Warnings from pt 1 still apply.
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Knight Until Dawn
by Winter


Part 2

When Kevin woke up he was alone. At first he didn't know where he was, or why he was naked and cold, but as the memories returned a deep blush spread on his cheeks and he bent his head in shame. He tried not to think about what had happened to him during the night, but the aches and pains in his body kept reminding him. The bruises and cuts were nothing; far worse was the pain in his rear. He touched a finger to his abused hole, but there was still no blood. Part of him wanted to break down and cry, but he refused to do so. To avoid wallowing in self pity, he started looking around. The werewolf was nowhere to be seen, and the spot next to Kevin where he had laid was cold. The moon had gone down, but to the east the sky was beginning to brighten. Above him, he could still see stars. Thander had said that they would start travelling at dawn, so even though Kevin was tired it was no use going back to sleep. He wanted to wash himself; the smell of the werewolf's fur was still strong on his body, and he didn't like it. And he was both hungry and thirsty. He didn't dare to do anything, though, and instead he sat down to wait. It only took a few minutes until he heard near-quiet footsteps, and soon Thander stood next to him. There was a moment's silence, as if the werewolf waited for him to say something, but he kept quiet. He didn't in any way want to anger Thander. In the end, the werewolf nodded as if to himself.

"Pack my things. We're leaving."

Kevin got to his feet and looked around, and soon found a leather satchel, which he started filling with the things that lay all around. Cooking utensils, a small package of herbs, spices and salt, clothes. Clothes? Kevin looked up, and saw that Thander was sitting on a tree stump nearby, fully naked. The sight made him shudder, and he hoped against hope that the first thought that entered his mind was wrong. It wasn't. As soon as he had finished packing, Thander made a beckoning gesture and pointed towards the ground. Kevin got to his knees, but then he hesitated.

"Go on," the werewolf urged in a tone that was almost friendly. "You need the practice."

When Kevin still didn't move, Thander grabbed him around the back of his neck and pulled him closer. The erect wolf cock poked at his lips, and Kevin knew that he had no choice. With a shudder, he opened his mouth and took it in. Better to get it over with, and if he did a good job he might not get fucked. So he started sucking as hard as he could, steeling himself to keep from gagging as Thander thrust deeply into his mouth. A steady stream of pre-cum soon forced him to swallow, and just then the tip of the cock slid into his throat. It took all his will not to back away and throw up, but he managed. The lupine knot pressed hard against his lips, and a sudden thought made him reach up to caress it with his fingers. Thander laughed at this, but did not change his slow, steady thrusting. Soon Kevin felt the knot swell even further, and he caught himself wondering just how he had managed to survive with that thing inside him last night. The unbidden memory forced him to concentrate, to focus on what he was doing rather than feeling sorry for himself again. It would soon be over; he could feel Thander's huge balls begin to pull up, and he pressed his mouth as tightly to the knot as he could, relaxing his throat and hoping that the bitter liquid would go right down to his stomach. He was only partly successful. The first few jets of wolf cum went down easily, just as he had hoped, but then he had to breathe. He held his breath for as long as he could, but there was just no end to Thander's orgasm. In the end, Kevin had to pull back and take a couple of spurts on his tongue while he breathed in through his nose, but the taste made him gag. He coughed out a mouthful of cum, then got his entire face coated while he fought to regain his breath. Thander fixed him with a hard glare.

"Close, but not good enough." He pulled Kevin up and shoved him towards the river. "Go and wash up, but be quick."

Kevin obeyed, and was soon back with a clean face and with his mouth rinsed. He could not wash away the knowledge that his stomach was filled with wolf cum, though, and it made him feel queasy. He still accepted a slice of bread when Thander handed it to him, and started eating while they left their campsite. Thander found a path that led straight into the woods, and let Kevin take the lead, the satchel swung over his shoulders. The trees were so dense in there that it was almost dark, even after the sun had gone up. Kevin could just barely see where he put his feet. Luckily the path was smooth and free from roots, since he wasn't used to walking without shoes on. Or clothes, for that matter. He felt cold, but he didn't dare to ask if he could have a blanket or something.

