Warnings from pt 1 still apply.
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Knight Until Dawn
by Winter


Part 4:

"What's the matter? Why lookin' so glum?"

"You know fucking well why, quit rubbing it in."

The two men sat in a booth, near the back of the tavern. Liquor had made their voices loud, and their words carried well around the half-empty room. The glum one, a green-scaled dragon man, took a deep swig of his ninth beer, then wiped foam off his lip. His companion, a roguish-looking fox, laughed again. The dragon slammed his tankard down on the table, nearly spilling their drinks.

"Dammit, stop laughing!"

"Sorry, Jeinji, I can't help it. I just never seen you so fussed 'bout a frickin' auction." He sniggered again. "I mean, come on! It's not as if you don't got enough toys already."

"You didn't see this one!"

"Sure I did. A cute li'l thing. So what?"

"And I damn near had 'im." The dragon man's shoulders sagged. "Then that fucker Toia had to bust in."

"He always gets the good ones, you know that. Why bother?"

"That one... He was a special one. Didn't you see, if you really were there? Was a human!"

"So? World's fuckin' full of 'em these days. Get yer own!"

The two of them kept bickering back and forth, pausing only to order more drinks. Neither knew, nor cared, who overheard them as their voices grew louder still. In the furthermost back corner of the room, a tall figure raised a mug to his lips. The chilled ale ran down his throat, and he sighed deeply once he had drained the last. Thander felt at ease; his detour was over, and his newfound problem was out of the way. That idiot boy was in good hands now, judging by the sounds of the muttering in the streets. That Toia, or whatever his name was, would keep the kid nice and subdued. And he, Thander, did not have to worry anymore. Worry about what might have happened if...

He shook his head violently. No! No if, but or whatever! The past was the past, and he had vowed never to repeat it. This kid had been nothing like... Nothing like before. He was just about to raise his hand and call upon the waiter, to ask for his check, when the words of the other two reached him again.

"Don't mind losing the auction, that kind of shit happens. But just not to him!"

"Hey, let it go, man," the fox said, worried now that the other man was getting close to violence. "From what I've heard, he's about as rich as there ever was. No wonder he gets what he wants. I mean, sure, I wouldn't mind gettin' me some of that sweet boy arse, but all in all, no big deal. Right?"

"You wouldn't say that if you knew. If you knew what he does."

"Who, that lion guy?"

"Nobody knows for sure, 'cause nobody dares to find out." The dragon sighed deeply. "But the kids he buys... they never come out of there."

"What? You mean he...?" The dragon nodded, and the fox's jaw dropped. Thander sat up a little more straight in his seat, his perked ears turned towards the pair. "No. No, that can't be right. He'd get hanged fer that!"

"Unless he owns half the guard force. And the mayor. Fuck, he pretty much owns the whole fucking town!"

"And nobody cares?"

"Do you care?" The fox made a move as if to stand up, but the dragon placed a hand on his shoulder. "Do you care enough to wager your life, Ash? Enough to go up against two dozen guards? In a dim alley where nobody can hear you die?"


"Thought so. Nobody's happy about it, but there you go. Who wants to die?"


"My point exactly."

And in the corner, a gold coin glimmered on a vacated table, much to the waiter's delight.

* * * * * *

Thander walked briskly down the main street, heading back the way he had come with Kevin yesterday. He grimaced, his lips forming a silent snarl while his mind battled against turmoil. It was not his business! That idiot boy had got himself into all this, had got his just reward. Yes, one part of his mind replied, but this? Death, at the hands of some madman? Not my problem! You made it his problem, so it is yours, too. Surely you haven't forgotten?

"Shut the fuck up!!"

He must have yelled the last words out loud, because everyone within sight suddenly stopped to stare at him. It took one glare to send them back to whatever they were doing. I don't care! he once more told his inner voice, which chose to remain silent this time. But it was not a comfortable silence. Within it, memories swam of another young face, a furry one this time, but just as innocent. Just as broken. Just as de...

A ball of fire exploded from Thander's hand, slamming into a nearby tree and reducing it to ashes within seconds. Screams were heard at a distance, but luckily he was now outside the town wall. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. It wouldn't do to lose it like this. He might end up killing somebody. Another deep breath, then he was back in control. It was always worse in these places, where the old world's weapons leaked their deadly power into the ground, and into the sensitive ones. He forced the memories out of his mind. Whatever fate was to befall Kevin, it was none of his business.


Allowing himself to think the name was a mistake. Whatever! It was and it wasn't his problem. His mind still divided, Thander broke into a run. Best to get out of there, now. Get some distance between himself and Ke... The boy!

Besides, from what the idiots at the tavern had said, Kevin was most likely dead already. The plan seemed to work. With every powerful stride he took away from the town, his mind became more at ease. In a few days' time, he thought, the detour would have been no more than a nuisance.

* * * * * *

The world had turned to pain. Kevin had long ago lost track of time, but many days must have passed. Maybe even weeks, or months. Years? He still hung by his wrists, limply, his legs no longer of any use. The injured foot was throbbing all the time, competing with the pangs and aches from fresh wounds. After the first shock, he had fallen into a stupor, barely aware of his surroundings. Whenever he was left alone, he slept, trying to regain some of his strength, but these naps were always cut short. And as soon as master Toia returned, so did the pain.

Kevin was not even allowed the bliss of losing his mind; the lion expertly made sure to hurt him just enough to keep him at his wits. At first he had tried pleading, then begging for mercy, but this only seemed to agitate his new master. Every such session, when Kevin was unable to keep his mouth shut, ended the same way. He would be swung around in his chains, and raped.

