Light Of Day, Dark Of Night

By: Jaden

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me for my permission. Thanks. Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions

Chapter 3
Fight The Fear

The sound of water dripping from leaky old pipes echoed through the empty tunnels like a chilling whisper.  A constant reminder eating away at the back of our minds, never letting the unsettling fear disintegrate for more than a moment.  The tunnels are the only safe haven for us, our only protection of being found.  To go back to the surface would be just as suicidal as stepping out into the sun.  We all knew.. and I think inside, we all doubted our chances of survival.  I leaned against the grimy tunnel wall looking on at my friends.

Jared sat perched up on a large pipe, his face hidden in the shadows.  The light in his eyes was slowly dimming, the difference between night and day not making much of a difference to any of us anymore.  His hope seemed to decrease by the hour, but his strong demeanor never seemed to dissipate.  No fear was revealed by him, at least not openly.  We all knew he had to be just as scared as the rest of us, but he refused to show it.  His eyes focused on the reason why.

Sitting on the ground against the opposite wall was Alex.  His eyes closed, as he retreated to the only semi peaceful state that he could.. his dreams.  Alex seemed content being held by Dave's arms.  I could sense his weakness growing, the hunger burning inside of him.  Dave would soon need to hunt as well, his human blood can't hold out forever.  They seemed to draw strength from each other, the bond between them growing quickly.

Chloe seemed to keep to herself most of the time.  She would talk to us all, but something holds her back from truly letting her true self be seen.  With her normally flowing hair matted to her head, she looked but a shell of the girl I knew.  Her eyes swept over the room, checking on everyone without letting them know.

I sighed to myself and started walking down a tunnel to my left.  Guilt plagued my mind.  Guilt for revealing myself, guilt for bringing the people I care about into this mess.  If they die it will be because of my selfishness.  The thing that gets me the most is, I don't and can't make myself regret what I did.  Blade would've done the same for me... he would die for me... and I will die for him.  Watching him take a brutal beating was hard enough, there was no way I could stand by and watch as my best friend got murdered.  Now it's all on me... my hands are dirty.  I will not allow my friends to be killed because of me.  No one will get to them without taking me out first.

A sound came from my right, putting me on full alert.  I crept slowly to a break in the tunnels and peered around the corner.  About half way down the break was Gavin.  He ran his hands through his hair then leaned his head against a wall.  I could see the glowing in his eyes intensify, tears obviously flooding over his face.  "What is going to happen?"  Gavin asked.

"Why must you know the future before it happens?"  A raspy voice emerged from the shadows.  The faint glow of purple slowly crept out into the open.  "If you know you're going to die, will it make a difference?"

"If I know how and when, then I can prevent it."

"You can't cheat fate, Gavin."

"Then what am I supposed to do?  Stand here and wait for my  friends.. my FAMILY to die?  Let some fucking people hunt them down?"

"I will die for you.  For any one of them."

"Sorry, I've experienced that loss once, I'm not ready to experience it again."  Gavin's words confused and intrigued me.  "Caleb, I can't do this.."

"Gavin, don't do this to me.. I don't know what..."  The boy I knew now as Caleb finally let some emotion break through.  His voice cracked, a sadness lingering in his tone.

"I know you don't remember.. but it doesn't make it any easier for me.  I don't even know where my head is anymore.  I-I thought I was moving on.  Joey.."

"He loves you."  My head snapped up as Caleb spoke.  "But he's scared.  Like you.   He's scared to let go of his feelings for another."

"I can't let go."  Gavin spoke in a hushed whisper.  I turned on my heels and headed back to the main chamber.

My mind tried to process what I had just heard, but instead a big jumble of thoughts plagued me.  What does he mean I'm scared to let go of my feelings for another?  I'll never let go of Blade.  I'm not afraid to move on.. but I know I'll never be able to be with Blade the way I once was.  Gavin is so damn mysterious with me.  I don't know much of anything about his past.  The unpredictability of him has made me uneasy as of late, and now I know that his feelings for me aren't strong enough to let go of the one he lost.  Somehow while lost in thought, I also got lost in the tunnels.  I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line.