After about two hours' walk, Thander suddenly called to a halt. He found a patch of soft grass next to the path and sat down. Kevin remained standing, unsure of what would happen now. Thander took a swig from a water skin, then offered it to Kevin. The boy drank a good mouthful, then handed it back. As he watched Thander he remembered that the werewolf was still completely naked, just like him, and to his dismay he felt a slight stirring in his groin. He closed his eyes and tried to dismiss the thought, but it wouldn't go away. Something inside him remembered how it had felt when the wolf fucked him, how somewhere beyond the pain there had been the most delightful pleasure. While he fought with his mind, he was suddenly snapped back to reality by a sharp cough. He opened his eyes and saw that Thander had spread his legs wide and was holding his massive erection towards Kevin. Obeying, he got to his knees and took the tip into his mouth. Thander let him bob up and down a couple of times, then stopped him.

"Not like that." He held his cock up and out of reach for Kevin's mouth. "Lick my balls."

Kevin hesitated, but a low growl convinced him to do as he had been told. He stuck his tongue out and ran it over the wolf's scrotum. Knowing what felt good when he played with himself, he pushed at the large testicles with every pass of his tongue. Thander moaned, so he was obviously doing something right. Feeling brave, he closed his lips around one of the balls and suckled it lightly, careful not to cause pain. Another moan followed, which turned into a loud purr as Kevin switched balls. For the first time since meeting the werewolf, he felt good about what was happening. He liked giving pleasure, now that it caused him no pain and no foul taste in his mouth. Thander's sac had a flavour and a scent that Kevin actually found himself enjoying. It was musky and male like nothing he had ever experienced before. When the purrs and moans changed to a deeper pitch, while Thander's balls began to rise, Kevin thought he knew what was coming. He would have to take the wolf's cock into his mouth and swallow as much a he could. To his surprise, though, Thander leaned back and raised a leg.

"Go lower." Kevin gasped. Surely he couldn't mean... "Go on, boy! You heard!"

Kevin obeyed slowly, licking down the werewolf's scrotum, across the swollen perineum towards his new goal. It looked pink and clean, and as he watched the muscles around it flexed a bit. He ran his tongue towards it, but before he could make contact he broke away with a whimper.

"No," he whispered. "Please, sir, don't make me..."

"There you go again!" With a snarl, Thander grabbed him by the throat and lifted him from the ground.

"Won't you learn? Words like `no' or `don't' aren't for you anymore." A rough slap landed on Kevin's cheek, the sting and the humiliation making his eyes tear. "And don't start that fucking weeping again! Get down there and do as your master tells you!"

"Yes sir," Kevin said meekly as he was released from the iron grip. He got to his knees and found himself once more staring at the werewolf's spread buttocks. "Th-thank you, sir."

He closed his eyes and stuck his tongue out, shuddering as it made contact with the bare flesh surrounding Thander's anus. He had to fight back nausea as he felt the ring of muscle with the tip of his tongue. To his surprise, though, the taste was not too bad. It was more like licking slightly sweaty skin, but with a hint of musk that he found oddly pleasant. Thander moaned and pressed back, his knees trembling slightly as Kevin's tongue made full contact. The werewolf's reaction made Kevin feel better about the whole thing. Thander was actually enjoying it, and not just doing it to train a sex slave. With a fresh surge of confidence Kevin started licking up and down, pausing occasionally to tease the opening with the tip of his tongue. After a little while, he even began pressing harder, slipping deeper and deeper with every pass. The taste and the smell of musk grew stronger, but it was still not unpleasant, and Thander's purrs and groans of delight were slowly getting to him. Kevin reached down between his legs and found that he was almost all the way hard, and he started stroking himself. Within a minute he came forcefully, moaning with his tongue pressed almost an inch into the werewolf's hole. For some reason he could not understand, this act did not feel as humiliating and unpleasant as sucking Thander's cock, and he did not feel as guilty or angry as before over enjoying himself.

Soon Thander's growls grew deeper, though, and Kevin knew with a sinking feeling in his stomach what was coming. The werewolf's balls started rising in their sac, and he turned around, aiming the pre-slicked tip at Kevin's face. The choice came between getting soaked and probably punished, or swallowing as much as he could. Closing his eyes he took the cock all the way in until his lips touched the knot, which he started stroking with his hands. Thander laughed.

"Eager for it, eh?" He tousled Kevin's hair and started thrusting into his mouth. "You're gonna be such a cock-lover before I'm done with you. A real whore. Aren't you?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin whimpered around the thick length in his mouth. "I'll be your whore."

"Not mine!" Thander slapped him in the back of the head, then started fucking his face even harder. "Getting closer, boy. Drink it all this time!"

