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Land of Charta---Chapter 1 A Man is Chosen

John Samuels sat in a chair looking out the window toward the lake that was very busy today, as was normal for a warm day in June. Ski boats towed skiers and knee boarders around the lake, with a constant buzz of Jet Skis sounding more like a cloud of mosquitoes. The lake was getting too busy, and John wished for peace and quiet. His life at the age of 60 had been falling apart. He had retired recently from his job as a college professor of mechanical engineering, but retirement had not been pleasant. His wife of 35 years had changed dramatically when she started her "changes of life". Mandy had refused to take estrogen to help her adapt, and she became a real bitch. The past ten years of their marriage had been a disaster. Mandy turned away from John and their four children. John had done everything he could during the marriage to take care of his family, but Mandy had become a different woman from the one that he had married. Even though Mandy finally got through her changes, she remained a bitch.

John had finally had enough of trying to make Mandy happy, and he gave up. New cars, exotic trips, and expensive jewelry did not make her happy for more than a few days. Sex was not even a possibility with her. She refused every advance from him, and he reverted to the only means of satisfaction that he knew of, the Internet. John had always known that he was bi-sexual. Before he was 20 years old, he was intimate with his cousin, Brent. At first, John had seduced the boy with alcohol, and the boy who was 13 at the time, liked it. Their time together lasted almost four years during the time John was in college. He remembered the very first time that he convinced Brent to play around. John and Brent had been drinking in John's apartment, and he had given Brent a magazine that contained pictures of men and boys having sex. Brent got an immediate boner, and he convinced the boy to let him see it. Seeing it led to feeling it. John knew what he wanted to do, and he leaned over and sucked Brent to orgasm. Brent was very handsome, almost too handsome for a teen boy. He had swallowed all of Brent's fresh warm cum, and John was hooked.

Their relationship grew for the next four years. As soon as Brent turned 16, he got his driver's license, and was a frequent nighttime visitor to John's apartment. Brent had been passive at first, but the teen became more active as John took him from simple oral sex to anal sex. Brent loved to have his butt hole licked, and he quickly became addicted to sex. It did not take long before Brent was sucking him off, and taking his turn to fuck John in the ass. It was the best sex of John's life. It ended when Brent got his first sex with a girl when he was 17. Brent stopped visiting his apartment, and quickly got married as soon as he turned 18. John always wondered if Brent got married just to prove he was not gay.

Brent was not the only male that John had sex with. There were several other love affairs. One was the son of a friend. Jamie was 15, and loved to be with John to go fishing, work in the garden, or help John work on remodeling projects. Jamie was unusual, showing no inhibitions about John seeing him nude. The boy was very handsome, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Jamie often stayed overnight at the home of John and Mandy, sleeping in the guestroom. The intimacy began with Jamie asking John questions about sex. The sex education classes in school taught the basics or reproduction and birth control, but Jamie was eager to learn more. The first sex happened during a weekend when Mandy had gone to visit her sister. John and Jamie had been drinking beer and talking about the football game that they were watching together. The game ended, and Jamie headed for the guestroom. He was tired and fell asleep quickly.

John sat looking out the window at the insanity of the boats churning up the lake water. He knew that trying to go fishing during the day would be a nightmare with the ski boats and Jet Skis causing constant waves and noise. He let his mind drift back to the night that he first introduced Jamie to gay sex. He remembered that night vividly. He had looked into the guestroom and saw Jamie asleep on the bed. Jamie was wearing only a pair of white briefs, and was sleeping on his back with the covers tossed aside. John quietly walked into the room, and gazed at the bulges in the front of the teen's briefs. He already knew that Jamie had a large cock, larger than his own. He had seen it many times when Jamie walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower. The boy never seemed to cover up unless Mandy was home. John looked at the outline of Jamie's balls and cock. The boy was erect, with the hard shaft pointing straight up toward his navel.

At first, he was just going to look. The numerous beers he had consumed had dissolved John's inhibitions, and looking quickly became touching. He knew that Jamie was a deep sleeper, and he let his fingertips gently brushed over the cotton fabric, tracing the outlines of the boy's genitals. He knelt down next the bed and continued his exploration. John's cock was hard as a rock, as his fingers went to the waistband of the briefs. He gently lifted the briefs and pulled them down just enough to see the teen's cock and the small patch of light brown pubic hair. He held the briefs back and used his other hand to caress the hard, but silky shaft. All of his inhibitions vanished, as he leaned over the bed and took the 7 1/2-inch cock in his mouth. Jamie moaned in his sleep as John licked and sucked on Jamie's beautiful cock. Jamie stirred and woke up. He was still groggy, but the boy quickly realized that his cock was being sucked for the first time in his life.

Jamie lifted his butt and helped John slide the briefs down to the boy's knees. Jamie loved the feelings of the warm mouth and tongue, and the boy was quickly approaching an orgasm. John could sense Jamie's acceptance of the blowjob by the continual moans and words of encouragement. He was stroking the boy's cock, and felt the pulsing at the very base of the shaft that told him to get ready to swallow. He remembered how Jamie tried to warn him to stop, that he was going to cum, but he would not let the boy's cum go to waste. Jamie pumped a sizeable load of cum into his mouth, as the teen moaned and begged him to keep sucking. After Jamie had pumped his load into John's mouth he wanted to return the favor. He had wasted no time in undressing and getting on the bed. Jamie had never sucked a dick, and had to be coached about his teeth a few times. He remembered how surprised he was when Jamie swallowed all of his cum. John and Jamie had sucked each other off three times before they finally fell asleep together in the guestroom, and once more in the morning when they showered together. They had gone on many hunting, fishing and camping trips together during the next three years, and their sex seemed to be non-stop. Jamie loved to be fucked in the ass, and also loved to fuck John.

John's cock was very hard as he recalled the memories of sex with Jamie. He thought about going to his computer room, downloading some hot movies, and "pounding the pudd". The ringing telephone broke his train of thought. It was his lifetime friend, Ray, calling from Florida. Ray had been the "best man" when John and Mandy had married, and he was concerned about how John was doing during the bitter divorce proceedings. Ray had been married four times, and divorced four times too. He had met each of the women in bars, and Ray was now a confirmed bachelor. His favorite saying was "every pussy has fangs in it". John had considered selling his home and possessions and moving to Florida if the divorce ended up as bad as his lawyer had predicted. Ray and John chatted, and Ray tried to convince his friend to fly down and go fishing in Key West with him. He refused, saying that he couldn't afford the trip, and had another court date approaching soon. The phone call ended with the two friends promising to keep in touch.

John started to walk to the computer room, but decided that he was hungry, and felt like going to the local Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet and a couple beers. He looked into the computer room and realized that his computer had been his only sexual satisfaction for several years. The computer had also caused a major problem in the marriage, as Mandy had snooped around and found pictures and multimedia files of gay sex, many that included teen and prepubescent boys. Mandy flew into a rage, and demanded a divorce. She held the knowledge of the pornographic files over his head during the divorce proceedings, threatening that if she didn't get her way, she would turn John into the police. He had deleted all of the underage files, but he knew that he was going to get fucked by Mandy's lawyer in the demands for the settlement. If Mandy got what she was after, he would lose a major portion of his retirement income, his 401K, most of the contents of the home, and a lot of cash. He felt the bile come up from his stomach and fill his mouth. His weight had gone up to 250 pounds with his daily beer drinking, and he was now taking several types of medication for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, and a sleep disorder.

The only time John felt good was when he was in the computer room, drinking beer, and jacking off. He had considered committing suicide, but decided that his children and grandchildren would not be able to cope with him killing himself. He was an avid hunter, and even thought about using his favorite rifle, a Remington 7mm magnum, to blow Mandy's fucking brains out. He knew that if he gave Mandy what she deserved; a blast in the brains from the rifle, he would spend the rest of his life in prison, with "Big Bubba" giving him daily "anal acupuncture". He got into his new pickup truck and headed for Pizza Hut. Even though he was hungry when he left home, he only had two pieces of pizza and one beer before he left for a drive to get his mind off of the divorce that had been dragging on for over a year.

