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- Six -



I pressed the handle on my toy toilet. The setup in this bathroom was almost the same as the old one, only now I had a sink as well. My gaze drifted around as I washed my hands, took in the size of Gavin's fixtures as they soared above me.

Would I ever get used to this?

After over a week in this mammoth apartment, I still wasn't sure. But at least I hadn't seen any more horned cats. I smiled.

Been seeing an awful lot of Gavin, though. All that warm, taut skin . . . the mountains and valleys that comprised his body . . . the cock that was so hard to satisfy but so much fun to please . . .

"Why are you blushing?"

I craned my head back, saw Gavin leaning against the doorjamb. His tousled hair fell onto his forehead; his broad, naked torso filled the frame. He'd tugged on a pair of jeans, but his feet were still bare. "A-Am I?"

His mouth crooked as he nodded.

Blowing out a soft breath, I dried my hands on the small square of cloth he'd cut for me. We'd lost my towels in the move. "No idea."

His tilted lips turned into a full smile as he walked in, unzipped his jeans.

I automatically looked away.

His laughter filled the room as he relieved himself. "You can straddle my cock, but you still can't watch me take a piss?"

"Sorry." The sound of the liquid stream slowed to a stop, and I covered my ears. Gavin liked to ambush me here, so I was well used to this routine.

When his toilet flushed, the vibrations traveled through the soles of my feet and up through my entire body.

Gavin crouched before me, tapped his finger on my shoulder to signal my hearing was safe. My hands fell away. "Back to bed?"

The pad of his thumb caressed the side of my face. "Do you remember my friend Lucas?"

"The one from the toy store?"

"That's right. He transitioned a couple of days ago, and I blew off his coming of age party. That's . . ." he chuckled, ". . . just not done. I thought I'd make it up to him by hanging out with him today, since we'll be starting university tomorrow."

"Oh." I scratched my cheek, nodded my understanding. "Well, you have fun. I'll . . ." My voice trailed as I tried to figure out what I should do when not having sex with Gavin. "Explore the house."

His dark eyebrows drew together. "You don't want to come with me?"

Relief made me grin. Not alone today, thank god. Time enough for that tomorrow. "I'd like that. Does he have a new apartment, too?"

"Yes, but he's working today."

My face lit up. "So we'll be seeing Jovin as well?"

Confusion flitted across his features. "The beta? I guess. Why?"

His confusion made me confused. "He seemed like a nice guy."

He shrugged. "I didn't really pay attention."

The betas and the gammas . . . they were considered lessers. And from the look on Gavin's face, I knew that he hadn't even considered Jovin worth remembering. It made me wonder . . . How did he see me? I hadn't asked myself that question in days, but I couldn't help it now.

Gavin's voice saved me from such depressing thoughts. "I'll have to refill my Earther care kit. Is there anything you'd like while we're there?"

Embarrassment colored my skin again. "Actually . . ." My voice dropped as I leaned forward. "The last time we were at the toy store, and you bought me those outfits, I forgot to ask for . . . um . . ."

He smiled as he lowered his head. "Yeah?"

Clearing my throat, I forced the word out of me. "Underwear."

He burst into laughter. "You're only now realizing you have no underwear?"

I tried not to get defensive. "Well, it's not as if we've been clothed all that much since your transition."

His laughter faded as his eyes sparked blue. No longer afraid of that electric light, I grinned and stepped forward. Gavin swept me up in one hand and straightened, licking me from my ankles all the way to the curve just under my chin. I groaned and tried to press myself closer, but of course he had all the control.

Lucky for me, Gavin was feeling generous. He strode out of the bathroom, his lips pressing hard against my chest and my stomach. My hands tangled in his hair as I reveled in the fact that I wasn't the only one who needed a cut.

He dropped me on the bed, then crawled onto the mattress. I watched as his chest and arms and thighs flexed hugely.

God, he was beautiful.

"I don't think I'll be able to meet Lucas for breakfast this morning."

Every muscle in his body strained taut with the effort of holding himself back, and I stared in awe at the power poised above me. "Lunch?"

Letting out a harsh breath, he nodded and lowered his head. "A late lunch."

I kissed his tight, hot skin; murmured nonsensical words as I tasted him all over.

He growled, tore off his jeans. "A very late lunch."

I lost myself under the touch of his lips, his tongue, his teeth. Tomorrow, Gavin would return to his life, leaving me behind.

Today, though, he was still mine.


Gavin's car pulled to a stop inside a parking garage.

"How far is the toy store from here?"

He reached over and picked me up from the passenger seat before getting out. "About five minutes," he said, holding me close to his pecs.

I inhaled his scent, so prevalent even though he'd just taken a shower, and grinned. "I can deal with that."

