Warnings from pt 1 still apply.
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Knight Until Dawn
by Winter


Part 3

"What a sorry sight you are."

It took a few seconds for the words to reach Kevin's still half-asleep mind. The werewolf's voice sounded almost piteous. Blinking his eyes open, Kevin soon realised why. His skin was almost white from the night's cold, except for red streaks where his wounds had bled while he slept. He opened his mouth to apologise for his appearance, but all that happened was that he began to shiver violently. The moist pre-dawn air cut through his chilled skin and flesh, right down to his bones, so painful he couldn't even scream. He rolled over to his side and clutched his knees to his chest, shuddering with every breath. Just as he thought he could stand no more, just as he knew for sure that he was about to die, Kevin felt a sudden onset of heat. A ball of fire engulfed him, wrapped him up in warmth like a thousand blankets, prodded at his whitened skin and massaged his aching muscles. It was the best feeling in the world. Kevin gasped, then moaned and sighed with pleasure.


This time the voice was a harsh one, and the fireball vanished immediately. The morning chill returned, but it was as if some of the flames remained inside Kevin, giving him protection. He stood up and brushed off the leaves and the dirt that had stuck to his body during the night, then turned to face the werewolf. For a second, he thought he saw a glimpse of compassion in Thander's face, but it was so fleeting he decided it had to be his imagination. At a closer look the werewolf displayed only his usual contempt. Kevin felt a lump of fear rise in his throat, but even so he couldn't stop himself as he crossed the distance between the two of them, and flung his arms around Thander's waist.

"You saved me, master, you saved my life!" He rubbed his face in the werewolf's chest fur, trying to convey the gratitude he felt. "I was so sure I'd freeze to death, I don't have a nice and warm fur like you do. Thank you, master."

"How many times do I have to tell you?" The deep growl made Kevin release the hug and back away a couple of paces. "I am not your master, nor will I ever be."

"I'm sorry, sir, but..."

"Enough!" The last word was a roar that returned Kevin's fear with full strength. He looked down at his feet. Thander walked around him, obviously inspecting him. "You still look white as bat shit. Dumb of me. Should've known how weak humans are. Can't sell you like this."

"Will... will you keep me then, sir?" Kevin blurted out before he could stop himself. "Please?"

The blow took him unaware, and sent him flying to the ground. Kevin fought back tears as a throbbing pain spread from the side of his head. This was his own fault. He should have known better than to beg. Yet, for one second, hope had risen inside him. Hope that now just as quickly died away again. It had been foolish to think he could escape being sold at the slave market. Foolish.

Thander lit the fire with a snap of his fingers, then started rummaging through his satchel. He produced some bread and cheese, and a half-filled water skin. Kevin's stomach let hear a grumble at the sight of the food, but Thander paid him no heed. In a way this was worse than the pain from the blow, to just lie there and watch the werewolf eat while his own stomach screamed for nourishment. Yet he dared not ask. He had already disgraced himself this morning, had probably already earned punishment. All he could hope for was to not make it worse. Once he had finished eating and drinking, Thander stood up. Kevin blushed as he watched the still naked werewolf stretch and yawn, then reach down to scratch his large balls. Sneering at Kevin, Thander began to caress his sheath, and slowly but surely his cock started to emerge, then grow erect. Kevin swallowed. He knew what would happen next.

"Look on the bright side, kid," Thander said with a chuckle. "One more morning camping out means more training before you're handed over to a real master. Come on, now, you know what to do."

"Yes, sir."

Kevin stood up on his knees and made his way over to Thander, keeping his eyes averted from the swollen member and its already dripping tip. When he tried to grab it and bring it to his mouth, however, it was snatched away from him as the werewolf backed out of reach. He felt a sudden pang of disappointment, which he immediately forced himself to believe was relief. Then Thander turned around and raised his tail. Obediently, Kevin leaned in and ran his tongue over the exposed, pink anus. After the night's sleep, there was a flavour of sweat to it, mixed with a strong musk that was neither pleasant nor foul. Remembering that this was not as bad as he had thought at first, Kevin fought back a slight wave of panicky nausea and started licking in earnest.

Thander moaned and growled with pleasure, something that gave Kevin a sensation that seemed almost like happiness. He was actually enjoying himself. Not the act as such, but rather the thought of giving the werewolf such pleasure. A very thin voice inside him scolded him for being so weak, so broken. So servile. He dismissed it easily; it seemed to be dying anyway, and he figured that maybe being broken wasn't so bad compared to the alternative. Hating this, yet doing it anyway. After several minutes of rimming, Thander suddenly pulled away. Kevin looked up into the werewolf's face and was genuinely pleased to see a sneer that was almost a smile.