As John drove around the back roads of Genesee County, he spotted a small flea market that he had never noticed before. He loved to go to garage sales, auctions, and flea markets, looking for antiques and furniture that he could re-finish for the home. He decided to visit the flea market, and just browse. He walked around the numerous tables and saw a bunch of junk that had probably been left over from garage sales. There was nothing that he was interested in, and he decided to go back home, drink beer, and jack off. Just as he was ready to leave, he noticed a withered old man sitting in front of a small card table. Something told John to go look at what the man was trying to sell. There were a few miscellaneous items on the table that looked like they were junk. He saw a gray stone in the middle of the table, and something told him to pick up the stone. At first the stone felt cold. He saw that the stone was round on one side, and conical on the other. It looked just like a plain rock to him, but as he felt the stone with his fingers, the stone suddenly became warm and started to glow, and he quickly dropped it back on the table.

The old man looked to be about 90 years old. He was thin and dressed in very shabby clothes. John looked at the old man's face and saw him smile. The old man seemed to be talking to himself, as he said quietly, "Yes, it is him. He is here now. I will send him to you."

John heard the words, and wondered who the man was talking to. The old man smiled and nodded at him. "You will buy the stone from me. It is only one dollar, but it is a very special stone. You will use it to take your trip."

"This old man is weird," John thought. The stone seemed to be irresistible to him, and he agreed to give the old man a dollar for it. The old man smiled again, turned and bent over, retrieving something from a paper sack that was on the ground behind the small chair he had been sitting on.

"This is a gift for you," the old man said as he took John's one-dollar bill for the stone.

John was given a wooden box about 12 inches square and about four inches tall. The wood was very unusual. He had done a lot of woodwork, but he had never seen wood like this. The wood looked red, with lines of black running through it. The box had a hinged lid and a small metal latch that kept the box lid closed. He wanted to open the box, but the old man said, "wait until you get home to open it. When you open the box, you will know what to do with what is inside."

John offered to pay for the wooden box, but the old man refused to accept any money for it. He watched as the old man carefully wrapped the gray stone in tissue paper, placed the stone and wooden box in a paper sack, and handed the sack to him. He felt a quick shot of electricity flow through his body as he accepted the sack from the old man. He thought that he was feeling the effects of the numerous types of medication that he was now taking, and shrugged off the strange feelings that he felt. He thanked the old man and turned to walk to his truck to go home. When he opened the door to his truck, he turned to look back toward the old man. The old man had vanished along with the table and chair. He shook his head in disbelief, wondering if he was hallucinating, or had consumed too much scotch whiskey last night. John never knew how his life would change from visiting the flea market and touching that strange gray stone.

When he got back home, he looked at the clock above the stove and noticed it was now 1:05 p.m. Today was his birthday, and he was now 60 years old. It was after noon, so he knew that he could start drinking. He had a personal rule to not drink until after noon, and he tried to decide if he should drink beer or scotch while he hit the Internet for some sexual stimulation. He decided to look at the wooden box and the strange stone. He sat at the empty kitchen table and placed the paper sack down, removing the wrapped stone and box from the sack. He lifted the latch on the wooden box, and opened it, revealing several small objects, each wrapped with a different color of tissue paper. He placed the box on the table, and started unwrapping each small package. The first item was wrapped in black paper, and when he unwrapped it, he found a smooth stone of pure black. The stone was blacker than onyx, and he placed it on the table at the left side of the wooden box. The next item was wrapped in red paper, and when he unwrapped it, he found a smooth red stone inside that reminded him of the color of a ruby. His hands were now shaking, as he placed the red stone on the right side of the wooden box on the table.

John continued unwrapping the strange packages, finding blue, green, yellow, and purple stones inside the corresponding color-coded tissue paper. He placed each unique stone in a circle that surrounded the wooden box. He saw that the box was empty, and he closed the hinged lid. As soon as the lid was closed, he noticed for the first time that the black lines that originally appeared to be the random lines of wood grain, were lines that appeared to be a map. He also noticed for the first time, that the lid of the box had a conical hole in the center. He was certain that the hole in the top of the lid had not been there before. It looked like the conical hole was the same size and shape as the strange gray stone that he had bought from the old man at the flea market. He picked up the stone that he had paid the old man one dollar for, and carefully unwrapped it. Something told him to place the smooth gray stone in the conical hole on the top of the wooden box. As soon as he placed the gray stone in the hole, a blinding flash of light hit the gray stone, turning it into a clear, sparkling diamond. Light blasted out of the diamond and laser beams of light streaked to each of the colored stones. Each stone turned into a beautiful faceted gem. The laser beams of light flashed back from the individual stones to the diamond in the center of the box, and John felt electricity hit his face, as the diamond glowed like a star.

He suddenly felt weightless, as his body was lifted from the kitchen and seemed to be floating in space. There was no pain, but he sensed that he was being forcefully ripped out of his home and toward a vortex that appeared before his eyes. He saw the whirlpool getting closer and closer. He tried to close his eyes, but he was helpless. He felt his body spinning as he was pulled into the vortex. He had not been on any amusement park rides in over 30 years, but he felt like he was on a roller coaster, heading off into space. He saw what appeared to be a black wall in front of him, as the vortex pulled him deeper. He flew through the black wall and saw a kaleidoscope of colors flash around his body, as he continued spinning through the tube. Another black wall was approaching, and John wondered if he had just died, and was headed for heaven or hell. The view changed from black walls to flashing colors, as he felt his body rotating through the vortex. His mind finally lost control, and he blacked out.

When John regained consciousness, he felt like he was no longer spinning in the vortex. His body felt strange to him, as he opened his eyes and tried to focus. When he finally cleared his head, he realized that he was in a white room, and standing before him was a teenaged boy dressed in a shimmering robe of many colors. John knew that he had died, and was now going to face judgement for his life. He realized that he was sitting in a chair, and that the boy was looking at him and smiling. Maybe the smile was a good sign that he was going to heaven. He cleared his head as the boy approached him and touched the side of John's head. He felt a quick prick like a needle had just hit him, and he recoiled from the hand of the boy in the beautiful robe.

The boy continued to smile, and said to John, "Welcome to Charta, we have been waiting for you."

John tried to speak, but the boy told him to wait for the effects of his travel to wear off. He wondered if this was a dream, or if he was dead, as he looked at the boy. He saw a handsome young boy who looked about 14 or 15 standing in front of him. The boy had golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes. The boy looked like an angel, and John again wondered if he was in heaven or if he was dreaming. The boy held out his hand, and he instantly took the hand, feeling the warmth of the boy's touch. John felt strange, as he noticed that his back was no longer aching, and he felt great. The boy urged him to stand up and walk with him. It was then that he realized that the clothes he was wearing did not fit him anymore. His jeans almost fell down, as he stood up. His arms and legs felt strange, as he suddenly realized that his body had changed from one of a man 60 years old with a pot belly, to that of a much younger man, taller and muscular.

"I am Erik, Mage of Charta," the boy spoke to John. "I have just installed a communicator in your head, so you can speak and understand our language. We have waited a long time for you to come to us, and we need your help for our civilization to survive. Please don't be afraid, you are not dead, and you are the guest of Charta, and you can return to your dimension at any time if you desire to leave us. You have been chosen, and sent to us to save the boys of Charta from total destruction."

John was silent as the young boy led him from the completely white room outside to a balcony where he saw for the first time, the most beautiful countryside he had ever seen. He saw a mountain range in the distance, and green trees and grass that surrounded statues and buildings of polished marble. As he turned and looked in the other direction, he saw a beautiful blue ocean, with sea gulls floating aimlessly in the air. He turned back to the view of the lush gardens and mountain range. Everywhere he looked, he saw boys of all ages, running and playing in the warm sunlight that covered the buildings and lawns of a massive panorama of beauty. He could not speak as he gazed at what must be heaven. Most of the boys that he could see were nude, many with patches of pubic hair and stiff erections. He swallowed hard, and wondered where he was. Many of the boys seemed to be having sex, with no apparent inhibitions.

