Light Of Day, Dark Of Night

By: Jaden

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission. Thanks.  Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions 2002-2003

Chapter 1
The Journey Begins

Some people believe that when someone dies, their soul is carried to the land of the dead.  But sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul cannot rest.  Then sometimes.. just sometimes, the soul gets another chance to put the wrong things right.

People come and go in life, but there are those who live on forever inside.  For some reason, I have been given a second chance at life.  For some reason, a young blonde vision of perfection, a vampire, decided to grant me that gift.  Maybe with the hope of a new life with me.. a chance for true love.  The guilt of leaving him behind has haunted me the past couple of weeks.  Every waking moment on this train has been spent wondering if I'm doing the right thing.  Leaving a chance to be truly happy to try and make peace with myself.  Maybe the only way I can be happy is to do just that.

I took a train to Anaheim, California.. back to my most recent home before my accident.  What I found there was not what I was expecting.  I could not come in direct contact with the ones I love, my friends.. the people who were basically more family to me than my real family.  I went to the first place anyone who's supposed to be dead would go... the cemetery.

The wind swept through the night, as if it had a purpose.  The overwhelming sense of death ran through my body.  The unresting souls all around, not ready to yet call this place their 'home'.  As I approached what was my resting place to the ones I love, I could hear crying.. someone speaking.  I used my 'extra' or power, whatever one may call it to walk through trees and stones as I passed, being careful not to disturb whoever was mourning.  I climbed up into a tree beside my grave and peered down at the boy who was kneeling in front of it.  I could smell his scent, the blood running through his veins.  His brown hair fell just over his ears, his dark eyes wet with tears.  My eyes started to glow as a tear dropped from them, causing me to force myself to make it stop for fear of being seen.  The scene in front of me was heartbreaking.. my best friend's little brother, Eric was pouring all of his pain out to 'me' in his mind.

"Everything's gone to hell since you left, Joey.  Why did you have to die?!?  You were like a brother to me..but you left.  You and Blade always were two of a kind.  You died in an accident, he is dead in my eyes."  My ears perked up, wondering what that meant.  I decided to probe a bit into his mind.  The amount of pain, of resentment, was overwhelming.  The fun loving, free spirited Eric I knew was hidden deep inside, masked by the pain.  I watched his memories of the past few months.  The times spent with his boyfriend.. the only ones that seemed to hold happiness.  They were few and far inbetween, then the real cause of his pain became clear.  I saw Eric sitting on a bed.. Blade's bed.  Blade was next to him, both crying.

"You fucking promised!!!"  He screamed out.  "How can you do this to me?!?  You are the only person who understands me.  You make me feel special.  Who am I going to turn to when I have a problem?  I love you god damnit!"  My eyes glowed as I watched the painstaking fight between two brothers who love each other so much.

"Eric, please calm down.."  Blade didn't want the fight.. I could tell he really didn't have the will for it.

"I won't calm down!  Now Matt is all I have left.  What if something happens and we break up?  Then I'm going to be all alone.  You won't be here to pick up the pieces.  Please don't go!! I'll do anything!"

"I want Tyler.. that's it.  You can't give me that."  My best friend's spirit was broken.. over him again.

"I hate you, I hate you." I brought myself away from Eric's memories after seeing him and Blade cry themselves to sleep.  Blade isn't here anymore.  But where..

"Are you okay?"  A blonde boy, the object of Blade's affection, Tyler, walked up to Eric.

"No, I'm not.  What do you want?  You have a lot of balls coming here."  Eric spat out.  Tyler looked hurt at Eric's outburst.

"I-I'm sorry, okay?  I tried, Eric.  I was too late.. I missed him."

"That's an excuse.  If you had just stopped being so worried about hurting Marcus's feelings and went with how you really felt, Blade would be here and not in NY.  Almost 3 months that I've had to be in pain.. missing my own brother because of you."  Eric stood up abruptly as Tyler went to put his hand on his shoulder, "Don't touch me."  Eric stomped off, leaving Tyler standing there with tears in his eyes.  He put his hand on my grave, looked down at the ground, then walked off himself.  A lot has changed in Anaheim.

I hopped out of the tree and studied my own grave.  If anything is surreal it's looking at your final resting place from the outside.  A single red rose adorned each end of the headstone, and a hockey puck was placed on the center.  A picture was glued to it.  I picked it up and studied it.  A single picture of Blade and I, our arms around each other, smiles across our faces.  Tears fell from my eyes, the reality of everything setting in.  We will never have the chance to be like that again.  The image of that stone burned into my mind...

