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Knock Knock by Sam The Ham


      Brian sat on the couch his feet propped up on the coffee table. On his lap was his tablet and he was clicking from link to link looking for something potential he scary to read. It was getting close to Halloween and he was trying to get into the mood. When he had been little Halloween had probably been his second favorite holiday only narrowly edging out Christmas.

He had been a big fan of building his own customs. One year he had used a garbage bag strengthened it with papier-mâché and then had covered it in foam to go as a brain. Another year he had gone as a zombie shredding a suit he had only worn once to his parents dismay. In some ways he had looked forward to it more than Christmas. As soon as October hit and started thinking and making custom. This year though, he wasn't going out. His friends were talking about toilet paper one of their teachers houses and he wasn't really up for the idea. The worst part was it wasn't that he didn't dislike the teacher, he was just a little nervous around his friends.

Brian clicked on a link that supposedly led to a series of haunted babysitting stories. He didn't believe in ghosts but he didn't before movies are real either. The first couple of stories were uninteresting badly written but towards the end they seem to get better. Brian preferred the creepy type of for rather than the blood and guts. Some found footage films could be fun, but some of them just got to stupid.

After a while he clicked out of the thread and scroll down looking for something else. He saw one thread entitled BEK Encounters. He clicked on it but pushed the tablet off to the side and rose heading to the kitchen to get a drink.

Brian got the glass down from comfort and walked over to the refrigerator. Before he'll door he paused eyeing picture of his older stepbrother along with two of his friends. His stepbrother was one grade ahead of him and a bit of a nerd. He and his two friends at one a competition held by local cable company for students. It has been like a trivia show. 

Brian did begrudge his brother the attention. In fact his eyes had gone to the boy standing next to his brother. He was cute. The boy was black with his hair shaved on the side and a little of top. He briefly wondered what it would be like to kiss those puffy lips but then pulled his eyes away from the photo. He yanked the door open with enough force that several bottles rattled.

He tried to banish the thoughts. He didn't want those thoughts. He didn't want to think that about his brother's friends or his friends. He didn't want to think about boys that way.

Puberty had been nothing but a curse to Brian. He didn't like all the hair growing or how clumsy could be when he was playing baseball. Of everything else the he had hated the thoughts that had accompanied it. You not been one of the boys who had play girlfriend. When he had been really little he had had a few friends who had been girls that was had all disappeared by second grade. He hadn't given much thought then and now get them unless. When his friends brought up girls he wavered from being disinterested to being uncomfortable.

When he had been 11 or 12 you just thought he had not thought much about it. Sure he had noticed boys but I was just comparing. It was innocent curiosity or that's what he told himself. There wasn't a line, a day or event that had made him realized it was more than just curiosity. At some point he just knew he was more interested in playing with a cock then just looking at it.

His hands had just grab a thing of lemonade when he heard two knocks out the door. Brian froze. He was home alone. At 14 that should have been the first thought that occurred to him, but it had been. He just stood there and waited for about 10 seconds. Maybe it was a package. The deliveryman usually knocked even if he was just leaving by the doorstep, but then again his parents usually announced that they were getting something.

The knock came again.

Brian shook himself mentally. He was 14. It was in the middle of the afternoon, it was still sunny out! Dammit they had two doors!

Letting go of the lemonade he let the door swing close as he made his way to the front door just as a third knock came.

"Coming." Brian said just as he reached the door. Undoing the deadbolt he swung the door open trusting in the storm door for protection. He frowned and to was standing there. There were two boys. One was about his height and the other was about a head shorter than him. The taller of the two just had a black T-shirt with a baseball cap on. The other had a gray sweatshirt, he was staring down at something. The funny thing was Brian didn't recognize either of them. They couldn't be from his street.

"Can I help you?" Brian asked trying to sound polite and mature.

"Yeah, can we come in?" The taller of the two said.

The second he had spoken Brian felt the chill go down his spine. There had been nothing threatening in the town, but there had been something.

