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_ _ _ _



Chapter 7: The Arrival

Both people, if you could call them people, were different from anything that the escapees had ever seen. Their height was one thing; they were tall, about as tall as a star basketball player. Saying "skinny as a stick" was correct in this circumstance, because both were so thin that a person could wrap a hand completely around their torso and still, they would have room to move around. Neither was wearing a shred of clothing, and from the looks of it, they had no sexual organs. Their skin was a deep mahogany color and from random points, knots formed and it seemed like branches grew.


"W..w..What are you?!" Tim asked from behind Kevin. He was shaking from the cold and from fear, now. He was the first out of his friends to recover from the initial shock of seeing these two figures before them.


"We is not meaning hurt." One of the tree looking people responded. "We to show way." Both of the trees turned around with a surprising amount of agility and walked with amazing ease forward. When they noticed that no one was following them, one of the trees turned around and gestured again for the escapees to follow. "We no hurt! Follow."


"W...who are you?" asked West from the back of the group, stuttering slightly as he rubbed his arms forcefully with his big, calloused hands.


"We people!" announced one of the very thin trees excitedly


The other one finished the statement with the, quickly growing old statement of "We no hurt!" It flailed its hands in front of its body in a sign of submission. "We show way. Follow."


Both trees looked on at the group of people before them with pleading eyes and added at the same time " We make safe. No hurt if come with us!" One of the tree people reached a gnarled arm to the group and smiled.

Kevin took the hand of the strange creature into his and shook it cautiously. "We'll follow, but only if you promise to take us to Les." Kevin looked at his companions to see they were all in agreement.

The tree person that was holding onto Kevin's hand looked down in confusion. "We no no what it mean." The tree person took its other hand and quickly scratched its hand to its chin. "I give special word, I give word of bond! No can break such word!"

The other tree person looked at the speaking tree in utter shock. "Dan'chu! Gftht `thr serca. No qopuire! [ Dan'chu! You/they ask for much. Use brain!]The group of people looked up at the talking trees in confusion.

Dan'chu responded to the other tree person in the same strange language, "Toi vinik kvarta brusee! [I/me to do what want/wish/need.]

The other tree person glared at Dan'chu. "Gft Brusee kvarta fer tvbat brusee'es!" [You/ they want/wish/need what an/a weed want/wish/need's!]

Kevin saw the hostility in the other trees actions at what was offered to him, he decided to act quickly. "Excuse me," Kevin interrupted, and both tree people looked at him. "But what was just offered to me?"

Dan'chu smiled and answered. "I is giving these warm bloods me. You bond to me, I bond to you." Dan'chu got down on his knees and looked kindly into Kevin's eyes and continued. "We be brothers." Dan'chu smiled with both his deep set mouth and his deep green eyes.

Kevin was shocked at the gesture. "I just wanted a promise." Then Kevin thought to explain the word. "A promise is when two people... they umm... they give their word about not doing anything different then what they said." Kevin looked back at his friends and each of them looked at him like he gave a good definition.

Both the tree people, however, were completely confused. The unnamed tree spoke first. "But me no got no word to give!" The tree looked entirely crestfallen, as if the task Kevin was asking was completely impossible.

"Where we get words?" Dan'chu asked out of nowhere, bouncing about excitedly, ready to do anything to gain trust.

Kevin palmed his face. "No. That's not what I meant. "

Sara spoke out from behind Kevin with another definition. "A promise is saying you're going to make sure what you promised happens." Sara had a light, friendly smile hidden behind her silver hair. "Like if I promised to be both your friends, I would be making sure that we would become friends." Sara giggled softly after she finished her explanation.

A look of understanding crossed both of the creature's faces. They both smiled, and a sigh was released from the unnamed tree's mouth. "I is promising." It said as it too reached down and shook hands with Kevin like Dan'chu before it.

"Me promising too!" Dan'chu announced with a contented look on his face.

