Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 07

From the last chapter:

Jay led everyone to the front door, then out onto his porch. “The swing is still here.” smiled Jarron. “I'll never forget sitting with you on that swing the first night here.”

Neither will I my love.” replied Jay. “That's when I fell in love with you.”

You guys are making me misty-eyed here.” smiled Jorreb.

Soon Jorreb!” laughed Jay.

Jay then went down his front steps, and began pulling boards away from the porch, underneath the steps. Then he shined the light underneath the porch and exclaimed, “I can't believe it's still here!”

What's there Jay?” asked Jarron.

Jay then pulled a large weatherproof trunk from under his porch. The combination lock had not been disturbed, so Jay excitedly opened it and lifted the lid. “You know how I said most people around here are a little quirky, right?” asked Jay. “I guess that includes your mate too Jarron. I never trusted too much in banks. I kept an account at my bank, but that was only for living expenses. Anytime I wanted to save any money though, I put it in here.”

How much have you saved that way Jay?” asked Jarron.

There should be close to eighty thousand dollars in here.” replied Jay. “I never thought I would need money again, but I'm glad it's still here now. This should be more than enough to make you and your crew look more like Earthlings, and provide all of us with fictitious ID's.”

You may be quirky my love, but you're smart too!” laughed Jarron.

Jay and Jarron then sat on the swing for a few moments, and looked out at the night sky while they kissed lovingly. Jorreb sat on the trunk full of money and watched his older brother with his lover.

Jarron finally broke the last kiss and said, “Well my love, we should be going. It's completely dark now, and any light we make could be easily seen. If someone were to see it, it could draw suspicion.”

You're right my love, we should go now.” replied Jay. “I'm just glad I was wise enough to put the deed for this place in my trunk. The Air Force found both of my wall safes.”

What are you going to do with the deed my love?” asked Jarron.

I'm going to give the place away before we leave Earth again.” replied Jay. “I know that I'll never be coming back here to live.”

The group then made their way back to the ship in complete darkness. Once everyone was on board, and the ship was ready, Jarron ordered the lift off.

Okay Jarron, you and your crew want to observe as many Earth cultures as you can from a central location.” said Jay, after they were in the air. “We also need fake ID's, make up, and a place where we will be less likely to be noticed. That's going to mean a major city, but it will be tough to keep the ship concealed near a major city, even if it remains cloaked. I took a vacation once to New York City though, and I think I know a place where we can hide the ship there.”

With that, Jarron had a course set for New York. Jay did indeed lead them to a desolated spot near the city once they got there. It looked like it had been a testing grounds for World War 3, and they were sure the ship could remain cloaked there for a while. The first trip out of the ship was made by Jay by himself. He would be going to Manhattan, in order to get theatrical make-up so he could make his Marissian friends look like Earthlings. The group would also need Earth clothing, since they usually wore nothing when not in uniform. Once Jay returned to the ship safely, he went to work on Jarron. The Marissian crew watched in amazement as Jay transformed his lover into an Earthling. Once he was finished, he stepped back to look at his work.

Damn, I think I should have been a make-up artist babe!” snickered Jay.

But you can tell that he's not an Earthling from everything except his head, arms, and hands.” said Killen.

But those parts will be covered with clothing.” replied Jay. “Trust me, you wouldn't want to be completely covered by heavy theatrical make-up. With as much as Jarron has on right now, you'll be glad to shed it after a few hours.”

I think I can see Jay's point.” said Jarron. “It's not too bad now, but I can see it being uncomfortable before too long.”

Also, it took about thirty minutes to do Jarron.” said Jay. “Now he'll have to wait around in that make-up thirty more minutes for each other crew member I do. There are four more of you who need make-up if we all go out together, so that will be two hours for the first person who's done, before we're even ready to leave the ship. We have to get you guys ID though, so Jorreb, you're next.”

Two hours later, Jay had everyone done. Once they were all dressed in the clothes Jay had bought, they looked just like anyone else on Earth. It took the group about a half hour to get back to Manhattan. Jay took his group to Times Square once they got there. Jay figured that if he couldn't find a drug dealer there, then he just wasn't looking hard enough. Sure enough within five minutes, Jay noticed a drug deal going down just off the street, in an alley across from where they were at. Once the dealer's customer had left, Jay and his group approached the man.

What the fuck you want cop?!” said the man threateningly. “I's just here mindin' my own b!”

I'm not a cop.” replied Jay.

