love!” gasped Jay. “Here I cum!”

Jarron and Jay moaned in pleasure, as Jay's orgasm filled Jarron. Then Jay had Jarron make love to him, and moaned in ecstasy as he felt Jarron's probe inside him. Jarron had grown quite used to releasing his probe into Jay now, and it felt very good for both men. As Jarron's orgasm approached, he leaned down and sucked lovingly on Jay's tongue.

After making love that morning, then sharing breakfast, Jarron had quite a few calls to make. He had to arrange for the ceremony, find a place to hold it, and call people who might want to witness it.

Good morning, this is Terran.” said the Marissian man as he answered an early morning call.

Hi father, this is Jarron.” replied Jarron.

How are you son?” asked Terran cheerfully.

I'm feeling better than I ever have before.” replied Jarron. “How are my fathers this morning?”

Your other father Carrel is right here with me son.” replied Terran. “We're both doing great.”

Did you get my message from space that I would be mating when I return home?” asked Jarron.

Yes, and I always knew you would eventually choose a mate from another world son.” smiled Terran. “As long as our son is happy though, that's all that is important.”

Thanks father.” said Jarron. “I know that you will love Jay. He is more charming and beautiful than any of our people have imagined Earthlings to be.”

Your mate is an Earthling?” asked Carrel. “Well then son, this will be very interesting. When are you and Jay having the mating ceremony?”

That's why I called.” replied Jarron. “The ceremony will be tomorrow, at the main temple annex, and I have to have my fathers there. I hope you both will make it on such short notice, but Jay and I wanted to have the ceremony as soon as possible.”

We wouldn't miss our son's mating ceremony for anything!” replied Terran. “Please bring Jay by this afternoon though, so we may meet our new son in law.”

Okay father, I will.” replied Jarron. “I know you will love him as much as I do though. Well, maybe not quite as much!”

I'm sure we will approve highly of your choice Jarron.” smiled Terran. “So, are you going to bear Jay's children, and give us our first grandsons?”

We want to start our family as soon as possible.” replied Jarron. “Jay and I are looking forward to fathering several sons together. Is my younger brother Jorreb here on Marissa now?”

Yes, he has finished the project he was working on for the Aerithians, and returned home last week.” replied Terran. “We will have him here when you get here this afternoon.”

That will be great father!” said Jarron. “I can't wait to introduce my entire family to Jay!”

The meeting that afternoon was very interesting for Jay. First, Jarron introduced his fathers Terran and Carrel, then he introduced Jay to his younger brother Jorreb. After all three men gave Jay a warm hug, Terran ran his hand gently down Jay's front, lightly brushing his cock. Then Terran turned Jay around, and ran his hand up Jay's backside, running his fingers through the crack between Jay's cheeks.

I must say that you Earthlings are very attractive people!” smiled Terran. “My oldest son seems to have very good taste in choosing a beautiful mate!”

And they are easily aroused too!” laughed Jorreb, as he gently grasped Jay's erection. Jorreb lightly squeezed the head of Jay's cock between two fingers, and continued, “They have very beautiful penises, especially when they are erect! I may have to make a trip to Earth myself someday! Do you mind if I see what it feels like brother?”

Of course not, as long as Jay doesn't mind.” replied Jarron. “What about it my love?”

I guess it would be okay.” replied Jay, as Jorreb played with his cock.

Jay watched as Jorreb got to his knees in front of him, and gently took his cock into his mouth. Then Jay gasped as he felt two inches of Jorreb's tongue slide into his cock, and felt Jarron's fathers caress both of his butt cheeks.

I guess my family does love you Jay!” chuckled Jarron, before leaning in and placing his lips against Jay's.

As Jay began moaning louder, and Jorreb sucked more passionately, Terran and Carrel kissed Jay's shoulder blades as they continued massaging his cheeks. As Jay's orgasm began, and Jorreb sucked hungrily, Terran turned Jay's head to the side and placed his lips tightly against Jay's. Once Terran had shared a nice kiss with Jay, Carrel turned Jay's head the other way and gave him the same kiss. When Jay's orgasm ended, Jorreb rose slowly in front of him. Then he shared the same kiss with Jay that his fathers had.

Jorreb broke the kiss and said, “Your semen tasted almost delicious Jay, and you Earthlings have very beautiful and exciting penises. My brother is very lucky to be taking you as his mate. I hope you and Jarron will take me with you to Earth sometime, so you may help me find and Earthling mate as beautiful as you are.”

