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Chapter 1: The Beginning


Alaska, the frozen tundra known for pipelines upon pipelines of oil; Alaska, known for political figures whose beliefs have caused the state more pain then help; Alaska, the place where very little is known, except by its residents. Kevin knew more than his share of secrets even if he hadn't lived there more than ten or so years; but tonight was a mystery to him, as most nights are. His rust topped head was gently perched on a pillow, given to him by the owners of the establishment. His taut muscled body rested on a cot as hard as a slab of concrete, except for the occasional spring stabbing his back.

Kevin's blue eyes shot instantly open, waking him out of his not so restful sleep. The gun polished gray walls were ablaze with activity, the blaring red siren cascaded across its sleek surface. The painful blare reverberated against his skin. He knew his time was now. His eyes crackled with arcs of electricity as he raised his fist to the siren. A massive white bolt of electricity shot out of his knuckles and plunged into the noisy alarm. One second is all it took, and then the noise ended within his room.

With a smile, Kevin lowered his arm. He knew they couldn't do anything now.


A man dressed in black ran down the corridors with his white lab coat trailing him, billowing in his wake. The clicking of his steel toed boots echoed across the white tiled walls and floor as he went. Everyone scuttled out of his way, they knew who he was, and they wouldn't ask questions. The soldiers were busily running in circles, trying to make sense of the sirens; only he knew the truth, those buffoons knew nothing.

He slowed to a jog as he approached a black door with a key card access entry. Reaching into his pocket he found what he was looking for and brought the key to the door. After a quick "whoosh" sound, the door slid into the wall and he was allowed in.

"Who escaped?" was angrily bored into the man's head. "Which one!?" His assailant was nowhere in sight. The room was in complete darkness.

"It was the time bender Sir!" groaned the man in pain, "We thought he was under control. Apparently he wasn't." The man was hunched on the floor gripping onto each side of his head, howling in pain.

"That, Dr. Richards, is the last mistake you shall make."


The white washed walls were blurring by as he ran. He knew his time was up. Tim couldn't help but trap himself in his own thoughts. He knew he needed to find some sort of weapon or the others, but how was he going to do that? Tim's mind kept wandering around in circles as he anxiously twisted his head in each direction. His strained, jet black eyes were starting to tear up. "Okay Tim... what would Rachel do?" he asked out loud. He laughed as he thought about her disapproving glare at him whenever he cried. How she would put one of her arms on her hips and pout her lips, stomping the ground with one of her long ballerina legs. "She'd first off smack your head in for crying. Other than that, she'd fight her way out of this." He sighed at his lack of combat skills.

After standing in the hallway for several minutes he decided to go to the left. As he walked, Tim reflected on how he ended up in this situation, and how he had escaped. He started to think about how he would release all the others, but all he could think about was how little he knew except with time.

He decided it would be best to just walk down the halls for now. It never helped to stay in one place for too long. It doesn't matter if anyone can see you or not; he thought it best to get moving.


"That was way too easy! " Kevin thought to himself. Stepping out of his room, Kevin heard a crack and a groan as he stepped on the door to his room. He knew people were under there, he just didn't care as they deserved it. "And that leaves Rachel..." Kevin ran to his left. Electricity crackled around him as he ran. Glass shattered in his wake, as darkness soon followed. The white hot wisps of energy flaring around him were enough light. He didn't need the annoying buzzing of the florescent bulbs above.


The sirens were ear splittingly loud. It was a good thing Xy didn't hear them, but his guards were very frightened that he would. Both of them unlocked his door and stepped in with shaking tazers drawn in each hand: all the staff was frightened of this 16 year old boy, and with good reason. Both of the guards stared at the blue haired, Asian boy sleeping in the corner of the room, on the lumpy cot they knew he had killed to get. Xy was so little and fragile looking you'd swear he was cute. The guards knew better; this little boy was their tormenter.

Xy could feel the vibrations and was pretending to be asleep on his cot. He knew two men just entered his room as he could smell their fear.

"Did he just move his leg!" whispered the first guard in such a panic that he almost released the tazer on the boy. His eyes grew twice their size as he stared at the tiny boy. The slight muscles were evident through his tattered clothing.

