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Land of Charta---Chapter 2 Plans for the Quest

Erik led John to the large dining room where the royal family welcomed them. John realized that other boys had replaced the original king and princes that had been killed during the invasion. Much of the previous splendor and traditions of the kingdom had been refreshed. John ate the breakfast that was served by several beautiful young boys wearing only simple loincloths. The breakfast consisted of porridge and milk. The boys of Charta had found a few stray animals that had eluded the invaders, and the boys had carefully attended to the remaining animals to provide milk for their continued health. Several of the boys serving him his meal offered their bodies to him for pleasure. Erik had quickly told the horny young boys to leave John alone. Erik made sure that he was offered the special drink made from the glass plant that would replenish his supply of manly fluids. He drank the strange liquid and immediately felt the effects, as he was instantly horny and wanted to fuck Erik's brains out. Erik giggled as he read John's mind.

King Terra approached John and asked if he would walk with him. He left the dining area with the king holding his hand. Terra gave him a tour of the palace and the entire city, as he continually told him how important he was to their future. John was in constant communication with Erik during the tour, and asked many questions of his young lover as the king led him on the tour. Charta was going to be attacked again, and this time the wizards knew what to look for. The king told him that the boys could try to hide in the mountain, but they suspected that the giants would smash the mountains looking for the boys and precious metals and gemstones. Their island nation could not survive another attack without total destruction. King Terra reminded him that he had been selected from all of the men in the 3rd dimension to save Charta from destruction. He saw the beauty of the island paradise and decided that he would do whatever he could to save the boys from death or slavery. The king was very pleased at his decision, and promised him that he would be repaid for his sacrifice.

Terra took John back to the royal palace and to the royal chambers. The only visitors allowed in the royal bedroom were the boys who had servant duty on a rotational basis, or boys summoned by the king for sex. John looked around the room and was awed by the splendor of a huge canopied bed with white silk curtains, highly polished marble floor, walls covered with beautiful oil paintings of outdoor scenes of the island paradise, and carved marble statues of nude boys. Erik giggled and told him to get ready for a big surprise. King Terra dropped his white robe and offered his body to John for sex. John saw the beauty of the king's perfect body. The long brown hair reached down to the king's firm chest and Terra brushed his long hair behind his back to give John a complete view of his perfectly proportioned chest. He was shocked when he let his eyes drop down the king's body to stare at an erection that had to be nine inches long and very thick. Terra was indeed, king-sized!

"Do you want to play with me?," Terra asked.

John never answered. He walked up to Terra and kissed him, running his hands down the king's back to caress the firm globes of the boy's ass cheeks. Terra untied John's robe and let it slip to the marble floor, as their kissing intensified. Years of practice with many of the boys had paid off, as the kisses were sweet and full of passionate tongue action. They got on the bed and John began kissing and licking all over Terra's body. The boy had very sensitive nipples, and John gave them a great deal of attention, sucking, licking and even nibbling on them until they were erect and swollen. He began licking lower, pausing at the navel where he found another erotic area. The moans told him that he was pleasing the boy and he continued his trip lower. He bypassed the small patch of brown pubic hair and the throbbing shaft that was dripping precum. He spread the king's legs and began licking the scrotum that was filled with two large globes full of boy nectar. He sucked one of the balls into his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue. Louder moans told him that the king enjoyed the feel of having his balls licked and sucked. John began stroking the thick shaft of pleasure, and precum continued to flow from the boy as he continued sucking one ball at a time. John licked up the long shaft and slurped up the precum on the thick round head and the pool of precum that had formed on Terra's belly. The taste of the precum was intoxicating to him, as he opened his mouth and took in as much of the shaft as he could. Terra moaned even louder as John bobbed up and down on the shaft, rotating his head and using his tongue to give the boy increased pleasure. He continued sucking the beautiful hard cock as Terra continued to moan and tell him how great it felt to be sucked. The oral pleasure continued for several minutes, until he was warned that the boy was going to cum.

Terra's voice became shrill as he was totally consumed by the feelings in his young cock. The first blast of cum hit the back of John's throat, and he felt his gag reflex caused him to momentarily choke. He quickly recovered and swallowed the fresh cum and readied his mouth for more. Terra pumped at least 10 times, flooding John's mouth, throat, and stomach with a huge volume of semen. He had never drunk this much cum from anyone, and he savored the taste and did not lose a single drop. Erik's mind was taking in all of the thoughts and feelings from John's mind, and John knew that Erik was jerking off, sharing in the mental images of the sex in the royal bedroom. Erik had called the twins into his bedroom and began fucking Robbie hard. John smiled as he realized he could choose to read Erik's thoughts and feelings, or repress them so he could concentrate on his own.

"Can I suck you?" Terra asked. "Or you can fuck me."

"I want both," John replied, as he was quickly learning that his body possessed the capacity for frequent sex.

Terra laughed, and agreed. Terra started by licking all over his face. This was a new experience for John, and he loved the feel of the boy's pink tongue. Terra was an expert lover, and his tongue was as talented as his nine-inch cock that was still rock hard. The pink tongue traveled all over John's body, into his armpits, down his arms to each hand and finger. Before Terra was finished, he had licked every inch of John's body. It took only a few seconds after Terra's mouth swallowed the entire length of John's cock for the orgasm to explode in his body. He flooded the boy's mouth with blast after blast of thick man cum. Terra swallowed every drop, and gently licked and sucked until the orgasm was finished.

"FUCK ME!!" John begged.

John raised his legs and Terra licked his anal opening. The pink tongue probed inside and washed the entire area clean, enjoying the unique smell and taste of the man from the 3rd dimension. Terra got the bowl of lubricant that was always beside every bed in Charta. He dipped his fingers in the bowl and carefully lubricated inside and outside of the hole that he would soon stretch wide with his king sized penis. Terra knew to be gentle when he finally shoved his thick cock inside John, as the man did not have the natural lubrication of Chartan boys, and had not become accustomed to anal sex. John had never been fucked by a cock larger than 7 1/2 inches, and Jamie's cock had not been inside him in many years. The king waited for John's body to relax, and then began fucking him with short gentle thrusts. The strokes became faster and longer as their passions grew. The room was filled with the sounds of their bodies slapping together. Moans and words of encouragement flowed out of John's mouth, as the king slammed his huge cock to the hilt. Brown pubic hair mashed against John's body and the king's balls slapped hard as each stroke intensified. John's cock exploded. The blasts of cum streaked across his chest and even hit him in the face. His sphincter tightened with spasms and took the king to his own orgasm that flooded John's insides with hot cum. Terra continued fucking him, and John realized that the boy was not going to stop. Terra continued fucking him and the sounds became wet as the lubricant and cum seeped out of his battered anus. Terra fucked him for over 20 minutes before both of them climaxed again, this time at the same exact moment. The chlorine smell of fresh cum filled the room, as they continued making love gently.

