First of all, a words of advice to you, the reader. If you have read my stories before, you might come here expecting sweet romantic love, but that is not the case here. This is my first harsh story, and it is neither cute nor romantic. If you are appalled by non-consensual, rough sex between males you should back off now. But since you're still here, enjoy! :)

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Knight Until Dawn
by Winter

Part 1

The two men lay side by side, their unseeing eyes wide open as if gazing into the Beyond. Deep slashes and cuts from very sharp claws marred their bodies, and their skin and hair were scorched in places as if by fire. They were both naked from the waist up; their armour lay in a heap of shredded metal several yards away and the pieces of their broken swords had been spread over a wide area. Both of them had had their chests torn open and their hearts ripped out. Aside from the stench of burnt flesh there was a strong smell of urine. The knight shivered as he knelt by the younger of the dead men. Such foulness! To desecrate the bodies like that, it was simply unthinkable! He stood to his feet and grabbed the reins of his horse, then sat up. Shivering again, the knight whispered a vow to himself. The foul beast, the monster that had spread so much death along the rim of the forest, would not live to see the sun rise again.

The tales had varied; some said that a demon from the lowest of Hells had come to Earth to kill and maim and destroy, while others spoke of the beasts of folklore. All they could agree on was teeth. Great fangs that tore into flesh while razor-sharp claws ripped through armour. Whatever it was, it was close now, the knight decided. The blood from these last two victims had still been fresh, and even though it was the still summer no flies had yet found the bodies. He marked the place with a blue flag, so that the clerks who followed a safe distance behind him would know to give the two dead a decent burial. Then he spurred his horse onwards, to find the beast.

It had left a fairly straightforward trail, occasionally dragging against the undergrowth or leaving footprints in dirt or grass. Judging by the prints, and by the strands of white fur he had found on the branch of a thorn bush, the knight felt certain that he now knew what he was up against. A werewolf. A hideous creature of the Dark that only had murderous intent. An animal that stood and walked like a man, but had the ferocious nature of the beast. It was near dark now, and he was deeper into the forest than he had ever been before. Yet he would not stop for the night. Not now, when he was so close.

Then, all of a sudden, the trail stopped

The knight reined in his horse and looked around, with fear gripping his heart. He reached for the hilt of his sword, but before he could draw it the horse screamed and reared, tossing him off. There were bright red marks of claws on its side, that much the knight could see before he slammed into the ground. When he got to his feet, the horse was gone, and in its stead stood the beast that he had come here to hunt.

The werewolf was tall, taller than any man the knight had ever seen, and just like in the legends it walked on its hind paws, and its front legs were arms with hands and fingers that sported long, sharp claws. But worst of all was its face. It look much like a wolf, but had some man-like features. The snout was much like a real wolf's, but with lips that moved like on no animal the knight had ever seen. Almost as if they could form words. The eyes, too, were different. Piercing midday blue orbs that shone with malice and with an eerie intelligence. The knight drew his sword, but almost dropped it with surprise as the beast spoke.

"Another one, eh?" Its voice was little more than a deep growl. "Is there no end to you?"

"Y-you will..." The knight had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat, and force his voice not to break. "You will pay for your crimes, right now!"

"Are you going to kill me, tin man?" The werewolf laughed; a dry, coarse sound that made the knight shiver involuntarily. "You, and you alone?"


With a cry of rage over the beast's tauntings, the knight attacked. He swung his sword, certain to hit flesh and bone, but in the next second he was struck to the ground by a mighty blow that threw the helmet from his head and made him see stars. Next, he heard the unmistakable sound of shattered metal, and when he finally got his eyes to focus again he stared with disbelief at the broken shards of his sword. The werewolf stood three paces away, and smirked at him.

"Go home, sir Knight. Otherwise I'll open you and eat your heart, just as I did with the last two of your kind."

"Foul murderer..." the knight muttered. "Evil beast."

"It's always the same." Sighing, the werewolf took one step closer. "You always attack, and even when I try to give you your life you insult me. Why? Why do you seek to kill me?"

"Because..." The knight lost his voice, and had to swallow again. "Because you're a murderer! You've killed so many..."

"Friends of yours, I gather?"

