Interplanetary Incident

by tim the story guy

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Interplanetary Incident

by tim

Chapter 08

From the last chapter:

Jorreb then removed his tongue from inside Brandon's cock, and sucked on it hungrily. Brandon's orgasm was so intense that he writhed and convulsed uncontrollably underneath Jorreb. He also moaned incredibly loudly and incoherently, as Jorreb drained the most massive orgasm Brandon could have dreamt of having. When Brandon's massive orgasm finally ended, it left him laying on his back with a smile on his face, and unable to move or speak. Brandon continued smiling as he helplessly watched Jorreb kneel between his legs, lift his legs up onto his shoulders, and place his cock up to Brandon's pucker. Jorreb then gently pushed his cock into Brandon, with the only sound Brandon could make being a loud moan of pleasure. When Brandon felt the probe extend from Jorreb's cock, the pleasure he felt was intense. Brandon once again moaned loudly, as his eyes rolled back in his head from the intense feelings. When Brandon felt the probe writhing deep inside his colon, then his small intestine, he felt he would die from the intense pleasure it produced. The feelings were still making him incredibly happy though. As Jorreb's probe began to undulate, and near its orgasm, Brandon's abdomen began to heave up and down. Brandon's cock also stiffened again, and began to throb visibly. Once Jorreb's orgasm began, Brandon began shooting another massive load of cum over his chest and stomach. Brandon laid on his back, unable to speak or move a muscle, as Jorreb drew his cock out of Brandon's rectum. Jorreb then licked all of Brandon's cum from his chest and stomach, before laying next to Brandon and taking him into an embrace.

An hour later, Brandon was finally able to moan weakly, “That was the most incredible experience of my life! It was so intense that I thought I was going to die a few times, but I would have died happy! I love you so much Jorreb that nothing will ever make me leave your side for even one moment, and I look forward to traveling the stars with you.”

You've made me very happy Brandon, to find such a beautiful and loving mate to spend the rest of my life with.” replied Jorreb. “We will be very happy as husbands, then later as fathers after I have your sons. This is much more than I could have ever hoped for!”

Then Jorreb and Brandon shared a long and passionate kiss, before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Brandon thought the night before had been some kind of wild dream, until he realized that he had awoke in Jorreb's arms. It kind of startled him at first, until he remembered all of the pleasure that he had felt the night before. He had never cummed as hard before, as he had when making love to Jorreb. Brandon slid down a little bit in the bed, and began to suck lovingly on one of Jorreb's nipples. Then Jorreb opened his eyes as he smiled, and began to gently caress Brandon's back.

My nipples feel so nice in your mouth Brandon.” said Jorreb softly. “I've never felt so good as I did when we made love last night.”

Brandon stopped sucking on the nipple he had been working on, and gazed up into Jorreb's eyes. “You made me feel things last night that I never could have imagined Jorreb.” replied Brandon. “I never knew love could feel like this. When you ask me to become your mate, I already know that I'm going to say yes. All that I've felt on this planet is despair, with only a few short glimmers of hope. It never lasts though, but I think it could with you. I want to follow you anywhere you want to take me. Right now though, I want to feel your other nipple in my mouth.”

Brandon sucked just as lovingly on Jorreb's other nipple, as Jorreb continued to caress as much of Brandon's body as he could. When Brandon finished, he moved back up and climbed on top of Jorreb. Then he reached down and took ahold of both of their cocks, pulling them up between their bodies. Jorreb and Brandon smiled as they looked at their cocks, resting against each other.

Will you be my mate Brandon, and go with me when we leave this planet?” asked Jorreb. “There is so much out there to see, and I want to show all of it to you. I want to see you by my side, for the rest of our lives.”

I would love to be your mate Jorreb.” replied Brandon. “I want to see everything you want to show me out there, and I want to be with you forever.”

Do you want to have a son with me as well?” asked Jorreb. “Maybe even three or four?”

I'd love the chance to be a father along with you Jorreb.” replied Brandon. “Our sons would be the most beautiful children in the universe!”

Then you will go through the mating ceremony with me when we return to Marissa?” asked Jorreb.

I'll look forward to it!” replied Brandon as he smiled.