Kevin could only groan in reply. He took a couple of deep breaths and steadied himself to do his best. The first jet of wolf cum went straight down his throat, as did the next few. After that he let his mouth fill up while he breathed, then swallowed again. For a while he thought he was actually going to make it, but Thander kept shooting, and when Kevin tried to drink down a second mouthful he coughed and spilled some. He managed to swallow the last few drops, though, and only ended up with a slightly messy chin. Thander pulled out and sank to the ground, panting loudly.

"Getting better, boy. Much better."

"Thank you, sir." To Kevin's surprise, the praise made him feel proud of himself. "Thank you."

"But you did spill some. I told you to drink it all."

"I'm sorry, sir." Kevin lowered his head, bracing himself for whatever was about to happen. "I tried my best, I really did."

"And you came." Thander looked at the white splashes on the ground. "I don't remember telling you to come."


"It's all right." The werewolf got to his feet, then tousled Kevin's hair again. "I won't punish you. Not this time."

"Thank you, sir!" Kevin beamed happily, and almost flung himself into Thander's arms, but managed to restrain himself. He blushed over this sudden outburst of emotion. "I didn't mean to come."

"Like I said, it's all right. Just shows how much you love pleasuring your master." Kevin's blush deepened. "Come on, time to go."

They set off at a fairly high pace, and it wasn't long before Kevin started getting tired. His feet hurt, and he could feel mosquito bites here and there on his naked body. The strap of Thander's leather satchel had begun to chafe his shoulders, and on top of everything the walk was terribly boring. Trees, trees and trees, roots and twigs and pine needles everywhere now for him to step on or trip over. Noon passed, but the werewolf did not seem to be stopping for lunch. Kevin was almost glad for it, since he didn't want a repeat of their last break. He was hungry, though, but he couldn't muster enough courage to ask for something to eat.

It was late in the afternoon when Thander finally called to a halt. Kevin set the satchel down, then waited to see what would happen. But Thander just sat against a tree trunk and pulled the stopper out of his water skin. Sighing with relief, Kevin dropped to the ground and curled up into a ball, hugging his knees trying to get warm. He looked at his feet. They were dirty, and he could see the occasional streak of blood from where he had stepped on something sharp. A grunt from the werewolf made him sit up straight, fear gripping his inside, but he was only offered the water skin. Thanking Thander with a smile, he took a couple of sips. His stomach begged him to ask for food, but he didn't dare to risk it. They sat in silence for a little while, then Thander got to his feet.

"Wait here," he growled as he began to walk away into the undergrowth. "Light a fire."

Obeying, Kevin got to his feet, swaying slightly as he forced them to bear his weight. He quickly found some dead branches, but he couldn't find anything to light the fire with. Not even in the satchel. His thoughts raced. How did you start a fire without flint and steel? Without a magnifying lens? He tried rubbing two sticks together, but only caused some smoke. When the werewolf returned, carrying a couple of flayed and gutted rabbits, Kevin was near to panic. Thander only sighed, and snapped his fingers. Immediately, the fire lit up. Kevin's head hung, shame burning on his cheeks. He had thought himself worthy to be a knight, yet here he was, totally unable to survive on his own. Unable to carry out his master's commands. It was a feeling of such humiliation that he would have cried, if Thander hadn't told him not to 'start that fucking weeping again'. He sat down and warmed his hands against the fire, while Thander wrapped the rabbit meat in some kind of leaves and placed these packages just out of reach of the flames. Neither of them spoke while the leaves slowly charred; the crackling and popping of the fire was the only sound that could be heard. It was almost dark when Thander used a stick to gather up the leaf packages. He tossed two of them in front of Kevin, who tried to open one and immediately burned his fingers. The werewolf laughed.

"Take it easy there, boy. They'll soon cool down."

"Yes, sir." Kevin hesitated for a moment, then spoke again. "I'm sorry, sir. I mean, that I... The fire, I mean."

"Mhm. One more time today when you've failed to obey." Kevin winced, forcing back a whimper. "Do you think I ought to punish you?"

"Sir, I..." The boy's voice failed him. "Please..."

"What do humans do with children who misbehave?" Thander's voice was soft, yet with a steely edge to it that made Kevin shudder. "Well? Wolves bite, but I want that hide of yours whole when we get to the market. So, what would a human do with a naughty boy?"