"They are beautiful, aren't they?" Erik asked John. "All of the boys of Charta are beautiful. Before I tell you why we have brought you here, I think you need some different clothes to wear, unless you prefer to be nude, as most of us do here in Charta."

John blushed, as he did not want to be nude in front of this handsome young boy. He knew that he had gained weight, and had lost any semblance of a fit body a long time ago. Erik led John into a large bedroom, with a pedestal bed covered with red silk. He swallowed hard, as he took in the beauty of the room. Erik smiled at John and let go of his hand. The boy quickly turned and dropped his flowing robe on the bed. He felt a rush of blood flowing into his penis, as he stared at the beauty of the perfect ass of the young boy. Erik turned, and John saw the front of the nude boy. Erik's body was flawless. He gazed at the boy's beauty and let his eyes wander down the boy's body to find a patch of golden blonde pubic hair and a fully erect six-inch cock. He gulped, as he drank in the beauty of the young Adonis standing in front of him.

"Please undress," Erik told John. "I have a robe for you to wear that will make you more comfortable. Don't be shy, I know what your body looks like, as I was the one to modify it for you."

John wondered what the boy meant by "modify". He noticed that his body felt strange to him. His cock was fully erect as he looked at Erik standing in front of him.

"I am old," John spoke to Erik. "I am fat, and my body will be repulsive to you."

Erik laughed. He shook his head and said, "your body is beautiful. I told you that I modified it during your travel here."

John was not convinced. Erik told him to look into his reflection in the long mirror on the wall of the bedroom. He gasped, as he saw his own face in the reflection, but it was the face of John Samuels from a long time ago. Gone were the wrinkles of age, and the gray hair. He saw a handsome man of about 20 years old staring back at him. Now he was totally freaked out. Erik giggled and said to him, "I think that you like the modifications I have made to your body. You are a handsome man of about 25 years old in your own dimension."

John wondered what "your own dimension" really meant. A voice inside his brain was talking softly to him, telling him to undress and put on the shimmering white robe that Erik was offering to him. John communicated to this strange voice and tried to refuse. The voice insisted, and he silently agreed. He removed all of his clothes, and saw something in the reflection in the mirror that again shocked him. The reflection revealed a handsome young John Samuels, with a body that he would have died to have in his normal life. He saw rippling muscles and an erect cock that must be nine inches long. His cock was not small before, stretching to 6 1/2 inches when fully erect, but this one was much longer and much thicker. All of the chest hair that he had developed as he aged, was gone, replaced by a smooth hard chest of solid muscles that led down to a full six-pack of abdominal muscles. Every part of his body was now perfect, with rippling muscles and youth.

"Is it real?" John asked Erik silently using his mind.

"Yes, it is real," Erik replied. "You still weigh 250 pounds, but you are now six feet three inches tall, and very muscular. Do you like the modifications I have made?" Erik had not spoken those words. Somehow they just appeared in John's mind as he stood in the bedroom looking toward the mirror.

"I look awesome," John replied mentally.

Erik smiled and told John to wait and not put on the robe. Erik never spoke as the communication continued on a mental level. Erik told him that he could read John's mind, and that he could now read Erik's. The two minds quickly locked together, and they both wanted to have sex on the bed. They both got on the bed, and their mouths instantly locked together. Their tongues probed inside each other's mouths, as they passionately kissed and caressed each other. Without a word being spoken out loud, Erik moved so they were in a "69" position, and they devoured each other's cock. Their oral lovemaking was intense, with words exchanged mentally as they sought to please each other. John took all of Erik's young cock inside his mouth, as his hand was directed to Erik's butt. He caressed the firm cheeks of the boy's ass, and was told to put a finger inside the boy's anus. He was surprised how slippery the boy's anus was, as he drove his finger as deep as it would go inside the boy, striking the young prostate gland. They both moaned out loud, as their sucking intensified. A silent message told both of them that they were going to cum. Two hungry mouths sucked and swallowed, as semen blasted from two erect cocks deep inside two warm mouths. They both had swallowed every drop of the cum, and then relaxed on the bed.

They pulled apart, and moved so they could kiss each other on the lips again. Erik was telling John how much he had enjoyed "playing" with him. He told him how all of the boys of Charta loved to have sex, and that sex was what linked all of the boys together as a nation. John's erection never subsided, as he listened to Erik tell him about the land of Charta. Erik gave him a message that Erik wanted to be fucked. John thought that he would not be able to fuck so soon after shooting his cum inside the beautiful boy's mouth, but Erik told him that he would be able to shoot several times a day. John was puzzled, as at the age of 60, he was only able to cum once or twice a day. Erik told him that he would now be able to cum many times, as many as 10 to 15 times with the help of the special vitamin supplements that Charta had to offer.

John understood the mental messages, and moved on the bed, lifting Erik's legs and pulling them apart. He aimed his huge erection to poke at the opening of the boy's butt hole. The cock slid in easily, lubricated by the natural lubrication that all Charta boys possessed. John drove his nine-inch cock all the way inside the warm clutching body of the young boy. Erik was jerking his own cock, as John started hammering his manhood in and out of the boy. The bedroom was filled with the sounds of rampant sex, as he continued fucking his young lover. Erik was the first to cum, pumping a huge load of semen all over his chest, with some of the cum landing on his contorted face. John felt the grasp of the boy's body as he ejaculated, and John flooded the boy's hot rectum with a huge wad of cum, as his dick seemed to pump forever. The orgasm finally finished, and he withdrew his still hard cock from the confines of the young boy. He leaned over and licked and sucked up all of the cum that Erik had shot on his own chest and face. The taste of the boy's cum was excellent, and he did not waste a drop of the precious liquid.

"That was incredible," John communicated to Erik. "I cannot remember ever being able to cum two times so close together."

Erik just smiled at him and told him to get used to being able to fuck and cum all day long. If this wasn't heaven, it must be something even better, John thought. Erik giggled as he read John's mind, and told him that they would be able to do it again right now if he wanted it. John quickly agreed, but told Erik to fuck him in the ass this time. Erik quickly agreed, and grabbed for some lubricant on the table next to the bed. Erik told him that all Charta boys could secrete lubricant at will, whenever they wanted to have anal sex, but that John would not have that ability, and would need saliva or lubricant to make the anal sex enjoyable. Again, he realized that Erik had never spoken out loud to him, but had mentally told him the information.

Erik applied the lubricant to John's hole and onto his own throbbing cock. Erik shoved his teen cock inside his body causing him to gasp out loud. Erik apologized, realizing that it had been a long time since John had let anyone enter him anally. Erik waited for him to get used to the anal invasion, and then started fucking him with short slow strokes. John loved the feelings of the boy fucking him, and his cock responded by throbbing and pulsing. He could feel that he was going to cum, even without touching his own cock. Erik was now fucking him faster, as the teen was ready to cum again too. They both climaxed at the same time, with their bodies crashing together like two cars in a head-on collision. John felt Erik flooding his insides with hot cum, as he thought back to the last time that he had felt cum flood his insides. It must have been 20 years ago, maybe longer. He loved the feeling, and knew that he would want to feel it many times more.

Erik giggled, as he finally pulled his still hard cock out of John's gripping ass. Erik told him that they needed to dress and go to the meeting with the king and princes of Charta. He did not understand what Erik was communicating to him, but knew that the boy would be a willing sex partner for him after the meeting. As they got off of the bed, both of them had rivers of cum flowing down their legs as Erik led John to a large shower room. The soap that Erik used to wash John's hair and body smelled strange, but wonderful. Erik washed every inch of John's body, including his cock that was still hard. Erik giggled, as he silently told him that they could have sex all night after the reception in the Hall of Boys. John realized that the Hall of Boys was a special place reserved for the royalty of Charta and their special guests. John washed all of Erik's body, taking special interest in the boy's cock, balls and butt hole. Erik promised that he would have unlimited access to his body after the reception in the Hall of Boys.

