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Land of Charta---Chapter 4 The Taking of Delta

The convoy avoided contact with the valley of Meeka, and continued on toward Delta, where they knew that wizards and armies of Trolls and dwarves would be assembled. John and his band of warriors entered the valley of Delta to confront the wizards who held their boys captive. A single armored vehicle entered the valley, with everyone retreating in fear of the wagon that moved without any horses to pull it. The armored vehicle stopped in the main square and waited for the wizards to appear. The vehicle was flying the blue banner of traders, and two wizards approached cautiously. They were guarded by Trolls and dwarves who had heard about the fighting abilities of the strange man from Freeda, and his warriors. John felt the blue bubble surround him and his emissaries from Freeda. He told the wizards that he had come to trade for treasure and slaves for his kingdom of Freeda. The two red wizards were not convinced of the intentions of the trade being offered, and demanded to see what was being offered in trade for slaves or treasure. John told them that he and his band of warriors would serve the wizards of Delta in any war that they chose to fight. The wizards were not convinced, even though they had heard of the abilities of the small band of warriors in defeating Trolls and dwarves at Meeka. The wizards had learned that the giants had all been killed, and that most of the Trolls and dwarves had perished in the valley of Vetta. They knew that more skilled warriors would be necessary to invade Charta, where hidden treasures were waiting for them.

"Show us what you can give us," a red wizard said, as ten Trolls and five dwarves advanced toward the single armored vehicle. The blue bubble was removed; as ten armored teens took the challenge and quickly killed all of the Trolls and dwarves using swords, daggers, and spears. John never had to raise his hands in combat, as the young warriors had learned their lessons well and had killed all of the advancing attackers.

"You waste my time with this trivial attack on me and my warriors," John said to the bewildered red wizards. "I am here to trade my services, not kill Trolls and dwarves who pose no real threat to me or my kingdom of Freeda. I only wish to trade our services for slaves and treasure, and will take my warriors to another place that wishes to trade with us."

The blue bubble surrounded the warriors again. The wizards tried to cast spells against the group standing before them. The spells quickly bounced off of the protective blue bubble that they could not see. The red wizards knew of protective bubbles that had been created by the black wizards of Delta, but all of the black wizards had been killed many years ago during one of the many wars in Delta. The red wizards had never learned how to cast the spell of blue protection around their armies, and could not break inside the wall of protection to kill the teens and man that stood before them.

"We have unlimited power to kill you and all of the people where you came from," one of the wizards said. "We can prove our power to show you how useless it is to enter our city and threaten us. We can destroy you and your strange carriage that has no horses to pull it, with a simple show of our power."

The two red wizards cast spells toward the warriors, but the protective shield deflected the blast of their spells to completely destroy a nearby building. The wizards tried again, and another building was shattered by their spells.

"You are boring me with your feeble attempts to impress me and my warriors," John said. "I can demonstrate what real power is, if you vacate all of the buildings in the east side of your valley. I will give you ten minutes to vacate, and then I will unleash the demons of hell and destroy everything in that part of your miserable city."

The wizards were not convinced, but sent messengers to the east side of the city to evacuate and take any treasure to a safe place of refuge. John waited for nearly 15 minutes before he ordered a bomber attack from the B-52's from Charta. The wizards never heard the roar of the planes until bombs exploded, taking the entire east side of their city from tall buildings of splendor to a pile of burning rubble.

"You need more proof of my power," John told the wizards, as he raised his pistol and blew the brains out of one of the wizards.

The remaining wizard recoiled in fear, seeing the devastation of the east side of the city and his dead comrade lying on the ground. The sounds of the bombs and the thunder of the strange weapon of the man standing before him convinced him to quickly assemble all of the wizards of Delta for an emergency meeting. John smiled at the success of his warriors and the effect of the bombs that had been dropped on the east side of Delta.

The convoy joined the warriors at the entrance of the city of Delta. The artillery quickly moved to strategic positions in the hills around the huge city. John knew that the next step in negotiations would be dangerous, and he selected Alex and Carlos to join him waiting for the red wizard to return to negotiate.