Now and then, the ermine would come into his cell, to mop the floor and to give Kevin a rough scrubbing. The man always made sure the boy could see the erection that tented his pants, and once or twice he had even taken it out to rub it against Kevin, grinning widely as he washed off his own semen with the grime and crusted blood. At some of those times, screams could be heard from other cells. So there were more prisoners here, maybe newly bought slaves from the market. Maybe, Kevin shuddered at the thought, older ones who had been kept alive heavens knew how long. He, himself, had begun praying for death to set him free.

A whimper escaped Kevin's throat as the cell door opened, and master Toia came in. The lion smiled at him, and Kevin did not try to resist as he was deeply kissed. Soon, the touches and caresses he received got harder, rougher. And before long, the first pain. Something sharp pierced Kevin's skin just above his navel, and he let out a grunting moan.

"I knew you would learn to love our little games," his master muttered softly into his ear. "You beautiful boy. Beautiful, beautiful boy."

The chains swung around, and Kevin groaned as he was penetrated from behind. As usual, the lion fucked him hard and fast, and it was over before he knew it. Then came the jabbing pain as the lion pulled out, followed by the humiliating feeling of semen running down his thighs. The humiliation soon left Kevin's mind, though, as he felt something new.

Master Toia had grabbed his sac, and was pulling hard on it. For a second, Kevin thought he was going to be castrated like a street dog, and he screamed more out of fear than anything else. But instead, the lion forced his balls quite roughly into some kind of ring, which tightened painfully. Panting hard, Kevin felt weights dangling from the ring, pulling his sac downwards as master Toia let go. He cried out, but it was not as bad as he had feared.

What happened next, though, was bad. Really bad. The lion held up a shiny, dull-pointed object in front of Kevin's eyes, saying something the boy could not hear through the pain in his groin. Then, the pain doubled, tripled as the object was rammed up his urethra. Kevin sobbed, his throat too raw for more screams, as his bladder gave way. Master Toia looked satisfied as he watched the boy wetting the floor beneath him. Some kind of strap kept the thing inside his penis from escaping, stretching it to where Kevin thought he would burst. Sharp feline claws raked his sides, drew lines of blood across his cheeks, then it was over, and he was alone again.

Still hanging by his numb arms, Kevin started crying. The strong smell of urine soon vanished, and he felt rough, prodding hands all over him, yet he kept his eyes shut. He did not want to see the grinning ermine face.

After he had been washed again, he was left alone for some time, he could not tell how long. Once his crying had subsided, he pulled as hard as he could on the chains holding him. He already knew they would not give way, but he had other hopes now. Maybe he could cut himself bad enough that he would bleed dry before the lion returned. It was to no avail, though. There didn't seem to be any sharp edges within reach. They had probably planned it so, he realised, to keep the slaves alive as long as possible.

He had just given up his attempts when master Toia returned. The lion wasted no time, but turned Kevin around and started attaching clamps to the skin of his back. Each bit in deep, and Kevin could feel blood trickle down to his butt. Next came the all too familiar feeling of the feline cock entering him. He tried to get away, but all that awarded him was a sharp tug on the ring around his balls. Biting back a yell, he let himself hang limp while he was being fucked. He could feel the lion's hot breath on his neck, could hear him whisper between grunts of pleasure.

"I'm sorry you couldn't last longer, my son. Not even a day."

Kevin's eyes opened wide. A day? Surely it had been longer? Then the words sank in; he knew he was about to die, and probably not an easy death. For a second, he pondered putting up a fight, but it was useless. He was so hurt, in so much pain, that he could barely move. Just as he felt the lion come, he hung his head low, ready to embrace his fate.

"That's exactly what I was talking about, my boy." The lion shook his head sadly. "You've already given up. Where's your spirit?"

"G-gone," Kevin whispered. "Gone."

"Such a shame. I had high hopes for you. We could have loved each other for a long time."

Kevin was turned around again, to face his master, and there was a quick flash of silver. Then a new kind of pain exploded in his guts, and when he looked down he saw the hilt of a dagger protruding from just beneath his ribs. He felt more surprise than fear, wondering if it could really end so soon. Smiling almost sadly, the lion touched his cheek, then kissed him briefly.

"Don't worry, precious boy, there's still time for one last game." He kicked the weights attached to the ball ring, and Kevin whimpered. Then the lion's claws dug into his face, and he screamed. "One last, final game."

Blood ran into Kevin's eyes, and he thankfully closed them. He did not want to see death approach, didn't want too know the exact moment it would claim him. Fresh pangs of pain shot through him as something was attached to the clamps in his back, then pulled, but he no longer cared. There were no screams left in him. The lion hissed something into his ear, and then...

It all stopped.

Everything went quiet, and he was once more hanging by his wrists. Had master Toia tired of him, decided to withhold the coup-de-grace for the moment? Or was this how it felt to die? Kevin had always imagined that death was black, like closing his eyes before going to sleep. Beyond that, he didn't know. Many preachers said many things, and none of them sounded true to his ears.

While his brain, fevered as it was, grasped for reason, his body started to let him know it was still there. His arms hurt, his wounds hurt. His balls hurt worse than anything. So, was he still alive? Unsure, he tried to open his eyes, but the blood made them sting. All he could see was blurry shapes. Or rather, one large blurry shape. Kevin could hear a loud crashing noise, then the clinketing of chains as his bonds vanished. He fell, landing hard on his stomach and face.

This time, darkness did take him.

* * * * * *

He was lying on his back, not on a rough, cold stone floor but on soft earth.