Joey Christopher Marling
July 1985 - May 2002
Heaven Needed Their Angel Back

I pulled out the picture that had been given to me back in Chicago, the one Trevor gave to me.  So much pain inside of me, yet so few ways to deal with it.  I turned and walked out of the cemetery, and headed down the road.  Luckily my running speed had picked up, no more muscles locking up.

I trekked past Arrowhead High, the school I was to start my senior year in soon.  The lights inside were lit, faculty obviously pulling an all nighter preparing for the new school year.  I made my way over to the auditorium door, but of course it was locked.  I shrugged, then used my transparency to go through it.  I can't really explain what makes me able to go through objects, but it sure does come in handy a lot.

The sudden cold hit me as I entered the arena.  All the lights were off, but my adjusted night vision provided all I needed to see where I wanted to go.  I went into the locker room and grabbed a pair of skates then laced them up.  I stepped out onto the ice and skated like there was no tomorrow.  With my new found abilities as a vampire I was able to skate like never before without even breaking a sweat.  Hopefully this won't be the last time I get to do this.. but I don't see a lot of opportunities for this kind of thing.  A rustling came from the main entrance, so I quickly got off the ice and ran into the locker room.  In a matter of moments I had the skates off and climbed up on top of a row of lockers as someone entered the room.  A man dressed in a security uniform walked down the rows of lockers shining his flashlight around.  I guess he must have heard me on the ice.  He slowed down by the row of lockers I was on top of, making me sweat a bit.  My extra switched on by itself and my hands started to go through the top of the lockers.  I kicked out with my legs, trying to stop myself from falling through.  By doing so a bang erupted from the impact of my foot hitting the top of the lockers.  I pulled my arms out and got my powers under control.  I watched as the security guard climbed up onto a bench to check where I was hiding.  I quickly slid off the top onto the ground in the other row of lockers and dashed out of the building.  That was too close.

I have to be more careful.. that's all I need is to be caught breaking into a school.  As I walked down a deserted street I heard a rustling.  I stopped and looked around.  The darkness was so thick, not a street light to be seen.  Nothing was in my view, so I continued forward.  As I came to a clearing my senses kicked in.  Blood.. I could smell the blood.  My mind reading turned on and I saw what I couldn't seem to see with my eyes.  A boy, thin with blondish hair, trying to fight for his life.  Against what was the question.  The fear running through his mind was increasing, until I heard a blood curdling scream.  I took off towards the sound, keeping the boy's scent within my senses.  I stopped at a dead end, wondering where I took a wrong turn.  The sounds were louder now, coming from straight ahead.  My eyes focused intensely on the wall in front of me until it became nothing but a window like structure to me.

On the other side was a sight that caused an uneasy feeling inside.  A gang of five 'people' were attacking the blonde boy.  The only thing was, I couldn't get a read on them which is what caused a certain nervousness to build up inside of me.  Second thoughts ran through my mind when I got a better look at the victim.  I know him.  In a blink I flew through the wall and plowed right into the gang.  My eyes flared with intensity as I saw the badly injured boy.  It was Eric's friend, the boy from Australia, Dave.  The attackers regrouped and formed a circle around me.  My fangs descended down from my canines as I hissed at them.  They didn't even flinch.  One of them flew at me with great speed, but I moved quick enough to duck and leg sweep him.  He fell to the ground with a thud, but popped up like it was the most natural thing.  That's when I realized I wasn't dealing with any humans here.. or vampires for that matter.

These creatures who looked human moments ago started to change.  Their eyes turned a gleaming silver color, as a strong smell emitted from them.  Something that you would smell in a lab.. some kind of chemical smell. that caused me to want to gag.  I looked down at Dave who laid motionless on the ground.  Blood streamed down his face and I could sense his heart beat slowing.  I didn't have much time to think of a plan as whatever I was up against moved in on me.

The first one came at me, throwing punches.  I blocked and countered each attack, my training obviously far more advanced than this creature's.  I waited for the right moment, and took it.  He lunged at me, and I speared him to the ground.  I placed a precise jab to the throat causing it to gasp for air.  I got back up and was immediately jumped on by three more of them.  I thrashed around violently, shaking free of one, but not being able to get out of the other two's grasp.  My eyes started to glow, that familiar electric blue.  I was about to send out a jolt into them, when my focus was lost.  I felt a tug in my head.. something was trying to enter my mind.  My eyes focused on the one creature that was not attacking.. just standing a few feet away with a burning glare on me.  A sinister grin spread across it's face.