The red wizard quickly summoned all of the red, yellow, green, purple, and blue wizards to a conference. He told them of the power of the man from Freeda, the power that had been unleashed to destroy the east side of their city, and the desire of the commander to trade his services for slaves and treasures. The group of wizards was not ready to trade their wealth and slaves without meeting this strange man and his small army that had defeated a band of Trolls and dwarves, and had wreaked havoc in their city. They demanded a meeting with this man with immense powers to see for themselves what he could offer in trade for their treasures and slaves. A lone red wizard returned to face John and his band of warriors, and told them that the wizards of Delta would meet with them. John, Carlos and Alex followed the red wizard back to a secret meeting room in the city of Delta. John and his two companions were armed with shotguns and Glock pistols, and knew that they were entering a dangerous place where they could meet their death. Erik appealed to John to abandon his quest to recover the three missing stones. John tried to reason with Erik, and finally blocked out any further mind link with his lover and mate. Erik cringed in fear, and tried desperately to reconnect with John's mind.

John, Carlos and Alex were led into a dark passageway that led into a large torch-lit meeting room where over 100 wizards wearing different colors of robes were waiting for them. John quickly scanned the room, seeing many Trolls and dwarves ready to attack him and his two warriors. At the head of a table of wizards was a red wizard who he quickly realized was the leader of all of the wizards of Delta. He bowed to the leader, and offered his warriors to fight any battle for the wizards of Delta. All that he wanted in return was gems and slaves for his kingdom of Freeda. The wizard had learned of the powers of this strange man from a land that he did not know existed on Jarkan, but was not convinced of the powers that were being offered to them in trade. John offered the radio that the one red wizard had seen him use to wreak havoc on the east side of Delta. The wizard quickly whispered to the head wizard that the weapon being offered was the same weapon that had destroyed one-fourth of their city.

"I give you this token of my allegiance to you and the city of Delta," John said. "This gift to you is the key to unleashing eternal damnation and hell for your enemies, but you cannot use it without my help and the lives of the two warriors that stand before you."

The Supreme Wizard of Delta looked at the strange weapon he had been presented, and did not realize the power of the man and two teen boys standing before him.

"I need to know how this weapon can be used, and I am not convinced of your powers or the powers of the two boys that you have brought before me," the Supreme Wizard replied. There was a pause before he commanded six Trolls and six dwarves to attack John, Alex, and Carlos. Three shotguns fired and all of the Trolls and dwarves lay dead in the secret chambers. The Supreme Wizard was shocked and scared by the sounds of the guns and the deadly effects of confronting the man from Freeda and his two boys.

"You waste my time with trivial attacks on me and my two boys!" John voiced strongly. "I have no time for this kind of foolishness. I will take my warriors to another place where our services will be better received."

The Supreme Wizard quickly realized how one man and ten boys would be more powerful than all of the giants and Trolls on the planet of Jarkan. The wizard offered his guests beverages as a token of welcome. John wisely refused the offer of liquid that he knew could contain poison or a sleep potion. The wizard was upset that his offer of drink was refused, and realized that this strange man was very smart as well as a formidable warrior. He decided to negotiate the use of the strange weapons and the abilities of the warriors that could help him invade Charta, and capture immense treasure.

John insisted on returning to the open courtyard of the city before he would negotiate any further. The red wizard was filled with greed as he walked into the courtyard where he saw the wagon without horses that had entered his city. John knew that he had to prove again of the power he was offering in trade for gems and slaves. John used another radio to tell the artillery to blast the city of Delta to prove his strength. Buildings exploded with the blasts of artillery surrounding the city, and the red wizards recoiled in fear. They quickly realized that this man could destroy the entire island of Charta, and they were ready to trade to gain the power of John and his warriors.

