Life Inhuman - Chapter 8

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Simon had received word of the attack on the Crown Prince's caravan and identified the remains brought to the castle to be of his beloved prince. Simon summoned the royal court and prepared the body to be presented. Once the court had convened he entered with head hung low follows by a procession of servants with the prince's body on a floating white marble slab and a linen covering that was embroidered with the royal crest. Simon addressed the court, "Your Majesties, Lords and Ladies of the council, It is with a heavy heart that I called thee forth. The Princes' caravan was ambushed and none were left alive. The remains of the prince has been brought back by a passing merchant."

There was a gasp from all as the linen was pulled back so all could see the Crowned Prince's body followed by the Queen's mournful cry. Flame was set to the body in the presence of the court. The Queen ran out and ran to her bed chamber to check on the gem her son gave her and to her relief found it still Blood Ruby Red. Without delay she cast the death sleep spell as she sat on the bed with her son's crown in her lap and her face in her hands with ruby red tears streaming down her face.

The King went to find his Queen as soon as he dismissed the court. Upon entering the bed chambers his heart broke to see his wife on the bed as an alabaster statue with rubies for tears. In his arrogance he had failed to consider this outcome, all he could do is wait and hope she would wake soon.


The first knocked sounded and Sebastian turned to ensure all was in order. The room had been arranged to look as much like a throne room as it could and Anniston was in a defensive position off to right yet behind Prince Capetian. The second knocked sounded. Sebastian reminded the prince that this house was his territory alone and would be viewed as his own kingdom. The royals entering will act as though they are guest in a foreign land and he is to remain seated until all that entered have bowed then he is expected to rise and return a shallow bow of acknowledgement. A proclamation by must be made as to how formal or casually informal things shall proceed. The third knock sounded and was louder that the first two.

Prince Capetian nodded to Sebastian. "Sebastian if you agree this is our expected company grant them audience." Sebastian returned the nod and looking down the hall to the front door he loudly declared. "Name ye my Lord's beloved."

Everyone looked to one another in confusion, save Prince Jasper. "I am thy Lord's true beloved, Jax."

With a wave of Sebastian's hand the front door slowly swung open. The first six guards of the Capetian's security detail entered in double file, followed by their King and Queen, then Prince Jasper and the remaining six guards. In this royal procession they crossed the great room and down the small hall to the study or as of now the throne room stopping at the entrance. Sebastian nodded ever so slightly and the royals then turned to Prince Stephan, "My Lord, I announce the arrival of their Majesties, High King Reginald Alberto Capetian of the Lycan Nation, High Queen Silvia Roslyn Capetian of the Lycan Nation, and thy betrothed, Crowned Prince Jasper Alexander Gibaldi the III of the Vampire Nation."

Upon introduction the procession entered the room. The guards quick to take a knee before their prince, whom looked like a twin of their King. The royals remained standing but in a slight bow, and all but one guard in the rear took a knee. Before any in the royal party was aware of this guard's defiance he had prince Jasper by the throat with a silver dagger at his back at the prince's heart.

"At long last, this atrocity shall be ended. Lycan and Vampire blood shall never mingle under a banner of peace but the blood of the Vampires shall run freely in the streets." Stated the defiant guard. All were still as to not provoke action that could be the end of both Princes. The room began to warm as Prince Capetian's blood boiled. He could feel the tip of the dagger as if it was held to his own back. Time seemed to become frozen to Prince Stephan as he stood and leaped into the air while shifting into his alpha he soared over the royals his clawed hand firmly sank into the neck of the defiant guard and his teeth into the shoulder. With sudden arch of his back he went into a back flip pulling the guard from his beloved as the guards head snapped free from the body. The Prince Landed perfectly at the back of the room and dropped the body from his mauling bite. This all took place in less than one hundred thousandths of a second. As the guards memories sorted themselves in the Princes mind time seemed to return to normal as all present heard the Queens scream and turned about looking for Prince Stephan. All were in awe at the scene as none had seen such speed save Prince Jasper whom was quickly embracing his beloved, at long last.

Sebastian spoke in firm tone but clearly shaken tone, "Your Majesties, I ask for you to please permit a moment for the Prince to regain composure, he shall return momentarily." Sebastian looked at his lord and nodded toward the door. Prince Stephan's wolf refused to release Prince Jasper, nor would Prince Jasper release his Wolf as they left the room in each other's embrace.