Someone had wiped the blood from his eyes, but he could still not see very well. It seemed to be dark, but he couldn't know for sure. The pain had gone now, and he was feeling wonderfully warm. So it couldn't be night, then, because the nights were cold. The dark wasn't complete, though. At a distance he thought he could see flickering lights. No, not lights, flames. There was a fire. Was that why he felt so warm? He was lying by a fire in the night. Now he heard voices, too, voices calling out in fear, even panic. Others yet were closer, and seemed less fearful. Even happy. Then something moved into the field of his blurry vision. A tall, towering shape that leaned closer, closer.

And then he saw blood. A greyish hand, covered in dark, sticky blood. As he gasped, the smell of it hit his nostrils. Fear rushing through his mind, Kevin quickly slid out of consciousness.

* * * * * *

His dreams were feverish. Fear and pain flooded them, forcing him to relive the torture down there in the cellar. Yet he could not wake up. Every time he got close to opening his eyes, something would drag him back into a deep slumber riddled with dreams. And whenever the face of master Toia didn't haunt him, that lumbering figure he had seen took his place, just as fearsome.

It was dark when Kevin finally woke up. His head felt sluggish, as if he had been drinking too much wine, and his body was oddly numb. Still, he could feel someone lying next to him, pressed up against him. A warm body that shifted slightly in its sleep. His first reaction was panic, but he fought it down as he recognised both the scent and the soft whinnying noises. Hooves! Kevin sat up, but the sudden movement made him so dizzy he had to lie right back down again. Judging by what little he had seen in the dim lights coming in through a window, he was lying in a bed, in some kind of sparsely furnitured room. But how...? How could this be possible? Unless...

Unless he was dead.

The thought sent mixed feelings through his hazed mind. Part of him was glad that it was over, that he would no longer have to endure the terrors of the cellar. Yet another thought sent shivers down his spine. If Hooves were there, if they were to share the afterlife, what did that mean? Were they in some lowly place of Hell where the outcasts went? The slaves? If so, had they simply passed from one horror to the next?

Thinking made him feel queasy, so he closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Any more thoughts would surely make him sick. Yet he could not stop pondering this new and unknown. Why was he feeling ill? Could you puke in the Hereafter? And then the worst thought of them all struck him. This just could not be! Hooves was dead, there was no way he could be there with Kevin! So... what if this were the dream? What if he went back to sleep, only to wake up back in the cellar, chained to the wall? It was too much for him.

With a mighty effort, Kevin fought his dizziness and got out of bed. He was still as naked as he had been ever since meeting Thander, yet he hardly cared about that anymore. Swaying on his feet, he took a couple of steps towards the door, then sank to the floor. A bout of nausea hit him, and he vomited violently. Almost at once, he could hear voices around him, and light blinded his eyes. To weak to struggle against the hands that grabbed him, he was carried back to bed.

Before he could work out what was going on he was asleep again, but thankfully without dreams this time.

* * * * * *

When he woke up again he was lying in the same bed, and sunlight was streaming in through the window. Only, this time he was alone. Whoever had been with him the last time, unless he had dreamt that, was gone. In a way, it was sort of comforting. His head felt much more clear this time, and he didn't want to upset it with impossible thoughts.

Instead he lay still, enjoying the quiet and the calm. Where he was, and why he was there, were worries for another time. The numbness in his body had lifted somewhat, as well, so that he could feel a dull ache all over. Did that mean he still lived? Surely ghosts could feel no pain? But how had he escaped? No, better not dwell on thoughts of the cellar, of master Toia, of the grinning ermine and the way he would rub himself against Kevin and come on him...

"No." It was little more than a whisper from a sore, hoarse throat. "No, please."

He covered his face with his hands, fighting back the memories as well as the tears that were brimming his eyes. Minutes passed, while he took quick, shallow breaths through clenched teeth. Every recollection that flashed before his squeezed-shut eyes seemed even more painful than the real thing. Worse, because of the impossible thing that had happened. He could not have escaped. He just couldn't! Which meant that it would all begin anew. This thought was what made him lose the battle against his tears.

Kevin had all but cried himself out when the door opened. Expecting the worst, he curled into a ball and turned away from the sound of soft footsteps. He lay there shivering, unable to pull the blankets over him even though he wanted nothing more than to escape. To flee from reality, into the fantasy where he was lying in a soft, cosy bed, safe and alone.

The footsteps stopped just behind him; whoever was watching his naked back was mere inches away. Kevin bit his lip so hard he could taste blood, but whatever he had been expecting was nothing like what happened. A soft, furry hand touched his shoulder, pulling gently until he turned over. The bright smile that met him made his mouth fall open.

"Hooves...?" The horse boy nodded at his whisper, then laughed as Kevin shot out of bed and hugged him. "Hooves!!"

"Hehe, calm down!" Hooves protested as the air was squeezed out of his lungs. "Kevin, are you okay now?"

"I don't know." He let go of the horse boy and sat down, the feelings of despair rushing in to push away his newfound joy. "I just don't know. Am I dead? Dreaming?"

"You're alive enough to break my ribs," Hooves snickered, sitting down next to Kevin and taking his hand. "Kevin, you ain't made no sense the last few days. You gotta understand, you're not dead or anything, you've been saved."


"We both were. Master Toia is... well, he's the one who's dead."

"Dead? B-but... how?"

"Let me explain that."

The deep, growling voice made Kevin jump, and his head snapped around to face the newcomer so fast that it almost hurt. There, leaning against the doorframe, stood a tall, muscular wolf man, his light grey fur and dark hair almost glittering in the sunlight. Kevin's first reaction at the sight of Thander was fear, but then came others. Relief, gratitude, joy and... love? Without thinking, he let go of Hooves's hand and leapt out of bed. A look of surprise crept across Thander's face, but then Kevin saw no more as he slammed himself against the werewolf's side, throwing his arms around him. Burying his face in thick, soft fur, Kevin started crying, only this time they were happy tears.

