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- Seven -



"You're really going to leave me with a babysitter?" I stared at the big door behind him, not wanting it to open.

"She's not a babysitter, Blake. She's just coming to keep you company." Gavin swung his backpack over his shoulder. "Besides, I thought you liked her."

I did like Eyana. Just the idea of having someone watch after me... "I can take care of myself, Gavin."

"I know you can." Grinning, he crouched in front of me. "Otherwise I would have someone watching you every day of the week, instead of just on Idia."

That made sense, and I'd come to the same conclusion last night. I wasn't sure why I was fighting this now. Maybe I just didn't want Gavin to leave. "Right."

He reached out, running his big knuckles down the length of my body. "Our first day apart since you got here. It's going to be hard for me too."

University started today. If it was anything like college on Earth, it should have been exciting for him, but my moping was taking away from that. So I forced a smile. "Have fun, Gavin. Study hard."

Chuckling, he straightened, forcing me to crane my neck all the way back as he stood. "I'll be home soon." That sly smile curved his lips. "Be ready."

A blush stained my skin, but a soft chiming sound saved me from more teasing. "What's that?"

"Doorbell," answered Gavin. "You have them on your world, don't you?"

I closed my eyes, listening to the sound. "Not like this." The chimes surrounded my body, stimulating senses I hadn't even known I had. Understated--I didn't feel as if the tones were forcing themselves on me--but impossible to ignore because they were so enchanting.

Gavin's amused voice coaxed my eyes open. "Better than that bell at the toy store, isn't it?"

That air of superiority again. I always felt uncomfortable around it. "Not better. Just different."

Confusion flitted over his face before he turned and opened the door, revealing a young woman with her head bowed and her hands linked before her. It jarred me to see her--I'd been locked away with Gavin for so long that I wasn't used to coming up to a person's knees anymore.

"Hello, beta. You may meet my gaze."

I cleared my throat.

The corners of Gavin's mouth twitched. "Come on in, Eyana."

She lifted her head, her brown eyes wide with surprise. "Th-Thank you, sir."

Gavin stepped aside. "I'll be home right after classes. His Care Kit is on top of the dresser in my bedroom. He eats Jascian--not Earther--food, and only eats once a day. So don't feed him."

"Gavin," I said, half-groaning. "I'm not a pet."

His face softened. "I just don't want her to spoil your appetite." He winked at me. "Want to make sure we have dinner together."

That was... sweet. Sort of. "Have a good day at school, Gavin."

He smiled, then cooled when he looked down at Eyana. She barely reached his hip. "Your psych profile coupled with the background check I ran on you indicate that you can be trusted to care for a toy. Be sure to do what it takes to make him happy. Understand?"

My eyebrows lifted. He looked up her psychological profile? And ran a background check on her? How much power did he have?

Eyana bowed her head and nodded at the floor. "Yes, sir."

Seemingly satisfied, Gavin cast one last look at me before leaving the apartment.

As soon as the door clicked shut, Eyana smiled and sat on the floor next to me. "Hello, Blake. It's good to see you again."

I slid my hands into the pockets of my jeans. "I'm sorry you have to take a day out of your week to look after a toy."

"There's no need to apologize." She lowered her head. "I've been excited about this visit since we met. You're such an interesting person."

Person. My body loosened up, and I cracked a smile. "It's good to see you too, Eyana."

She glanced over her shoulder, back to me. "Do you happen to know why Master Gavin used my name?"

"Probably because of me." I scratched my cheek, a little embarrassed. "I know it's your culture and everything, but I don't like it when he calls you `beta' in place of your name."

"Because of you?" Her gaze turned thoughtful. "Master Gavin's transition has gone exceedingly well."

My body thrummed with remembered pleasure. "You're not the first to think that."

She cocked her head a fraction to the side. "It seems to have gone well for you, too. Strange, I hadn't thought the first transition induced changes in an Earther's body."

I frowned. "I haven't changed."

"The shape of your body is," she paused, trying to think of the right words, "better formed since I saw you last."

My face cleared. "Oh, that wasn't because of Gavin's transition. I've been getting a lot of..." I self-consciously rubbed at the subtle, hard swells of my pectoral muscles. "...exercise lately."

