Light Of Day, Dark Of Night

By: Jaden

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between males... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me for my permission. Thanks. Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions

Chapter 5
Realm Of Shadows

"He's human?  Come again?"  Dave's words echoed the thoughts running through everyone of the others' minds.  Six sets of eyes gazed down upon Joey, no longer one of them, a creature of the night, but somehow once again a human being.

"I can smell it on him," Trevor whispered.  He stepped up to Joey and helped him up off the ground.  Trevor's eyes scanned Joey, who was seemingly in more awe and shock than anyone else.  "Are you okay?"

Joey stood there in front of his friends in a daze.  Human?  He could feel it too.  All the advanced senses.. the hearing, speed, and strength were gone.  He brought a hand to his mouth and felt around his gum line, but found no trace of the fangs that once protruded from his canines.  His eyes felt strained and his vision was a bit blurred as he looked himself over.  He reached up and removed the contacts from his eyes and revealed the same eyes that were there before Trevor sired him at the hospital.  The glowing was gone, replaced by the natural darkness of his pupils. "I-I'm me again.. the old, normal Joey.."

Trevor looked on as a small smile crept upon Joey's face.  He didn't know what to think or do.  What can you do when the one you love is suddenly transformed into an entirely different entity before your very eyes?  "Yeah.. the old Joey.."

"Well, that's just fantastic now isn't it?  We have a goddess running around trying to make earth her playground and our leader is powerless.  Wonderful," Dave's bitterness came out with no regret.

"It's not like he chose to be turned back, Dave," Jared chimed in.

"Well, it certainly doesn't look like he minds does it?"

All eyes once again went to Joey.  He looked at them, not knowing what to say.  In one swift moment his whole life had been changed once again, "I don't know what I feel right now.  All I know is, I can't change what happened, so if that's a problem for you then say it now."

"Okay then, IT'S A PROBLEM FOR ME!"  Dave yelled.  "Now what in the hell are we supposed to do?  It's pretty clear we don't have a shot in hell at taking her out."

"You guys all still have your powers.."

"Oh yeah, minus you, minus Gavin and minus Caleb.  The three uber powerful vamps here are either missing, human or dead.."  Alex spat out.

Joey's head immediately snapped to where Caleb's body laid on the cold wooden floor.  He walked over and gently rolled his friend over onto his back.  Caleb's shiny violet eyes were staring blankly out into the world, without so much as a glimmer of life.  Joey closed his eyes and fought the oncoming sadness as he slid his hand over Caleb's face closing the boy's eyelids.  "What are we going to do about him.."  As Joey made a move to get up, a hand grasped his arm firmly and held him in place.  Joey looked down and to his amazement Caleb was somehow moving, "Caleb?  Can you hear me?"

Caleb's eyes fluttered open and seemed to flicker with light as they focused on Joey's smooth face, "Yes.."  Joey immediately pulled Caleb into a hug causing Caleb to hiss in pain, "Wounded here.."

"Sorry.. I-I thought you were dead.."

"I was.. for a little while."  Joey looked at Caleb like he had grown a second head, but shrugged it off.  He helped Caleb up and supported the wounded boy's weight with his shoulders.  Joey led Caleb over to the couch and had him lay down on it.

"Jared, can you help him?"

Jared frowned, "Joey, I'm spent.  I don't have enough power left in me for something as bad as a fatal wound.  Healing Trevor took a lot out of me."

"So, what are we supposed to do?"  Jared walked over and put a palm over the gaping gash in Caleb's abdomen.  The burning sensation that Caleb was feeling shot through Jared causing him to jump back with a yelp.

"That's not an ordinary wound.  There's some kind of magical influence quickening the deterioration process.  It's like fire running through my veins.  How are you even tolerating it, Caleb?"  There was silence as Jared turned back to his friend, "Caleb??"  Caleb's eyes were rolling in his head as he started to shake violently, almost in a seizure like state like Joey had gone into when he had a vision back in the tunnels.  Jared immediately grabbed Caleb and steadied him, "Someone open his mouth and hold his tongue!"

Rythen ran over and did as he was told, making sure that Caleb didn't accidentally swallow his tongue while he was out of control, "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know, but he's obviously getting worse with every moment," Jared's voice was filled with concern.

"He's having a vision..." Joey looked on at Caleb's spasming form.  Now he knew what he was like when he was having the vision of Gavin fighting the Skinwalkers.

"How do you know?"  Rythen questioned.

"I've had one like it before.. these guys saw it," Jared nodded in response to Joey's statement.

"But he's dying Joey.  I can feel it everytime I touch him.  Kali must've laced his blood with something when she sank her nails into his head.  I can't counter it.. this is out of our hands now."

"So, you're saying we just let him die?"  Dave's aggression was in overdrive.

"What else can we do, Dave?!?!  None of us here have any kind of power that can help him.  He's dying and there's no way to stop it."

"That's not necessarily true," Rythen drew the attention to himself as he spoke softly, "There's a chance he could be saved.. if I can get him there in time.."

"Where?  Get him where, Rythen?!?"  Joey briskly walked over to Rythen and stared at him awaiting an answer.

"Well, it's a longshot.. but my great grandfather once came across the Council Of Light, a group of the most powerful magi in the world.  If anyone can help, it'd be them."

"Magi?  We have bloody wizards around and for some reason they're letting this witch walk around doing as she pleases?"  Dave shouted.

"I'm guessing she's more than even they can handle.  If not, she would've been stopped by now.  You have to understand she's not just a witch.  She's a god.  One with the powers of the most powerful witches and wizards combined.  I've read the prophecies about the dark goddess that would arise from the ashes and try to take over the world."

"Prophecies?  This is all written out somewhere?"  Trevor spoke incredulously, to which Rythen just nodded, "There is way too much drama in Southern California.."

"If you two are done complaining, we should get moving on finding this council," Chloe spoke for the first time since Kali's intrusion.

"That's the problem, the council is in England.  There's no way we'll make it there in time to save Caleb."

"Uh, hello?  Teleporter over here," Dave waved his arms sarcastically.

"You can't teleport into The Citadel of Sarathyl.  You can't even teleport within 50 miles of that place without being a magi.  That's too far for us to go on foot carrying a body.  Plus they don't take too kindly to vampires."

"You know, this plan sounded a lot better before you actually told us the details," Trevor snapped at Rythen.  Caleb's body stopped spasming and laid motionless on the couch.  As soon as Jared and Rythen let go of him, his body shot up into a sitting position and his eyes popped open.

"Follow the tides to Oceanside.. follow the hawk's cries.  The girl.. the girl!  She has the eyes.. the power.. help.. me.."  Caleb dropped back down, passing out completely after his outburst.

Rythen put a hand over Caleb's forehead, "He feels like he's on fire.  I'll take him to Oceanside."

"Just you?  It'll be faster if we all go," Joey put his two cents in.

"You'll never keep up.  If these are magi in Oceanside, the less vampires the better.  I'll be fine, and I'll get Caleb help.  Don't worry about us," Rythen quickly ran to the back room and grabbed his bag.  Jared placed his hands over Caleb's head and a bright light passed from the healer to the wounded.

"He should have enough strength to walk with your aid for a day at the most.  After that, if he makes it, you'll have to carry him."

Rythen nodded and helped Caleb to his feet.  Caleb put his arm around Rythen's shoulders, and the two headed off toward the tunnel entrance at the back of the building.

"How will we know if you need us?"  Joey questioned.

"I'm a locator.  I'll know where to find you.  Kali won't be coming after us... Trust me," With that, Rythen helped Caleb down the ladder, then disappeared down into the dark tunnels below the building himself, with Caleb's life in his hands.

Realm Of Shadows..

The darkened caverns of the once sacred ground held an eerie calmness.  Not a sound was to be heard, but the steady drops of dew hitting the ground as they made their descent from the encased stone above.  The grounds were said to be protected by the spirits of light, warriors who once defended the very site with their lives against the forces of evil.  They lost their lives for the safety of humanity, now their shadows haunt the hollow caves, warding off any trespassers that may try to penetrate the caverns.

Deep in the heart of the realm, lied the Forbidden Crypts.  Within these untouched grounds was a stone pedestal that stood in the center of a sacred circle.  The circle was engraved with magic warding markings, keeping any and all magi away from the treasure that was held there.  The treasure was not money, nor gold, but a small, yet unbelievably powerful amulet.  It's light sparkled throughout the hall that held it, the light beaming off the dormant concrete around it.  The Realm Of Shadows was at peace, just as it had been for many decades.  Not since then has anyone been foolish enough to try and enter to take the amulet.  Not until today.

Rocks started coming loose and crashing to the ground as the deep caverns rumbled.  The calmness broke into chaos without warning as wind whipped through the vacant halls seemingly out of nowhere.  A form briskly stalked through the tunnel like structures, without breaking stride, the falling debris seeming to somehow stay out of the way of their path.

Suddenly the rumbling that had taken over the realm stopped, causing the intruder to stop in their tracks as well.  The sounds of voices echoed all around, bouncing off one another to form the warnings that were heard.

"Turn back now."

"This is not your place."

"Be gone and never look back!"

"You'll never make it out alive.."