"You came back for me," he sobbed. "You really did, you really came for me."

A minute passed, then Kevin slowly began to let go of the wolf. As he stepped back, he looked up at Thander's face, suddenly feeling anxious. Had he stepped out of line with the hug? Thander's expression was unreadable, though, a stale mask that unnerved Kevin more than any sneer or snarl.

"Ah..." he began, but had to swallow the lump in his throat before he could continue. "Uhm... sorry sir. I just... Thank you. For saving me, I mean."

"Sit down." Thander's voice was just as smooth and emotionless and scary as his face, and Kevin shivered as he obeyed, taking his place beside Hooves. "I take it you remember nothing."

"No, sir. Well, not much. After he... the knife. He stabbed me." The memory made Kevin shudder. "What happened, sir?"

His face still unreadable, Thander slowly walked over to the bed and hunched down until his eyes were level with the boys'. Kevin quickly looked away, as the way the wolf was staring at him made him feel uneasy. Finally, Thander cupped his chin and forced him to resume eye contact. Those piercing blue eyes looked almost... gentle.

"I'm sorry, Kevin." The deep voice was little more than a whisper. "I didn't mean all this to happen to you. That guy... I had no idea."


"Go back to sleep." The wolf stood up, and now he sounded like his old self again. This was definitely an order. "The healer says you'll be well enough to travel in a couple of days. Then I'll take you home."

"To your place, sir?" Kevin asked meekly. Thander froze, then turned around. His jaw hung open, as if he had been stunned by surprise. "M-master?"

"I mean back to your home, to the human world!" Thander snarled, suddenly looking angry. "Or are you saying you want to stay with me? After all the fucking weeping and whimpering you did?"


Kevin hung his head low, staring at the floor. Going home? Being free? The thought enticed him and scared him. He had thought 'home' meant Thander's home, and for a moment he had felt elated. Overjoyed. But now...? Freedom? To return to the place where the knight he had served was dead, killed by some forest monster. The knight he had looked up to so much. Had admired, had even... loved. That last thought made Kevin's mind freeze. Loved... Loved? It was true, he realised as tears began to trickle down his cheek. He had loved his knight. And now?

Had someone else earned that love? Another man... well, another male? Did he love Thander? He tried asking himself what he really wanted, but instead of thinking he opened his mind to speak.

"I do want to come with you, master Thander," he heard himself say, not really knowing what part of him it was that did the talking. He felt out of control, but found that he didn't care. This way was the best one. "I will try to stop crying, I promise. Please, sir."

"Well, that's a surprise!" Thander laughed, his anger gone as suddenly as it had flared. "You mean you will be my pet? My servant? My slave?"

"Yes, sir."

"That you're willing to please me when I want you to?"

"Yes sir."

"Say it." Kevin looked up, and saw a smirk on the wolf's lips. "You have to say it like you mean it."

"I..." Kevin glanced sideways at Hooves, who was grinning at him. "Sir, I..."

"No, you can say it in front of him. If you're gonna be my pet, you can't be coy."

"I... I will be your pet, sir. Master." Kevin felt his cheeks burn hot, but he forced himself to continue. "And... and I will please you whenever you want me to."

"In what way?"

"Sir, please..."

"I what way?"

"I will s-suck you, sir. And I want... I want you to fuck me whenever you like." A soft whinnying giggle made him blush even more. "And if I'm not good enough, I'll accept your punishment, sir."

"That's good." Thander returned to his hunched position, his face inches away from the boy's. "But remember this; I once swore to myself never to take in another pet. If I do bring you with me, I'll be breaking that vow. Just for you. One thing has to be crystal fucking clear for that to happen. You obey me, whatever I say. Got that?"

"Yes sir."

"Anything I say, even if you don't like it?"

"Yes sir."

"If you don't, I'll throw you out."

"I understand, sir. I will be good."

"And obedient?"

"Yes, sir, I'll be obedient."

"Then go to sleep. You'll get something to eat later on."

"Yes sir."

With that, Thander turned and left, closing the door behind him. Kevin's whole body was shivering as he lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. His freedom... He had given it away as he held it in his hands. This thought was nowhere near as painful as the realisation that he had loved his knight friend. That he had been a manlover all along, just the thing he had scorned when he first met Thander. The fresh tears came from that love, the love that was now gone.

"You better practice more on that no crying bit," Hooves said softly as he lay down next to Kevin, wiping the boy's cheeks with his fingers. "You're no good at it."

"I know," Kevin sobbed. "But I'll get better."

"Why did you do it? You chose to be a slave? He was gonna set you free!"

"I've got nothing," Kevin whispered, feeling more tears burn at his eyes. "Nothing to go back to. Freedom, yes, but the one thing that was worth it all is gone. My friend. My knight."

"Dead?" Kevin closed his eyes and nodded, and as he did he felt Hooves taking him into a hug. "I'm sorry. But your family?"

"I'm an orphan. I was raised at the Knights' House, to be a squire. I wanted to be a knight, but they all said I was too small. Too weak. If I go back, that's all there is for me. Being too weak."

"I see. It's the same with me, I've always been too small for my age. That's why I was sold as a pleasure slave, I'm too weak to do a real horse's work."

"How old are you, Hooves? I thought you were just a kid, but..."

"I'm fifteen, so I guess I am still a kid. For a while, at least. And you?"

"Seventeen. But I look younger, too. Especially since master Thander burned my hair away."

"Your fur!?"

"No!" Kevin laughed, then rolled over to lie on his back, pushing his groin into the air. "My cock hair. Humans don't have fur."

"Cock hair?" The horse boy looked puzzled as he leaned in to inspect Kevin's genitals. He prodded the boy's sac, making Kevin giggle. "Hair on your cock?"

