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Chapter 2: The Gathering

Two attendants sat calmly behind the controls in security room B. Their badges stated they were security, but they haven't yet been given anything to prove their position. They sat behind the monitors, drinking their steaming hot coffees and playing their usual game of cards. Once in a while the office's door would slide open with a `whoosh' and one of their bosses would ask if anything interesting was happening. As usual, they'd answer no.

Today was a different case. First, none of their bosses showed up on their usual hour or so to check up on them and second the monitors were going out one by one. Some kind of electrical interference was destroying their hardware.

When the two attendants looked at the screens, they spotted a boy appear out of nowhere, get up from the ground and start running. The attendants followed the boy as best they could while phoning their superior. When they finally reached one of their commanding officers the boy had reached a restricted area cell.

"Keep watching the boy." A gruff voice commanded from the other end of the phone line. "I'm on my way down."



Tim didn't like the idea of leaving anybody behind, but Sara was never wrong. It was either some escaped or none escaped. So he thought long and hard about who he should take with him. Sara was a given, and so was he. "Sara, can you give me any advice as to who I should take with me?" Tim's face was strained and started to hurt from thinking as hard as he was.

"Time is of the essence." She repeated back to Tim.

"I know that! Can you tell me something else? It's not like you're making the decision easier for me! I'm leaving people to die!"

"Time is of the essence. " Sara repeated again, adding at the last moment, "If we do not make haste soon. None shall thrive. All will perish in the pits of despair."


Tim roughly grabbed Sara's arm, pulling her back to reality. "Then I think we should start moving." Then he thought for a second. "Do you know where Rachel's being kept?" A smile crept onto Sara's face.

"Yes. I do."


Xy held his hands like a puppeteer would. Several soldiers followed besides him, sweating in fear, shooting at anything passing by. A smile was painted on the small boys face as he danced down the halls. Kevin watched, laughing at the morbid show Xy was putting up. Xy was lost in the chaos, spinning in circles. Kevin knew Xy couldn't help himself. Kevin really didn't have to do anything; Xy had enough soldiers under his control that Kevin could just follow along, zapping the leftovers with his outstretched, glowing tentacles of white hot electricity. Kevin knew the boy was insane, but he'd rather have Xy with him then against him. What good would electricity do against someone who can control everything in the human body?

Xy bounced down the halls, singing to himself a made up song about nothing in particular. The soldiers following him were crying and pleading for him to release them and Kevin followed as tentacles of white heat stuck out of his body, striking the lights with a crash and the walls leaving ashy residue on the pristine white tiled surface. The whole affair wasn't missed by the residents of the rooms they passed. Those who came out of their rooms usually did not survive the parading makeshift army. Every now and then Xy would add another soldier to his growing army of forced soldiers, with a simple order and a complex hand gesture.

"You! Over here. Now!" Xy chose the soldiers he thought needed the most breaking. He wanted to put fear into them. Xy wanted them to beg for release. The begging only made him harder


"What are they doing?" asked a very disturbed general. "Why are my men marching down the halls?" the man was upset he was called from his home. He wasn't expecting to come into the base today. "Who is that kid in front of them? Is he... is he dancing in circles?" the general found the situation a little humorous, but still disturbing. Why were his men marching down the halls of this military base, shooting at people? And why was this kid there?

"We are trying to figure out who that boy is. As far as we know he is..." one of the security attendants of security room B answered before the monitor went black. "What the?"

"It happened again!" the other attendant stated, with a mixture of shock and excitement. "That has been happening all day. What do you think it means General West?"

"I think it means that we don't know what's really happening here. Who is that kid?" General West knew his suspicions were correct. He had been feeling them for a long time. It started with that girl in room 321.

"As far as we know, he is an intruder. I've never seen him before." the first attendant added.

"I seriously doubt that. How could a teenage boy break into a military base?" The general ran his fingers through his goatee while he thought for a second. "I think there have been things done behind my back." He got up from his swivel chair and pressed a button beside the door. The door slid into the wall "I'm going to investigate."

"We'll be here." the second attendant answered with a salute. General West left the office briskly. When the door slid back into place the second attendant spoke to the first. "We should inform the master of West's treachery."

"Agreed" came the response.


"What is it?" Tim's voice was full of concern. Sara stopped walking and started to mumble to herself in unintelligible speech. "What did you see?"

"Time has shifted." Her arms moved out to either side of her body. "To the West and the intention of salvation; he seeks the blue haired demon of death; his fate is ours." Sara's arms bent at the elbow as she moved her hands in front of her silver haired face. "The shadow does not watch the army of the dead."

