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- Four -



Standing on the counter by the sink, I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. Or, more specifically, at the handkerchief wrapped around my body. A woman's handkerchief. The lavender flowers were a dead giveaway.

Gavin still thought my inability to be naked in front of him was just about the funniest thing ever. I really didn't understand his desire to see me without clothing. As I stared at my reflection, the man who stared back at me was just a normal, average guy. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Face-in-the-crowd features. I've never thought of myself as unattractive by any stretch, but there was nothing remarkable about me, either.

I eased the kerchief down to my hips and cinched it there. Did I look a little different? Probably my imagination, but my skin seemed a little healthier, my muscles a shade more defined.

"Still not dressed?"

I spun around, started to pull the kerchief up.

Gavin crossed the bathroom in two long strides and placed his hand over the both of mine, stopping my progress. "Don't you think that's getting a little old?" he asked, although he was grinning.

"You're probably right," I said, willing my body to relax. Today he was wearing a short sleeved, blue button down shirt that lovingly hugged every curve of muscle as it brought out the stunning color of his eyes. It was stupid to keep fighting this insane attraction I felt for him. We'd be having sex eventually. And although I still hadn't figured out the mechanics of that, he'd already told me I wouldn't have a choice.

He ran his knuckles down my bare chest, sending a shiver of pleasure through me. My response wasn't lost on him and he grinned, leaning forward so that his mouth just grazed mine. "Can I?"

It still threw me that after almost a week, Gavin always asked permission before kissing me. No idea why, but it was nice, you know? Like I still had some small amount of control over what happened to me. Even if that control was only an illusion.

I nodded. Yeah, I liked being able to say no. But I never did.

His lips were warm, slow as they caressed mine. His big hand slid around my waist, to the small of my back, and pulled me closer. It no longer felt at all strange, kissing him. Gavin asked at just about every opportunity, and we were quite familiar with each other now.

Too soon, he pulled back, but only slightly. "I'm going to miss this," he murmured, his breath hot against my cheek.

"Are you going somewhere?" I whispered, inhaling his scent. Then I pulled back as far as I could with his hand still on my back. "Wait, am I going somewhere?" Was I being sent home? Or someplace even stranger than here?

He chuckled and straightened away from me. "No, nothing like that."

"Then why--"

"Tell me why you're still wrapped in a handkerchief," he said, gently--but very firmly--changing the subject.

Knowing I couldn't possibly make Gavin tell me something he didn't want to share, I gave up and went along with the new conversation. "My clothes are drying."

He glanced at my scrubs, laid out flat on the counter. "You washed your clothes?"

"Gavin, I've been here five days. I'd been wearing them nonstop for two days before that. They were getting pretty rank, as I'm sure you've noticed."

His nose wrinkled briefly. "Yeah, well, I wasn't going to say anything..."

I laughed. "Gee. Thanks."

"I kept expecting you to just shed them. Go around naked."

"Why?" I frowned. "You don't."

"Yeah, but you're..." his voice trailed.

Over the past week, Gavin had proved to be such a likable young man that my own voice held no bitterness when I finished his sentence. "Just a toy?"

Looking uneasy, he offered a statement that I think was meant to comfort me. "A great toy. My best toy."

My emotions still cycled wildly. Although I was learning, I hadn't yet adjusted to my situation. "Of course you think I'm your best toy," I said, forcing a bittersweet smile. "I'm brand new."

A playful grin that I didn't quite understand shaped his mouth. "Trust me, Blake. You've been my favorite for a very long time."

I didn't understand that, either. And I was about to say so when he touched my scrubs. "Still damp. I'm thinking you don't want to put them on like this."

"What's the hurry?"

"Being dressed is important to you. Which means we need to get you something else to wear."

Excitement bubbled up inside of me-- not over the prospect of new clothes--but because I hadn't been out of Gavin's bedroom since my arrival. "And I get to go too?"

"Well sure. How else can I be certain what I get you fits?" He tugged at the handkerchief around my waist. "And I'm thinking you don't want to go out in my mother's handkerchief, either."

I tightened my hands on the cloth, but he was just playing with me. We both knew he could have me naked all the time if he wanted. "They'll probably be dry in an hour or so."

His mouth quirked. "You're the one who called me an impatient teenager, remember?"

