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Land of Charta---Chapter 3 The Quest Continues

The caravan spent two more days in the plains near the valley of Trog, concerned that other giants may have been out hunting during the attack that destroyed their valley settlement. John was correct. Two giants came up the mountain trail dragging a long rope with many dead animals attached. When the giants saw the wagons, they started to attack, knowing that the horses and young warriors would make excellent food for their people. The blue bubble protected the caravan from the blows from the giants' huge clubs. The ground shook from the impacts of the clubs that continued to pound at the wagons but only bounced off of the blue bubble. The giants were known for brute force and no brainpower. John knew that he had to continue to train his warriors, as he selected Carlos and Jacob to kill the invaders. Carlos was very accurate, placing his first shot to the head of the largest giant, sending it crashing to the ground. Jacob was frightened, and his first shot only hit the giant in the arm, sending the giant into a rage. Jacob racked another shell into the firing chamber, but was still shaking, and the second shot hit the giant in the shoulder, tearing a large hole in the flesh that enraged the giant even more.

"Help me, please!" Jacob screamed at his companions.

"NO!" John shouted above the roar of the enraged giant. "You can do it. Just take a deep breath, aim and squeeze the trigger."

Jacob's next shot was right on target, hitting the giant on the nose, splitting the huge head wide open. The giant fell backward and hit the ground with a thundering crash. Jacob had done it! He had taken down the giant by himself, and he was proud that no one had to help him. John had been ready with his own rifle to finish the giant off if the giant decided to run away from the caravan.

The caravan moved out of the valley to get away from the smell of the freshly killed giants, and to avoid seeing the vultures rip apart the dead flesh of the giants and the animals that they had killed for food. The caravan could not move fast on the rough roads. John knew that other hunting giants, Trolls, or dwarves could still be away from their home valleys. The Trolls and dwarves would have slave boys with them during any trading trips, so John decided to revise his plan that would have taken the caravan to Delta. They camped in a clearing near a waterfall that cascaded down the mountain before dropping into a large rock-lined pool. The warriors refreshed themselves in the crystal clear water of the pool and filled all of their water jugs. They were all swimming nude in the deep pool, and had noticed large fish swimming in the water's depths. They decided that fresh fish would be a welcomed change from dried meat, cheese, and bread. They still had a nice supply of potatoes and other vegetables from Charta, but the bread obtained from Meeka was getting stale, and had started to mold. Two boys took spears and went to the other side of the large deep pool of water, and quietly swam closer to the edge of the pool near the wagons. John and two of the other boys took bread and ripped it into pieces, tossing the bread pieces onto the surface of the water. It took a couple of minutes before they saw the first fish rise to take a piece of bread. In another minute, the water was churned with the large and small fish fighting to get the bread. Erin and Otha dove under the surface of the water, and swam with their spears to where the fish were in a total feeding frenzy. The teens surfaced triumphantly, each showing his spear with a flopping fish impaled on the razor sharp tip. Other boys wanted to try their luck, but John told them all that Erin and Otha were having fun, and had earned the right to continue spearing fish. When John saw that there were six fish ranging in size from five to twenty pounds, he ordered the teens out of the water. He had never killed wild game just for sport, and he wanted his warriors to recognize the value of conservation.

John taught the boys how to filet the fish and prepare a meal of fried fish, steamed carrots, and potatoes baked in a large covered kettle. The fish was delicious, and the boys ate until every last piece was gone. As they sat around the fire, drinking wine and Thrill, he told the warriors that his plan for going to Delta had changed. The warriors protested, wanting to complete their quest to return all of the boys of Charta and retrieve the last three of the sacred stones. John reminded them that he was the general, and that his decisions were orders that they had to obey. He decided to explain his reasons for returning to Charta. He correctly believed that other trading caravans were still away from Vetta and Delta, and that each caravan would have boy slaves included for labor. He knew that the only side of the planet Jarkan that could support life was immense, and that it could take a caravan weeks to complete their trading and return to their homes. The military equipment could search with night vision for the other caravans, but could not attack them without endangering the boy slaves. He had decided to return to Charta through the valley of Meeka. He wanted to see if any other slave boys were in the valley, and let the Meekans spread the news of the treasures they had in the caravan to messengers from Delta. John wanted the wizards to find out for themselves that the giants had been killed, and that Vetta had been destroyed. Loss of the brutal strength of the giants and Trolls would cause the wizards to delay any invasion of Charta. He knew that the wizards would collect the returning Trolls and dwarves, and would devise a new plan for invading the island, without the use of the giants. He wanted the wizards to hear about their caravan, and be anxious to trade for the treasure, and the skill of the warriors. The teens understood his plan, and agreed.