The black hood slipped down and fell limply to the back of the intruders neck, "Try and stop me."  Kali flashed a smile as she proceeded onward, deeper into the darkness of the caves, heading for her target.  She picked up her pace and rounded the corner, with the Forbidden Crypts just up ahead.  Out of nowhere she was thrown backward, tumbling to the ground.

"FOOL!"  A voice rumbled, the deepness of it like a baseline humming throughout the caves, "You dare disobey us?"

Kali stood up, wiping her cloak off, "I dare you to do that again, shadow boy."  Kali's eyes flickered with power as she taunted the keepers of the the realm. The shadowy forms appeared in her path, nothing but black, silhouettes of their former selves.

"Your sharp tongue will lead you to another death, witch."

"I believe you tried that before, and it got a little toasty in here.  Such cute boys you all were, pity I had to return the favor that you paid me.  How did you like burning alive, sweeties?"  Kali was thrown backwards again, but this time she landed and planted her feet firmly into the ground.  She pressed her hands against the cold stone wall closest to her and sent a ripple of fire swirling around the cave in front of her.  The cave lit up, flames encircling the path, with every step she took, sending the shadow warriors scattering back into the darkness, "Someone seems to have gotten awful quiet.  What's the matter boys, are you still afraid of the hot stuff?"  Kali arrogantly stepped through the ring of fire and heaved the door to the crypts open.

"You will never leave here with the amulet."  One lone shadow reappeared in front of Kali, defying her constant taunting.

"Always trying to make things difficult.  If you'd just return things when you borrow them we wouldn't keep having these snippy meetings."

"The amulet was never meant for you.  It is only meant for that of a true savior.  A leader of the light, and you will never again lay your hands on it."

"Bored now," Kali waved her hand and engulfed the shadow in a ball of light that quickly encompassed him completely.  The electricity that once belonged to Joey sparked up and into the orb and consumed the shadow warrior as he screamed out in agony.  Kali smiled menacingly while the warrior dropped to his knees and slowly started disintegrating until he was nothing, but dust on the murky ground.  She stepped into the Forbidden Crypts and surveyed the surroundings.  Her presence brought a chill to the air, setting the atmosphere out of balance.  She stepped forward, the amulet in her sight.  She moved without caution and as she moved to step into the circle she stumbled back when her face smashed against something.  "Ow.  Now that was uncalled for.  Reveal!"  An invisible shield came into view, a force field that she hadn't counted on.  "How very Star Trek of you."  Kali put her hands against the shield and chanted as her eyes slipped into the pure white abyss of her magic.  "Obey these words of power, watchers of the threshold, watchers at the gate unbar the guarded door, obey this command of this servant of power."

The force field flickered, as the ground started to rumble once again, but it reappeared just as strong as it had been before Kali's spell.  "We told you, you would never get the amulet.  Now be gone from our presence, and never return!"  Voices shouted from all around, showing the hatred that was held within the sacred place for the goddess.

Kali sneered, "Fine, if I can't have it, no one can.  Earth, bone, and winding sheet, let the spirits come to me.  Disrupt this peace, make these warriors fall, take their spirits, destroy them all."  The cave erupted into a fiery inferno as demons emerged from the unearthed ground.  The shadows immediately sprang into action, but soon they were being overmatched by a power much greater than their own.  Kali turned on her heels and calmly walked back through the realm and stopped at the entrance.  She grinned widely, with the sound of the screaming pleas drifting throughout the caverns, playing like music to her ears.

Back at the Haven..

Joey stood in front of the mirror that adorned his large oak dresser.  He stared at himself like he was seeing his reflection for the very first time.  To anyone who didn't know him, they would think he was the same person that he had been for the past 8 months, not someone who's life had just been thrown into limbo.

He despised Kali for what she had done to Caleb and what she stood for, but another emotion pushed through inside of him about what she had done to him.  She had stolen his powers, and his total existence as a vampire, but she had in the process given him the ability to go about the world like every other normal human being.  Without having to worry about being vanquished by the sun's blistering rays, without having to worry about revealing his true self to the outside world.. because his true self was now just like everyone else.  A pure and simple everyday person.

Joey took out a small duffel bag and began throwing some personal belongings into it.  What clothes he had collected over the time he had spent at the Haven, along with his few possessions from his previous life filled the bag quickly.  He zipped the bag up and set it down on the bed.  His mind was pushing him in two directions, but in his heart, he knew what he had to do.. for himself.  He picked up the bag and slung it over his shoulder.  He scanned the room one more time before turning toward the door only to be met with the sight of Dave eyeing him accusingly.

"So, now you're going to skip out on us?"

Joey looked down at the floor, then back up at his friend, "I have to go, Dave.  It's just how it has to be."

Joey tried to brush past Dave, but Dave blocked Joey's path and pushed him up against the door, "Now that you're human, that gives you the right to walk out on us?  I thought WE were supposed to be a family now, Joey."

"I'm of no use to anybody here.  Just let me go, you guys will be fine without me."

"We'll be fine?  We'll be FINE?!?!?  Maybe that old cow messed up your head a bit more than I reckoned, but did you not see the witch that just stomped all over us, sunshine?"

Joey just frowned, "I more than saw her.  I couldn't touch her when I was a vampire, what makes you think I could do anything to her with no power at all?"

"I didn't say you could!  The point is, we're a group and you're abandoning us for what?  To go back to the guy you used to be?  Go back to Blade, Eric and all the other guys from school?  What do you think you're going to say, Joey?  Oh hey guys, sorry I just DIED for awhile, but I decided to come back and now we can be old pals again."

Joey's eyes flickered with despair, "If I thought that would actually work, I'd do it in a heartbeat," He paused, "But I know there's no way I can walk back into their lives.  The only other thing I know for sure right now, is I'm human and you guys are vampires.  I can't give you anything but a good meal at this point, so if that's what you want from me, go ahead and take it now to save yourself the hunt later on."

Dave looked at Joey with disgust, "As if I'd eat you.  You know what?  Just go.  Some leader you turned out to be.  Walk away, go cry over Blade and how much you miss him.  We'll all be fighting for YOUR life along with our own soon enough.  Have a nice life Joey, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

Joey looked Dave in the eye, the one vamp he had sired, "You know I care about you, Dave.  If you want to hate me for what I'm about to do, there's nothing I can do to stop you.  I'll see you again, but for now.. Take care of yourself and the rest of the guys."  Joey put his hand on Dave's shoulder, than walked out the door and through the main living quarters.  He saw Alex, Jared and Chloe look up at him from their seats.

"You're leaving?  Now??"  Alex questioned with panic in his voice.  Joey walked over to the youngest of the group and sat down next to him, wrapping his free arm around the blonde boy's thin body.

"I'm sorry, Alex.  I have to find myself again, and I can't do it here.  What I need is out there, and with whatever time I have left on this planet, I'm going to search for and find what I'm seeking."

"But, I don't want you to go!  We need you, you're the leader!  What are we supposed to do with you gone?"

"Find yourselves.. and prepare to fight for the world..."  Joey whispered, then solemnly stood.

Jared stood up as well and hugged the guy he had come to see as a brother, "You watch out for yourself, you hear?  I know where you're coming from.  We'll hold down the fort here, you just hurry up and find whatever it is you're looking for and get your ass back here."

Joey smiled widely and returned Jared's hug, "Thanks, Jared."  Chloe stayed seated and stared at the floor, "Chloe, if you're angry with me, I'm sorry," Joey leaned down and kissed the top of the girls head, before walking to the main door.  He took one long glance back at the people he had grown to love, sighed to himself and stepped outside, shutting the door behind him.

The cool night air hit Joey hard, causing him to shiver slightly.  His eyes glanced at people as they casually walked along the vacant sidewalks of the street.  No sense of hunger hit him, the bloodlust truly was gone.  The world was safe from having their thoughts seen by Joey, one guy not being any different from the next to him anymore.  As he started to ascend down the stone steps, a voice startled him, "I'm not going to say goodbye to you again."  Joey turned around to see Trevor perched upon the top of the stone railing that lined the concrete steps to the Haven's entrance.  His blonde hair bristled slightly with the wind, and his eyes shimmered under the moonlight.

"I don't want to say goodbye to you again either."

"Is that why you were going to take off without saying a word to me?  Just let me come in tonight and realize that you're gone?  That you ran out on me AGAIN?"  Joey's eyes shot down as the guilt hit him hard.  Trevor hopped off the railing and walked down the stairs toward Joey.  He placed a hand on Joey's chin and nudged the caramel skinned boy's face up to meet his own, "Don't do this to me again, please..."

"Trevor, I'm sorry.."

"Don't give me you're sorry, Joey!  I don't want to hear any more apologies.  I want you to step up and show me that you care.  I stood by and let you run once, I'm not going to just lie down and let you go again.  You ran from your feelings for me as much as you ran to your feelings for Blade.  You found him.. now let me be the one you run to instead of the one you run from."

Trevor wrapped his arms around Joey's waist and pulled the boy close.  Joey nuzzled Trevor's cheek with his nose, relishing in the touch of the blonde vampire.  "I never ran from you.  I loved you and you were the only reason that I had to fight so hard with myself when I left Chicago.  I knew I'd see you again and I was right.  Now I'm asking you to let me go.. knowing that you'll see me again one day."

Trevor's eyes lit up with a glow, "If I let you go, I'll never know what my life would be like holding you close to me."