Yes, I remembered. And given the fact that he obviously thought about sex as often--if not more so--as I did, it had been an unfair categorization. "I think I was wrong about that. I'm sorry."

Chuckling, he opened a drawer below the sink. "Don't be. It's true. And it'll get a lot worse really soon."

What did that mean? "What does that--"

"Ah, here it is." He pulled out a small, cordless hair dryer.

Totally losing my train of thought, I backed away. I'd seen that thing in action. It put out hurricane force winds with insanely hot air. He'd only used it once since my arrival: one morning when he'd been in a hurry. I'd been standing on the sink then, too, and I actually ducked and covered when he turned it on. "What are you going to do with that thing?"

"I'm going to dry your clothes with it, what else?"

I glanced at my scrubs. My favorite--my only--clothes. "Maybe patience is a virtue here. That thing might obliterate them."

He grinned. "It's not that bad, Blake. Now, stand back."

I walked to the other end of the sink, crouching by one of the water knobs as I watched.

His thumb flicked the switch and the hot air roared out of it, sent my clothes flying into the air. With lightning quick reflexes, he caught my scrubs in midair and held them in his hand while he dried them.

Incredible. Even hiding well away from that contraption, I could still feel waves of heat pouring out of the machine. And yet he had his hand directly under its source.

In seconds he flipped the switch again, extinguished the hand held hurricane. "There, all done."

I eased out from my hiding place. "Already?"

He handed them to me. "See for yourself."

Carefully, I took them out of his palm. Hot, but not uncomfortably so. Not much warmer than the toasted clothes you'd pull out of an Earth dryer. I pulled my shirt on. "Fits perfect, didn't shrink."

Grinning, he brushed two of his fingers over my hair. "Get dressed. I have a few things to take care of before we leave."

He may very well have had things to do, but I also got the impression that--even now--he was respecting my privacy.

Once he was gone, I let the handkerchief fall away from my hips and tugged on my boxer shorts and pants. They seemed to fit a little differently, but I couldn't put my finger on it...

Ah hell. Probably just because Gavin had cooked them just now.

A few minutes later he returned, sweeping me up and setting me on his shoulder. "You ready?"

Whistling, I looked at the ground so far below. Usually I had a bit of a thing about heights, but his shoulder was so broad and so thick that I didn't feel at all unsteady riding it. Still... I couldn't help being a little nervous.

Gavin turned his head. "You alright?"

"I'm fine. I'm good. Quite a view from up here."

His hand came up and covered my thighs. "You are fine, Blake. And the view is pretty good from here, too."

The last of the trepidation flowed out of my body as I felt the gentle strength of his hand on me. "Okay, let's go."

He opened the door and I saw the house I'd been living in for the first time. Like his bedroom, it really wasn't that different from an upperclass Earth house. More upscale than what I was used to. A few appliances I didn't recognize. But otherwise... not very alien-like at all. "Are your parents around? Will I get to meet them?"

He seemed to hesitate. "Ah, no. Tradition dictates that you won't meet them for another year."

I frowned. "Why?"

His answer was clipped, signaling the end of the discussion. "Gives us a chance to bond."

A long, brown tail caught my eye and I whipped my head around just in time to see a large four-legged animal slink off into another room. "Is that a--"

"Veda. Don't worry, they're good jumpers, but as long as you're on my shoulder he'll think you're an extension of me."

Unconsciously, my hand gripped a little harder on the trapezius muscle I was holding on to. "Good deal."

Gavin chuckled, opened the front door, and took me out into the Jascian world.

I noticed the smell first. Clean, like the water, like air was supposed to smell. Next was the sky. Bright, perfect blue. The lawn had the same vibrant color, only green. It was just a front yard. Nicer than any I'd seen, but still a front yard. Yet it felt like a piece of paradise.

"I was going to take the car, but that look on your face makes me think we should walk."

I glanced at him. "How far away is it?"

"Only about three tirnells."

My mouth quirked. "Means nothing to me."

His face grew thoughtful. "I never thought to convert your distances to a Jascian scale. But I know your concept of time pretty well, and it should take us a little over half an hour to get there."

"Half an hour? You don't mind walking so far?"

He grinned. "Do I look like I'm afraid of physical exertion, Blake?"