"Oh god, can we leave? Please?" the second guard whimpered and started to cry. He was shaking to a point that he actually bit his tongue.

The blood was not missed by Xy; he licked his lips and he smiled against the wall as his hardness grew. No one knew that Xy could hear but him; he loved to make his victims scream.

Xy decided that he had enough of playing possum. He sat up and smiled evilly at the two guards. "Hello. Have you come to play?" he said in the sweetest most childish voice possible. The guards both pulled the triggers of their tazers instantly but missing their marks.

The guards were too slow. Xy laughed as his eyes turned from a deep neon blue, to a hazel. He knelt down to the first guard and whispered in his dying ear, "I would never have known freedom without your help. Thanks." Laughing, he stuck his tongue out and licked from the guard's lips to his forehead. "Oh the sweet taste of fear, I love it." His eyes turned a deep blue once more and the guard screamed in pain. "Now tell me where the others are being held."

Xy's cock stiffened as the guard whimpered in pain. "I don't no! E ere ent ere oo atch ou! [I don't Know! We were sent to watch you!]" The guard cried as he spasmed in pain. He heard a crack and felt his hands go numb. The guard screamed and Xy looked at the guard with a lusting hate. " I fware! I fware I mow moffing! [I swear! I swear I know nothing!]"

"I'll be the judge of that." With a twist of his hand, Xy made the guard scream yet again. "Now tell me my dearest; where are my friends?"

"I onwy mow won efcapthed! Vath all I mow! [I only know one escaped! That's all I know!]" Xy brought his mouth to the man's quivering, blood stained lips, and kissed his mouth gently.

"Do you know who escaped?" he whispered, exhaling his breath into the terrified guard's mouth. "No?" Xy scrunched his smile into a frown. "Too bad, I could have used someone to... help me with a problem." Within seconds, the guard crumpled to the ground. "How `bout you? Do you know anything?" The second guard wet himself.


Wandering the halls was getting Tim nowhere. His thoughts were darkening and he was beginning to get lonesome for the others. His black eyes were tearing up again. "Xy, where are you?" he asked out loud. The people around him couldn't hear him anyways. "I know you'll save me. I just know it." Tim started to cry harder. "What have I gotten myself into?" Tim's jet black eyes faded to a white color with just the black pupils remaining. "What have I done?" He crouched down, gripped his knees; gently he started to rock back and forth. Then he heard the alarm, got up and ran.


Kevin struck like a silent shadow. The only sound of his arrival was of shattering glass. Kevin knew he had to be quick. He reached down and sent another bolt of electricity to the door in front of him strong enough to kill an elephant in its tracks. The door remained standing.

"Can I help you?" Came a voice over Kevin's shoulder. Kevin turned with full malice at the offender.

"Xy?" Kevin asked with a smile starting to form on his face. Kevin looked at the small boy in front of him, barely able to contain his joy. This blue haired boy was his best bet at escaping this place.

"What? Who did you expect, one of them guards? So what'cha doing way over here?" With an obviously flamboyant flair of gestures, Xy raised his hand. The door in front of Kevin suddenly opened. A man in a white lab coat was sweating profusely as he tried to move. The man started to scream. "Shut up! Can't you see I'm catching up with a dear friend?" Xy moved his pointer finger in a straight line and instantly the man stopped screaming.

"Man that always creeps me out." The man dressed in the white lab coat started to claw at his throat and mouth, trying desperately to make himself speak. Tears were streaming down his face freely.

"But you still love me." Falling forward onto Kevin, Xy gripped onto Kevin's arm. They both entered the room that was previously inaccessible.

"What would happen if I said I loved you like a brother?" Xy moved his wrist in a circular motion. A scream was heard behind them.

"I might have to kill you. Who knows?"

Xy reached across Kevin's chest and squeezed his nose gently. "Anyways, you're not my type."

"Then who is?"

"A man I can put fear into."

Kevin burst out laughing as Xy grabbed his arm. "It figures. You of all people would be into that kind of thing."

"Damn right I am!"