Joey hugged the boy as tight as he could, planting small kisses on Trevor's sweet lips, "One day.. you'll know.  I promise you that."

Trevor pulled away and stared Joey in the eyes, "Let me come with you."


"Please.  You'll need someone to look after you.  What if something happens to you now?  You can't fight off things without your powers."

"This time.. I'm leaving it up to fate."

"So you won't even hear of me coming with you?  You're selfish, Joey.  You used to call me a selfish asshole back in Chi-Town, but you know what?  The roles are reversed.  You don't care about me.  If you did, it'd matter to you that you're breaking my heart all over again.  I came over a thousand miles to be with you, and what do I have to show for it?  TEARS.  Fucking tears.." Trevor started sobbing, despite the snappy demeanor he was trying to display.

"Please don't cry.  I never meant to hurt you.."

"Well you did!  You hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me.  Do you know what I feel right now, Joey?  I feel your desire to leave.  You desire to leave here and never look back."

Joey sighed, "And you don't feel the desire in me to take you in my arms and never let go?  To wipe your tears away and prove to you that I do care about you?"

Trevor looked up with a challenging glare, "Then do it."

Joey walked up and took Trevor's face into his hands.  Joey's lips pressed against Trevor's with a passion that they had known long ago, and both of them savored the feeling one more time.  Trevor kissed back, sliding his tongue into Joey's mouth, tasting the boy that had stolen his heart.  After a few moments Joey broke the kiss and stared into Trevor's brown eyes, "I love you, Trevor."

Trevor's lips frowned, "I love you too, but you're leaving anyway.."

"I'll come back for you, I promise.  No goodbyes," Joey kissed Trevor one more time, then turned around and started off on his journey.

Trevor stood there, tears running down his cheeks as he watched Joey disappear into the darkness, engraving the boy's image into his heart, knowing what Joey didn't, that this really was goodbye for them, "Goodbye, Joey.  Take care of yourself."

The next day..

The sun shined brightly, illuminating the skies of Anaheim, washing away the doom and gloom that had taken over the downtown area of the city the day before.  People went about their business as usual, if not a little bit more cautious, as the news of a werewolf on a rampage tends to cause people to keep an eye out.

Joey basked in the glow of the light for the first time in what seemed like ages.  The old saying was true, you never miss what you have until you don't have it anymore.  The people around him didn't look at him like an outcast, yet some even greeted him with a kindness that was severely lacking in most of of today's society.  It wasn't Joey's intention to walk around shopping, so he hopped on the nearest bus and let it take him to his destination.

Houses zipped by as the bus made it's steady journey to the next stop.  Joey's eyes lit up in recognition as he watched the gigantic mansion go by that belonged to his at a time, close friend Jordan Chambers.  Next up his eyes fell upon Kai Kimbal's house, then finally as the bus came to a stop.. his former home.  Joey stepped off the bus and proceeded cautiously toward the Stevens household, not sure what exactly he was expecting from this visit.  He couldn't really just walk back into the lives of his old friends could he?  They would never be able to except that he didn't really die, that he was never buried the day of his funeral would they?  And even if there was the slight chance that they would, did he have the right to spring such an ordeal on them?

Joey shook the questions from his head and stepped up to the window closest to the door.  Mrs. Steven's car was in the driveway, so someone was most likely in the house.  Joey peered into the window, but there was no sign of anyone in the living room.  He tried the door and surprisingly it was unlocked, lending more credence to the theory that someone was home.  Against his better judgment, Joey slowly pushed the door open, peering around it to make sure that no one was in his path.  He crept inside and shut the door quietly, then quickly, but stealthily walked into his old room.

The room hadn't changed much, in fact, it was exactly the same as the last time he had seen it.  His bed was made, and all of his belongings were still in the same condition they were left in.  The pictures of himself, Blade, Nikki and the rest of his friends sat on top of his computer desk.  Joey sat down at the desk and turned on the computer.  After a few moments the welcome screen popped up and to his surprise a file popped up immediately, obviously set to load upon start up.

"This letter is never meant to be read, and if it's being read then apparently someone has started up the computer without permission.  The only eyes that this is meant for belong to Joey.  I know it's not possible for you to ever read this, but I just need some way to express what I'm feeling.  I can't hold it in anymore, and I plan on going to the cemetery to visit your grave very soon.  I've moved out on my own now, well, it was me, my boyfriend Chance and Cameron.  Chance was taken away.. but I'm not quite ready to pour out my heart about that yet.  Cameron is a great kid and I couldn't ask for a better son.  He reminds me of you so much.  He has your complexion, hair, nose, mouth, and smile.  I think he has Nikki's eyes though.  I really wish you could've had the chance to be his father.. you would've been a great dad.  Cameron would have loved you."

Joey's eyes watered as he read, the thought of actually being in his son's life was one that brought a bag of mixed emotions to him.

"I guess the real reason I'm writing this is because somehow I just hope you'll read it.  From heaven.  I miss you so much, Joey.  You have no idea what losing you has done to me.  I did the Blade thing when you died.. I grinned and bared it.  I stayed as strong as possible so the others around me wouldn't fall apart.  I can't do it anymore.  I'm not strong, I'm not the rock everyone needs.  My life is quickly deteriorating in front of my eyes and I don't know how to stop it.  I loved you with all my heart and I still do.  You were always there for me whenever I needed, when we were friends, and when we were boyfriends.  No matter what, you were always able to bring a smile to my face.  When Tyler broke my heart, you picked up the pieces.  Our time together was one of the happiest times of my life.  I didn't have to worry about all the drama that came with everyone else, it was just you and me, and that was all that mattered.  Tyler tugged at my heart yeah, but you had it in your grip.  I didn't really react when you left me for Nikki.  I thought that it was probably for the best, that we would be better off that way, because maybe our hearts didn't lie together.  When I think of that now, I know that I was utterly and completely wrong.  I hate that you didn't give me the chance to hold on to you, to be the one in your life.  I love Nikki, don't get me wrong, but you two weren't meant for each other.  We were meant for each other.  We were soul mates, and I believe that with everything I am.  Maybe you're allowed more than one soul mate in a lifetime, but you.. you were one of them.  At times I feel like you're still here, watching over me.  Hehe.. I even had this crazy notion that you were the one that saved Eric and I from Scott.  Wishful thinking eh?  Sometimes I feel like I lost my heart when you died.. I lost the one I was supposed to spend my life with.  I guess time will only tell with that.  I can't type anymore... it hurts too much.  I love you Joey.  I'll always and forever be your baby.


Joey wiped the tears from his eyes, but couldn't wipe the pain from his heart.  His best friend in the world was falling apart at the seams, in part because of him.  Sure, it wasn't Joey's fault that some ass decided to drive drunk one night and run head on into him and Jordan, but Joey felt that he could've been better during the time before the accident.  Blade was right, he should've given him the chance to be his boyfriend instead of running away from the feelings he had.  Joey clicked file and print, and printed out the letter.  Then, against his better judgment, opened up his email client and typed up a short note of his own.  As he hit send, Joey heard the sound of footsteps approaching loudly and scrambled to shut down the computer.  The door to his room opened before he could completely react and he froze.

A tiny form peered into the room, "Eric?"  The small boy's voice called.  Joey stared opened mouthed as the little boy spotted him, "Who are you?"

Joey had to think fast, "Uh..."

"You look wike glowy, cept your eyes don't glow."  Joey stood up and ushered the boy into the room, quickly shutting the door behind him.

"C-Cameron.." Joey was at a loss for words.  His 4 year old son stood before him for the very first time, and he didn't know what to do.

"Hey you're him!"  Cameron exclaimed pointing to the picture of Joey on the desk.

"Yeah, that's me.  Let's play a game okay?"  Cameron nodded excitedly, "It's called whispers.  Whoever can whisper the longest without talking loud wins."

"Okee," Cameron whispered.  "Do you know my daddy?"

"Yeah, I know him very well.  I'm Joey."

"You said your name was Glowy before."

"I've never met you before, guy."

"Yeah huhhhh.  When I was at Davey's house.  I sawed you one night, you said that Bwade is gonna be my new daddy and he loves me."  Joey looked at the boy puzzled, wondering how Cameron could have seen such a thing.  He just decided to play along and humor the child.

"Blade loves you very much and I'm sure he's a great daddy to you."

"Yup.  But I miss him.. he don't see me lots no more," Cameron frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"Grandma brought us here to stay until Daddy is better.  He's at our house." Cameron jumped up onto Joey's lap, "I like you.  Will you play with me?"

"I can't stay long, Cam.  Can you keep a secret?"  Cameron nodded vigorously, "You can't tell anyone you saw me okay?"

"Why not?"

"Because it would just make Daddy sad, and we don't want him to be sad right?"

"Nope.  I pwomise.  I'll go get my toys, grandma is napping and my brother is pwaying my Playstation.  You stay right here and be quiet."  Cameron made a move to go get his toys, but Joey held on to him for a moment.  He looked at the boy's face and felt his heart beam.  He hugged the boy tightly and kissed him on the nose.  Cameron wrinkled his nose and giggled.

"I love you.."

Cameron beamed widely, "I wuv you too!"  The boy ran out the door to grab his toys while Joey sat there relishing in the chance to play the father role.. even if for a little while.

Black Woods...