At that point Jarron knocked on the door and called out, “Get ready for make-up little brother. Jay is sure we should see this city by daylight.”

Okay big brother.” replied Jorreb, loud enough to be heard through the door. “My mate and I will be right out.”

Jarron was still waiting in the corridor when Jorreb and Brandon stepped from Jorreb's quarters naked. “Mate huh?” asked Jarron, as he looked at them and smiled. “I'm very happy for you then brother. Welcome to our crew Brandon, and to the family. I'm sure mine and Jorreb's fathers will approve of you very highly when we return home. Your two naked bodies next to each other looks very nice, like you were meant to be together.”

Thanks brother.” replied Jorreb. “Why don't you go first with the make-up, while I take Brandon to our galley for breakfast? We'll be there by the time you're finished.”

Okay little brother, and congratulations to both of you.” smiled Jarron.

The Marissian breakfast was very interesting to Brandon, but he enjoyed it thoroughly. He also enjoyed eating naked, sitting next to his new mate. As Jorreb went through make-up, Brandon dressed for the day. Today would just be Brandon, Jorreb, Jarron, and Jay, as the others decided to take a break from the heavy make-up they wore the night before. After Jarron left them with orders not to leave the ship, the scouting party was ready to leave. Brandon had to call in to his base as they pulled away from the ship, to let his dispatcher know what was going on. He explained that he had a fare who wanted to hire his taxi for the week, and would be paying him seven grand. The dispatcher congratulated Brandon on his good fortune, then negotiated what Brandon would turn in to the company for the fare. Brandon had no interest in the money though, and agreed to turn over whatever the dispatcher felt was appropriate.

When the taxi exited the tunnel into Manhattan, Jarron and Jorreb were amazed by the difference in the city. The night before it had seemed a little on the seedy side, but this morning it was alive and vital. Brandon and Jay pointed out all of the sights, explaining that New York City was the financial center of the country, as well as being of great financial importance to the world. After lunch at a restaurant just off Central Park, Brandon took them out to see the Statue of Liberty, then to the United Nations complex.

I have to say that the thought of making first contact here is slightly overwhelming Jay.” said Jarron.

Don't worry my love.” smiled Jay. “This would likely be the second step in making first contact with Earth. The first step would be to make first contact with this planet's most influential government. That would have to be done in Washington D.C.”

Then we should see that city as well, when we are done here.” replied Jarron.

It may be tougher to conceal your ship there though Jarron.” said Brandon. “I would suggest hiding well away from the city, then using public transportation to get into Washington. You would have to set up your base in a hotel there, but that would be easier than concealing your ship in that city.”

I guess that would make sense.” replied Jay. “I've never been there though. Do you have any thoughts Brandon?”

I have an uncle who lives near Harper's Ferry.” replied Brandon. “He's kind of like the relative that no one talks about. I think my parents started thinking I might be gay when I was about seventeen, because they sent me to stay with him that summer. I found out that no one talks about him because he's gay too. He lives by himself along the Potomac River, and his property down there is pretty private and secure.”

I'll bet that was some summer!” smiled Jay.

Let's just say that I got to know my uncle very well that summer, and leave it at that.” chuckled Brandon. “He did manage to teach me everything I needed to know about being gay that summer though, and we had fun doing it. After that summer though, and I came home having apparently enjoyed spending time with my uncle, my parents pretty much knew I was gay. That's when I realized that I would most likely be on my own when I turned eighteen and finished school.”

I guess that sounds like a pretty good plan then Brandon.” said Jarron. “Can you call this uncle of yours? Don't let on that we're from another planet though. He may not believe that, and think that you've gone insane since you last saw him.”

You don't know my uncle!” laughed Brandon. “I'm sure that he would have no problem believing you guys are from another planet! He believes the government has been covering up UFO's and alien visits ever since Roswell.”

Yes, we told the Aerithians that they should have been much more careful than to crash a ship in your American west.” smiled Jarron.

Oh man, my uncle will be so excited to hear that Roswell was true!” replied Brandon. “He may even want to volunteer to be a part of your crew!”

Let's just stick with being discreet for now.” laughed Jarron. “We'll see what happens when we get there.”