"Very good, boy. No whining, no pleading, no fucking crying. Maybe there's hope for you after all." Laughing as Kevin hungrily ate the praise, Thander grabbed his cock and wagged it temptingly. "You know what to do next."

"Yes, sir."

"Hold on. Let's make a wager out of it."

"A... a wager, sir?"

"Yes. Here's the deal, boy. Suck me good, better than you ever have, and drink down every drop of cum, and I promise I'll prepare you nicely before I fuck you." Kevin felt a shiver run down his spine. His hole was still sore from his life's only fuck, and he was not keen to have a repeat experience. "Fail, and I just might fuck you dry. Got that?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin whispered, not trusting his voice. "I'll do my best, sir."

"Make sure your best is good enough."

The werewolf sat down on the ground and spread his legs wide. Kevin got down on all fours and crawled like a baby in between his knees. His mind was set on one thing only; he would not fail! He reached out and grabbed the huge wolf cock, then started licking it from sheath to tip while he stroked it. Soon the taste of pre-cum was strong on his tongue, and he decided to take the next step. Lowering himself down until he lay on the ground, propped up on his elbows, he took the tip into his mouth and began to suck. The steady flow of juices increased, and the taste grew stronger. He used one hand to massage the swollen knot, while the other found the werewolf's sac and started fondling his balls.

"Mmm, that's it, kid. You're really learning to love this, aren't you? Getting really hungry for cock, eh?"

Kevin nodded and hummed a reply, not wanting to let up even for a second. He was determined to be good this time. To succeed. Suckling with all his might, he pressed his lips against the knot while his tongue danced around Thander's shaft. The tip felt as if it were halfway down his throat, and he had to keep swallowing to keep from gagging. This obviously worked wonders for Thander, because he started growling and panting while his balls quickly rose up in their sac. Just then, Kevin felt the first spurt of thick lupine semen go right down into his stomach. Thander let out a cry that was almost a howl, as his orgasm hit. Kevin had taken a deep breath just in time, and was now able to keep swallowing. As he had expected, Thander pulled back after a little while, and started filling up his mouth. Ignoring the bitter taste of the werewolf's seed, Kevin managed to find a rhythm of sucking and breathing and swallowing, and before he knew it the steady stream of cum began to abate. Thander's cock stopped twitching, and as it gave up its last squirt Kevin kept the thick liquid in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and almost savouring it.

He had done it!

He hadn't let so much as a drop escape his lips! His mind now filled with something that was almost pride, he sank down on Thander again, sucking his cock as hard as he could until the werewolf had to pry him loose. Thander lay panting for a moment, while Kevin sat up and beamed down at him, again feeling strangely happy. As if he weren't a prisoner, a slave, a possession soon to be traded away for gold. His mind seemed to siphon the bad things away, focusing instead on what was good. He had pleased his mast... no, he had pleased his owner, and he had done it well. After a couple of minutes, Thander sat up, grinning.

"Not bad." He tousled Kevin's hair. "You'll be an expert before long."

"Thank you, sir."

"You've earned your lube." Kevin's face fell as he remembered what was about to happen next. "Stand up and turn around."

His knees shivering slightly, Kevin obeyed. He tried his best to steel himself, to remain impassive, but he knew it was all an act. Inside, his stomach was a tight knot, and tears already burned in the corners of his eyes. Before he'd had too long to think, though, he felt something cold touch his butt crack. Thander's other hand pushed him forwards, and he bent over to give the werewolf access. Immediately a long, thick finger slid inside him, and he bit back a whimper. The pain wasn't too bad, but in his mind Kevin compared the size of Thander's fingers to that of his cock. And worse, the knot. The real thing, he knew, had far from begun.

The lubricant did its work, and soon the finger inside him slid in and out with little effort. Every now and then Thander brushed lightly against Kevin's prostate, making the boy gasp. If only it would stop there, he wouldn't mind. This actually felt quite good. But soon another finger was added, and Kevin let out a squeal as his battered anus protested. He wanted to plead, to beg for mercy. To be spared what would no doubt be excruciating pain. But his heart knew what his mind was still trying to fight; he was broken. He would not dare to speak up. For some reason this thought strengthened him, gave him a few moments' peace of mind. Then the fingers vanished, and his fears returned as if to fill the void. His knees almost gave way, but he managed to remain standing.

"Turn around." Shivering, Kevin obeyed. The werewolf looked him up and down, and his gaze centred on Kevin's flaccid penis. "Not so feisty anymore?"