Her gaze slid over me. "Blake? Would you mind if I examined your body?"

I recognized her expression--it was one I'd worn many times on Earth--but I didn't understand how it was possible. "Gavin told me there were no doctors on Jasc."

She straightened a bit. "What is a doctor?"

Had my instincts been wrong? "Aren't you a doctor?"

Eyana shook her head. "I'm a physiologist."

I made a small sound of understanding. "You study living organisms and their parts?"

She nodded.

Of course she wouldn't be a doctor--Jascians didn't get sick. I paused, chose my words carefully. "A doctor is someone who helps a living organism when their parts... malfunction."

"As in other Earthers?"


An impressed smile shaped her lips. "I can't imagine the skill necessary to perform such complex tasks."

It made me feel good, to hear her say that. Gavin liked me, was attracted to me, but I didn't know if he respected me. I was a toy to him, after all. "Thanks. That means a lot coming from," I grinned, "a colleague. How would you like to start your examination?"

She hesitated, then tentatively touched her finger to my shirt. "Here?"

"Sure." Taking hold of my t-shirt, I pulled it off over my head.

Her lips parted.

"What is it?" I asked, folding up the shirt and setting it on the carpet.

Eyana shook her head. "The last time we met, I'd gotten the impression that you were quite shy."

I chuckled. "I do have a problem being undressed in front of strangers, but you're a scientist and this is a simple examination, isn't it?"

She relaxed and, after checking to make sure she had my permission, touched the pads of her fingers to my bare chest. "Your heart?"

"The center of our circulatory system."

"With us as well," she murmured. Her fingers trailed over my torso. "Your musculature is well defined, Blake. You resemble a miniature beta."

Being I'd only met two betas in my life, and I liked both of them, I took that as a compliment. When she leaned closer, I did some examining of my own. Her dark eyes were focused; her breathing was even. "Eyana? How do I smell?"

"You smell nice. Clean."

No signs of arousal at all. "Gavin said... He said an Earther's scent sets a Jascian's senses on fire."

"Ah," she said, her eyes never leaving my torso. "Alphas, betas, and gammas are three different species. While your physiology stimulates many aspects of an Alpha's biology, it doesn't have those effects on us."

"You're that distinct?" I asked, raising my arms so she could feel my ribcage.

"Only the Alphas are native to this world. Although in this age it's impossible to discern the native planets of the betas and gammas, we do know that we were brought here much the same way you were." She ran her forefinger down my spinal column. "As toys."

My breath hitched. "Toys?"

"Yes." She met my gaze. "When the Alphas discovered that other beings could enhance their mental and physical abilities, they scoured other planets for the best match. The betas were brought here first, but the gammas were able to provide more intense stimulation, so we were set free. Then Earth was discovered, and--despite your size--your people proved to be extraordinary matches for the Alphas. The gammas were set free as well, and the society you have come to know was formed over the course of several thousand years."

They were toys too, once. And now they were `lessers.' How could a society so far advanced use other beings that way, and then discard them? Was it because they were so advanced? And Gavin was one of them. He was...

I swallowed.

Eyana's thumb slid down my throat, my chest, and settled on my stomach. "Digestive system?"

Blinking, I focused on the question. Anything to take my mind off this world, and the one I'd been ripped away from. "Mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, anus. We have several organs that filter and detoxify."

Her brow furrowed thoughtfully. "Next time, I'll bring an illustrated textbook so we can compare terms."

Some of the chill inside of me warmed away. "I'd like that."

"Master Gavin said you've been eating Jascian food?"

"Since I left Earth."

She studied my body a moment longer before carefully picking up my shirt and handing it to me. "That might explain the change I noticed in your body."

I pulled on the shirt, tucked it into my jeans. "How so?"

"Jascian food is designed to help enhance a person to their fullest potential. If you've been eating it, as well as getting plenty of exercise--"

The heat started to rise in my skin again.

"--then it's natural that your body would benefit."

Benefit? Excitement lit into me as I raised my palm above my head. "Will I get taller?"

Eyana laughed. "You might, but you've finished your growth cycle, yes?"

Knowing where this was going, I let my hand fall to my side. "Yes."