Okay, but I need to call him.” said Brandon. “I hope his number hasn't changed.” Brandon dialed his phone, and it was answered after three rings. “Uncle Henry? Is that you?” asked Brandon.

Brandon?” replied Henry. “Is this you, my favorite nephew?”

Am I really your favorite nephew?” asked Brandon.

Well Bran, you're the only one in the family I can relate to, and the only nephew I've made love to, so I guess that makes you my favorite nephew.” replied Henry. “You're the only one in the family that I can truly say that I love.”

I love you too Uncle Henry.” replied Brandon. “That summer was the best of my life so far.”

Yes, we did have a bit of fun, didn't we?” chuckled Henry. “So, are you still in that horrible city?”

New York isn't that bad, although I can think of places I'd rather be.” replied Brandon. “At least it's better than home was, but I'm sure you know that.”

Yes son, all too well.” replied Henry.

So Uncle Henry, do you still live on the river there?” asked Brandon.

Of course I do.” replied Henry fondly. “It's too serene and peaceful here for me to consider leaving yet.”

Yeah, I loved sitting with you on your back porch, and watching the river.” said Brandon. “How would you like me to come for a visit again?”

It would be a joy to see you again Bran.” replied Henry. “You know that you are welcome here anytime.”

Even if I bring a few friends?” asked Brandon.

Any friend of yours is a friend of mine Bran.” replied Henry.

That's good.” said Brandon. “They have a fairly large vehicle. Is the clearing between your house and the river still pretty secure?”

Yes, even more so now.” replied Henry. Then Henry laughed as he asked, “What are they driving anyway, a spaceship?”

Just a small one!” laughed Brandon.

Well son, I have plenty of room for them to park.” chuckled Henry, thinking Brandon was just playing along with his joke. “It will be so good to see you again, and meet your friends. When were you coming down?”

Brandon turned to Jarron and asked, “When are we leaving here?”

I think we can wrap up our visit here tomorrow, and leave tomorrow evening, as long as that's not too soon for you.” replied Jarron.

Not too soon at all.” smiled Brandon. Then he spoke into the phone again and said, “We were thinking tomorrow night, if that's okay with you Uncle Henry.”

I would love to see you tomorrow night.” replied Henry.

Okay, thanks Uncle Henry.” said Brandon. “I love you.”

I love you too Bran, and I'm glad to hear that you're making it okay.” replied Henry. “I was so worried when you left here to go back to your home. I wasn't surprised at all to hear you were planning on leaving there. I'll make you and your friends feel so welcome here though that you'll never want to leave.”

We'll have to see about that!” laughed Brandon. “I'll see you tomorrow night. I love you Uncle Henry.”

I love you too Bran, and I'll see you and your friends tomorrow night.” replied Henry.

After Brandon ended the call, he said, “I hope you guys know that when you land a spaceship in my uncle's back yard, he's going to figure it out.”

Yes, but when he can see it for himself, he won't be so likely to think you've gone insane!” laughed Jarron. “If you think your uncle can be trusted, we have no problem with revealing ourselves to him.”

Not only can you trust him, but he's going to love meeting you!” laughed Brandon.

After wrapping up the tour for the day, Brandon headed back toward the tunnel to return to the ship. Once again, Jarron and Jorreb were eager to get out of their heavy make-up. Then everyone sat down in the galley together for a nice Marissian dinner. After dinner, Brandon and Jorreb retreated to Jorreb's quarters, and immediately laid on the bed in an embrace.

After five minutes of kissing and caressing, Jorreb said, “Your cock seems exceptionally hard and long tonight Brandon. Can I feel you inside me?”

I'd love to make love to you like that Jorreb!” panted Brandon eagerly.

Jorreb then coaxed his cock into lubricating itself, and rubbed his and Brandon's cocks together. Once Brandon's cock was well lubricated by the fluid from Jorreb's cock, Jorreb laid back on his back and smiled. Brandon knelt between Jorreb's legs, and lifted Jorreb's ankles up to his shoulders. Brandon's cock was harder than he had remembered it being in a while, in anticipation of feeling it inside Jorreb. Brandon lined his cock up to the hole that was normally hidden underneath Jorreb's tail, and gently pushed his cock into Jorreb.