Chuckling to himself, Thander took the soft member between his thumb and index finger, and started rubbing it. The touch was quite harsh, and Kevin clenched his teeth as his foreskin was pulled back and a wolf claw raked his sensitive tip. Soon he began to harden, though, despite his state of near-panic. Thander changed his grip and engulfed Kevin's whole erection with his fist. Kevin groaned as he was masturbated roughly, and he felt his orgasm approach rapidly. He wanted to cry out, to warn the werewolf, but his voice failed him. But Thander, it seemed, had everything under control. Before Kevin could reach the point of no return, he let go, and instead he took a firm grip on the boy's sac. Kevin cried out as Thander gave a squeeze, then a tug, and his cock quickly deflated again.

"Don't worry. You may come when I fuck you, if you want. Isn't that nice of me?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin groaned. "Th-thank you, sir."

"Let's make another wager, you and I," Thander growled, pulling yet harder and making the boy cry out yet louder. "You've already had your breakfast, right?"

"Huh? But sir, I..."

"I just filled you up, right?" Another tight squeeze made Kevin yell. "All the sweet protein a good cock slut needs."

"Aah! Sir, please..." The pain in Kevin's testicles was rapidly becoming unbearable, as the werewolf tugged again. "Unf!"

"But you'll need a drink, too. If you're a good little cunt, which means no whining, no wincing, no whimpering and no fur-rotting blubbering, then I'll give you what's left in my water skin. If you fail..." Thander gave one last, hard tug, then let go of Kevin's balls. The boy clenched his teeth to keep from screaming. When the werewolf spoke again his voice was menacingly low, and his smile was not a warm one. "Well, if you fail the only drink you'll have is my piss. Understand?"

"Y-yes, sir."

"Good. Then get down on all four." Kevin moved to comply, but obviously not fast enough as Thander slapped his buttocks hard, almost making him fall over. He quickly took his place. "There's a good bitch."

Kevin stood there on his hands and knees, trembling as he heard the werewolf move in close behind him. For a few agonising moments nothing happened, as if Thander was prolonging the moment. Then something wet and slick touched Kevin's anus, and he held his breath. This was it.

Slowly, the tip of the wolf cock began to penetrate him, stretching him wider and wider until the pain was almost too much to bear. Yet Kevin did not cry out. He squeezed his eyes shut while his hands clenched into fists, ripping blades of grass off the ground. Tears threatened to well up in his eyes, but he fought them back. There was no way he was going to fail now. He had been a good boy so far, and he would keep on being good. When Thander finally stopped moving, Kevin almost cried out with joy. He had done it, had taken it all! He turned his head around and looked up at the werewolf, almost smiling as he did so. Thander looked back at him and smirked.

"You don't really think it's over yet, boy, do you? I'm not even halfway in."

Gasping, Kevin felt his eyes widen. Not even halfway...? But there had been so much pain, so much stretching! Then he remembered that the first time, Thander had gone all the way in with one thrust. There had been no time to adapt or stretch, just time enough to scream. Before he could think any more about that unpleasant memory, Thander rammed his cock in. Kevin felt as if he had been torn apart, as even the half-inflated knot forced its way into him. Despite the wager, despite his resolve to be a good boy, Kevin let out a howl of pain, and tears started falling down his cheeks. He made a half-hearted attempt to escape the intrusion, but Thander grabbed his hips and held him in place.

"Looks like you lost, kid," Thander chuckled to the sobbing boy. "But look on the bright side. I'll let you enjoy my cock to the full before I punish you."

The werewolf kept slamming into Kevin's rear, knot and all, and with each thrust he slapped the boy's buttocks hard. Kevin was crying continuously now, occasionally yelling out as the knot assaulted his sore muscle. It was with a sense of dread that he began to realise that Thander wasn't tying with him this time. Even as he approached full size, he kept pulling back out after each insertion. Kevin tried to remember the names of all the old gods, and prayed to them all that he would be granted a quick death. Maybe the gods did respond, in some way, because suddenly the onslaught was over.

Thander gave on last thrust, pushing further up Kevin's hole than ever before, then held still. The knot was now firmly in place, and the werewolf let out a loud groan as he started coming. The pressure against Kevin's prostate made the boy climax as well, but as soon as he had shot his small load, he felt something else. His bladder gave way. Crying more from shame than from pain, he tried to reach in underneath him to aim it away from his legs and hands, but Thander beat him to it. He grabbed Kevin's cock and aimed it up at the boy's face. A warm splash hit Kevin's chin, and he sputtered as some of it got into his mouth.

"That eager for a piss drink, are you? Don't worry, you'll get plenty in time."