"You killed... my friend. My best friend..."

"The knight whose armour you wear, eh?" The werewolf chuckled at the knight's sudden blush. "You're just a boy, not a knight. Go home. Tell them I couldn't bother to eat you."

"I am a knight!"

He stood up, swung his metal-gloved fist at the beast, but was knocked down again. This time he felt claws rake his cheek, and when he touched it he got blood on his hand. The werewolf snarled at him.

"You don't become a knight just because you pick up a sword! Now go home!"

"Why would you spare me? You killed my friend!"

"Do you wish to die, you little fucker!" The beast picked him up and slammed him into a tree trunk. "How old are you? Fifteen?"

"S-seventeen..." the knight stammered, lowering his head and waiting for death. "I was his squire, the knight you killed three days ago."

"Three days ago I was at the Wellspring Glade market, selling gems from the north." To the knight's surprise, the beast dropped him and turned to walk away. "I only passed through here as a short-cut. Your friend must have met something else. The woods are dangerous, you know. You humans don`t know anything bout them, not even that there`s a town a day`s march away. Might have been one of the dragons from there that ate your chum."

"Liar," the knight hissed, tears running down his cheeks. "You lie, filthy beast! You killed two men just now!"

"My name is Thander, not 'filthy beast'. And yes, I killed those two idiots because they wouldn't stay off my fucking case! As for you, little idiot, go home. This is your last chance."

"My name is Kevin, not 'little idiot'."

"All right, little idiot Kevin." The werewolf laughed, this time almost good-naturedly. "And don't even think about using the knife you keep under your belt, or I promise you I will kill you."

"I swore I would kill you..."

"You can't. Go home."


Kevin, the boy who wanted to be a knight, pulled out his knife and ran at the beast. This time, he wasn't knocked down. He was lifted up into the air. Painful claws dug deep into his arm and forced him to drop the knife, then his armour was ripped from him, bit by bit, followed by his clothing until he was tossed aside, naked except for a thin cotton loincloth. His head struck a tree root when he landed, and he was dizzy as he tried to focus his eyes on the beast. The werewolf was rummaging through his pockets, but there was nothing he could do save for watching.

Only now did he take a good look at it. Its fur was mostly grey, with flecks of white or silver, and the hair atop its head was black, and long. It was dressed only in a pair of leather britches that went halfway down its muscular legs. They had an opening in the back, where a thick-furred grey tail wagged as it found Kevin's meagre stash of money. Its chest was broad and the muscles looked hard as stone; the arms that had so easily toyed with him looked strong enough to lift a full-grown bull. How could he ever have thought that he could defeat such a creature? It was impossible. Tears of shame started running down his cheeks. He had failed his knight, failed to get his revenge. And now he would die...

Kevin cried out with fear as Thander tossed his torn clothes aside and picked him up again, this time holding him by the throat. He wanted to be brave, wanted to meet death with his pride intact, but he couldn't. He started crying openly, sobbing pitifully as the sharp claws got closer to his naked chest. And worst of all, he lost control of his bladder, feeling hot wetness run down his bare legs. Thander looked at him, then snorted in disgust and dropped him again.

"You really are nothing but a boy," he muttered. "Not worth killing."

"I dare you to kill me!" Kevin cried out between sobs. "You can't leave me like this, with the shame!"

"The shame is on you, boy," Thander snarled, suddenly angry again, but he didn't turn around. "That's what you get for trying to act a man!"

"Don't leave me like this!"

The werewolf stopped then. Sighing, he walked back to the sobbing Kevin and placed a huge foot over the boy's chest, pressing down hard. Kevin's crying stopped, and he screamed with pain.

"So you want me to kill you, eh? Yet you still shriek like a pig when I touch you." Thander stood back and seemed to think things through. "All right, I won't leave you like this. You'll bring me a fair price at the market. Human slaves are quite sought for these days."


"This has to go, of course." Thander muttered something in a strange language, then a ball of fire erupted from his hand and struck Kevin's crotch, leaving him unmarked but burning away his loincloth. "That's better. You will make a fine love toy, don't you think?"

"N-no! Please! I..."