I've never felt anything so pleasurable in my life!” gasped Jorreb. “Please push yourself into me as far as you can Brandon!”

Brandon moaned contentedly, as he felt inch after inch of his cock slide into Jorreb, until his balls were lodged between Jorreb's tail and cheeks.

The head of your cock feels so great inside my colon Brandon!” moaned Jorreb. “Please make love to me as passionately as you can!”

Brandon moaned loudly as he pulled out, and then thrust back into Jorreb as deeply as possible. Every time his balls smacked into Jorreb's tail, it made them churn in excitement. With every thrust, Brandon drove himself as deeply as he could into Jorreb, making Jorreb moan in pleasure. After about five minutes, Jorreb wrapped the tip of his tail around Brandon's balls, grasping them tightly. Brandon moaned as he pulled out as far as he could each time, feeling his balls tighten and his scrotum stretch. Then Brandon thrust back in as far as possible, with as much passion and love as he could muster.

Oh God, I'm going to cum so hard!” moaned Brandon loudly. “Please squeeze my balls with your tail as tightly as you can Jorreb!”

Brandon let out a very deep and loud moan as Jorreb's tail constricted around his balls even tighter. Then Brandon thrust back into Jorreb as deeply as possible, and began to shake as his orgasm shot into Jorreb with incredible force. It felt like all of the energy in Brandon's body was shooting out through his cock, as he had the most intense orgasm imaginable inside Jorreb. Once Brandon's orgasm was over, he slumped down helplessly onto the bed next to Jorreb, his cock slick with cum as it slid out of Jorreb.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to cum again after that!” moaned Brandon.

We'll see about that, my love.” replied Jorreb.

Jorreb turned Brandon on his side, the laid facing him. As Jorreb put one arm around Brandon, he took both of their cocks into his other hand. Jorreb then held the heads of his and Brandon's cocks together tightly. Brandon used the last of his energy to scream out in unimaginable pleasure, as he felt the probe from Jorreb's cock extend itself into his cock. Jorreb's probe traveled slowly up through Brandon's still erect cock, past his prostate, and eventually into his bladder. Then the probe thrust back and forth a few times, making Brandon shudder helplessly in Jorreb's embrace. Then Jorreb placed his open mouth over Brandon's lips, and spread them apart with his tongue. As Jorreb's probe stimulated itself deep inside Brandon, and Brandon's cock throbbed strongly from feelings he never imagined before, Jorreb's tongue caressed the inside of Brandon's mouth and throat. Several minutes later, Brandon was sure he would pass out when he felt Jorreb's orgasm shooting into his bladder. Brandon did stay with Jorreb though, and as Jorreb's probe began to pull out of Brandon, it began coming out cover with the cum from Brandon's second orgasm. Brandon's cum flowed down over Jorreb's hand that was wrapped around their cocks. When the probe had completely retracted, Jorreb held Brandon's cock upward. The he watched as even more cum gently flowed from Brandon's cock, running back down over it. First Jorreb went down to clean Brandon's cock in his mouth, then he licked Brandon's cum from his hand. Finally Jorreb turned Brandon onto his back, and straddled Brandon's face. Brandon eagerly opened his mouth, and gently sucked his and Jorreb's cum from Jorreb's cock. Jorreb and Brandon finally settled down for the night, drifting off in each other's arms.

The next morning, everyone decided to go out for the day. This trip was just to see a few more sights, and to give Killen a good idea of what level of security would be needed if the council ever made first contact. Lorram also wanted to observe the subtle nuances in the English language, so they could be prepared to approach Earth at some point. Brandon laughed as he said that New York might not be the best place for that. At lunchtime, Brandon called his boss at the taxi company, to tell him that he would be turning in the taxi that afternoon. The man tried to talk Brandon out of it, but realized that Brandon had made up his mind. After seeing a few more sights after lunch, it was time to go to Brandon's apartment, so he could get what he felt he would need, and say good-bye to his life on Earth.

Jorreb put an arm around Brandon as they stood in his apartment, and asked, “Is it hard to say good-bye to everything you know here?”