With a growl, Thander pushed Kevin's face down to the ground, right into the rapidly growing puddle. The smell hit his nostrils, and he nearly vomited. The werewolf held his head in a firm grip, and kept rubbing his face in the urine. By the time Thander finally stopped filling his insides with semen, he was wet and smelly from his belly to his hair.

"Lie there for a while," Thander growled. "While we're tied, to think about what it costs you to piss without permission."

* * * * * *

About half an hour passed, time during which Kevin's mind was more or less numb. The disappointment of his failure combined with the pain in his rear and the sour smell in his nostrils, to more or less overload him. Thander kept making little thrusts now and then, humming to himself and almost purring while he waited for his knot to deflate. Every now and then, he ran a hand over Kevin's buttocks and lower back, a touch that was almost gentle. The boy felt it every time, but couldn't bring himself to respond in any way. Was it always going to be this bad? Would he never get used to the pain? Would he always get punished, as if the fucking itself wasn't enough? He had stopped thinking of it as rape. The first time, he had been raped, but this time he hadn't even tried to fight back. He didn't know what to call it. It certainly wasn't voluntarily; he didn't want to be taken like this, but he wasn't exactly forced, either. Was he just a good pet, obeying its master? The thought hurt less than it should have. Maybe he really was broken. He barely even pitied himself anymore.

Just then, agony shot through him again as Thander yanked his still half hard cock out. Kevin's abused hole screamed at him, and he responded with a sob as fresh tears rolled down his face into the puddle of his piss. Standing up, the werewolf pried Kevin's buttocks apart quite roughly, to examine his hole.

"Good. No bleeding." He laughed. "It's as if you were made for this, kid. Little human child fuck-toy."

"Y-yes, sir," Kevin whimpered. "I'm a fuck-toy."

"Damn right." Thander patted his butt cheeks. "Now stay right as you are, while I go get cleaned up. Don't move."

"Yes, sir."

"Was that 'yes, sir' as in yes, I'll move or yes, I'll obey?"

"I'll... I'll obey, sir."

"Of course you will, boy. I'm just kidding with you."

* * * * * *

Another half hour passed. Kevin started getting cold, but he didn't dare to move closer to the fire. He already had punishment coming, and he did not want more. There was another puddle on the ground now, down by his legs. Ever since Thander left, Kevin had been leaking out the wolf's semen, feeling it run down his butt and thighs. For some reason he found this more humiliating than the act itself. It felt as if it were all just a big waste. Why was the werewolf mating with him? He couldn't get pregnant. True, it probably felt good to Thander, and also true, it helped him train Kevin to become a pricey slave. Yet... Was the wolf a man-lover? Did he enjoy fucking Kevin beyond the physical pleasure? Or did he simply take joy in causing pain? Kevin had no answers to the questions that swam through his mind, and quite frankly he somewhat feared what those answers might be.

His thoughts were interrupted as Thander suddenly returned. How could such a big thing move so quietly? The werewolf sat down by the fire, his fur still slightly wet, and watched Kevin with a bemused look on his face. Kevin looked away, fighting back a whimper. He knew what would come now. And true enough, Thander snapped his fingers.

"Get up, and come over here. Time to claim your loss."

Kevin stood up and slowly walked over to the werewolf. For a brief second he felt thankful that he was getting close to the fire, but that melted away as Thander, too stood up. He played idly with his sheath, and as Kevin reached him, he pulled it back to let his flaccid cock slip out. Kevin did not need an order to know what he was supposed to do. He got down on his knees and took the tip into his mouth. Almost immediately his mouth started filling up with the wolf's foul-tasting urine.

"I drank a lot of water while I had my bath, so I'd have a lot to give you." Thander chuckled. "Better swallow as much as you can, or you'll have a thirsty day ahead of you."

Kevin tried to obey, but the first mouthful just wouldn't go down. The taste was too bad for him to handle, and he ended up spilling it all down his chest. Thander growled at him, and he hurried to close his lips around the shaft. This time, instead of letting his mouth get filled up, he swallowed just a little of the werewolf's piss. The next time he breathed through his nose, though, the smell almost stunned him. He managed to keep it down through a sheer effort of will, and forced himself to ignore his burning nostrils, his watering eyes and the awful taste. After a while he got the same rhythm going as when he had drunk Thander's cum, and it seemed to work now, too. As long as he could just keep himself detached from it all. Soon he was beginning to feel full, yet there was still no end to it. After a couple of minutes Kevin was forced to pull back, as he could simply drink no more. Thander laughed, then grabbed his cock and aimed it back at Kevin. The boy sank to the ground, covering his eyes as every part of him was drenched. The taste in his mouth made him gag, but he fought with all his power of will to keep from throwing up.

