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- Eight -



I heard the front door open and close, but kept staring out the window.


"In the bedroom," I said clearly, without turning my head.

A backpack dropping to the floor was my signal that he was with me. "How was your day?" he asked.

"Same as most days." A breeze blew outside, ruffling the blades of grass in Gavin's backyard. It was the same clean, perfect beauty I'd been watching for three weeks now. It never changed—even the rain here was pretty. Not once since my arrival on Jasc had I ever witnessed a truly dreary sky.

Gavin's broad shadow fell over me. "You're on top of the dresser. How in the world did you make it up here on your own?"

Most times I was on the floor by the time he got home. A few times I'd been on the bed, sleeping. Not much else to do, really. "Climbed the curtain cord," I told him, absently gesturing toward my starting point. "Couldn't even make it halfway up the first time I tried, but now it's pretty easy."

"Wow," he all but purred as he ran his fingers down my back, "you've gotten a lot stronger."

I shivered with pleasure, but didn't look up at him. "Yeah. Go me."

His fingers paused. "Blake?" He lowered his head, using his forefinger to coax my gaze into meeting his. "What's wrong?"

Not wanting to bring him down, I pulled my chin from the pad of his finger and began to flick open the buttons of my shirt. "Want to fuck?"

Those blue eyes rounded before flickering wildly. "Hell yes." He eased closer, licked at my exposed chest.

I arched my body into his mouth. "High point of my day," I whispered.

Gavin drew back, the fire fading from his eyes. "Something's not right with you. Tell me."

My mouth crooked, and I let my shirt fall away from my torso.

His jaw ticked—I could see the strain it caused him to hold himself back from me. "I'm serious, Blake."

"It's nothing." Slowly, deliberately, I trailed my hand down the swell of my chest, down the hard lines cut into my abs, and slipped free the catch in my slacks. "Really."

The air shuddered in his chest, but he stepped away from the dresser.

God, he was my life, didn't he know that? How could he walk away from me so easily?

My hand stilled at my pants as I blinked up at him, as my eyes welled with tears.

"Shit," hissed Gavin, rushing forward and slipping his warm hand around my body. "What's wrong? Did something happen today? Are you broken?"

I clutched at his fingers, staring into those blue eyes, and finally confessed the realization that had been eating away at me for weeks. "I'm useless."

His palm firmed around me. "What the hell are you talking about? You're not useless, you're my—"

"Please, don't say it." I shook my head. "In my old life, I contributed to society. In my old life, I saved lives." I tried to push his fingers away, but of course he was too strong for that. "I mattered."

Gavin's voice dropped. "You matter to—"

My head dropped against his hand as I gave up trying to get away from him. "I had a purpose, Gavin. I got up in the morning and did things. Now, all I do is wait for you." Unable to help myself, I pressed my lips to his finger. "When I took Jack's stitches out... For a few seconds I was in my element again. But that feeling evaporated when he left, and I'm...I'm withering away inside."

Gavin sucked in a breath before gently lifting me off the dresser. "How do I fix this, Blake?"

"I don't think you can." I let my body go limp in his hold, needing his warmth, needing his strength. "Every morning you go off to learn new things, to become a more complete person, and I'm left here to do nothing. It's just the way things are."

Cradling me against his chest, Gavin went to sit on the bed. "Would you like to come to school with me tomorrow?"

I glanced up. "Wh-What?"

"You can attend all my classes with me." His thumb stroked my hair, again and again. "I sorta wanted to ask you before, but I didn't think you'd like it."

Some of the loneliness searing at me eased. "Aren't there rules about bringing toys to school?"

He snorted. "Please, I'm an Alpha." Smiling, he pulled me up to eyelevel. "Besides, I've seen other students bring their toys. They all look bored as shit, though, which is why I never asked—"

"I want to go." I reached out to rest my palms on his cheek. "Even if it's just to see something new."

Gavin grinned, nuzzled my body before dropping me onto his pillow. "Feel better?"

I nodded, already wondering if maybe I'd learn something, if I'd meet new people.

"Good." He whipped off his own shirt. "You shouldn't keep this stuff bottled up." He levered himself over me, forcing his muscles to ripple down his torso. "Next time just tell me what you need and I'll get it for you. I'm supposed to be taking care of you, you know?"

What I needed was to find my own place in this world, but no one could help me with that. Today, though, it was enough to know I had a place with Gavin.