"Well? Can we?" The taller one asked again.

Unconsciously Brian took a half a step back from the door and slowly shook his head. "I'm not supposed to let people in." Brian said slowly. It was only after he said it, that he realized it made him sound like a five-year-old.

"Come on, we just want to use your phone." The taller one said raising his head slightly.

"You don't have cell phones?" Brian questioned. 

"No," the taller one set again. "We just want to call our parents."

"Give me the number and I'll call them for you." Brian offered trying to keep his voice from cracking.

"Just let us in." The older one said lifting his head up. For the first time Brian was able to get a good look at his face. It looks normal except for the eyes. The taller of the two's eyes were black. They weren't black like his pupils were large or just a dark color. The whole eye was pitch black. Briefly he tried to remember if there was any medical addition could turn your eye black.

Brian stared into those eyes. They were the same color as night during a storm.

"You want to let us in."

Brian opened his mouth to say no but the words caught in his throat.

The taller of the two tilted his head slightly. "So open the door."

Brian stood there wondering why he couldn't reach out and just close the door on these two weirdos. He couldn't even say no.

Then for the first time the smaller of the two looked at him. The younger ones eyes was just as dark as the older ones. For several seconds and then the smaller one reached out and grabbed the door handle. Brian's eyes flashed towards the lock to see it had not been engaged.

"If you don't want us to come in," the smaller one said in the same tone. "Then tell us not to come in."

Brian wanted to say those words. You want to say those words more than any other words had ever spoken in his entire life but he couldn't produce the sound. He couldn't even move.

"All right then." The younger ones said as the knob started to turn.

Brian watched as the door slowly swung open and then with no effort whatsoever the taller one stepped inside quickly followed by the shorter one. The storm door swung slowly closed creaking against its hinges. The smaller one took a step closer to him as the other one closed the other door.

He watched completely unable to move, but as soon as the door was closed the oppressive feeling didn't leave but it felt like it became lighter. If he had felt like he was being smothered in a blanket before, he was now just tangled up in a sheets.

"Well that's one way of doing it I suppose." The taller one said.

"You're an idiot." The shorter one said glancing back up at Brian and slowly smiling.

"What are you going to do?" Brian said feeling a bit dazed. The two strangers seemed a bit more animated now. Somehow now that they were inside they were less intimidating.

"I think you know." The shorter one said stepping so close to Brian that they could easily touch each other.

"I don't." Brian said.

The two looked at each other but didn't say anything. Then somehow reaching a silent agreement. Without saying another word they began to undress.

Brian's mouth nearly hit the floor. His mind couldn't keep up with all the events. The two boys undressed, not in a hurry but not like they were showing off either. In less than a minute they were naked and making no efforts to cover themselves. His eyes flicked from one to the other. The taller one had a patch of pubic hair while the other one didn't look like he had a hair on him. He felt himself start to become erect at the site but when his eyes wandered towards their face and their black eyes it shook him out of his stupor.

"What are you doing?" Brian said taking a step backwards. He felt his knees come in contact with the armchair a second before he tumbled backwards onto it. His legs ended up in the air and his head against the other armrest.

The younger one moved in closer. From where Brian's head was the smaller ones junk was almost at eye level. "We're here for you. Anything you want. Me, him, both of us however you want it."

Brian wanted to melt into the chair but as the smaller ones word set in he realized something. "You know."

"Of course we do." The taller one said. "Just tell us what you want."

Brian looked back and forth between the two. Aside from their creepy eyes they were attractive and somehow a sense of peace descended over him. Things didn't seem so weird. 

"Anything?" Brian asked looking at the smaller ones junk. He was circumcised with ball still close to his body.

"Anything," the taller one said.

Thought escaped Brian's lips even as he had it. "I want you inside me while I suck little one." He was surprised by his own boldness. Even in his fantasies he was never so bold.