I think our son Jarron may be setting a trend here!” laughed Terran. “And Jay, I hope our kisses didn't make you uncomfortable. We are a very loving family, and Carrel and myself often kiss both of our sons the same way.”

It felt nice, especially now that I know it was your way of welcoming me into your family.” replied Jay as he smiled.

Jay sat between Jarron and Jorreb for the entire visit, until supper was ready. Both brothers reached over often, and gently stroked the front of Jay's body. Jorreb seemed to take quite a bit of pleasure in just making Jay erect, and gazing at his cock. Once dinner was over, and it was time to leave, Jay watched as both of Jarron's fathers and his brother embraced him tightly, and gave Jarron a passionate kiss on his lips. Then the three men gave Jay the same good-bye, except that Jorreb kissed the head of Jay's cock before kissing him passionately on the lips.

I'll look forward to traveling to Earth with you and my brother, and having you help me find a mate there!” smiled Jorreb.

That night Jay and Jarron's love-making was their most passionate yet. The ceremony the next day was beautiful for being on such short notice. Jarron's family and most of his friends were there, to see Jarron become mates with Jay. A short time after the ceremony, and after everyone had congratulated Jarron and Jay, Jarron took Jay off to the side.

I want to go back to the medical facility tomorrow Jay, and be inseminated so I can begin carrying your first son.” said Jarron. “I want your son inside me when we take off on our next trip.”

Will that trip involve Jorreb on your crew, with a stop on Earth?” asked Jay as he smiled.

I think my brother would kill me if it didn't!” laughed Jarron.

Then I would love for you to be inseminated tomorrow, and begin carrying my first son!” smiled Jay. “I've always wanted to be the father of a beautiful son.”

Morren excitedly met with Jay and Jarron the next day. He was eager to see the outcome of the mating between a Marissian and an Earthling. “Okay gentlemen, first we have to collect Jay's semen. I do want both of you to be comfortable with this, but I do have to be here with you. Jay's semen has to be immediately inserted into Jarron. How do you wish to provide the semen Jay?”

I though we would let Jarron collect it from me.” replied Jay.

Okay then Jarron, I need you to collect Jay's semen into this vial.” said Morren. “Then I will transfer it to the insemination probe, and immediately insert it into you through your anus.”

Jarron stroked Jay's cock passionately, as Morren watched. Jay was enjoying the pleasure so much that Morren realized it might take a while.

Okay men, in order to speed the process up a little, I want you to move around to where Jay's head is Jarron.” said Morren. “I'm going to lower the table so Jay can take your penis into his mouth Jarron. That may speed up his arousal process. Once you have collected his semen Jarron, you may just lean forward so I can inseminate you while Jay arouses you to an orgasm.”

Jarron moved to the head of the table as Morren lowered it. Then he fed his cock into Jay's waiting mouth. In just a few more minutes, Jay began to approach his orgasm. As Jay moaned loudly around Jarron's cock, Jarron carefully collected Jay's semen. Then he handed the vial to Morren, and leaned over top of Jay. As Jay continued making love to Jarron, Morren loaded the probe with Jay's semen and pushed it deeply into Jarron. Jarron moaned as he felt the probe enter his child bearing organs. When Morren pushed the plunger to inject the semen into Jarron, Jarron moaned loudly and began his orgasm. Jarron had been successfully inseminated with Jay's semen by the time his orgasm finished. After relaxing a few minutes, Jay and Jarron thanked Morren and left. Morren wanted to see Jarron again in two weeks, to make sure Jarron had been successfully fertilized by Jay's semen.

The next day, the Exploration Council contacted Jarron about his next mission. After what happened on Serrat's last mission, Jarron would be given a full crew this time. Jarron immediately named Jay, and his brother Jorreb. Since Jorreb had had contact with other species before, Jarron was able to convince the Council to let him on the crew right away. In Jay's case though, he had to insist that Jay be allowed to go as his new mate, and the Council finally gave in. In consideration of that though, the Council insisted on naming the rest of Jarron's crew. Then they offered Jarron a choice of three missions. One of the missions would take them fairly close to Earth, so Jarron immediately chose that one. Jorreb was elated and excited that evening when Jarron called him with the news, and told him that the mission would begin the day after his check up with Morren.

The next two weeks passed quickly, as Jarron showed Jay as much of Marissa as he could. Jay fell more in love with his new home every day, and was becoming very comfortable with the thought of raising a family there with Jarron. When they went back to the medical facility, Morren checked Jarron over thoroughly.