The momentary distraction gave one of the others the chance to attack me.  The thing fucking bit me!  My stomach became woozy, something not right.  I shook it off as much as I could.  I watched as another one of them approached me, a club like weapon seemingly appearing out of nowhere in his grip.  He took a swing at me, but I turned transparent, and jumped through him.  I grabbed it's head from behind and in one quick, hard motion snapped it's neck.  I snarled in aggression as the other two started towards me.  They stopped, as the third one, the one that had been hanging back, stepped forward.

"You are a very foolish vampire, young one."  His voice was that like you would here in a scary movie.. almost demonic like.

"We'll see who's foolish when this is finished.  You want to be next?"  I challenged.

"Such bravery, such aggression.  It's a shame you won't be around much longer.  You are no match for me.  Maybe for my followers here, but I will crush you like the waste of life you are."

"Keep talking.  I don't know what the fuck you are, but you won't be anything much longer."

"So you say."  He put an arm up in the air and shot a flame from his hand.  I backed up a little bit, then heard noises around me.  I looked around as 6 or 7 more of these things came out of the shadows.  Fuck.  They swarmed towards me, I braced myself for an attack.  The first two came sprinting toward me, with what looked like spikes protruding from their arms.  As they came within a couple feet of me they suddenly flew up into the air and were thrown backwards, smashing into the brick wall.

As I looked around trying to figure out what the hell was going on, 4 more of the demons ran towards me.  I grabbed one and jolted him full of electricity, while the others got an even more painful fate.  An automobile flew threw the air with such velocity, that it literally snapped the creatures in half.  The car crashed against the alley way, causing a small explosion.  I looked towards the now flaming area, and what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks.

It was like scene out of a movie.  A young man, no older looking than 18 or 19, stepped through the flames.  His blonde hair hanging down over his shoulders, a knee length black coat swaying in the wind as he walked.  I watched as one after another the creatures went at him, and he shrugged them off, throwing them with one quick movement of his hand.  As he got closer one word entered my mind... Blade?!?

The sun glasses he wore hid his eyes, but the glowing underneath showed the intensity that radiated off of him.  I was brought out of my daze as I was blind sided by the obvious 'leader' of this group of creatures.  I fell to the ground, the wind knocked out of me.  I felt a hard blow come to the back of my head, causing my vision to blur slightly.  The blonde vampire stalked toward the leader.

"How nice to see you again, Gavin."

"Too bad I can't say the same for you, Zodezan.  Ready for the final chapter?"

"Foolish child."  This Zodezan seemingly morphed.. into some kind of demon like creature.  Horns appeared on top of his head, spikes coming from his wrists.  Gavin didn't break stride as the battle ensued.

His motions were so quick and swift, I don't know how the demon kept up with him.  Gavin connected with a high spin kick, staggering Zodezan.  He raised his hand, bringing him up in the air and made a motion to throw him, but something went wrong.  Gavin yelled out in pain, and grabbed his head as he dropped to his knees.  Zodezan walked toward him with a sinister grin on his face.

"I told you I'd be the death of you."  Zodezan raised his arm up, the moonlight catching sight of the razor sharp claw coming out of his hand.  My adrenaline shot up, causing me to get off the ground.  I ran faster than ever before and jumped into Zodezan's body.  "W-wha..."

My anger grew, as he struggled with me internally.  I held his arm back so he wouldn't be able to slash Gavin.  My eyes burned with a blue glow as my powers took over my body.  Something inside this thing was trying to enter me.. posses me.  I intensified my focus on ending this battle.  I sent a message to him, through himself.

"Go back to hell, bitch."  BOOM!  Blue beams off electricity shot out of his body, tearing him apart.  The explosion sent him flying all over the place.. in pieces.  I fell to the ground from the force of the charge.  Gavin looked on, a look of wonder on his face.

He slowly stood, and stared at me.  I pulled myself up and approached him cautiously.  His sun glasses were removed and our eyes locked.  The beauty of him was astounding to me.  His dark eyes a sharp contrast to his blonde hair, his lips thin.. a picture perfect model.