Chuckling, he slid his forefinger under my shirt and caressed my back.

Knowing I was about to be naked again, I gripped the material of my scrubs, trying to keep my clothes on. "Are you wanting to postpone your meeting with Lucas until dinner?"

He stopped short, then grinned. "Good point. Just know you're not going to get any sleep tonight."

The proposition alone was enough to make me shudder with pleasure, and Gavin exited the parking lot.

I blinked against the daylight. I'd spent the last few days indoors, and in that short time the seasons had changed. It felt like summer now and the sun beat hard on me. I needed sunblock if I was going to spend any kind of time outside.

Was there sunblock on Jasc?

As I stared up at Gavin's tan, flawless skin, I thought the chances were pretty slim.

Looking around, I noticed the other people on the sidewalk. They gave us a wider berth than before, and their faces had more tension to them. "I guess everyone's sure you're an Alpha, now."

He smirked. "Isn't it great?"

"They seem afraid of you."

"It's not fear." He glanced down at me. "It's respect."

I wondered if he knew the difference. "Why do they respect you?"

His eyebrows drew together. "Because I'm superior to them."

Superior. I looked at the people again. They only came up to his waist now. All of them had builds similar to Jovin's, and most of them were wearing business suits. "Can you tell betas and gammas apart by looking at them?"

"Yeah. Gammas are bigger, have more muscle mass and strength." He winked at me. "Not like Alphas, though."

I twisted in his palm, trying to see more. "I don't see anyone like that here."

"You wouldn't. This is a shopping district on a workday. Most stores are owned by Alphas; betas work in them. Gammas work labor-intensive jobs and don't usually have time to take a day off and hang out. Even if they do have time, they generally stick to the fringes of the city."

Seemed sad, that a whole segment of the population resided on the `fringes.' But I guess it's like that anywhere.

We spent the next five minutes in silence, with Gavin holding me cradled against his pecs. I swear, pride made his chest puff more and more with every passing beta. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but this culture was as alien to me as, well, the aliens who lived in it. Maybe I just didn't understand.

A bell dinged as we entered the toy store. Surprised, I tilted my head and leaned to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of the door.

Gavin's hands firmed, pressing me flat against the hard muscles of his chest. "Careful. All that wriggling around could get you hurt. What are you trying to look at?"

"I thought I heard a bell."

"Yeah? So?"

I tried to change position again, only to find myself immobile. "Was it a real bell?"

He turned around, letting me see. "Yeah, looks like it."

A small, silver bell hung above the door. I couldn't stop staring at it. In a world so far away and so full of advanced technology, here was a simple bell announcing our arrival. "It's pretty."

His brow furrowed as he stared down at me. "The weirdest things get to you, Blake."

Embarrassed, I glanced away.

He stroked my back with his thumb. "I'll get you one, if you want."

"One what?"

"A bell." He nodded his head at it. "Just like that."

"Gavin," I whispered, staring up at his earnest face. "No. But thank you. That means a lot to me."

He smiled, then glanced over his shoulder. "Yes, it's me. Get out here, will ya?"

Gavin turned just in time to let me see Lucas duck through the backroom door. His golden eyes sparkled with mischief as he smoothed down his rumpled clothing, ran a hand through his blonde hair. He looked like some sun-god straight out of mythology.

"It's about time. I was beginning to think we wouldn't hook up until orientation tomorrow."

Just like it had with Gavin and Kieric, the process of `transitioning' had been very, very good to Lucas. He was even bigger than Kieric now, though the top of his head only came up to Gavin's shoulder. His jet black dress shirt hugged his biceps, his shoulders, his pectoral muscles. As he tucked it in, I noticed the prominent bulge in his black slacks.

Gavin looked him up and down. "You don't seem to be wanting for company. Your transition looks good on you, by the way."

Lucas palmed one of his pecs, flexed his chest into his hand. The top button popped open, and he seemed to like that. "Not as good as yours, though."

"Sorry about missing your party." Gavin walked forward, gently set me onto the glass counter. It only came up to his crotch now, and I craned my head back, content for the moment to watch the two giants converse.

The other boy--man--sobered. "Wish you'd been there. I had something to ask you."

"So ask me now."

He leaned forward. "How badly did your transition hurt?"

The humor in Gavin's face disappeared. "It didn't hurt at all. What about you?"

Relief touched Lucas's expression. "I barely felt it. The way Kieric told it, I thought it was going to tear me apart."

Gavin reached down, absently stroked my hair with his finger. As always, his control amazed me. With his strength and size, he could easily break my neck. "Soria said the same thing."

Lucas glanced at me. "Kieric also said that your toy was your sole transition mate."