Congratulations Jarron.” said Morren. “You are now pregnant with Jay's son. The fetus has begun a very stable development, and I see no signs of any complications right now. I know you are going on a mission tomorrow, which is why I had the Council allow me to choose your medical officer. I've always wanted to go into deep space on an exploration mission!”

Welcome to the crew then Morren!” laughed Jarron. “I think I can guarantee you a month you will never forget!”

The next morning, Jarron, Jay, and Jorreb made their way to the space port. Jarron's crew was already there waiting for him, as well as a representative from the Exploration Council.

Hello Jarron, let me introduce you to your crew.” said the representative. “Of course you already know your medical officer, Morren. Next to him is your science and communications officer, Lorram. Since the problem with Serrat's mission, we've begun updating all of our ships. Yours was the first we went to work on, and we've made quite a few modifications. Your navigations console now includes a tactical console. We have increased the shielding on your ship, as well as added defense capabilities. The final member of your crew is your navigations and tactical officer, Killen. Since your brother Jorreb does have some engineering expertise, he will be your engineering officer. We've fed all of the modifications into the ship's computer system, so Jorreb should have no problem with the new systems. Now, there have been talks among the Council of reconsidering our examination of the planet Earth. Since your crew includes an Earthling, we would like you to add a stop there. We don't want to make first contact yet, but we would like you to conduct a preliminary examination of the planet, so the Council can resume its debate on the subject. Jay may be very helpful in you preliminary examination, which is why we've added this to your mission. Your first priority though is to get to the planet Callisi, and assist them in dealing with their neighbors. Just remind the Norrisians that we do have a treaty with them not to interfere with our Planetary Council's members, which the Callisians are. Once that is settled, you may conduct your examination of Earth on the way back. This is an important mission on two fronts, and I'm sure we have the right commander and crew for the job.”

Thank you sir, my crew and I will do the best job that we possibly can on this mission.” replied Jarron.

The entire crew was on the bridge for the departure, with Jorreb being the most excited. “I can't wait until we get to Earth!” said Jorreb to Jarron. “I just hope Jay can find me a mate that's as beautiful and charming as he is!”

I'm sure he will little brother, but remember to concentrate on your job until then!” smiled Jarron.

As Jarron and his crew reached the outermost part of their solar system, they came to the debris field that was left thousands of year ago, when the two largest and outermost planets of the system collided. “Okay, let's see what this ship can do now!” said Jarron. “Killen, I want you to target one of the larger asteroids with our weapon system.”

Yes sir!” called out Killen as he smiled.

When the asteroid only budged a little bit, Jarron asked, “What power setting was that Killen?”

That was one quarter power sir.” replied Killen.

Okay, with one quarter power we changed the course of an asteroid.” said Jarron. “That's not too bad. It should be enough to give anyone second thoughts about continuing any attack against us. I'm afraid we may have set that asteroid on a course into our system though. Killen, I want you to target it again at full power.”

Yes sir!” replied Killen, with a playful gleam in his eyes.

Everyone was shocked at how completely they destroyed the asteroid. Lorram reported that the largest piece left of the asteroid was no larger than a water fruit, which was about the same size as an orange on Earth.

Okay, I'm impressed!” said Jarron. “Now Killen, I want you to raise our shields, and plot a course through the debris we left.”

Killen did as Jarron requested, and not one piece of debris was able to touch the ship.

According to my readings sir, we should be able to take things much larger without any damage.” said Killen. “I think we could easily deflect one of these smaller asteroids with our shields.”

Well, that makes me feel safe enough.” smiled Jarron. “Let's go ahead and get on with out mission. And by the way everyone, on any ship I command, clothing is optional unless we come across another species. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready to shed this uncomfortable uniform!”

After Jarron had stripped, Killen and Lorram watched in anticipation as Jay began to strip. They had already heard that the bodies of Earthling males were pleasing to the eye, and now they were about to see for themselves. Jay was now past being nervous about being stared at. Once he was naked, Jay offered Killen and Lorram a better and closer view of his body. The two men took turns examining and touching Jay's body, especially his beautiful penis. By this time Jorreb and Morren were both naked, and chuckling over how enthralled Killen and Lorram were over Jay's now erect cock.

Okay men, if there's much more of an examination, I may have to take my mate to our quarters to make love to him!” laughed Jarron. “Why don't you two join the rest of us now?”

