Light Of Day, Dark Of Night

By: Jaden


Note:  If you have read my story Never Too Far Away, you will have more insight on the main character and his past. There will be a tie in with both stories as well as the sequel to Never Too Far Away, Time Stood Still.  Thanks go out to Comicality for having the GFD contest that this 4 part prologue to the main story was written for.

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Part 3


A couple months have passed.  The training has been hard, but it's made me stronger and more confident in my new life.  I think I've been doing more than I've supposed to have been doing, but no one has said anything.  Dion has been teaching me the necessary fighting and defense skills.  Boy, was I sore after the first sparring lesson with him.  He literally whipped my ass, knocking any chip on my shoulder right off.  He was a great guy, but when it came down to business, that's all Dion was.. business.  He did whatever it took to get the lessons to sink into my head.  I'm actually on my way over to start today's lesson.  My eyes have gotten their glow, a pretty cool thing to look at.  The contacts that were given to me matched my own deep brown's perfectly, so you could only notice how truly incredible they were when I cried.

Everyone at the lot has been good to me pretty much.  The one called Max has been a bit ornery, but I guess that's just his personality.  Doc has been nothing but friendly to me, starting up some really good talks.  Jenna, well was the sweet girl that she appeared to be, always making me feel welcome when I felt I didn't belong there.  I haven't met Rain, or the wild party boy of the group, Gyro.  Seems they're hard to catch around here.  Bryson has been teaching me to control my extra, which is a good thing when you consider I can see through things.  Sometimes it just turns on and I end up walking right into something.  With his help and a tremendous amount of practice, I've been able to get almost complete control over it, able to moderate the level of transparency I could see.

Dylan and I didn't speak much, his shy demeanor not letting him open up to me.  It's probably better off that way, because I could see myself falling for him easily.  That's probably why I should start distancing myself from Taryn.

He's been so incredible to me, helping with any questions I've had, or when I felt like giving up.  The thing is he's spoken for.  I've only talked to his boyfriend once.  He's a great guy too, but he didn't seem to take to me that well.  I guess what Taryn said is right.. that he's just distant from everyone lately.  They make a perfect couple.  I would never try to come between them.  I'd be lying if I said there was no feelings on my part for Taryn though.  Oh well.. can't always have what you want.

Then there's Trevor and his 'boyfriend', Michael.  I use the term boyfriend very loosely.  Maybe boy toy would be a more accurate description for him.  To Trevor that's all he is.  Every time I turn around they are trying to swallow each other's heads.  The thing is, Trevor isn't looking at Michael as he's doing so.. he stares right at me.  I guess he wants to make me jealous.  The obvious attraction is there between us, but I don't like his character.  I don't think he loves me, but I know he feels something for me.. more than sexual feelings.  He's afraid to admit it to himself though.

The one thing I've hidden from everybody, including Taryn is something that's been plaguing my mind since the day I woke up.  My memories.  I miss my old life.. I miss my friends.. everything about it.  What I wouldn't give to see them one more time.  To tell them its okay, that they don't have to hurt over me...

I was broken out of my thoughts as I found Dion.  He was petting Napolean while waiting for me.

"Hey."  I said casually.

"Hey yourself.  Ready to get your ass whooped?"  He grinned at me.

"Haha, we'll see."

Dion jumped to his feet immediately throwing a right hook at my chin.  I leaned back and ducked under his arm, going for a quick leg sweep.  He easily jumped over it, then caught me with a spinning backhand.  My head snapped back a little, but I shook it off.

"You have to be ready for the unexpected."

He had this way of saying the most obvious things as if they were the greatest knowledge in the world.. it just proved to piss me off.  Maybe that was the whole point of him saying it, to throw me off my game.  Dion ran over to a car, jumped up and kicked off of it, coming at me with a high knee.  I rolled to the side, throwing a well placed punch to his midsection as he landed.

"Nice, Joey."  A smile appeared on his face.  "Okay, face to face."  We walked towards each other and stood a couple feet apart.  He started throwing punches and kicks in rapid fire motion, leaving me the job to counter and block.  I kept up with every move he made, matching him move for move.  I caught him with a quick shot to the mouth, surprising him.  "I guess I've taught you well."  He smiled again, a small cut on his lower lip.

"Yeah, you have.  Thanks, Dion."  I pulled him into a hug.