The group of humans followed the trees, but couldn't help but think of them as very large children. Every now and then, Sara described a definition of a word foreign to the giant tree people.

_ _ _ _


Sapphira was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She palmed her forehead in frustration for the billionth time, looking at the short, cloaked woman that she arrived with in utter disbelief. "Okay, Hel, We're here." She started off saying in a tone displaying all of her emotions. "I'm sorry we were delayed from our return trip to the council, but this is important. Please... Please Hel. Can you just be a representative without taking any sides?"


The small cloaked woman looked up at the tall, plump Sapphira and scowled. "You are asking a high council member of the Harbinger Council to ignore a problematic situation?!" Hel's eyes glowed through the shadow of her covered face. "You know as well as I do that the old one, blessed be he, created the races present to protect such an atrocity from happening! We are to stop this, my friend."


Sapphira groaned in annoyance and disbelief from her companions rational. Ever since she and her two companions began traveling to see the seedlings, Sapphira has been bombarded by way too many religious arguments to count from Hel.


Sapphira knew that Hel was a kind being, but she held the desaw high in regards. "Hel, I'm going to say this to you one time. If you cause any trouble here, I'm personally going to kill you."


A soft hissing was heard off to Sapphira's side, it was like the sound a teapot would give if it were laughing. "I'd help you thapphira." The hissing came from a green skinned man standing next to sapphire. He was tall, but not too tall. He was roughly the height above what a human male would consider average. Scales covered his entire body, and a slightly forked tongue exited his mouth as he talked. The man oozed confidence and a sense of humor. "Thiss bitch here won't thtop [stop] bitch'in bout religion." A wide smile crept across his face, showing a toothless smile.

Hel stomped her foot on the ground and stopped walking. "Shut up!"She pointed at both her companions. "The old one sees all, and you two are not considered just in his eyes. "

"Who ith [is] conthidered [considered] jusst in hiss eyes?" The green skinned man began to say while shrugging. Both he and Sapphira stopped walking and turned around to look at Hel. "I'm jusst asss much full of thin [sin] asss you. What makes you have tho [so] much less thin [sin] then me?"

Out of nowhere, Sapphira brought one of her big blue fingers up to the man's mouth and glared at Hel."Sa, Hel... can you two please shut up! The seedlings are talking to me, and I don't want to miss anything!"

Sapphira closed her eyes and listened to what the six voices had to say. "Another party of representatives has arrived. Show them, as well to where we rest. Make sure the harbinger is willing, she will be harder to convince then her two comrades."

Sapphira opened her eyes slowly and smiled a wicked smile. "I have news, my friends." She turned first to the man revealed now as Sa. "A Wood sprite is coming to guide us to the seedlings nest. There are apparently six of them, please go wait for them over..." Sapphira turned in a 180 degree spin. And pointed to a spot now in front of her. "there!"

As Sa ran off to greet the soon arriving wood sprites, Sapphira turned to her other companion. "Hel, honey. We need to talk." Sapphira walked closer to her friend. "And Hel, this isn't going to be a pleasant conversation.

_ _ _ _

"If you can't tell us who Les is, then can you please tell us what you are?" Kevin asked the wood creatures that they were now following.


"We tell who Les is." One of the tree people responded with a bit of annoyance on the edge of its voice. "Les brother!"


Kevin, Tim and Rachel had been trying to talk to these wood people for a while now. It felt like whenever they talked to these beings a child would talk out of their massive bodies. Kevin was the only one out of the three that wasn't beyond frustrated to try his hardest to gather information.


"We show way!" Dan'chu almost yelled.


"We show way." The first tree person said in an agreeable tone.


Rachel had to stop herself from screaming out that she knew this already. It felt like they had been following these things for days instead of hours. They kept repeating the same things over and over. "God I want to strangle them!" she mumbled to herself.


Tim overheard her and laughed a stress filled laugh. "I hear you! I've had enough!" He whispered back to a stunned Rachel.