"Who are you?"  Gavin asked.

"I'm Joey."

"Your power is great... how long have you been crossed over?  30.. 40 years?"

"Haha, umm no.. about 3 months.."  He looked at me like I was crazy.

"Are you serious?"  I nodded.  "That's.. kind of scary."

"I know what I'm doing.  What about you?  You're a telekinetic right?  How long have you been a vampire?"

"Two years.. I'm advanced.  I'm 21 in human years.."

"I'm 17."  A groan came from nearby.  We both looked over at Dave who was still hanging on to what life was left in him.

"Ooo.. fresh meat.  Can't let a good meal go to waste."  Gavin flew over to Dave and lifted him up.  He started to position his mouth over his neck, when I shot forward and knocked him to the ground.  He got up, his fangs showing.  "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!?"

"You are not having my friend here for a late night snack."

"Your friend?  He's going to die anyways."

"No.."  I was cut off by the faint voice coming from Dave.  His eyes flickered, as if trying to focus on me.

"J-Joey?"  I looked away.. knowing he can't know it's me.. no human can.

"You see?!? Now he knows you aren't dead!  Give me him.."  He grabbed for Dave, but I made us both transparent, causing Gavin to almost fall over trying to get at him.  He gave me a nasty glare.

"I'm not letting him die."  My fangs came down, and I bit into Dave's neck.  His memories flooded into my mind.. good and bad.  His fears, his joys.. everything.  I felt guilty for seeing things I wasn't supposed to know, but I didn't really have a choice.  A couple things interested me more than others.. I guess that will have to brought up sometime.  The toxins released from my fangs and into his blood stream.  After a few more moments, I pulled off.  I picked up Dave's lifeless body and cradled him.

Gavin's scowl didn't leave his face for a moment.  "Waste of a meal.  You could've at least let me turn him.  Now I have to hunt tonight."  He picked up his sunglasses and started walking away.

"Wait!"  I yelled out.  He stopped and turned toward me.  I carried Dave over to where Gavin stood.

"Make it quick."  He said rudely.

"What's your problem, man?  Geez, I'm sorry for stealing 'your meal'."  He just looked at me with an impatient look.

"Care to get to the point anytime soon?"

His words stung me a bit, a slightly hurt look appeared on my face.  "Forget it."  I walked past him and through the wall with Dave in my arms.

As I came to the end of the street a voice startled me, "I'm sorry."  I looked up into a tree to my right and saw Gavin perched up on a branch looking down at me. He hopped down out of the tree, and over to me.  He extended his hand out to me to which I snorted and kept walking.  "Fine."  He let out frustrated.  I thought he had given up when I felt myself being lifted into the air.  My body flew back towards Gavin, while I held Dave tight, making sure I didn't drop him.  I landed on my feet, inches from Gavin.  I glared at him, while he gave me a determined look back.  He put his hand out again, but I swatted it away.  He growled in frustration.

"You don't have my respect.  You are an asshole, plain and simple.  You owe me your life.. your pretty little face would be split in two right now if it wasn't for me."  I spat out.

He smirked, "So.. you think I'm pretty?"  I was caught off guard, but quickly recovered.

"Fuck you."

"Maybe that's what you're hoping for."  I placed Dave on the ground as that familiar glow came over me.  I turned back to Gavin, who backed up a bit, but not much, as he saw the electric look in my eyes.

"You don't want any of me kid."  He challenged.  I swung at him, but he easily jumped out of the way.  He landed behind me and went for a leg sweep, but I back flipped over it.  We ended up in a fighting stance once again.  A smile spread over his face, a glimmer in his eyes.  I through a punch at him, but he just raised his hands and threw me back at least 10 ft with his telekinesis.  I kipped up, shaking the cob webs from my head.  The smirk still adorned his face as he charged at me.  He leapt at me, hoping to tackle me, but I quickly turned on my power, causing him to jump right through me and land hard on the ground.  He got up and brushed off his clothes, cursing himself for being so careless.  He made a motion to pick me up off the ground again, but I was ready, and jumped right into the ground.

I landed with a thud.  As my eyes focused, I realized I was in some sort of tunnel... definitely not what I was expecting.  A loud sound emitted from one end of the tunnel.. a sound like a bunch of people or creatures running my way.  I didn't think twice and jumped back onto the street where Gavin was.  He must've been looking for me, because I came up right behind him.  I took the moment and jumped into him.  He screamed in pain, struggling with the new feeling.