Sure, and I'm da tooth fairy!” said the man. “You got ten seconds before I pull my piece!”

Me and my friends need ID.” replied Jay. “I saw you sellin' to that other guy just before we came over, and I was hopin' you could help us. There ain't no need to sweat it man, I'm being straight up with ya.”

Okay Holmes, you just stopped the timer.” said the man. “What makes you think that wasn't my cuz though, and he was just payin' me some Benjamins he borrowed from me?”

That wasn't your cuz though, was it?” laughed Jay. “We really do need your help, but we can keep lookin' if that's what you want. We don't mean to be dissin you.”

What do six Opie Taylor look-a-likes like you guys need with ID's?” laughed the man.

Let's just say it would be best if no one knew who we were while we're here.” smiled Jay.

Da truth Holmes, or no deal!” said the man.

Okay, I'm from Earth, but my friends here aren't.” replied Jay as he smiled. “I'm helping them stake Earth out though, so they can plan an alien take over.”

Shit Holmes, you off da chain!” laughed the man loudly. “That's the best one I've heard this year! I don't do ID's, but my cuz Rufus does. You had enough nerve to convince me, so I'm sure you won't mind a little trip through Harlem. Here's his address there, just tell him Leon checked you guys out, and sent you to him. If ya want, you can tell him that invasion story too. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it! I's got to tell ya though, Rufus ain't cheap. He does top quality work, and it'll cost ya five b's each. Good luck in Harlem!”

Jay saw a taxi van soon after leaving Leon, and signaled to it. As the van pulled up, Jorreb asked, “That man wasn't gay, was he?”

I'd bet against it Jorreb.” chuckled Jay. “Besides, you can do much better than a Times Square drug dealer!”

Six men getting into his van made the driver nervous. When Jay gave the driver the address in Harlem, the driver stopped in the middle of the street and said, “I ain't going there at this time of night! Are you people out of your minds?! What the hell do you want to go there for?”

It's crucial to our mission for the planet Marissa, and the Planetary Council.” replied Jay with a straight face.

Oh good lord!” exclaimed the driver. “The mothership really dropped off a load tonight!”

We really do have to go there, and it really is important.” said Jay, who then held out ten one hundred dollar bills. “Will this cover your fare? You don't even have to wait around, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. We'll find some way out of there.”

Shit, the six of you would get shot before making it one block there!” said the driver. “I value my neck more than a thousand dollars though. Make it two grand, and you have a driver!”

Okay my man, two grand it is!” smiled Jay.

And just so you know, I'm armed.” said the driver. “I'm going to be ready for anything while I'm waiting, so make sure I know it's you approaching when you're ready to leave!”

Not a problem.” chuckled Jay.

On the way there, Jarron said to Jay, “I have to be honest and tell you that I really haven't seen anything worth mentioning in a report yet.”

Your friend isn't from around here, is he?” laughed the driver. “This is actually two different cities. The one you see at night is a lot different than the one you see during the day. If I had arrived here at night when I first moved here, I would have kept right on going.”

I hope to be able to show them that tomorrow.” said Jay.

So then, tonight is business and tomorrow is sightseeing huh?” asked the driver. “Wait, nevermind that question. It's best if us taxi drivers don't get too involved sometimes. At least you're helping me get a little closer to moving out of here.”

If you don't like the city that much, why have you stayed?” asked Jay.

I had just enough to get started out here.” replied the driver. “I thought I had plenty, but this city is expensive. I had to start working as soon as I could, just so I could have a place to live. The place I rent now costs so much that my driving barely covers it and food.”

What brought you here in the first place?” asked Jorreb, starting to get a feeling about the man.

You don't want to hear that.” replied the driver. “I thought things would be better for me here, but they're not.”

If you found out that this mothership you were talking about was real, and ready to take you off among the stars, would you stay here, or go out there?” asked Jorreb.

I probably wouldn't think about that, but it would be too good to be true.” replied the driver. “Why would someone out there want me to travel the stars with them? If I had been the brightest of my class, I wouldn't have ended up here.”

Intelligence is learned.” smiled Jorreb. “You can be as intelligent as you want, with the right motivation. I want to tell you something about us that I think you're going to need to know before too much longer. All of us like other men.”

How... how did you know?” asked the driver.

It was part educated guess, and part wishful thinking.” laughed Jorreb.

So, you came to the city because you're gay?” asked Jay. “It must have been rough where you came from.”