"S-spank him," Kevin whispered. Thander cupped his ear, smiling coldly. "Spank him, sir. That's what a... a human would do."

"Oh? I've never heard that word before. How is it done?"


"Come on, tell me what I should do to you, boy, right now or I will bite you."

"Well, you should place me across your lap, sir." Deep inside him, Kevin could feel a great anger rising. Not directed at Thander, but at himself. Why did he degrade himself so? Why suffer such horrendous humiliation? Yet he bit it back, and felt one more shred of his dignity die. "Then y-you slap my butt until I have been properly punished."

"Interesting. Do you think I should try this, boy?"

"Y-yes, sir. I deserve it."

"Why do you deserve it?"

"Because I failed to obey you, sir." A tear trickled down Kevin's cheek as Thander gestured for him to continue. "I failed to drink your cum, sir. Twice. And I didn't lick your butt when you told me to. And I couldn't light the fire like you told me to."

"Well, you are right. You do deserve to get spanked. Get over here." He patted his thigh, and Kevin walked slowly towards him. More tears were now running down his cheeks, but he could not tell if they were from the shame of failing to obey or from the fear of getting spanked. Both feelings were blurred together inside his mind. "Lie down, boy."

Kevin obeyed, taking his position. The wolf's furry thighs were warm against his stomach, and he blushed as he felt something poke at him. Thander's cock! Was the werewolf getting turned on by this? Kevin's thoughts were soon lost as the first slap landed across his buttocks, leaving a stinging, burning pain. He had been spanked as a kid, but it had never hurt this bad. More slaps followed rapidly, setting his butt on fire. Whack, whack, whack! The sounds vanished in among the trees, along with the sound of Kevin's cries of pain. Anyone within half a mile would now hear that he was being punished. The spanking went on for what seemed like hours, until it suddenly stopped. Kevin barely had time to register this, before he was pushed off the werewolf's lap. Thander stood up, aimed his fully hard cock at Kevin and came. Spurt after spurt after spurt of wolf seed hit Kevin's face, neck and chest. He even got some up his nose, and as he snorted to get rid of it he opened his mouth. Salty, bitter semen hit his tongue, yet he was now getting so used to it that he didn't even gag. Seeing this, Thander forced the tip of his cock in between Kevin's lips while he shot his last. Kevin swallowed, then sank down onto the ground as Thander withdrew. He was still crying after his rough spanking.

"Don't wipe it off," the werewolf said, panting slightly. "You can sleep covered with cum tonight, might serve you as a reminder to do better in the future. Right?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin sobbed, rubbing his aching butt. "Thank you, sir."

"Now eat your supper before it gets cold."

The meat was now nicely warm. The leaves had given it a flavour Kevin did not recognise, but it was just about the best thing he had ever eaten. It also served to rinse his mouth of the taste of semen. When they had finished eating Thander let him have another sip of water, then pointed to a spot on the ground near the fire.

"That is where you sleep tonight. Nowhere else, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Don't go out of sight from the fire. If you have to piss do it behind a tree."

"Yes, sir."

Kevin took his place, but not before giving the werewolf a pleading look. The ground would be both cold and uncomfortable, unlike the previous night. Thander shook his head, though, and lay down to sleep. Kevin lay awake for a long time after the werewolf's breathing had changed into soft snores. A day's march away, Thander had said, there was a town that humans didn't know of. Was that where they were going? Or did the slave market lie further into the unknown forest? Kevin couldn't remember if Thander had said anything about that. All that he could think of was that he might get sold tomorrow. But to whom? Surely not to someone who would treat him even worse than the werewolf had? Still, the more he thought about it the less he wanted to be sold. Thander had caught him, had claimed to own him and had used him for his own pleasure. That was bad, of course, but to be bought just like a trinket at a market... Surely no humiliation could be greater? He had half a mind to make a run for his freedom. Being caught and killed would be better than the slave market. But he didn't dare to do it. He was afraid of being punished again. Bitter tears threatened to start running again, but he fought them back. After all, he had been ordered not to cry. He nearly laughed out loud. Was he really this much tamed? Like a dog who had been taught not to enter the house? He turned over and looked at the sleeping werewolf. Maybe he could plead with Thander not to sell him, but keep him as his own. But where would he find the courage to do so? Without having settled his thoughts, he closed his eyes and started drifting off to sleep. Maybe, just maybe, if he were a good boy tomorrow morning, come what may, Thander just might change his mind.