Terra finally stopped his thrusts, and collapsed on John's chest, smearing the cum between their bodies. The boy finally withdrew his semi-hard cock from John's stretched anus, and the king used his tongue to lap up all of the juices flowing out of him. Terra placed his mouth over the distended anus and sucked all of his cum and lubricant out of John. John knew that the act was called "felching" but he had only done it once to the young twin. No one had ever felched John. He was totally exhausted, as the king finished eating the anal liquids and then licked up all of the cum from his face and chest. John licked Terra's body clean of his own cum and then they kissed for several minutes.

"Can you fuck me now?" Terra asked.

"I can't" John replied softly. "You drained me of all the energy and cum in my entire body."

Terra giggled, and told him "then you owe me a fuck next time."

John smiled at the boy and they cuddled together to take a nap. Before he fell asleep, John linked with Erik, and realized that the boy was now fucking Ronnie. If he had any reservations about staying in Charta, they had quickly disappeared.

John and Terra awoke to the sound of a small black boy wearing a red speedo-type bathing suit telling them to get up for breakfast. The almost black skin of the boy who looked about eight years old contrasted sharply with the bright red of the suit. The fabric was very thin and revealed the bulges of a nice erect cock of about 4 inches. The boy's name was Erkin, and he offered them chilled glasses of the special liquid from the glass root that the boys had named "thrill". It was an appropriate name, for the liquid gave each boy a feeling of euphoria and electric impulses as their bodies were filled with energy and vital male fluids for more sex. John would soon learn that thrill was available all over the gardens and throughout the city for replenishing the boys' sexual energy. They drank their glasses of thrill and decided to shower together. Terra led him into a glass enclosed shower room big enough for at least eight boys. Erkin quickly removed his red bathing suit, and washed John and Terra from head to foot.

John asked Erkin if he could bathe the boy. Erkin giggled and quickly agreed. It was not often that a boy on servant duty was treated so special. John enjoyed the feel of the black boy's soft skin. He paid particular attention to the boy's cock and balls. He had noticed that nearly all of the boys of Charta were uncircumcised. Erik had told him that only a few boys could not pull back their foreskin, even after a great deal of practice, and that the Mage was the one to circumcise them and coat the tender flesh with the special healing salve called "herba". John retracted Erkin's foreskin to reveal a dark knob that was almost purple in color.

"Can I suck it?" John asked Erkin.

The boy giggled and nodded, as John knelt in the shower room and sucked his first black cock. Terra joined in the fun as he knelt behind the little boy and began licking the boy's anus, and fingered the tight little opening. Erkin did not wear a gold ring, so both Terra and John knew that they could not fuck the little black boy who was enjoying the oral efforts of the two older males. Erkin shrieked with pleasure, as his little body reached a crashing dry orgasm. The little body was shaking uncontrollably as the two men worked his body over. Erkin finally pushed them both away, as the intensity of the orgasm was replaced by feelings of sensitivity that made the boy need to rest. They walked out of the shower area, and the water automatically shut off. They toweled each other dry, and decided to remain nude and walk outside into the warm sunshine. Each time that he looked around the courtyard and gardens of the city, John was amazed at the splendor of the green grass, flowers, statues and fountains. He had traveled all over the world known as Earth and he had never seen such splendor. Boys were running and playing all around in the warm sunshine. He saw boys indulging in all forms of sex including kissing, sucking cocks, and fucking. This island was a paradise for boy lovers, and he knew that he never wanted to leave, but he remembered his friends and family back in the 3rd dimension. His mind linked with Erik's and they talked about his concerns about his home and the people he loved. Erik asked him to return to the palace so they could talk and discuss his future.

John returned to Erik's laboratory where he had arrived the day before. John saw that the wooden box was still on the table where it had appeared with him during his transport from the 3rd dimension. The diamond had been removed from the top of the box, and was carefully wrapped in the tissue paper. Erik explained that John needed to return to his own home and see how no time had passed on Earth during the time he had been visiting and enjoying sex in Charta. Erik told him that he could retain the youthful body he now possessed in Charta, or choose an age of maturity that might be more acceptable for a man of 60 years of age. John decided to retain the muscular physique and especially his enlarged cock, but agreed that a maturity level of about 45 years would be more acceptable. At Erik's direction, John unwrapped the diamond and placed it on the top of the wooden box. He was instantly transported back to his kitchen in Michigan. The mind link was still working between him and Erik as John sat at his kitchen table, gazing at the wooden box. He removed the diamond and wrapped it, noticing that the stones had all reverted back to round stones of black, red, green, yellow, blue and purple.

John looked at the clock above his stove and saw that it was still 1:05 p.m. His head cleared of the temporary dizziness caused by the transport back home and he looked at the kitchen table, noticing a stack of papers that had not been there before he left for Charta. He lifted the top document that was a collection of papers stapled together. It was a divorce decree that had been signed by John and Mandy Samuels and was dated January 23rd. He was amazed at the contents of the divorce settlement. The decree was very fair, and left him with the home, most of the contents, and significantly more of his retirement benefits and 401K than he had ever expected. He would be able to pay his bills without being forced to go back to work. Erik giggled as he told him that the computer files that caused Mandy to go berserk had never existed, and that the divorce had been settled easily, with no knowledge of pornography. He thanked Erik for the changes the boy had made. He then realized that he had read the document without his bi-focal glasses. He had been wearing glasses since he was 30 years old, and got his first bi-focals when he was 40. He could not read without prescription glasses for several years.

John walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He was shocked to see his own reflection. He appeared to be 45 years old, with thick dark hair with just a touch of gray at his temples. He opened the medicine cabinet and was surprised to see that all of the bottles of medication were gone. He stepped on the bathroom scales and read the digital weight of 205 pounds. It was a perfect weight for a man who stood six feet two inches tall. He heard the telephone ringing and went to answer it. His oldest daughter was calling to remind him to be on time for the birthday celebration at the local Pizza Hut. Julie teased him about being an old man of 60, and made him promise to be on time for the 5:00 p.m. celebration. He returned to the kitchen table and read several letters that told him of the changes in his life since he had visited Charta. One was a letter from his doctor with the results of a complete physical. All tests had been returned proving that he was in fine physical condition. All the vital readings were normal, with no high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol. Dr. Martin had even included a personal comment that he wished that all of his patients were in such fine shape.

The next letter was from his lawyer stating that the legal fees had been paid in full. He found bank statements and status reports on his 401K plan. All showed him that he was not rich, but that he had retained much of the money after the divorce was final. He returned to the bathroom to shower before his birthday party, and was pleased to see his trim and muscular body reflected in the mirror. He finished his shower and got dressed in a golf shirt and slacks and admired his reflection in the full-length mirror on the bedroom door. He opened the garage door and got in his blue pickup truck and drove to the Pizza Hut. As soon as he entered, he saw the smiling faces of his four children, their spouses, and his six grandchildren. The area was decorated with black balloons with the number "60" and everyone gave him hugs and kisses. He was worried that they would be startled by his youthful appearance, but quickly realized that they had never remembered him looking any different from the way he was now. He was teased several times about "looking good for an old man" and he took the teasing as compliments of his physical condition.

A waitress and a young male waiter delivered pizzas, beer and soft drinks. The boy looked about 14 and John noticed the nametag that identified the boy as Devin. The boy was blonde haired, with sparkling blue eyes, and dimples that formed when he smiled. The boy was staring at him and seemed to be taking in every detail of his body. Devin introduced himself to John and shook his hand. The boy seemed to be reluctant to let go of his hand and continued staring and smiling. John realized that there was more than friendship in the blue eyes and handshake. The boy was trying to seduce him! All of the family teased him that he had just made a new friend and that the boy was showing him a lot of personal attention. John shrugged it off, but the boy continued to linger at the table and give him excellent service.

"Do you work out a lot?" Devin's clear voice asked.

"About three days a week" John heard his own voice reply. John had never worked out, but somehow he realized that another part of his life had changed. "I go to Bally's Fitness Center and exercise at home too."

"I've never been to Bally's" Devin replied, "but I would love to go there sometime. Do you think you could take me there and show me around?" The boy was afraid that he had been too obvious with his desire to see the man again.

"Sure," John replied. "How about tomorrow afternoon?" He was surprised at how quickly he had agreed to take the boy to the gym.

Devin's face lit up. He was thrilled at the invitation and quickly wrote his name, address, and telephone number on a napkin for John. Devin left the table and returned with a middle-aged woman who he introduced as his mother. The boy had been so excited by the invitation that he forgot he needed permission from his mother. This Pizza Hut was family owned, and the boy was able to work there at the age of 14 because his parents owned the restaurant. Devin's mother immediately approved of Devin spending time with John, and warned the boy to behave when they would visit the fitness center.

The birthday celebration included a big cake with two large candles on top. One candle was a "6" and the other was a "0". The party ended with John leaving a large tip for the waitress and young waiter. Devin gave John a big hug and didn't want to let go of the man. John was certain that he felt a firm bulge in the front of the boy's pants during the hug. The boy had an erection! John left the restaurant, promising to pick Devin up at 1:00 p.m. the next day. He reminded the boy to bring a change of clothes in case he wanted to shower after the exercised. John went home and continued to admire his body's changes.

Erik started communicating with him again. He learned that all he had to do to turn off the translator was to press gently on his right temple. Erik understood the feelings that were developing in his mind toward Devin. He reminded John that Devin was not a Chartan boy, and to go slowly with the boy. John agreed. Erik then began telling John how he could bring machinery or weapons back to Charta. All of the weapons on Jarkan were primitive in comparison to the modern war equipment used by the United States in their recent wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Erik had no idea what John would bring back to Charta, but he knew that the boys could not defeat even one giant, let alone an army that would include giants, Trolls, dwarves, adult humans and wizards. Erik told him how he had to see the weapons and men to operate them, and they would then be transported to Charta.

John drove to a gun dealer and applied for permits to buy 10 handguns. The permit applications would take three days to process, so he had to wait before he could buy what he wanted, 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistols. He ordered the pistols and was assured that they would be available by the time the permits were approved. John bought a large quantity of ammunition for his Remington 7mm magnum rifle, several cases of 12 gauge buckshot shells, cases of 32 Special shells for his lever action rifle, and five new 12 gauge shotguns and five new 32 special rifles. The clerk asked him if he was going to start a war, and he almost laughed and said "yes", but decided to say he was planning some hunting trips with some friends. He charged all of the rifles and ammunition to his MasterCard and returned home. He put all of the weapons and ammunition in the family room, and began doing research on where the United States had Air Force bases for B-52 bombers and attack fighters. He got out a map of the world and started marking locations of key military sites. He selected a base in Afghanistan where he knew the Special Forces were located, and knew that attack helicopters and artillery would be stored there during the War on Terrorism, along with assault rifles and ammunition.

The research took several hours to complete. He carefully wrote down the longitude and latitude locations of each site, and told Erik the locations so Erik could send John there before he returned to Charta. It was late when he finally finished all of the information that he needed. He decided to see if the transport would work properly by asking Erik to send him to the location for the Army Corps of Engineers. He needed to get men and materials to build a landing strip and barracks for the equipment and men that would fight for the boys of Charta. He placed the gray stone in the top of the wooden box while sitting in the family room surrounded by the guns and ammunition. He felt the power of the light hit the gray stone to begin the transport. It worked perfectly. He was quickly moved to a base in Hawaii where his presence was never observed. In a split second he had scanned the equipment and men needed, and they were all transported to Charta. They arrived in a large clearing in the jungle, and the military personnel all called him General Samuels, and seemed to know what they had to do to clear the jungle and build a landing strip.