"Hehe, okay okay, don't get all gay on me."  He teased.  I couldn't quite figure out what his deal was on that front.  He never seemed to show any interest in anyone.  If only he knew how bad Dylan was into him.  "Do you want to go one more round?"

"Hmmm.. well, I do owe you a cut lip now don't I?"  He grinned.

He threw the first punch again, but I was ready for him.  I spun out of the way and went for an elbow.  I missed as he did a cartwheel with the greatest of ease to avoid the contact.  I dug hard into the ground and charged at him.  He jumped out of the way, but instead of just missing something I ran head on into something... it felt like a wall.  I immediately fell to the ground, gasping for air.  I looked up from my lying position at the monstrous form in front of me.  It was gigantic, gray fur all over it's body, a part animal/part human looking face and razor sharp fangs glistening in it's mouth.  It snarled at me and arched it's back.

"Joey move!"  Dion yelled.  I was frozen though.  "Bryson!  Werewolf!"  Dion yelled out again.  He dove at me, knocking me out of the way as this huge creature went to slash at me.

I watched as Dion used his quickness to try and subdue the werewolf.  The animal took a wild swat at him, but Dion ducked behind it and planted a hard kick to the back of it's leg.  It seemed to phase it little, if at all.  Dion continued to throw punches and kicks at it, but it seemed to just shrug them off.  I got back up and charged the beast.  I ran shoulder first into it's midsection, but I think it did more damage to me than it did to the beast.  I fell back a little and gripped my shoulder.  As I did the wolf connected with a wild swing of his fist to Dion's jaw, throwing him about 15 ft.  I could feel the anger in me building up to a boiling point.  My extra activated, and I looked through the beast.  I couldn't see any spots in it that looked vulnerable except one.. his throat.  I ran with all I had, and in the blink of an eye I jumped up and gave a straight thrust to it's throat.  I watched as it tumbled to the ground, it's eyes shut.

"Shit!"  I looked up on top of a stack of cars to see Bryson, Taryn, Jun, Max, Dylan and Justin.  I looked at them, staring down at me and the werewolf.  I scanned their faces.. when I came to Justin's.  His eyes suddenly went wide as I looked at him.

"LOOKOUT!!!"  I turned my head just in time to see the wolf's enormous hand come swiping down at me.  It's razor sharp claws sliced into my abdomen, causing me to drop to the ground.  Blood poured out of me, I could feel it seeping onto my hands.  I heard yelling and fighting.

I focused my eyes on the action in front of me.   I watched as this beast threw each of my friends one after another like they were little bugs.  Justin was the only one who was having any luck with it.  I watched in amazement as he blocked any blow the wolf would throw at him.  Then the beast did something I wouldn't expect any animal to do.. it kicked dirt into Justin's eyes.  With him temporarily blinded the beast punched him in the chest knocking the wind out of him.  Taryn ran right at the beast as he saw his love hit the ground, but it just grabbed hold of him.  Taryn was lifted up high in the air.  He pounded on the beast's grip, but it was of no use.  The grip seemed to tighten as Taryn screamed out in pain.  Justin was valiantly trying to get to the beast, but his eyes still being impaired, it was of no use.  Somehow, I got up off the ground.. blood still falling from my wounds.  Something surged through me, my eyes seemed to burn, my body burning.. except it wasn't pain.  I shot forward faster than the naked eye could see and flew right into the beast.  As my hands made contact with its chest something shot out of me and into the beast.  I could see a blue light radiate through it as it started to convulse.  My anger was soaring, and I seemingly put an even stronger force into what I was doing.  Howls of pain screeched from the wolf's mouth, and finally it's lifeless body dropped to the ground, still twitching.

I too fell backwards, my body feeling completely spent.  I laid on the ground holding my stomach.  I could hear voices approaching me.

"Holy shit!  Did you guys see that?"  I recognized Jun's voice.

"Hell yeah!  He toasted that thing!"  Dion exclaimed.

"Yes... he did.. " Bryson said, a worried tone in his voice.  "Come on, he's losing a lot of blood."  I could feel some type of cloth being wrapped around my midsection.  Bryson picked me up and started to carry me from the lot.

"What happened!?!?"  I could hear a slight panic in Trevor's voice as we passed him.