"Get out of me!!!"  He yelled.  The more he thrashed, the more he made the blue electricity emit through my body.  The only thing is.. do I want to do this to him?  His thoughts slowly became clear in my mind.  Fear, anger, sadness.  The fear of me killing him, angry at himself for not being careful.  The sadness is what got to me.  I saw Gavin.. and a boy.. about 16 or so.  A memory of them out on a lake, just relaxing on a boat late at night.  They laid next to each other.. no.. they were entwined together.  Gavin had his arm around the young brown haired boy, their eyes never leaving one another, a shining glimmer passing between them.  Their lips met, a certain love being spoken silently to each other.  Then like a fairy tale gone wrong, the memory went from beautiful to terrible.  Waves crashed around the small boat, rocking it up and down.  Gavin and the other boy scrambled frantically to keep it under control, but to no avail.  The boat was hit by a huge wave, taking the brown haired boy over the edge and into the deadly water.  Gavin panicked, yelling out to the boy.  The storm seemed to settle down as Gavin ran to every edge of the boat calling for the boy.  He jumped into the water, diving under to search for his lover.  After who knows how long of searching, a police boat pulled up.. and took Gavin from the water as he protested, tears being blurred out by his soaked appearance.  He struggled against the cops, but they were having none of it.  One officer attempted to put cuffs on Gavin, but he shouldered him, causing him to fall over.  Gavin dove back into the water and swam out of sight.

Before I could see any further my concentration broke.  My body started to feel like it was on fire, causing me to struggle to regain control or get the hell out of Gavin.  He brought his arm out in front of him and made a pulling motion.  As my body raged against me, Gavin somehow got into my head.

'If you panic, we both die.'  I heeded his words and tried my best to calm my nerves.  'Good.. now.. focus..use your gift.'  I did the best I could, causing myself to go back to fully transparent.  Gavin made a swift pull and throw motion, ripping me from his body and out on to the ground.  I laid there mentally and physically drained.  Gavin dropped to one knee, he too feeling the after effects.

My vision started to blur as I watched him.  A faint glow coming from his eyes, as tears fell over his cheeks.  He looked straight at me then quickly hid his face.  He stood up and walked over to me.  His eyes burned into mine with an unreadable look.  Before I knew what hit me, he punched me hard in the face, knocking me loopy.  My vision went completely as darkness took over.

When I awoke, I let out a sigh of relief.  I thought for sure Gavin would have killed me.  I rubbed my face where Gavin delivered the final blow, a little soreness still lingering.  As my eyes adjusted I noticed I was in some sort of room.  No windows, no nothing, just me, the room.. and Dave?  I stood up groggily and moved over to his sleeping form lying on a blanket.  His breathing was subtle, but steady.  His wounds were still fresh, but the blood had stopped flowing from them.  I sat next to him and took his hand into mine.

"I'm sorry for this, Dave.  I don't know if you will hate me for making you into what you are.. what I am.  I couldn't just let you die out there.  At least now you can still have some sort of life.. maybe not what you hoped for, but a life none the less."  I ran my hand through his hair, a look of sympathy on my face.  "What were you doing out that late anyway?  You shouldn't have been there... you shouldn't have to go through this.  Now it's one less person that Eric can count on in his life."  I frowned sadly, wondering if it's Blade I need to look after right now, or his little brother.  I was startled out of my thoughts by a loud crack of thunder.  I looked at the door, wondering if I should tempt to see what lies beyond it.

Curiosity got the best of me.  I approached the door and decided it would be best to open it instead of going through it.. just incase.  For all I know it could be daylight right outside of this door.  I turned the handle slowly, and carefully inched the door open.  No sunlight.. that's a good sign.  I opened it more and slipped outside of it.

I was in a huge room.. more like an empty warehouse.  Lights were strung up around the place.  I looked at the windows which were blackened, but could still tell that it was daytime.  Looks like my hours are screwed up.  I walked around the place, checking out everything.  There was an area set up with a television.. actually pretty much a whole entertainment center.  A stereo, DVD player, vcr, surround sound system, video game consoles.. the works.  A couple couches, love seats and various chairs were set up around this area as well.  One couch caught my attention the most.. because someone was sleeping on it.