"No, just around the base of it. And on my balls. Hey! Be gentle with those! They're still kind of sore after..."

"That ring thing. With the weights."

"Yes." They fell silent, each shuddering at his own memories. After a couple of minutes, Kevin turned to face his friend. "Hooves, how did you survive? I thought he killed you."

"He almost did, but you were worse off than me. The healer thought you'd die." The horse boy reached over and stroked Kevin's chin. "He said you humans are a soft lot."

"What did he do to you? Master Toia, I mean?"

"Does it matter? I don't wanna talk about it. But master Thander saved me, helped me out and got me here, to the healer."

"Did he kill them?"

"Yes," Hooves whispered. "He gutted that awful ermine guy. Just ripped him open with 'is claws. And he... he broke master Toia's neck. Left him lying there, still alive while he burned the house down."


"Nobody was mad, though. They let us walk away like it was nothing."

"Well, he was a bad guy, wasn't he?" Hooves said nothing, but his eyes darkened. "Where are you gonna go now?"

"Dunno. Back to the market, I guess." He shrugged. "I'm no good at horse work, so maybe I'll be a pleasure slave again. To someone nicer, I hope."

They lay there for a long while, side by side, not talking. Kevin tried to obey his order and go to sleep, but he simply couldn't. Maybe he had slept too long already. Hooves was also awake, but he didn't know what to say to the horse boy. The silence stretched out, became awkward and unpleasant. Not knowing what else to do, Kevin moved closer to his friend until their bare sides touched, then wrapped his arms around him. Hooves whinnied softly and melted into the touch, laying his head on Kevin's shoulder and nuzzling his cheek.

Another few minutes passed before, as if drawn to each other by some unseen force, their lips met. It was Kevin's first real kiss, not counting the times when master Toia had forced himself on him, and he really enjoyed it. That he was kissing another boy registered in his mind, but to his surprise he found that he didn't care. Or rather, he cared a lot, but in the right way. The good way. In no time at all, their hands were all over each other's bodies, and Kevin's erection pressed into the horse boy's equally hard cock. Both of them were leaking, in dire need of release.

Hooves was the one who broke the kiss and started moving down Kevin's body. The boy stayed still, flushed with excitement as he waited for the first touch of horse tongue against his cock. He almost jumped as Hooves swallowed his entire shaft in one go, and started sucking him furiously. It was all he could do to pry the other away before it was too late. Hooves looked up at him with a hurt expression, which changed into a grin when Kevin showed him what he wanted. He swung around, placing his long, slim horse cock right in front of Kevin's face.

The taste of the horse boy's pre-cum was really quite sweet, Kevin thought as he started sucking his friend. And there was lots of it. He caught himself wondering what the horse boy's orgasm would be like. There was a clear danger of drowning. Forcing back a giggle, he found the other's sac and started fondling his large balls. The action was immediately repeated on his own testicles, causing him to moan. They kept trading pleasures for a little while, but then their need became too great. Sucking hard and stroking fast, they worked each other towards the inevitable. Kevin tried to hold back his orgasm, but it was soon impossible. He came hard, spraying shot after shot of cum onto the horse boy's eager tongue. At almost the same time, a jet of hot, sweet liquid filled his own mouth. He had barely swallowed it when there came another, then another. He soon lost count, but felt his own feeble squirts die out long before Hooves was done.

There was cum everywhere, thick white cream that spilled out when Kevin could not keep up. His chin was coated, as was his neck and chest, and he even found some on his forehead and in his hair. Hooves giggled at the sight, then leaned in and started licking him clean.

"What the...!?"

The deep growl made them both jump apart, but there was no hiding what they had done. Kevin still had cum on his face, and he felt himself blush deeply. He expected to be scolded, maybe even beaten, but to his surprise Thander laughed.

"Well, I didn't tell you that you couldn't," the werewolf chuckled. "So I won't punish you this time. But don't let it happen again unless I give permission, is that clear? You may come freely when I fuck you, but not otherwise."

"Yes, sir," Kevin whispered meekly. "Thank you, sir."

"What for?"

"For not punishing us."

"Well, as I said, I should have told you what you can and can't do. As for him," he glanced over at Hooves, who laid his ears flat against his head and ducked lower, "he's not mine to punish."

"He's not?" Thander shook his head. "B-but sir..."

"Out of the question! He can go wherever he wants, just not with us."

"Sir, please. He... he helped me. Back there. If I had been alone, I... I wouldn't have made it. Please, sir, he's my friend."

"Kevin, I can't. I won't. He's too young, I don't do kids."

"He's fifteen, sir. Not much younger than me. Please. You... you don't have to... to train him just yet. Maybe..."


"Sorry, sir, but I won't ask anything of you ever again. Just let him come with us, please?"

"Do you love him?"

"I..." The question took Kevin by surprise, but as he looked over at those dark brown eyes he felt warm inside. "I... I think so, sir. Like a brother, sir, or a friend."

"A brother and a friend who just fucked your face?" Kevin blushed, but the faint snickering noise that came from beside him made him burst into a grin. Soon both boys were giggling loudly. "Does he want to go with us?"

"Do you?" Kevin asked, and the horse boy nodded vigorously. "He does!"

"All right, but Hooves!" Both boys sat up straight. "The same rules apply to you. You will obey me in anything I say, without fail. Otherwise, you're out!"

"Yes, master."

"I mean it. I've seen what happens when things go too far and when... someone... doesn't listen. It'll end in disaster. You must obey!"

"Yes, master," they both replied.

"So," Thander said, suddenly smirking again. "You love each other, huh?"

"Yes, master," Hooves said. "Like he said, sir, like brothers and friends."