Let's just say that my hometown wasn't a gay haven.” replied the driver. “By the way, my name is Brandon. I came from a small western Pennsylvania town. It's a fairly conservative area, so it was pretty rough for me being gay there. Here though, people either don't notice or don't care.”

That sounds rough Brandon.” said Jay. “My name is Jay. The guy who seems interested in you is Jorreb, and the one next to him is his older brother, and my mate, Jarron. Then in the very back we have Killen, Lorram, and Morren.”

What kind of names are those?” asked Brandon.

The kind that we're not going to use while we're here!” laughed Jorreb.

I would ask you to explain that, but we're here.” smiled Brandon. “Okay guys, remember to let me know it's you coming when you return. Try to make it as quick as you can too. I hate being here at night.”

Jay and the group got out, and quickly made their way inside. The man inside the small run down office seemed pretty rough.

What the fuck do you white boys want?!” asked the man gruffly.

We're looking for Rufus.” replied Jay. “Leon sent us. He said to tell you that we need ID's, because we're the first wave of an alien invasion of Earth.”

You what?!” laughed Rufus loudly. “I don't usually ask people why they need ID's, but that was a good one! I'm almost tempted to give you a discount for that story... but I'm not. There's six of you at five b's each. That's three g's Holmes.” When Jay counted out three thousand dollars, Rufus said, “Okay then, we're in business.”

Rufus took everyone's picture against a blue background, then disappeared into the back room. Jay waited nervously, while the other's seemed unaware of their surroundings. After thirty minutes, Jay was starting to look worried. Then Rufus came back out, saw Jay, and laughed.

Take it easy Holmes, a deal's a deal.” laughed Rufus. “I do fine art with my work, which is why it took so long. Here you guys go, see for yourselves.”

Jay looked at the ID's as he handed the proper one to each of his friends. Then Jay said, “These look great Rufus. Thanks a lot. This will mean a lot to our mission.”

Oh yeah, the alien invasion!” laughed Rufus. “You guys just be careful getting back to Manhattan, ya hear? And if you see my cuz Leon again, thank him for sending me the business.”

Jay and his friends then left, and Jay alerted Brandon that they were approaching. A group spotted the six men approaching the taxi they had been ran off from earlier, and began to approach Jay.

Come on guys, pick it up!” said Jay urgently. “I don't think they want to invite us out for drinks!”

Brandon heard the last part, and had the taxi ready to go as soon as Jorreb had stepped off of the sidewalk. Jorreb lunged on into the vehicle as it began to move, and slammed the door shut. Brandon then hit the gas pedal hard as the group almost got to him.

Damn punks!” said Brandon. “I had to chase them off with my gun once while you guys were in there! That's why I hate leaving Manhattan!”

Well, we're not too far from Manhattan.” said Jay. “We're parked just off the Lincoln tunnel on the Jersey side.”

Okay, let's get you guys back down to Manhattan, then through the tunnel and home.” said Brandon.

You know Brandon, we really could use transportation around the city while we're here.” said Jorreb. “Jay, how much could you pay Brandon for a week of driving?”

Well, I don't think he's ever made five thousand in a week, so I could pay him that.” replied Jay. “Do you want to have him pick us up every morning?”

You know guys, I've been running it over in my head, and I don't recall any hotels in that area.” said Brandon.

We have something better than a hotel Brandon.” replied Jay. “We have a very roomy ride, parked in a very secure location.”

I was actually thinking of asking Brandon to stay with us.” said Jorreb. “After all, we do have a very roomy ride, parked in a secure location.”

Are you forgetting that it's only secure because of how Jarron left the you know what on?” asked Jay.

Okay, what are you guys talking about?” asked Brandon. “I know you just paid me two grand for tonight, and you want to pay me five for the next week, but this is starting to make me nervous!”

Okay Brandon, we'll level with you, but only after you get us back to our ride.” replied Jay. “How's that make-up doing, Jarron my love?”

I have to tell you Jay, that I can't wait to remove it!” replied Jarron. “And I have to remind you and my brother both that we were not to make first contact on this trip.”

Yes, but it was conceded that I could find someone special on this trip.” replied Jorreb. “I think Brandon may be special. Are you Brandon?”

You are very nice Jorreb, and I'd love to get to know you, but there are a lot of questions running through my head right now.” replied Brandon.

Then I say the best course of action is to answer those questions when we get where we're going, and let Brandon decide how this goes.” said Jay.

Brandon turned into the tunnel, then followed Jay's directions to a large vacant lot near the waterfront. “Where is your ride?” asked Brandon.