"Keep it down, boy. Keep it down."

In the end, Thander finally did run dry. With a last spurt that hit Kevin's crotch, the werewolf moved away to the other side of the fire, leaving the sobbing boy in an even bigger puddle than before. A few more minutes passed, Then Thander spoke in a low voice.

"Follow the path I took before. You'll get to a small lake where the water's clean. Wash yourself good, 'cause you fucking stink. But don't drink any, and don't rinse your mouth. Clear?"

"Y-yes, sir."

"I want you to taste me all day, so you'll remember to do better next time. Though I doubt there'll be a next time."


"We'll get going as soon as you're clean. The market's just a short march away."

Kevin's knees were trembling as he hurried along the forest path. So this was it? He really was going to get sold. And Thander had said that young humans were rare and sought for, so there wasn't even any hope that there might not be a buyer. Out of sight and out of hearing from the werewolf, he started crying openly. He hated the thought of being traded away, hated it with all his heart and mind. As freedom was no longer an option, he wanted to stay with Thander. The werewolf was mean at times, and often rough, but there were times when Kevin thought he had seen a softer side of him. Only for moments, but still. It was there. Maybe, just maybe, if they stayed together, the werewolf might become friendlier. If Kevin learned to be a good boy, a good pet, maybe they could even become friends. But his head still hurt from the blow he had taken when he suggested this. It was no use. There was no hope.

He cried all the time while he was washing himself, taking extra care to clean out his bruised and battered hole. He remembered the order about not drinking or rinsing his mouth, but at least he got rid of all the piss that was on the outside of his body. The cold water soothed his wounds, and by the time he dashed back along the path, shivering more from the cold this time, he felt at least physically okay.

* * * * * *

Thander had moved the fire away from the puddles by the time Kevin got back. He patted the ground next to him, and Kevin obediently sat down. Warming his hands against the flames, he still couldn't hold back a shudder. Thander, of course, noticed, and Kevin steeled himself for a scolding. At least he had managed to stop crying. But instead, the werewolf opened his satchel and produced a blanket, which he wrapped around Kevin. There it was again, that kind streak. Or was he merely protecting his investment? Either way, it felt very good to get dried by the wolf's large hands. Kevin felt cared for, in a way he hadn't since he was a small boy. But it was a brief spell of happiness. All too soon, Thander put the blanket back into the satchel, after drying it with one of his fireballs.

"Get up." A snap of the werewolf's fingers put out the campfire. "Let's go."

They didn't speak on this the final phase of their journey. Thander didn't seem too happy to return to the marketplace, and Kevin was too scared to try and say something, even though he found the silence close to unbearable. The forest soon gave way to a valley that Kevin had had no idea even existed. In the middle of crop fields and pastures, on the floor of the valley, lay a small town whose centre was a large square. Kevin was amazed. He had always been taught that the forest was solid, and too filled with dark magic and wicked creatures to explore. Thander immediately noticed his wide eyes and gaping mouth, and gave up a dry chuckle.

"This place has been here longer than any of your human towns have even existed. Can't you feel the magic here?" Kevin shook his head. "Hmpf! Of course not. You're just a human."

"So there really is magic, sir? I mean, in places, not just in spells."

"The spells come from the places, kid." Thander kept talking as they approached the town. They began meeting people now and then, either animal people like Thander or other creatures Kevin could not recognise. He always blushed furiously when they pointed out his nakedness. "This was a place where they stored weapons once, back in the old times. Weapons that go way beyond anything you can do with a sword or a bow or a catapult. Or even with our spells. The power of those weapons has lingered for thousands and thousands of years. It permeates everything here, and we have channelled it into magic."


"Humans." The werewolf shook his head. "You just don't know anything. Stop covering yourself."

"Yes sir!" Kevin's hands immediately snapped away from his crotch to hang limply by his sides. "Sorry."

"I want you on full display. Let them talk about you, helps raise the price."

As it turned out, Thander had been right about whether it would be men or women who would buy Kevin. Every time a female or a group of females turned to watch him, they would all coo at him and try to pat his penis. But they didn't seem to think he was worth their while, merely a cute little thing to adore and forget. The males, however, often cast lustful glances at him. They seemed more interested in his behind, though, rather than his front. Several stopped to ask Thander about him, or to grab his butt. It was embarrassing beyond belief, especially when children of both genders, as far as Kevin could tell, ran up to him and tried to fondle him. He managed to get away most times, except for when a teenaged girl who looked like a fox pressed up against him and kissed his cheek, while she slipped a finger into his anus. Thander chased her off with a snarl, but she merely giggled at him. When adults wanted to touch him in a more intimate way, he was always too scared to try and fight them off. What if he were rude to someone and that someone ended up buying him?