"Then it's not likely that you'll grow taller. The food cannot push you beyond the limits of your human physiology."

I remembered how Gavin's mouth had felt against mine, and sighed. Ah well. It was nice to imagine for a few seconds.

Taking a seat on the carpet, I stared up at Eyana. "What would you like to do now? Continue the examination?"

"I believe that can wait. I was instructed to make you happy." She winked at me, and the gesture wasn't all that different from Gavin's. "I'd hate to make an Alpha angry."

Eyana was intelligent, kind, and she had a sense of humor. I enjoyed having her here more than I'd imagined possible.

"Eyana? Would you like to learn how to play checkers?"



My eyes fluttered open, saw a hazy sort of darkness. It took me a moment to realize I was staring into my safari hat. Why...?

Oh, yeah. I'd asked Eyana to let me take a nap outside, on a small circular table. I'd covered my face with the hat so the sun wouldn't beat on me. Nice nap, too. Warm, with an easy breeze skimming over my body. Why wasn't I still asleep?


Right. The hysterical Alpha.

Hysterical Alpha?

I eased up, slid my hat to the top of my head, and called Gavin's name. It came out sounding like a mumbled "gmph," though.

I heard something slam inside the apartment and took a deep breath to try again.

Gavin shot into the backyard, his eyes locked on the viewing device he gripped tight in his hand. "Blake!"

I lifted my hand. "Here."

He stopped short as his panicked gaze found me.


My drowsiness finally slipped away. "What's wrong, Gavin?"

His chest heaved, popping a button between his pecs. "A-Are you alright?"

I leaned forward. "I'm fine. What happened?"

The viewing device slipped from his hand, thunked to the grass as he closed the distance between us and dropped to his knees. "You didn't answer when I called for you," he whispered. "Why didn't you answer?"

"Tried, but I was having a hard time shaking off sleep." I scrubbed at my face with my hand. "How long were you calling?"

"Too long. I was afraid..." His finger went to my face. "What are you doing out here?"

My eyes drifted half-shut as I smiled into his touch. "It was such a nice day. I asked Eyana to put me here."

He drew his hand away from me, curled it into a fist. "And where is Eyana?"

The spark in his eyes had my own wide open again. "You were going to be home soon anyway, and I didn't think it was fair to make her watch me sleep, so I said she could go."

"And she went?"

"Well," I said cautiously, watching the spark in his eyes intensify, "you did tell her to do whatever it took to make me happy."

A low, feral growl escaped from his lips. "I will kill her."

"Wh-What? Why!" I jumped to my feet. "No."

Gavin focused his ferocity on me. "She left you out in the open, alone, and didn't see fit to let me know, Blake! You could have been--"

"Before she left, she set that... that..." I snapped my fingers as I tried to remember the word. "The energy shield thing that repels giant bugs and birds, and since you said that thing was safe, I trusted her to set it." I raised my finger when he tried to interrupt. "And she left you a note explaining everything. It's on the fridge."

"The fridge? What kind of stupid place is that to put a note?" He reached into his pocket and yanked out the PDA he always carried with him. "Why didn't she send it here?"

Okay, I didn't know why she'd written it out on a piece of paper instead of sending it to him directly. It had seemed so natural, so it hadn't occurred to me to ask. I started to apologize, to take responsibility--

"Idiotic beta!"

And all at once my voice was rising to match his. "Don't call her that! I suggested the fridge because the first thing you do when we come back from anywhere is fix a snack!"

His fire evaporated, and the concern returned. "That's not true, Blake."

The shift in his mood threw me, and I was having a little trouble letting go of my own anger. "What do you mean, it's not true? I see it every time we--"

"When we're together, then yes. The kitchen's my first stop." He reached out, winced when I stepped back from his touch. "But when I'm coming back to you, you're the only one on my mind. I didn't even glance at the fridge today because I was barreling through the apartment searching for you."

Finally, the anger began to seep out of my body. "Eyana is not an idiot."

He laid his hand on the table, slid it closer to me. "Alright."

Suspicious of his quick compliance, I crossed my arms over my chest. "You won't... hurt her?"

"I'll let her know that she's not to use paper messages anymore, but I won't punish her." His fingers skimmed up my leg. "She can even come here again next Idia."