A girl, no older looking that 17, slept soundly on the black couch.  Her long brown hair swept around her face, her body in perfect proportion.  I couldn't help but compare her to Nikki.  Tears stung my eyes as I thought of her.. not even knowing if she's alive.  I shook the thoughts away, knowing that it would bring up something that we both avoided for the past 5 years.  I continued on until I came to another doorway.  I walked through the slightly opened door into a room filled with blue.  The walls, the carpet.. everything was various shades of blue.  Someone slept in the bed, the blanket covering their face.  I silently walked over and pulled the blanket back, revealing Gavin himself sound asleep.

I sat down on the bed beside him, taking in every detail of him.  His face was the vision of perfection.  Not a single blemish to be seen.  His perfectly shaped cheekbones, accentuated every little feature.  A faint, but sad whimper emitted from him.  I ran my hand over his face, caressing his cheek.  He turned toward me, still asleep, but snuggling closer.  I thought twice about what I was about to do.. but then decided to do it anyways.  I slowly leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips.  His face seemed to relax after that, the sadness inside seemingly fading for the moment.  If he wasn't such an asshole he'd be the perfect boyfriend.  I sighed to myself, then headed back to the room where Dave was to get some sleep.

I awoke some time later, feeling much better.  My energy was back up and I was ready to get out and about.  I checked Dave again, and once I was satisfied he was fine, I went to open the door... only this time it was locked.  I kept trying the handle, but it was no use.  I shrugged and turned transparent, but was caught of guard when I tried to walk through it and came up with a face full of door.  I rubbed my head, wondering what the hell just happened.  I tried to push my hand through, but it was of no use.  I did the same to every wall, but I couldn't penetrate.  I banged on the door furiously, cursing.  "Open the fucking door!"  No one seemed to hear me.  My anger radiated off of me, causing me to glow.  I pressed my hands hard against the door, filling it with electricity.  The door was shining a bright blue, whatever was holding us in the room was even holding the electricity.  Suddenly a creaking noise caught my attention.  The door bulged, as I ran over and covered Dave with myself.  Moments later the door exploded, flying all over the room.

I looked to the doorway and this time walked right through it.  An invisible shield seemed to be around the entire room, but it was weakened enough for me to get through.  When I stormed into the "entertainment area", everyone shot up out of their seats.  There was now 4 people besides myself there.  Gavin looked at me, with a slightly amused grin, while the girl I saw earlier had a look of utter shock on her face.  The other two boys seemed surprised, and gawked at me.  One had blonde, spiky hair with striking dark eyes and a boyish face only a vampire could truly have.  The other was also strikingly handsome, his blue eyes offsetting his brown hair.  I pulled my gaze from them and the anger returned.

"What the fuck was that?!?"  I demanded an answer.

"H-how.. nothing can get through my plasma shields.."  The girl stuttered.

"Well, news flash, I just did.  Now someone tell me why I was locked in that room."

"It was for your protection and ours."  Gavin stated simply.  "I know what you can do, Joey.  You almost killed me and yourself last night."

"If you weren't such a rude dick then maybe that wouldn't have happened."  The other two boys snickered at my comments.  Gavin shot them a look that shut them up quickly.

"Let's talk outside."  He got up and walked past me, motioning for me to follow.  As I passed the blonde boy he smacked me on the ass.  I jumped, then turned to give him a glare, but the mischievous look in his eyes combined with that boyish smile melted whatever anger I was going to unleash on him.  I sighed, flashed a faint grin at him, and went on after Gavin.  I could hear the boy giggle and say something about me to the other one, but I'm not sure what.

I followed Gavin outside through a double wide door.  There were steps leading down to a sidewalk, but he stopped and took a seat on the steps.  He patted next to him, telling me to take a seat.  I did and waited for him to say something.

"You're very advanced, Joey.  You seem to keep developing at an alarming rate.  That's why you were locked in that room.  I knew you wouldn't hurt the new one, since he's a friend from your human life."

"So now what?  That didn't work, so how are you going to keep me under lock and key?"

He looked down at his feet, "I'm not.  I'm pretty sure you can be trusted.. you seem sincere, and I saw some of your memories while you were inside of me... god that sounds perverted."  He snickered, causing me to laugh as well.

"Does it?"  I grinned slyly.  He just smirked, not responding to that question.

"So.. basically I'm offering you a place to stay.  If you want to, you can call this home.  It's not the best place in the world, but it's decent.  There's stuff to do, even though most of the time everyone's out.  Your friend.."