"Quiet!" Kevin was pulled up into the air again, and a hard slap stung his cheek. "You should learn some manners! You're too weak to be anything but a sex slave, but you can't mouth off to your master. He may not be a nice guy, like me."

"H-he?" A shudder ran through Kevin's body as he tried to take in all that Thander said. "Y-you mean...?"

"Oh, you don't think a female would want a skinny runt like you, do you?" Thander laughed, then pried Kevin's legs apart despite the boy's attempts to cover himself up. "With a tiny cock like yours?"

"No!" Kevin cried, and kicked out with all his strength. He hit Thander in the stomach, but the werewolf didn't even flinch. "You can't...!"

"Little idiot!"

A much harder slap sent Kevin flying to the ground this time. The pain made him cry even harder, and he even forgot to cover himself up with his hands, as he kept rubbing his burning cheek. He barely even noticed it when a strong hand grabbed his legs and pried them apart. Only when a finger ran through his pubic hair did he come to fully. he tried to push the werewolf away, but to no avail.

"These have to go, too. You're no man, so you shouldn't look like one." Another ball of fire burned away every single strand of hair below his neck, yet left him unharmed. "That's better. Have you learned to be a good boy yet?"

"Damn you!" Kevin cried instinctively, then covered his mouth as he saw a glint of anger in Thander's ice blue eyes. "Wait, I... I didn't mean..."

He cringed, and readied himself for a blow that never came. Instead, he was pressed into the ground face first. He could hear Thander say something, but couldn't make out the words as his ears were still ringing from the last slap he had received. So he turned around, sat up and backed away, then his eyes grew wide. The werewolf had taken his britches off, and stood before him naked. Kevin's eyes were involuntarily drawn to the beast's crotch. Thander looked nothing like a human down there, except maybe for the large sac that hung low, with balls inside that were as large as turkey eggs. Above them was a sheath, like Kevin had seen on male dogs, and from it stood Thander's massive erection. It was dark red, with a pointed tip on a very thick shaft. At the base it had swelled into a knot the size of both Kevin's fists put together. The boy knew instinctively what was about to happen, and he turned to run.

"I told you to lie still!" Thander growled, and grabbed Kevin around the waist, pulling him back. "I would have made it easy for you if you had obeyed, that's one rule you have to learn if no other."

Kevin screamed with fear as he was pushed down again, this time on his back. Thander leaned over him, then pressed his huge member against the boy's face. The smell was strong and bitter, and so masculine it made Kevin's head swim. A drop of something wet and slimy hit his lips, and he licked it away reflexively. the taste was even stronger than the smell, but when he tried to spit Thander pressed the tip into his mouth and held his head still. Now there was no escape from the taste, as squirt upon squirt of liquid was shot into his mouth. Kevin whimpered, but didn't dare to protest.

"Now suck it like a good boy," Thander said in a tone that was not unfriendly. "But don't bite, or I'll skin you alive."

Kevin nodded meekly, and closed his lips around the thick shaft. Immediately, Thander thrust into him until the swollen knot pressed against his nose. Caught completely now by both the smell and the taste, Kevin knew he had to obey, and he did so almost eagerly as he started sucking for all that he was worth. He was rewarded, or punished might have seemed a better word to him, by a steady stream of liquid which he did his best to swallow.

"That's just pre-cum, boy. The real stuff will come along soon. Better learn right away to drink it all down. Be a good boy and take it all, and I'll be real nice to you."

Kevin's head was pressed against the ground, and he had no choice but to adjust as the werewolf started thrusting deeply into his mouth. He tried his best to keep from gagging as the tip of Thander's cock went down his throat, and after a couple of close calls he was able to take it. The werewolf was growling and groaning now, his erection swelling until it only just barely fit into the boy's mouth. Kevin steeled himself as he felt the balls that had been slapping against his chin rise up in their sac; he knew what this meant, and he knew that he needed to take all of Thander's seed. Only minutes ago this was something he had never even considered, and would have been offended if anyone had suggested. With a snarling cry, Thander pulled back until only half of his cock was in Kevin's mouth, then he came. Kevin felt a warm jet of sticky liquid land on his tongue, and he swallowed, trying his best not to think of what it was that he was doing. The taste was salty, and quite bitter, and the texture of it made him gag. There was just no way he could ever get used to something like this. No way! He coughed, then almost choked as lupine cum slid down the wrong throat. With an effort, he spat the huge cock out, and was immediately splattered all over his face and chest. Thander kept coming for almost a minute, and by the time he was done the still coughing boy's face was all but covered in white.