"Trevor, let's go.  The kid needs to feed right now.  We don't have time to get him to Jeremy's for a blood supply."

Bryson continued to carry me to who knows where.  I could feel Trevor's hand caressing my cheek as he walked beside us.  Soon the pace quickened as Bryson and Trevor started to run.  I don't know how many blocks we ran for, but we came to a screeching halt at what looked like an alley way.  "There."  Bryson said.

Trevor's hand left my face, then I heard some tussling going on.  In a matter of seconds Trevor was back by our side.  "Done.  Joey, you have to do what we tell you, okay?"

I weakly nodded.  Bryson kneeled down and propped me up against his leg.  Trevor kneeled down in front of me as well.  He turned around and dragged something large into his lap... that's when I realized what was going on.  He had some person, unconscious in his arms.  He must have seen the look on my face.

"Joey, you have to or you are going to die.  Just sink your teeth in to the side of his neck, and your fangs will do the rest.  Don't try to do anything, just keep a firm grip with your mouth, and you will be okay."  I felt sick to my stomach as I realized what I had to do.  I watched Trevor's fangs appear, as he bit the man's wrist, drawing blood.  He held the wrist up in front of me face... causing my senses to go into overdrive.  Blood lust.  He quickly put the man in place so his neck was accessible to my mouth.  My fangs came down for the first time, a sharp pain shooting through them.  It was as if they were doing it all on their own, as in a matter of seconds they were sunk deep into the man's neck.  Blood filled my senses, I could feel it entering me, energizing me, healing me.  His life was being transferred into me, and the feeling was driving me wild.

Soon images flashed through my mind.  The man's images.  His family.. he has a wife and two kids.  The times he spent playing catch or basketball with his son, taking his daughter to recitals.  A pang of guilt swept through me.. until the next images came through.  I saw the man arguing with his wife, then hitting her.  Over and over, more images of his brutal attacks on his wife revealed themselves.  Then I saw the final straw.  Him and his son walking in the park, no one around.  The man took the boy into a wooded area and removed his pants where he forced his own son to perform felatio on him.  The threats of what would happen if he told.. the endless nights that he would visit his room and sodomize the boy.  I clenched down harder, with one thing running through my mind.  Die you bastard.

My fangs retracted and I let the lifeless man drop from my grip.  Trevor promptly dragged the man back into the alley and left him by a dumpster.  I still couldn't move on my own, but the pain that I had been feeling was minimal at most at this point.  Trevor grinned at me, as did Bryson.

"I guess he's willing to do what it takes to survive after all."  Trevor smiled.. a genuine smile.  He was happy to see me take that step.. to see me alive.

"I'm glad.  His development has gone according to schedule.. but there is a problem.  Whatever he did back there to that werewolf was not like any extra I've seen before.  I figured the seeing through things was going to be his extra, but obviously our friend Joey here has something else inside of him."

Trevor looked at me curiously, "You don't know what you did, do you?"

"No."  I whispered out.

"Trevor, I'm going to have him see Tim in a few days.  As soon as he's healed I want him to go find out what that was and how he can control it.  If it can kill a werewolf, it can kill a human or vampire for that matter, as well."

Tim... Taryn had told me about him.  One of the oldest vampires around.  He was the one helping Justin figure out what he was going through.  I guess this new part of my extra is something very powerful.  I just hope it's not something that can get out of control.  Bryson picked me back up and brought me back to the lot.  As soon as we entered I could hear Taryn's frantic voice asking if I was okay.

"He's going to be fine, Taryn.  He's just going to be laid up for a few days.  The sun will be up soon, why don't you head on to bed."

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it, "Thanks, Joey."  I gave him a weak smile, as my eye lids started to close.  A werewolf attacking me or Trevor showing some real feelings for me.. which is scarier?


A few days later I was all healed up.  You wouldn't even know the amount of damage that had been done to me.  I climbed out of Dylan's car and almost ran head on with him and Justin.

"Whoa there."  Justin joked.

"Hey, what's up?"  He looked down at my crotch, to which I followed his gaze.  I was only in my boxers and I had a hard on of all hard ons tenting my boxers out.  I blushed a deep red.  "I, uh, I'll be right back."  I hopped back into the car and threw some clothes on.  I don't know who has been providing me with clothes, but I'm glad they have been or I wouldn't smell too hot right now.  I stepped back out of the car, my 'problem' concealed from view.  "Sorry about that."