Brandon looked into Jorreb's eyes, then smiled as he replied, “Not with knowing that I'll be spending the rest of my life with you Jorreb. This city hasn't been all that great to me anyway.”

After leaving the apartment, Brandon drove back through the tunnel to the ship. Once Brandon's things were aboard, it was time to turn his taxi in. Jorreb kept his make-up on, and accompanied Brandon on his last trip back into the city. After turning in the taxi and his final fare, Brandon got one of his closest co-workers to give him and Jorreb a ride back across the river. As Brandon had the driver pull up top the vacant lot, and paid the fare, the driver looked back at Brandon and Jorreb.

I always had you figured as gay Brandon.” said the driver. “That's the only reason it looks like you're ready to follow your friend off to who knows where. To be honest Brandon, it really doesn't matter to anyone we know.”

I know Mick, but this is my life now.” replied Brandon, as he put an arm around Jorreb.

Then Mick looked at Jorreb and said, “Take care of our friend. If Brandon is happy though, so am I. I kind of envy him to be able to go off and follow a dream. I'd love to get a place in the middle of nowhere someday, where it would be a lot more peaceful than here. Not much of a chance to save that kind of money on a cabby's pay though.”

I promise to take the best possible care of Brandon, and love him for the rest of our lives.” replied Jorreb.

Don't give up on your dreams Mick.” said Brandon. “Mine have come true, and yours can someday too.”

As soon as Jorreb and Brandon were on board the ship, Jay got Jorreb out of his make-up. Then Jorreb made a final check of the ship, before he and Brandon went to the engineering section to prepare for take off. The sun was setting past the horizon as Jarron and the bridge crew lifted the ship from the vacant lot. Forty five minutes into the flight, Jarron summoned Brandon to the bridge.

Brandon, we're approaching Harper's Ferry now.” said Jarron. “I need you to take a seat beside Killen, and guide us to your uncle's home.”

Brandon sat next to Killen, and looked into the monitor. The equipment on board Jarron's ship could make the image on the monitor appear as clear as daylight, even though it was now fairly dark outside. Brandon spotted the Potomac River, then got a reading on the distance from Harper's Ferry.

A few minutes later, Brandon pointed to a spot on the monitor and said, “That's it Killen. There's my uncle's house, and there's a nice large clearing between it and the river. We should be fine setting down there.”

Killen navigated the ship to the spot Brandon had pointed out, as Jarron prepared the ship to land. Inside his house, Henry could hear a bit of turbulence in the air outside. When his two Beagles began barking from their spot near the back porch, Henry looked out the window. He couldn't see anything, but it was very dark outside. The dogs were now barking like mad, as Henry grabbed his shotgun and went out to the back porch. He was expecting his nephew Brandon that evening, but he had been looking for Brandon and his friends to pull into the drive that led to his house. When Henry stepped out onto the back porch, the turbulence in the air stopped, and the dogs stopped barking as well. Henry thought he heard some kind of noise from between the house and the river, but he couldn't be sure. Then the dogs started barking again, as a figure began to emerge from the darkness of the back yard.

Who's out there?” called out Henry. “I got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it! Besides, I'm expecting company any minute now!”

You aren't going to shoot me, are you Uncle Henry?” replied Brandon. “Is that Winkin and Blinkin barking at me? The last time I saw them, they were just pups!”

Yeah, that's them, all grown up now.” smiled Henry, as he could finally see Brandon clearly. “It looks like my favorite nephew has as well! How did you guys get back there though? I was keeping a pretty close eye out on the drive.”

I can explain that.” replied Brandon, who moved closer to the barking dogs. “Don't you guys remember me?” asked Brandon. At that point, the dogs barking changed from protective to excited. Brandon laughed as he bent over to pet the tops of their heads.

Yep, they remember you!” laughed Henry. “Now, how did you get back there, and where are your friends?”

I'll introduce them one at a time.” replied Brandon. “You have to keep an open mind about my friends though Uncle Henry.”

I know you and understand you better than your own parents do Bran.” said Henry. “Of course I'll keep an open mind. Are they all drag queens or something?”

Not exactly.” chuckled Brandon. “First is Jay. He's from a little further south of here, but his friends wanted to see New York City.”