John and Erik dried each other using large fluffy white towels. Erik handed him the white robe with gold trim that signified that he was a special guest in Charta, and Erik showed him how to wrap the robe around his body, and tie the golden cord around his waist. Erik quickly put on his shimmering multi-colored robe, and led John out of the bedroom, into a long hallway, and into the Hall of Boys. John was shocked when they walked inside the immense room, as he saw hundreds of beautiful boys of all ages sitting in chairs. All of the boys were wearing thin shorts and T-shirts. The boys were sitting in groups, each group having boys wearing the same color of shorts and shirts. As soon as they entered the Hall of Boys, everyone stood and bowed as Erik led him toward the front of the hall. Seated at the front were seven boys wearing different colored robes. At the center was a boy dressed in pure white and wearing a crown of gold and platinum with six different colored gems sparkling in the subdued light. The boy was sitting on a throne of gold and platinum, and the crowd in the hall was silent as John and Erik walked to stand before the throne of the King of Charta.

A boy of no more than 15 years of age got up off from the throne and approached John. He could not believe the beauty of the young king. He had long brown hair that extended past his shoulders, and wrapped around his chest and back. He had green eyes that seemed to sparkle. Erik silently told John that this was King Terra, King of Charta. The young king walked toward him, then got on his knees and bowed down until the king's head touched the floor. Erik told John that the king never bowed to anyone, and that this was a sign of the importance of his appearance in the Land of Charta. The king rose, and beckoned for him and Erik to join him, as two ornate chairs were placed in front of the throne. King Terra returned to his throne, and began speaking loudly so everyone in the Hall of Boys could hear him.

"We welcome you," the king began, "to the Land of Charta. Erik, our Mage has selected you to be our protector, and we beg that you will accept our plea for help, as we face certain destruction without you."

John could not believe the splendor before him. The king was wearing a white robe that glistened with purity. Words cannot describe how white the robe was as it glistened in the torchlight and candlelight surrounding the huge hall. On one side of the throne were three chairs of carved gold. Each one had a young boy wearing unique robes of black, red and yellow. On the other side of the throne were three more chairs of honor, with boys wearing robes of green, blue and purple. John realized that the colors of the robes matched the colors of the stones that he had unwrapped on his kitchen table. He gazed at each of the princes, noting that each one had different features. He saw a black boy wearing the yellow robe, an Oriental-looking boy wearing black, a brown boy wearing green, and a variety of white boys with hair ranging from golden blonde like Erik's, to brown, and then black. All of the eyes of the princes were focused on him.

John was still communicating with Erik silently. Erik told him that he only had the power to mind-link with one person, and that if John left Charta, Erik would never be able to link again. Erik had picked him from all of the men in the 3rd dimension, to be the Protector of Charta, and to restore to the kingdom the power and wealth that had been taken a hundred years ago. There was no way for John to comprehend what was being said to him. He just sat silently in front of the royal family that was seated in front of him.

King Tarra, began to speak again. "I know that you are shocked by being brought to our dimension. Erik has learned much about your life in the 3rd dimension, as your entire past has been revealed to him when you touched the sacred stone offered by Christopher. Christopher, or Chris as he liked to be called, was known as the "Builder of Charta". Christopher's time has passed, and his powers to build our great nation were well used and revered. He could do no more for us, and he agreed to help Erik select the next Master of Charta. From this time forward, we all will call you "Master John the Protector". We all pray that you will help our simple nation of boys and boy lovers regain what has been taken from us, and protect us from the invaders who now plan to destroy our nation and enslave all of us."

John was totally confused by what was being said to him. He remembered the old man that had sold him the strange gray stone. The old man must have been Christopher, Builder of Charta. John wondered how he could ever be the Protector of Charta. He had never been in a fight in his life, and he was not prepared to be a protector of anything.

"We only ask that you live with us for a few days," the king continued. "See with your own eyes what we have here on our island nation. Learn about our past from Erik, who will mind-link with you and tell you of our history, and of the threats that approach us. If you decide to leave us and return to your dimension, we will not try to stop you. You can leave at any time. You are our last hope for existence, and without your help, we will perish. The decision is yours. Please give Erik time to tell you about our lives here in the 8th dimension. No harm will come to you or the ones you love if you decide to leave us. We only ask that you return to the bedroom where you and Erik have made love, and learn about us."

The King of Charta then stood, and walked out of the Hall of Boys. The princes waited until the king had left, and then they too walked out of the hall. Erik stood and told John that they could now leave, as the meeting was completed. As Erik held his hand and guided him out of the hall, the hundreds of boys stood, bowed, and then appealed to him to help save their nation, as John and Erik left the hall.

John felt emotionally drained from the meeting in the Hall of Boys. He could not understand all of the things that he had just heard, and he appealed to Erik silently to help him understand. Erik told him to relax and go to bed with him. John was not in the mood for more sex, as the words of the king echoed in his mind. Erik understood, and he helped him remove his white robe, as they got into the bed and under the satin sheets. Erik snuggled close to John, and told him that while he slept, he would learn all that he needed to know about the Land of Charta.

John drifted off to sleep, holding Erik close to his body. Erik kissed him on the cheek, and put his head on John's chest, as they drifted off to sleep. During the time that he was asleep, Erik silently communicated to him, telling John that he knew everything in his life, and could change many past experiences that had caused him problems in his life in the 3rd dimension. Even though John's body was asleep, his mind was alert, and he asked many questions that Erik's mind quickly answered. Before the night had passed, John had learned all about the Land of Charta, and the planet Jarkan in the 8th dimension.

Over 500 years ago, Jarkan was nearly covered with rugged mountain ranges. High mountains that prevented the inhabitants from travel or trade with the other nations separated the few valleys that could support life. One large valley known as Meeka, had small villages and farms, and was inhabited by people that looked like the humans on the planet Earth. The humans were very simple people, who were uneducated and only knew how to grow crops and raise farm animals. Horses were used for transportation and for plowing the fields. Cattle were raised for meat, cows and goats for milk, and fowl such as chickens, ducks, and geese provided eggs and meat. The one unusual trait that the Meekans displayed was their physical appearance. The boys and men were all handsome and well built, while the females were all dark skinned and ugly, with pock-market faces, sagging breasts, and continual repulsive odor from their vaginas. No matter how old a female Meekan was, and how often she bathed, the putrid smell from her crotch continued. It was no surprise that the men of Meeka preferred to make love to the willing boys, who were fair skinned and extremely beautiful. The men only coupled with a woman to perpetuate their race, and the sex was always completed quickly so the man could quickly leave to wash and find a boy to fuck.

To the east of Charta was another valley that was known as Trog. The Trogs were giants that averaged 30 feet in height, with dominant males reaching up to 50 feet tall. The Trogs looked like Neanderthals, from the distant past of evolution on the planet Earth. They lacked basic intelligence or any form of communication skills. Trogs lived off the land, hunting with simple weapons of bow and arrow, spear, or large clubs made of wood. Trogs were also cannibals, and would roam the hills searching for Meekans or any other form of life that could provide food for their tribe. Jarkan had numerous forms of wildlife, and the Trogs were skilled at only one thing; hunting for food.

To the west of Charta was a large valley known as Delta. Delta was unusual in that the inhabitants were human-like in appearance, with males and females displaying a more normal appearance. Males could be small or large, and range from handsome to ugly. It was the same for the women. Deltans had built a huge city of stone buildings, had schools and simple homes for the common people. What made Delta unique, was the population of wizards that had built their own huge castles and estates in the large valley. The wizards were very greedy, and often plundered the main city or the castles of the other wizards, seeking slaves, weapons, precious metals or gems. The mountain ranges of Jarkan contained rich deposits of precious metals, and raw gemstones that could be mined and then converted into treasure by the artisans of Delta. Slavery was a common practice, and slave labor was used for the mines and farms surrounding the city of Delta.