They soon reached the square, where Thander sought out a man who looked like a huge tiger. They talked for a few minutes, while the tiger leered at Kevin's naked form, almost drooling as he reached over to rub Kevin's hip. After an agreement was made, the tiger slapped a collar around Kevin's neck, attached a leash to it and led him away. Kevin tried to pull away, but Thander slapped him hard. With his cheek burning and with tears in his eyes, he allowed himself to be led off.

"Sorry about that," Thander called after them. "He's not quite used to furries yet. He'll come around."

"He'd better," the tiger growled. "If he knows what's good for 'im."

"Just be a bit careful. He's really weak."

"As if I can't see that."

Without another word, Thander turned around and was gone.

* * * * * *

"Heeeere we have the big star of today's auction!" The tiger's voice boomed out across the square, enhanced by some device Kevin had never seen before, that looked like a thin metal rod. "A rare treat, ladies and gentlemen. A young human male, only thirteen years of age. Freshly caught, and moderately trained for pleasuring duties. Shall we begin the bidding at five hundred?"

There was an outcry from the crowd as bid after bid were called out. Kevin barely heard them. He had spent the last few hours locked in a cage, crying quietly to himself. A part of his mind felt angry that they had detracted four years off his age, just to make him more desirable. The tiger had even asked how old he was; to what point, Kevin didn't know. The bidding was getting slower as the price rose. Only about a dozen furries - wasn't that what Thander had called them? - were now vying for his services.


Kevin's thoughts went back to the werewolf. He hadn't even said good bye. That had hurt more than anything else. The werewolf had kept saying that Kevin was just a thing to be sold, but he had none the less kept his hopes up. Hopes that had now died.

The bidding was down to two now; an old man who looked like some kind of human-shaped dragon, and a huge bear male. Both had been eyeing Kevin lustfully where he stood up on a small podium, his leash tied to a pole. Ten thousand. Ten-five. Twelve. Fifteen. The bear seemed to give up as the price reached twenty thousand of whatever currency was used, and the dragon-man's companions cheered. But then another bidder emerged; a lion man whose age Kevin couldn't even guess. There was a disappointed murmur from the crowd, and the dragon-man's face fell. Obviously, this was a wealthy bidder, because he immediately offered thirty-five thousand. The crowd began to leave, and nobody looked even remotely interested in continuing the auction.

The tiger announced sold!, and the lion made his way to the stage. Behind him walked what must be a servant, a small ermine male, who was dragging with him a dark brown young horse boy, also naked and leashed. A brother in misery, Kevin thought as money was handed over and the ermine grabbed his leash.

"You belong to master Toia now, human boy," the ermine hissed in Kevin's ear. "Best to remember that. Never speak unless he asks you to. Always show respect. Yer a gem, kid. Play it well, and you might last a while."

Kevin said nothing, but nodded as the ermine prodded his side. He met the horse boy's eyes, but the other looked away, whimpering slightly. They were led through town, and every now and then people would turn around to look at them. No, Kevin noticed, not at him and his unfortunate new friend, but at the lion. The stares were far from friendly, sometimes openly hostile. It was clear that his new master wasn't very popular. Someone even spat out a curse as they passed, but was chased away by the ermine. They stopped at a large house on the outskirts of the town. Master Toia unlocked the gates and let them in. The clang of metal as they closed behind them felt ominous to Kevin.

His new home turned out to be a place of luxury. The walls were richly decorated, the furniture was top class, and everything smelled clean and fresh. The lion walked up a flight of stairs, but Kevin and the horse boy were led down a corridor, towards a metal door with a small barred hole at face height. The horse boy was crying now, but stopped when the ermine kicked him hard. Inside this new room was a small bed with a hay mattress, a chair and a table, and nothing more. This place did not smell clean. The ermine unhooked their leashes, then left and closed the door behind him.

"I'll bring ya water and somethin' to eat in a while," he growled through the bars. "Make yerselves at home!"

His laughter took a long time to die out. The horse boy sat down on the bed and started crying again. Kevin tried to sit down next to him, maybe to comfort him, but the boy slapped him away. Feeling dejected and miserable, Kevin sat down on the chair instead, and soon he was sobbing quietly as well. About an hour later the ermine returned with a pitcher of water and some bread. The two boys ate and drank greedily, then both of them sat down on the bed.

"I'm sorry I was mean to you," the horse boy whispered. "I'm just so scared."

