Light Of Day, Dark Of Night

By: Jaden

Note:  If you have read my story Never Too Far Away, you will have more insight on the main character and his past. There will be a tie in with both stories as well as the sequel to Never Too Far Away, Time Stood Still.  Thanks go out to Comicality for having the GFD contest that this 4 part prologue to the main story was written for.

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me for my permission. Thanks. Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions 2003


Part One

"Come on, lets go!"  I exclaimed.  I hopped up out of my seat and was ready to go.  My friends stared at me like I was crazy.

"Dude, what are you on today?"  That's Kai, the jokester of 'the gang' that we have here in sunny Anaheim, California.  He sat next to his boyfriend, the blonde spiky haired, green eyed, Jordan.  On the couch on the opposite side of the room sat another couple, Tyler and Marcus.  Hehe, some would think I'd feel out of place with everyone else being gay, but seeing as I just came out of a relationship with my best friend who happens to be a guy, that would be hypocritical.  Blade, the one who I knew would be by my side always, was the only one of our little group who wasn't there.  He had a hot date earlier with Kai's boyfriend, and is at home sleeping.. Long Story!

"I'm not on anything, I just want ice cream!"  I yelled out excitedly.

"Joey, you're a human garbage disposal I swear."  Jordan joked.  That earned him a smack upside the head.  "Ow!  You hit too hard.  Ya know, you're a rough and rugged hockey player."  I grinned at him.  I was proud of my body, not too muscled, but not too thin.  My years of hockey had gotten me into great shape.  Since I've moved over here numerous girls have made gaga eyes over me, but they weren't really what I wanted.  There's only two people that I could see myself with at this point and that's Blade or my girlfriend Nikki.  I guess you could say I'm bi, though I've only been with Blade as far as guys go.  I ran my hand through my almost black hair.  I've been trying out a new spikey look lately.  My olive complexion has gotten darker since I came here.. it's a big change from back in New York.  Everything was perfect here, I couldn't be happier.

"Well, let's get going then.  It's late already, I don't want to be out all night."  Said Marcus.  Everyone stood up from their seats and headed outside.  Kai locked up the house, then it was time to figure out who was riding with who.

"Kai, are you riding with me?"  Asked Jordan.

"I would babe, but my back's a little sore from laying on the couch.  You're car is too small for me to stretch out in."  It was true, Jordan's BMW Roadster was barely big enough to fit two people, let alone allow someone to stretch out.  Jordan pouted, but gave in, "Okay."  Kai smiled at his display, then hopped into the back of Marcus's car.  Tyler and Marcus were already waiting, so I guess it was my turn to go for a drive in Jordan's hot ride.

"It's you and me, bud."

"I can live with that."  He grinned.  Jordan pulled out of the driveway and started driving down the road with Marcus in tow.

"So, you and Blade figured out that you're better off being friends?"

"Yeah, I think deep down we both knew that already.  Kai is the one for me."  He smiled as he spoke.  I smiled back at him, genuinely happy for Jordan.  His life had been rough up to this point, and he deserved all the happiness in the world.  We were a few miles from the ice cream parlor when we came to an intersection.  We stopped at the stop sign, and saw it was clear.  The only cars coming down the opposite side weren't at their stop sign yet.  Jordan put his blinker on and turned right.  Marcus stayed right behind us.  Jordan turned on the radio and we started singing.  I couldn't carry a tune for nothing, but Jordan had a great voice, angelic almost.  We laughed with each other at my sad attempt at singing, when a car started coming down the opposite lane at a serious speed.

"Watch it, Jordan."  He slowed down a little, just in case he needed to get out of the way.  As the car got closer I could see the guy on the drivers side and the one on the passenger side goofing around, not paying attention what they were doing.  All of a sudden their speed seemed to increase and just as I thought they were going to pass us, the car seemed to go out of control and they came straight for us.  "TURN!!!"  I screamed out.


My vision faded in and out.  I tried to move, but nothing happened.  My eyes opened slightly.. all I could see was the other car.. impaled into the front of ours.  I couldn't speak.. all I could do was hear voices....