Killen and Lorram blushed slightly, then went ahead and stripped out of their uniforms. Now everyone was naked, and the crew soon became relaxed with it. Pretty soon, Jay figured his duty on the trip was to teach the crew about Earth customs. Some of it wasn't too flattering toward Earthlings, but Jay felt it was important to be honest about it. On the third day out, Jay was talking to Killen and Lorram about some unpleasant things about Earth, as Jorreb walked in.

Do you mean that some men on Earth are beaten or even murdered because of their love for other males?” asked Killen. “That sounds so barbaric!”

What's even worse is that it's against the law on some parts of Earth for men to love other men, and people are encouraged to beat and murder men who love other men.” replied Jay.

If it weren't for the poor victims of such behavior, it might make one wonder if we should examine Earth!” said Lorram. “I couldn't stand the thought of not helping those men on Earth who need it though!”

That's why it shouldn't be hard for Jay to find me a mate on Earth!” smiled Jorreb. “I can offer any man there a perfect life, if he's unhappy where he is now.”

Don't forget about love though Jorreb.” laughed Jay. “We have to find a man who will fall in love with you, and who you will fall in love with as well.”

I'm sure we can though.” replied Jorreb.

It'll be no problem for a nice guy like you.” smiled Jay.

The trip to the first destination of their mission went without anything eventful happening. Morren had a chance to keep a close eye on Jarron, but everything was going smoothly there too. Once they made it to the first stop, Jarron quickly figured that the Norrisians were just testing the Callisians and the treaty with the Planetary Council. Jarron told the Norrisian representative he spoke to that he would have no qualms about declaring them in violation of the treaty, and taking matters into his own hands. Once the Norrisians had backed down, Jarron gave the Callisians a package that the Council had sent. Inside were tactical plans and systems that would help the Callisians defend themselves much better against the Norrisians in the future. Then Jarron had Killen set a course for Earth.

As Jarron's ship entered Earth's solar system, Jarron called the crew to the bridge and said, “Okay everyone, we're going to be going in cloaked. The ship is fully powered, and will remain cloaked until after we leave. Jay will be the only one leaving the ship, until he comes up with a way for us to do so and blend in. Jay, when you do leave the ship, I want you to keep a low profile. You were probably reported as missing after we left Earth the last time. We are not here to make first contact, just to gather information.” Then Jarron looked at his brother and smiled as he continued, “However, if an Earthling were to somehow meet one of our crewmen and fall in love, I guess we could make accommodations to the rule. Okay Jay, where do we go first?”

Well, I'd like to stop by my house, if we could.” replied Jay.

Jarron smiled at his mate, as he gave the coordinates to Killen. Jay's old home looked deserted, but it was decided to wait for night before leaving the ship, just in case. Once night fell, Jay, Jarron, and Jorreb left the ship. The others were allowed outside to stretch their legs, since Jay's house was fairly isolated, but he didn't want them to get too far from the ship. Once inside, Jay turned on a portable light so they could see.

They went through my home pretty good trying to find me, didn't they?” asked Jay.

I would say so my love.” replied Jarron. “I would say the odds are good that your Air Force is still looking for you, in regards to spotting my ship the last time.”

Yeah, and I don't want to spend too much time here either!” said Jay. “Let's go this way.”

Jay led everyone to the front door, then out onto his porch. “The swing is still here.” smiled Jarron. “I'll never forget sitting with you on that swing the first night here.”

Neither will I my love.” replied Jay. “That's when I fell in love with you.”

You guys are making me misty-eyed here.” smiled Jorreb.

Soon Jorreb!” laughed Jay.

Jay then went down his front steps, and began pulling boards away from the porch, underneath the steps. Then he shined the light underneath the porch and exclaimed, “I can't believe it's still here!”

What's there Jay?” asked Jarron.

Jay then pulled a large weatherproof trunk from under his porch. The combination lock had not been disturbed, so Jay excitedly opened it and lifted the lid. “You know how I said most people around here are a little quirky, right?” asked Jay. “I guess that includes your mate too Jarron. I never trusted too much in banks. I kept an account at my bank, but that was only for living expenses. Anytime I wanted to save any money though, I put it in here.”

How much have you saved that way Jay?” asked Jarron.

There should be close to eighty thousand dollars in here.” replied Jay. “I never thought I would need money again, but I'm glad it's still here now. This should be more than enough to make you and your crew look more like Earthlings, and provide all of us with fictitious ID's.”

You may be quirky my love, but you're smart too!” laughed Jarron.

Well, Jay is back on Earth, and this time he brought company. Will Jay be able to help his Marissian friends blend in, and find Jarron's brother a mate? I guess we'll find out soon. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 7.