The darkness seemed to envelope me as I continued forward.  Even being a vampire, my eyes just weren't adjusting to the blackness.  Faint sounds started coming from all around me.  I stopped and called out, "Hello?"  My voice echoed through the seemingly empty tunnel.  The sound grew louder, footsteps.. but there was something strange about them.  I felt something brush up against my leg quickly.  I spun and looked towards the ground.  The noise was all around me.  I spun in place, trying to get a glimpse of what was seemingly circling me.  Things kept brushing my legs until I stood still.  I waited and listened intently to the footsteps.  I heard them approach fast, but I swung my arm down and grasped my hand around one of whatever it was.  I held the creature out in front of me, feeling it struggle in my hand.  It screeched and fought to get out of my grasp.. I had to see what it was.  I concentrated on my power, the blue light of electricity started to charge through me.

"NO!"  Someone knocked the creature out of my hand and covered my eyes, blocking out the light.  I started to pull away from the person, but they held me tight.  "Don't move.  Tell me when the light is gone."  I recognized the voice.  I relaxed and let the energy surging through me slowly diminish.

"Okay, it's gone.  You can let go now, Caleb."  I felt him lean in close to my ear.

"Don't toy with elements you don't know."  He whispered.  "These creatures are harmless to you and I.  That is until they are introduced to light.  They are lethal when light hits them."  He scooped up one of the little creatures in his hand.  "You see, if you let them know you're their superior, they will show themselves."  Caleb hissed loudly, as his fangs slowly protruded from his mouth.  I watched as the little creature seemingly lit up, and the scurrying footsteps around us stopped.  Suddenly the tunnel was lit completely.. by these tiny creatures.  They lined the ceiling, the walls, and the ground.  Caleb turned to me, his purple eyes burning into my own.  "You see, if you were to introduce them to any light besides the light within themselves, they would basically explode. Every single one of them.  And their blood is toxic.. lethal to the touch.  Acid like in nature."  He handed the creature to me.  I studied it closely.  It's dark muddled green skin seemed to offset the bright white rags that hung upon it as clothes.  It's eyes were completely black, showing no emotion at all.

"What are they?"

"Gothlings.  Tunnel dwellers.  They stick to the darkest sections like this one.  Put it down and let's get back to the group.  We are better off sticking together for the moment."  Caleb nonchalantly turned around and started walking away.  I took one last look at the Gothling and let it go.  "Coming?"  Caleb had stopped about 10 feet ahead.  I nodded and hurried to catch up with him.

Caleb seemed to have this aura that radiated off of him.  A sureness and confidence that I hadn't seen in anyone before was very apparent in him.  Despite his boyish features, everything about him was mature.  "I'm not afraid."  I said.

Caleb didn't even break stride, "Yes you are."

"No.. I mean I'm not afraid to move on.."

"I know what you mean.  I knew you were listening to Gavin and I.  It's kind of hard to hide from me."

"Why is that?  What is your deal exactly?"

"I'm what you would call a 'Visionary'.  I see the future."

"Why won't you tell anyone what is going to happen?"

"Because.. I don't know.  I can see bits and pieces, but I can't see what will happen.. how this will all end.  That's how my power works sometimes.. it's a big puzzle.  I'm not so sure that's the only reason I'm having trouble seeing anything down here though.."  He seemed to trail off in thought.

"You knew this was going to happen though.  That I was going to blow my cover."  Caleb just nodded as we trekked further along the tunnels.  "Is that why I had a nightmare.. why I saw..."

"I just instilled a little bit of my vision inside of you.  You're own consciousness twisted some parts of it, that's something I can't control.  I showed you what was coming.  I wanted you to leave here before any of this could happen, but I knew you wouldn't.  Your love for the one you call Blade is too strong."

"Would you let someone that meant the world to you die because you were afraid of what would happen to yourself?"

"No.  I never will."  I glanced over at him curiously, "I know you are questioning who I am, what I'm here for, and most importantly my connection to Gavin."  He stopped and turned towards me.  He put a hand up to my face and pressed it softly against my cheek.  A wave of warmth spread through me at the touch of his fingertips.

"What are you doing to me....?"  My mind seemed to flash and then a vision started to appear.  A memory.. but not my own.  Waves crashed as thunder crackled throughout the night sky.  The rain down poured into the choppy water, as something floated on the surface, roughly being carried to a nearby shore.  A boy landed on the wet sand, his body laid lifeless to the world.  A figure stepped out of the shadows, walking silently through the sloshy ground.  The shadows seemed to hide the figure from being seen, everything except for a slight shine coming from the eyes.  The figure rolled the boy over, gently picking him up off the ground.  The boy's soaked hair fell from his face..... Caleb pulled his hand away as realization hit me.  "You're him.. you're..."  Caleb just nodded.

"You see, the problem is, I can't remember much of anything.. from my human life.  I remember Gavin vaguely.. but not as he remembers me."