Kevin and Xy made their way into the room. Kevin noticed how they didn't run into any scientists. He soon got his answer as Xy said to him gently, "Mind the woman in front of you. Please step over her." As Xy warned, a woman was laying crumpled up on the floor. Kevin and Xy both stepped gracefully over the dead corpse. Now nothing was in their way. They would soon know where the others were.


The strobe light of the alarm was not missed by the occupant of room number 321. She was awake before she could hear the blaring siren; she knew it was going to go off. Her pale skin was almost translucent in the dark room, her eyes sparkled as she saw someone she recognized run down the hallway. "Tim!" she cried out to the running figure. He stopped, looked around in confusion, then a smile crept onto his face.

"Sara?" the boy whispered back. "I was trying to find everyone. Thank god I found you!"

"No Tim, I found you."

Tim looked into the cell seeing the familiar form of Sara sitting on her cot. Her long silver hair messed about, hiding her eyes from view. "Did you find anyone else?" He was scared that he had gotten them all in trouble. He wanted them safe. At least he and Sara were fine.

"Yes. Only you and I are what fate permitted to meet." Her head tilted down. "Now open this cell so we can be free."

"Who are we?"

"It is you and I, I and you. Together we shall walk as if time were our slave." As she was talking, Tim's eyes changed from their hazy white, to a deep, jet black: the bars disintegrated.

"Then you know what I did then?" Her smile was seen behind her shimmering silver hair.

"Yes. The acid worked wonders."


After looking at the computer screen for some time, both Kevin and Xy decided it was for the best. "Just grab what you can. You know we'll need it." Kevin looked at Xy and smiled as Xy left his side to gather up what he could.

"How are we gonna get it out of here though? Isn't this something Rachel or Drew could easily do?" Kevin sighed at the suggestion and clamped his palm on his forehead, roughly bringing it down his face.

"You're right, Kevin. But we need to find them." Xy's smile covered his entire face. "I can't wait to talk to muscle-head about this!" Xy started to jump up and down from excitement, giggling and thinking about how he could kill more guards.

"I knew you'd like the prospect of freeing them." Kevin looked at the younger boy and started to giggle at his antics. "You and your playthings."

"I guess you know what makes me tick."

"I think everyone does. You know how the guards look at you."


Sara grasped onto Tim's sweaty hand with both of hers. "I had a vision you'd be here. Now to answer the next enigma in my dream." Bowing down she gently kissed Tim's ghostly white hand, rubbing her thumb of both hands across his life line. The palm was a place of power. "We must act now. The call is being placed. We must not tarry. We are expected."

"Sara, what are you talking about?" Tim was confused; his white eyes were staring at her like she was crazy.

"I'm sure you've felt his presence! He is everywhere. Escape is our only option." Sara's face turned a grizzly pale; she dropped Tim's hand and screamed. "We must leave! Now!"

"Who is he; and what about the others?" Tim knew to trust Sara. He knew she wouldn't lie.

"If we don't leave now, our fate will be like theirs." Tears started to stream down her face.

"Sara! What do you mean? What's going to happen?"

"Death. I can only see death."

Tim paled. "Can we save them?"

Sara sniffed back a torrent of tears. "Just you. Time is of the essence. You and I, I and you are to remain as six. Five is the number that will strive. The rest shall perish. Choose only those that can fight, for he shall be merciless." Sara's eyes twinkled from behind her messy silver hair. "You are the only one to free us all."

"What can I do?" Tim was starting to cry. He felt that this was because of him fending off Dr. Richards from taking his blood.

"Time is of the essence." Sara repeated back almost parrot like.

"What do you mean?"

"You and I, I and you remain as six. Five is the number that will strive.

The rest shall..." but before Sara could finish her prediction again she was cut off by Tim.

"I know that! But what can I do?" Tim was starting to get very frustrated with his friend. Then he started to think about her words. "I get it. Time is of the essence." His white eyes changed from their white to a jet black shade. "Now what do we do?"

"Look there." Sara pointed behind Tim, she wasn't very happy at what she saw. "He comes forth. His anger is building."

Tim turned his body to look at what was behind him. All he could see was an empty hall. "Higher." Tim looked harder. Perched between the ceiling and the wall he spotted a security camera. "Time is of the essence." Now he got it. Time really was of the essence.

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