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Landsphere- Tails End Chapter 18 Recon

It was already an hour past sunset and still Arvin, Leaf and Zen had not returned. I was about to go look for them when Red spotted Arvin approaching...but there was only one elf riding on his back. They were two far away for me to make out who it was.

My heart raced as I watched them slowly approach until I finally realized my worst fear...Zen was missing...

"There is sure to be an explanation as to why Zen is not..." Red said but my own thoughts interrupted whatever he voiced. "He has to be okay..." I thought to myself, "I can't do this without him..."

"Arvin! Where is he?" I asked before Arvin had furled his wings.

"He's in one of the cages," Leaf replied, "I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen to me. He felt one of us had to stay...the children are fearful, he wanted to calm them down."

"Gladimhere, he is safe for now. I would not have left had I not thought so," Arvin said."

"Rook is keeping watch over him. He will not let him be harmed," Leaf said as he approached me. "We have lots to tell," Leaf said and then in a whisper, "including a personal message from your love."

I think that the whispered part of what Leaf said was what set my heart at ease...well not totally at ease but enough that I didn't leave at that moment to go rescue him.

Of course, the personal message was the thing I wanted most to hear but I had to put it aside...information that would help us win this battle and save the lives of the elfin children, the elves of Tail's End and those orcs who would join us out ranked the need to hear a personal message from Zen.

I gather information from Leaf and Arvin as to the lay out of their camp. I worked out a strategy that would cause the least harm to our adversaries but still ensure that first the children were safe; second that the now self proclaimed free orcs of Donkur were safe and thirdly, the dragons were safe and fourthly, the catapults were destroyed and finally the orc army defeated.

Once the counsel of war had assembled I gave the floor to Leaf.

"There are about two thousand conscripted orcs. They have no weapons and know that they are on a march to their death. They have no weapons because the majority would turn on the troops faithful to the orc military command. The story of King Gladimhere has spread like wildfire through their ranks. Major Rook and the five free orcs of Donkur reported to me that many of them have sworn allegiance to King Gladimhere.

"Your majesty, they have done this upon freewill and despite the fact that they have no weapons are willing to die for the purpose of a free Landsphere. They have declared their alliance not only to you, sir, but have declared themselves to be citizens of Donkur."

"So, roughly, a third of the army is composed of conscripted orcs?" I asked.

Leaf nodded, "Well, your majesty, they prefer it to be said that a third of the army is composed of traitors of tyranny and oppression."

That knowledge was welcomed by all of the counsel.

"And what of the children?" I asked.

"There are approximately one hundred elfin children divided amongst five cages...some are near starvation...one had died...the Supreme Commander of Dragon Riders and I spent a good amount of our time collecting healing herbs and plants to feed the children...Zen has a calming influence upon them...they feel safe with him there. That is why he stayed. The new free orcs are helping him and the children as best they can.

"The orc leaders know of the defenses of Tail's End and plan to start their attack during daylight. The cages will be maneuvered to the gates by a hundred of the conscripted orcs and about twenty-five of the armed orcs to the front gates. They will demand surrender or they will set fire to the cages...the straw in the cages will be soaked with oil as well as the children. If we do not surrender the cages will be pushed to the gates and set a fire. The conscripted orcs will be pushed through until they either crash the gates or there are enough bodies to climb over the gates."

"They know elfin people will not sacrifice the children...they plan to enslave or kill those that resist...they plan to torture publicly the elfin boy that claims to be a human and calls himself `Gladimhere'.

Leaf smiled. "Of course, all the children and many of the conscripted orcs now know that King Gladimhere is a real human sent to Landsphere to free all who wish freedom from tyranny.

"One, probably the youngest and smallest elfin boy swore to the Supreme Commander that he would fight to the death to protect King Gladimhere. That is all I have to report your Majesty."

"Thank you Lieutenant Commander Leaf. Am I correct in saying that they rest at night?" I asked.

"Yes sir, which was another reason Arvin...excuse me...the Supreme Commander of Dragons and I felt is was safe to leave the Supreme Commander within the midst of the enemy."

"How far do they travel in a day?" I asked.

"Not more than 25 miles," replied Arvin, "It's the catapults and the cages that slow them down.

I presented my general plan of attack to the counsel. The counsel unanimously agreed and we adjourned.

I went over my plan in detail with Red, Arvin and Leaf. The only real tricky part was getting the dragons that pulled the catapults to safety before we started the attack. I told them to make sure none of our people were near the catapults and barrels of oil. When the children were ready to be moved send me a signal. Red and I will be waiting in the area in three hours we will signal - a small fireball.

Arvin and Leaf left.