Good point. "Alright. Where, exactly, are we going?"

"Where else would we go to buy clothes for an Earther?" he asked, already on his way. "A toy store."

If this weren't my life, I'd be laughing my head off.

We passed by several houses like Gavin's. More perfectly manicured yards. Such an idyllic place. Was the entire world like this?

Then we passed through a set of tall, wrought-iron gates and I realized that it was not.

Suddenly we had entered a metropolis. Peppered with tall, elegant sky scrapers, as well as little shop-around-the-corner sort of stores. Cars and busses floated several inches above the ground as they zipped along the streets at speeds that made me dizzy. Maybe it was a good thing that Gavin had chosen not to drive.

My first impression of this city was of efficiency. Everything seemed to be designed perfectly, although I wasn't sure how the vehicles could take intersections and corners at break-neck speeds without the help of traffic lights.

And it was cleaner than any city I'd ever seen. Everything was bright, spotless. Although the air here had a slightly different scent than Gavin's neighborhood, it was every bit as fresh.

"What is this place called, Gavin? Or is it all..." I tried to break down the word. "Jascia?"

He laughed. "It's Jasc, which is the planet. This city is called Evoar. Our capital."

Gavin stepped onto a crowded sidewalk. People were rushing in both directions, but they parted before him as soon as he got close. And if they had their heads raised, they would immediately bow them when within a few yards of him.

"Why won't these people look at you?"

He cast a brief, disinterested glance at the swarm of people. "It's a sign of respect. They're not supposed to look an Alpha in the eye unless given permission."

I studied the people around us. They didn't look any different from Gavin, really. All about the same height. Some of the builds varied slightly, but they all seemed fit. "How can they tell you're an Alpha?"

"Right now, the big giveaway is the fact that you're on my shoulder. Only Alphas are allowed to have Earther toys. But soon enough, they'll be able to tell even when I'm without you."

Gavin had mentioned that he and Kieric weren't yet `fully matured.' Again I wondered just how big they would grow. "How many different kinds of Jascian people are there?"

"Just three. Alphas," he flashed a grin at me and winked, "Betas and Gammas."

I noticed Earther toys weren't anywhere on that list. "What's the difference?"

"Betas are a little smaller, they're very smart. They tend to be teachers, bookkeepers, that sort of thing. Gammas are not so smart, but bigger and stronger, so they take care of labor intensive jobs. And Alphas surpass both Beta and Gammas in all their best qualities."

Obvious from his tone that he was proud to be an Alpha. "So... Are Alphas ever friends with people from the other two classes?"

"Sometimes, I guess. Not often. Hard to be friends with someone who will never be your equal."

Ouch. That struck a personal chord in me, drove home the fact that I would always be just a toy to Gavin. "Do you have any friends who aren't Alphas?"

He turned his head. "Are you wanting to meet one of these people, Blake? Is that the reason for all these questions?" He paused on the sidewalk, and the traffic flowed around him. "You, Beta. Come here."

A brown haired woman paused, pointed to herself without looking up.

"Yes, you."

She approached, head bowed.

"You may meet my gaze."

So strange, to hear Gavin sounding so imperious.

The woman lifted her head, revealed warm--if worried--brown eyes. She was young, mid-twenties or so, but still older than Gavin. And yet she totally deferred to his authority. "Yes, sir?"

Gavin gestured to me. "My Earther toy was curious as to what it's like to have a conversation with a Beta."

Her gaze shifted to me, grew curious as she nodded her head. "Hello. I am Eyana. What's your name?"

I started to lean forward, and Gavin's big hand covered my thighs protectively. "Nice to meet you, Eyana. I'm Blake."

She ventured a step closer. "I've never seen an Earther in person before. At first glance, your physiology seems very similar to ours, only on a smaller scale. Fascinating."

The fact that she hadn't used the term `toy' had already endeared her to me. "I feel the same way about you guys."

Eyana smiled. "I've always been curious about--"

"That will be all, Beta." Gavin's face was tight, hard. "You may be on your way now."

She faltered, then bowed her head. "Yes, sir."

When she started to leave, I lowered my voice and spoke into Gavin's ear. "Why were you so rude to her?"

He looked at me in genuine confusion. "I wasn't rude. We're on our way to the toy store, and she most likely has an appointment to keep."