Justin grinned, while Dylan shied away, "Don't worry about it.  You look good in next to nothing."  He laughed at me.  "I've got the duty of taking you to see Tim."

"Lead the way.  Bye, Dylan."  He let out a very soft goodbye, then we went on our way.  We passed Taryn on the way out.  He flashed us both a smile.  I smiled back as did Justin.  My heart jumped a little bit at the sight of him.  I'm glad Justin can't tell what I'm thinking.  I glanced at him, and to my surprise he was staring right at me with an odd look on his face.  He didn't say anything, we just continued walking.

"You like Taryn, huh?"  He asked.  I was caught off guard by his question.

"I-I uh, uh.. "

"Calm down..."

"Okay, I have a crush on him, but i wouldn't do anything, Justin.  I know how much he loves you and how much you love him, I would never do anything to jeopardize that."

He seemed to be trying to read me.  I've heard that Justin is special, one of the chosen ones or something along those lines, so I'm not sure what he's capable of doing.

"I believe you.  You seem to be a natural at getting people to want you, so I'm just making sure."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, there's Trevor.  I think you've noticed he has real feelings for you, not just the regular fuck and run feelings he has for most people.  He's two faced though, so be careful.  I think Dylan has a small crush on you too."

"Hehe, oh really?  What about you, Justin?  Do I make you horny baby? Haha."  He smiled at me and slugged me in the arm playfully.  We traveled through a train station and came to a halt outside of a house across the street from a park.  We walked down stairs into what appeared to be the basement.  Justin knocked on a door in the back of the dark basement until a  boy, about my age answered the door.

"Ah, Justin.  Good to see you as always.  Who's your friend?"

"This is Joey.  He's been with us for a few months now, he's been training a lot.  I'll let you do what you have to do, Joey, I'll wait for you outside.  Bye, Tim."  Tim said goodbye, then motioned for me to follow him.  We ended up in an office even further back in the basement.

"So, what seems to be the problem, Joey.. besides the fact that you should've been brought around before your fangs had come in."

I blushed, "Sorry.  Well, a werewolf attacked the lot a few nights ago.  I got torn up pretty bad, slashed right across the abdomen."

"A werewolf eh?  Nasty creatures, not too bright, but they can put up quiet a fight if you don't know where to hit them.  Lift your shirt please."  I did as I was told.  He looked over my abdomen, "You have healed very nicely, and quickly I might add."

"Yeah.  Well, I was down for the count I thought.  Then the werewolf got a hold of Taryn and was trying to crush him.  Something surged through me.. like a jolt of energy or electricity.  I charged the wolf and as soon as I touched it whatever energy that had built up inside of me went through it.. it started convulsing until it eventually died.  The more angry I got, the more intense the force was going into it."

He scratched his chin, "Hmmm... interesting.  This is the first time it's happened then.  Have you any other extras?"

"I can see through things."

"I see, I see.  A transparency extra.  That means you were somewhat of a perceptive person.. you could see through peoples' lies and facades when you were human.  This other part of you is puzzling.  Let's try something here."

"Okay..."  He led me to another part of his place, what looked to be a sparring room.  He led me over to a dummy that had been set up.

"I want you to fight this dummy.. I will warn you it will fight back."  I looked at him skeptically.  I shrugged then started hitting the dummy.  To my surprise the thing flew forward and head butted me right on the nose.  I clutched at it, luckily it didn't break.  The dummy's limbs flew at me quickly, to which I blocked easily.  It stopped moving for a moment, so I let my guard down.  Big mistake.  It's leg flew up and kneed me right in the balls.  I gasped for air.. a burning pain going through my stomach.

"You worthless excuse for a son.  You're lazy, no good, and selfish.."  My mother's voice started to come from somewhere.. the dummy.. it had a voice box or something.  It kept throwing insult after insult in my mother's voice at me until I felt a rage build up in me again.  There was a mirror behind the dummy.  The energy flowed through me again... my eyes started to burn like they had against the werewolf.  I looked up in the mirror for a split second, to see my eyes.. not just the pupils, but the whole eye on both sides had turned a glowing neon blue.  "FAGGOT!"  I snarled and attacked the dummy.  It started to sizzle, and vibrate under my touch.  This time something else happened though.. my hands didn't just touch the dummy... they went right inside of it.  I watched the whole scene in the mirror.  It was like electricity jolting through the dummy until it practically exploded.  It's limbs went flying as it's head flew back into the mirror, cracking it on impact.  After a few moments I settled down, the glow leaving my body.  I leaned against a bench, then looked up at Tim.  There was a look of disbelief on his face.  He shook off the look, then wrote something down on a note pad.