"Sara? Does this mean we have to rescue Xy?" Tim was confused. If anyone didn't need rescuing it was Xy.

"Walk the path of darkness." Sara then pointed behind them.

"The path of darkness?" Tim was getting very frustrated with his friend yet again. "What path of darkness?"

"Walk the path of darkness." Sara repeated and continued pointing. She started to slowly walk away from Tim. Tim followed.

"Show me this path of darkness" he commanded from behind her.

"Very well." Sara walked faster, lowering her arm.


General West was surprised at how dark the complex was. As soon as he turned the corner from security room B, he found it impossible to travel. Luckily, he kept a flash light on his car's key chain.

Glass was everywhere. He found himself stepping on it as he walked down the corridors. His civilian shoes weren't as durable as his military issued boots, and General West knew that. He tried as hard as he could to avoid the glass, but it always seemed to crunch under his sneakers. West didn't know why all the lights were now broken into pieces on the ground; he just knew it was better to reach the end of this darkness as soon as possible.

The key chain light only showed so much. After a while, General West decided that it was best to run one of his hands on the wall as he walked. He felt bullet holes, burn marks and pieces of missing tiles in the wall as he went. The occasional corpse was felt by his feet. "What happened here?" he thought to himself. He knew that kid had something to do with this. That blue haired kid.

The general kept walking down the corridors. He kept to the dark winding halls. Whenever he saw a light off to his right or to his left, he avoided it. The dark would lead him to the blue haired teenager. That boy held the answers to his questions.


Tim followed behind Sara silently for a good while. It felt like hours to him. She was still in her trance and he started to hum to himself to pass the time. He had no idea where they were going and no way to tell which way they came from. Sara led them into a hall that was plunged into darkness. As soon as they entered, Sara stopped moving and held her hand out for him to take.

"You will lose your way; I am your guide." was the only thing she said for a supposed eternity to Tim. She refused to move until Tim took her hand. When he did, she started to move into the darkness without warning causing Tim to trip over himself.

Several times Tim tried to start up a conversation with Sara; every time was met with silence. Tim's only options were to start talking to himself, or to hum; he chose the saner of the options.

Just when Tim thought he was getting a good tune going, he slammed right into Sara's back. In the darkness, he couldn't see anything; he didn't understand why they had stopped. "Sara, why have we stopped?"

"To the west, the left is not far. Look for the key of light." As emotionless as everything else she had been saying lately, this was no exception. It was more of a statement than anything else.

"What? Sara, why have we stopped?" Her answer didn't make him happy.

"To the west, the left is not far. Look for the key of light." She repeated. She raised her hand and pointed to a small beckon of light ahead on the wall.

"Sara, why can't you just tell me what you are seeing?" Tim screamed at his counterpart. He grabbed onto her arm a started to pull her along, but she refused to budge. "I'm not leaving you here. I'll never find you again!"

"Time is of the essence." She repeated, yet again. Then it dawned on Tim. His eyes shifted from their dark jet black to a white with a small pupil in the middle.

"Better?" and he pulled her arm as he walked towards the tiny dot of light on the wall; Sara didn't answer, but she did follow.


Nothing made sense to General West. The more he thought of the blue haired boy, the more troubling the scenario became. How did the boy get into a secure military complex? Why were soldiers seen following behind him? How did these hallways end up so war torn?

"You know the answer." a young girl's voice interrupted his thoughts. He recognized the voice, he'd heard it before. "When the puppet is a man; the octopus; the elemental; the blue haired devil; the horseman of famine; the clock keeper; the Gypsy and the maiden of death: They shall rise as a free people. The puppet shall no longer be ignored. He shall be the keeper for man's destiny."


General West paled. He never thought he'd hear the girl from room 321 again. He only saw her once, but he never forgot her voice.

"Where are you? I did what you told me to. I did it right when you said for me to." The General was afraid the girl was here because he didn't look into one of the files she said for him to, as carefully as it needed to be. All the files she brought up were military secrets, he had no clue how she knew, but all the people found guilty were, in fact, innocent. It was easy to see, and with very little work. All it took was opening the cases again with another set of eyes. "I looked into every one of the files."

"Time is of the essence" was all she responded with to the General.

"What do you mean by that, Sara?" General West did not recognize this voice. It sounded like a boy's voice but curiously the voice had two qualities to it.