"Yes, Dave, will be welcome to stay as well.  It's not safe to be out on the streets, vampire or not.  You've seen what lurks out there.. and that's not even the worst of them.  Werewolves.. any Wereanimal is dangerous.."

"I've killed one of them."  He raised his eyebrows at me.

"Your power is dangerous, man.  Are you sure you have it under control?"

"Yeah.. I've honed it down as much as possible.  I lost control when I was in you though.. that's never happened before"

"You let yourself sympathize with me.. you saw something in my memory that made you not want to finish me off.. though I would have stopped it before you could have done that anyway."

"Oh really? How would you have done that, oh powerful one?"  I said sarcastically.

"I'm a telekinetic, but I also can consume someone's energy.. which is why you were so drained last night.  I absorbed enough out of you to take away the threat of you killing me.  I can't use it unless I'm in direct contact with someone.. it doesn't get any more direct than having someone inside of your body."

"So, in reality you could have killed me if you wanted."  He nodded.  I ran my hand through my hair, thinking over that very thought.

"Why didn't you?"

"For what reason?  I had no reason to kill you.  You did save me from Zodezan.  He put a mind lock on me, which made my thoughts turn against me.  You saved me from him."

"Well, we don't have to worry about him anymore."

A troubled look swept across his face, "There's a lot more where he came from.  More powerful, more evil.  They'll be back for us.. you especially."  Worry plagued me as I listened to him.  "Don't worry, dude.  They can't take us.. even the ones that can, they can't take us as a group.  Jared, Alex, Chloe and myself.. we have never been stronger.. as a group we are very tough to do any serious damage to.  With you and Dave.. we'll be safe from most threats."

I wanted to believe him, but the truth is fear still nudged at me in the back of my mind.  "I hope so.  Gavin.. have you ever.. seen anyone from your old life again?"

The sadness returned to his eyes, "No.. there's no one that I would want to see again except for..."  He trailed off.  I could see he was thinking of his boyfriend.. the one in the boating accident.  I put my arm around him for comfort.  "You saw didn't you?"  He stated more than asked.

"Yes."  I whispered.

"I loved him more than life... when I lost him I had nothing left to go on for.  My life turned to shit.. I started hanging out on the streets a lot.. then one night, some vampire came along, told me how great life could be and I let him turn me.  I've never looked back, not once."

"I'm sorry, Gavin."

"Don't be.  This life is better than the one I had.  What about you?  You seem to have a lot on your mind.. why do you ask about me seeking out my past?"

I sighed, "That's why I came back here.  I was in a deadly car accident.. I pretty much died on the operating table."  He grimaced, but urged me to go on, "My best friend.. my ex boyfriend, he was hurt so bad by it.  I loved him so much, Gavin.. and I miss him.. I need closure."

"You can't go to him you know.. it will cause too much trouble."  I didn't respond to him.  "Listen Joey, if you go after him.. if he sees you, then we are all fucked.  That will prove we exist to humans, and that can't happen.  Widespread panic.. even a war could start.  The government would kill us off one by one."

"The government?"

"Who do you think cleans up our messes?  They know everything."

"I guess."

He put his arm around me and squeezed me tight, "Let's go back inside.. it's a night for relaxing."  We started back towards the door, when he stopped me.  He turned me so I was facing him.  "Joey?"

"Yeah?"  He brought his face in and kissed my lips, slowly but sensually.  He sucked at my lower lip for a few moments then pulled away.  He smiled, then leaned in next to my ear.

"Sometimes I see people while I sleep."  His dimples shown through as he smiled widely, then walked into the warehouse.  Stunned, I shook my head, and followed him back in, but not before a chill suddenly ran up my spine.  I turned around looking out into the darkness.  The street seemed empty, not a soul to be seen.  I shrugged, then went inside, closing the door behind me.

What I didn't see was a  pair of silver eyes shining in the darkness, perched on a fire escape across the street.  "They are powerful together."  A voice spoke.  Another set of eyes.. glowing purple appeared next to the other one.

"They don't belong together... Gavin belongs with us.  The other one.. belongs in the ground."

Well, that's the opening chapter of Light Of Day Dark Of Night, I hope y'all liked it.  I know this is an "out there" story, but it's fun to do and I hope you guys get into it like you have for NTFA and TSS. Stop by The Jaded Edge.  Email me, let me know what you think, your opinions and so forth.

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