"We close!"Dan'chu exicedly said out of nowhere. "Les there, we go there!" The tree person pointed forward, looking like it was about to jump up and down. It's massive body quivering with anticipation of what was near.

"Just show us, please." Rachel sighed.

"Me show, me show, me show!" Dan'chu said while actually jumping up and down. "ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW!!!" It screamed. The ground started to shake with each landing from the trees huge feet.

"FINE!!" Ari screamed from out of nowhere. "Show us the damn way you clumsy tree!" All the other people in the party stared open mouthed at Ari. They were all annoyed, but none of them were about to lash out at the, seemingly harmless creatures. "Just fuck off!"

"Xy, shut him up. Don't do anything else, just shut him up." Kevin ordered the youngest boy in the group. Xy smiled at the chance to punish the man he disliked.

With a twist of his wrist and a few fingers moving in a circle, Ari stopped talking mid sentence."I don't understand why I ha..." Ari moved both of his ands quickly to his throat and grasped madly,glaring the whole time at Xy.

Dan'chu had no clue what Ari had said. He was so excited at the possibility of showing his new `friends' to the others that he just kept on jumping up and down in glee and shouting, "ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW!" The other tree person was glaring at Dan'chu and mumbling to itself. It was not pleased with the way Dan'chu was handling itself in front of guests.

"You can show us." Said a very annoyed Commander West with a hand covering either ear.

With a last "ME SHOW!" excitedly shouted out by Dan'chu, the odd group slowly started their journey forward. With the exception of Dan'chu, who skipped further ahead, stopped, looked back and wondered why no one else was following him as closely.

Sara giggled at every one of Dan'chus antics. She already decided that the two of them would be friends, no matter what happened.

_ _ _ _

The warmth was a refreshing change for the arriving diplomats. Sixteen people making such a treacherous journey at a moments notice was unheard of during this season, but the De'snu'ki delegation succeeded without any problems. This was quite an accomplishment for such an accident prone people; trust usually made them lose a member on the way.


"Well hello!" a very pleasant, childish voice was suddenly implemented into all sixteen diplomats heads at once. "Your arrival means that the new race will stumble across us very shortly. Do stay out of the way, my brothers and sisters have pondered... "


The voice grew silent for a brief moment, and then a more feminine voice took up where the last one left off. "... That if you all stand over there... "A picture of a certain tree with rocks scattered around it popped into all sixteen of the De'snu'ki's heads. "Right where we showed you... it's behind you if you look."

All De'snu'ki looked behind them and instantly saw the place they were directed to. "I'm glad you see it. I'd move now." A third voice stated coldly in a very childish tone, the most masculine so far. The De'snu'ki didn't question; they knew to trust the seedlings when they predicted the future.

_ _ _ _


Very little snow was covering anything. This was something all of the escapees were noticing as they walked deeper into the forest. The air was warmer, no more chattering teeth; everyone was thrilled at the sudden, unexpected change in temperature. Icy water dripped from the branches of the trees far above, and puddles were a common sight to see on their journey; grass was even sighted in frequency.


Drew felt at peace in the unusual setting of winter. The sight of rocks and greenery put him at ease. Winter usually caused a deep depression in him. Seeing the Earth was covered and full of death just made him feel miserable. This was a change he welcomed.


The warmth of the forest brought a small skip to Drew's step and a wide grin to his face. The floral aroma that seemed to get stronger the closer the rag tag group got, excited him. Drew felt the rays of the sun through the trees on his light cappuccino skin and couldn't help a bliss filled, happy sigh.

"What is it" asked Commander West who was walking right besides Drew.

Drew turned his head and looked at the Commander and smiled wider. "Nothing. It's... It's just been so long since I've been home."

West looked at Drew in confusion. "How are you at home?" West exclaimed with his arms waving about enthusiastically. "I mean... I thought you all were kidnapped..."