The last valley to the south of Charta was Vetta, where Trolls and dwarves lived. The Trolls were cunning race of savages, that could read and write and were expert traders. It was the Trolls who could easily climb the mountain ranges, and visit other valleys to trade food and treasure. Trolls were extremely ugly, with stooped backs and hairy bodies. Their long hairy arms dragged on the ground when they walked. At the end of each arm was a hand with long razor sharp talons that could slice an adversary to ribbons with a single swipe. Their faces defied description, with hideous gray-green skin, and twisted mouths that contained yellow fangs that protruded even when the mouth was closed. Trolls gave off a very strong body odor similar to the spray of a skunk. The approach of a troll was easily noticed by anyone if the wind was in the right direction. Trolls were also scavengers who hunted in the lush forests of the planet Jarkan or attacked the other valleys to take slaves for workers or as food. The Trolls especially loved the taste of human flesh, and they often slashed a victim's body and devoured the flesh raw. The favorite delicacy for a troll was to eat the testicles of a teen boy. When a young boy was captured, the dominant troll would strip the boy and bite off the scrotum and testicles in a single swift snap of the long yellow fangs. Instead of gulping down the orbs of manhood like Trolls gobbled up the rest of the body, the testicles were chewed carefully so that the troll could savor the taste of the fluids that were contained inside the manly eggs.

Vetta also contained hundreds of dwarves, who lived in a symbiotic relationship with the Trolls. The dwarves were even more cunning than the Trolls, and knew how to communicate with the inhabitants of all of the other valleys. Dwarves were small people who seldom grew to more than four feet tall. They were skilled craftsmen, and converted metal and gemstones into beautiful treasures for trading. The dwarves were pleasant to look at, and were more welcome in the valleys when they traveled to trade. The dwarves had built the city of Vetta, utilizing their craftsmanship, and the slave labor provided by the humans captured by the Trolls. In exchange for their skilled labor, the Trolls never claimed a dwarf for food or as a slave. Each time a caravan of Trolls would leave for trading, they would carry at least one dwarf on the back of a slave, so the dwarf could be used to get the best deal in trading with the other valleys.

Each of the valleys on the planet Jarkan had been created by the impact of meteors that had screamed out of space and crashed into the mountain range. The planet had existed for thousands of years, and the unique life forms had remained basically unchanged for hundreds of years. Life in Charta had only been in existence for about 500 years.

Over 700 years ago, the planet had been rocked by the impact of another meteor. The bright blue meteor, streaked through the dark nighttime sky, leaving a sonic boom and trail of flame as the meteor partially burned in the atmosphere before the impact. The impact of the meteor was so great, that the entire planet shook. Mountain peaks were pulverized into dust, leaving a crater nearly 200 miles in diameter. As often happens with large meteor impacts, the center had been raised up from the bottom of the crater, leaving a large raised pile of dirt, sand and rocks. The cloud of dust from the impact darkened the skies over the planet Jarkan and the cloud remained over the planet until a fierce rainstorm caused the dust to settle down on the surface.

Scribes in the Delta valley had recorded the strange events that occurred when the meteor had hit. Trolls on a trading expedition had reported to the wizards that a large ocean of water had filled the giant crater, and that they could see an island in the middle of the ocean. Trolls are deathly afraid of water, and they had never attempted to reach the island. It had been nearly 200 years since the blue meteor had hit the planet, and Delta was wracked with wars between the various wizards. Members of the Black Wizards were different from the others, as they never linked together or plundered the other valleys for treasure. The Black Wizards were peace loving men, who were boy lovers. With the war raging, many of the Black Wizards left Delta to find a place of peace and love. It was not a planned event when six Black Wizards took different trails through the mountains, but they all ended up on the shore of the ocean surrounding the island that would become Charta.

The planet Jarkan had three moons that circled the planet in different orbits. Every 50 days, the moons aligned, forming a triangle in the nighttime sky. The light from the sun of the constellation hit the three moons, and they glowed and cast bright white light down to Jarkan. It was just before "moon time" when the six Black Wizards met on the shore of the ocean. The wizards were all drawn towards the island, and they made a raft of logs and floated the raft away from shore. The current in the ocean quickly took the raft in tow, and moved it rapidly toward the island. The wizards were startled when the raft gained speed, and sailed away from the shore toward what was now a lush tropical paradise. Just at the point that the wizards felt that the raft would crash on the shore of the island, the raft slowed down, and settled softly on the sandy shore of the tropical jungle.

The wizards all stepped off of the raft, just as the current reversed, and the raft sailed back where it had come from. The wizards shared a simple meal of bread and cheese that they had brought, and then explored the island. The walking was difficult, as the jungle seemed impenetrable. The wizards finally reached the mountains in the center of the island, and they climbed to the top of the highest peak without knowing why they were climbing. As they reached the summit, it was the night of "moon time" or "full moons" and they were all exhausted. They rested and talked about the new land that they had discovered, and decided to make this island their new home. They gathered some wood from old gnarled trees that grew on the steep mountainside, and used their wizard magic to light the fire. The flames grew steadily and soon the wizards were warm in the cold mountain air.

Each of the wizards had brought a small stone with them. None of them understood why they had brought a stone, but they somehow realized that the stones were very important. The six wizards sat around the edge of the fire, and each one laid the small stone between him and the fire. Each stone was a different color. Black, red, green, yellow, blue, and purple. When the last stone had been placed near the fire, the moons aligned, and a column of bright white sparks descended from the center of the triangle formed by the three moons, and the white sparks narrowed to a single beam of light. The beam hit the fire that was surrounded by the stones, and the fire exploded, knocking all of the wizards back and rendering them unconscious. When the wizards woke up, it was daytime, and the stones had each been replaced by a large multi-faceted gem. In the center of the circle of gems, the fire had been replaced by a sparkling diamond of pure crystal clear beauty. The diamond was huge, the size of a large man's fist, and was faceted like the work of the most skilled dwarf on Jarkan.

The wizards quickly realized that they had created some sort of spell when they placed their stones around the fire during the time of the alignment of the moons. Their bodies felt refreshed, and they felt much younger than before. When each wizard attempted to retrieve his stone from the formation around the large diamond, his hand was pushed back by a very strong force. None of the gems could be touched or moved in any way. The wizards all tried to recall any ancient scrolls that would help them understand the strange events of the previous night, or their inability to touch the stones. They spent the entire day talking and trying to solve the mystery of the circle of gems with the diamond in the center.

Nighttime approached with none of the wizards having any idea what powers had been unleashed to create beautiful gems from simple stones. When the three moons that were still aligned again illuminated the night sky, the wizards decided to call out to their guiding spirit that ruled the sect of Black Wizards. As the wizards prayed, they saw a stream of blue sparks appear, and they each reached a hand toward the gem that they had originally brought as simple rocks to the island. This time each of the wizards touched their gem, and each one of them was immediately pulled into space, entering a spinning vortex of blazing lights. Each wizard spun in the vortex and blacked out. When they woke up, each one was in a different dimension of existence. They each saw a group of young boys walking towards them, as if the boys were drawn to a magnet. All of the boys were orphans in their own dimensions, and had been cast aside by the cities or villages where they had been born. When the boys touched the black robes of the wizards, they were all immediately drawn into the vortex, and transported back to the island in the center of the vast ocean.