Jay then stepped out of the shadows, and shook hands with Henry. That would be the last hand Henry would shake that night without being in a complete state of shock. As Brandon called everyone else off, they came closer to the light from the house to meet Henry.

Next is Jay's mate, Jarron.” said Brandon. After that is Jarron's brother, and my soon to be mate, Jorreb. Then there is our navigations officer Killen, our communications officer Lorram, and our medical officer Morren.”

Henry shook each of their hands with his eyes popping out of their sockets, and unable to speak. Brandon snickered softly a few times during the brief introductions.

The reason you didn't see us coming in, is because we came in on Jarron's star explorer.” said Brandon, as he tried not to giggle. “Please don't worry either Uncle Henry. Jarron and his people are very friendly people. They're so friendly that I'm going to be Jorreb's mate. They're here on a very peaceful mission, but one that requires that they keep their identity and presence a secret for now.”

I... I... I... knew it!” exclaimed Henry, as he finally regained the ability to speak. “This is the real deal, isn't it?!”

Let's go inside and talk, and I'll tell you about our home planet of Marissa.” smiled Jarron.

In the full light of the living room, Henry could see his new guests much better. He knew the skin of Brandon's friends could not be faked, at least not outside of Hollywood. “You really have a spaceship parked in my back yard, don't you?” asked Henry.

We needed a place close to Washington, and big enough to land.” replied Jarron. “It also had to be remote enough to be secure, and you were the first person Brandon thought of. I hope this isn't an imposition on you.”

No, just a tremendous shock!” replied Henry. “I knew that Brandon was likely to meet some unusual people in New York, but I never though he would meet people from another planet!”

I think you would like our planet.” said Jarron. “Marissa looks a lot like Earth, except much more advanced, and not tainted by the pollution that now affects the appearance of everything on your planet. That's why some of us on the Planetary Council want them to reconsider examining Earth for possible first contact. Your people are a lot like us physically, and could be in other aspects too, with a little help. We want to help your planet while there is still time for it to recover. We have actually been studying Earth for years.”

What about Roswell?” asked Henry, his interest now incredibly peaked.

Yes, that would have been our friends the Aerithians.” replied Jarron. “We told them not to get too close to the planet, and they went and crashed a ship here. They aren't exactly the brightest species out there, but they are also very friendly, although a bit too inquisitive.”

Our Air Force has probably tracked you here.” said Henry. “What do we do when they show up?”

They couldn't have tracked us coming in.” replied Jarron. “My ship was cloaked when we left New York, and it will remain that way until we are finished here. Your Air Force won't be showing up here.”

Is there any way I could see it?” asked Henry, with a twinkle in his eyes.

I can give you a tour of the inside of it tomorrow.” replied Jarron. “I can't chance lowering the cloak though, so I'm afraid I can't show you what it looks like from the outside. I think Brandon wants a chance to visit his favorite uncle anyway, before we go into Washington.”

The men sat around talking well into the night. Henry's wildest fantasies were now true, and he couldn't hear enough about life in space, and on other planets. Then it finally came time to turn in for the night.

Well, I have three spare bedrooms, and each one has a king size bed.” said Henry. “I suppose two of those will go to Jay and Jarron, and Bran and Jorreb. That will only leave on more spare bed, for two more of you. The couch here is pretty comfortable, unless someone wants to bunk with me.”

Morren saw Killen and Lorram grin at each other, so he said, “I think it would be nice to share the bed with an Earth male.”

Okay then, I guess everyone is set.” replied Henry, as his breath shallowed slightly.

Then Brandon went to Henry, and gave his uncle a sweet and loving kiss on his lips. “Thank you for everything Uncle Henry.” said Brandon, as he broke the kiss. “You showed me how I should live my life, and taught me what love was suppose to be about. Now I have the chance to use what you taught me when I was growing into a man. I hope I can show you things this week that you've only had fantasies about before.”

I did a good job of turning you into a fine young man that summer too.” smiled Henry. “I can see the love you and your mate have for each other, and it makes me proud and happy to have you as my nephew.”

Thanks again Uncle.” replied Brandon. “Now, I don't think Morren has a mate, if you want to see if he might like to have some fun!”

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