"Me, too." Kevin laid his arm around the boy's shoulders, and he leaned in happily against him, sighing. Only now did Kevin realise that this boy was younger than him. Thirteen seemed a more likely age for him than it did for Kevin. "What's your name?"

"Name?" The boy's eyes widened, and his lower lip trembled. "I... I don't have one. I was born a slave, and slaves don't have names. My former master called me Hooves, though."

"Hooves..." Kevin almost laughed out loud. It fitted, somehow, even though it was a sad thing. To have no name. "My name is Kevin."

"Ke-vinn? Kevin? What a strange name."

"It's not unusual for humans."

"So you're really a human?" Hooves's ears perked as Kevin nodded. "Wow, I've never met one before. Most people say you're just a fairy tale."

"That's what my people say about talking animals." They both laughed quietly. "How did...?"

Kevin had no time to finish his question, because just then the ermine returned. He picked up the empty plate and pitcher, then sneered at them as he left.

"Sleep well, kids. Master Toia will want you nicely rested tomorrow morning. That's when the fun begins." He laughed as he closed and locked the door. "And pony kid, don't eat the mattress!"

* * * * * *

The boys slept fitfully. The room was very cold, and they had no fire and no blankets to warm themselves with. Instead they lay side-by-side on the bed, pressed tightly together to share what body heat they still had. Hooves soon fell asleep, obviously more used to poor conditions, but Kevin lay awake. Every time he closed his eyes he heard the ermine's snideful voice inside his mind, 'that's when the fun begins'. He dared not think about what kind of fun it would be, but he doubted that it would be fun for him and Hooves. In the end he did get a couple of hours sleep, his arms wrapped around the younger boy.

Morning came much to soon for his likings. Kevin still had his arms full of horse boy, and he couldn't help but smile as he watched the sleeping Hooves. During the night, the boy had chewed on the hay just in front of him, and there was a hole in the mattress. In a way, it felt like a slight revenge for whatever was to come.

Something else had happened during the night, Kevin realised with a furious blush. Hooves's penis was hard, and its tip was rubbing against Kevin's arm. He had seen many mating horses during his duties at the Knight's House, and what Hooves had looked just like a smaller version of a real horse cock. The tip was as dark as his fur, and it had left a slimy spot of pre-cum on Kevin's arm. Without really thinking, he grabbed it and gave it a couple of short strokes. Hooves moaned in his sleep, and squirted out some more pre onto Kevin's fingers. His next thought was to get down there and suck it, to make the boy feel as good as was humanly possible. He dismissed it immediately, though, scolding himself as he let go with his hand as well. This wasn't his master! Hooves had absolutely no right to claim any services. So why had he been willing to give them, even for a second? Was he really that broken, that he had finally and fully turned into a man-lover? He almost scowled at Hooves as the horse boy woke up, but managed a smile at the last second. It wasn't Hooves's fault, Kevin decided. It was he who was fucked up.

The ermine came to get them soon after that. They got no breakfast, which made Kevin feel uneasy. Wouldn't they need food to manage a long day of... whatever? A bit further down the corridor, the ermine opened a door and led Hooves inside. There was a clanking of metal and a rattling that sounded like chains, then he returned and led Kevin to the next room. His jaw dropped as he looked around. There were shelves along every wall, shelves filled with... things. Things that looked designed to cause pain. Kevin tried to break free, but the ermine was very strong, and held him easily. Smirking, he chained the boy to a free part of the wall by his hands, pulling him up so high that his feet barely touched the floor. After his captor had left, Kevin broke down into sobs, and from the next room he could hear Hooves crying loudly.

After about an hour, when Kevin's hands and arms were aching from the tightness of the chains, master Toia came in. The lion looked him over, grinning in a malicious way. He grabbed Kevin's crotch and fondled it roughly, then turned him around and touched his hole. Knowing what was to come, Kevin fought back the urge to resist. Instinct told him that it would be a bad idea to anger this master. It was over quickly. Master Toia pushed him up against the wall and entered him with a single thrust. He wasn't as big as Thander, and Kevin managed to bite back his cries of pain. After just a few thrusts, the lion came, pushing in as far as he could reach while he shot his seed. The real pain came when he pulled out, though. Something on the lion's cock scraped against Kevin's insides, and it really hurt when the head went out. Semen ran down his thighs, and he hoped there was no blood in it. Master Toia smiled at him.

"I was told that you were not properly trained, son." This was the first time Kevin had heard his new master speak, he realised. He recalled that it was the ermine who had shouted out the bid that had won the auction. The lion's voice was surprisingly high-pitched, almost soft. "But you're really good. Your friend next door was far less... cooperative. Even though he's born among the low. You may thank me."

"Thank you, master."