The wizards were shocked to see a total of 60 boys now joining them on the mountaintop. Baskets of food and flasks of wine and water had also appeared, and the wizards realized the power of the gems and the moons. The boys were all young, approximately 10-12 years old. Each was unique, with the skin and hair colors varying from all the different dimensions that they had been transported from. One of the wizards had studied as a Mage, and he saw a small bowl of tiny needles next to the diamond in the center of the circle of gems. His mind told him to take the needles and present one to each of the boys. As the boy received his needle, it magically entered the boy's hand, and just as fast, all of the boys could speak and understand the same language. The Mage realized that some mighty power had descended from the aligned moons, and had given each wizard more power than they could ever dream about. The wizards were all boy lovers, and they gazed longingly at the beauty of the boys that they each had brought from another dimension.

The group of wizards and young boys descended from the mountaintop and began building crude shelters of fallen tree branches and palm fronds from the jungle area at the base of the mountain. The young boys did the majority of the work under the guidance of the wizards who were shattering tall trees with spells to provide more building materials. The boys wove mats of palm leaves to give them something to lie upon during the nighttime that was soon to arrive. Several times during the day's work, the wizards took pleasure with a boy, taking the boys anally. The boys all readily agreed to sex with the wizards, and started begging to be the next boy to be mounted. The wizards knew that they had found a perfect place to start a new civilization, but realized that they could never perpetuate a new city without females to be used for reproduction. Nighttime was approaching, and this would be the last night of the aligned moons. The entire group climbed back up the mountain to the circle of gems.

As the moons lit up the sky, a streak of red sparks descended down to the diamond in the center of the circle. The wizards each reached for their respective stone, and felt immense power enter their bodies. It was a very brief jolt to each wizard's body, and the red sparks disappeared. The gems returned to simple stones again, and the diamond lost its brilliance and became gray and ordinary looking. Each wizard picked up his stone and turned to his group of 10 boys and touched each boy. The wizards and boys felt energy being transferred into each boys belly. The energy quickly turned into a small lump. At first the lump felt uncomfortable to the boys, but their bodies quickly accepted it and their bellies returned to their normal shape. The wizards sensed that a rainstorm was approaching, so they all quickly left the mountain and returned to their improvised shelter.

As the rain started to fall, the boys all became restless. They all begged their wizard to fuck them, and the wizards quickly each picked a boy from his group and entered the boy anally. The shelters were filled with the sounds and smells of rampant sex. The boys had secreted a clear liquid from their rectums, and the fluid was slippery and lightly scented like the freshness of spring flowers. Entry into the tight boy anuses was painless for the boys, but extremely erotic for the wizards. The wizards filled each anus with a large flood of semen, and the boys all moaned with pleasure as they felt the cum fill their bodies. The boys did not know it at the time, but the energy that had entered their bodies was a gift from the powers of the moons. Each boy had been given a womb, and with the rutting that continued the entire night, each boy was impregnated. The power of the moons had also given the wizards unlimited supplies of semen, and energy that would not be consumed until every boy had been mounted, and every womb had been filled. The rain continued for the night and all through the next day. The wizards continued their orgy of pleasure by fucking each boy in their group during the time of continual rain.

When the rain finally stopped during the night after the full moons, the wizards and boys were exhausted from the constant sex. They all slept for the first time since the boys had been given their wombs, and 60 male children began forming inside the young boys' tummies. It was the first round of creation of new life for the Land of Charta. The boys continued working during the daylight hours, and started building houses for their group to live in. The wizards used their magic spells to split trees and rocks to be used as building materials. A large area in the jungle was now cleared, and six houses had been built before the full moons would again be aligned. The tummy of each boy had been swelling with the child inside growing very rapidly. The chests of the little boys started to change appearance too. Their firm little nipples became larger and breasts appeared.

The moons were going to be aligned and the group climbed the mountain. The boys had a harder time climbing due the additional weight that they were carrying. What would take many months and in some dimensions nearly a year was drawing to a close for the 60 boys, as their male children were ready for birth. The young boys had loved the feelings of receiving their wombs and the changes that took place in their young bodies as the children grew inside them. The large group of boys stood behind the wizards, watching the stones being placed on the ground. When the Mage placed the gray stone in the middle, a flash of purple sparks lit up the diamond, restoring it to the beauty and clarity that had been seen a month ago. The purple sparks entered the diamond, flashed to the individual stones, and they were instantly transformed into glistening gems again. The streams of purple sparks exited each colored gem, and 60 beams of light flashed into the tummies of the boys. Magically, each womb compressed. An opening appeared in each of the boy's tummies, and a baby boy was expelled, with an umbilical cord attached to the parent.

The wizards conjured a spell that quickly severed the umbilical cords, and the wizards tied off the cord on each baby, creating their tiny navels. Each boy quickly saw the navel on his newborn child heal, and look normal. The boys instinctively held their children and brought the babies mouths to the nipples where the babies got their first nourishment. Each boy parent became immediately erect for the first time since they had been given their wombs. The immature penises throbbed in ecstasy, as their babies continued sucking on the rich milk that flowed out of the boys' nipples into their baby's hungry bodies. The stream of purple sparks had dissipated, and the boys' tummies had returned to normal size. Each boy held his child, as the group left the mountaintop to return to their homes.

The next day it was very clear that the babies were growing very fast. They nursed continually, even when the boys ate meals or made a visit to relieve them of human waste. The boys and babies stayed in the houses when the wizards again climbed the mountain for the second night of the full moons. The second night of the full moons found the wizards again touching their gems and being transported to distant dimensions. They each returned with 10 new orphan boys. The third night of the moons was a repeat of the previous month, with 60 new wombs delivered to the newest arrivals. The rain came again, and the houses were filled with the sounds of constant sex as the wizards impregnated their 60 new boys. The pattern of transporting, return of new boys, and impregnation continued each month, until there were over 1,000 boys on the island. The babies grew quickly, and by the 4th month after their birth, the boys appeared to be at least four years old. Each succeeding month saw the babies grow the equivalent of a year in maturity, until the 10th month, when the babies stopped maturing at a rapid rate, and began to develop normally. The island filled with the sounds of happy young boys, playing and frolicking around the collection of houses. Each house had been expanded many times to accommodate the increased population. The jungle had been cleared by spells from the wizards, and gardens had been planted to provide vegetables for the hungry appetites.

During one of the ceremonies that occurred on the mountain during the full moons, a variety of fowl and animals had been transported to the wizards. The birds and animals would provide protein for the new civilization named by the wizards as the Land of Charta. The wizards knew that they needed to build a city of permanent buildings for their rapidly expanding population, so during one of the ceremonies, they prayed for guidance from the moons. Their appeals were heard when a man was delivered to them from the 2nd dimension. The man named Christopher was an experienced builder, and he quickly agreed to stay and build a city. Christopher was standing behind the wizards during the ceremony of the last day of the moons, when Christopher was magically presented a wooden box and a wrapped small package. Before the moons parted their alignment, Christopher had opened the box, placed the stones from the box on the ground in a circle, and placed the gray stone in the conical hole in the center of the top of the wooden box. Christopher was transported back to his own dimension, where he quickly searched for equipment and experienced builders. All Christopher had to do was look at the equipment and men, and they were instantly transported back to the island.

With the direction of Christopher, the skilled men designed a city, and began searching the mountains for building materials. The construction of the city took over 100 years, but when it was completed, it was a city with no match in any dimension that existed. The boys stopped maturing at the approximate age of 12, just before their bodies would normally enter puberty. Each month during the long construction of the city, the wizards returned to the mountaintop for the full moons. Each month brought forth new gifts from the moons, that included fabric, leather, unusual plants, and toys for the boys. The most significant gift from the moons was a power source that could provide light and heat for the new city. The mountain streams that flowed into the ocean surrounding the island were harnessed to provide flowing water, and power to run machinery and tools that were needed to construct the city.

The full moons continued to provide guidance for the wizards and their powers increased. The wizards became capable of transforming themselves into spirits without bodies, and were able to travel through the dimensions, searching for things that were needed for the city. The city grew steadily to include glistening marble buildings, a palace, and beautiful gardens with statues and cascading pools of warm water. Christopher and the workers from his dimension stayed for over 100 years, until the city was completed. The men were transported back to their own dimension, and were returned to life on the very same day that they had been taken to Charta. Their memories were erased, and they never knew that they had left their homeland for even a second of time.