Deep in the darkest depths of the Anaheim Hills lies a hidden forest.  It was no regular forest, the trees were ancient, tattered and weathered from age, the leaves and pine needles lost long ago.  The bare limbs of the trees swayed in the wind, shielding the spooky sound of ghosts and spirits howling in agony, trapped in the place of terror known as the Black Woods.  It was never light, always dark in the cursed forest.  Creatures roamed freely about, hunting as they pleased.. usually each other.  Not many people stepped into the woods and survived to tell about it.  Then again, a normal person, wouldn't have a reason to attempt such a stunt.

A large Werecat trekked through the woods, coming to a dead stop between two large trees.  It stood up on hits hind legs, towering above the ground, sniffing the air.  A scent caught it's attention, causing it to look around cautiously.  There were no clear hunters and prey in these woods.. everything was fair game.  Suddenly, two black clad men dropped from the trees, wielding swords with japanese markings engraved in their blades.  The engravings identified them as ancient mystics, dark angels if you will.

The Werecat backed away, respecting their power, but as it did so, didn't hear or see the other figure drop down from a tree behind it.  With a ear splitting howl the Werecat fell to the ground, with the blade of another sword sticking out of the back of it's neck.  The third figure calmly walked up and retrieved the sword, wiping the blood without a second thought and returning the blade to it's sheath.  The figure unwrapped the black scarf covering the bottom half of it's face then threw the hood back that was attached to the equally black garments covering the rest of it's body.  Long red hair dropped down over her shoulders as she walked closer to the other two figures.  Her eyes were masked with black makeup, and her eyes were a pure white.  The other two uncovered their faces as well, revealing two male specimens.  They all walked together and started chanting in tongues, until the wind picked up and a portal opened in the middle of the clearing.  As they went to step in, another form dropped from the trees.

The black coat swayed in the wild wind, as the person crouched down with his back to the three mystics.  They stopped their descent into the portal and turned their attention to the intruder.  He whipped around, throwing his hands forward, his long blonde hair fluttering around with his quick movement.  The three mystics were caught off guard as they flew off in three separate directions, each crashing against one of the old trees.

The female was the first to get up and come charging at the blonde boy.  She was too quick for him to knock her away as easily as before, and instead he met her head on as she engaged him in hand to hand combat.  She threw four snap kicks at his jaw, which he knocked down with his arms, blocking them in succession while spinning downward and placing a kick to the back of her knees.  She stumbled, but didn't go down.

"Strong legs," The boy spoke.

"You'll be finding out how strong shortly," The female mystic shot back.  She threw a jab with her left hand causing the boy to grab her arm, giving her the opening to flip forward catching him in the mouth with the heel of her boot.

The boy licked the blood dripping from his lip and smiled before going at the woman full steam ahead.  He jumped in the air twisting his right leg up to his chin and coming down hard across the woman's face with the toe of his boot.  She spun and went down to one knee, but was back up an instant later.  She turned her head and spit her blood into the boy's face.  She crouched down and shot up into the air, a good 15 feet before the boy put his arms up and made a downward motion, slamming her back down to earth.  Her body hit the ground hard and she struggled to get up.  He walked up behind her and wrapped an arm tightly around her neck.  The other two mystics drew their swords and cautiously approached him.

"Back up or I snap her neck like a twig."  The two men backed off slightly, but started chanting in tongues once again.  A flash of light shot through the forest, splitting the darkness for the first time in centuries.

"That will be quite enough," Kali appeared in the center of the clearing, her eyes whited out, but lined with the blue electric glow that she had acquired from Joey, "Let her go.  You are here to see me."  The boy looked at the goddess in front of him, his glare piercing into her as he threw the woman to the ground, "Lotus, go join your brothers.  It appears your power is in need of a recharge.  They don't make them like they used to."  The woman, Lotus, climbed to her feet, and backed away from the boy with a weary look on her face, "Sythe, Vilan, take her back to the coven.  You all need to be tuned up.  I can handle this one."

The three mystics stepped into the portal they had opened and it disappeared behind them.  Kali studied the boy in front of her with a grin on her face.  He wasn't so amused, "You really should think twice about sending your cronies away before you know who you're dealing with."

"Oh, I know who I'm dealing with, Gavin," Gavin stared at Kali, wondering what her deal was, "Perplexed? I figured you would be, I mean, you are blonde and all.  Don't worry, I'll explain it all to you when we get back to the coven.  So, if you'd be a dear and come with me, we can be on our way."

"You called me here.  This is as far as I go without an explanation.  Why don't we start with why your eyes glow like someone I know."

Kali smirked, "Nifty little trick isn't it?  I thought so, wanted it for my own so I took it.  I really expected more of a fight from him though.  The poor thing, he thought he was who I was after."

"If you hurt him.."

"Don't get all bent out of shape.  On the contrary, he's alive and well.. probably out roaming the streets right about now."

"What?  It's daylight, he can't roam the streets."

"He can if he's human."

Gavin looked at her skeptically, "Sorry, I thought you just said he's human?"

"You heard me right.  Joey will not be a problem for us anymore."

"What the hell are you talking about, you don't know anything about me.  Joey isn't a problem for me and never has been."

"Oh, is that so?  So, while he made kissy faces with the vampire from Chicago and you watched, after fighting a brutal battle, that didn't bother you?  That's not a problem?  I guess we have two very different opinions on that definition then.  Maybe I should refresh your memory.  Remember the thoughts you've hidden deep, may they stay with you always, forever to keep."

Gavin cringed, and felt his heart flutter as he was forced remembered the scene he had tried so hard to block out.

Gavin stood in the doorway of the near empty room of the abandoned warehouse.  He ran a hand through his blood soaked blonde hair.  His battered face stared at the definition of hurt.

Trevor's arms encircled Joey's waist, and held him tight.  He put his forehead against Joey's, and gazed into his eyes.  Joey's nose brushed against Trevor's, nuzzling the soft skin.  Tears overflowed the brim of Trevor's eyes as Joey melted into his touch.  The two boys kissed passionately, feeling safe in one anothers' arms.  Trevor held Joey tight, "I missed you so much, Joey."

"I'm so sorry for leaving you.  So sorry..."

"Everything's okay now.. everything is how it's supposed to be."

Pain shot through Gavin's heart as he watched the boy he loved in the arms of another.  The pang of guilt plagued every inch of his being.  His own fear cost him a chance at happiness.. again.  He turned on his heels and sulked out of the building off into the night.  Sometimes it's just easier to leave behind what you can never have...

"Get out of my head bitch!"  Gavin made a backhanding motion with his right arm, throwing Kali back a good ten feet, before she landed in a pile of thick brush.  Gavin moved toward her with his temper flaring, but was caught completely off guard when she popped up and grabbed him by the sides of his face.

"You're everything I thought you would be, but try that again and I will put you in the ground like the mutt before you."

Gavin's eyes widened, then his nostrils flared, "I'll kill you!  I'll fucking kill you!!!!"  Gavin struggled and managed to land a well placed punch on Kali's right eye.  She released her grip, and Gavin went to town on her.  He barraged the goddess with everything he had, throwing every type of kick and punch he knew.  She blocked a lot of his offense, but he connected more often than not.  Gavin used his telekinesis to pick up the witch and throw her as hard as he could, right through one of the ancient trees.  The trees base shattered, and the lumbering trunk tipped forward until it came crashing down, splintering about the forest floor.  Gavin turned and started walking away, satisfied with his elimination of the witch.

Out of nowhere lightning cracked across the pitch black sky, and dark clouds ushered themselves into the area.  A crackling sound came from behind him, and when he turned around he stood shocked at the sight before him.

Kali stood in front of the tree, now lit ablaze with fire, chanting with a small rope in her hands, while staring Gavin down, "With this knot I seal this hex, you will not sleep, you will not rest.  Knots of anger, knots of hate, discord brings you to your fate.  I tie this second knot it makes two, bringing darkness over you, slander, discord, evil too, bringing darkness straight to you.  With this third knot, I do bind, weaving chaos in your mind.  Hex of anger, hex of hate, bring him down, I will not wait.  So mote it be!"

Gavin's head shot up, as a power consumed every inch of him.  His eyes burned as he dropped to his knees helpless to undo what had been done.  A black mist swirled around his body, slowly overtaking the will to fight.  Gavin fell forward, hitting the hard ground face first as the black mist shot into his body.  Kali walked up to the his prone body and looked down satisfied.  She turned around and opened another portal like her three mystics had shortly before.  When she stepped toward the portal, a voice broke the silence behind her.  "Leaving without me?"

Kali smiled deviously, then glanced back over her shoulder.  Gavin stood like he had been reborn.  Not a mark was on his face, not a scar to be seen.  He looked like he had just arrived and hadn't been involved in two fights, "Feels good doesn't it?  The darkness inside, the evil where the good used to be."

Gavin smiled at the goddess, "Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past...  Bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have.  Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back and never moving forward so there'd never be a past.  Now I know what my purpose is.  Not to fight the darkness, but to embrace it."

"That's my boy.  Who needs a soul anyway?  The final hours are upon us, tonight we start MY armageddon.  Evil will reign."

Gavin followed Kali into the portal, as clouds of darkness prepared they're descent over Anaheim, the witching hour would soon be there.

Nightfall at the Haven...

