Chapter 16 - The Beginning of A Kingdom

I'm told I was out for over a week. When I woke I truly thought I had died and gone to heaven because an angel was lying with his head next to mine and when my eyes opened I saw his big blue eyes looking at me.

"What are you doing here you should be --," I said but was interrupted.

"I should be here with you. Everyone is training and said my place for now is to be here with you. For a while I was so worried you would die. Mom said the day I decided to stay here with you was the day you started healing. So, I stayed."

I didn't want Zen to say he loved me. Because I knew he would grow out of it. "I'm fine now. I'm not going to die, so you should go train your dragons," I said as coldly as possible.


"Zen please, go. I-I"

"No. I will never leave you. I love you. I know you are afraid that I will change when I am through puberty. But I've always known that I am different. I am one out of a hundred and maybe one out of thousands that won't change. I am in your heart and I will stay there no matter what."

My heart was beating so fast. Could he be the one? I closed my eyes and looked away.

"Just go! I need you to be a leader!"

"I am a leader!"

I felt his hand on my chin and gently he turned my head towards him.

"Open your eyes and look at me," he ordered.

I complied. He was so cute, so perfect.

"Look at my eyes. They are blue. I am different. I will not change. I am the only elf with blue eyes in our whole village. I've know since I was young that I was different because I could see it in my eyes. I've known the thing about puberty since I was seven. That's why I've always tried to make friends," he paused, "Because I knew I was different and I didn't want people to hate me after puberty. When I first saw you I knew I loved you. I tried to deny it -- to hide it. That denial and hiding was why I called you a dumb human. I saw it hurt you and I thought you'd hate me, but you didn't. You said I only cracked your heart not broken it and to heal it I only had to kiss your forehead."

I smiled slight at that memory.

He smiled too and then continued. "On the second day Mom said you were worse and she didn't think you'd make it through the night." He paused. His eyes watered up and a couple of tears spilled over and gently rolled down his cheeks. "I stayed with you that night. I thought about the kiss I gave you. You said it healed your heart. So, I kissed you gently on the lips and told you I needed you to heal because I had to tell you that I love you. I must have kissed you a hundred times before I fell asleep."

"Mom woke me the next morning, I was cuddled up next to you with my arm across you chest and my hand covering your wound. She sent me to get fresh dressings which I did. I thought she might be a bit upset with me because I had been sleeping with my arm across your chest, but she wasn't. She told me that your wound was healing."

I was captivated by him. He is the one for me. I know that.

"She told me she saw me kissing you and heard me telling you to get better. I told her I was different. I loved you and that would never change unless you didn't love me and if that happened I would die. She said she suspected we would live to be very old."

I smiled. "I guess we both will. I love you Zen. You are in my heart -- at least the part that wants to grow old and grey with you. I never wanted to tell you because I was afraid you'd change. You would want a wife."

"I will never want a wife. I only want a lover. I only want you."

He leaned forward and we shared our first real kiss.

Was it good? OH YEAH! Was it sensuous? Wow! No WOW! How long did it last? I don't know because time stopped. Did we make moaning sounds? I think so. Was it loud moans? I hope not - that would be a bit embarrassing. Was it passionate? Oh, yeah, it was the first time I ever came by kissing someone. Actually, we both ejaculated. It was Zen's first time to actually spew out sperm.

"Wow!" we both said.

I think I could have laid there for millennia with Zen in my arms. But I hate being all sticky down there. I think Zen sensed my discomfort and got up off the bed.

"Be right back," he said and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. True to his word he returned carrying a bucket of warm water. He gently pulled my pants down and started cleaning me up and then himself.

Afterwards he climbed back in bed with me. We lay there silently for a while before he chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"That crazy orc," he paused a second looking at me. I must have shown instant concern that maybe I had made a bad choice so he continued, "A good crazy. When the dragons along with Leaf and Rook many of the town's people weren't too happy to see an orc. I was I'll admit a bit shocked to see him walking along side of Leaf but only because I knew he hated orcs. Rude comments about Rook were clearly heard and then everyone got the shock of their life."