That night the caravan was again filled with the sounds and smells of an orgy. They rutted through the night, taking pleasure with everyone in the caravan. The only pauses in the constant sounds of slapping bodies and moans of orgasms were during the time that they refreshed their love juices with mugs of Thrill. Every anus in the caravan was stretched and filled with semen, allowing the next cock easy access. Some of them took nighttime swims in the refreshing water of the pool, and then returned to more lovemaking. They had bonded closely together, not only for sex, but also for fighting for the Land of Charta. They now called each other brother, as their friendships had become very intimate during sex and battle. No military unit could match them for their bond of friendship and love that gave all of them the ability to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

The next morning arrived, and the boys begged for another meal of the tasty fish. John agreed, and this time it would be Kelvin and Folga who would be the ones to spear the fish. Their fishing plan worked again, and soon there were 10 fish waiting to be cleaned. John let Joshua and Greg take a turn at spearing the fish. They jumped in glee, as they thought John would make the boys stop getting fish when six had been taken, but they already had 10, and he had told them to get 20 more. John was filleting the fish as fast as the boys brought them to the surface, amid cheers for large fish, and sneers for the smaller ones. He showed the teens how to pack the cleaned fish in salt to preserve them. The fish for their noontime meal were placed in water, and the ones for the evening meal were kept in the cool water of the pool to keep them fresh. After their noon meal, everyone was tired, as they had not slept during the night, choosing to suck and fuck instead. They slept and cuddled with their warrior brothers. Occasionally the peace of the sleeping caravan was disturbed when a horny teen decided to shove his cock inside another. When they finally all woke up, evening was approaching, and they cleaned the remaining fish and made another excellent meal. The boys of Charta had always enjoyed fresh fish from the ocean, but they had never tasted fish as mild and pleasing as the fish from the fresh water pool.

John told his warriors that they would leave the next morning for the two-day trip to Meeka. He wanted all of the teens to be ready for travel, and to defend the caravan from any roving bandits that could appear at any time. When the caravan was moving, the blue bubble could not be raised to protect them. They had to remain alert and ready for any danger. The travel went well, with no attacks from bandits until they were just entering the settlement of Meeka. A band of Trolls and dwarves surrounded the caravan just as it was about to enter the village. The bandits had planned to attack Meeka to claim slaves and food. John did not want the people of Meeka to learn of their high powered weapons, and it was time for the warriors to show the skills of martial arts in combat with 12 Trolls and 8 dwarves. Although the dwarves were very small, they were experts in throwing daggers, and could take a Troll or human down instantly. The Meekans were not fighters, and they huddled together to watch the battle, knowing that the bandits would have attacked their village if the caravan had not appeared.

All of the warriors were wearing their armor, and grabbed their spears and swords. The quickest to strike was Alex, as he threw his daggers precisely, killing five dwarves and one Troll even before the other warriors had killed a single foe. Two Trolls, who tried to slash him with their sharp talons, faced John. The swift slice of his sword decapitated the first Troll. He made a quick spin move, and kicked the other Troll in the head, sending the Troll to the ground. Folga quickly rammed his spear into that Troll's chest sending a fountain of green blood erupting from the wound. Kelvin was hit in the shoulder by a dagger thrown by one of the dwarves. He screamed in agony, and staggered as he tried to continue fighting. Another dagger hit Carlos in the chest. His protective armor made the dagger glance off, but a swipe from a Troll slashed his arm from the shoulder to his hand, and he screamed in agony as his sword fell to the ground. The Troll knew that Carlos was injured and went to slash the teen's throat. Two Trolls and two dwarves were attacking John, and he could not help Carlos. Before the Troll could slash Carlos' throat, a mighty slash from Alex's sword took the Troll's head off.

The battle continued for nearly 30 minutes. John was using two swords as he advanced and slashed into the Trolls, taking one arm off from one, and decapitating the other. A quick sweep of one of his swords sliced two dwarves in half and another swipe cut the other Troll from head to foot. The battle ended when Jacob used a sweep kick of his legs to drop a Troll, and then quickly jumped up and drove his spear into the last Troll's chest.

All of the warriors and even John had been injured in the intense battle. Erik mind-linked with John and knew that his lover was hurt, and that several of the warriors could die from their wounds. Erik screamed when he realized that John was injured. The only thing that Erik could do was erect the protective blue bubble around the caravan. John and Alex quickly retrieved the special medicines of Charta, and began treating themselves and the injured warriors. The salve worked quickly on everyone and the gaping wounds healed. They were all exhausted from the combat, and comforted each other as they collected their weapons. They drank Thrill to replenish all their body fluids as they talked about the battle and use of their martial arts training. The people of Meeka had witnessed the battle, and would tell others about the bravery and fighting abilities of the caravan from Freeda.

The warriors collapsed in exhaustion, and slept to refresh their bodies. There was no sex this night, as many boys woke up screaming with nightmares about the intense battle. John cuddled close to Alex, who was having the worst time with nightmares and trying to accept how close he and his brothers had come to death.