"And more?" The boys looked at each other, blushed, and nodded slightly. "Then you ought to kiss, right?"

They obeyed, locking lips. This time, Kevin felt the other's tongue press against his lips, and he willingly parted them. This felt way, way better than before, and he was hard within seconds. A chuckle told him that Thander had not failed to notice. The kiss went on, and he had just about lost himself in it when they were interrupted.

"Enough!" Thander said harshly. Kevin looked up, and only now realised that Thander had removed his breeches. The large, red wolf cock hung stiff just in front of him. "I can see you're absolutely sure about this. Why don't you fuck him?"


"You heard me, Kevin. Fuck him!" Hooves lay down on his stomach, his tail flicking out of the way. Kevin stared at the exposed hole, hesitating, as he heard a deep growl. "Didn't I tell you to obey anything I said?"

"Y-yes, sir."

Kevin stood on his knees between the horse boy's spread legs, and had just started to aim his throbbing cock at Hooves's hole, when there was a light tap on his shoulder. Thander smirked at him, then touched his lip with a finger. Kevin opened his mouth obediently, and felt the wolf touch his tongue. He understood. Leaning down, Kevin ran his tongue up and down over Hooves's anus, making the horse boy shiver and whimper with each touch. He remembered the times he had rimmed Thander, and tried his best to mimic what he had learned then. Soon Hooves was squirming around on the bed, whinnying loudly.

"That's enough," Thander said suddenly. "Now, fuck him."

Kevin nodded, not trusting his voice to reply, and lined up for entry. He spat in his hand and slicked the tip of his cock as best he could, then pressed forwards. There was some resistance, and the horse boy grunted with pain as Kevin slid in. He held still until the other began to loosen up, then pushed again. A minute later, he was buried to the hilt. Hooves turned his head and caught his eyes, grinning, and Kevin took the hint. He pulled back almost all the way out, then thrust back in. Soon he had a nice rhythm going, which was matched by Hooves pressing back at him every time he went in. It was tight and warm, and Kevin knew he wouldn't last long.

Just as he thought he had passed the point of no return, he felt his buttocks being pried apart. A well-lubed finger slid into him, and he groaned at the sudden intrusion. As he glanced back over his shoulder, he saw Thander smile at him. Not his usual sneer, but a smile that was almost warm. Thander put a hand on his back and pushed him down, until he lay flat on Hooves's back. He stayed still, waiting, biting his lip against the pain he knew would come.

It wasn't as bad as he had feared, though. Thander pressed into him slowly, and without much pain. Still, it was enough to make Kevin's eyes water. Inch by inch, the werewolf entered him, until it felt as if he had that huge cock halfway up to his throat. There was another surge of pain as the part-inflated knot went in, and Kevin let out a gasp. They didn't move for a little while, then Thander pulled back and started thrusting. The movement made Kevin's own cock slide in and out of Hooves, who sighed happily.

Before long, Thander was fucking Kevin hard and fast, and the boy was finding to his surprise that he was beginning to enjoy it. Maybe, the tiny part of his brain that wasn't lost in the sex thought, the difference was that he wasn't being raped this time. Or maybe it was the gentle start that had made the difference. Too busy to really care, Kevin buried his face in Hooves's mane and breathed in his friend's scent, while he hugged him tightly around the waist. Both boys were groaning and whimpering, but the sounds were mostly of pleasure now.

After a couple of minutes, Hooves suddenly went rigid in Kevin's arms. He cried out, and Kevin felt the horse boy's anus tighten around his cock. He was coming, Kevin realised as he felt splashes of warm wetness hit his arms. The increased pressure on his cock sent Kevin over the edge as well, and he shot his load while still being pumped in and out by Thander's movements.

The wolf must have sensed this, because he sped up even further, thrusting into Kevin so hard that the boy almost lost his breath. His knot was swelling rapidly, and Kevin felt each thrust being more painful than the last. At the same time, his spent cock was still being pushed in and out of Hooves, feeling so sensitive that he wanted to scream. Yet he bit his lip again, and tried his best to keep a brave face. Then, finally, Thander slammed into him and stayed still. Spurt after spurt of wolf cum filled Kevin, and to his amazement he too came once more, but this time he only managed a drop or two. Totally spent, he fell asleep almost at once, with his deflating cock still inside the horse boy's anus, and with his own butt still being filled by the wolf.

He woke up what couldn't have been more than a minute or two later. Thander was still tied to him; his huge cock hadn't even stopped squirting yet. What woke Kevin up was Hooves, who was gently sliding out from underneath him. The horse boy gasped as Kevin tightened his grip, then slowly turned around so that they faced each other. Both boys were grinning, Kevin in spite of his battered rear, yet they stayed where the were, their faces inches apart. Suddenly, Kevin felt Thander grab the back of his head, pushing him down roughly. Taking the hint, the boy began kissing his friend. Hooves whinnied happily as he opened his mouth to let their tongues meet, and Kevin heard a low chortle from behind him.

"Don't forget to clean each other up," Thander growled. "Tongues only, you hear?"

"Yes, master," the two of them replied, breaking the kiss for a couple of seconds before resuming it.

"You may suck Hooves off once, but no more. And you're not to come again, is that clear, Kevin?"

"Yes, sir."

The werewolf started pulling out of Kevin slowly, pain building until the knot plopped out, followed by a torrent of wolf cum. Kevin whimpered into the kiss, but to his amazement he had managed to keep from crying this time. Grinning at the still kissing boys, Thander patted Kevin's rump, then left the room. The two of them stayed locked together for a few minutes more, then broke apart.

"We better get started," Hooves said, blushing as he sat up and his throbbing cock left a slimy trail up Kevin's stomach. "Uhm, should I go first?"