It's right here in front of us Brandon.” replied Jay. “Brandon, you have to promise that what you see tonight remains a secret. If you told anyone about this, people would not believe you anyway, and the results for you would be bad.”

There's nothing here!” laughed Brandon nervously.

Jarron, lower the energy field and let's take Brandon inside.” said Jay. “Brandon, make sure you follow in my tracks, until you know how to locate the entry hatch yourself. Brandon, stay behind me please! Brandon, you may want to step to your right now! Bran... Jorreb, pick Brandon up and see if he's okay.”

Jorreb knelt down to where Brandon was rubbing the small bump on his head, and asked, “Are you okay Brandon?”

Yeah, I think so.” replied Brandon. “What happened?”

You ran into it.” smiled Jorreb.

Ran into what?” asked Brandon. “There's still nothing here!”

You ran into what we're about to show you the inside of Brandon.” replied Jorreb, still smiling. “Take my hand Brandon, and I'll help you up and guide you inside.”

Brandon reached out and took ahold of Jorreb's hand, then looked into Jorreb's eyes. “There's something so comforting in looking into your eyes Jorreb.” said Brandon. “I think I'm falling for you and I can't stop it, but I also can't shake the feeling that things aren't what they seem right now. Please stay near me Jorreb, and I'll trust that everything will be okay.”

I promise that I won't leave your side Brandon, unless you tell me to.” replied Jorreb.

Jay turned to Jarron and said, “Your brother may be right dear. Brandon may be the one.”

Jorreb led Brandon by the hand, until he led Brandon into the hatch. Brandon suddenly stepped from a vacant lot, to inside what seemed like something out of a science fiction show. Brandon looked out the hatch, and could see the vacant lot. The he looked away from the hatch, and could see the inside of the ship. Then Brandon went to the hatch, kept his hand on the wall inside the ship, and stepped outside. Suddenly the ship was gone, along with half of his arm, which kind of freaked him out.

Brandon stepped back inside and asked, “What?! What?! What?!”

Jorreb put an arm around Brandon, which seemed to calm him down, and asked, “Have you ever heard of anyone on this planet named Jorreb?”

I just figured that maybe you were from another country, not another planet!” replied Brandon.

Do you remember when you were talking about the mothership tonight?” asked Jorreb.

Yes, and I'm standing inside it now, aren't I?” asked Brandon.

Don't be silly Brandon.” laughed Jarron. “This is just a simple star explorer, with room for a Commander and crew of six. Now Jay, could you help me in getting this make-up off? I think my brother can handle things for now.”

Once it was just Jorreb and Brandon in the hallway, Jorreb said, “I'm sorry we kept this from you until you could see it for yourself Brandon. I think we're both having some feelings for each other, but you would have thought my shipmates and I were insane if we had told you earlier. Jay is from here on Earth, but the rest of us are from the planet Marissa. We're here to file a report on Earth, so that the Planetary Council can debate on whether or not to make first contact with this planet. You said if you had this decision to make, it would be easy Brandon. I think I can make it easier yet. I'm sure that I'm falling in love with you Brandon. We can see where this week goes if you want, but I'm going to be asking you to go with us when we leave Earth. I don't want an answer until this week is over though. If you do go with us, it would be as my mate Brandon. Now, may I kiss you before I have Jay remove my make-up?”

Please do Jorreb.” replied Brandon softly, as he leaned back against the wall.

Jorreb leaned into Brandon, and softly placed his lips against Brandon's. Jorreb's tongue did feel kind of strange, but Brandon didn't mind at all as they kissed passionately. The kiss lasted for a few minutes, and left Brandon with a smile on his face.

What about my taxi?” asked Brandon. “I have permission to drive it home, but if I leave it out there all night, someone will strip it.”

I can wire it into our ship's cloaking shield in about ten minutes.” replied Jorreb as he smiled. “First though I need to have Jay remove the make-up I'm wearing, and you need to see who we really are. Just remember that Jay is an Earthling with a Marissian mate, so feeling love between us is not impossible.”

I don't care what you look like underneath that make-up Jorreb.” smiled Brandon.

By the time Jorreb and Brandon got to Jay, Jarron had had his make-up removed, and had retired to his and Jay's quarters. Before Jay started on removing Jorreb's make-up, he said, “Brandon, there are quite a few different species of people out there in the galaxy. None of them look exactly like us Earthlings. There are a few like the Marissians who are close, but some are quite a bit different. I hope you keep an open mind, and can accept the differences between our people. If you do, you'll find that Marissians are very beautiful people on the inside. The love I have for Jarron is the most intense love I've ever felt before, and his differences only make me that much more attracted to him. I hope you can feel the same way toward his brother Jorreb.”