The boys of Charta were amazed as they watched the new visitors begin working. It was difficult to keep the boys away from the construction site, but Erik created a blue bubble around the workers to prevent any contact with the boys. As far as the military personnel were concerned, they were on a tropic island on Earth, and had been assigned the construction project for a new military base. They could not see the blue bubble or any of the boys on the other side of it. A group of young boys helped carry John's weapons and ammunition back to the city. He had decided to demonstrate the power of his hunting weapons and asked the boys to collect some pumpkins for targets. He had three pumpkins placed on the grass about 20 feet away, and three more placed 300 yards away. The boys gathered around to watch. They had never heard a gunshot or any form of explosion, so they had no idea what to expect.

John warned the boys that there would be a very loud sound, and that they should plug their ears. Most of them ignored his warning, as he loaded the 12-gauge shotgun and took aim at the three closest pumpkins. He took aim and fired three fast shots that totally obliterated all three pumpkins. The boys all screamed in terror and began running for their rooms. Many of them wet themselves as they screamed and cried. Erik was included in the boys that ran from the ear splitting sounds. John laughed and teased Erik. Erik was really pissed at him, but knew that all of the boys had been warned. When he saw the total destruction of the pumpkins, Erik finally calmed down enough to marvel at the power of the weapon that looked like a short spear.

"You didn't have to touch them," Erik said excitedly. "You were not even close to them, and now they are gone. How does that weapon work?"

John explained the basics of gunpowder and the way the shotgun worked. He offered to let Erik try it, but he was too afraid to even touch it. John silently hoped that the wizards and their armies would be just as frightened as the boys were. Some of the boys drifted back to look at the damage done to the pumpkins when John got the 7mm-magnum rifle and loaded it. Again he warned the boys to expect a very loud noise, as he took aim through the scope and fired three shots at the distant pumpkins. Each pumpkin exploded into tiny pieces. A large crowd of boys had gathered around him, wanting to touch the rifle. He refused to let any boy touch the rifle until they had been trained in proper safety.

"Could that kill a giant?" King Terra asked him.

"I am sure it can, if the shot is placed in the head or heart" John replied.

All of the boys were excited now at the thought that they might have a weapon to kill giants and protect their kingdom. John took his shotgun and rifle back to the castle where they would be stored along with his other weapons and ammunition. He told King Terra to select 10 strong boys as warriors to join him on a quest to retrieve the sacred stones that had been stolen from the temple. The boys would be trained to use the powerful weapons that he had brought to the island. He told Erik that he had to return home, and would return after a few more days with more weapons and military personnel. He was transported back to his home and felt no dizziness this time. His body was becoming accustomed to the transport sensations. He went to bed and thought about Charta, and then about Devin. He would be with beautiful young Devin tomorrow. He jacked off and shot his load in a T-shirt, and tried to imagine what Devin would look like nude.

The next morning John woke up with a throbbing erection. He again used his hand to pump out a large volume of cum. This time he let his cum pump onto his chest, and he was coated with thick juice all the way to his neck. Having a younger body and a larger cock was really a great feeling to him. He puttered around the house cleaning and re-checking the coordinates for the military bases he would have to visit. He realized it was time to pick up Devin, and his imagination raced with thoughts about how he could get to see the boy nude. As was his usual practice during the summer months, he dressed in his exercise clothes consisting of running shorts that clung to his body, and a sleeveless muscle shirt that also fit tight to his rippling muscles. He packed a change of clothes and knew he would shower after the workout, even if Devin did not.

As soon as John's new truck pulled into the driveway of Devin's home, the boy raced out to greet him. Devin was wearing a loose fitting T-shirt and loose, baggy shorts. John was disappointed that the clothes hid the boy's body from view, but he also realized that the baggy shorts would give him a view of the boy's crotch, if he got in the right position when the boy would be on several of the exercise machines. Devin did not even try to hide the fact that he was staring at John's body.

"Wow!!! Your body is awesome!! The boy stated, and then got embarrassed about his comment and staring at John.

John thanked the boy for the compliment and said, "If you weren't wearing those baggy clothes, I could check out your body too."

Devin just giggled and flashed his beautiful blue eyes and dimples at John. Devin was hoping that he and John could see everything about each other's body, but the boy became a little shy about his late blooming manhood and lack of big muscles. He did not know that John was lusting over the boy's face and body, and would not have been so interested if Devin were older or more developed.

They arrived at the exercise center, and John led the boy around, explaining all of the exercise machines and where the locker rooms, showers, steam room, sauna, cold pool, and warm pool were located. The boy wanted to try everything, so they started on the first exercise machine in the normal rotation around the gym. They started with 10 repetitions on each machine because the boy was not used to the strenuous workout that John was accustomed to. John finally got a look up the baggy pant leg of the boy's shorts when he was holding Devin's legs down to do sit-ups. He got a glimpse of white undies with a definite bulge. Devin was fully erect, but the view was not long enough for him to determine the size of the boy's cock. They took their time working on all 10 sets of machines, and Devin was soaked in sweat. They ran on the indoor track, and John told him that they were done, and he was going to take a shower and relax in the sauna and pools. He was surprised when the boy agreed to join him.

In the locker room, John started undressing. Devin acted bashful, and John told him that the boy could undress in a different area. He silently prayed that the boy would strip nude and join him in the shower room that was totally empty at the time. John undressed, and when he uncovered his cock and balls, Devin choked out "WOW!!"

Devin tried to make excuses for his comment, as his face became beet red. John just laughed and got ready to walk to the shower. Devin turned as he took off his sweaty clothes, and tried to cover his crotch from John's view. He was not quite fast enough, as John got a quick view of a small patch of blonde pubic hair and a fully erect 4 1/2-inch cock. Devin was embarrassed at having an erection, and started to cry. He knew that John had seen his boner, and the boy was afraid John would tease him about how small it was or the fact that it was hard as a rock.

"Everyone throws wood," John said, using the term that his grandsons used for getting a boner. "It just means you are healthy. I get them all the time when I workout here. Please don't be embarrassed."

The words comforted Devin, and he gave up trying to hide his erection. "You are really cool," he said. "If a guy pops wood in the showers at school, everyone teases him about being a fag."