"I want to pick from your treasures, and have all of the slaves that you own for my kingdom of Freeda," John commanded. "I will not waste my time with you if you withhold any slaves or treasure from my view. You can claim any slaves captured in battle if we fight for you."

The red wizard knew that he could replenish any treasure or slaves if he agreed to this bargain. He quickly gave orders for all slaves of Delta to be assembled in the courtyard, and offered to show John the treasures of their city. John waited while over 10,000 boy slaves were herded into the City Square. He acted indifferently as he saw the faces of the boys, and knew that most of them were Chartan boys. John told his warriors to talk to the boys, and make sure that no other slaves remained in the city.

"I can get better slaves in Meeka, than this miserable collection of human waste," John said to the Supreme Wizard. "I desire treasure or I will call off the trade with you."

The red wizard realized that more would have to be offered to secure the power of this man and his warriors. He knew that all of the inhabitants of Delta had sworn their allegiance to him and the ruling body of red wizards. Greed made him agree to take this man to the hidden treasures of Delta. John demanded that Alex and Carlos join them to view any treasure that the Supreme Wizard offered in trade. The other wizards remained in the courtyard, ready to cast spells on the eight young warriors and the strange wagons that remained in the hills surrounding Delta. It was a standoff of power, as John had told his remaining warriors and the military to open fire if John, Alex, and Carlos did not return in 20 minutes.

They followed the Supreme Red Wizard deep into a maze of tunnels and caverns under the city of Delta. The wizard did not notice the marks that Alex placed on the path to the hidden treasures of Delta. The group was amazed at the large open room of treasures that were inside the caverns under the city. John quickly saw two plain stones of purple and yellow among the treasures being offered in trade for his services. He quickly took the sacred stones and placed them in his pocket, acting unimpressed by the treasures that were presented for his trading.

"I have better treasure than this," he told the Supreme Red Wizard. "You bore me by showing me things that I can easily have by trading with other valleys on Jarkan."

The red wizard was determined to show this strange man something that would justify trading with Delta. John saw a collection of gray stones that immediately captured his attention.

"Why do you hide simple stones of gray that cast no gleam of gems?" he asked of the wizard. He touched all of the gray stones, and one felt warm and started to glow.

"One of those stones was a gem of untold beauty to my forefathers" he replied. "We do not know which stone has powers connected to the three moons of Jarkan, but only one contains the power to connect."

John mind-linked with Erik and realized that the sacred stone would glow and feel warm to his touch. John faced the red wizard and used his sword to cut off the wizard's head before the wizard could sound any alarm. Erik knew what his lover had done, and told John to find the stone that glowed when he had touched it. The power of the main stone could only be unleashed by the blood of the one that owned it after being taken from Charta. John felt the many gray stones and felt one glow. Following the instructions of Erik, John placed the gray stone on a pedestal that appeared to be of plain cast iron. Erik told John to take the severed head of the red Wizard and place it on top of the stone in the cast iron pedestal. John was appalled at touching the severed head of the wizard but followed Erik's command to take the head that was still bleeding and place it over the stone on the cast iron pedestal. As he lifted the severed head by the long greasy hair John vomited. The wizard's eyes were still open and his mouth had been frozen in the scream of fear that never sounded in the huge treasure room.

Alex and Carlos stood guard in case any other wizards approached. The location of the treasure room in the maze of tunnels was a well-guarded secret, and only the Supreme Red Wizard knew the correct path. Any other treasure seekers would perish in traps and bottomless pits with any wrong turn through the maze. John lifted the bleeding head and held it over the gray stone on the iron pedestal. As the head was lowered, John again felt like he was going to vomit. When the blood of the slain wizard covered the gray stone and ran down the sides of the pedestal, there was a flash of brilliant light. The head vanished and left a sparkling huge diamond, sitting on a pedestal of Chartan gold and platinum. Alex and Carlos ran to view the most sacred treasure of Charta. John, as the new owner of the glittering diamond was the only one who could touch it. When he touched the diamond, it transformed into a smooth gray stone. He carefully wrapped the purple, yellow and gray stones, and put them in his pocket. He wrapped the pedestal that had returned to cast iron and placed it in a leather pouch that he slung over his shoulder. The three warriors left the treasure room, following the marks that Alex had wisely made on the correct path out of the maze of tunnels.