I already love Jorreb.” replied Brandon. “I'll love him after the make-up is off too.”

Brandon watched as Jay had Jorreb remove his shirt, and Brandon got his first look at the color and texture of Jorreb's skin. As Jay began removing the make-up from Jorreb's hands, Brandon reached out and rubbed his hand over the grayish skin on Jorreb's chest. It was tougher and grainier than human skin, but still not too bad. Brandon liked how there was no hair at all on Jorreb's body. He also liked Jorreb's nipples, which hung down limply about three inches from his chest. Jorreb sighed softly as he felt Brandon take one of his nipples between his fingers.

Mine are a bit longer than most Marissians nipples.” said Jorreb softly. “The average is about two inches, but there are some like me who's nipples are up to three inches long. Our nipple size is also indicative of the size of our genital organs.”

Okay, now you're making me erect!” laughed Brandon, as Jay finished Jorreb's hands, and moved on to his head.

Jorreb reached out and ran his hand over the bulge in Brandon's pants, and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! Your penis feels even larger than Jay's!”

It's one of my blessings, but it can also be a curse.” replied Brandon. “Some men just can't handle ten inches of penis, although quite a few want to try.”

If you do go with us Brandon, this is going to be an interesting trip!” laughed Jay, as he worked on Jorreb's head.

Jay finally finished removing the make-up, then stood back so Brandon could take in the face of the man who wanted to love him. Brandon stepped in, and gently ran his hands over Jorreb's face and head. Jorreb sighed again, as Brandon rubbed the small ridge running up his forehead. Then Brandon gazed deeply into Jorreb's eyes, which were begging for acceptance.

You are a beautiful man Jorreb.” said Brandon as he smiled. “I am still just as attracted to you as before, and maybe even more so now. I can't believe you traveled light years to find me, and I love you now that you have.”

I love you too Brandon, and the trip was more than worth it.” replied Jorreb. “Now, let's go get your vehicle wired into the ship's cloak, then go to my quarters to get to know each other better.”

Brandon reached out to offer Jorreb a hand getting up, and pulled Jorreb into him. Brandon pressed his lips against Jorreb's, and the two shared a warm and loving kiss.

It looks as though you two have found your mate.” smiled Jay. “Congratulations to both of you.”

Brandon now had a priceless smile on his face, as he followed Jorreb to engineering, and then back to the entry hatch. Jorreb handed Brandon a roll of cables he had gotten from engineering, then opened the hatch, and ran his hands down the outside of the ship. Jorreb finally located the circuit port he wanted to use.

Okay Brandon, before I hook these cables up, I need you to go out and clamp one end of the cables to the front and back of your vehicle.” said Jorreb. “Make sure you clamp onto metal, and the metal is directly connected to the frame of your vehicle.”

Brandon did as Jorreb had instructed him, then returned to the ship. Then Brandon watched in awe as Jorreb plugged the cables into the ship, and the cables and his van disappeared.

What if someone bumps into it, and decides to investigate?” asked Brandon.

Once I turn the energy shield back on, it'll dissuade anyone from wanting to investigate.” replied Jorreb. “The shield will cover anything that's covered by the cloaking shield, so your vehicle is safe now. Now Brandon, I would like to take you back to my quarters, and as Jay would say, make love to you.”

Then why are we standing here?” chuckled Brandon. “Let's go, so I can show you how much I love you!”

The two men practically ran back to Jorreb's quarters, anxious to show their love to each other. Once in Jorreb's quarters, Brandon and Jorreb slowly stripped each other naked. Then Jorreb reached down, and held Brandon's stiffening cock in his hand.

Your Earthling penis is even more beautiful than Jay's.” said Jorreb softly. “I can't wait to bring you pleasure through it.”

How do you seem to know so much about Jay's cock?” asked Brandon.

I love that name you use for it, cock.” smiled Jorreb. “It sounds so arousing. I've seen Jay's cock because us Marissians normally do not wear clothing. Jay has been very eager to share that custom with us. Like I said though, your cock is much more beautiful than his. How do you like my cock?”

Brandon reached down and took Jorreb's cock into his hand, and replied, “I love how much larger the head is than the head of an Earthling's cock. It's very arousing, and I can't wait to make love to it!”