Idia. I realized that I didn't even know the basics about this culture. "Will you teach me?" I asked, distracted as his long fingers curled around my body.

"Teach you what?"

Of their own accord, my hands slid downward to caress his fingers. "The days of the week."

He drew me close, touched his lips to my shoulder, to my arm. "Idia." His tongue darted out to tease my hand. "Bevan." He nuzzled my chest, drawing in my scent. "Sedria. Venai." He used his teeth to drag the hat off my head. "Kruvet. Xel."

Groaning, I leaned forward, trying to get closer to him even as I struggled to think. "That's only six. What's the seventh?"

"The Jascian week has six days." His hold on me firmed as he gently laid me on my back.

All this time, I'd been counting the days wrong. I gasped as his thumb gently rubbed against my crotch. "H-How long is your w-weekend?"

Gavin smiled, untucking the shirt from my jeans. "Two days."

When he lowered his head, I reached up and caressed his cheek. "So you'll only be gone four days a week?"

His finger smoothed over my hair. "Did you miss me, Blake?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"Mmm." He licked my bared stomach. "I missed you too."

My back arched, but--just as I began to remove my clothing--Gavin pulled away from me, another growl on his lips.

"Go away, Kieric," he said, his voice low.

I sat up and looked around. When I didn't see anyone, I realized that Kieric must be outside the front door.

Gavin's eyes sparked. "I don't care what I told you. I'm busy now."

My befuddled mind managed to make a few calculations. "Wait, it's been ten days since we moved here, hasn't it? Is Jack here? It's time to remove his stitches."

His gaze narrowed before he blew out a hard breath and got to his feet. "Guess you can come in after all, Kieric."

Hearing the front door open, I stood and smoothed out my clothing.

Gavin scooped me up and carried me into the apartment.

Kieric smirked. "Interrupting something?"

Gavin shot him a look so dark that the other Alpha actually fell back a step.

"Ah, well," Kieric held up Jack, cradled in his palms, "I brought my toy to be fixed, just like you said."

Grunting, Gavin spun and walked into his bedroom.

I grinned and nuzzled one of his nipples.

The grunt turned into a hiss as he gently set me on top of his dresser, where we kept my medical bag. Kieric cautiously followed, set Jack next to me.

"Hey, little man," said Jack, grinning. "You stirrin' up trouble?"

I laughed. "Apparently."

Jack affectionately cuffed my ear. "And I'll bet you don't have a clue what you did."

Biting my lip to keep more laughter from escaping, I scanned his body. Same torn Army green shirt, although he'd ripped the other sleeve off to even things out. "How's the arm feeling?"

"Excellent." He held it out for me to see. "Can I get these things outta me now?"

I took his arm, examined his stitches. "You've healed nicely. Definitely time for the stitches to come out." Pausing, my hands still curved over Jack's arm, I looked up at the two giants. "You guys don't have to stand around for this. I'm sure you've got better things to do."

Kieric leaned on the dresser, his interested gaze locked on Jack's biceps. "Can I watch?"

"I want to watch, too," said Gavin, although his gaze was much cooler.

Jack and I glanced at each other and he shrugged. "It's not like we can stop them."

I bit back another grin. Jack always talked as if the Alphas were barely worth his time.

"Alright, have a seat."

We sat on the dresser and I set to work, cleaning my hands and his skin. Then I retrieved my instruments and began to remove the stitches. "You might feel a faint pinch or pull here. It should be painless, but let me know if it hurts."

He snorted.

My lips twitched as I removed the first stitch and assessed the wound, looking for redness or discharge. He really had healed beautifully, and I moved on to the next one. "Jack?"


"I've noticed you've lost a little weight. Are you feeling okay?"

His biceps tensed a bit, and I waited until they relaxed again before continuing.

"Fine, doc. Just can't stand that food they give us, so I haven't been eating as well as I'm used to."

I glanced up. "The food in the Care Kit?"

His mouth twisted. "Yeah. Isn't it the foulest shit you've ever tasted?"

"Actually..." I ducked my head, removed another stitch. "I've never eaten it. Gavin gives me Jascian food."

"Seriously? How is it?"