As soon as he had recovered the gray stone, John mind-linked with Erik and told him of the success of the quest. Erik was screaming in joy as he ran to tell the royal family the good news. Now John had to get the 10,000 slave boys out of the city safely before the other wizards found out that their Supreme Wizard was dead. John had radioed the troops surrounding the city and told them to move all of the rescued boys to a safe place on a nearby hilltop. He also had contacted the base to begin the airlift of the boys back to Charta. John, Alex and Carlos were outside of the protective bubble when they left the darkness of the tunnels and walked out into the blinding sunlight. A large group of wizards, Trolls and dwarves stood between them and the safety of the bubble. The odds were 600 to 3.

"Your leader and I have made a bargain for treasure and the slave boys," John said loudly, as he and his two warriors gripped their shotguns for battle. Even with the shotguns, they could not kill all of the creatures if they attacked. "Your leader wants to meet with all of his wizards in your main hall before we select what treasures we will take in exchange for the service of my warriors and weapons." John was lying to the wizards to buy time, and hopefully reduce the odds in battle. John saw that nearly 50 Special Forces snipers had taken strategic positions around the square of the city of Delta, and that the military convoy had scattered to deploy their machine guns that were aimed at the 600 Trolls, dwarves, and wizards. All of the wizards took the bait, and quickly left to meet with their Supreme Wizard. With no wizard to stop them, the Trolls and dwarves grumbled. They were being left out of the bargaining, and realized that their share of any loot from Charta would be reduced if the man and his warriors served the wizards. They suspected that John was lying, and they decided not to wait for the wizards to return, and attack the man and two teens and kill them.

"Attack!!" the largest Troll commanded. "Kill them all!!"

The city was filled with the sounds of gunfire. Alex, Carlos and John emptied their shotguns, killing the closest Trolls and dwarves. They quickly discarded the shotguns and each drew two Glock pistols and began firing at the advancing creatures.

"Follow me!!," John commanded his two warriors. "Run for that wall!!!"

A hail of arrows struck the three running warriors, most of the arrows glanced off of their protective armor, but each of the three now had arrows sticking out of their arms or legs. Just as they struggled to get over the wall, an arrow found an unprotected area on Alex's neck, and the boy's throat was slashed open. John pulled Alex over the wall, as the sounds of military weapons filled the valley. John held Alex close, and realized that the boy was dead. John wept. As he removed Alex's helmet and kissed the boy, the body vanished, to be renewed somewhere on the planet Jarkan. The Special Forces entered the city, killing any remaining Trolls or dwarves. John was still weeping when the rest of his warriors ran up to him and Carlos and began treating their wounds. They knew that Alex was dead, and they all mourned the loss of their brother who had always entertained them with his jokes and acrobatics. The healing salve worked quickly, and John stood and looked at the battle raging in the city.

The wizards had realized that their city was under attack, and they streamed out of the large building that contained their meeting room, prepared to cast spells against their attackers. Before they could cast a single spell, the Special Forces ripped all of the wizards that numbered close to 100 to shreds. John radioed for a jet attack of bombs and napalm to reduce the city to rubble, and incinerate all of the inhabitants of the sinister city of death. The Special Forces retreated to the hillsides, preventing any escape by any Troll, dwarf, wizard or followers of the heinous sects. The roar of the jets frightened all of the boy slaves, who were still under the protection of the blue bubble. The city exploded with the impact of the large bombs and the balls of fire from the napalm canisters. When he was convinced that the perimeter of the city was totally engulfed in flames, and no creature could leave the city, he ordered the military troops to pull back further.