'Black out'

My eyes opened once again, this time even less than before.  I could hear yelling.. fighting.. someone's fighting....

'Black out'

I'm moving... where... sirens.. I hear sirens.  Paramedics talking.. ambulance.... hurt bad....

'Black out'

Only my ears are working for me, all I can hear are voices.  I feel strange.. numb.  I started shaking violently with no way for me to stop it.

'Black Out'

"CLEAR!!!"  I hear a femal voice yell out.  Clear?  A sudden jolt went through my body.  I'm not breathing.. I can't breath.  "Nothing.  Prepare for another shot."  Whoever is doing this to me isn't giving up.  Why can I hear myself think if I can't even breath?  "CLEAR!!"  Again... nothing.  Someone else spoke to the woman.

"Do you want to call it Doctor?"  Call it?  Call what.. no.. don't.. I'll try harder!  Don't let me die!

"CLEAR!!!"  The jolt went through me again, feeling twice as shocking as the first.  Then I heard it... a single beep.  I'm alive!  No... then the steady sound of my heart flat lining doused my hopes.  One more.. please....

"Clear!"  The intensity in the woman doctor's voice had been replaced by a shaky fearful one.  The jolt shot through me one more time..... Nothing.  I heard a sigh, then the words I never wanted to hear, "Call it."

"Time of death, 2:43 AM."  Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!  I screamed in my head.  How could this be?  I can still think.. still hear my own thoughts!  I'm alive damn it!  I heard crying and sobbing in the distance... Blade.  I could hear him, he was right there.  Soon after I heard metal clinking together, most likely the tools they had used to try and stop whatever was bleeding inside of me.  After what seemed like an eternity, I heard footsteps.  Then sniffling.

"I'm sorry, Joey.  I shouldn't have brought you here.. if I had just let you stay in NY you would be alive right now. I should've been there, maybe there was something I could've done to save you.  You're my best friend in the entire world.."  It was Blade.  He was sorry?  God, it's not his fault!  "I-I hope you're in a better place, somewhere else where you can light up any room with your energy and love.  This may sound selfish, but I hate you for not letting me at least say goodbye.  You are and always will be my first love, and the short time that you were my boyfriend will always live in my heart as one of the best times of my life.  You've brought so much joy to my life by just being you.  I-I need to ask you for one last favor.. I hope you're listening up there.  Please watch over Jordan and Tyler.. let them be okay."  Jordan and Tyler?  I hope Jordan isn't going through what I am.. but what happened to Tyler?  "I-I guess this is it.. you always were an angel sent from above to me, I guess you can show everyone else up there that I was right all along.  Say hello to my dad for me, okay?"  Oh, please don't say goodbye.. please help me..  "I love you, Joey.. always."  His sobbing intensified.  Please don't cry.

I felt so helpless.  He was hurting over me and there was nothing I could do.  I heard Nikki's voice soon after.. but I couldn't make out what she was saying.  I guess whateve was keeping my brain going has just about given out.  A few moments later there was silence.  Not a single sound, no voices, no machines.  My words are jumbling up in my head, and everything seem so bright....

"Such a beautiful boy.  Sad that something like a car accident should claim your life."  Wha?  Who?  "Shhh.. don't strain what little life you have left.  I can take this all away you know....  all of the pain.  All you have to do is say the words in your head and this will all be gone.  You don't have much time."

What the fuck is going on here?  This person, a young teenage boy from the sound of his voice could hear my thoughts?

"Yes, I can hear you.  I think your answer is you want to live, right?"

Of course I do!  I need to let Blade...  I was cut off my a strange sensation.  The boy had gone silent, and a strange feeling swept through my body.  I gained some sense of feeling back, and what I felt wasn't pleasant.  There was pain shooting through me from everywhere, but an excruciating one at the right side of my neck.  Suddenly flash's of my life shot into my head.  Blade, Nikki, playing hockey, my bitch of a mother, my friends.. then not soon enough they stopped.  My body seemed to be freezing, whateve feeling I had regained being swept away.  My eyes shot open as the pressure was relieved from my neck.  They barely focused.. just enough to see the boy who had promised to take away the pain.  Deep, dark brown eyes adorned a beautiful face which was topped off by a neatly kept head of blonde hair.  One thing stood out more than the rest though.. his lips were dripping with blood.