"Who else is here?" The general took his key chain light and shined it all around him trying to find the owner of the voice.

"Sara here has been leading me to you. I'm guessing you are important in our escape from here." As the male voice started to respond, West found a face with his small flashlight. It was a slightly balding head of dirty blond hair. The boy's eyes were entirely black. "Do you know anything about what is going on here?"

"I thought I did." West was puzzled. So many children running around in a military base, it was a little hard for him to think that he was being kept in the loop. "But now I'm having my doubts."

"The West of salvation: His fate is ours." Sara stated. Both men looked at her in confusion. Tim didn't understand why she kept predicting in riddles. General West wasn't sure why she said his name.

"Sara, you are really frustrating me. Just tell us what you mean. You keep saying west. Who is this west?" Tim was near the point of reverting to a fetal position on the floor. He had enough from the day to last a life time.

"I can answer that. I am the Commanding officer of this military base. My name is Commander Jonathan West. Everyone calls me West, even my wife." West made to shake Tim's hand, but the boy stared at the older man with confusion. "I... uh...umm. What is your name then, since you now know mine?" Tim looked as if his jaw hit the floor.

"Umm... my name is Timothy Grout." Tim looked at West in hatred. "Were you the one who ordered to kidnap me in the middle of the night? I would suppose you'd never have seen me if it were your choice." Sara moved between the men and put her hands, palm side up, on either one of their chests.

"We must make haste... The West of salvation; his fate is ours. Time is of the essence. You and I, I and you are to remain as six. The West is to be seven. Five is the number that will strive. The rest shall perish. From the ashes they shall rise. One by one they will join us: We are Interweapon." Sara spoke in an unearthly voice. Her eyes shone from behind her silver hair in a bright white light. The beams of light lit up the entire hallway for both Tim and West to see.

Bodies were littered everywhere. Bullet holes and burn marks littered the walls. Huge chunks were missing from entire sections of the ceiling, found on the ground or crumbled into dust. The once antiseptic white walls now were dead and barren. The entire hall was visibly dead. When Sara was done with her prediction, the blindingly bright light subsided.

"Does she always do that?" the General was afraid. The hallway now made him uneasy to stand in. Whatever did this was very powerful and very dangerous. He had no intentions of upsetting it.

"Not that I'm aware of. " Tim then thought for a moment. "She usually doesn't make a prediction that lasts for hours. I guess I don't know her that well either."

"Tim, it's okay if I call you Tim isn't it?" the General looked at Tim questioningly. Tim nodded and General West continued his question. "What do you think caused this?" West was afraid of the answer. He was almost one hundred percent positive that this hallway was somehow connected to the blue haired boy. But how?

"It's not a matter of a what, but of a who." Tim looked at the General in the eyes. "I'm sure the person who did this goes by the name of Xy. He is very powerful, and believe me when I tell you this; you would rather be with him then against him." Tim wondered for a second if these hallways were really the work of Xy. Sure, Xy could do so much more damage; but both Rachel and Drew could have done just as much or more.

"Who is Xy?"

"Xy, or as he is known in China, Xi-Wang, is a 16 year old boy. He has the reputation of being the resident demon to this base. I'm not sure if I know all he is capable of, but he can heal anything and anyone who is in need. Also he has complete and utter control of the living body. He can snap your spinal cord if he wants to, or make you his puppet." Tim looked vehemently at the paling General. "I'm not sure how much you know, but obviously we need you to escape. I want to make one thing clear. If you try anything, even the slightest thing to upset anyone of us I shall personally kill you. Is that clear?" The general nodded his head quickly. "Good." Tim was pleased that the man couldn't see his bluff. Tim knew he couldn't lift a finger against him but this man sure didn't know.

"Just one thing, Tim." The General was very curious. "Are all of you like this? I mean, are all of you special?" West wanted to know what this young man could do. "And if so what can you do?"

"That's more than one thing General West. But I will answer them." Tim laughed as he spoke. He was making an impression on the good General and he knew it. "All my friends are... talented, we were all brought here for that reason." Tim brought his hands to his face, pointing to his eyes. "I technically do not exist. My eyes have no color, they never have. But then again, time is like putty for me." West looked confused, and that made Tim smile. "I control every aspect of time; anything is possible."

"But that's not possible!" the General was rethinking everything he was ever taught.

"Is this hall possible?" Tim was amused.

"We must make haste! Time is of the essence." Sara commented from out of nowhere.

"Time is already stopped. What do you mean?" Sara reached over and fidgeted with Tim's mouth, playing with his lips as he talked.