John didn't like to hear the term "fag". It reminded him what he had become during the divorce. He did not have any intention of ever hooking up with another woman, even though he knew that his looks and body would attract a ton of females. John was a fag, a fudge packer, a shit stabber, a homo, a queer, and all of the other names he had heard. He was also a boy lover, and standing next to him, nude was one of the most beautiful boys in the world. He tried to think about anything except the cute young boy standing next to him, as he was afraid he would get a full erection and scare the boy. They headed to the shower room and quickly got clean. Devin did not lose his erection and did not try to hide it from John's view.

John led the boy to the sauna, where they both sat in the dry heat and chatted. He learned that Devin was 14 and was a good athlete. Devin relaxed and was bubbling all over as he talked to this man he was physically attracted to. Devin did not want to tell John that his erection was due to the man's muscular body and handsome face. They left the sauna and John had a tough time convincing Devin to jump into the cold pool that would have been cold even without the effects of the sauna. They finally agreed to hold hands and plunge into the icy water. Devin surfaced first, screaming at how cold the water was. His erection had quickly vanished from the shock of the cold water and his cock shrank back to baby size in the frigid water. John's cock also shrank and his balls retracted toward his body. Devin got out of the cold water quickly. Before John climbed out, he got a full frontal view of the boy's equipment from about one foot away. Devin's cock was only about an inch long, and his small scrotum was the size of a walnut from the chill of the pool.

"That water will turn any man into a boy," John said as he climbed out of the cold pool.

At first Devin didn't understand, and then he realized that John was making a joke about both of their penises shrinking down so small. Devin looked at John's penis and guessed that it was still almost four inches long. Devin had measured his own cock many times, hoping that he would some day reach the magical length of six inches that all boys dreamed of. Devin's cock hard was shorter than John's was soft, and the boy was a little embarrassed.

"Let's hit the warm pool now," John said as he grabbed Devin's hand and led him into the main pool area. There were other men and teen boys swimming nude in the warm pool, and Devin was glad he had lost his boner. They laughed and played in the pool, swimming together and talking to the other men and teen boys. They stayed in the warm pool for over an hour, and they both enjoyed the feeling of being together nude and having fun.

"Are you hungry?" John asked him.

"I'm starved" Devin replied.

"How about we go to Pizza Hut" John teased.

"YUKKK!!!" the boy replied, wrinkling up his nose. He had eaten a ton of pizzas that people ordered and never picked up. Most boys would love to go have pizza, but not Devin.

"Just kidding" John told the boy. "I was thinking about Italian. How does that sound?"

"Awesome!!" Devin replied. "Where?"

"How does Italia Gardens sound?" John asked.

"Way cool!" was the reply. "I love the food there. Let's go now. I'm starving."

John got his last look at the private areas of the little boy as they quickly dressed and got into the truck. It was a short drive to Italia Gardens, and Devin kept thanking John for taking him to the spa and being so cool about things. John knew what things the boy was referring to. They had a great dinner and talked constantly about their own lives. They had become close friends and neither one of them realized how the other person desired the friendship to become intimate. As they left the restaurant, Devin said he did not have to be home until 9:00 p.m. and wanted to see where John lived. They arrived at John's home and the boy was impressed with the house as John took him on a complete tour.

John sensed that Erik wanted to talk to him, so he told Devin to play on the computer while he took care of a few things. Erik was giggling as he linked with John and told him how cute Devin was. Erik reminded John that Devin was not a Chartan boy, and might freak out if he tried any sexual advances on the boy. He told Erik to mind his own business, and Erik again giggled. The construction of the landing strip and barracks was nearly completed, and Erik wanted him to return to Charta soon with more weapons and men to fight in case the invasion happened quickly. John agreed to return.

When John got back to the computer room, Devin did not know that he was standing in the doorway, viewing the computer monitor and the pictures Devin had found by surfing the Internet. John was shocked that the boy was looking at gay porno. Devin tried to cancel the pictures, but was too nervous to hit the right keys or mouse clicks. In frustration, the boy pushed the button to turn off the monitor. He had been caught, and he was afraid of John's reaction. Tears flowed down Devin's face as he tried to make excuses and apologize.

"It's okay," John said softly. "I like to look at that kind of picture too."

"You're not mad at me?" Devin questioned.

"Not at all," John replied softly. "Let me see what you found."

John pulled up a chair to sit beside Devin, as the boy turned the monitor back on. They both were rock hard as they looked at the images of men and boys having sex. The pictures showed every possible sex act, including kissing, sucking and fucking.

"Have you ever had sex?" John asked.

"No, but I want to," Devin replied softly. "I am gay. My parents know and they didn't freak out on me. They just told me to be careful."

John let the boy's words sink in. The words and the images on the monitor said a lot about the boy's hidden interests.

"You got wood!!" Devin exclaimed, looking at the prominent bulge in John's shorts.

"You do too!" John replied, as he took a chance and felt the front of Devin's shorts. Sanity came back to him as he pulled his hand back. He was afraid that the boy would run screaming from the house crying "rape!!!"

"Put your hand back there," Devin said, "I like it."

John put his hand back on the front of the boy's shorts and began rubbing all over, feeling the boy's erection and scrotum through the soft fabric. Devin reached over and began feeling John's hard cock and moaned. The boy took the next step by running his little hand up inside the pant leg of John's shorts, and felt around the man's erect cock and large balls. They continued fondling each other with Devin's hand going inside John's briefs, finally touching the bare skin of the rock hard dick.

"Do you want to go to my bedroom?" John asked.

"Yes" Devin replied. " I want to suck your dick."

John quickly stood up and carried the boy to his bedroom. He laid the boy on the bed and quickly undressed him and then undressed himself and got on the bed. Their mouths met and they French kissed, as their hands explored each other's body. Devin moved on the bed so he could get his mouth on the nine-inch erection that throbbed between John's legs. John moved too so they were in a "69" position, and they quickly began sucking each other's cocks. There was a sense of urgency in both of them, as they wanted to suck each other and taste fresh semen. It was the first time that Devin had ever had any form of sex other than jacking off, and the boy was in heaven as he tried to take all of John's cock in his mouth. They continued sucking and soon both of them were on the brink of orgasm. Neither one of them wanted to remove their mouth from the hot cock they were sucking, and they climaxed at the same time, flooding each other with warm cum. They both swallowed and continued sucking gently. They turned on the bed and resumed their French kissing, taking only brief breaks to tell each other how much they enjoyed sucking and eating cum.