Erik had been summoned to the royal family to tell what had happened to their friends and warriors. Erik had mind-linked with John, and told the king and princes that the warriors had been victorious, and were now safe. Charta celebrated the victory, and wanted their warriors to return to rest and receive the praise of the island that now had over 15,000 boys. John drifted off to sleep, holding Alex close to his body.

When John and the warriors awoke the next morning, they loaded their wagons and entered the village of Meeka. The elders praised them on their victory over the Trolls and dwarves, and offered them fresh bread and vegetables. The Meekans buried all of the dead Trolls and dwarves, trying to hide the bodies from any other bands of renegades. They feared retribution from other Trolls and dwarves if the bodies were found. John thanked the elders for their gifts of bread and vegetables, and gave them treasures of precious metals and gems for future trading. He also gave them the salted fish, a delicacy that they had never tasted. The Meekans were not known for being intelligent, but they saw the remaining treasures in the wagons and knew that trade with Freeda would be very profitable for them. That evening the warriors were guests of honor for a feast that included roasted pig and grilled slabs of fresh killed beef. The Meekans never recognized that no injured warriors joined them for the feast. They only saw a close-knit group of teen warriors and their leader.

The caravan left the valley of Meeka, and headed toward Charta. It would take several days for them to reach home, and each teen wished that the caravan could move faster, so they could be reunited with the land and boys that they loved. No additional slaves were found in Meeka, but 22 handsome Meekan boys had begged their fathers to join the caravan, and they quickly got inside the wagons. The new boys thought that they were headed for Freeda, but were quickly told they could return to their valley if they didn't want to visit Charta. None of the boys wanted to leave the caravan, as they dreamed of becoming warriors themselves.

John noticed that the caravan was moving slower, weighted down with the extra boys and treasures from Vetta that had not been airlifted back to Charta. He had radioed to the military base right after the invasion of Trog, and the jets and helicopters had been searching the mountains and valleys for any remaining giants. They had found four more hunters, and all four had been killed. The sounds of the jets and helicopters had been impossible to hide, and John was convinced that word of the strange birds of death would soon reach Delta. One of the jets had strafed a giant wandering the hills, and a band of renegade Trolls and dwarves had seen the attack. The military had followed General Samuels' orders not to attack Trolls or dwarves in case they had boy slaves with them. Dwarves were known to hide behind slaves when in battle, and throw daggers at their opponents, using the slaves as shields. Every night since the military had arrived, the helicopters had scanned the areas of Jarkan that could support life, and the night vision had given them a lot of data about remote settlements and movement of the bandits and traders.

John contacted the military base by radio to learn that a large group of Trolls and dwarves had been seen in the woods near the shore of the ocean, right where the caravan would load their cargo on the rafts to return to Charta. The group of bandits had grown to over 100, and the warriors would be outnumbered and have their backs to the ocean. It would be a perfect ambush site. Each wagon was now flying a large blue flag that was the symbol recognized on Jarkan for traders, not armies on the move. John knew that he was taking his caravan into a trap that the military could do very little to prevent. During the night before the caravan would reach the shore of the ocean, a fierce rainstorm began. It was perfect cover for the helicopters to drop the Special Forces men behind the enemy lines. John had told the commanders to have their men carefully concealed and protected by trees when the Gattling guns would spit out death to the Trolls and dwarves. John had to create a plan to get the slave boys out of the line of fire, and he devised a plan that would be very dangerous for him, but seemed the only way to keep the Gattling guns from killing slaves used as live shields by the dwarves.

By the time the morning broke, John had his armor on, and had saddled a lone horse for him to ride into the trap. He could travel much faster alone on horseback than the caravan could move. Carlos was given command of the caravan, as John slid a shotgun in a scabbard on the saddle, carefully concealed two Glock pistols under his armor, and grabbed a tall flagpole with the blue banner flapping in the breeze. He would face the Trolls and dwarves alone. The Special Forces were silent, as they carefully made their way through the forest and took out the sentries guarding groups of slaves at the rear of the waiting attack force of Trolls and dwarves. They were using silencers on their rifles and handguns, but their primary weapons were their knives, that quickly killed the sentries who were grumbling about their menial duties away from the main ambush force. They knew that the attackers would be able to claim the treasures that were in the 10 wagons, and they would be left out of the distribution of the wealth.