"I'm... I'm sorry," Kevin whimpered once he had his breath back. "I tried, I really tried."

"Not hard enough." The growling voice was calm, but cold, and Kevin was not surprised when a heavy slap landed across his cheek. "You will learn better. Now go clean up, there's a river half a mile east of here. And don't even think about trying to escape."

Dejected, Kevin walked slowly towards where Thander had pointed, but he sped up at the thought of getting rid of all the goo that covered him, as well as the foul taste in his mouth. Was this what the future had in store for him? To be some kind of toy to another werewolf like Thander, or some other monster, maybe? Wasn't it better to make a run for it? Wouldn't getting killed be to prefer? But maybe Thander wouldn't kill him. Dying was one thing, but pain? He licked his lips involuntarily, then spat as fresh taste of cum invaded his mouth. It was bad, yes, but was it worse than anything else the beast might do to him? As he looked down at his white-streaked chest, Kevin noticed to his horror that he was hard. A whimper escaped his throat. Surely he hadn't enjoyed that? Being... used like that!? He slapped his hairless cock in disgust, but it wouldn't soften; instead, a drop of clear pre appeared at the tip of his foreskin, and when he thought about how it had felt to suck the werewolf's huge cock his own erection throbbed. With a sound that was half groan, half sob, he grabbed it and pulled the skin back, then forth again. That was all it took, and he shot his load onto the leaves of a bush just beside the path. When he started walking again, he was crying quietly.

It took him a long time to feel even remotely clean again. The stains on his face and chest were easily removed with some of the cold river water, but Kevin still felt dirty. It was one thing to be forced into... into doing what he had done, but why had he got hard, himself? Had it really turned him on? No! he cried inwardly. He had hated it! He hated the werewolf! Hated everything about that foul creature! Kevin suddenly felt sick, and had to sit down and breathe deeply to keep from vomiting. Maybe it would have been better if he had, he thought as he slowly began to feel better. To get rid of... of what he had swallowed. Another bout of nausea hit him, but he quenched it by drinking some water. He sighed, and stared at the full moon above. He should get back to Thander before the werewolf thought he had fled. A shudder went through him, but he tried his best not to think of what might come next. With his head lowered, he started following the path.

Thander had built a camp fire, and was roasting some meat on a stick. Kevin immediately turned pale, but the werewolf only laughed.

"No, it's just rabbit. I'll let you have some if you're good."

"Please," Kevin whispered. "Please don't hurt me again. Won't you let me go?"

"I gave you plenty of chances to leave, boy," Thander snarled. "And you still chose to attack me. So you pay the price. Come here!"

Kevin obeyed hesitantly. Thander was still naked, and he could smell the werewolf's cock, or at least thought he could, even through the mouth-watering smell of cooking rabbit meat. He stood in front of his captor, his head hung low as he waited for what would happen. Thander grabbed his arm and spun him around, then pressed him down on all fours. Kevin panicked, struggling to get away, but he was caught in a firm grip.

"You really don't deserve to get lubricated," Thander growled, and Kevin cried out as he felt a finger touch his anus. It was wet and cold. "I guess it is your first time, though, and you won't be worth much at the market if you're ripped open."

"Please, no!" Kevin yelled as he realised what was about to happen. "Let me suck it again, please! I'll be good! I can take it all this time, please!"

A hard, stinging slap landed on his exposed buttocks, followed immediately by another when he still tried to struggle. Kevin started crying again, both from the pain and from fear, but he stayed still as the werewolf stood to his knees behind him. The finger entered him; it did not hurt as bad as Kevin would have thought, and it lubed him up with some kind of liquid. Thander touched something inside him that sent a shock of pleasure through his body. Another bout of panic hit him as the finger suddenly vanished, and Thander grabbed his hips with both hands.

"Beg for it, boy," he growled as he pressed the tip of his cock against Kevin's butt hole. When the boy kept quiet, he received another slap. "Go on, beg for it! Otherwise I might change my mind and fuck you dry!"