"I think I'd better let you come first," Kevin said, grinning as Hooves hid his face in his palms. It struck him that he had never before thought of a male as cute. Handsome, beautiful, but never cute. But the horse boy was really cute. "Come here."

It took almost no time at all before his mouth was once more filled with Hooves's sweet-tasting semen. Again he tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much. His face was splattered so badly that he couldn't see, but when he tried to wipe his eyes he felt his hands being held down. Instead came a wisp of hot breath, an instant before the horse boy's long, thick tongue began lapping his face. Soon he was clean enough to open his eyes, and he watched as Hooves set to work. Not one drop of semen, neither the horse boy's own nor Thander's, was left by the time he was done. Hooves even cleaned Kevin's anus, reaching in so deep it was almost like being fucked a second time. Afterwards, Kevin was so hard his cock was screaming for release, but he knew better than to disobey his orders.

They kissed again, then it was Kevin's turn to reciprocate. He imitated the other and started with the face, taking long, slow licks up and down the slim muzzle, even catching a couple of drops in the mane. Hooves's ears turned out to be sensitive, causing him to giggle and squirm madly, and Kevin spent perhaps more time there than was necessary. Next came the chest and stomach, where the short, coarse fur was matted with the residue of Hooves's first orgasm. Kevin paused at the nipples, licking them and causing more squirming, then he took another pause at the horse boy's sheath, which rapidly swelled until his tip was peeking out. He licked it teasingly, then moved on to a couple of stray drops on the sac, rolling the large balls around on his tongue. Last was Hooves's butt, but as Kevin had already licked it once, he did not even hesitate. Diving in with his tongue as deep as he could reach, he made sure that he got all of his own cum out. It was not as sweet as the horse boy's, but neither as bitter as Thander's.

A bit more playing followed once they were done, but they did not get too sexual. It wouldn't do to be disobedient. They had just settled down and began to yawn, when dinner arrived with a servant. Kevin found that his stomach was screaming at him, and forgot all tiredness as he tucked in. It felt wonderful to be eating again. He had almost forgotten what food tasted like.

* * * * * *

Two days later, the sun rose to a crisp and clear morning. The air was cold, and Kevin was very thankful for the fur cloak Thander had given him. As it hung down his back it did not protect his modesty much, though; he still blushed every time someone stared at or pointed out his exposed genitals. Hooves seemed more used to the attention, and even turned to show off for a couple of young furry boys, who squealed happily.

Thander had insisted that they start their journey down the main street, during the busiest time of the day. To test the boys' commitment, Kevin felt sure of it. Well, he was committed now. He had made up his mind to stay with the werewolf, and he wouldn't let something as silly as shyness sway him. So when two fox ladies turned to stare at his nudity, he slid the cloak aside and placed a hand on his hip, giving them a fine view of his crotch. They giggled and pointed, then giggled again at his obvious blush. But when one of them tried to caress his butt, Thander let hear a low growl, and the vixens disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After that they were given a wide path as they made their way out of the town. Kevin recognised the forest path where he and Thander had come, what seemed like a lifetime ago. Back then he had been frozen, hurt and scared. He was warm now, and not quite as scared even though the weight of his decision was ever present in his mind. He had given up his freedom...

Though he wasn't in as much pain as he had been that day, he still did hurt here and there. The healer Thander had hired had done a good work, but Kevin still had a couple of scars that twitched and itched when he moved. Largest of these was the two-inch welt left by the blade that had pierced his innards, and which he had thought killed him. The thought made Kevin shudder, and lost in unpleasant memories as he was he jumped at the sound of Thander's growling voice.

"This is your last chance, boy."

They had reached an intersection, and Kevin stared down the right-hand path, which led back to the world. That was how he saw it. He was no longer of the world, but lost in some fantasy kingdom where animals talked and walked upright and wore clothes and wielded weapons just like humans. Where magic was real, and where humans were more or less a myth. He shook his head, and managed a smile as he gazed up at his master's face. Thander stared back until Kevin looked down, then gave a snorting laugh.

"All right, then." He grabbed both boys roughly around their shoulders and led them down the left-hand path. "But things are different now, Kevin. I'm not training you for sale anymore, but for keeps. Understand?"

"Not really, sir."

"It means you obey everything I say, no matter what." Kevin nodded, and he could hear a neighed affirmative from Hooves. They had both made this promise already, but Kevin guessed that Thander needed to be reassured of their certainty. "If you don't you'll be sorry. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!" both boys answered.

"Good. For a start, you will not touch anyone, and you will not let anyone touch you." They nodded. "And you will not play with yourselves or with each other unless I give you permission."

The latter made Kevin think. He was still feeling the fluttering inside his chest that was his newly awakened feelings for Hooves. And to be told not to act out on them would be... difficult. As if he could read Kevin's mind, Thander spoke again.

"You may sleep together, hold each other's hands and..." The werewolf made a snorting noise. "Well, kiss if you like. But no sex without permission. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!"

He could hear a muffled giggle from his side, and reached out with his hand. Furry fingers met it and closed around it as they walked on. Hours passed, and Kevin felt more at peace with both the world and himself than perhaps ever before.

* * * * * *

That night, Thander really tested them, Kevin thought as he lay cuddled up to the horse boy, his rigid erection keeping him from finding a comfortable sleeping position. Hooves was already fast asleep, his own cock having formed a puddle of pre-cum on his thigh. The two of them had been made to lick Thander's massive wolfen cock, over and over again until the wolf finally covered them both with semen. After that they had cleaned each other with their tongues, but they had not been allowed to come, not even to touch themselves. So now Kevin felt both horny and frustrated, and sleep still eluded him. He glanced over to the side of the fire, where Thander sat reading an ancient-looking book. The wolf looked up, his face half hidden by his dark hair, so that Kevin couldn't see those icy blue eyes. He chose to look away, anyway, but when Thander spoke his voice was mild.