"I was... but I'm now home." Drew gave a deep sigh and began explaining. "I feel the most alive and happy when I'm connected to natural life, like a forest." Understanding crossed The Commander's face.

Meanwhile, in front of the two compatriots, Rachel and Kevin were busily taking out their aggression of their guides with each other verbally, whispering their annoyances ;with Tim sometimes putting his two cents in on the issue.

Xy was in high spirits. He was practically glowing from what he recently was "allowed to do" to Ari. A smug smile spread across his face and he was seen dancing, skipping and twirling down the path behind the tree people he was following. His three puppets, Bob, Tom and Rob, were even allowed to talk to one another; showing how happy Xy really was.

Bob, Tom and Rob talked back and forth about various things, mostly about how concerned they were for their lives. Bob and Rob would never see their children and wives again, and both of them expressed their feelings on this. Tom was worried that his boyfriend would forget about him, but he kept this information to himself.

Sara skipped along to the paces of everyone else, smiling gently: occasionally giggling to herself. Her silver hair swayed in the soft, cold breeze. Her eyes were like headlights behind a thick layer of f, as it guided her past her hair and towards the objective the rest of the group was heading.

"We are here." a soft timid voice said quite plainly from Sara's mouth, but she continued to skip. Everyone stopped and stared at her as she passed them, even the tree people. "They are expecting us. Just two more skips..." and with those skips, Sara stopped moving. Everyone else moved quickly to catch up.

_ _ _ _


The fire pit jumped up into the sky, raining down embers of the once dull, happy flames that once were gently lapping away at sticks and twigs surrounded by the safety of rocks. Dawson ran and ducked for cover just in time, receiving a tinge of cinders snagging on his prized white trench coat. His brown eyes hovered over the unfolding scene, raining down from above.


Dawson saw what he was looking for and responded. "Flaym!?" From where Dawson was hiding, behind a giant boulder, he screamed. By the commotion he heard from the other side of the blazing inferno, the others must have woken up he reasoned.

"Is it your brothers again!?" an all-knowing voice came from beyond the fire. Instantly the inferno settled.

As the flames were completely dying down, a short portly, red man stood in its place. "No Reya... Seedlings..." He stated with an edge of hatred. "And... and one of THEM!" the man emphasized the last word with a snarl while clenching his fists.

Dawson stepped from behind his hiding place and made his way over to, the now non-existent, fire-pit. Where the tents once stood now stood ash. A man dressed in raggedy, burnt blue clothing was starting to get to his feet, and a burnt frazzled man got up from where it seemed was under this blue clothed man.

"Always true till the end Dath?" Dawson smiled as he asked his question, and so did the man in blue rags.

"I would never let anyone suffer, not even for a moment. " in a playful tone, Dath spoke his usual silky smooth tone making Dawson's dead heart beat in his chest.

"Sounds like you." Dawson let out a small chuckle. "So, who are these people that Flaym is talking about?"

"Flaym has had dealings with the Harbinger council," Dath started. "He's not... well, let's just say he isn't that fond of them. Let's listen in to what he's telling Reya, shall we?" Holding out his arm, Dath offered it to Dawson.


"We shall." Dawson interlaced his arm into Dath's, and they walked to the fire pit to listen in. Standing next to the small round man was now a very pretty, long silver haired woman. Her hair reached down to her knees, and besides having a raggedy dress, that was burnt and falling off of her, she was perfect.


"...are you sure?" the woman asked.


"I would not be mistaken." The small man responded with fluid motions of his hands waving about spastically.


"And how do you inturrpet it, Flaym?" The woman wiped a lost strand of hair out of her face.


"A new race will be born tonight." Flaym stared at the woman with wide eyes. " But I gather you knew that otherwise we wouldn't be here..." he trailed off at the end of his sentence as he spotted the two new arrivals.


"Yes." A small smile crept on the woman's face. "I knew, but then again... When do the Korin not know such things?"