"I like it." The smaller one said bending down and before Brian knew what was happening their lips met. His lips were soft and Brian pushed up against some. The smaller one slowly moved backwards and Brian tried to follow trying not to break the lock.

Before he knew what was happening he was standing up again and the smaller one placed a hand against his chest and pushed him away. Brian had not realized that the smaller one had been standing on their tiptoes. He seemed about his head so Brian could look into his eyes again.

There was a second where there wasn't a sound and then he felt hands on him from both sides slowly pulling off his clothing. He helped where he had to but it seemed the to her practice at this. He felt so overwhelmed that when he realized he was standing there naked it was just another fact.

Smaller one tilted his face upwards again but his eyes were closed. Brian felt his arms around his neck and slowly pulling down. They kissed again briefly but the smaller one kept pushing him down to a crouched position. Brian slips dragged across the smaller ones body until he found himself on his hands and knees his mouth touching the smaller ones balls.

Hesitantly he opened his mouth and felt the skin of the sack against his lips. Continue to open his mouth until they were able to slide inside. Brian rubbed his tongue across feeling them. He sucked gently hearing a pleasant sounding and feel the shaft become hard against his face. After a moment he slowly slid up to take the shaft in his mouth and felt to hands rip his head slid erection inside.

He was on all fours. When he felt another hand land on his rear he pushed against it unconsciously spreading his cheeks. Fingers found their way between his crack and to his hole. At first they gently went around it making a small circle before beginning to push inside. Brian had half braced himself for pain but the finger slid in easily almost as if it had been coded with something. He felt another side in before it was withdrawn. The next sensation sent a thrill through his body as he felt the tip of an erection there. Unconsciously he leaned back more pushing against it and the taller of the two took that as a sign to push forward into him.

The feeling was so intense that for second Brian thought he was going to bite down on the smaller ones erection. He spared the smaller one from that faith and when the taller of the two was fully inside of him went back to sucking. The taller one started to pull out slowly and his butt went with it along with his lips sliding along the length of the erection. Then motion was reversed. He leaned forward as the taller of the two reentered him and he took the length of the smaller one into his mouth.

Back and forth like a piston they went. They started off slow like an idling engine but their pace increased. First gear, second gear all the way up until their engine was running at top speed. He felt the taller ones erection enter him sending a shiver through his body hitting his prostate and making his own erection twitch. He continued to suck on the smaller one going back and forth and that in itself sent a different thrill through him.

Brian closed his eyes as he felt himself explode without ever touching his own erection. It wasn't a simple jerking off orgasm but one that shuddered through his entire body. His muscles gave out as he went limp. He laid there on the floor with his eyes closed too exhausted to think of his other partners.

As he laid there he heard someone laying down them very quietly whispering in his ear. "Except yourself or become like us." He recognizes the voice of the smaller one but he was too tired to say anything or even open his eyes. The words didn't mean anything to him at the moment but they were seared into his mind.

"Right, who's next?" The taller one said.

"Jimmy." The younger one replied. "He's only two blocks away."

Brian opened his eyes then is mine catching up with the words but when he did he found himself alone but still naked. He briefly looked around saw his close around and after a moment began to pick them up. Brian dressed  wondering if he had just had some sort of bizarre fantasy or hallucination. It had felt so real at the time but now it seemed different.

After several more minutes he went back to his tablet. The link to the BEK Encounters was still opened and he casually started to read trying to clear his mind. However after the first paragraph to's eyes widened when he realized what BEK stood for. Black eye children. Apparently the only one to of opened the door for them or at least not refuse them entry.

And he somehow read this and had some sort of illusion or what? The timing was convenient, but the idea of what he had just experienced as being pure illusion seemed ludicrous. Then his mind latched onto something. Jimmy. There was a kid in his class that was named Jimmy. He only vaguely remembered him. They had different circles of friends. Maybe, maybe Jimmy was like him maybe he was experiencing the same thing right now. Maybe he should try to talk to Jimmy tomorrow at school.