John noticed that it was 8:45 p.m. and that Devin had to be home soon. The boy wanted to stay and do more sex. He begged John to fuck him. John promised that they would be together again soon, and they would do everything that Devin wanted to do. The boy was not happy when John told him to get dressed to go home. Devin made John promise that they would meet again soon to have more fun and sex together. John quickly agreed. When John dropped Devin off at his home, the boy leaned across the bucket seats of the truck and gave John a quick kiss on the cheek. Devin thanked him again for a fantastic day, and made him again promise that they would be together again soon. John drove home thinking that boy sex was available here as well as in Charta. Devin was as beautiful as any of the Chartan boys, and John knew that no matter where he lived, he would have a boy to make love to.

John drifted off to sleep that night, remembering the beauty of Devin and the intimacy they had shared. He felt no fear of Devin telling his parents or the police about the sex they had shared. He knew if things got bad here, he could return to Charta, where boy love was accepted and encouraged. John was still thinking about a plan for finding the sacred stones and returning them to the temple. He prayed that his plans for bringing military personnel and equipment to Charta would be in time. He could not wait much longer to return to Charta, and put his plans into effect. He felt the mind links connect with Erik, and he silently asked the boy if Erik could give him martial arts training. Erik quickly replied that if martial arts training was available in the 3rd dimension, he could change John's past to include as much training as John desired.

The next two days passed quickly for John. His permits had been approved and he returned to the gun shop to buy the 10 pistols that he had ordered. Again the clerk questioned the large purchase of handguns and ammunition, but John just told him to mind his own business. With the new weapons safely in his family room, he mind linked with Erik and repeated the coordinates for the military bases. The stones were carefully placed and he left his home in Michigan to begin visiting the military sites. He soon was back on Charta, looking at the completed airstrip and barracks. He also had radio equipment to communicate with the officers that would obey any command that General Samuels would give them. John quickly assembled the men that had constructed the new airbase on Charta, and transported them back to their home base in Hawaii. Erik had cast a spell on each of the men so they would never realize that they had ever left their home base. John had to go with the engineers to return them to Hawaii. He quickly returned to Charta, and began training the strong young boys that would be his warriors.

In the next few days each of the chosen boys was trained in martial arts combat, and the use of the rifles and handguns. Special wagons had been built for a caravan that he planned to use to travel to the other valleys of Jarkan to trade with the enemies of Charta. Each wagon was fitted with a Gattling gun, known by the American troops as a buzz box, due to the rapid fire of the multi-barreled weapon that fired so fast it sounded like a extremely loud buzz of bees. Each boy was given a suit of armor to wear, bearing a unique coat of arms that had never been seen on Jarkan before. John's armor was made of Chartan blue steel with beautiful gems and a helmet of steel with the head of an eagle on it. All of the symbols and armor would make the enemies think that they came from a new valley that had never been visited by the traders. Erik had modified the communication needles so the boys spoke a new language that the enemies could not understand. The wagons were filled with gold, silver, platinum and gems, along with kegs of thrill and other potions to be used for trading. The boys and John had swords and spears with their rifles hidden in a false bottom of the five wagons. The pistols were hidden under the armor and cloaks where they would not be seen, but would be quickly available in time of need. The last thing that Erik did was cast a blue bubble of protection over all of the wagons, boys, and John.

Erik wept as he said goodbye to John. The night before they left, Erik and John had made love all night. Their bond was closer than ever as they had become lovers, and were ready to pledge themselves in marriage when the war was over. John reminded Erik that he would return, and that his mission was vital to the existence of Charta. Erik knew that he could continue contact with John mentally, but he could not help the warriors or John face the tremendous odds that were stacked against them. The wagons floated on rafts to the shore of the ocean as they began their quest to return Charta to power and peace. When they reached the shore, they unloaded the wagons and hitched the horses that would carry the small group into the unknown. John reminded his boys to call him Master John, Prince of Freeda. John rode in the lead wagon with Carlos, the blacksmith. Carlos was about 19, and had muscles of steel that had been developed in his work at the forge. He was handsome and about six feet tall, with sandy brown hair and dark eyes. John knew that the boys on the quest would be willing sex partners, as were all of the boys of Charta. All of the boys selected were about 15 to 17 years old. Each one was well built, with strong muscles and quick reflexes. They had all learned the martial arts quickly, and were able to defend themselves and the group when the need would arise. John's martial art training was extensive, with him achieving several levels above black belt status. He was now a master of the martial arts, and no man could ever defeat him in hand to hand combat.

The smallest boy in the caravan was Alex. He looked to be about 13, but was the most agile and fastest of all of the boys. He was deadly accurate when he threw a dagger, and his armor was equipped with six razor sharp daggers of Chartan steel that could cut through any armor like a knife cutting through warm butter. Alex was also the funniest of the boys in Charta, and was constantly playing tricks or telling jokes. His giggles were infectious, and he always made everyone laugh at his jokes or displays of acrobatic feats. His eyes could melt the heart of any person or creature on Jarkan. His small body pumped out pheromones that made every man lust for sex with him.

The first day of travel was uneventful as they camped for the night near a mountain stream. They always posted guards armed with rifles or shotguns, just in case of wandering bands of renegade thieves. They woke up the next morning, relieved themselves, ate a simple breakfast of cheese and bread and continued their journey. John was riding with Carlos, with the 7-mm magnum rifle sitting across his lap. The horses startled, and the small group heard the grunts of two giants who were on a hunting trip for food. The giants saw the caravan and decided to tear it apart and eat the boys driving the wagons. John quickly lifted his rifle and fired two shots, aiming at the foreheads of the two 40 foot tall giants. The bullets found their marks, and the heads of the giants exploded, sending the huge creatures crashing to the ground. The wagons shook from the impact of the two dead giants hitting the ground, and the boys and John knew that his rifle would take down any giant, as long as he had time to aim and fire carefully. The caravan left the dead giants, and the boys were still in fear of how big their enemies were, and how small they were in comparison. They had no way to understand how dangerous this quest would be, and how small their chances were of returning to Charta alive.