"P-please," Kevin started, but had to start over as a sob made his voice break. "Please stick in into me."

"Can't hear you, boy."

"Please, sir!" Kevin cried out. "Please do it!"

"Do what?"

"Please stick it into me, sir!"

"Stick what into you?" Thander teased, slapping his erection against Kevin's buttocks. "You know the words for it, don't be shy."

"P-please, sir," Kevin sobbed. "Please stick you cock into me. Please, fuck me!"

"So that's what you want? A real slut, aren't you?"

"Yes sir, I'm a slut." Kevin was crying so hard now that he could barely speak. He felt as if his dignity had just died. "Fuck me now, please!"

"As you wish, boy."

Just then, a shrill scream echoed through the forest. It took Kevin a second or two to realise that it was his. A deep, tearing pain coursed through him, almost making him faint. Thander had run his cock in to the hilt, had even pressed his half-inflated knot into Kevin, and without pausing to let him adapt to the intrusion the werewolf had now started thrusting in and out at a rapid pace. Kevin screamed again, but when he tried to get away he found himself held firmly in place. Thander had a good grip on his shoulders, claws digging into his flesh. If anything, Kevin's struggling seemed to agitate the werewolf, who slammed his cock into the boy faster and harder each time. A deep, satisfied growl could be heard even over Kevin's cries and sobs.

Eventually, though, the boy's battered hole began to turn blissfully numb. Even the growing knot didn't hurt as much as it forced its way in and out of him. This didn't help Kevin to stop crying, though. As the pain lessened, his shame and humiliation grew. He was being raped, used like a toy. But wasn't that what he was, now? He had submitted to Thander, even begged to get fucked. He was nothing more than a slave, someone to be used for another's pleasure. And he was to be sold. This hurt more than anything else. He was to be traded away like a trinket, to whoever would fancy him. And Thander had said that many of the slave owners were horrible to their pets, or toys, or whatever they would call him. Despair caused his tears to flow now, rather than the dull throbbing in his rectum.

Just as Kevin was about to slip into a haze of self pity, new pangs of pain began to shoot through him. Thander's knot was filling out to a point where he simply could take no more. He cried out again, trying but failing to form words, to beg for mercy. The werewolf seemed to understand, though, because he pushed in one more time, then stayed still while his knot grew to its full size.

"Don't think I pity you, boy," Thander growled into his ear. "You've done nothing to deserve a light treatment, but I can't sell you if you're torn open, can I?"

"No, sir," Kevin sobbed through clenched teeth. His insides were stretched to their limits, but at the same time the knot pressed at that place inside him that Thander had only just touched before, mixing the pain with pleasure. "Thank you, sir."

The werewolf started making short thrusts, grinding Kevin's prostate until the boy's cries of pain had completely changed into pleasure moans. He was hard now, and he knew that he would come any minute. It was unbelievable! It was the worst moment of his life, next to the discovery of his knight-friend's death, so how could it also feel so good? Then Thander pressed himself against Kevin's rear, reaching deeper into him than ever, and he felt spurt after spurt of wolf seed splash against his insides. The werewolf's huge cock throbbed and pulsed, and just as Thander let out a loud howl, Kevin shot his own load into the grass beneath him. After that, darkness claimed him as he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, Kevin felt strangely empty. He was drenched in sweat, and his cheeks were streaked with dried tears. At first, he was reluctant to look down at his body, fearful of what he might see. A careful touch of his fingers to his backside confirmed some of those fears; it felt as if he had been sliced with a knife. Yet there was no blood on his hand, just thick, white semen. He shuddered at the memory, both as he recalled the pain and at the renewed feelings of shame. He had come, had shot his load just as he himself was filled up. Did that mean that he was a man-lover? That he, deep inside, had enjoyed what happened despite all the pain? He ran a hand over the bare patch where his pubic hair had been, silently cursing his cock for betraying him as it had.

"No good waiting for it." The werewolf's deep growl made Kevin jump. Not until now did he realise that he had been alone when he woke up. Thander's fur was wet, as if he had taken a bath. "When I burn something, it stays burned. Better get used to being a little boy."