They never heard the sounds of the B-52 bombers that had been ordered to level the city. The entire planet shook with the impact of the large bombs. In less than 10 minutes, the city was gone and all inhabitants were dead. The flames of the city created intense heat that drove the troops back. The sky filled with huge columns of smoke that blotted out the sun. The smoke was so thick, that it could be seen in Meeka and Charta. The remaining inhabitants of Jarkan knew that justice had been done in wiping out the wizards and their city of evil.

All of the troops gathered in a meadow on the outside of the valley, and continued the airlift of the boys back to Charta. John knew that his quest was ending, but he still mourned the loss of the cute little boy named Alex. He prayed to his own God, and to the three moons of Jarkan, that Alex had not renewed inside the devastated valley of Delta. He mind-linked with Erik to tell him about the loss of Alex and that he now had the last three sacred stones and the pedestal that could return the temple and Charta to power. Erik was with the royal family, and they shared the grief over Alex's death, and joy over the last sacred stones that would soon be returned to them. John asked that the island be searched to find the renewed Alex.

The troops remained in the meadow for a week, waiting for the fires of the destroyed city to burn out. The troops and remaining warriors relaxed during the wait. The airlift of boys back to Charta had been completed, but not before many of them had been mounted by the horny troops. Many of the boys had wanted to have sex with John, but he refused all offers, even from his own warriors. They all sensed his grief, and left him alone to mourn Alex. The search of the island did not find Alex. Erik told John about the unsuccessful search, and that the entire island of Charta was praying for Alex's safe return.

Several of the military vehicles had bulldozer blades mounted to their front. The wreckage of the city was pushed back until the opening to the maze of tunnels was uncovered. John and his remaining nine warriors entered the maze to seek the treasures that were hidden deep under the city. The bombs had not collapsed the deep tunnels, and he led the band down the correct path that had been marked by Alex. John touched each mark made on the walls, and wished that Alex could be there to join them in retrieving the treasures that he had given his life to find. The treasure room was intact. The warriors who had not seen the vast treasure room were amazed at the beauty of the gems and precious metals. They began loading the treasure in bags and wagons they found in the treasure room. They were soon joined by the military troops that had never seen such beauty and riches. It took a full day to remove all of the treasures and for the airlift to return all the things that had been taken from Charta. John insisted that the items that had been made in Delta or Vetta remain in the vault. Charta would not need those items that he referred to as "trash". The Chartan treasures would be used to decorate all of the buildings in Charta, and to return the temple to the grandeur that it had been before the invasion, nearly 100 years ago.

Before he left the treasure vault, John instructed the Special Forces to set plastic explosives, to seal the room and tunnels forever. They all stood on the hillside above the city, and watched the explosives collapse the tunnels. John was holding Alex's helmet, as the city was now sealed. The convoy began the long trip back to Charta. There was a great deal of celebration among the troops and the nine warriors. Many of the rescued slave boys had remained with the troops, as the boys had found lovers among the men, and wanted to continually make love. It took a week for the column of vehicles to reach Christo. John was in the lead vehicle, and was listening to the plans from Erik for a parade and feast to welcome the victors back home in Charta. They were going to camp overnight in Christo, and reach the shores of Charta the next morning. John could not join in the orgy of the boys and troops, as he was still mourning the loss of Alex. He tried to figure out how he could have saved the boy's life, but he realized that only one life had been lost in the quest that was nearly over. He held Alex's helmet, as he walked to the shore of the ocean as the sun was beginning to set. The skies had cleared of all of the smoke, and the land was peaceful for the first time in over 100 years.

"It took you long enough to get here!!" a voice spoke to John. "Give me my helmet back!!"

John turned and saw the beautiful smiling face of Alex, who had been renewed at the exact same age as when he had been killed.

"ALEX!!!!" John screamed, as he and the young boy ran to hug and kiss each other. "ALEX IS HERE!!!!!" John screamed to the troops. The nine warriors wept with joy as they were reunited with their lost brother.