Alex tossed and turned in his sleep.  His mind was troubled by the events of his past.  From his parents to Kali, it seemed like everything haunted his dreams.  No matter how hard he tried to keep his thoughts trouble free, they always seemed to shift back to the nightmares that plagued him everyday when he went to sleep.  Alex's body dripped with sweat, while a small whimper came out of his mouth.

"The wind pounded the cart of the ferris wheel, the cables snapped loudly.  "Son, know we love you.. and we'll be watching over you always," Alex's father hugged him tightly, while tears streaked down the boy's face.  Alex turned to his mother who silently cried to herself, knowing what was coming.

She wiped the tears from Alex's cheeks, "Shhh.. Don't cry, honey.  Everything's going to be okay.  You're going to grow up to be a handsome young man.  Take care of yourself, I know you'll find your way.  I love you," She leaned over and pecked her son on the face, then locked eyes with her husband.  All three joined hands and said a silent prayer for Alex.  Without warning one of the cables snapped from the large metal cart.

"Mom, Dad.." Alex cried out, scared beyond belief.  His parents squeezed his hands, trying to calm his worries.  Moments later the wind picked up again and the second cable snapped. "AHH!!"  Alex's eye looked over the edge of the tipping cart and saw the ground a good 200 ft down.  He held onto the railing for dear life, when he felt his father take hold of him.

"It's time for us to go, Alex," Alex nodded, thinking that they were going to climb down somehow, but then his father wrapped his strong arms around the boy and heaved him as hard as he could out of the cart and into the tree that was hanging a few feet away.  The final cable snapped and an eerie silence seemed to take over.  Alex watched from the tree, screaming as he watched his parents plunge to their death.  The cart hit the ground, collapsing on impact.  People panicked and ran to the cart in the unlikely hope that the people inside had somehow survived.  Alex knew in his heart that he was now alone in the world.

Alex's eyes started to leak tears in his sleep, as he slipped into another memory.  This one seemed to be different though.. it wasn't something that he remembered.

Joey fought viciously with another person, hidden by shadows.  They seemed to know each other well, judging from the way they matched each other move for move, blow for blow.  Joey wasn't lit up with power.. he was human.  Somehow he was managing to hang with the other guy in hand to hand combat.

"This isn't going to end well," The dark one spoke in a cold tone.  Joey, ducked under a high kick and swept the legs out from under the arrogant one.  Joey took off running, rounding the nearest corner and down a darkened alley.  Rain pelted down from the sky, making it slippery for Joey's feet.  As he came into a clearing, he stopped.

The street was empty, invaded by nothing but the rain and Joey himself.  Joey walked forward cautiously, then picked up his pace once again, until a figure rounded the corner in front of him, stalking calmly toward it's prey.  The coat waved in the wind as he approached Joey, who ran as hard as he could straight for the other person.  They jumped at each other and collided head on, then landed on the pavement with a thud.  The other figure landed on top of Joey, and straddled his hips.  He leaned down and kissed Joey sweetly on the lips, then brought his hands down over the sides of Joey's head and...


Alex shot up in the bed with a start.  His breathing was shallow and his heart was racing.  Dave shook the sleep from his eyes when he felt his boyfriend wake up in a panic.  He could hear the sniffling, and immediately turned the lamp on next to the bed.  Dave let his eyes adjust for a moment then turned to look at Alex, "HOLY HELL!!!"

Alex jumped, surprised by Dave's outburst,  "W-What?  What's wrong.."

"What the hell are you doing in my bed, I thought you left!"  Alex looked at Dave like he had lost his mind.  "Are you going to answer me or just sit there being mute?"

Alex stood from the bed and walked over to the vanity mirror.  He froze when he saw the reflection, rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.  The person in the mirror looking back at him wasn't his own reflection, but that of another.  "This isn't possible.  I must be losing my mind."

"We already figured that part out, but that still doesn't explain why you're in my bed WITH me, JOEY."

It was true.  The reflection that stared back at Alex, was of Joey, not himself.  Alex ran his hands along his face, and over the smooth caramel skin that now somehow had taken over his body, "Davey, what's happening to me?"

Dave looked at whom he thought to be Joey, and his eyes flickered with recognition, "A-Alex?"  Alex nodded, and started to cry, not knowing what was happening to him, "How..?"

"I-I don't know. I was having a nightmare of Joey fighting someone.  And.. and the other person.. they.. they.."  Alex couldn't bring himself to repeat what he had seen.  It scared him too much.  In fact it terrified him to think that Joey was now gone like his parents.

Dave ushered Alex back over to the bed and kissed him gently on the lips.  He ran his hand along Alex's back, trying to soothe the boy.  It was awkward at first, because he was seeing Joey, but he could feel Alex when he kissed him.  Both boys held onto each other, letting their mouths mesh together, letting each of them know that they weren't alone.  When they broke the kiss, Dave opened his eyes and Alex was back to his normal form again, "You're back, baby."

Alex looked over at the mirror and saw his own face and body again, much to his relief, "Do you think the witch did something to me?"

Dave thought to himself, then motioned for Alex to follow him into the living room.  Jared and Chloe sat quietly, watching some random program on the television, "Guys?  We have a situation."

Jared looked up, "We noticed.  You know, that whole thing with a god walking into our home, and basically thrashing us."

"Not that, you shit for brains.  Alex was just Joey," Jared and Chloe gave Dave a what the hell are you talking about look, "Well I don't mean he was actually Joey.. but he looked like him."

"So you're saying he looked like Joey.  Do it again," said Chloe.

"I don't know how.  I was having a nightmare about him, and then I woke up looking like him."

Jared stood up and walked over to Alex, "Sounds like being able to imitate voices is just the beginning of your power, bro."

"You mean, I can imitate what people look like too?"

"I'm not sure.. but that's what it sounds like.  You should try to imitate someone again."

Alex nodded and closed his eyes.  He concentrated as hard as he could on one person.  His thoughts clouded his mind, not allowing him to concentrate enough, "I can't.."  His voice came out dejectedly.

"We'll work on it.."

"Yeah, we'll work on it, but for now, everyone get dressed up nice. We're so going out to party," Dave hollered out.

"You want to party, when the world as we know it could be ending soon?"

"Hey, there's nothing we can do.  So why not have some fun before the big bleh comes down on us all?"

Jared, Chloe and Alex all looked at each other, then shrugged. His logic did make sense.  Dave smiled and ran back to his room, with Alex in tow to get ready.

Downtown Anaheim..

Joey walked with a new found jump in his step.  A smile decorated his flawless face as he mingled around downtown, truly happy for the first time since he could remember.  He said hello to people as they passed, while some smiled and responded back to him, others looked at him like he was high on something.  The only thing he was high on at the moment was life.

He had spent time with his son for the first time ever.  Through everything that happened, those precious few hours meant the world to him and made every event in his life prior to it worth it.  Joey had been given a chance to lead a normal life whether it be by fate, or other reasons.  He planned on living it to the fullest while he still had the chance.

He looked into various shop windows and cafes, watching people laugh and have a good time with their family and friends.  A pang of jealousy hit him, but it couldn't deflate the high he was on.  He stopped at a pizza parlor and grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza and a soda.  He took a seat at one of the tables and savored the delectable taste of real food.  Oh, how he missed the ability to actually eat food in a solid form.  The taste of nothing, but blood wears down your taste buds after awhile, and now he was able to get a much needed break from the bloodlust.

As he sat the table enjoying his meal, a commotion came from the doorway.  A group of teenagers stood outside of the parlor, talking and laughing with one another.  Joey's eyes focused on them when he heard their voices, "Come on, I'm starving."

"When aren't you starving?"

"Umm.. when you don't fill me up?"

"Like I said.. when aren't you starving?  You're never full even AFTER I fill you up numerous times in a row."

Joey watched the exchange between the two boys in front, one with medium length dark blonde hair, and the other with dark hair just a tad shorter than his blonde counterpart.  The bell above the door rang as the boys entered, and Joey literally dropped his pizza onto the table when he recognized the the two boys that had been talking and one of the other two that walked closely behind them.

"What do you want, Matt?"  Eric, Blade's younger brother asked his boyfriend.  Joey gazed at them cautiously, before grabbing a menu and hiding his face in it.  He peered over the edge to watch the young couple.  It had been a long time since he had seen Eric, the last time being the alley way confrontation where Joey saved Eric and Blade.

"Well, maybe we should just order one large for all four of us."

"Make it extra large, I'm a growing boy," Eric smirked, "That okay with you guys?"

Joey looked over at the other two guys.  He recognized one, Ben from school.  They played on the same hockey team up until Joey's.. death.  "It's fine with me.  As long as my Jake here gets his antipasto, he'll be happy, so order away."

The four boys laughed and teased each other while Eric put in their order.  They walked past Joey's table, so Joey quickly brought the menu in front of his face as they went by.  The boys sat in a booth directly behind Joey, making him squirm with uneasiness.  The boys talked about various topics, not missing a step, and didn't seem to have noticed the familiar face right in front of them.  After about ten minutes, the waiter brought out the boys' food, and Joey decided it would be best to get up and leave while the waiter had the the groups' attention.

Joey stood up quickly and kept his back to the booth.  He threw out his trash and started for the door when a voice stopped him, "Hey, wait."  Joey stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn toward the voice.  Eric stood up from the booth and walked closer to Joey.  Eric bent down and picked something up off the floor, "You dropped your wallet, bro."