"I'll come for you in a few days."  I could actually feel his lips touch mine.. his blood drenched lips.

I would've gasped if I could have, but soon the world around me faded to black with only one thought in my mind... What the hell is going on here?


I didn't plan on bringing home a stray with me.  I came out here for a break from the rest of the lot.  Taryn always crying about something, Bryson thinking he can run our lives, Michael just getting on my nerves, then to top it off HE had to show up.  Gyro... sigh.  I don't even want to think about them right now.

I saw this boy lying in a hospital bed, being worked on by a whole team of doctors as his friends watched.  I could hear his thoughts screaming out, hoping somehow he could give at least one of them a sign that he wasn't completely gone.  His eyes would flutter open every once in awhile, but I'm sure he couldn't see anything from the pleading cries in his mind.  His eyes were a striking dark brown, that had an almost hazelish tint to them.  His pouty lips looked so kissable, but that thought went out of my mind quickly.  As soon as the long haired boy and the girl who had been saying their "goodbyes" to him had left, I descended down from my hiding place.  I hid in the air vent when I got lost looking for the blood donors room.. go out for a snack and get more than you bargained for.

As I came up beside his motionless form I could hear his pleas getting weaker.. his brain activity was shutting down.  I could feel him getting ready to give up, even if he really didn't want to.  My extra was perfect for this type of situation.  Even if his mind went, I could still pick up any slight feeling of desire to live he may be having.  I stared at his semi lifeless body.  I could see his thoughts and feel his desires.  His desire to live on.. live on for the ones around him.  Especially the long haired boy.. something between them-- unbreakable bond of sorts.   He is the complete opposite of most of us that are turned... the complete opposite of me.  Usually it's a way to escape the horrible life that we call our own, but in this boy's case, he was happy.  A happy person, forced to plead for his life.. for anything to save him.  I envied his happiness, maybe he won't be as happy in a new life.  But, I guess 'A' life is better than no life at all.  So, I decided he was worth saving... giving him eternal life was the way I could take away his pain.  He didn't know that or even what I was about to do to him, but then again, there wasn't really time to explain all of that before he was completely gone.  As soon as he said of course he wanted to live through his thoughts, I bit down into the main artery in his neck.  I relished in the taste of his sweet nectar.... had he been walking on the street somewhere late at night, I don't know if I would've been able to resist getting a taste of him.

I sucked at his artery with all I had, basically killing him, but really giving him life.  I knew he wasn't feeling half as much pain as most of us did when we got bit.  The state he was in could be thanked for that.  Soon, too soon for my liking, I had to pull away.  The boy's eyes opened, and they looked at my face.  I could see questioning, fear, and excitement.. excitement to be alive.  I could feel his emotions, a jumble of them shot through me.  I wiped at his neck as his eyes closed once more, cleaning up and blood that was still dripping.  Footsteps approached, so I had to move fast.  I leaned down and kissed his sweet lips, first telling him I would come back for him in a few days.  In the blink of an eye the sheet was pulled over his head.  I climbed back up to the ventilation shaft and out of site.  I took one last look at the one I had heard his friends call Joey before turning around and crawling out of that hell that is called a hospital.

In a few short days, if my plan works, I'll be on my way back home with this Joey.  How he will react when he finally wakes up in the coming month?  Who knows.  If all goes well, his injuries will completely disappear during the transformation.  Maybe he'll even take to me... probably wishful thinking.  He'll probably freak out and hate me.  Maybe he'll pull away from me and go to one of the other lot members... away from Trevor the jerk, Trevor the asshole.  Joey didn't ask for this new life I have given him straight out,  but oh well, if he doesn't like it, he'll get over it and either deal with it or do what he was doing when I helped him.. die.  Either way, I'll go about my life, that will never change.