I glanced at Eyana, who was beginning to move away from us.

"Did you like her?" asked Gavin.

Truthfully, in those few moments I felt I had a better chance to be friends with her than I did with Gavin. "Yeah."

Gavin sighed, then raised his voice. "Beta! Return."

"You can't use her name?" I whispered.

Surprise flickered across his face. "Her name? Why?"

Eyana obeyed the command. "Yes, sir?"

"Apparently my toy likes you. How many free days do you have in a week?"

"Three, sir."

"Three? You must be intelligent, even for a Beta."

Her cheeks colored. "Thank you, sir."

"I start university in a week. Do you think you can spare one of your free days to keep my toy company?"

A babysitter? "Gavin--"

I could tell he was getting frustrated. "What? You said you liked her. I'm trying to do something nice for you."

That gruff attempt at affection, it healed my bruised ego, made me smile. "Maybe you should ask if she wants to be with me once a week."

His frown deepened, as did his confusion. "Why--"

"I would love to keep him company, sir," Eyana said eagerly.

"Very well, Beta... Eyana."

I covered my mouth to stifle a grin.

Gavin removed an object from his pocket. It looked like a PDA, but obviously far more advanced. "Alright, starting the week after next, you will stop by every Idia."

My mouth still covered, I whispered, "How about working a `please' in there?"

He shot me a look, telling me that was just too far. Then he held his device out to Eyana. "Give me your information."

Eyana pressed her thumb to the corner of the screen, and the machine made a series of soft sounds.

"I will contact you with the time and address." He returned it to his pocket. "Now you may leave."

She waved at me, bowed her head, and left us.

"You happy now, Blake? Got yourself a little playmate."

I caressed the curve of his ear. "If we weren't in public, I'd kiss you."

His face softened, released the last of his frustration and confusion. "Go ahead."

"You wouldn't be embarrassed?"

He pointed to an alleyway not far from us. "Look there."

I followed his finger, and my eyes rounded when I saw two people, all but naked, having sex against the wall. A few passing people glanced their way, but no one seemed at all surprised by it.

"Our culture is a little different from yours when it comes to sex, Blake. If we feel the urge, we simply indulge."

I couldn't tear my gaze away from the couple. This was going to take some getting used to. Especially for me. The perennial prude.

Gavin swept me off his shoulder, brought his face close to mine as he easily held me in the crook of his arm. "Can I?"

My voice stuck in my throat, and his dark eyebrows drew together. But he didn't seem angry. Just concerned.

"Focus on my eyes. Remember how much you like my mouth."

Those cobalt eyes deepened, soothed me, aroused me. Soon I had no problem nodding my head.

He grinned, took my mouth. I forgot about everything, everyone, but him.

When he straightened, he didn't return me to his shoulder. Instead, he held me in the curve of his arm as he continued on his way.

I didn't argue. Being pressed against those hard pecs of his, being able to hear the strong, steady beat of his heart... It was a thrill. A thrill that only lasted a few minutes.

"We're here, Blake."

Almost disappointed, I glanced up. An old fashioned storefront. There was a sign hanging above the door, with the name of the establishment written in elegant silver letters I couldn't read.

"What does the sign say?"

"Jovin's Toy Shop."

I sighed and Gavin chuckled as he carried me inside.

The place was filled with clothes and various accessories. It looked like a doll store... without the dolls.

I suppose that's where I came in.

A young man with blonde hair and golden eyes glanced up and grinned broadly before hurrying around the glass counter. "Gav!"

Gavin stopped short and then raised his free hand to clasp the other boy's. "Lucas? What are you doing here?"

He laughed. "Believe it or not, I'm working here now."

"You're kidding. You lose a bet or something?"

Lucas shrugged, the power of his delts perfectly evident, even beneath the burgundy dress shirt he wore. "My dad has all these weird ideas about building character. He thinks I should learn more about how the world works. Meaning, sadly, a job."

Gavin grinned broadly. "But doesn't a Beta own this store?"

"Yeah, his name is Jovin."

He raised an eyebrow. "And exactly how does that work?"

His golden eyes sparkled with mischief. "He doesn't know I'm an Alpha."