When he lowered his head to kiss my stomach, I grabbed hold of his silken hair and gave it a tug. "You really are the high point of my day."

"Mmm." Deft fingers worked the pants off my legs. "You too."

I smiled, and let things go for a while.


Leaning forward on top of Gavin's desk, I eagerly listened to the professor at the head of the class. I didn't understand a single thing he was talking about, but he was animated and sucking me in.

"Blake," said Gavin, his voice soft.

I frowned, waving him off without turning around.

He chuckled, ran a finger down my spine. "I don't think I like you paying more attention to the prof than you're paying to me."


That finger and a few of its friends slipped to the front of my body and pushed on my torso until they had me pinned on my back.

My eyes wide, I stared up at my grinning Alpha. "What are you doing?" I whispered. "You need to focus, Gavin."

"I am focused." He skimmed his little finger over my crotch and my entire body jumped.

"On the lesson." I wriggled under his touch, which only seemed to make that smile more sly. "Shouldn't you be taking notes or something!"

"Notes? On a beta prof's lecture?" He rolled his eyes. "Not worth it."

Not worth it? My body stilled as I turned my head to look at the professor. "He's your teacher, Gavin. You should give him more respect than that."

"It's not a matter of respect. All first years have beta professors—they teach most of the introductory courses—but it's not overly complicated stuff. I can talk to you and still memorize what I need to know."

I glanced around. It was an odd mix of huge and smaller desks, Alpha and beta students. The pattern rows seemed random, but there was a strange sort of sense to them that allowed the betas to see the board even though the Alphas were scattered evenly throughout the room. "Other students are taking notes and being quiet as they pay attention."

"Yeah, the beta students. When second year starts, the Alpha and beta tracks split, and that's when the real work begins for us."

I wanted to ask about the differences between Alpha and beta `tracks,' but Gavin slipped a finger under my shirt.

"Strip down, will ya?"

My gaze shot back to him. "Say again?"

The desk rattled so hard that if Gavin's hand hadn't been there, I would have been knocked right off. "I don't want your clothes to get messy," he said, pulling away once things seemed to have settled.

"You can't be talking about..." Disbelieving, I sat up. "You can't be talking about..."

Gavin winked at me. "Been aching for you all morning, so you don't have a lot of time."

I'd heard that often enough to know he was dead serious, but all I could do was sit there and turn red. "Now? In front of all these people?"

His face softened. "I told you about that, didn't I? Public sex is no big deal here."

"B-But we're in class."

"It's your own fault," he said playfully. "You said yes to coming to school with me, so you can't really blame me for wanting to live out a fantasy I've been having since the semester began."

And here I thought he'd let me come along out of the kindness of his own heart! "Gavin..."

He tugged at my clothing. "Strip."

Knowing my clothes would be ripped off if I didn't, and not wanting to spend the rest of the day naked, I took off my shirt and slacks, trying to keep myself as small as possible and away from prying eyes.

Gavin leaned low against the desk, stretching one of his long arms beside me. "You have nothing to be shy about, but it's cute."

Cute. More and more, I was forgetting that he was over a dozen years younger than me. And staring up at the mountain of those huge, rounded biceps made me forget everything else. I leaned back on my elbows and tilted my head upward. "What now?"

He blew out a warm breath before sweeping me up and slipping me under the desk. I gasped when I saw he'd already unzipped his pants. The thick, powerful cock I knew so well strained upward, wreathed in pulsing veins. Its flushed head was pressed hard against the underside of the desk, and with every pulse it rubbed against the wood.

Wait... Had that been the cause of the quake I'd felt earlier?

Gavin shoved me between his abs and dick. "Please, Blake."

Closing my eyes, I slipped my arms around the hot column of flesh in front of me and ran my tongue over one of the veins.

I heard him groan above me and smiled, running my palms over his cock in long, smooth strokes.

"Not the slow shit," he growled.

Even after all this time, he was still so eager. It made me chuckle against him.

"Fuck," he swore.

That tone let me know I was skating on thin ice, so I got serious, rubbing my body along his cock, using my teeth to tease and my tongue to soothe.

Gavin's hips undulated beneath me. I had to tighten my grip to keep from falling to the floor, but I wasn't in any real danger. By now I was adept at riding him.

Far above, Gavin's breathing came harsher and harsher.

My hand skimmed to the underside of his shaft, and I ground my fist into his sweet spot. His dick jerked, and I grunted at the force of it, but damned if I wasn't feeling good too. Speaking of good...