I hesitated. "Really, really good."

Jack groaned. "I smell it every once in awhile. Makes my stomach growl just thinking about it."

A frown touched my forehead as I removed the last of the stitches, swept an antiseptic cloth over the scar. "I'm going to wrap your arm again, but you'll only need to keep it covered for two or three days. After that, you should feel a hundred percent fairly quickly." I retrieved the gauze, wrapped his arm. "Know your limits, though. Pay attention to your body, and if it hurts, stop doing whatever you're doing."

"Sure thing, doc," he said, chuckling. He jumped to his feet, flexed his arm. "You're a great medic, you know? I'm real lucky we met."

I was a little slower getting to my feet. "I'm glad too," I murmured.

Kieric leaned closer. "Is that it? Is he all fixed?"

"He's doing fine," I answered, looking up into Kieric's bright green eyes. "I strongly recommend feeding him Jascian food, though."

Jack glanced at me in surprise, but I kept my gaze fixed on his Alpha.

Kieric frowned. "The manual says the food in the Care Kit provides him balanced nutrition."

"That may be true, but Jascian food will be better for him." He still looked skeptical, so I appealed to his pride. "I've been living on it since I arrived here and look," I gripped the hem of my shirt, pulled it up to reveal my abs, "you can actually see the separation of my muscles now. I've never been able to get definition like this before, and if the new diet does this much for me..." I let the sentence trail, waited for him to finish it.

Kieric stared at my six-pack, then looked at Jack. "Then... it would do even more for my toy?"

"Most likely."

Green sparks lit his eyes. "I suppose I can give it a try."

Grinning, I glanced at Jack, who had a look of astonished appreciation on his face. I turned to see if Gavin approved.

His gaze was locked on me, his eyes practically crackling with that electric light. Surprised, I released my shirt, letting it fall back to cover my stomach.

The light diminished, just slightly.

I tilted my head to the side.

Kieric seemed to notice the tension in the air. "I guess we should be going now."

"You guessed right," said Gavin.

"So soon?" I asked, staring up at him.

His jaw ticked. "I'll make sure you can see him again over the weekend."

I tried a smile; it didn't do a lot to tame his expression.

"Say goodbye to your little friend, Blake."

Raising an eyebrow, I turned and extended my hand. "See you this weekend, Jack. Hopefully we'll have more time to chat."

Chuckling, Jack grabbed my hand and dragged me into his powerful embrace. "You rock, doc."

I closed my eyes, enjoying his arms a moment, before pulling free of his embrace.

Kieric scooped the Army Ranger into his palms and nodded at Gavin. "Later, Gav."


When I heard the front door close, I stared up at my Alpha. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," he muttered, thrusting his hands into his pockets and glancing away.

Easier now to recognize jealousy in him. "Want to pick up where we left off outside?"

He stiffened, but didn't look at me.

My mouth crooked. "I didn't notice just how much my body had changed until today. Isn't that strange?"


I slipped my hand under my shirt, caught him staring from the corner of his eye. "Now that I think about it, though, it's pretty obvious. These muscles on my stomach are harder than they've ever been." I slid my palm higher. "And my chest is thicker."

Still trying to play it cool, Gavin took in a deep breath.

"My nipples are more sensitive, too. The slightest brush," I gasped, "makes me shiver."

A ripple of arousal went through his muscles, clearly visible even under his clothing.

"My stamina's improved a lot as well, don't you think? I've been able to last more rounds with you lately, at any rate." Still smiling, I walked to the edge of the dresser. "Not to mention my endurance. I'm much better at handling your cock." I feigned modesty. "Of course, that's just my theory. Judging from the power of your orgasms, though, I think it's a pretty good one."

Gavin broke, whimpering as he swept me into his hand. "You know me too fucking well," he growled, dropping me onto the bed and crawling in after me.

My response was to whip off my shirt, undo the catch in my jeans.

His eyes sparked blue, and he lowered his head to nuzzle my body.

I moaned, arching myself against his lips.

My body chemistry deeply affected his physiology--more so than he'd let on when we met. That explained his attraction, and it explained how I was able to give him pleasure at my size. But his jealousy, this ferocious passion...

It had to mean there was something deeper between us, right?

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