The Trolls and dwarves were surprised to see one man enter the rubble that had once been Christo. John rode his horse to the edge of the small village in a large clearing and faced the forest where he knew the invaders were hiding. He thrust the flagpole into the ground and yelled to the Trolls and dwarves that he wanted to trade with them. The Troll leader and the dwarf leader discussed this change of events. Their surprise attack was not going to be a surprise. A group of five Trolls, five dwarves, and five slave boys left the protection of the forest to meet this solo man dressed in shining armor. They would talk to him and see what type of bargain was being offered. They knew that they could attack the man at any time, kill him, and then loot the wagons that they could now see on the hills just outside Christo. Erik had again mind-linked with John, and the boy was terrified of what John was doing. Erik pleaded for him to return to the wagons and let the military kill all of the Trolls and dwarves, including their slaves. The king and princes had agreed to sacrifice the lives of their brothers who would renew again, but might be returned to life as slaves scattered across Jarkan. John refused to agree, and knew he was disobeying the royal family's orders. Erik pleaded with his lover who was facing almost certain death. Erik knew that he would lose him and any chance of regaining the three remaining sacred stones if John's plan failed. He wept and continued begging John to take his advice and follow the commands of the royal family. John used his brain to turn off the mind-link with Erik.

The group of Trolls, dwarves and slaves approached the lone man who had dismounted from the horse and was facing them with what looked like a stick or iron bar. They were about 30 feet away when John ordered them to halt. He would be out of range for daggers or spears at this distance.

"I wish to trade with you for slave boys," John spoke forcefully to the Troll and dwarf that appeared to be the leaders.

"What do you offer in trade?" the dwarf questioned.

"This," John replied, throwing a saddlebag toward the group. "I will trade this for the five boys that you have with you. I have more for trading for the rest of your slaves. My land of Freeda needs many slave boys for workers and pleasure.

The dwarf ran and retrieved the saddlebag, and dumped the contents on the ground. The Trolls and dwarves saw rings, necklaces and bracelets of pure Chartan gold and platinum with polished gems that sparkled in the morning sun, and they all grabbed to claim treasure for themselves. The dwarf quickly agreed to the trade, knowing that he had just struck a very lucrative bargain with this strange man from Freeda, a land he had never heard of. The five slave boys were pushed toward John, and he commanded the boys to stand behind him and remain silent.

"We have no more slaves," the dwarf lied. He had sent one of his dwarves back to the edge of the forest to hide all the remaining slaves in the trees. John smiled, knowing that his plan was working. He knew that the slaves would be quickly rescued by the Special Forces hidden in the forest, and that all of the boys would be safe and out of the line of fire.

"You lie to me!" John said to the dwarf. "Liars will be punished!"

The Troll and dwarf leader whispered together and had decided to attack and kill the strange man and then loot the caravan that had stopped on the hillside. John knew that the protective blue bubble would protect the caravan, and waited to give time for the slave boys to be removed from the army and hidden in the forest. He knew that his plan had worked when the dwarf who had left to tell the army to hide the slaves returned to stand facing him.

"What prevents us from killing you and taking all of your wagons of goods?" the dwarf asked. "We are ten, and you are alone."

John saw that Carlos had moved the wagons to form a straight line, and that the canvas covers had been removed to expose the Gattling guns. The wagons were well within the range of the rapid-fire machine guns, and he knew his plan would work if he could take out the 10 creatures that now appeared ready to attack him.

"This weapon I carry is more than enough to kill all of you!" he replied to the dwarf. "Do not try my patience. Send me the slaves and I will let you have all of the treasure in the wagons in trade."

The two leaders again whispered and decided to send two Trolls to attack the man. Two Trolls advanced as ordered, and were quickly killed by two blasts from the shotgun. The Trolls and dwarves screamed in terror at the sounds of the blasts that left the two Trolls dead shredded by the buckshot from this strange weapon. John dropped the shotgun and drew the two pistols. The remaining dwarves and Trolls attacked, ordering their entire army to rush the man and the wagons. John used both of the pistols to kill the entire group that had traded with him. One dwarven dagger had hit him in the thigh severing a vital artery, and he staggered back to the five slaves who were screaming in terror. The attacking army was cut to ribbons by the fire from the Gattling guns in the wagons, and from the rifles of the Special Forces who killed any Troll or dwarf who tried to retreat. The battle lasted only 10 minutes until all of the dwarves and Trolls were lying dead on the battlefield or edge of the forest. Loss of blood weakened John as he collapsed on the ground in front of the five slave boys. John knew he was dying and would never again see his lover Erik. He mind-linked with Erik and told him that he loved him.