Flaym made a bow, touching his face to the ground. "I apologize my lady."Standing back up the small man continued, "Sometimes I forget what someone like you can... accomplish. Again, my apologies, Reya."


"So... what now?" Dath spoke out from behind Reya.


Making a complete three hundred and sixty degree turn on her heels, Reya turned to face her young protégée "We travel to where the seedlings call home. " Pulling up her dress skirt, she started to walk briskfully in the direction needed, then stopped abruptly. "I mean that we would leave now." She then turned to Dath once more and asked. "Dathamour, dear...Do please invite Harris for the ride."

_ _ _ _

Slight drip drops of melting ice coated tree branches could be heard from the lush meadows nearby. The soft purr of the night gave comfort to the grass; it also gave comfort to the lazy flowers getting ready for sleep, all except for one. Wide eyed and full of insomnia, Herbeax watched on as his brother's slept. He knew, somehow, that something was going to happen tonight, something he couldn't turn away from: Something that might make it impossible to see his brothers again.

Staring at both of them with his dark green eyes, he watched them resting on their designated bed of leaves, sleeping restfully. Herbeax debates on what his fate would be. "No one knows what the future may bring... but... maybe the seedlings and them alone." he uncertainly started a conversation with himself. "Maybe I should pay them a visit and ask them a few questions about my concerns..."

Making his mind up, Herbeax stands from in between both his brother's sleeping forms resting in the tall grass and brushes off the dirt clinging to his nude, exposed rear end. "I have this nagging feeling that I'm supposed to travel with others..." he started to mumble to himself in a deep, yet childish drawl. "Hmmmm..." Herbeax let one hand glide down to his dangling, plainly visible lower regions to adjust himself. "Why is the number seven so important right now? Is that the number of other people I'm supposed to bring with?"

While grumbling to himself, Herbeax found himself walking unconsciously towards his next goal. Well, more tripping over it, as he soon found the hard truth of paying attention to where you're going is highly advisable. His foot made contact with a warm, soft obstruction, which made Herbeax tumble forward, losing his balance into the tall grass and, once more, end up on the dirt covered ground. All Herbeax had to say about the incident was a small grunt of pain. The thing that tripped him, however, had a lot more to offer.

"Hey watch it! Can't a guy get some sleep around here?" The obstruction was in fact an average height guy with bland hair, dotted with black spots. He was as clothed as Herbeax, and was busily rubbing where Herbeax's foot made contact with him. "I'm just minding my own business, dreaming about David Bowie. DAVID BOWIE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! And you had to wake me up... LIKE... THAT!!!"

"MotasMotasMotasMotasMotas...I had no idea." Herbeax started, flailing his arms about franticly in front of him while scurrying about trying to get to his feet once more. "I'm sorry, I was preoccupied in my thoughts... it'll never happen again."

"It better not..." Motas jumped to his feet like a trained acrobat and offered a hand to the downed, sprawling Herbeax. "I don't bite." Cautiously herbeax accepted the hand and was pulled to his feet. Both men brushed the dirt off of their naked bodies' unbashfully. "So... what brings you out to my neighborhood?"

"You know... I'm really not sure..." Herbeax stopped talking for a second, then his dark emerald eyes lit up. "Actually, Motas... Are you willing to go see the seedlings with me and six others from our meadows?"


Unable to hold it in, Motas broke out in laughter. "You can't be serious! C'mon... I mean, sure I'm up to it, but why?"


"I don't really know why...and I'm very serious." Herbeax's face turned a very pale shade of white and his green eyes glazed over in a blank emotionless stare, both were, of course, instantly noticed by Motas.


"What?" Motas asked Herbeax with concern. Not receiving an answer, Motas grabbed Herbeax's shoulders and shook him very gently. " Herbeax, what is it?!"


The glazed look disappeared from the green eyed boy. And he responded simply "I feel we don't have that much time left."


"Time before what?"