During one of the full moon ceremonies, eight boys joined the wizards on the mountaintop. The moons had selected the boys, but none of the boys realized why they were being called to appear at the ceremony. When the sparks fell down from the moons, each boy was instantly clothed in splendid robes of varying colors. One boy, known as Jason was clothed in a robe of all of the colors of the gems surrounding the diamond. Jason was to be the first Mage of Charta, and knowledge was quickly implanted in his mind of what his duties and responsibilities were to be in the city. Six boys were each clothed in robes of beautiful silk, each with a unique color of black, red, green, blue, yellow and purple. These six boys had been selected to be the first princes of Charta. The stream of sparks hit the last boy standing on the mountaintop, and he was clothed in vibrant white garments that signified his status as King David of Charta. The ceremony ended with all six wizards being transported to the 10th dimension, where they would exist as spirits who could transport to other dimensions at will and find the boy love that they desired. The Land of Charta was complete now, with a king and princes to rule over the entire city.

Life on the island kingdom of Charta was perfect for the boys. The population continued to grow with each full moon celebration. The boys had matured to whatever age they chose, with many reaching manhood up to the age of 20. None of the boys wanted to mature older than 20, and many decided to remain as prepubescent at 11 or 12 years old. Prepubescent boys had dry orgasms, but they could have almost non-stop sex without tiring or waiting for their bodies to reload with semen. Boys remained young and untouched anally, except by other young boys who would cause no anal pain when their thin erections entered each other. A boy that decided to have anal sex with an older boy had to wait for a "ringing" ceremony that was only held during the full moons. At that ceremony, the boy that wanted to be ringed brought a mature teen to deflower his anus. It was considered an honor to be the one to take the boy anally and leave a ring of stretch marks and bruises as a sign the boy had been deflowered. After the young boy had experienced anal sex with an adult, he was given a choice to wear a ring of pure Chartan gold to identify his new status as a lover of anal sex, or return to being a boy. The ring of bruises would quickly heal after the application of a special salve that was made from the root of the glass plant that grew in the jungle.

The boys of Charta first learned that they were immortal, when Adam was climbing a palm tree to bring down coconuts. The boy lost his grip on the tree and fell to the ground, smashing his head open on a rock. The other boys helping harvest the coconuts were terrified when they saw him fall, and sickened when they heard his head split open on the rock. They wailed in grief, as they looked at the dead body of their friend. To their amazement, the body vanished. They knew that they had seen Adam fall to his death but could not find his body. The boys ran back to the city, and wailed their tale to the royal family. Jason, Mage of Charta, was in his laboratory making potions from the glass plant, when he was startled to see a boy appear. The boy was disoriented, but soon settled down to say his name was Adam. He was no longer 12 years old. Adam was now five years old again. The immortality of the boys would take their spirit from their dead body and renew it, but the age of the renewed boy was random. At first, no one understood how Adam had returned at a much younger age, but the boys rejoiced that he was no longer dead.

The events were repeated several times when accidents occurred on the island. Bart, a boy of 15 years of maturity, drowned while searching the ocean for clams and pearls. The boys mourned his death, until he reappeared at the shores of the ocean after walking for several days from the mountains of Jarkan. Bart was still 15 years old when his body was renewed. The island celebrated his return. The events continued, as fate would take more of the boys' lives by accident. The mystery was finally understood that the boys would never die, but would be renewed at random ages and locations on the planet.

Jason, Mage of Charta, had experimented with leaves, roots, and sap from much of the vegetation on the island, and had developed several medicines and potions. Some of the medicines and potions were used to trade with the merchants that approached the shores of the ocean surrounding the island. Other secret potions and medicines were kept only for the citizens of Charta. One of the potions gave the boys quick replenishment of their semen after enjoying sex. Another could heal any malady that a boy contracted. Most of the sickness resulted from contact with the traders who continued to flock to trade with the island kingdom. The population of the island grew to over 25,000 boys of all ages. Trade with Trolls and dwarves started first, as they were the first groups to find the kingdom. The boys build a small village at the shore of the ocean where they could trade herbs, vegetables, medicines, potions, gold, silver, platinum, and gems. The mountains on the island contained the richest deposits of precious metals and gemstones of any area on the planet Jarkan. The island mountain range was the only place for finding platinum, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The gemstones on the rest of Jarkan were of inferior quality and clarity, so demand for the pure gemstones in the raw or finished state was high. Several of the boys became apprentices to the skilled dwarves who decided to live in the small village that was called, Christo, named after Christopher the Builder of Charta. The boys were extremely intelligent, and learned the skills quickly. The treasure returned to the palace of Charta grew with every year of trading. The herbs used in making the medicines and potions grew only in Charta, and were in such heavy demand that the island quickly attained wealth unmatched by any valley or wizard castle anywhere on Jarkan.

The beginning of trading created a need for roads to join Charta with the other valleys. The Trolls and dwarves enlisted the help of the giants, who could smash the rocks of the mountain ranges easily. The giants were paid with the only commodity that they desired: food. The Trolls traded for food primarily with the people of Delta and Vetta, and often treated the giants to the tender flesh of boys that they captured during raids of the valley settlements. The roads brought more trade, and the island prospered. Much of the treasure was hidden in caves in the mountain range on the island. The king and princes had wisely believed that their trading might end with greed leading to an invasion of the island, so they decided to hide a significant portion of their wealth for use if weather conditions caused poor crop growth, or to protect the wealth from an invasion.

The power plant that was contained in a huge cavern in the mountain range gave the boys the nuclear power to make a superior quality of steel, not possible on any other part of the planet. Christopher the Builder of Charta had taught several boys how to change the strange types of ore unique to the island into bars of blue steel and to harness the intense heat from the nuclear reactor to melt the hard ore. Simon, one of the older boys, had learned the trade of black-smithing from the dwarves, and had made simple weapons of Chartan steel for trading. The swords, spears and arrowheads could cut through any of the iron or dwarven steel weapons available in any of the other valleys. Simon and his apprentices developed massive bodies of solid muscle from their hard labor at the forge. They were the strongest males on the island, and were the most respected boys on the island, next to the royal family.

Each member of the royal family was entrusted to hide and protect one of the stones that were used in the full moon ceremonies. They carefully kept the location of the stones a secret, even from each other, so that no one boy would ever know where the stones were hidden. Trade continued, with every valley interested in the treasures available from the boys on the island. The only valley that had no interest in trading with Charta, was Trog. All that the Trogs wanted was food, and the herbs, gems, or metals available from Charta did not satisfy their appetites. It did not take long for the wizards of Delta to begin trade to increase their personal treasures of precious metals, gems, and weapons to be used in war. The red wizards were the most dangerous of all of the wizard sects. They were the ones to start each war between their sect and the other wizards of Delta. The blue and yellow sects were shrewd traders, but they lacked the wealth and armies to fight against the red wizards. The small number of black wizards that had remained in Delta had been killed during one of the many wars that ripped through the valley of Delta.

The red wizards soon became greedy. They wanted all of the wealth that they knew the island contained, and they started to plan how to plunder the island. They were very clever in their enlistment of the Trolls and dwarves to fight for them. The red, blue and yellow wizards formed an alliance, and began planning for an invasion. The Trolls were able to get the giants to fight with the alliance by offering food; primarily human flesh from Delta and Vetta. The giants were stupid, but they understood food, and they wanted more to eat than what they were able to get from hunting the forests. The plans for the invasion were set. The red wizards had decided to attack during the full moons, when they suspected that the boys would most vulnerable. All of the inhabitants of Jarkan celebrated the full moons, and would leave all work during the three days and nights to relax and indulge in sex.