"You don't remember your relationship with him."  An unreadable look flashed in his eyes as I spoke the words.

"I-I don't know.  All I know is there's something about him that gets to me.  Keeps me from being completely unfeeling.  I know you see it.  I know too much for my own good."

I stood there for a moment and took in the boy in front of me.  To anyone else, he'd just be brushed off as a normal everyday pretty boy.  Semi Long brown hair framed his boyish face that showed no signs of aging.  >From his cute little nose, to his pouty lips, Caleb seemed every bit the heart throb.  It's when I looked into his eyes that I saw the true person inside.  The violet glow in them burned bright, but gave away how much was really going on inside his cluttered mind.  An undying determination held down the front line, but was just the wall that kept him from feeling much of anything.  My eyes burned into his and I started to see more of him.  The side he wasn't willing to show.  A side plagued by fear, doubt and uncertainty.  Not knowing who he really is, yet knowing so much that he didn't want to know.  Suddenly with a jolt, my mind seemed to lock onto his and one statement etched itself into my consciousness.  Death is coming.

As quick as my mind had gotten into his, it ended.  Caleb backed away, shaking the daze from his head. He looked at me with a certain cautiousness.  His mouth opened, but the words just didn't seem make it out.  Footsteps echoed through the tunnels behind us.  "More Gothlings eh..."  Caleb put a finger to his mouth motioning for me to be silent. His brow furrowed as he put his arms out to the side.  The purple aura that I had seen when we first escaped to the tunnels rose from his skin, lighting his eyes up in a bright white light.  A breeze formed around us, flowing through his hair.  His head tilted up and light shot out of his mouth towards the ceiling.  Moments later the energy seemed to be sucked right back into him without a sound.  "What was that about?"

He glanced at me, when a crunching noise came from the tunnel directly behind us.  Caleb's head snapped in the direction of the sound, "Give me your hand."  I extended my hand and he cupped it inbetween both of his, "I need you to light up."  I looked at him skeptically.

"It'll hurt you."

"Just do it."  I reluctantly focused on my energy.  A moment later I could feel the electricity flowing through my body.  My eyes lit up as I pushed the current through my arm and out through my hand.  Just before it went right into him, a purple orb started forming over Caleb's hands.  The electricity from my body struck the orb and started to bounce off of it.  The orb seemed to grow around the current, encasing it in a large sphere.  Caleb focused intensely as he turned behind us, still holding my hand.  "Turn it off... now."  He said, then he released my hand and tossed the orb into the tunnel behind us.  It hit the ground and an explosion of blue light consumed the tunnel.  This guy is much more powerful than he lets on.

We both looked into the tunnel and saw two men dressed in black suits.  "We are still hidden by the darkness.  Human eye sight takes too long to adjust to the darkness."  As he said this, one of the men snapped his head in our direction.  Caleb did a double take, obviously not expecting the sudden action.

"I thought you said they can't see us.  It's not possible, we are in complete darkness."  My mouth froze as the two men's eyes changed.  A deep blood red color filled their pupils as they stared straight at us.  They took a step forward, their suits bulging with every movement.  Soon the suits started to tear away from their bodies like the men were expanding.  Their faces morphed right in front of our eyes.  The human features seemingly fading, into what can only be described as faces of evil.  Their brows tightened, causing their eyes to slant upwards.  Their mouths opened and long fangs protruded from their gums.

"Not humans...  Skinwalkers.  Run!"  Caleb yelled.  He turned on his heels and took off sprinting down the tunnel.  I shook myself out of shock and took off behind him.  The creatures started chase as I moved my legs as fast as they would go.  I rounded a corner to the right, and barely caught a glimpse of Caleb up ahead.  I could hear the creatures in pursuit behind me.  I kept going, and finally caught Caleb.  We kept our pace up, but we both knew it wasn't going to be of any use.  I loud growl emitted from right behind me, as I felt one of the creature's make a grab at me, but come up just short.

"We can't outrun them!"  I yelled.

"The only thing we can do is lead them away from the others.   As far away from our camp as possible."

A light bulb went off in my head as Caleb spoke of the others, "How fast can you get back to the others?"  Caleb jumped up a little as a creature swatted at him.  How they were taking swipes and still keeping up pace was beyond me.

"I need time."  I thought hard and fast.

"I'll get you the time.  Get them to somewhere safe."

"You can't fight them, Joey.  They'll kill you."  His eyes met mine with a hint of fear.  A fear that mirrored my own feelings.  I looked down at my feet running at ultra speed.  My muscles burned intensely.  I thought of Gavin.  Of Dave.  Of Alex.  Of Jared.  Of Chloe.  I looked at Caleb one more time and knew what I had to do.