I spent the next couple of days sleeping of course.  When night fell the club scene called out to me.  I had heard rumors of underground vampire clubs in LA, so I took a trip down there.  The usual went on, dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking.  The occasional innocent flirting.. yeah right.  I'm not any one person's other half, so I do as I please.  As I got more and more buzzed my mind drifted to the plan for tomorrow night.  The timing had to be perfect for it to work.  I left the club immediately, using my speed to travel back to Anaheim before the sun came up.  I arrived at the Whitmore Funeral Home just in time.  I had scouted it out beforehand, and swiftly made my entrance through a basement window.  You could smell the death as soon as you entered.  At least I could, humans probably wouldn't have noticed, but they're not even the top of the food chain, what can you expect?  Too wrapped up in their own little worlds to notice anything around them.  Makes me sick.  I grabbed some boxes, with who knows what inside, then walked up the basement stairs and through the door.  The funeral director would be arriving soon, leaving me little time to get to where I had to be.

I hopped up on the mantle of a nearby fireplace in the room that held the wake earlier that day.  I removed a tile from the ceiling and shoved the boxes up and inside.  Before making my ascention up as well, I stepped down from the mantle and over to the casket where Joey lie.  He looked peaceful... sleeping like a baby.  I could tell his heart was beating, though no one else would know this.. no human at least.  His body was perfectly still, no movement to be seen.  I took his hand in mind... cold.. but that was normal.. he had just 'died' recently.

"Tomorrow we bust you out of this joint.  Then I'm taking you back to Chi town.. to my home.  Hopefully the bitching out I'll get will be spared from you.. maybe that will keep you from completely hating what I've done to you when you wake up eventually."  I kissed his forehead... wondering how long it would be or if I would ever get anymore than a kiss from this new blood.  I carefully climbed up into the overhead ceiling, drifting off to sleep for the day.

I awoke by my accounts at 2 pm.. too early for a vampire to be awake.  It was the only way for everything to work.  I pulled the tile from the ceiling up very slightly and peered down.  The same long haired boy from the hospital stood by the casket, next to another handsome boy with dark messy hair.. very surfe looking.  He was standing behind a blonde boy in a wheelchair.. no doubt another victim of this accident that would have claimed Joey's life.  They were all crying, their emotions cutting through me.  I tuned most of them out, but the long haired boy's emotions were so strong for Joey, I couldn't shut them completely out.  This boy.. he honestly felt he had lost part of himself now that Joey is gone.  The love he held for him was great, a very true and pure love.  He walked out of the room first, not being able to take anymore.  If only everyone had people that caring in their lives.  I guess I wasn't really that good of a person either when I was human.  Who knows, who can judge theirselves?

Once everyone cleared out of the room, I took off my coat and pulled the top of my shirt over my head.  I had to be careful not to catch any sunlight or I was toast.  I quickly jumped down to the ground, and rushed over to the casket.  I gently pulled Joey from the casket and carried him up the mantle and placed him where I had slept.  I pulled down the boxes I had brought up and took them over to the casket.  Joey is a pretty healthy kid, so hopefully the undertaker nor the pall bearers will notice any weight difference.  I placed the boxes inside the casket.. and was about to shut it when I saw the items inside.  A hockey jersey with the name 'Stevens' on the back and a logo of a phantom on the front.  There was also a picture of Joey and the long haired boy, and a gold necklace.  I hesitated but grabbed the items anyway, then closed and locked the casket.  Moments later the undertaker walked in, but I was already replacing the tile in the ceiling from above.  I left it open a crack, just to make sure that things didn't go awry.  The undertaker and pall bearers picked up the casket.. looking a little surprised to see it closed already, but didn't say anything about it.  They carried it out, without a single afterthought.  Not a single suspicion arose in their heads.  I'm damn good at doing what I'm not supposed to do.  I looked at Joey's unconscious face and ran my fingers through his hair.

"In a few short hours, we'll be on our way to your new life.  Welcome to my world, Joey."

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