In that case Brandon, I need to explain the differences in Marissian cocks.” said Jorreb. “All Marissians are capable of producing semen. Our child bearing organs are so far up into our bodies though that to reproduce usually requires artificial insemination. My brother needed to be artificially inseminated with Jay's semen in order to be carrying their son.”

Men have the babies on Marissa?” asked Brandon.

They have to, because there are no females on Marissa.” replied Jorreb. “Our society is all male, so males mate with other males to have children. There are some Marissians though who can inseminate their mate naturally. They are called breeders, and it's a hereditary trait. A breeder has a probe inside their cock that extends during sex, and is capable of reaching a Marissian mate's child bearing organs. My brother Jarron is a breeder, and so am I. You need to know that so you can be ready. Once you begin to pleasure my cock, I won't be able to control the probe. It will extend into your body, but don't worry, it won't harm you. As a matter of fact, Jay finds it very stimulating when Jarron's probe extends into his body. It will search out a place to stimulate itself inside you, and my orgasm will occur deep inside your body.”

You're about to make me cum just talking about it!” laughed Brandon softly. “I can't wait to feel your cock go as far inside me as it wants to go!”

Brandon and Jorreb then laid down on Jorreb's bed, and wrapped each other in an embrace. As they shared their most passionate kiss yet, Brandon moaned from the different feeling of Jorreb's tongue in his mouth. Jorreb had a very arousing tongue as far as Brandon was concerned. Jorreb finally backed off slightly, and gazed into Brandon's eyes.

I better bring you to your orgasm first my love.” said Jorreb. “I don't think you will make it through mine.”

Brandon watched in anticipation, as Jorreb left a trail of kisses down his chest and stomach. Jorreb gazed at Brandon's ten inch erection lovingly for a few moments, then slid his lips over the head. Brandon caressed the back of Jorreb's head and gasped, as he watched all ten inches of his cock slowly and completely disappear into Jorreb's mouth and throat. Jorreb's mouth and throat lovingly caressed Brandon's cock for the next few minutes, then Jorreb backed about halfway off Brandon's throbbing cock. Brandon moaned louder than he ever had during sex, when he felt the incredible sensation of two inches of Jorreb's tongue contract, and slip into his cock. Jorreb then lovingly caressed both the inside and outside of Brandon's cock.

I... I... I...!” moaned Brandon deliriously.

Jorreb then removed his tongue from inside Brandon's cock, and sucked on it hungrily. Brandon's orgasm was so intense that he writhed and convulsed uncontrollably underneath Jorreb. He also moaned incredibly loudly and incoherently, as Jorreb drained the most massive orgasm Brandon could have dreamt of having. When Brandon's massive orgasm finally ended, it left him laying on his back with a smile on his face, and unable to move or speak. Brandon continued smiling as he helplessly watched Jorreb kneel between his legs, lift his legs up onto his shoulders, and place his cock up to Brandon's pucker. Jorreb then gently pushed his cock into Brandon, with the only sound Brandon could make being a loud moan of pleasure. When Brandon felt the probe extend from Jorreb's cock, the pleasure he felt was intense. Brandon once again moaned loudly, as his eyes rolled back in his head from the intense feelings. When Brandon felt the probe writhing deep inside his colon, then his small intestine, he felt he would die from the intense pleasure it produced. The feelings were still making him incredibly happy though. As Jorreb's probe began to undulate, and near its orgasm, Brandon's abdomen began to heave up and down. Brandon's cock also stiffened again, and began to throb visibly. Once Jorreb's orgasm began, Brandon began shooting another massive load of cum over his chest and stomach. Brandon laid on his back, unable to speak or move a muscle, as Jorreb drew his cock out of Brandon's rectum. Jorreb then licked all of Brandon's cum from his chest and stomach, before laying next to Brandon and taking him into an embrace.

An hour later, Brandon was finally able to moan weakly, “That was the most incredible experience of my life! It was so intense that I thought I was going to die a few times, but I would have died happy! I love you so much Jorreb that nothing will ever make me leave your side for even one moment, and I look forward to traveling the stars with you.”

You've made me very happy Brandon, to find such a beautiful and loving mate to spend the rest of my life with.” replied Jorreb. “We will be very happy as husbands, then later as fathers after I have your sons. This is much more than I could have ever hoped for!”

Then Jorreb and Brandon shared a long and passionate kiss, before falling asleep in each other's arms.

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