Joey's heart rate sped up, and he felt a panic hit him.  He didn't know how to handle the situation, because if he turned around he was going to be recognized, and he had no idea how to explain it to Eric.  Joey did the only thing he could think of and bent down to tie his shoe, while turning enough that he could reach up and take the wallet from Eric.  Eric looked at Joey with a raised eyebrow, but handed the wallet to him anyway, "Thanks."

"No problem..," Eric leaned down so he was even with Joey's head, "And, you don't have to be so forward bro.  Guys don't usually bend over for me until I at least take them out for dinner and a movie."

Joey blushed, but grinned to himself.  Eric made no move to go back to his seat and Joey responded without thinking, "From all that squeaking and moaning that used to come from your bedroom, you must spend a fortune on food and entertainment."  Joey, cursed himself for practically painting a sign that said, 'LOOK IT'S ME'.

"What did you say?"  Joey glanced up and for one split second his eyes met Eric's.  Eric stepped back, a look of fear and shock overtaking his playful demeanor.  Joey put his head down and made a dash out of the pizza parlor.  Not a minute later he heard the bell of the door ring behind him and footsteps soon followed.  "Wait!"  Joey picked up the pace, and for the first time longed for his vampire powers.  He would have been long gone before Eric had even come out of the parlor after him.  Joey turned into an alley, and hid behind a large dumpster.  Eric came running in behind him, and stopped near the entrance.  His fear of dark alley's developed when he was kidnapped, so he was extra cautious approaching this one, "J-Joey..?"  Joey, sat with his back against the side of a building, his knees pulled up to his chest as he listened to the kid he had come to love as a brother call out his name, "Joey, I-I don't know how.. but I know it's you.  That or I'm losing my mind..

Suddenly a loud rustling came from up above.  Joey's eyes shot up to the fire escape that clung to the sides of the two buildings forming the alley way.  Five figures descended with the greatest of ease and with the great speed.  They landed on the ground and walked together as group.. toward Eric, "Mmmm.. fresh meat boys."  Vampires.

Eric backed away, stumbling a bit, "I-I don't want any trouble man.."

"I don't think I asked you what you wanted.  We want dinner, and you're looking mighty appetizing right now."  As the mouthpiece of the group stopped talking, Eric froze up.  Eric's eyes held a fear and his body shook with nerves.  Eric felt a hand grasp his shoulder then jumped and turned his head cautiously.

Joey came face to face with Eric for the first time in over 9 months.  Eric's mouth moved, but not a sound came out.  Joey put a finger to Eric's lips and pulled him close.  Joey brought his head close to Eric's ear, "I know you're scared, and I know you can't begin to comprehend how I'm standing here with you..."

"This isn't possible.. you- you.. I saw you.. You died, Joey.  How.."

"Shhh.  It's not for you to understand right now."

"This is all very touching, but we're hungry and we don't really believe in waiting for our meals."  The vampires grew impatient and stepped toward Joey and Eric.

"Eric, take care of Cameron and your brother okay?  Blade needs you now.  Make sure he knows I am watching over him and love him with all my heart.  Now run, and don't look back."

"But what about you.."

Joey pushed Eric out of the alley and looked at him sternly, "GO!"  Eric took off running back toward the pizza parlor, while Joey turned his attention to the gang of vampires in front of him.

"Now, that wasn't smart.  We don't take kindly to people who take our food from us.  Now we're going to have to make your death slow and painful."

"You know, for a vampire, you sure as hell don't know when to shut up and go for the kill."

"Like you would know what a vampire is supposed to do."

"Oh, trust me, I know exactly what a vampire does.  That's why I'm going to walk out of here and you're not."

"You talk big for a human.  You act like you're a vampire yourself, but you're not.  I can smell the filth on you."

"No, I'm not a vampire.. but I used to be," Joey glared at the leader of the group.

"Hahahaha, did you hear that boys?  This human thinks he used to be a vampire," The gang broke out into a fit of laughter.  "Once you're vamped there's no going back kid."  The gang approached menacingly, and Joey stood his ground.  He knew if he tried to run, they'd catch him, but more importantly they'd catch Eric's scent because he couldn't have gotten that far away yet.

Two of the vampires darted in and grabbed Joey, who managed to slip out of their grip and grab their heads from behind, then smack them together.  The other three snarled and showed their fangs before they came at him from all sides.  Joey flailed his limbs out to try and keep them at bay, but it was only a matter of time.  The leader of the group produced some kind of metal object from his hand and as he charged Joey, sliced into the boy's abdomen, leaving a long, gaping wound.  The other two connected with punches to Joey's jaw, then tossed him chest first into the sharp edge of the dumpster.  Joey's torso bled profusely as he fell to the ground.  One of the vampires picked Joey up by the hair and held him still.  Joey started feeling woozy, but his adrenaline kicked in, and he spun out of the vampire's grasp and ended up behind him.  Joey grabbed the vampire by the waist and lifted him up, and hot shotted him down, neck first across the edge of the dumpster.  The vampire's head snapped back, dislocating completely from the neck and spine.

Two of the remaining four vampires grabbed Joey, and this time, he wasn't going anywhere.  The leader walked up and backhanded Joey in the face, sending Joey's legs to wobble land.  Joey could barely stand, and knew this was it.  The leader tilted Joey's head to the side and then put his mouth over Joey's neck.  The fangs shot down and pierced Joey's skin, and he screamed out in pain.  He could feel his blood start to pump into the vamp as he drank from Joey's jugular.  After a few moments, the vamp stopped and backed away, gasping.  One of the other vampires asked with concern, "Brad?  Are you okay man?"

The lead vampire choked and tried to spit out whatever blood was left over in his mouth, "There's *cough* something in his blood.  It's burning.."

Joey looked on as the vampire apparently known as Brad fell to his knees.  The other two threw Joey against the side of the building and proceeded to start peppering him with kicks.



Two gunshots rang throughout the alley.  Joey turned his head enough to see the two vampires that attacked him lying on the ground.  They moved around, struggling to get back to their feet.  Black ropes came flying down the sides of the buildings and soon after what seemed like a small squadron of men in riot gear came sliding down them into the alley.  They picked up the two vamps that they had shot, and dragged them off.  A truck pulled up to the front of the alley and two men in suits stepped out.  Agents.  Joey, clawed at the wall he was closest to to pull himself up, the panic taking over his body.  He somehow managed to stand, then stumbled away from the approaching agents.  The two men picked up Brad from the ground and had a riot squad member take him off toward the truck.  The agents caught up to Joey quickly, as the blood loss set in and made him lose control of his motor skills.

One of the agents grabbed Joey, and then the other one followed right after.  They each put one of Joey's arms over their shoulders and carried him toward the truck.  Instead, the truck pulled away as they stepped up to it and a car with blacked out windows pulled up.  The agents stepped into the car, taking Joey with them with their intentions unknown.

Club Surge

The thumping baseline of huge sub woofers pounded throughout the dance floor.  The music flowed, entrancing the party goers into a barrage of fluid motions.  Bodies pressed against one another, the touch of skin was the theme for the night.  People moved around with wild abandon, letting themselves get lost in the world of no worries and no cares.

Chloe and Jared sat at a table off to the side of the jam packed dance floor.  They watched humans and vampires alike get their freak on without the slightest bit of embarrassment.  Their eyes traveled to the very center of the floor, where Dave and Alex were positioned.

Baby, can't you see
I'm calling
A guy like you
Should wear a warning
It's dangerous
I'm fallin'

There's no escape
I can't wait
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You're dangerous
I'm lovin' it

Too high
Can't come down
Losing my head
Spinning `round and `round
Do you feel me now

Alex seemed tentative at first, but Dave's enthusiasm got him into the swing of things as the chorus came up.

With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic
I'm slipping under
With a taste of poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic
And I love what you do
Don't you know that you're toxic

The two blonde lovers grinded against each other at a furious pace.  Alex put one leg up around Dave's waist and Dave placed his arms around Alex's waist, then pulled their bodies against each other with the beat of the music.

It's getting late
To give you up
I took a sip
From my devil cup
It's taking over me

Too high
Can't come down
It's in the air
And it's all around
Can you feel me now

With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic
I'm slipping under
With a taste of poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic
And I love what you do
Don't you know that you're toxic

Their hips met lewdly, giving the appearance that they were almost having sex with their clothes on.  Dave, spun Alex away, then pulled him back into him, and pressed their lips together.  The beat was like a trance and it had put the two boys under it's spell.

Don't you know that you're toxic

With a taste of your lips
I'm on a ride
You're toxic
I'm slipping under
With a taste of poison paradise
I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic

Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I think I'm ready now
I think I'm ready now
Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I'm ready now

The song ended, and the two vampires ended it with a kiss.  Dave squeezed Alex tightly, showing his affection.  Alex smiled and pecked Dave on the lips one more time before heading over to the table.  Dave didn't follow immediately, so Alex turned back to him, "Coming?"

"I'll be over in a bit.  I need to go score us some drinks."  Alex said okay then went off to join Jared and Chloe at the table.  They smiled at him teasingly, and he blushed as he sat down.