The sound that came out of Gavin was a cross between a groan and a chuckle. "Lucas, you're crazy. You know that, right?"

"Of course I do." He winked. "The great thing is, he has the biggest crush on me. He won't move on it, though. He's one of those weird Betas who thinks he's taking advantage if he hits on an employee."

The same sound again. "Crazy as a veda with its tail caught in the door."

Lucas laughed and glanced at me. "This your toy?"


He strode behind the chest-high counter with the same grace Gavin possessed. "Well set him here," he said, rapping his knuckles on the glass. "I'll show you how good I am at this job."

Gavin shook his head and gently placed me on the counter. I looked down, at the row of clothing underneath me.

"He's kinda small, isn't he? I mean, Kieric's is much bigger. And even Soria's toy is taller."

Gavin ran his knuckles down my back, making me glance up. "Yeah, I guess he's a little small. But, trust me, I wouldn't trade him for anything."

"Sounds like you're well on your way to a healthy bond."

He grinned fondly at me before looking up at Lucas. "It's been a lot of fun so far. When do you get yours?"

"Two days. Looking forward to it."

"Cool. You'll have a blast. I'm sure of it."

"So what're you here for?"

His hand continued to stroke my back. "I'd like to get a few new outfits."

"A few? Not wasting any time spoiling him, are you?"

I stared up at him. "Gavin, I don't need--"

"He deserves it."

My lips parted. What had I done to deserve anything?

Lucas surveyed me critically. "I don't know, Gav. He may need a special fit, and those are more expensive."

"So get him a special fit."

"Alright," he said, biting on his lower lip. "First thing I should do--"

A door behind the counter opened and a brown haired man who was Lucas's height came in. "Lucas, the inventory needs to be updated..." He spotted Gavin and instantly bowed his head. "Hello, sir. I hadn't realized we had a customer."

"You may meet my gaze, Beta."

He lifted his head. "Thank you, sir." He had an air of maturity about him, which made me think he was closer to my age than the boys', but he looked so vibrant and healthy that it was hard to tell for sure.

"Hey, Jovin," said Lucas. "I think this toy needs to be measured so we can custom make some clothes for him."

He turned to look at me, smiling warmly. "Ah, a rather small one here."

God knows how many light years away from home, and I still had to listen to comments about my height. "Apparently."

"My name is Jovin. What is yours?"

Only the second Jascian I'd met who actually seemed interested in knowing it. Maybe Betas were just more friendly. "Blake."

He held out his hand and I shook his finger. "Nice to meet you. Well, Blake, it has been a while since I've had a toy your size in my shop, but I think I may have some things in the backroom."

Lucas jerked his thumb at the door Jovin had emerged from. "You mean that shelf in the very back? I can go and get it."

Jovin laid a hand on his shoulder. "No, no. I can do it. You tend to your customer." His hand lingered just a moment too long before he left the main room again.

Lucas grinned at Gavin. "See what I mean? He's so hot for me."

Gavin laughed. "Yeah, it's pretty obvious."

"I'm going to use him when I transition. Can you imagine the look on his face?"

The humor left his expression. "You're going to use him to transition? A Beta?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"Lucas... if you want to use a lesser, you'd be better off with a Gamma."

Easy enough to understand what `lesser' meant, but what did they mean by `transition'?

Lucas waved him off. "You worry too much, Gavin. I'll be fine."

Jovin returned with a large black case. "Let's see how you like these, shall we?" He set the case on the counter and opened it up. "There, now. Do you see anything you like?"

I leaned over the case and found a wide variety of clothing. "They all seem very nice."

"You should try them on."

My head shot up. "Try them on? Here?"

Gavin gave me a nudge. "That's why I brought you, remember? To make sure whatever we get fits?"

I glanced around at the three men surrounding me, knowing that they made sense, but unable to quell my growing panic.

Jovin's understanding voice eased through my tension. "A shy one, yes? Don't worry." He bent to remove a folding screen from the bottom shelf and then set it around me. "There you go. Never let it be said that I am not sensitive to my customers."

He considered me the customer? Maybe a toy store wasn't such a bad idea, after all. I tried on a pair of gray slacks. Two sizes too big. I shed them in favor of a pair of black ones, and they fit perfectly. After trying on three shirts, I found a forest green, crew necked sweater that fit perfectly. "I think I found something."