The caravan entered the valley of Meeka, inhabited by the human-like farmers. John did all of the talking as he explained that he was on a trading mission seeking slaves for the kingdom of Freeda. The village elders had never heard of Freeda, and questioned what the traders had brought to trade for their slaves. John demanded to see all of the slaves of the valley before he would show what he had for trade. The elders were suspicious of this tall muscular stranger, but they wanted to trade and would be willing to give up their slaves if the trade was lucrative for them. John motioned to Carlos to bring out some of the precious metals for the elders to see. They immediately recognized the value of the fine metal sculptures and knew that they could be used to trade with Delta. A collection of over 500 slaves, all boys was gathered in the village square. John's warriors quickly recognized many of the slaves as their friends from Charta, and a bargain was discussed. John demanded more slaves for his kingdom, and the elders reluctantly brought all of the slaves that they had hidden to strike a bargain. John was finally convinced that all of the slaves had been presented, and he made a generous offer to the village elders. The valley of Meeka was never known for shrewd trading, and John was pleased when he secured the freedom of over 800 boys.

The boys were led out of the village before John revealed to them who he was and where he had come from. Erik rejoiced as he linked and realized that the trading had been successful. John gathered the boys together in a large meadow, and he radioed for a group of helicopters from the base on Charta to come and take the boys back home. While they waited for the choppers, the neck collars signifying slavery were removed, and the boys were treated with the healing medicine of the glass roots. When the sounds of the approaching helicopters reached the boys' ears, they were terrified. John had warned them of the approaching sounds, but they had never seen anything fly besides birds, and they started to run away in total fear. The first of 10 choppers landed, and John and his warriors had a great deal of trouble convincing the boys to get inside the thundering beasts. John had to finally board one of the choppers and take a few boys with him before the others were convinced that the beasts would not eat them. The shuttles continued for several hours until all 800 boys were back on Charta. The island came alive with celebration of the return of the boys that had been taken as slaves, or had renewed in the valley of Meeka after they had been killed during the invasion. The Meekans were so stupid that they had never questioned why the boys had not aged during their captivity. John and his warriors held a council where they decided that the Meekans were no real threat to the island, and would not have to be killed.

The caravan continued its journey headed for Vetta, land of the Trolls and dwarves. John knew that this would present a very challenging task for his trading skills, as everyone knew that the Trolls and dwarves were shrewd traders, and never traded fair. John had to devise a plan to gain the release of slaves, and also some of the sacred stones that he was sure that the valley had hidden in its treasure hold. He quickly made a plan that would offer the Trolls and dwarves the thing that they desired the most: weapons. The caravan was stopped before it ever entered the valley of Vetta by a band of Trolls who were ready to slash the man and his boys before they ever gained entry into the valley. Over 50 Trolls surrounded the wagons and demanded all of the contents and threatened to kill everyone if they resisted. John gave the command, and the canvas covers were quickly removed from the wagons exposing the Gattling guns. The Trolls were fearless and began their attack. The Gattling guns spat out a stream of bullets, shredding all of the Trolls in just a few seconds. The ground was covered in the green blood of the dead Trolls, as John told the boys to reload the guns, cover the wagons, and continue into the valley.

The dwarves and Trolls in Vetta had heard the strange noises that sounded like thunder, but they could not understand how there could be thunder when the skies were clear and blue. The caravan entered the valley and was immediately surrounded by hungry Trolls who wanted to feast on the flesh of the humans on the wagons. One Troll jumped on the wagon driven by Carlos, and was ready to slash the boy to bits when the sound of the Glock 9mm pistol rang out, sending the Troll to the ground dead. The other Trolls screamed their cries that sounded like wolves, and ran quickly away from the caravan. John got down off from the wagon, and warned all of his warriors to be ready for battle. Ten hands gripped ten pistols, as the boys knew they had to be ready to protect themselves and their friends. John walked up to a dwarf and asked to speak to the ruler or king of the valley. The dwarf ran off and returned with a nasty looking Troll who would have been eight feet tall if he could stand erect. The dominant Troll challenged John and his group of invaders to his valley. He turned and commanded four Trolls to attack and kill John. John quickly aimed the Glock pistol and killed each of the attackers. The Trolls and dwarves recoiled from the horrendous sound of the pistol and ran for their huts. The dominant Troll remained standing in front of John, trying to prove his bravery in the face of certain death.

John knew that he had all of the Trolls and dwarves scared of the deadly power that he held. They all suspected that John was a wizard and had unleashed spells to kill the Trolls that attacked him. John told the dominant Troll that his caravan was trading, and that he desired slaves and gems in trade for weapons that had just been demonstrated. The dominant Troll was joined by the head dwarf, who whispered together and decided that they wanted to trade. John knew how shrewd the Trolls and dwarves were in trading, and John insisted seeing what would be offered in trade for the pistol he was holding. The Trolls and dwarves knew that with a weapon this powerful they could rule the entire planet of Jarkan, and they desperately wanted to trade to have the weapon for their use. John acted bored as they offered 100 slaves, and Delta gems and gold. He told the traders that he was tired from their weak offers, and that he would camp outside the village for them to come up with a much better offer. John got back on the wagon with Carlos, and he signaled for the boys to turn the wagons around and make camp outside of the village. The traders tried to convince John that they had a better offer for him, but he wisely decided to make them wait until the next morning.

The ten wagons made a circle and the blue bubble covered them, protecting them from any invasion. The dwarves and Trolls continued trying to devise a trade that would give them the powerful weapon, and then decided to attack the wagons during the night. The guards posted on the caravan saw the attackers approach, and they quickly woke up everyone. The attackers were unable to penetrate the blue bubble and were stopped from advancing by the strong power that they could not see. John gave the order, and the Gattling guns spit out death to the attacking force of dwarves and Trolls. The ground was covered with the dead bodies of the Trolls leaking out their green blood, and the bodies of the dwarves who bled blue. The protective blue bubble prevented any spear or arrow from entering, but let the bullets travel unabated into the bodies of the foes of Charta. John told the boys to go to sleep, as the invasion was over. John grabbed Carlos and began fucking the willing boy, as the remaining Trolls and dwarves in the village realized that their attack had met with disaster. The wagons were filled with the sounds of sex, as the warriors celebrated their victory.