Erik screamed with joy as he ran to tell the royal family about Alex's return. Tears of joy flowed throughout Christo and Charta, as the news about Alex was celebrated. John quickly joined in the celebration in Christo. He joined the feast and got drunk on wine and Thrill as the men and boys began an orgy that lasted all through the night. Alex and John held hands for a long time, until the boy wanted to have sex. He offered himself to John, but the man refused and told Alex to go have fun. He saw the boy's armor fly off, and gazed at the beautiful young butt as Alex ran to play. Erik and John both knew that the marriage vows they had taken were sacred. Both of them had avoided the temptation to couple with eager young bodies, and were waiting to make love in the red satin bed. In three more days the moons would align, and the temple would be restored to power. John and Erik would also be reunited in pure love. John fell asleep under the stars of the evening sky, as the orgy continued in Christo.

As the sun rose the next morning, the men and boys in Christo were tired from the wild orgy. They refreshed themselves with Thrill, and were ready for more sex. John commanded that they all wait for the parade and feast in Charta, and they reluctantly agreed. The first raft to reach the shores of Charta contained John and his ten warriors. The history of Charta would remember all of them as heroes. Statues of each of them would be carved out of marble and placed in the lush garden in the center of Charta.

Erik and the royal family met the arrival of the heroes. Erik jumped into John's arms as they exchanged hugs, kisses and words of love. The parade traveled down the road to the City of Charta, with Erik, John, Alex and Carlos in the lead. The flower petals fell on their path, as the group of victors entered the city. Nude boys were everywhere along the road, many with erections that they offered to the heroes in the parade. A large feast of celebration welcomed them to the land that they had fought for. Erik grabbed John's hand as soon as the parade ended in the courtyard. He led John past the fountain where Devin had met his lover King Terra. Terra bent over and Devin rammed his boy cock into the king in front of hundreds of boys and men. John took time to give Devin a kiss and tell him to not hurt the king with his "monster". Devin giggled, knowing that the king had a huge cock, and would make him scream with pain and pleasure as soon as he came inside the king's ass and the king took his turn to fuck Devin.

Erik led John into their bedroom. Clothes and armor were cast aside as the lovers jumped on the bed to make love. Foreplay was not needed, as they both wanted to feel a cock inside them. They had both remained loyal to each other, not taking the many offers of sex from the horny boys and men that were now in the middle of a huge orgy in the courtyard. John begged Erik to fuck him first, as he had dreamed of this time when they would be reunited in their bed. Erik quickly applied lubricant to John's anus and his cock, and rammed deep inside the warmth and tightness of the man's body. Erik's orgasm was fast, and John climaxed at the same time as his lover. Cum flew all over both of them as they quickly changed places so John could fuck Erik. His orgasm took longer as he hammered his cock deep inside his mate. They again climaxed at the same time, and collapsed on the bed, kissing and whispering words of love to each other. They cuddled and Erik said he wanted to ask John a very special question.

"If the stones connect us with the moon," Erik asked softly, "Can I get a womb and have your child?"

"I had a vasectomy many years ago," John apologized. "I can have sex, but I can't be a father again."

Erik giggled. He told John that one of the modifications he had made to John's body during the transport to Charta had reversed the vasectomy, and John was filled with sperm just like he was when he was young. The thought of having a baby with Erik thrilled John and he quickly agreed. Their marriage would be complete if they were lucky enough to receive a womb and make a baby boy for them both to love. They made love for hours, taking only occasional breaks to drink Thrill. They finally fell asleep together until it was almost dark outside. They showered and went to join the feast and orgy. Everywhere they looked they found boys sucking and fucking. Jugs of Thrill were everywhere as the men from the army found eager boys to suck and fuck. Gallons of cum were pumped inside hungry mouths and tight butts across the entire city of Charta. They laughed as they saw Devin being fucked by the huge cock of King Terra and sucking Prince Kelly, Prince of Yellow at the same time. Devin's face told John that the boy was in heaven. The orgy continued for two days until the night of the full moons had arrived.