The approach of the full moons was imminent, as the plans became reality. The vast armies of the wizards, Trolls, dwarves, and giants descended on the village of Christo. All of the boys in the village were slaughtered. The giants tore down huge trees and made rafts for the Trolls, dwarves, and armies of the wizards to float to the island. The giants were not afraid of the water, and swam to the island as fast as the ocean currents carried the rafts of destruction.

The royal family had placed their stones in the temple that had been built on the mountaintop, and began the ceremony of accepting new wombs. They did not know that their friends in the village of Christo had been slain by the invaders, as they left their gems on the temple altar for the next night of ceremony. The attack on the island began at sunrise, and the boys were not prepared. The giants made quick work of killing the small guard of young boys at the shore of the island and the vast army of invaders swept across the island, leaving butchered boys everywhere. The city was quickly taken, and the treasury was looted. All of the royal family was killed, except Samuel, the Prince of Black. Samuel had fled to the temple and retrieved his gem, then fled to the mountain caverns with all of the boys he could save. The power of the full moons prevented anyone else from touching the gems except the rightful prince for each gem, unless the prince was dead. Samuel did not know that at the time, and only grabbed his own gem of pure black.

Jason, Mage of Charta, was badly injured by a quick swipe of a Troll's clawed hand. The Trolls and wizards took the medicines, potions, and secret recipes for making each exotic mixture away as booty. Jason held his insides as they bulged out of his ripped abdomen. The invaders took thousands of captives, as they took all of the animals and birds that they could find. The only boys left alive on the island were the 500 boys that Samuel had saved by his quick thinking. The invaders raided the temple. With the princes and king dead, the gems were left unguarded, and the gems were quickly found and were taken. The gems would retain their beauty until the end of the three days of the full moons, when they would change into stones that would appear worthless to the new owner. The diamond on the gold and platinum stand was claimed by one of the red wizards as the most valuable of the loot. Several battles were fought between the invaders over the distribution of the treasures. The giants ate many of the animals on the island as their portion of the bounty, and were not part of the numerous battles among the invaders. The rafts had to make several trips to remove all of the treasure and captives from the island. The remaining boys stayed in the caves of the mountains, until they were certain that the invasion was over.

Samuel found Jason, dying in his laboratory. The healing potions were gone, and there was no hope of saving Jason's life. Jason used his remaining strength to select Erik, as the new Mage of Charta. Before Jason sealed the transfer of powers to Erik, Jason used his only mind-link to summon Christopher Builder of Charta to return. Christopher was inside the vortex headed for Charta when Jason transferred his knowledge to Erik by a single kiss on the lips. Erik accepted his new role before Chris appeared. Christopher arrived in Charta and saw his lover die. Chris and Jason had been wed as man and boy during one of the full moon ceremonies. It was very rare for a boy to pledge his love and sex to only one other person, but Jason and Chris were true lovers who desired no one else for their pleasure. Chris wept in agony as he saw his mate die and vanish. Chris was not able to accept the death of his lover for several days. Samuel reminded Chris that Jason would return, but that no one knew where or when he would return to Charta. Chris grieved for a long time before he was able to instruct the remaining boys in rebuilding the city that had been devastated by the invasion.

Simon, the blacksmith had also been killed during the attack, but a few of his apprentices survived. The city was rebuilt and the remaining boys began to tend the fields where a few plants had remained after the attack. The years passed as the 500 boys could no longer connect to the full moons and obtain wombs without the stones for the ceremonies. They celebrated as many of the renewed boys returned to the island from distant places where they had reappeared. The boys knew that many of their friends had been found in the other valleys, and they feared that their friends were now slaves. Years passed, and the island returned to prosperity and constant sex among the remaining boys. The greedy wizards of Delta, the Trolls and dwarves believed that much more treasure remained on the island, and were planning another invasion to capture more slaves and treasures. It was at this time that Christopher had left to select a protector for the island from all of the men in the 3rd dimension.

All of this knowledge was communicated to John Samuels during the time that he slept in the red satin bed with Erik, Mage of Charta. What could have taken days to communicate took only a matter of seconds during John's sleep. He started to wake up and thought that he was in his home back in Michigan, worried about his divorce proceedings. His head cleared, and he realized that the head of a blonde boy was on his chest. The boy moved and snuggled closer to his body. John realized it had not been an erotic dream filled with sex with a teenage boy, and that the history of Charta had been implanted in his mind during the night. He felt the boy stir, just as two young boys entered the bedroom, giggling and telling them to wake up for breakfast. He saw two identical twins running around the bed, wearing only small white loincloths. Erik awoke and kissed him on the lips. Now John realized that he was in Charta, and was living a dream that any boy lover would die to be in. The two young boys continued running around the bedroom, and kept telling John and Erik to get up. The two boys giggled and asked John if they could play. John quickly agreed and told the boys to go play, as he hugged Erik close to his body.

The boys continued to giggle, and Erik finally told John that the boys didn't want to go play outside, but that the boys wanted to play with both of them. John did not understand at first, but Erik quickly told him through mind talk that the boys wanted to have sex with them. The boys continued giggling as they quickly discarded their loincloths and jumped into bed. Erik told him that the boys were identical twins, very rare on the island, and that both of them had rings and wanted to be fucked. The boys appeared to be only about 10 years old, and John thought that they just wanted to play games, not have anal sex. Erik convinced John that both boys were ready and willing for anal or oral sex. John looked at the twin boys and couldn't tell them apart. Erik told him that their names were Ronnie and Robbie and that both of the twins had been "ringed" during the last full moons. Erik had the pleasure of ringing Robbie, and the little boy was very attached to Erik.

The two twins both laid on their backs, lifted their legs, and offered their bodies to Erik and John. John lost all of his inhibitions, as he looked at the two young boys with their anuses being offered for his pleasure. He quickly moved on the bed, and began licking the little puckered hole of one of the boys. Erik told him that he was licking Robbie, and that the boy had a birthmark on his groin that was the only way to tell the twins apart. John continued licking the tasty young anus, marveling at the taste and reaction of the little boy. His cock was throbbing, and the temptation was impossible to resist. John aimed his massive cock at the hole that he had just licked, and thrust forward, burying his cock all the way deep inside the little boy. Robbie squealed with joy as he felt the man fuck him. Robbie knew that he would be able to brag to the other boys that he was the first to couple with John the Protector of Charta. John's passion overwhelmed him as he hammered his cock into the young boy's clutching anus. The boy was a great sex partner, as John continued deep thrusts into the boy. Erik was fucking Ronnie with the same intensity as John was fucking Robbie. The bedroom was filled with moans of sexual pleasure, as they continued ramming man-sized cocks into the young boys. The boys screamed in unison as they reached orgasm. Their bodies gripped tightly on the penises that were hammering into them, and both boys brought their lovers to orgasm, and were rewarded with continued pleasure as they felt the bursts of cum blast into their young bodies. The four collapsed with satiated pleasure, as John and Erik had emptied their balls into the two twins. John was close to passing out after the intense pleasure that he had just experienced after fucking the youngest boy he had ever dreamed about having sex with.

As soon as the boys realized that their older male lovers had filled them with cum, the boys wanted to switch places and be fucked again. John quickly agreed as he moved to be in between Ronnie's legs. John put his mouth to the young anus and sucked all of Erik's cum out of Ronnie's anus. The boy squealed with joy as he felt the mouth suck the fluids from his private area. John looked and saw Erik sucking on Robbie's anus, eating all of the cum and natural lubricants from his friend's young ass. John and Erik mounted their young sex fiends, and slammed into the young boys with total abandon as they fucked the young boys to another crashing orgasm for the boys and both of the older males. John collapsed in total exhaustion after the sex with the two twins. Erik reminded John that he needed to drink the special potion derived from the root of the glass plant so that his sexual energy could be restored. They all got up off from the bed as the chimes sounded signaling the time for breakfast. They all dressed quickly as nudity was not allowed for any of the meals at the Land of Charta.