The morning found the Trolls and dwarves ready to trade. They had realized that the strange man and his group of boys from Freeda could not be defeated, and they desperately wanted to complete the trade. They quickly offered a group of slave boys that numbered over 2,000 and many gems and precious metals that they had taken from Charta during the invasion. John refused their offer, demanding that he be allowed to see their hidden treasures and more slaves. The bargaining continued for the entire day, until John told them that he was ready to leave to find a better offer for his weapons. The dwarves took over and began trying to convince John to remain and trade with them. The head dwarf finally agreed to let John view the treasure cache that was hidden in a mountain cave. John acted indifferent, as he walked into the cave to find a vast collection of precious gems and metals. He quickly recognized three stones of red, blue and green in the collection of treasures. He acted indifferent as he grasped the sacred stones of the Land of Charta, and asked, "What are these ordinary stones worth?"

The dwarf leader tried to remember what the stones were, but he was not old enough to remember the invasion and the previous splendor of the gems that were now simply stones of unusual color. The dwarf never saw John put the stones in his pocket, as the dwarf tried to show John the other treasures that were in the cave. John told the dwarf that he had finer treasures in his wagons, and that the trade was off. The dwarf protested, saying that he could provide hundreds of boy slaves to convince John to trade. Again John acted bored, as he knew that he had just secured three of the missing six sacred stones for the kingdom of Charta. John told the dwarf that he would return to his wagons and that the next day he would leave to find a better trade for his weapons. The dwarf was furious that his trade had been rejected. A meeting of the Trolls and dwarves was quickly assembled, and they decided to offer every slave that they owned to convince John to trade. Before John had returned to the wagons, the head dwarf was running up to him offering thousands of slave boys in trade. John realized that the dwarf was now in his control, and he agreed to look at the boy slaves that were offered in trade. A collection of over 10,000 boys was assembled before John's eyes. He saw the faces of the boys who were painted with misery from their hard work in the mines and fields of Vetta. John knew that he had to make the trade to release the boys from their lives of brutal treatment. He agreed with the trade, demanding that the boys be moved to an open field near the village. The dwarf quickly agreed, and also demanded to learn how to use the weapon that had slain so many Trolls and dwarves. John handed the dwarf the pistol, as the large mass of boys were moved to the open field. The dwarf pulled the trigger on the pistol and recoiled as he saw a Troll in front of him shattered by the bullet. The dwarf smiled as he realized the power that he now possessed. The dwarf decided to aim the pistol at John, and kill him in the same way that he had just killed the Troll, but the bullet was deflected off of the protective blue bubble.

"You are stupid for trying to kill me," John said to the dwarf. "I have powers that you could never understand in ten lifetimes. You have angered me, and you and your valley will pay dearly for your hostility toward me."

John returned to his wagon and called for the airlift of the boys back to Charta. The Trolls and dwarves were terrified by the large birds that appeared in their sky. The insistent throb of the chopper blades drove all of them into their huts, cringing in fear. It took several hours for the boys to be convinced to get inside the helicopters and to return to Charta. Erik mind-linked to John and told him how the entire city was filled with celebrations of the return of their boys. Many of the slaves that were taken to Charta had been boys from Meeka or Delta, and even though they were not Chartan boys, they were welcomed into a new life of peace and love. Erik was especially pleased to know that three of the six missing sacred stones had been found and captured. John quickly told his warriors to take their wagons out of the valley of Vetta, as John commanded the attack fighters and B-52 bombers to attack the valley. As the caravan moved out of the valley, the fighter jets and bombers attacked, leaving every Troll and dwarf dead, and their village wiped off from the face of the planet Jarkan.

The caravan waited two days for the flames of the intense attack to die down. They returned to the hidden cave where the treasures taken from Charta were retrieved and loaded on helicopter transport back to Charta. With every arrival of a helicopter, the boys of Charta celebrated the return of their treasures that had been taken from them. They celebrated in the only way they knew, by having intense orgies with all of the boys that had been restored to their island paradise. Erik questioned John if they should return to Charta and celebrate their new wealth. John reminded Erik that the quest was not completed until all of the boys taken from Charta were returned and all of the sacred stones had been retrieved. Erik pleaded for John to return to make love with him, but John refused. He knew that more dangers were still ahead and he was adamant about continuing on. Erik wept with fear that John would never return to him. John told Erik that his love for the boy was genuine and that he would return and pledge his love in marriage to Erik. John wept as he dreamed of making love to Erik and living with the boy forever.

The caravan continued through the mountains, headed for Trog. John knew that the Trogs would never understand the concept of trading for weapons or treasure, so his only chance of finding the boy slaves would be the element of surprise. The caravan approached the valley of Trog, and was met by a guard of six giants, who immediately attacked the caravan. Ten boys grabbed their rifles and fired many shots at the startled giants. John never had to fire his own rifle, as the six giants fell dead, crashing to the ground with a thunderous sound that alerted the entire valley of giants. John used the radio to summon the helicopters and the Special Forces into action. The sounds of the helicopters frightened the giants, who had never known fear of anything on the planet of Jarkan. The sounds of the helicopters also frightened all of the slaves that had been imprisoned by the giants, and the boys fled in terror from the advancing sounds. The helicopter gunships fired rockets and missiles at the frightened giants, who tried to hit the helicopters with their massive clubs. The helicopters continued firing at the giants with machine guns as they unloaded the Special Forces in the valley. The specially trained forces quickly killed all of the rest of the giants, and rescued the slaves that were cringing in fear from the sounds of war. The Special Forces personnel quickly gathered up all of the slaves that included Chartan boys and boys from Meeka and Delta. The airlift took hours to complete to return over 5,000 boys to Charta.

No treasure was found as John and his caravan searched the valley. The giants only valued food, and the warriors only found caves full of rotten animals and useless weapons. They camped in the plains next to the valley, and celebrated their victory over the giants. They lit a fire and basked in the warmth and knowledge that they had been victorious over the giants, Trolls and dwarves. They drank wine and began an orgy of sexual pleasure. John ended up fucking every one of his warriors before the night was done. John and the warriors had a wagon full of thrill the special liquid that gave them continual sexual energy and fluids. They got no sleep that night, as all of the warriors took their turns fucking John and the other warriors. The smell of fresh cum blotted out the smells of burnt giant flesh and the fires that had destroyed the village of Trog.