"B-but why...?"

"Because you tried to act a man when you're not. Besides, you'll fetch me a higher price if they think you're really young." Thander laughed as if he had told a joke, then pointed towards the river. "Go get yourself cleaned up."

Kevin tried to force himself to move, but his body would not obey. He wanted to wash himself, to get rid of as much of the wolf's cum as he could, but the thought of being sold as a slave had rooted him to the spot. Not until then did he fully realise that it was true. He would get sold. Somehow, this thought was worse than the enslavement itself. He didn't get to ponder this further, because suddenly something warm and wet hit him in the face. He gasped, and his mouth was filled with a sharp, bitter taste that made him gag. Choking and coughing, he tried to get away, but whichever way he turned he still got drenched. When at last this foul-smelling rain ended he looked up to see Thander standing over him, with a thin trickle of urine still flowing from the tip of his cock. The werewolf chuckled as he shook off the last drops right into Kevin's panting mouth.

"Maybe now you'll go and get cleaned up?" he asked in a sweet tone. "Motivation instead of obedience?"

"I-I'm sorry, sir," Kevin muttered as he stood up, ignoring the pain in his rear. "I'll go right away, sir."

"Hurry back. I want us to sleep an hour or two before the sun comes up."

Soaking wet from top to toe, and with his mouth burning from the taste of the werewolf's piss, Kevin hurriedly made his way to the river. The cold water felt wonderful; not only did it make him feel a lot more clean than he had thought possible, but the chill also soothed his sore anus. The luxury of a bath took his mind away from what lay in the future, and instead he found himself worrying about his behaviour after he woke up. Thander had been right to punish him, he decided. He hadn't obeyed as he should, and had answered in a surly tone. Lucky it hadn't been worse! Part of his mind screamed at him that he shouldn't give up, that he should fight for his freedom. That the knight he had always wanted to be couldn't give in just like that. But he was broken now. The events of the evening and night had turned the knight into a hazy dream; what he really was, was nothing more than this. A slave. How could he ever have hoped for something else?

Almost half an hour had passed when he returned to the campfire, shuddering from the chill night air against his bare skin. He sat down close to the fire, but Thander beckoned him over. Kevin got to his feet nervously and stood in front of the werewolf. Thander said nothing, merely stared at him. After a minute or two, the silence became unbearable.

"I'm sorry I took so long, sir," Kevin began, his voice on the verge of breaking. "And I'm sorry I didn't obey right away. It won't happen again, sir. I'll be good."

"Will you really?" Thander cocked his head slightly. Kevin nodded meekly. "All right, I believe you for now. But you'd better make sure it doesn't happen again!"

"Yes, sir."

"Here." He tossed Kevin a hunk of meat from the grilled rabbit. "Eat up, then sleep for a while. I want to get moving at dawn. Going to the slave market with you will be a detour I could do without."

Kevin started eating right away, even though he wasn't really hungry. He watched as the werewolf rolled over on his side and fell asleep within seconds. The fire had almost died out by now, and it was getting cold. Without his clothes, Kevin knew it would be a rough night. That thought almost made him laugh out loud. As if it hadn't been rough this far! What would a bit of chill matter now? He looked around; somewhere close by were the clothes that Thander had ripped off him before, but did he really dare to go and search for them? Asking for permission was out of the question. There was just no way he would dare to wake Thander up, especially since dawn was just an hour or two away.

He lay down as soon as he had swallowed the last of his meal, but by now he was shivering with cold. Sleep would not come easy. The fire had died down, and there was a mist creeping up on them. Crisp air saturated with moisture that made his skin ache. Kevin sat up and swallowed a couple of times in order to quench his fear. Thander had said nothing about where he should lie down to sleep.

The werewolf woke up from his usual light sleep when he felt something move beside him. He opened his eyes and saw that Kevin had cuddled up right next to him, seeking as much contact as possible with his thick, warm coat of fur. His first reaction was anger, and a glint of rage lit up his eyes as his lips curled into a snarl. But then the boy stirred again, pressing his naked body even tighter against Thander's side. He sighed happily in his sleep, and Thander's fury died down just suddenly as it had appeared. He draped an arm over Kevin, then went back to sleep.