"That's right. Did it go that way with yours?"

He shook his head. "Mine took me by surprise. My toy wasn't even here."

Gavin frowned. "You had your transition here? In the store?"

"Yeah, and Jovin was my only mate."

"Tell me you're kidding, Lucas."

I looked up at Gavin's hard face. What did it matter if Jovin had been his sole transition mate?

But Lucas seemed to understand his concern. "No harm done. The beta carried me all the way through without a hitch." He chuckled. "I felt that rush of energy, and he looked so cute in that suit . . . I just couldn't stop myself from kissing on him. He got swept up, I got swept up. And then I started to grow. You should have seen his face, Gav. He was scared and aroused all at the same time. It was priceless."

Suddenly, I found myself empathizing with Jovin. That was a hell of a thing to spring on a person, and Lucas talked about it like it was some sort of joke. "Where is Jovin now?"

Lucas raised an eyebrow, as if I should have known better than to speak out of turn. Maybe he was right. "In the backroom. It takes him a little longer to pull himself together after we fuck."

I blanched.

Gavin, usually so perceptive of my emotions, didn't notice. "Well, could you get him out here? My toy needs underwear."

My skin turned scarlet.

Lucas's eyes widened a fraction. "Is he okay?"

Laughing softly, Gavin went back to stroking my hair. "That's just what he does when he's embarrassed. You've never seen a blush before?"

"Sure, but I didn't think anyone's skin could get that red." He turned around, surveyed the shelves behind the counter. "Boxers? Briefs?"

"Boxers," said Gavin, sparing me the humiliation of having to answer.

Lucas removed one of the lower shelves and placed it in front of me. "There's our whole selection. What else?"

Gavin answered again. "A refill for my Earther care kit."

He set a small bundle on the counter. "That it?"

"Hey," said Gavin, smiling broadly. "You're pretty good at your job."

Lucas buffed his fingernails against his shirt. "You know what they say. Anything a beta can do, an Alpha can do better."

I had been searching through the selection of underwear, but I paused at that statement. Could Jovin hear him from the back? Saying such insults so casually?

And Gavin. He . . . He laughed.

"Anything else, Gav?"

"I think I'm covered."

"You sure? We've got a few of those fancy dollhouses. Made right here at the store."

Gavin dismissed the idea immediately. "No, I like my toy in my bed. I don't know how Soria can stand having hers out of arm's reach."

"Soria likes pretty things," said Lucas, chuckling.

"Even so, I couldn't do it." He tapped my shoulder with his forefinger. "Picked out the ones you like?"

I held the boxers close to my body like they were some kind of treasure. "Is six okay?"

He grinned. "That's fine. Are you going to try them on?"

"I think I'll risk it."

His expression turned teasing as he tried to slip a finger beneath my shirt. "You should--"

I stepped away from his touch. "I'm fine."

The teasing turned into concern. "Alright. Is there anything else you need?"

My gaze drifted to the window, to the shaft of light slicing through the shop. "I could use some sunblock."

"Sunblock?" asked Lucas. "Why would anyone want to block out the sun?"

Another language barrier. I just wanted this to be over as soon as possible. Let the two of them have their day together. I didn't want to be a part of it. "Never mind. It's not important."

Gavin nudged me. "It is, or you wouldn't have brought it up. Explain it to Lucas, and he'll find it for you."

No graceful way to get out of this, so I gave it a try. "It's a cream or lotion that you put on your skin before you go outdoors. To protect it from the sun's rays."

Lucas shook his head. "We don't have anything like that here."

Didn't surprise me. If I weren't illiterate in this society, I'd ask Gavin to let me read through his Earther care manual. It seemed to lack a great deal when it came to day to day care. "I guess that's that."

"No," said Gavin, his voice tight. "Get the beta in here, Lucas. He's probably heard of that stuff. Maybe he can special order it."

Some of my tension eased when I saw the determination in his face, when I realized I'd get to see Jovin after all.

Lucas smirked and raised his voice. "Jovin! Time to tend to a customer!"

A few seconds passed, and the door to the backroom swung open.

Jovin, his suit disheveled and even torn in a few places, shuffled forward with his head bowed low. He hesitated as he walked past Lucas, kept his eyes downcast as he approached Gavin.

"You may meet my gaze, beta," said Gavin.

Jovin lifted his gaze, and there were shadows under his dark eyes. "How may I serve you, sir?"

"My toy wants something to protect his skin from the sun. Do you carry something like that?"

Jovin looked at me, his face warming. "A hat, perhaps?"

Close enough. "That'll work. How are you, Jovin?"

Surprise flickered across his face, but he quickly hid it. "I am . . . blessed." He reached beneath the counter and pulled out a shelf lined with a variety of hats. "Do you fancy any of these, Blake?"