"Shhhh... He approaches. The time to escape draws near. We must make haste!" Her words were final. She grabbed onto both Tim and General West's arms and dragged them forward.


Security room B had been the focal point of many calls for the past hour or so. Both of its attendants were readily putting the callers on hold and answering the calls one by one. After the wave of calls, the attendants decided to call the highest ranking member on the base. All that anyone knew of him was that you did not disturb him unless it was important. His name was never said, he was only referred to as "Master." He liked the name, and no one seemed to be bothered by it outwardly, so it stuck.

"I understand." The first attendant was watching anxiously as the second attendant was talking on the phone to their "Master". "I agree." Huge lapses of time went by where the second attended didn't say anything. All the first attendant could hear from his end was a few "I understand", "I agree", and the rare, "sure". It wasn't until the conversation was over that the first attendant knew what the master said.

"The master told me that he is glad we are faithful. He told me he will reward us greatly for our loyalty." The first attendant beamed at what the second attendant just told him. "The master has let us leave for the rest of the day, with full day's pay. He wants to take care of this situation personally. He expects us to be gone by the time he arrives. Tomorrow he will discuss our reward with us." Both attendants were radiating happiness. As they left security room B, they felt a cold draft enter the room. Neither one of them thought anything of it. They just hustled to the complex's exit faster. If it's going to be cold inside and outside, they didn't want to be involved.


The harder he tried, the more it seemed the room itself was against him. He raised his almost florescent green glowing hands in the air again. As he was lowering his arms, he heard hundreds of boots marching on the tile outside his door. It surprised him how he could hear boots over the loud siren emanating from the surrounding area. Drew pushed his hands against the door that locked him in his current room. He knew he was never the best at bending metal, but what other choices did he have? With all his energy he pushed the glowing energy from his hands into the door. Again, nothing happened. He hoped he could at least make a small hole. Before Drew could dwell further, he heard shots being fired from outside his door. Drew was curious as to what was happening out there. More shots were fired. It sounded like a war was going on. Drew crept back to his hard, lumpy cot in the corner of his room. He sat down on it, causing some of the springs to angrily stab him in the rear. Drew thought about it: He wanted to escape, but he didn't want to do it in a hostile atmosphere. "If they're killing each other, that's their business. I'm too young to die." He smiled to himself. "God is the only one who can judge them now." He decided to lie down again. He put his head of dark red hair on his pillow, while gripping his left arm with his right hand. A cross was tattooed just above where he held his hand. The cross was just an outline of a design; its colors looked like they faded into Drew's light mocha skin.

The shooting was getting closer. Drew was a little worried about how safe he was in his room. His hand resting under his tattoo started to glow green. The tattoo disappeared. Instead, small grains of finely ground powder found their way into his glowing hand.

"Drew?" a familiar voice asked from the other side of the door. Drew's heart skipped a beat. He knew that voice. "Drew, if you're behind the door, I'd move. We're busting you out of here." Drew sat up and smiled.

Light crackled from below the door. Drew knew instantly that his guess was right. A loud boom echoed into drew's room. The door went flying off to the other side of the room. Drew got up off the bed; his hand still glowing a bright green, and flung himself at the man who opened his door.

"Thank you Kevin. I've been trying to do that for hours."

"You're welcome." Kevin beamed at the overly muscled Latino man who was holding him. "Xy is over there if you want to thank him too." Kevin had to use all of his strength to pry the man off of him. He then looked into his eyes and asked very seriously. "Is that all the Earth you have?"

"Yeah. This is it."

"Then I guess we need to find you some more." Kevin patted Drew on the back, leading him through the cluster of soldiers gathered around. "Xy wants to talk to you. As you can tell, he has been busy." Kevin and Drew both laughed.


When the attendants left security room B, they made sure to keep all the lights and monitors up and on for the master to see. The master was very pleased at this small attempt at kindness. Dr. Richards was never one to do such things. He was the kind of man who ran around in circles, behind people's backs and in front of their faces in order to obtain knowledge that would better suit him. The master was pleased with what happened to his head scientist. He didn't need any more egos to stroke besides his own, and the master always felt threatened by simple people trying to outdo him. The master was very pleased. He was happy to see that the psychic's prediction about him coming to power had been correct, so far. She was his most prized trophy. It was upsetting to find that she had escaped, but the master knew her prediction by heart.