I rubbed my crotch into his rock hard cock, moaning as that hot, smooth velvet skin slid against my own prick. My equipment was, obviously, nothing compared to Gavin's, but he was amazingly sensitive. From the beginning he'd always been able to feel it when I was hard.

And when his cock swelled in my arms, I knew he was loving it.

Heat rolled off of him in waves, and beads of sweat rolled down my body as I massaged his dick. My muscles burned with the effort, but I kept pushing myself harder into him. I couldn't help it—despite teasing him about going slow, every time we fucked it was fervent and desperate on both sides. There just wasn't any other way.

His sac drew tight and hard. I slid down to my ass, grinding against him as I straddled the base of his cock the best I could. Gavin made pissed, questioning sounds of confusion.

To answer, I kicked my heels against his balls.

"Shit!" roared Gavin.

Cultural differences aside, there was just no way that had gone unnoticed. Shifting my angle, I braced my feet on his balls and levered myself up to pump my body against his shaft. My thighs hugged him as my prick and pecs rubbed over his hot flesh, sending white-hot shards of pleasure shooting through every nerve-ending I had.

Gavin's cock throbbed and surged with raw power. The heat alone was enough to make me shoot my load, and I shuddered before collapsing against him. Gasping for air, but knowing what was coming, I clung to the column in my arms and hung on for dear life.

Something hit the table above me with the force of a thunderclap, and I managed to look up in time to see Gavin's fingers curl over the edge of the desk and grip it tight. Then my entire world pitched and rolled, his body convulsing as his cock spewed white jism all over the underside of the table. My muscles locked around him as I was rocked back and forth, but I kept my eyes open because I always wanted to see this show.

The eruptions came again and again, drenching the wood, dripping back down to me like warm white rain. Heavy droplets splattered my body, flooding my mouth, slicking my skin. His cream worked its way under my hands and fingers, and I lost my precarious grip as I slid off his cock.

A big hand caught me just before I fell and lifted me upward. I blinked into the brightness, moaned when the flat of a huge tongue ran over me from my ankles to my face. It swept the cum from my eyes, and I found myself looking into Gavin's pleased face.

"Felt good, didn't it?" he said softly, pulling out a handkerchief as he set me on top of the desk.

Both his tongue and the cloth wiped me down, and my prudishness rushed back as I glanced around. "Y-Yeah," I said, turning beet red as he caressed me. None of the students—neither the Alphas nor the betas—were looking my way.

He chuckled and handed me my clothing. "But you still like it better in a bed?"

I nodded, hurrying to put on my underwear, my shirt and pants.

"Gavin Aravis, sir."

Gavin darkened, slowly lifting his head to meet the professor's gaze with hooded eyes. "Yes?"

Aravis? Was that his family name? I'd never heard it mentioned before.

The professor gestured to a complex equation on the board. "The solution, if you please."

Sighing, Gavin leaned back in his chair and picked up his handkerchief. "Seven thousand two hundred eighty-nine kyuretin." He brazenly wiped off his cock and the underside of the table before balling up the kerchief and tossing it into a wastebasket on the other side of the room. "To the seventy-seventh level."

My eyes wide, I turned to look at the professor.

He nodded and glanced away. "Thank you, sir," he said respectfully, moving on to the next equation on the board.

A finger running over my hair made me spin on the table to stare up at my Alpha. "H-How did you know the answer?"

"Told you," said Gavin, trailing his finger down my chest. "Betas don't teach the complicated stuff. Easy enough for me to pay attention while we were fucking."

Jesus. Apparently I wasn't as good as I'd started to believe. "He's your teacher and can call you by name, but he still has to call you sir?"

Gavin rolled his eyes. "Special provision for professors while teaching. He doesn't need my permission to meet my gaze, either."

And he wasn't impressed with the rule. That much was obvious. "Makes sense, don't you think? Otherwise he couldn't deliver his lessons effectively."

"I suppose." Already bored with the subject, he broke into a grin and leaned closer. "We should fuck again next period. And during lunch. Then in the class after that."

I felt the color drain from my skin. "Y-You really have been missing me, haven't you?"

Electric light sparked in his bright blue eyes.

Despite Eyana's pleasant visits over the last few weeks, more often than not I'd been lonely without Gavin around during the day. To the point of pain.

Who was I to say no to alleviating it?

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