"Time before he chooses his council." Herbeax's eyes started to tear up, and his lips started to bleed.


"Wait! Who is this guy?" Motas was starting to become fearful of this boy in front of him, but he believed him, strangely.


"I can only hear the name `The Master'." Herbeaxs lips started to bleed harder, but he was clueless to the crimson liquid flowing from his mouth. "Motas... Motas I'm scared. We have to see the Seedlings." Motas launched forward and held onto Herbeax, who was shaking and spilling blood all over his chest.


"It's okay Herbeax. I'll help you get there." As an afterthought, Motas added, "Who else is supposed to come?"


"I'm not completely sure," Herbeax's teeth chattered violently together. "But I think...I think Scurro...Doux...and..oh no wait... Bianca, Amare, Jardin D and De Jour. Again I'm not completely sure..." Motas gave Herbeax a big squeeze and distanced the boy to arms length, locking his dark yellow eyes onto Herbeax's green ones.


"I'm going to go gather them. If you want to stay here it's fine with me." Herbeax tilted his head down to the ground when Motas mentioned he was leaving. Motas brought his hand to the boys chin and held Herbeax's head up. "I mean it when I say I'm coming with you. I am. Now... are we going to go get these guys, or am I going to go get them?"


Herbeax smiled. "You're not going to get rid of me that easily.


_ _ _ _

"We are impressed young sage." Many voices said at the same time in all the present company's heads. "We thought that we would have to instruct you to come further before we would meet one such as yourself." The many voices stopped talking for the briefest of moments and one of the many took over for the whole.

"We were wrong, of course." A smile was hinted in the tone of the obviously childish and shrill feminine voice. "You all have exceeded the expectations we have anticipated."

Where the last voice left off, another took over with a deep, but yet again, childish voice. This time it was full of masculinity. "The only problem we face tonight is... when will you be introduced to your known, but unknown friends?" Those assembled looked at one another in confusion, unsure on how to ask a question.

A third voice spoke up with an almost baby quality to its voice. "We will hear if you speak, and we will hear if you think, but if you speak, all can hear and all will understand the answer." Right as the mental voice finished a cacophony of noise erupted from the silence, all in the form of questions wanting to be answered. The two tree people covered their ears with their branch like arms due to the explosion of noise and quickly disappeared into the shadows of the forest.

"I assure you, most of your questions will be answered soon." A fourth voice added sounding sweet and innocent. "But let us welcome your uninvited guests. Rachel, Tim..." Both Rachel and Tim froze right there on the spot. They had no clue how the thing speaking to them in their heads knew their names. "You both have visitors, attached to your bodies." Sounding like it was yelling out into the deep nothingness of the forest the voice belched an ear-shattering phrase. "Come out, now!" Everyone the voices focused on, held their heads due to the throbbing the inner sound created..

Four shapes tumbled, as if out of nothingness, and rolled on the ground gripping their heads in pain, screaming the exact same words in unison. "Stop! Please for the love of god stop!" It wasn't until all four of them were openly crying that the noise in their heads ceased.

"Do they belong to you?" the first voice spoke once more. "Take a close look and see if you recognize them."

Rachel, Xy, Kevin, Sara, Tim, and Drew stepped forward to look at the crumpled figures before them lying in fetal positions each. Ari slumped backward only to be caught by a tree, huffing at not being able to state his displeasure at the time being.

Sara's eyes lit up like two beacons, shining from behind her thick massive hair. An unearthly voice issued out of her mouth as she looked at the people before her.

"The four to follow.

The four to come.

The four to witness and join.

The four to run.


We the people

The people are we.

They shall triumph.

And so shall we.


The Decollate, full of dread to come

The Innocent, to touch the ugly; making beauty from.

The Wild and untamed, with nothing to lose.

The Unnoticed, and unplanned. Visiting all, and seeing through.


The time ticks by.

The time ticks by.

Tick tock tick tock.

Tick tock times two.


The scars add up

Just like the assembled.