I heard Gavin's easy laughter. "Can I see it?"

Pushing one section of the partition aside, I walked into the open and stood before the trio of giants.

Gavin's laughter faded and his blue eyes actually sparked.

"N-No good?" I asked, stepping back.

His hand slid behind me, stopping my escape. Then his fingers traveled to the hem of my sweater, tugging lightly. "It's very, very good."

The husky tone warmed my body. "Alright. I'll go with this, then."

He grinned. "We will take this," he said, gently pushing me back behind the screen. "But you'll choose at least 2 more outfits."

Uselessly I fought his hand. "But... I got the impression that these clothes are expensive."

He closed the partition around me. "Don't worry about the money, Blake."

So it was that I left Jovin's Toy Shop with three shirts--one sweater, one t-shirt, and one dress shirt. And three pairs of pants--two pairs of black slacks, and one pair of (believe it or not) denim jeans. Jovin quoted the price aloud, and although Lucas whistled, I had no idea what the number meant. Gavin paid for it all by pressing his thumb to a small, flat screened monitor that swivelled on the counter top.

Once out of the store, I asked Gavin exactly how much the clothing ran him.

He held the shopping bag in one hand and me in the crook of his other arm. "Why does it matter?"

"I... I hate to be in debt. I worked like a dog to pay off my student loans from med-school."

His hold on me tightened. "Trust me, Blake. You'll be paying me back ten fold very soon."

The look in his face was no longer playful, and his eyes were unusually bright again.

I wanted to ask, but the words stuck in my throat. He saw my apprehension and winked down at me.

"Remember when I came into your bedroom? I promised that you'll never have to be afraid of me, right?"

I nodded.

"I know I was only ten, but the promise is still good."

Promises... really they were all I had these days.


Two days later...

I watched in awe as Gavin pressed rep after rep on his bench. He'd stopped counting aloud long ago, and I just now realized that I'd lost track.

I'd noticed his weight set my second day in his room. He laughed when I blurted out that I hadn't thought Jascians needed to work out.

"I think we build muscle a lot easier than you guys, but exercise benefits us the same way it benefits anyone."

And since then I would watch him lift the massive weights every day in rapt attention. Whether he worked his arms, legs, or torso--it didn't matter to me. I'd sit on the floor and stare until he was done.

Today was the bench press. As always, he had perfect form even with the massive weight. I'd tried to figure out just how much that thing weighed. Everything on Jasc was incredibly dense--I couldn't even lift a pencil unless Gavin broke it in half for me first--and as near as I could tell, right now he was lifting the equivalent of 4,000 Earth pounds. It never ceased to amaze me.

But today was different, and Gavin was beginning to worry me.

He kept gaining speed as he pressed the barbell, as if it was getting lighter and barely giving him a challenge anymore. And yet with each rep, his grunts became louder, more animalistic. His face was wild, determined, and rivulets of sweat streamed down his entire body.

His body. With every lift, his muscles pumped themselves bigger. Not just his chest. Not just his arms. His glutes, his quads, his hams, his calves, his feet. They all swelled unbelievably. He was shirtless, and I watched as the lines on his abs etched themselves ever deeper. Thick snakes of veins slithered themselves over every muscle in his body, starkly visible even through the thinning material of his shorts, stretched tight by his growth.

I tried to say his name, but it came out as nothing more than a whisper. "G-Gavin?"

He didn't hear me. At least, I think he didn't hear me. I had no idea what was going on. He only kept pumping that barbell, kept grunting with every rep.

My eyes rounded when I heard the ripping sound, when I saw the seams in his shorts pop, one by one. The bulge in his crotch was enormous, and I knew it would be tearing free any second.

And still he kept working that weight.

He was changing, moving on to a bigger form, transforming into god only knew what.


Suddenly, he roared at the top of his lungs and tossed the barbell aside. It hit the floor with a crash, and I scrambled to my feet.

Gavin slowly stood, his eyes glowing--glowing--bright blue as he stared down at me.

"You're out of time, Blake."

His muscles twitched violently, still pumping themselves, even without the help of the weight. Although they'd probably stopped needing the weight a long time ago. I stared up at him, realized that his muscles weren't the only thing growing. He was taller, as well, and when his shorts finally gave up the fight and fluttered to the ground, his arousal was frighteningly evident.