Erik was in the palace with the royal family when he received his lover's message. Erik screamed with terror, realizing that John was dying. One of the slave boys had removed the dagger from John's thigh, thinking that he was helping the man who had just saved the slave boys' lives. The blood from the wound spurted out with each beat of his heart. Erik felt John lose consciousness and he felt helpless knowing that his lover was dying. One of the Special Forces men had run up and had applied pressure to the deep wound. The sergeant knew that the wound would kill his general. Carlos had run down the hill, bringing the special healing salve. Carlos quickly applied the salve and the sergeant was amazed at how the wound quickly healed. John was still unconscious and close to death from loss of blood. The other warriors had run down the hill to join Carlos and John. Carlos carefully removed John's helmet, and opened the man's mouth to pour in the nectar known as Thrill. John's body took in the liquid that could restore his life forces. He finally opened his eyes to see tears flowing down his warriors' faces and those of the several Special Forces troops. They removed his armor and covered him with blankets from the wagons. Carlos had taken command of the warriors and Special Forces. He had the wagons brought to the ruins of the village of Christo, and ordered the Special Forces to bring out all of the slaves that had been rescued. John slept on a bed of blankets, as Alex and Carlos comforted him and continued giving him drinks of Thrill.

Erik was still linked with John's mind, and knew that the man was fighting for his life. Erik wept as he told the royal family about John's grave condition. They all prayed to the moons of Jarkan to spare the life of their friend and savior. Their prayers were answered during the night, when John regained consciousness long enough to drink more Thrill and cuddle closer to Alex and Carlos. The morning found him strong enough to stand with assistance from Kelvin and Carlos. He would live, but it would take days for him to recover all of his strength. Erik celebrated with the royal family, as they realized that John would live to make love and fight again for their island kingdom. Erik poured out messages of love to John's brain. John returned each message with his pledge to marry Erik at the next full moons. The two lovers continued their link and made plans for a triumphant return to Charta. Over 500 slaves had been rescued from the Trolls and dwarves and most of the slaves were Chartan boys. John and Erik decided to reward the military for their bravery in fighting for Charta by allowing the troops to join the boys of Charta in a parade across the island and a feast of celebration. The royal family quickly agreed, as long as the troops would not force any of the boys to have sex, and would honor the tradition of only having anal sex with a boy wearing a ring, and then only if the boy willingly agreed.

Helicopters airlifted the Special Forces back to the military base on the island. The first raft that reached the shore of Charta had John and his warriors, and the royal family and Erik greeted them. John was still weak, but he welcomed his young lover to his arms, and they hugged and kissed in their joyous reunion. John, Erik and the royal family addressed the entire military forces at the base, and told them of the plans for the parade, feast and opportunity for sex with the boys of Charta. Most of the troops agreed to the conditions and others not inclined to boy sex agreed to man the artillery on the shores of the island and to continue the nighttime reconnaissance flights. The parade traveled the road leading to the city of Charta, with John, Erik, and Carlos in the lead wagon. The road was lined with beautiful boys who scattered flower petals in their path and cheered for their heroes. The royal family was waiting in the main square of the city to welcome the long stream of wagons, rescued slave boys, and military troops. King Terra again greeted John, kissed him and thanked him for the return of thousands of boys during the quest.

The feast began with music, dancing, and generous amounts of wine and Thrill. The troops wasted no time in selecting willing boys and enjoying the pleasures of boy sex and the strange liquid called Thrill. John held Erik's hand as they ate and drank together. Sex was not as important to them as being close and sharing their love for each other. The feast and orgy continued to sunset, when the sky was lit with streaks of red and orange, illuminating the clouds above Charta. John and Erik went to the red satin bed, and kissed and cuddled together. Lovemaking would have to wait for John's strength to return, but they bonded together and snuggled. Erik searched John's mind for all of the details of the quest and the plans for seeking the remaining sacred stones and slave boys that still remained separated from their true home in Charta. They drifted off to sleep, silently repeating their vows of love and desires to be wed at the next full moons.

The feast and orgy continued for two full days, as the soldiers were amazed at the effects of Thrill and the pleasures of having oral and anal sex with the beautiful boys of Charta. The military commanders were not happy when John told them to return to their base with their men. He promised them another feast and orgy when the next quest was completed. They had another parade with the road again lined with boys, most of them standing nude and calling out to the ones that they had enjoyed sex with. The protective bubble was again created around the military base, as John wanted life in Charta returned to normal. The sacred stones of red, blue and green had been returned to the proper princes for safekeeping. John's strength had returned by the morning of the fifth day after his triumphant return to Charta. Erik awoke to the feel of John's mouth on his cock. When Erik realized that his lover had recovered fully from his injury he quickly moved on the bed so they could suck each other's cock at the same time. John retracted the teen's foreskin and swallowed all of the cock deep in his throat. His finger found the anus of his lover, and they both took each other to their first orgasms in several days. They both swallowed the thick semen, and continued sucking each other to a second orgasm before they rested and continued kissing.