"So, Alex, did you enjoy getting laid in public?"  Jared teased.

"I did not get laid."

"Aww, don't tease the poor kid, Jared.  He is just a baby, he can't be getting laid."

"Shut up, I'm no baby.  I get more action then you do," Alex snapped in reply.  Chloe's mouth dropped, not expecting the smart remark.

"Okay, chill out guys.  We came hear to relax and have fun, not fight.  Where's Dave?"

"He went to get drinks.  Well, try to."

Dave was over at the bar pleading with the bartender, who wasn't hearing of giving him any alcohol. "Come on, man!  Everyone in here has a drink, but me!"

"Come see me in a few years kid.  Then you'll get your drink."

"Bugga!"  Dave hissed under his breath.

"Having trouble with Bob here?"  A voice spoke in a raspy tone, in Dave's direction.  Dave cocked his head to the side to see a guy older than him, most likely early twenties, but seeing as he could be 400 and a vampire, Dave couldn't be sure.

"Yeah, you reckon?"

"I'll handle it,"  The boy motioned to the bartender and ordered something.  Bob came back with a tray full of drinks, and the older boy, turned to Dave and motioned with his head for him to follow. "So, choose your poison."  Dave smiled and grabbed a random glass from the tray and downed it handily.  "Ah, so I see someone's definitely not a virgin drinker."

"Among other things," Dave grinned.

"I'm Ethan," He extended his hand.

"Dave," Dave shook Ethan's hand as they sat down in a booth.

"So, Dave, what brings you here this evening?  I've never seen you in here before, and you're definitely not sporting a local accent."

"Well, my friends and I needed a break from life so we decided it was time to come out and have some fun.  And, I'm from Australia originally."

"Nice, never been to the outback myself.  I hear it's nice though.  Beaches and all that, though I don't think I'd be enjoying those that much."

"Why's that?"

"The same reason you won't be heading out for a nice tan anytime soon," Ethan smiled knowingly.

"Ah, so you're a vamp too."

"Yeah, in the flesh.  So, seeing anyone?"

Dave coughed and sputtered out the alcohol in his mouth, "Come again?"

Ethan laughed, "Are you seeing anyone?"

"Uh, yeah.  I am."

"That's nice.  He's a lucky guy."

"How do you know it's a guy?"

"Because he's been looking around the room for you since you left his side," Ethan nodded toward Alex who sat at the table across the room, anxiously awaiting his boyfriend's return.  Dave looked over and smiled to himself, then was interrupted as his stomach rumbled, "Whoa, sounds like somebody's hungry."

"Eh.. I'll be fine."

"When's the last time you fed?"

"I kind of haven't ever fed on a human.  Just had some stored up blood supply that the guys had saved up.."

"Well, I think it's time that you have your first real meal then.  Come on, drink up, and we'll go find you some fresh blood."  Dave smiled weakly, then downed two more glasses.  Ethan watched the australian boy drink like there was no tomorrow.  Ethan reached into his pocket and pulled out some kind of liquid in a small vile.  He pressed the cap up and poured it into the glass in front of him, then passed it to Dave.  Dave looked at him wearily, his buzz starting to kick in, "Don't worry, it's just a little pick me up."  Dave shrugged and gulped down the drink.  Ethan sat back and watched Dave for a few minutes, then noticed the glazed look in his eyes start to appear.  "Okay, let's go outside."  Dave followed silently, passing Alex, Jared and Chloe on the way.

"Where are you going, Dave?"  Jared asked, while eyeing Ethan wearily.

"I'm jusst going outsiddee for some air," Dave's words slurred heavily, but it wasn't so much the alcohol that was dulling him up.  It was the feeling in his stomach.  Ethan lead him outside and over to a secluded area just around the corner from the club.

"So, how do you feel?"

"Hungry.. starving.."

Ethan smiled wickedly, "Good.. now, we feed."  The two vampires waited, watching for their unsuspecting prey to walk down the secluded street.  Dave felt a bit dizzy, but the hunger inside of him was driving him mad.  He looked at Ethan, and took in the boy's appearance.  His medium length hair was a dark brown, slicked back out of his eyes.  His face had a bit of scruffy look, but it made him look rugged and sexy.  "There."

Dave was snapped out of his gaze by Ethan's voice.  Two young looking boy's, probably no older than 17 themselves walked along the sidewalk on the dimly lit street.  They held hands and smiled at each other lovingly.  "Aren't weeee supposed to do somethinnggg.. before we decide who we go afterr?"

"No.. food is food.. let's go."  Ethan grabbed Dave and they snuck up behind the young couple.  Ethan didn't wait and ran up in the blink of an eye, tackling one of them.

"Get off of him!"  The other boy yelled and jumped on Ethan's back.  "Please leave him alone!"  The boy pleaded as Ethan shrugged him off and positioned the boy's boyfriend on the ground, holding his neck to the side.

"Come on Dave, feed, he's yours."  Dave hesitated and Ethan saw it.  Ethan took his finger nail and made a quick slit on the side of the boy's neck, drawing blood.  The scent filled Dave's nostrils, and the drug that was put into his drink sent him into a pure, unavoidable blood lust.  Dave dived at the boy, and put his mouth against his neck.  When Dave's fangs pierced the skin, the boy screamed out and his boyfriend kicked Dave as hard as he could.  Ethan stood up and walloped the boy in the face, sending him spinning to the ground.  Dave sucked on the other boy's neck when the memories and thoughts started flooding his mind.

The boy had led a rough life.  He was loved by his family for his entire life, taken care of, up until he turned 15 and came out to his parents.  They couldn't deal with it and did everything in their power to make him feel worthless.  The constant bullying he received at school, the torture he was put through on a daily basis and the struggle he fought with himself all flooded Dave's mind.  Then the image of the other boy came into view.  They met a couple of months ago, both from a similar background.  It was love at first sight, and they finally found something to make their lives worth fighting for.  Each other.

"Please let him go!!!"  The boy's boyfriend had recovered from Ethan's punch and was pleading once again for Dave to spare his love.  Dave felt the urge to listen after seeing the boy's memories, but the lust and hunger inside of him wasn't waning and it overpowered any sense of logic his mind was trying to form.

"I've had enough of your whining.  Don't worry, sweetheart, you'll be joining your boyfriend soon," Ethan stalked toward the other boy, when a voice cut through the air.

"Dave get off of him!"  Jared yelled as he ran over to his friend.  He grabbed Dave and pulled on him, but Ethan came over and knocked Jared to the ground.  Alex and Chloe came to Jared's aid moments later.  Chloe showed her fangs and stood her ground in front of Ethan as Alex grabbed Dave and pried him away from the boy he was feeding on.  Dave tried to get back at the boy, but Alex held him down.  Ethan watched on in amusement as his would be food ran over and tried to help his bleeding boyfriend.

"Oh god, he's dying.. please, god don't let him die.. please.."  The boy sobbed, begging for his boyfriend's life.

Jared stood up eyeing Ethan, then kneeled beside the wounded boy.  Jared put his hand over the boy's neck and did his thing.  The white light went into the boy's body, healing the blood flow and punctured artery.  When the light died down, Jared ran a hand over the boy's forehead, making sure he wasn't burning up.  Jared looked at the boy's boyfriend, "Take him home and make sure he stays in bed all night and most of tomorrow.  He'll need to rest to recover fully."  Jared helped the injured boy up and made sure he was steady before letting the boy's boyfriend hold onto him.  "Chloe, take them to the club and get them a cab home."  Chloe nodded, and walked the boys back toward the club as Jared had asked.  Jared turned toward Ethan who looked on with a smirk, "What did you do to, Dave?"

"I didn't do anything.  Just opened him up to what he is."

Jared moved forward quickly and pushed Ethan up against the light pole, "Tell me what the fuck you did."

Ethan's smile didn't fade one bit, "Just put a little Crimson Sky in his drink."

"You asshole.  He's never fed before, and you put a blood lust drug into him?!?  Get the hell out of my face," Jared spit in Ethan's face, then walked over to Alex and Dave.  Ethan's smile wavered when Jared turned away, but he just turned on his heels and headed back to the club.

"Dave can you hear me?"  Alex asked.  Dave's eyes had a blood red color floating through the whites of his eyes.

"Yeah.. I feel funny.  You all have spots.  How come I didn't get any spots," Dave looked down at his hand, "Ohh.. I have spots too."

Jared and Alex picked Dave up and headed back to the club.  They needed to sit him down and get some water into him to try and dilute his system of the drug.  The night was still young..

33rd Floor, Federal Government Building...

Joey moved his head around groggily, trying to shake the cobwebs from his head.  His eyes slowly inched open to a blurred view of the room in front of him.  As his eyes focused, a large table came into view, and five men sat on each side of it.  Joey apparently sat at the head of the table.  He made a move to get up, and much to his surprise he wasn't shackled down or hindered in anyway.

"Please, stay seated Mr. Marling," One of the agents spoke calmly.

"Why am I here?"

"There is a matter of great importance at hand.  You already know that.. hence your current condition."

Joey tried to adjust his position in the chair and pain shot through his body.  He looked down at the large wound across his chest and abdomen, which looked like they had magically stopped bleeding on their own as there were no stitches or bandages in place.  "I thought the government thought I was dead."