Sebastian started cleaning up the mess and blood using well practiced spells while Anniston followed closely to his Lords.

Prince Stephan shifted back to human form and Jasper was in awe at the beauty his love was in both alpha and human form. Truly his full wolf form would be just as majestic thought Jax. There was smiles and thoughts shared but not an audible sound between the two Princes.

Though the Princes did not want to leave the bedroom there were still matters to handle before such time could be spared. As Prince Stephan dressed in a new outfit there was never a moment that physical connection was lost with his mate.

Once both had successfully cleaned up they returned arm in arm to the study/throne room. As the neared the room Sebastian announced. "My Lord and Lady, their Majesties return." And all took a knee including the King and Queen.

Stephan stooped at the door bowed gracefully. "I take it that you are my Mom and Dad. I bid thee welcome and from this moment on let all formality be dropped."

Over the next hour or two they royals drank tea and caught up. Prince Stephan advised that he learned from the defiant guard it was he that was paid to allow the kidnapping party access to the castle when he was younger and that his whole family was aware and played a part. The Queen looked to her husband with tear filled eyes. "My love, I have never asked such before, but this I ask of thee, let not one of traitors family live to see today's final sunset"

"Truly my love, I shall see it done" was the Kings reply as he embraced in in a comforting hug.

Sebastian served lunch and suggested all prepare for travel to the Capetian's Castle. Of which all agreed. Once everyone was prepared, Prince Jasper opened a portal to the grand hall within the Capetian's Castle.

Upon arrival the High King Capetian gave orders for a feast for that evening to celebrate the return of his son. In addition he made a decree that all that served within the castle and their families are required to be present.

With a few hours to spare the King and Queen took their leave as Jasper and Stephan where escorted to the Prince's wing of the castle. Jasper was amazed as it was easily twice the size of his own suit.

With privacy at last, Jasper and Stephan embraced. Slowly their lips made contact as they kissed a most passionate kiss, a kissed that could only rival the unseen kiss of God and Goddess which created the universe with all its dimensions. Stephan took the lead and guided them to the bed as the managed to strip without breaking the kiss. Jasper was lowered to the bed underneath his love as their cocks ground against each other. The wolf had his love and needed to ensure all would know this beauty was his alone. He began covering Jasper's body in gentle kisses.

Jasper was elated as each kiss and everywhere his skin made contact with Stephan was electrifying. The warmth of his lover against his cool skin was intoxicating. Never had anything in life provided such pleasure. A gasp escaped his lips as the warmth enveloped his cock. Daring a glance he seen his 10" shaft disappear into his love's mouth as he felt rushing hand and roaming fingers around his balls exploring his ass. Needing to return the pleasure he managed to maneuver into a 69 position. Be for long both were releasing their pent up load down the throat of their mate.

To the surprise of both their hard on refused to subside. Their minds were linked now and no words were needed as they knew both wanted to go further. With a smile and a nod Stephan got between Jasper's legs and started lapping at dark rosebud. As his tongue pierced the rosebud it started extending deeper as Stephan partially morphed. Until he felt Jasper's need for something more substantial. With ankles upon his shoulders Stephan lined up for entry and applied pressure, slowly entering his love. Their eyes never breaking contact and looks of extreme pleasure upon their faces. Once Stephan was balls deep he leaned in for another kiss as his hips started slow and gentle thrusts.

"My Love, I wish to see your alpha form as you fuck me." Whispered Jasper.

Without losing the rhythm of his stroke Stephan controlled his transformation so that it was tediously slow but gentle. As the beast surfaced so did Jasper's alpha form reveal itself. Stephan was awed and amazed as his love morphed. He looked like what humans called angles, more precisely a seraphim.

As they continued fucking Stephan's knot started to form within Jasper increasing the pleasure for both. Pushing them over the edge. As their release over took them, the Alpha voices combining shook the very foundations of the universe and through all life. There was not a male of any species within any dimension that did not orgasm as their bodies responded to the alpha's cry of these lovers, though most could not hear the sound. The Gods and Goddess' watched as universe expanded by a third as countless galaxies came into being.

As the lovers basked in the afterglow of their union they offered their right wrist to the other while the left hand was on the others jeweled crest brazened upon their chest. As they drank from each other the bond was matured and in just this one union the birthed mate bond was fully matured.

Finally the knot subsided and both morphed back to human form as they slipped off to sleep.

Sebastian came to awake his Princes and prepare them for the feast.