John was still horny and wanted to fuck his young lover, who quickly agreed. Erik lay on his back, lifted his legs and offered his anus to his lover. John moved so he could lick and suck around the anus that was offered to him in pure love. His tongue licked and probed inside the teen, savoring the taste and softness of his lover's treasures. John claimed his lover by shoving all nine inches of his cock deep inside the teen. He had dreamed of making love to Erik during the quest, and he fucked the boy for over an hour, using a variety of positions. John had blasted three loads of cum inside the boy before he let the boy fuck him. Erik had shot three loads of cum while John had fucked him, and he shot two more wads of cum inside John's body during the next hour of their non-stop mating. Both of them were soaked in sweat and covered with cum before their desires were satiated. They drifted off to sleep with their bodies glued together with drying cum. They slept until the chimes for lunch woke them both up. They laughed together as they parted, the dried cum trying to hold their skin together. They took a shower and arrived at lunch late. King Terra and the princes giggled and whispered to each other that they knew why John and Erik were late for lunch. Erik blushed, but knew that they would still be allowed to eat at their special places of honor with the royal family.

"I see that your strength has returned" King Terra joked.

John nodded and smiled at the king and princes. Several boys were allowed each day to take fresh vegetables and meat to the military base. Each of the boys delivering the food had claimed a lover among the troops, and coupled with their lover before returning to the city. The frequent requests for the privilege to deliver food had to be approved by the prince of the color that the horny boys wore. Days passed as life on Charta was filled with reunions of boys that had renewed and had been returned to their home. John and Erik made love frequently, often including willing boys from the city. They had agreed that their lovemaking could include other boys until they were wed during the next full moons that would arrive in 25 days.

John had revised his plans for entering Delta. He needed to return to the 3rd dimension to obtain military transportation and equipment for his plan to succeed. Erik tried to keep him from leaving, but realized the need for faster transportation and mobile artillery. He made love with John the entire night before John was to leave the next morning. Erik was upset when John drank a great deal of Thrill before he left the island. He knew that John could not take anything but the wooden box and stones with him, and he also suspected that the man wanted his balls full of cum before he left. They kissed and pledged their love before John arranged the stones and departed from Charta.

When John returned to his family room, no time had passed since he had left his own world. He went to bed and thought about Erik, and then Devin. He was considering taking Devin with him to return to Charta. The boy would certainly enjoy the pleasures of the willing boys of Charta in exploring his own sexuality. John did not want to take Devin away from his loving parents, but also wanted the boy to enjoy total freedom in sex with the Chartan boys. He and Erik discussed the proposal, and decided to wait before making any plans involving the boy.

John spent the next few days refining his plans for entering Delta and convincing the wizards to trade for the boy slaves and the remaining three sacred stones. He had decided that a display of power was the only way to convince the wizards. He carefully wrote down the coordinates for another military base that would have the necessary equipment and manpower for the plan to succeed. The phone rang, and John looked at the Caller I.D. and knew it was from Devin's home. The boy pleaded to see him again and have fun. It was clear that someone else was listening to the boy's side of the conversation, and John agreed that he would pick Devin up to return to the fitness center. Devin squealed with joy, and John could imagine the bright face and the dimples.

When he drove into the driveway of Devin's home, he saw the boy standing with his mother. Devin was wearing a pair of biking shorts and a tight muscle T-shirt. John got out of his truck, not knowing what the mother would have to say to him.

"I told him that his outfit looks indecent," She said as she shook John's hand. "He told me that everyone at the fitness center wears that kind of clothes, but I still think his choice of shorts is not appropriate."

"He looks fine to me," John said, catching a quick smile from Devin's face. "Baggy clothes are not comfortable on the machines, and ride up and get in the way."

John was wearing biker's shorts too, and a tight T-shirt, so Devin's mother agreed to let the boy go dressed the way he was. Devin jumped with joy as he quickly got into the truck, while his mother and John continued talking.

"My husband and I want to thank you," she said. "We know that Devin is in love with you, and we trust that you will be gentle with him. We would rather have him experiment with you than other boys his age that might cause problems for Devin in school."

She hugged John and made him promise to be kind and gentle with her son. John was shocked that she had figured out that he and Devin had already experimented in sex together. He made the promise, returned the hug and got in the truck with his young friend.

"I knew she would be cool," Devin giggled as he reached over and kissed John on the cheek and grabbed for the man's cock.

John noticed that Devin was already hard, and the boy quickly pulled down the front of the shorts to show that he was not wearing any underwear. John gazed at the beauty of the boy's erection, and started up the truck to drive to the fitness center.

"I don't want to go to the fitness center," Devin giggled. "I want to go to your house and suck and fuck."

John quickly broke the mind link with Erik, not wanting to hear his other lover's frantic appeals of avoiding sex with Devin. He drove to his home and they quickly went to the bedroom. Devin told John that he had been reading stories about having anal sex for the first time and knew that it would be painful, but he insisted that John fuck him. Devin had even given himself an enema. The boy was ready for fucking, and John would not deny him his wish.