"Good boy." He tousled Kevin's hair in an affectionate way. "I'll come back to you soon. Your friend is waiting for me now, I think he's eager to get on with the real fun. Be patient."

After the lion had left, Kevin hurried to look down at the liquids dribbling down the insides of his thighs. To his relief, there was no blood, just white sticky semen. He looked around, trying to find some means to escape. The various items on the shelves gave him some idea of what was 'the real fun', and he had no intention of staying around for it. The chains were too tight, though, and he couldn't reach the nearest shelf. Not even with his feet. The wall mountings were so heavily secured he doubted even Thander could have pulled them free. Head hanging, he tried to think of a way out of this place. Just then a shrill scream pierced the air. Hooves!

* * * * * *

The hours that followed very nearly cost Kevin his sanity. Cries and screams kept echoing through the room, and some of them were Kevin's own. He was soon hoarse from calling out to his new friend, and when nothing helped he broke down to quiet sobs. At one point, the ermine entered his room to clean up the mess master Toia had left between his legs. The man had a look of sheer joy on his face, and a rigid erection that tented his trousers. He scared Kevin more than anything he had encountered so far. A particularly loud scream from Hooves made the ermine giggle, and he looked up at Kevin with an expression of pure hunger.

"The master's pretty excited today. You don't have to worry, though." He chuckled. "You're such a rarity, I'm sure he'll make you last a long time. At least longer than the pony boy."

"Bastard!" Kevin spat in the man's face, an anger rising up inside him the like of which he hadn't felt since the death of his knight friend. "I hate you!"

"Oh, but I love you, pretty boy." The voice was sweet, but the ermine's eyes were cold as ice as he stood up. He grabbed Kevin's sac and squeezed it hard enough to make the boy cry out. Kevin lost his footing, and was left hanging from his wrists. "I can't make so much as a mark on your soft skin, but this doesn't show. Oh, I'm gonna love listening in when the master starts playing with you."

With one last tug at Kevin's balls, the man left him alone. Nothing could be heard from the other room now, except for loud, desperate sobs. Poor Hooves. Thoughts of the boy he had known for less than a day kept Kevin's mind from focusing on the pain in his crotch, as well as from feeling sorry for himself. And from what was about to happen to him. He fumbled around with his feet until he could stand again, to relieve some of the soreness in his arms and hands. There were tools of some kind almost within reach, if he could only stretch his foot out just a little bit more. Maybe then he could pick the lock on the chains and get out. Maybe he could even rescue poor Hooves. Just then another high-pitched scream reverberated through the room, and he lost his balance again. This time, the scream was cut short, and everything fell silent.

Waves of shock and panic shot through Kevin as he tried to get back up. What had happened. Surely not...? Minutes ticked away in dead silence, and he found that he suddenly couldn't even cry. Then the door opened, and master Toia entered.

* * * * * *

The lion's face was covered with blood, as was the entire front of his robes. He was holding a large, curved knife, which was dripping onto the floor. Kevin felt his heart turn cold as the master slowly crossed the room and leaned in close to touch the tip of the blade against his arm. With a cry of rage, he kicked at master Toia, but he couldn't put any force behind it, and his foot was easily blocked.

"So you have some spirit after all," the lion said, smiling benignly. "I shall enjoy breaking it."

With that, he bent down and thrust the knife through Kevin's foot, pinning it to the wooden floor. Kevin stared, his mouth agape, as blood began pouring out from the wound. Then the pain hit him, and he cried out half-articulated curses. He tried to kick with his free foot, but every movement caused even worse pain. The lion stood up and kissed him on the lips, then slapped his cheek as he tried to move away.

"That's good, son, let it out. Show me your spirit." His voice was still low, and almost friendly in tome. "I was afraid Thander would have broken you, but now I see he is as good as ever. I was surprised to hear that he was training boys again, after what happened last time. It was such an... unfortunate affair."

The words sank in partway into Kevin's jumbled mind, Thander... What was it that had happened? He wanted to ask, but every time he opened his mouth it was to cry out over the pain in his foot. Master Toia walked over to one of the shelves and picked through the objects there, while Kevin felt his fear peak. Was he... was he about to die?

"No matter, you are here and that's what counts. I just love boys like you, so young and sweet and pure." This time Kevin couldn't do anything to avoid the kiss, and he felt bile rise up in his throat. "And so eager to play. We will have fun for a long time, you and I. A very long time."

Kevin felt a sharp blade pierce the skin on his chest, sliding slowly through his flesh while something warm ran down his belly. He screamed to the top of his lungs, then screamed again as the lion bit him in the neck, sinking his fangs in deep.