"In my 600 years that's the first time I've seen any vampire do something like that.  What you have, what you just did.. was something extremely powerful.  It's obvious it is in someway involved with the transparency part of your extra judging how your hands went 'through' the dummy.  I want you to find something, use the werewolf body, build some dummies back at the lot, just something.  You need to learn to control that power.. if you do, you will be a very powerful vampire.  You have to figure out how it works.  How to work it without the anger and with complete control.  You have to just focus on the ability, Joey.  Don't let the anger consume you.  Control your powers with your mind, moderate them, and you will be a very tough adversary to anyone.  You are special, just like Justin, to a lesser, but very dangerous extent."

"So, it is something that I will be able to control?"

"Anything can be controlled.. it's just a matter of keeping it that way.  Talk to Bryson, he'll help you with this.  Come see me again if anything else happens.. immediately."

"Thanks, Tim."  He led me to the door and saw me out.

"Take care, Joey.  Watch your anger level, especially around friends."

I walked up the basement stairs and out the door.  I looked around, but Justin was nowhere in sight.  Great.  "Justin?"  I called out.  No answer.  Fuck.  I started to walk back the way I came.   I went through the train station and came to an arcade.  Oh, what the hell, might as well do something that used to be normal for me.  I walked inside and looked for a good game to play.  I picked the new NHL Hitz game.  There was a blonde boy standing there playing already.  "Hey."

"Hey."  He said.  He was really into his game.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Go ahead.  I'm Chad by the way."

"I'm Joey."

We played against each other.  I picked the Dallas Stars, while he picked the Chicago Blackhawks.  We laughed as our players threw outrageous hits and when the game started to look more like WWE Smackdown instead of a hockey game.  Blade would've loved this game.  A sadness swept over me, causing my eyes to water.  We finished the game in a 3-3 tie. Chad high fived me, but then his whole demeanor changed when he looked at my face.

"Fuck, you're after me..."


"Don't play dumb.. what, you thought you could hang out with me a little bit then chase me..."

"Dude, what are you talking about?  I don't even know who you are!"

He looked at me skeptically, "You don't know who I am?  You're a vampire and you just wanna hang out..."

"Well, actually I just wanted to play a game.."  A grin spread across his face.

"Okay then, double or nothing.  Sorry for freaking out on you, it's just that vamps are usually after me for info.  I don't usually get caught, but still."

"I see.  Well, I don't want to pry into your business.  Where do you stay?"

"Here and there.  No one place really."

"I see.  I stay at the lot..."

"Ohhh, one of Bryson's 'kids'.  Don't you ever get sick of being told what to do?"

"Well, they've all been great to me.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  But..."  He turned his full attention back to me for a moment.

"You need something more."


"What's stopping you, Joey?  You're not on a leash you know.  If you want to go somewhere, go.  It's your life not theirs."  He scored on me while I was distracted by his words.  "I win."  He gave me a winning smile.  "It was nice to meet you, maybe we'll run into each other again, I could always use a new friend."

I smiled back at him, "Thanks.  You know where I live so if you want to hang out or something, I'll be there.

"Cool.  Well, I gotta run.  Remember, it's your life!"  He yelled back at me as he left the arcade.

I left the arcade with his words running through my mind.  I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and walked right into someone.

"You're supposed to look up when you walk."  I looked up to see Justin standing there in front of me.

"Where'd you go?"

"I had to go see somebody really quick.  I didn't expect you to be in and out of Tim's that fast.  What did he say?"

"I'm special, not as much as you, but to a very dangerous degree."  He looked at me with an unreadable expression.

"Hehe, I think special is a kind word for weird.  I'll help you however I can, and so will the rest of the guys.  We're family."  He smiled at me as we walked back towards the lot.  I smiled back at him, even if it was sort of forced.

We're family, why isn't that enough for me?

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