They both quickly undressed and got on the bed. They agreed to eat each other before trying anal sex, and two hungry mouths devoured two hard cocks. Devin came first, filling John's mouth with warm boy cum. He drank all of the cum and continued sucking the boy's rock hard penis to another orgasm. Just as John was enjoying the taste of the boy's watery cum, his own cock erupted, flooding the boy's mouth with thick ropes of hot cum. Devin ate every drop, and continued sucking on John's cock. John forced the boy away from his cock, and told Devin to fuck him. The boy quickly agreed and used spit to lubricate his cock and rammed it into John. Devin moaned as he felt the warmth and tightness of John's anus, and he continued thrusting his 4 1/2-inch cock into his lover. Several times the cock came out of the clinging anus, as the boy made strokes longer than his cock was long. Each time that the boy's penis was re-inserted, John moaned in total pleasure. Devin finally orgasmed, and pumped a few drops of cum inside John.

"Did you feel me cum inside you?" Devin asked.

John lied and said yes. A boy of 14 has limited fluids, and John did not want to hurt the boy's feelings. He had felt the penis throb, and imagined a small amount of cum must have been deposited in his rectum by the boy. Devin wanted John to fuck him, and the boy got on his back with his legs up, offering his virginity to his man. John moved on the bed and began licking the virgin anus, probing inside the puckered ring to drive Devin wild. He ate the boy's ass for several minutes, getting the hole opened and relaxed for anal sex. John got a tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount inside and outside of the virgin hole. He then applied lubricant to his throbbing nine inches of cock, and lay on his back to let the boy sit on it and control the penetration. Devin quickly got on top, and aimed the hard meat at the entry of his body. The initial entry caused the boy to scream in pain. John wanted to stop their anal sex, but Devin refused, as the boy tried to relax his body and take the huge cock deeper inside his body. John told the boy to relax, and push out like he was taking a dump, and that seemed to work, as his cock slid deeper inside the boy. Devin's eyes were mere slits and his face was contorted in pain, as he tried to relax and take all of the man's cock. John remained motionless, waiting for the boy to relax and accept the anal intrusion of his throbbing cock.

"I'm going to cum!" John screamed, as the spasms of the boy's body milked his cock.

Devin felt the man's cock throb and pump hot cum inside his body. The cum lubricated the boy's insides, and the cock slid deeper until all nine inches had penetrated the boy. John never lost his erection, and the boy's body kept him rock hard with the spasms that wracked his young body. Devin's young cock had become totally limp with the feelings of pain and pressure on his insides. Devin moaned as he began moving his body to make the man's penis move inside his no longer virgin ass. The boy's humping continued, with the large penis going in and out of the boy with ever increasing lengths of stroke. Devin was feeling strange feelings of satisfaction inside his body that overpowered the feelings of pain that he had previously felt. The pressure inside the boy's body made him feel like he would explode, but the sensations of pleasure began flowing through his young body, as he continued raising and lowering his body on John. The boy's cock got rock hard. The man's cock was now sliding in and out of the boy easily, lubricated by the cum that John had deposited inside the boy.

John saw the change in Devin's eyes, as the boy relaxed and accepted his cock. He knew that the boy was now relaxed enough to take a good hard fuck, and John quickly flipped the boy over on his back without removing the nine inches of pleasure that joined them.

"FUCK ME !" Devin screamed. "FUCK ME HARD!!"

John knew that the boy's hole was ready, and he fucked the boy for over 30 minutes, cumming two more times before he collapsed on top of his young lover. His cock slid out of the boy's love hole, and they both groaned. John was the first to regain any strength, and he moved on the bed so his mouth could eat the fluids out of the boy's battered anus. Devin moaned as he felt the suction of John's mouth drawing out all of the cum, lubricant and natural mucous from his body. John savored the taste and ate all of the fluids before kissing Devin and letting the boy taste his own anus and the fluids. They fell asleep. It was several hours later when they both woke up, and John decided to fill the bathtub with hot water to ease the pain in the boy's anus. He had to carry Devin to the tub, as the boy was weak and in pain from his first anal sex. As the boy felt the hot water hit his sore anus, he moaned. John was very gentle as he washed the boy and told him how special he felt from being the first to make love to Devin's hole. The boy kissed him and told him that he was in love with John and wanted to live with him forever.

John was worried about the pain that the boy was feeling, and said, "Your mother and father will kill me for hurting you."

Devin giggled and told John that he had permission to spend the night, and his parents knew that he wanted anal sex and would be sore. John felt relieved, and gently washed the boy in the tub. He had to help Devin get out of the tub as the boy's legs buckled, and he had to help the boy stand up. He gently dried the boy off, and asked Devin to bend over so he could inspect his anus. Devin was not bleeding, but his anus was raw and puffy, with a circle of red marks that would heal to be a ring of bruises. John carefully applied cortisone cream inside and outside of the anus, wishing that he had the healing salve from Charta. He carried the boy to the bed where their love fluids had left a large wet spot. He pulled the boy to the other side of the king-sized bed, and cuddled the boy close. Devin thanked him for making love to him, and snuggled close as they both fell asleep.

