Chapter 13 -New Friends

Red guided us to our first possible dragon located away from most of the other dragons. Her name was Relonda. Zac was the first of the elves to show his presence. He boldly and confidently walked beside Red. Arvin, Zen and Zeek held back , out of sight in a small field. I remained on my dragon's back.

"Red! It's great to see you. I heard you'd been killed. Obviously, that is not so," She licked her lips. "I see you brought dinner for two."

Red chuckled and both Zac and I relaxed.

"Always with the jokes, Relonda. By my side is a young elfin man."

Zac took two steps forward and bowed deeply. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, m'lady. I am Zac, elfin of Tail's End to the south."

"I like this elfin. He seems brave or foolish they are much the same. So, what reason is it that you honor me with your presence, Red? And who is it that you are carrying. Is that elfin not able to walk?"

Red had told us that Relonda love politeness and respect -- something she not often received from other dragons because she tends to be outspoken especially when it comes to her dislike of orcs.

I stood up on my saddle, looked down at Zac making sure she could see that I did not have elfin ears. I bowed towards her.

"Forgive me, Lady Relonda. I am Gladimhere, the human and the rider of The Red Dragon, Supreme Commander of the Dragons of Landsphere." With that said I did a high somersault over Red's bowed head landing on my feet. "We come here in hopes that you will join us and become the first lady dragon to fight in our battle to free Landsphere from the tyranny of orc rule. A month ago we, Lord Arvin, Son of The Red Dragon, and Supreme Commander of the Dragon's of Tail's End did battle along side of the elfin people of Tail's End. We were to say the least successful. The body count was seven-hundred and ninety-eight dead orcs and zero dead elfins on our side. This victory was due to elfin and dragons working together for a common goal and of course friendship."

"I see," she said but her attention went behind me. I knew what she was looking at. It was Arvin with Zen and Zeek in an aerial display. Arvin's roar could have been heard for miles and as they flew over you could hear the child-like voices of Zen and Zeek yelling `FREEDOM FOR ALL!'

"He's flying! That was Arvin! He's flying with two little elfin riders!" she said still watching them.

"Oh, Lady Relonda, you haven't seen anything yet," I said. Red lowered himself so I could get into my saddle.

"Wings!" I commanded and Red unfurled his magnificent wings. It always gives me a thrill when he does that. "When your ready, Red."

Red leapt into the air and we were airborne and proceeded off in the direction of Arvin. Once we met the other two we headed back with both dragons roaring.

"Gladimhere, see that large boulder? Let's see what we can do to it!"

"Yeah! Go for it!"

When we got within five hundred feet from the boulder Red split out a huge fire ball. Over the weeks of training with him I learn that although I couldn't create my own fire ball I could control his enough to accurately hit a target. The boulder was shattered into tiny pieces.

In the meantime I had notice Arvin speeding away. "Something's wrong, follow them."

Within microseconds I saw what Zeek was seeing and my blood was set to boiling point. My attitude was in full force.

I told what I saw to Red causing him to bellow and earsplitting roar.


In seconds we were above the scene where twenty-five orcs were gathered. Five of them were gather around a dragon about three quarters the size of Red beating it with their clubs while the others stood and encouraged them to kill the disobedient creature.

We landed between the five and the twenty. We were facing the twenty. Arvin, Zen and Zeek were along our side facing the five. I felt my dirk fly out of its scabbard but it didn't fly into my hand. When I looked I could barely see but a blur of action as Zeek ran in front of the five orcs arm outstretched with my dirk in his hand. Each of the five fell. He had slit their throats cleanly and precisely. All that remained of their life was quickly fading away in convulsions on the ground.

With tears in his eyes he tossed back my dirk which returned to its scabbard and then screamed, "Burn them to hell!"

"Gladly," said Red as he spat out another huge ball of fire. I held the fire ball in place until there was nothing left but ashes.

Arvin tossed the five dead orcs over our heads into the remains of ashes. I think he was trying not to cry. He turned back to the injured dragon.

Zeek was stroking the smaller dragon's cheek, "Please, I'm so sorry. I should have gotten here sooner. Please don't die. I want you to be my dragon. No other dragon will ever do. I'll be your rider. I'll teach you to fly like Arvin and Red. We'll be the greatest Dragon/elfin tem ever. I promise I'll never let you down again."

"I must be dreaming again...maybe I died and this is my I dreaming," spoke the dragon dreamily.

"Rhygar? Are you okay?" asked Arvin softly.


Arvin gave him a dragon's kiss.

"Arvin, it is you and is this beautiful creature the elfin Zeek?"

"Yes, this is my best friend Zeek and on my back is my rider, Zen. Zen is Zeek's younger brother."

Rhygar turn his attention back to Zeek. "I'm not hurt too badly Zeek. I will be your dragon. I won't die. It's like the dream I had. You were there Zeek and we were doing the impossible. We were flying. I felt so free and so loved. Oh Zeek! I heard you say you would teach me to fly. Is that true?"