Fire fighter helmets, military berets, baseball caps . . . The list went on and on. I spotted a brown safari hat at the end of the row and picked it up. The felt was light and comfortable, and the wide brim would shade both my face and the nape of my neck. The leather band made me feel a little silly, but then I'd always looked goofy in hats, and this seemed to be the lesser of evils. "Can I have this one, Gavin?"

He grinned. "Try it on."

I did.

His eyes crinkled at the corners. "We'll take it."

"Very well, sir," said Jovin. He tried to make his way to the monitor to finalize the sale, but Lucas stepped in his path. "Excuse me, sir."

Something inside me cracked as I watched Jovin stare at the floor. They'd had sex, and he still had to call him `sir'?

Lucas moved closer, bringing attention to the fact that Jovin only came up to the row of abs above his navel now. "Are you rested, beta? Able to join with me again?"

Jovin's body started. "Y-Yes, sir."

He smirked, then picked up the smaller man and set him on top of the counter. Lucas leaned forward, captured his mouth. Jovin's hands fluttered upward and rested against the swell of his chest as he returned the kiss.

I saw how Jovin's body trembled. I saw how he opened his mouth to welcome Lucas's tongue even as his hands stayed pressed against his chest--as if he wished he had the courage to push him away. "Gavin," I said softly, "we should leave."

He smiled down at me. "Still shy? We'll have to have sex in public soon, just so you can get over that hang up."

This time I didn't blush. "I don't think Jovin wants us here, watching this."

"What are you talking about? He's a beta making out with an Alpha. Of course he wants people to witness that."

My gaze drifted back to Lucas and Jovin as I lowered my voice. "That's more than a thrill, Gavin. That's love. The kind you don't want to feel and the kind you know you'll never have returned. It's cruel, to stand here and watch a man's heart break."

As if to confirm my statement, a tear slipped down Jovin's cheek.

Gavin's smile faded when he saw it too. "That does seem a little . . . harsh."

Lucas snapped his head away, stared at us in shock a moment. Then he returned his attention to Jovin, who had his head bowed again. "Is it true? What they said?"

Jovin nodded.

His voice sharpened. "Meet my gaze, beta."

He obeyed the order.

"You love me?"

"Yes, sir."

His lips parted, but then he chuckled. "All lessers love Alphas. That's just the way things--"

Jovin's voice, though soft, firmly cut him off. "It is not that way with me, sir."

Lucas frowned. "And how is it with you, beta?"

He looked downward again.

"Meet my gaze."

Jovin gasped and met his gaze. "I-I was in love with you before I knew what you were, sir."

His hands fell away and he stepped back. "Before you knew I was an Alpha? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because . . . Because I hired you despite the fact that you came to me with no references, no work experience. I did not want you to feel obligated."

Lucas went still for several seconds. When he spoke again, his voice was cold, hard. "Go to the backroom. Don't come out again until I say you can. Understand?"

Wordlessly, Jovin slid from the counter and disappeared into the backroom.

With sharp, precise movements, Lucas put the things we'd bought into a small bag. "Sign the invoice, Gav."

Gavin pressed his thumb to the monitor screen. "You'll fix this?"

His head darted up. "Yeah."

"It's sadistic, to taunt a beta that way. Like kicking a veda kitten around."

"It's not like I knew how he felt!" snapped Lucas.

Gavin's tone gentled. "I know. What are you going to do?"

He cast a dark glance at the closed door behind him. "I'm not sure, but I'll figure it out."

That seemed to be enough for Gavin. He took his bag, swept me up, and left the store.

I panicked. "Gavin, is Jovin going to be alright?"

"If Lucas doesn't fuck up more than he already has."

Remembering the look on Jovin's face made me want to run in there again. "We're not just going to leave them, are we?"

He drew me higher, so that I was next to his heart. "What else can we do? This is Lucas's mess. Only he can clean it up."

"Why is it a mess? What's wrong with Jovin's love?"

The answer was simple. Chilling. "He's a beta."

"Betas and Alphas aren't allowed to have romantic relationships?"

His thumb began to stroke my back. "It isn't illegal, but it's never been done. A sexual relationship is fine, but anything deeper causes problems for both sides. Betas are so much . . . less."

It hurt me to hear him talk this way, on a far more personal level than I wanted to admit. "So his love has less value?"

Gavin looked down at me. "Yes."

Oh, how I'd wished he'd answered a different way just then. My head fell against his chest, but his heartbeat against my body did nothing to soothe me. How could love--in any form, on any world--ever be considered less than priceless?

God, if this is some sort of cosmic joke, then I'd very much like to go home now.

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