"What are you thinking?"

"Well, just one thing," Kevin half whispered, not wanting to wake up his sleeping friend. He had meant to plead for release, but to his surprise other words escaped his lips, words that had barely even been in his mind. "Sir, who do you think killed my knight friend?"

"So, I'm not the suspect anymore?" the wolf asked with a lopsided grin. "The dreaded werewolf beast is innocent?"

"Yes sir." Kevin stared out into the dark surrounding their campsite. It was easy imagining other horrors out there. Monsters that he still hadn't seen and hoped never to see. "I should have believed you right away. I'm sorry."

"It's all right." They remained silent for a while, then Thander spoke again. "As I said back then, probably a wild dragon. There aren't many left, but they are still dangerous."

"I saw a dragon at the market. At least I think he was one."

"A dragon-man, yes. But not a wild one. There's rumours about a worm dragon living in these parts of the forest, maybe that's what killed your friend."

"Worm dragon?"

"They live underground, burrowing. Legless, sightless, but fierce. When they sense prey they strike." At the word 'strike', Thander clapped his hands together, making Kevin jump. Hooves stirred and mumbled something, but calmed down as Kevin stroked his chest. He could picture something huge and slimy erupting from the ground, attacking whoever was nearby. "They're just about the worst, worm dragons."

"If I ever find it, I'll kill it."

Thander laughed. "Will you really? Oh well, if you think you can, feel free. But you're not allowed to go chasing danger."

"Yes, sir." Kevin thought for a moment. "Sir?"


"What Hooves said, about humans being too soft?"

"Was mostly true. You're tougher than you seem, though, as you survived what that... that lion put you through."

"But still too soft?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well, I was wondering...?" Kevin hesitated, but sensed no anger coming from the wolf. "Would you... maybe... some day..."


"Turn me into a werewolf? Make me stronger?"

"How the fuck would I do that?" Thander laughed, and Kevin felt hurt, not just for being laughed at but also because his wish was discarded so lightly. "That kind of magic is both rare and horribly expensive."

"But sir, you're... you're a werewolf. If you were to bite me...?"

"You'd bleed." Thander leaned closer and spoke in a low whisper. "I'm not your beast of fairy tales. Whatever you've heard for your bedtime stories, I'm just a wolf. If I ever wanted to make another wolf I'd have to fuck a female. Which I'm not inclined to do, as you may have guessed."

"Yes, sir." Kevin hung his head low, blushing. "I just... thought."

"I might try to make you pregnant, but I doubt it'd work. I can't change you, either. At least not on the outside."

"Except for burning off my cock hairs."

"Right," Thander snorted. "But they stay off. I like your smooth look."

Getting to his feet, Thander replaced his book inside the satchel, then walked over to where they boys lay. He sat down beside Kevin, who let go of his hug around Hooves and turned around. The wolf's loincloth had vanished, and he found himself staring once more at that long, thick tube of flesh that he was getting used to by now. Knowing what was expected of him, Kevin took it as deep into his mouth as he possibly could, then started sucking. Meanwhile Thander grabbed his own crotch, caressing him gently.

"You may come once," he whispered as he ran a dull wolf claw in underneath Kevin's foreskin, making the boy shudder. "But not until I have."

"Yes, sir."

Moaning around the thick wolf cock, Kevin set about his business both eagerly and willingly, and now in a hurry as he felt his own orgasm approaching. This might turn out to be a good life, he thought as he swallowed the increasing stream of pre-cum coming from the wolf's tip. A really good life.

* * * * * *


Nearly a fortnight had passed when the forest finally gave way to mountains. Impossibly tall, they rose up above the trees and into the clouds, glaciers and never-melting snow covering tips and high passes. Kevin felt awed, and Hooves too was unusually quiet as they turned and walked parallel to the mountain range. After a little while, Thander stopped and pointed ahead.

Straining his eyes, Kevin could just see what looked like... a castle? He turned towards the wolf, who nodded. So that was the 'house' that Thander had spoke of? Not even the human king lived in such a magnificent home. They passed wildly growing orchards and flowerbeds, that looked as if they hadn't been properly tended for many years. Something Kevin intended to change, if Thander would let him. He knew a lot about gardening from his earliest duties at the Knights' House. Hooves seemed interested in a similarly wild-growing wheat field which seemed, Kevin thought, just large enough for him to manage on his own.

The castle itself loomed above them now; a stone building that seemed to have grown out of the mountains behind it, rather than having been built with bricks taken from them. Must be a magical place, Kevin thought, but he still felt too awed to ask. Just before they reached a solid stone bridge crossing a moat, leading to black wooden gates, they passed something that Kevin nearly missed.

A small, elegantly crafted stone stood by the side of the road. There was text on it, almost worn off by weather and wind, but he could still read 'Tanner'. He turned to Thander, but the wolf stared straight ahead, refusing to meet his eyes. Nodding to himself as if he understood, Kevin made a vow to himself. You won't have to bury me, master, he thought to the wolf, still not sure whether or not Thander could read minds. Not me, nor Hooves. We will be good to you, and good for you. For each other.

With that thought, he followed the other two across the bridge. The gates swung open soundlessly as Thander pushed them, and they stepped into a vast hall. Soft carpets covered the floor, and paintings and tapestries hid much of the stone walls. A fireball from the wolf lit torches and candles, and soon it felt nicely warm.

Kevin smiled as the gates swung shut behind them. He gave Hooves a hug, which was immediately returned. The two boys walked behind the wolf as they made their way deeper into the halls. Into their new home.