The next morning the boy was still sore, but able to walk again. They remained nude as they ate the breakfast that John had prepared. They both knew that more anal sex was not possible. John applied more of the cortisone cream, and they returned to the bed to sleep together again. They were both exhausted, even after sleeping through the night. John held his young lover close, as he opened the link with Erik to hear words of a jealous lover who wanted to make him feel guilty about making love with a virgin boy. John quickly made Erik realize that his protests would end with John blotting out the mind link. Erik finally agreed to stop his mental protests, and realized that John was a human, with human desires. They both agreed to transport Devin to Charta, where the boy would see what pure boy love was like. John brought the wooden box back to the bed where Devin was still sleeping, and reminded Erik of the coordinates of the military base where mobile equipment would be available. The vortex of transport grabbed both John and Devin, took them to the military base for just a second, and then took them to Charta.

Devin woke up and listened as John and Erik explained where he was. The boy thought he was dreaming until Erik applied the special healing salve that took away all of the pain of the anal sex that he and John had shared. John explained where he was, and how Devin could share in the mysteries and splendor of pure boy love at Charta. Devin quickly accepted his visit to Charta, and understood the rules and traditions of the new land he was visiting. The chimes of lunch sounded, and Erik gave John and Devin robes to wear to lunch. John presented his lover from the 3rd dimension to the king and princes, and Devin immediately fell in love with King Terra. Any reservations they had about bringing Devin to Charta were immediately extinguished, as the boy sat on the king's lap and ate lunch delivered by the king's hands. Devin was totally in love with King Terra, and it was obvious to everyone in the dining hall. Erik felt relief when he saw the king and Devin kissing and fondling each other. Erik knew that John was his again and wanted to make love to John to seal their bond. Devin was giggling as the king took him for a tour of the island paradise of boy love, and John and Erik returned to the red satin bed to drink Thrill and make love. The new war equipment and men had been delivered to the military base, as John and Erik made love in the red satin bed. The evening of the full moons would be that very night, and John and Erik renewed their pledge of marriage to each other.

They entire city wanted to join for the marriage ceremony in the reconstructed temple, but only a select few were allowed to witness the permanent bond of a man and his teen lover. King Terra had spent the day plowing the ass of his new lover, and allowed Devin to witness the eternal bond in the temple. King Terra held Devin's hand as John and Erik were joined as lifetime lovers, a bond that could not be broken unless one of them found a new lover or died. The temple was filled with the singing of soprano voices, as John and Erik repeated their vows of eternal love. When the small group descended the mountain, applause and celebration of their marriage met them. John and Erik made love the entire night, pausing only for drinking more Thrill and relaxing in the hot tub in their room. They spent the next three days making love, taking only breaks for food that was delivered to them by the servants who were envious of the love that they saw in John's and Erik's faces. The honeymoon drew to a close as John reminded his lover that the quest for the remaining sacred stones and boys of Charta would require that they be separated. Erik begged to be included with the warriors who would travel to Delta, but John convinced him to stay and protect the city until he returned. Erik gave his approval for John to have sex with his warriors, and knew that sex was necessary to bond the warriors together to take on the dangerous mission to secure the sacred stones and missing boys of Charta.

The morning of their departure from Charta was difficult, as John kissed Erik goodbye, and also kissed King Terra and Devin. John knew that Devin had found pure love in the boys of Charta, and especially with Terra. The rafts floated John and his original band of warriors to the distant shore of the ocean, where they were met with a convoy of military vehicles and artillery. The convoy made much faster progress toward Delta, where John knew that many boy slaves and the missing three sacred stones were waiting.

The convoy quickly reached the pool of clear water where John decided to camp overnight. The military vehicles were very fast, and covered a distance in one day that would have taken the horse-drawn caravan a week. John fingered the Chartan gold ring on his left hand, and remembered the ceremony of marriage that he and Erik had shared. John would have never married again in the 3rd dimension, after the bitter divorce with Mandy. His entire body was filled with love for Erik, as they continually exchanged words of love and devotion. The convoy enjoyed a supper of fresh fish that had been speared by the expert young warriors, and they basked in the pleasures of love under the protective blue bubble. Sounds of lust filled the encampment of men and boys, but John chose to remain alone until Alex cuddled next to him, drained of all sexual energy from his new lover, Brad, driver of one of the tanks that led their convoy. John snuggled close to Alex and dreamed of making love with Erik. Erik was pleased that his partner did not join in the orgy next to the clear pool, but knew that John would soon enjoy sex with one or more of his warriors before this quest was completed.