"Leaf sprang up on to the Reds back and shouted. `I am Lieutenant Commander Leaf as appointed by King Gladimhere and his aide-de-camp. By his authority I request, no demand that everyone meet in the town center within ten minutes. I was a shock. Everyone had known him as a loner and very shy person and now here he was standing tall and giving orders."

"There is one thing I knew about Leaf. He never lies. So I knew that he was telling the truth when he said he was now a lieutenant commander. Everyone was staring at him. Then came the booming voice of Red, "Well, you heard Lieutenant Commander Leaf! Get your asses in gear and get to the town centre now." Dragons, elfins and orc, everyone was there.

"I watched from the window here. He told the whole story how you stepped in the way to protect Rook. During their trip back he saw what you saw in Rook. Rook and he are friends and he would willingly lay down his life to protect Rook. Not because he has been ordered but because he -- Rook- would be worth a hundred of him."

"Rook has been appointed The Drill Master with the rank of Major by Arvin and me. We now have 23 dragons in training and 22 dragon riders who are in a serious love-hate relationship with Rook. They love him because he is honest and encourages them to do better than their best. They hate him because he pushes them to their limit and keeps them there."

"Oh, yeah, one other thing and probably the most important," said Zen, "Red, Arvin, Leaf, Rook and me negotiated and agreement with his village and the orcs that remained there. We will be setting up the major training camp there. Leaf and Rook and Olgar, one of the older teen dragons volunteered to be our ambassadors to help recruit others to our cause."

I was happy. They seemed to be taking charge. Did they really need me now?

As if on cue Zen said, "Now don't get a complacent and think there is nothing you are need for...I need you...<kiss> they need you. You are the king."

"King? I'm not a king," I said.

"Yes you are. That was part of the negotiations we made with the dragons and free orcs. You are King Gladimhere, the human."

"You are joking, right? This is just something you and Red cooked up, right?" he kept smiling and shaking his head no, "No, I can't be king! I don't know how to be a king! I'm fifteen years old -- I have no idea how to rule people."

"Gladimhere, my love, calm down. You've been doing a fine job so far and besides it's already been agreed and you are officially the King of Oannesia and Tail's End."

"By whose authority? And what do you mean I've been doing a fine job? I've been out of it for over a week."

He leant in and kissed me.

"It was a unanimous decision of the elfins of Tail's End, the dragons and free orcs Donkur. Unanimous that means everyone. Part of the agreement with the citizens of Donkur that as soon as you are well we will move there as Tail's End is too small a place. And by the way it was Arvin's uncle was the first proclaimed you to be the King of Oannesia. Not to be out done we elfins proclaimed you to be the king of Tail's End. No, doubt you will eventually become King Gladimhere, the King of Landsphere."

He was smiling.

"But I'm only fifteen."

"So, I'm only twelve and I'm the Supreme Commander of the Dragon Riders and Arvin is sixteen and the Supreme Commander of Dragons. Red is now the King's Royal Dragon and the highest ranking Dragon of the land. Oh and by the way Leaf and Red are in Donkur making arrangement for your quarters there."

I rolled over on to my back, "I'm supposed to bring balance to Landsphere."

Zen crawled on top of me and looked at me with his beautiful blues eyes and softly spoke, "And the only way you can do that is as our king, my king, my love." His lips met mine. I could feel his tongue demanding entrance to my mouth. I could not resist. His kiss was so passionate. He turned around and his lips and mouth found my stiffened dick. I of course was now looking at his beautiful elfin boy erection. For his age and sized he was nicely endowed. His hairless ball sack was the first thing I licked and teased. I loved the feeling of his penis in my mouth, the taste, the smooth velvety skin, his luscious foreskin under which lay the head of his cock so smooth and tasty especially when a drop or two of pre-cum trickled out. All too soon it was over as I exploded my hot juices into his devouring mouth and seconds later was likewise rewarded.

Zen laid on top of me for a while and then turned around so we were once more face to face.

"I think I died and went to heaven because there is a beautiful angel with blue eyes looking at me," I said.

We kissed gently and he laid his head down on my chest and we fell asleep.