Holy Mary, his cock was as long as I was. Thick and veined and topped with a huge mushroomed head. It, like the rest of his body, was pumped full to bursting.

Shit. Out of time. And I still had no idea how this could possibly work. From the look on his face, Gavin didn't care.

My fight or flight response short circuited inside of me, and I could do neither. Which was just as well, because neither resisting nor running could have stopped this.

His scent, that dark, spiced scent, overwhelmed my senses, filling the room and turning it into a hot box of pure, erotic energy.

He scooped me up and tossed me onto the bed. No gentleness this time. No smiling. No teasing.

"Get undressed."

Stunned, I just sat there.

A low growl flowed out of him. "Now."

I stripped off my clothing, frightened by what was about to happen but more scared by what he might do to me if I disobeyed.

He crawled on to the mattress, looming huge and hot above me, and crushed his mouth to mine.

A hard, savage kiss, but I got swept up in it. I gripped his hair and gave him everything I had in that one, taut moment. If I had known that this would be our last real kiss, I would have tried to savor it more.

Gavin tore his mouth away with a growl and then rose up, pressing his chest into my face. My head was engulfed by the valley of his pecs, and I licked his salty skin. His growl deepened and he shifted position, sliding himself over as he thrust his nipple into my mouth.

"Suck me."

The days of asking permission were over.

I obeyed: sucking, swirling my tongue over his hard nipple and then flicking it. He groaned and I bit down on him, surprised and incredibly turned on to find out that my teeth couldn't dent even this part of his body.

The groan turned into a hiss and he pulled away. I made a little sound of protest, but it turned out he was just giving me his other nipple.


And so I did it again.

My hands crept up, explored those massive pecs which seemed to be getting bigger with every sweep.

Gavin pushed himself up, stared down at me with his glowing eyes. "None of that slow shit, you understand me?"

I didn't, but I nodded.

He grabbed my shoulder and shoved me downward. Realizing where he was sending me, I started to struggle, scared out of my mind because I knew I'd never survive any sort of penetration by his cock.

Of course, my strength was inconsequential against his.

But then he lifted his hips and simply set his cock on top of my body.

Confused, I tried to adjust to its weight, but I'd had men on top of me who were lighter. Thinner, too.

Then he began to slide his man-sized cock up and down my body.

Instinctively, I tried to wrap my arms around it.

"That's it, Blake. Get me off just like that."

His erection rubbed against mine and I moaned, gripping him tighter. I scraped my fingernails against him, licked and nipped and kissed. I used my entire body to worship him.

Teenager, man, alien, god. He was all of that and more, rolled into a package I could scarcely comprehend. I shut my eyes and stopped trying. I could feel the veins on his shaft pulse under my arms, my probing hands. By now I was covered in pre-cum, and it was as intoxicating as everything else about him. The rhythm of his hips quickened against me, and I wriggled downward to massage his balls with my feet.

They tightened at my touch, and--impossibly--his cock stiffened even more. It pulsed and Gavin roared, wrenching himself from me as he came, dragging my own orgasm out of me as well.

His load was hot, sweet, and seemingly everlasting. I must have gulped down gallons of it, and still it covered my entire body until I thought for certain that I would drown.

I supposed there were worse ways to go.

But Gavin rescued me, reaching down and pulling me upward. I gasped for air, and he was silent as I caught my breath. I tried to wipe my face clean so that I could see, and he helped me, using the tip of his little finger to clear the jism out of my eyes.

When I could finally open them, I was shocked to see that his were still glowing. I followed the path of his right arm, more massive than I would ever have imagined an arm could get, and saw his hand stroking his cock. His rock hard cock.

Wait... he'd just had his orgasm... hadn't he?

"You didn't think it would be over so soon, didya, Blake?" Holding me immobile, torturing me with his tongue, he licked his own satisfaction from my body, lifting his head when I was clean once again. "This is going to be a very, very long night." His eyes closed and his body tensed, just before his muscles swelled to even greater proportions. When his lids slid open, revealing those two glowing orbs of light, a sly grin I was all too familiar with shaped his mouth. His next words were erotic and youthful and frightening:

"Fuck yeah."

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