"Tremble. The God cometh from the hallowed halls of time itself. The proud name born upon his forehead begineth anew. The master awaits the call. Swift is the time when power shall rise. From the ashes of those he burned, the master, the god, the shadow of all, brings life. All will bow to his excellence, all will serve. The parting sorrow leaves the child homeless. The son of the master, the son of darkness: He is the fire. He is the Flesh as bone is to the tormenter."


Whenever he thought of the little girls words, he smiled. She never seemed to be able to answer questions about the prophesy; it was like she was a different person with a different voice and different eyes. The master knew she was talking about the now. The thought of ruling over the world brought him a bigger smile.



After countless attempts to make the silver haired girl talk, both General West and Tim gave up. The General was happier knowing that he had company. It was also an added comfort to him that Sara wanted him joining their party. It meant, to him, that he had protection; that these two powerful youths would be willing to help him find the blue haired boy.

Tim thought very differently. He wasn't entirely convinced that the General was someone they should be dragging along, but Sara made it perfectly clear that she trusted him and wanted West for the journey. Tim wanted to ask the General more questions, but whenever he opened his mouth to ask them they seemed to disappear into the dark nothingness surrounding them.

Both men were still gripped at the arm by Sara. She made no move to release them. Her vice-like grip in the beginning hurt but after a while the pain subsided. Tim and West got used to the feeling.

"Tim." West started to say in his gruff voice. "I'm not sure what's happening, but I'm willing to tell you everything I know. It seems that I was kept out of the loop. I'm sorry about what has happened to you and your friends, and I'm sorry Sara that you're here as well." The General tried to look at Tim, but Sara was blocking his view. "Let me start by saying I'm supposed to be the highest ranking official on this base. Nothing was supposed to happen without my permission." West sighed deeply. "Apparently I didn't look into what was really going on at this base. If I looked a little deeper, I would have seen what was going on." Tim walked silently beside Sara, listening to every word the General was saying. "I just want to know. Did the scientists here do any type of experiments on you or your friends?" The General was holding back tears. He felt he let down his country, and in the worst way possible.

"Yes they did." Tim decided this would be the best time to start talking. Tim still wasn't sure if he could trust this man. "Part of the reason why I escaped today was because the head scientist of this facility said he was going to take some of my blood. There was a small cart his assistant rolled in that was covered with a sheet. I heard from Xy about them cutting off his fingers and toes: I panicked." The General was horrified to hear that these children were being experimented on.

"I swear I'll kill that man! Cutting bits and pieces off of children?"

"He has been eradicated." Sara's unearthly voice penetrated the darkness and interrupted the ramblings of General West.


"How has he been eradicated?" Asked the General.

"He has been eradicated." Sara repeated back.

"You won't get an answer like that. In the past I've waited until she has come out of her "Psychic Mode". Tim looked at Sara as he responded to West's question. "But it seems like she won't come to for a long time."

"Do you know where we are going Tim?" The General didn't like traveling without his eyes. He wanted to know where and when they would reach their destination.

"I have no clue. Try asking Sara. I probably have heard her answer, but give it a shot. The worst that could happen is she'll repeat something back we've heard before." Tim wanted out of the darkness just as bad as West did. He was about to ask Sara until the commander brought it up.

"Sara." West felt strange talking to the girl. He felt like she was more of machine then a human. "Where are you taking us? When will we get there?" Sara's response was instantaneous. Her head turned to the General. West thought this was a bit odd, since she was still leading them to their destination, obviously she didn't need to see to know where she was going.

"The one who asks knows the answer, or will know it soon enough. The light, the earth, the blood; the blue haired demon and the elemental wait. The octopus follows in their wake."


West was listening intently to what she had to say. One part of what she said made him curious. He decided to ask Tim what it meant. "Tim, I saw a blue haired boy on the security monitors followed by many of my soldiers. Do you know who this boy is? Do you think this boy is the one Sara is talking about?"

"Xy has blue hair. I'm guessing he is acting as a puppeteer to the soldiers that were following him." From hearing the General's questions, Tim instantly understood where Sara was taking them. Tim's face had the biggest smile stretched on it.

"So that means the security attendants knew." West was angry. The entire facility was playing him for a fool. "They tried to stop me from finding your friend. SHIT! If I only knew!" West pulled both his hands into tight fists. His knuckles started to turn a pale white.

"The blue haired devil awaits your coming." Sara stated from out of nowhere. She continued to walk forward, dragging the two men with her. They both were confused at her prediction, until a very small light appeared on the horizon. Both men instantly got excited at the prospect of leaving the dark.

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