"We know everything, Mr. Marling.  If we really wanted you dead, do you really think it would have ended in that warehouse that night?"  Joey thought to himself and just stared down at the table, "You proved to be a formidable foe, and after examining the situation, we felt that you weren't really a threat to exposure."

"You decided that after you tried to kill me and all of my friends?"

"As I was saying," The agent never broke stride, "We decided not to expend anymore of our resources on you after reevaluating the situation.  You and your friends cost us enough money as it is."

"Pardon me if I don't cry for your loss of funds.."  Joey spat out.  "I lost someone close to me and you're whining about money."

"You lost the vampire known as Gavin, the telekinetic, yes.  But he wasn't lost to us or anyone for that matter.  He is alive, but we have lost track of him as have you apparently."

Joey took in a deep breathe and then sighed in relief, learning that Gavin was indeed alive, "So are we going to cut to the chase here anytime soon?"

"Yes.  You see, we have come to you asking for your help."

"You.  Need my help?  To do what, mop your floors?"

"Maybe another time.  The witch Kali, has made it very clear that she will follow by no one's rules but her own.  She has ascended into Godhood and that makes it near impossible to stop her.  You found that out first hand, along with your other friends."

"I know all of this already.."

"Yes you do, but you don't know of the prophecies do you?"

"I've heard there is a prophecy, but I don't know what it says."

"The prophecy says that a dark magi will be reborn from the grave at the hands of another of equal darkness, unto her former self, as a goddess of hell.  Her power will be matched by none and she is virtually invincible.  The power of a vampire will be stolen and harnessed by the goddess to increase her strength and distribute it to her legion.  The dark angels will aid her in the quest to create a hell on earth, where demons run wild and she leads all."

"Okay, I fail to see where it says I'm destined to help."

"You're not.  This is not a matter of destiny, it is a matter of principle.  It's a matter of whether you are going to sit back and let the world become a fiery inferno without putting up a fight."

"I don't understand.  Why me?"

"The prophecy says only the vampire who has become human can enter the Realm Of Shadows and retrieve the Talisman Of Light from the Forbidden Crypts.  All others will be destroyed by the shadow warriors who protect the caverns.

"And what am I supposed to do with this talisman?"

"The Talisman Of Light can only be worn by the human who retrieves it.  It has the power to restore you to your vampire state, and grant you immunity against the witch's magic."

"So, all I have to do is walk into this cave somewhere, get the talisman, put it on, vamp out and then go against Kali who will basically be powerless against me.  Did I understand that right?"

"Parts.  You will remain human until a young magi warrior harnesses the talisman's power to restore you to your vampire state.  Until then, you will be able to use your electric power, but you will not have the enhanced strength, speed, or ability to take much damage without being killed.  Kali will not be able to use magic on you.  That doesn't mean she can't fight you.  She has the strength of a god and the resistance of one as well.  It will be a very improbable task for you to take her down in combat."

"That makes this whole thing sound real appealing.."

"The prophecy says that a union between a vampire and a magi will be born on the day of reckoning.  They together will lead their groups into battle against Kali and the dark angels."

"And who wins in this prophecy?"

"The prophecy tells of the events leading to the end, how it turns out is all up to fate."

"What if I refuse?  What if I don't want to be a vampire again?  What if I want a normal life, a chance to just live without having the weight of the world on my shoulders?"

"Then that is your choice and you will be able to live that life for another 28 hours.  Then all of our fates will rest in the hands of a god with no remorse, and no pity.  We will all perish under her reign."

Joey ran a hand through his hair, "IF I choose to do this, how will I find this Realm Of Shadows?"

The agent slid a folder across the table to Joey, "This has everything you need to know. The journey will not be easy, not for a normal man."

"Well, normal is what I am. I guess you'll find out by midnight tomorrow what choice I made."  Joey stood up and walked out of the room as the agents all looked at each other with concern.  Would Joey make the right choice or the choice that's right for him?

The thing about prophecies is.. they're not always true...


Rythen tired of the consistent pace of his journey.  The added body weight of a helpless Caleb added to the boy's fatigue, but he knew that there was no way Caleb could walk on his own.  The night sky allowed them to travel freely above ground and would allow Rythen to get a better lock on the girl that Caleb spoke of during his delirium.

Caleb's breathing was heavy and labored, but he was doing the best he could to make Rythen's job easier.  It hadn't come down to Rythen having to physically carry Caleb, but it would be if they didn't find their destination soon.  They approached a small town, suburbs if you will, where all the houses looked the same and everyone seemed to be a normal everyday family.

Rythen stopped for a moment and concentrated as hard as he could for any trace of a woman that carried a sense of power with her.  Caleb had said something about her eyes.. if only he had been more specific.  Rythen picked up a signal of some sort in his head, but it wasn't of a girl, but a boy.  No.. an animal.. a half boy that was an animal?

"I can't tell what I'm tracking.." Rythen muttered, getting frustrated with himself.

"You can only see what your mind allows you to see," Caleb spoke unexpectedly.

Rythen's eyes widened, hearing Caleb speak for the first time since they had started on their journey was a surprise to him, "You're speaking.. are you healing on your own?"

"No.  I am coming to the end of my journey.  The pain is gone, and it's only a matter of time now before I am as well.."  Caleb started shaking violently, like he did when he had his vision earlier.  His head snapped to one side then back the other way.

"Caleb, stay with me.." Rythen tried to keep Caleb from going out of control, and then just like that Caleb stopped shaking and stood upright.

"Go.  We must move fast."

"Why, what did you see?  I don't know where to go."

"Up two blocks, go to the left.  Where the hawk cries is our destination."  Rythen picked up the pace as much as he could, and soon the two vampires arrived at the street.

"Okay.. no hawk.." Rythen searched the sky for any sight of a bird in flight.

"Listen.."  Caleb's voice came out in a whisper.  Through the wind a screech could be heard through the night.  A shadowy silhouette crossed the bright light of the moon, and swooped down in a circle.  Caleb's head turned to the side in alarm and he nudged Rythen, "Follow the hawk."

Rythen walked briskly, while Caleb did his best to not hold his pace down.  The hawk swooped down low, right past Rythen's head, then kept a steady five yard pace ahead of them as it seemingly knew it's duty and led the boys toward a house at the end of the street.

The hawk landed on the porch decorating the front of the two story house.  It sat perched, it's eyes alert and scanning the area.  Rythen helped Caleb up the stairs and sat him down on a bench that was set beside the door.  Rythen took a breathe and knocked on the door.  He knocked again and waited, but there was still no answer, "Doesn't look like anyone's home."

Caleb seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness.  His head would start to fall, but he would jerk it back up to keep himself from passing out, "Doorbell.." Rythen hit the doorbell and heard the ding dong echo through the house.  Footsteps could finally be heard approaching the door, and Rythen let out a sigh of relief.

A boy opened the door, his dark brown spiked hair was a bit mussed, probably from being awoken, "Can I help you?"  The boy rubbed his eyes and then looked at Rythen.  It was a little awkward, seeing that Rythen had half of his face covered with a mask.

"I'm Rythen.. Um, my friend is really sick.  He's been wounded, but there's some kind of magic that's stopping him from being healed.  We came to see a girl.. with unique eyes?  That's all I know."

I'm Austin.."  Before Austin could continue a commotion came from behind him.  Another dark haired boy stepped out of the darkness of the room and pushed past Austin, "Devyn, what are you doing?"

"He's a vampire," Devyn reached behind him and seemingly pulled a sword out of thin air.  Rythen moved to the side and stood in front of Caleb.

"We're not here to fight you.  We need help, my friend is dying."

"Why should we help you?  Your kind are nothing but backstabbers."

"Please, he's going to die."

"So?"  Devyn spoke coldly, his underlying hatred for the vampire race hindered his compassion.  Rythen and Devyn stared each other down, when all of a sudden, Caleb shot up out of his seated position and grabbed Austin by the collar.  Devyn made a move toward Caleb with his sword, but Rythen grabbed his arms and tangled him up.

Caleb held Austin against the door frame, both face to face with each other.  Caleb's eyes lit up a bright purple and he cringed in pain.  The same pain shot through Austin's head as he saw what Caleb had seen on the way there.  As soon as the vision started, it ended and Caleb let go of Austin then started to fall to the ground.  Austin caught him and pulled him into the house, "Devyn, that's enough, we have to help them and now.  Get inside."

Devyn looked at Austin and then reluctantly pushed away from Rythen.  Devyn put his sword into a sheathe that hung over his back and it disappeared from sight.  Austin turned and started walking back into the house, followed closely by Devyn, when a sickening crack snapped through the air.  Devyn swung around sword drawn and his eyes flickered by the sight in front of him.

Rythen's eyes rolled back into his head as his neck went limp and his head drooped lazily back over his shoulders.  His lifeless body fell to the wooden ground of the porch with a thud.  Austin stepped forward and looked out at the front of his walkway.

Gavin stood with a satisfied smile upon his face, his eyes blackened like coal with the three mystics known as the Dark Angels standing behind him.  "Hello, boys."

Well, there we go.  The whole Kali saga is coming to a head, and next up is the much awaited crossover between Light Of Day, Dark Of Night and Dark Horizons.  If you haven't already head over to the DH section and read Chapter 4, then be on the lookout for the crossover chapter, Hell Bound, hitting sometime in the near future.