"Yes, Rhygar, I will work with you everyday just like Zen and Gladimhere worked with Red and Arvin." Zeek gave Rhygar a dragon's kiss.

Arvin's body had been blocking Rhygar's view of Red and me. I slid down from Red's back and walked over to Rhygar.

"Hello, Rhygar, I am Gladimhere, the human and the Rider of the Red Dragon, Supreme Commander of the Dragons of Landsphere."

"A human! A real human!" cried Rhygar with excitement as he tried to sit up and then winced in pain.

"Lie down Rhygar and relax. Let see if we can fix what wrong," I said as I stepped forward placing my one hand on his right fore paw and then his left rear paw, "Close your eyes and relax." I concentrated my attention on his whole body and imagined the forces of magic that flow through me. I imagined a golden energy flowing into his whole body and healing anything that needed attention. I remembered healing Zeek and the feeling I had now was similar but stronger. But then I felt an energy not from me but from Zeek also flowing into Rhygar body.

I opened my eyes and what I saw was amazing. A torrent of golden energy was flowing to, from and around Rhygar and Zeek. It was like an aura of golden energy. It slowly began to fade as Zeek released Rhygar.

Rhygar opened his eyes and whisper gently, "Zeek, I am forever yours."

I could see the energy flowing between the two.

"Thank you, most magical Gladimhere. I and my rider," he winked, "Shall be honored to join in your battle against the orcs." This time when he stood it was with strength and without any pain or discomfort.

Red and I bid our goodbye and returned to Lady Relonda while they made there way back to Tail's End.

When we arrive Zac was already perched on her back. Her wings were unfurled. They weren't quite as big as Red's or Arvin's. They had been clipped but she being a female had a much smaller body. She by no means was aerodynamically challenged. I think they were a good match.

I asked Zac if he'd formally asked her to be his dragon. He turned bright red jumped off her back and knelt before her. I think she was quite tickled with his embarrassment.

"Lady Relonda, I humbly beseech you to be my dragon and for me to be your rider and for us to bond as one in a common goal of freedom for all from the tyranny of the orcs."

"Zac, I accept your request on one condition," she said.

"Yes, milady?"

"I never liked my name Relonda. The condition is you call me Londa unless the occasion is formal."

"Yes, Londa."

The trip here had taken us less than an hour. The trip back would take us days.

By then end of the first day we were still a good two days by foot away from the village. I should be there not here baby sitting two dragons. I'm not sure what was bothering me but something was. I guess the main thing is Zeek was totally wrapped up with Rhygar. I mean this evening when we camped he and Rhygar were across from me. I walked around the fire hoping he would invite me to cuddle up with him but was disappointed when he all but ignored me. He didn't even bother to say `goodnight'.

I can't say that I'm jealous of Rhygar. He's a very sincere dragon willing to give his all. I really like him. I guess it just hurts a bit that I always had Zeek cuddle up with me no matter if I was cuddled up with Arvin or Red. It's like he doesn't care for me as much as I care for him. Something has changed with him. It's been happening for a few weeks now.

All day I've seen this flow of energy around both of them (Zeek and Rhygar). What is it? Is it magic? Love? I see it with Zen and Arvin too -- the energy flow and also Zac and Londa. I am please that they get along so well. They tease each other which can get really funny but they know the boundaries not to cross in their teasing. I think all keeps us from getting bored from walking.

I don't see the energy glow around me but sometimes I see it around Red. I don't know what it is or why I see it. I plopped myself down on the ground on my butt and started to lean back on Red. I could hear light snores from all of them. I stood up and went for a walk not to far from the group.

I found a large boulder that was still warm from the day's sun. I climbed up on it. It was flat enough and large enough that I could lie down. I hadn't eaten all day and I was getting really depressed. I looked over and saw Zeek cuddled up with Rhygar. They looked so peaceful. I thought they looked perfect together.

I replayed the event with the orcs. It had been Zeek who killed the orcs, not me. I had started to heal Rhygar but Zeek had taken over. I wasn't really needed.

Home. I want to go home. I imaged the village. It was my village I loved the elfins there wasn't one of them that I didn't care about from the oldest to the youngest. I hoped they felt the same for me. Elfin people I think find it hard to express their feelings except for the younger ones. Ones like Zen. He cracked jokes, irritated the elders with his antics and he was so full of love for his dragon. He was so effusive most of the time not afraid to show his emotion whether it was grief, anger, or total exhilaration. He definitely was different because he has the most beautiful blue eyes. All the other eflins had brown eyes.

He could be so annoying sometimes but even then he knew not to cross the line -- most of the time. But the times he crossed the line he would always apologize and do whatever was necessary to set things right.

I loved his parents. They treated me like their son. They even gave me my own room in their home although I had rarely used it there were times when it was a very welcomed treat, especially the bed. I think it was the most comfortable bed ever. The gang here didn't really need me. I mean four dragons two of which could roast an orc to ashes in seconds.

I wished I was in my bed all cozy and warm. I could just imagine it. I yawned and pulled my eiderdown over me and fell into a deep restful sleep.