John knew that he had to return the troops and weapons to the 3rd dimension. Erik cast a spell to erase the memories of the men that had helped restore Charta to peace and power. He allowed the men to have dreams about their time with the loving boys of Charta, but prevented them from discussing their dreams or returning to the Land of Charta unless brought by John the Protector. Devin was also returned to the 3rd dimension, but after the pleas of King Terra, he was allowed the memories of love that they had shared. Using a secret spell written in the scrolls of Charta, Devin and John could co-exist in both dimensions, and using their minds, they could choose where their minds would focus. Devin and John would be lovers on Earth in the 3rd dimension, and have their lovers in the Land of Charta at the same time. It was a reward given to John for the success of his quest, and he had chosen to share the reward with Devin.

It was the first night of the full moons, and the royal family was waiting for the stones to connect them to the power of the moons for the first time in nearly 100 years. A group of 20 boys led the procession up the mountain to enter the temple. John had given the yellow and purple stones to the corresponding princes wearing yellow and purple robes. He knew what he had to do to bathe the gray stone and pedestal with his own blood before it could be transferred to King Terra. The temple was silent, as the princes placed the colored stones on the altar. John unwrapped the gray stone and pedestal, and placed them on the altar away from the circle of sacred stones. When the gray stone was in place, John took the Chartan steel knife offered by Erik, and slashed his wrist, causing blood to pour out of his vein to coat the stone and pedestal. John backed away from the altar as the gray stone turned into a sparkling diamond sitting on a pedestal of Chartan gold and platinum. He staggered toward Erik who was waiting with a jar of the healing salve to stop the blood flow, and repair the deep gash that could have resulted in John's death if untreated.

King Terra lifted the pedestal and diamond high so everyone could see the beauty of the most sacred stone in all of Charta. John had sacrificed his own safety to retrieve the sacred stones, and his own blood to cleanse the diamond of any traces of the Supreme Red Wizard, and the city of Delta. When King Terra placed the diamond and pedestal in the center of the colored stones on the altar, the moonlight poured down a fountain of blue sparks, causing all of the stones to return to beautiful gems. A blinding flash of lights filed the temple as the original six black wizards materialized in the temple. Each of the wizards hugged and kissed the princes of the color of stone that they had brought to Charta nearly 500 years ago. The black wizard who was the original mage walked up to Erik and told him that his wish for a womb would be granted this very night. The mage touched Erik's tummy and a stream of blue sparks shot from the diamond into Erik's young body. The mage then explained that since the invasion of Charta nearly 100 years ago, the black wizards could not make contact with the 8th dimension or help the boys recover the sacred stones. The black wizards had been locked in the 10th dimension ever since and were now released to travel through the dimensions and time. They bid their boys farewell, and vanished. The temple was filled with the reflected light from all of the shimmering gems. Charta was now the most beautiful place in all of the dimensions, and the boys celebrated their return to peace and power. They could now receive wombs, and take their island of boy love into eternity.

The next full moons found John and Erik at the altar, as their son was born. The boy was beautiful with hair as golden as Erik's and eyes that matched John's. They took their infant son back to their bedroom, and cuddled with the boy that they named Daniel, honoring John's father who had died several years ago in the 3rd dimension. It was a special event for Devin and King Terra too. Devin was not a Chartan boy, but Terra was. Terra accepted a womb along with over 100 other Chartan boys who had bonded with other boys in marriage. Devin would be a father at the age of 14, and his life on Charta would reflect his status as a member of the royal family. John and Devin chose to remain at their current stage of maturity, as life on Charta continues today as it was in the past days of glory with peace and love among boys and men.

Author's note:

Many of you would like to hear more about what happened to John and Erik and King Terra and Devin. I would rather end this story now, and let you think of your own ending for the story. I see continued love and beauty in Charta for everyone.

My other story, Christopher Robin, is also posted here in the nifty archives. The story you have just read is much different than my first story. I hope that you have enjoyed my mental exercise of daydreaming of the perfect environment for man/boy and boy/boy love, and the inclusion of science fiction events in this story.