The Rain Maiden soon follows,

As does the Snake and Flower people.


Bite hard

Bite fast.

The hand bleeds too much.

But blood isn't the only thing to worry about.

The Master is coming." While Sara was saying what she was saying, Kevin burnt every word into the grass with electricity. He kept reading it over and over again, those close enough by him read over his shoulder, trying to figure out what the rhythmic puzzle meant. Finally he understood bits and pieces.

"I have to see the faces of these four." Kevin walked over to the closest of the crumpled and cowering cowering bodies and gently removed the person's hands from his face. "Dennim?!" he exclaimed when he uncovered the first person's face. "Is that really you?"

Dennim's eyes were tightly closed shut, and he was whimpering to himself prayers to Gods he didn't believe in; Up until the point that he heard a familiar voice. "O... M...G!" he pronounced each letter in disbelief with his valley girl/boy accent. He sat up straight and looked dead on into Kevin's eyes. Actually, when Kevin spoke Dennim's name out loud, the other three huddled bodies sat up and looked around to see familiar faces as well.

"These four belong to us." Kevin stated to no one in particular.

"Very well." The second voice told those present mentally. "The one like me and my siblings will lead you further. It won't be too much farther."

_ _ _ _

Lovely smells littered the night air. Lavender, rose, mint; just to name a few. Amare was used to the heavy, sweet smells of the meadows, but that didn't stop him from enjoying the wonderful fragrances it had to offer. Laying on his back, staring up into the starry night sky, he sighed to himself and wondered about the usual pre-sleep thoughts.

"So, what honors me with a visit from a friend at this hour?" diverting his eyes and thoughts to a nearby patch of tall grass, he spoke out in a non-threatening voice that still meant business.

Surprisingly enough, the grass responded to his question. "Just out for a stroll. Couldn't sleep."

A smile crept onto Amare's face; his rough features jumped out and looked almost beautiful when he smiled. "I'd never have thought you... You of all people Jardin D, would grace me with your presence. I feel so honored." While lying down, Amare gave a slight nod with his head.

"Oh shut it!" a man walked out of the tall grass looking very indecisive. Both he and Amare wore nothing, but the difference between Jardin D and Amare was obvious. If Amare was seen as beautiful, then Jardin D was seen as the most precious perfect work of art ever created. He was flawless, and absolutely radiating with a beautiful unearthly glow. He was a God among men.

"If that is what you wish." The smile never left Amare's face.

"It's exactly what I wish." A blank expression plastered Jardin's.

"So tell me Jardin, why did you really come here? We both know that your presence never graces me." Amare turned to his side, and stared into other man's deep blue eyes. Jardin's short orange, red, and purple tye dyed hair looked just right on him and made him look even more perfect.

"I was asked to bring you with me.. As a... as a personal favor for a friend."

"May I ask who?" Amare asked, crinkling one of his eyebrows as he spoke.


"And why?"

"Well, a group of us are... Well we're going to see the seedlings. And we want you to come with us." Jardin D started to twiddle his perfect fingers together as he explained.

"Hmmm... well... I've got nothing better to do. Why not." Amare started to stand and looked at Jardin D, waiting for a hand to help him up. He looked up instead and saw a confused expression on the man's face. "I really have nothing planned. I'm that easy to convince."

"I thought that... Oh never mind..." Jardin held out his hand and helped Amare to his feet.

"So where is it that we're meeting Motas?"

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1.       Harbinger Council – A governmental system put in place to watch over, judge, and police every creature on Earth. The Harbinger Council usually consists of 7 Harbinger Elders. There have been instances when only 5 Harbinger's are appointed, but 7 is the absolute maximum number of officials.


2.       Desaw – A fanatic religion created by a half insane professor of literature back in 167 b.c. This professor's name was Alfred W. Hildfeld. He was the first official born again Zombie. The Harbinger Council oversees his every religious babble as a set of laws.


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