"The fate of their lives is in your hands now."

I stretched my arms out and twisted around in mid air.  My hands extended out and I crashed into the creatures.  I smacked the ground hard, feeling like I had run into a wall.  I lifted my head from the ground and glanced up.  A few feet away were the Skinwalkers, standing up like nothing had happened.  The red in their eyes burned with anger.  Saliva dripped from their fangs as they stalked slowly towards me.  I pushed myself up off of the ground and stood in my fighting stance.  My eyes burned with a blue glow, the electricity sparking from the intense light.

The first one came at me fast.  It's massive arm swiped at me as it flew right at my head.  I ducked underneath, commando rolling out of the way.  The other Skinwalker came from behind, and grabbed me around the waist.  I struggled to get free, but it's grip was too powerful.  The pressure continued to build around me, I could feel my ribs starting to be crushed.  I elbowed the Skinwalker in the mouth, but it had no effect.  My arm reached around it's head and got a headlock secured.  The Skinwalker squeezed harder, almost breaking the grip I had around it's neck.  I head butted it, but it hurt me more than it hurt him.  I clawed at it's eyes, finally finding a weak spot.  His grip loosened slightly, giving me the time I needed.  I focused my energy and shot my hand out hard into his face.  The electricity struck him hard, sending him flying backwards, dropping me in the process.  I stood slowly, gasping for air.  I looked on in disbelief as the Skinwalker stood up, shaking the effects of my power off.  It staggered slightly, and then it's focus came back to me.  I let my guard down for a split second and I paid for it.  I felt an unbelievable pain shoot through my left leg.  I screamed out in agony, and fell to the ground.  My eyes darted to my leg where the other Skinwalker had sunk it's long fangs into my thigh and tore the razor sharp objects through my flesh.  I shot electricity at it, knocking it off balance momentarily.  I dragged myself up against the tunnel wall and clawed my way to a standing position.  Blood poured down my pants from the gaping wound.  I winced and prepared for another attack.  I felt a blow hit me in the stomach, slamming my body up against the wall.  I gasped, and then caught another shot to the face.  I collapsed to the ground.  I felt a hand grab my hair and pull me up.  My half closed eyes came within inches of the evil red glow of one of my attackers.

The Skinwalker's fangs positioned themselves over my neck.  The other one came up in front of me and opened my mouth.  I tried to speak, but I couldn't.  Then one of them spoke, "Any last words?"

"Yeah, see you choobie suckers later."  Dave's australian accent came out of thin air.  He appeared at my side, infuriating my assailants.  One of the Skinwalkers snarled and slashed at him with it's claws, but Dave ducked swiftly and drove some type of dagger deep into the side of it.  The Skinwalker howled out in pain.   "Tata!"  Dave grasped my arm and in a split second, we shimmered out of sight.

The next thing I knew, I was being held up by Dave, slowly walking towards a section of tunnel I hadn't seen before.  A bright light emitted from inside.  The walls sparkled, almost  as if they were made of silver.  Jared, Alex and Chloe sat around a small metal table giving each other worried looks.  Alex looked up and saw Dave practically carrying me into the area.  "They're here!"  All three of them quickly stood up and came running over to us.  My mind fluttered in and out of fainting spells.

"He's hurt bad mate.  There's blood everywhere."  I glanced down at my leg, the gash was deep and long.. down to the bone.  Alex looked at my leg and looked like he was ready to pass out.

"I uh.. think I'll just go stand over there.. yeah.."  He quickly made his retreat back to the table.  Chloe brought over some rags and water while Dave helped me to a sitting position against a nearby wall.  Chloe soaked one of the rags in water and applied it with pressure over my wound.

"How do you feel, Joey?"  She asked.

"Like... I don't know where.."  My head seemed like it was spinning, swirling all my thoughts at once.

Chloe looked at Jared who was watching the entrance to the tunnel.  "Jared, he needs you.. if you don't heal him he's going to lose too much blood."  Jared frowned slightly then made his way over to us.  Chloe removed the blood soaked rag, only to reveal more blood gushing out of my thigh.

"Watch the entrance, keep your shields ready.  If by some chance we're found, I'm going to need some time to recover from healing him before I can be of any help."  Chloe nodded then took her post at the entrance.  Jared ran a hand over my leg, almost as if he was feeling out how much damage was done.  He sighed, "Joey?  Are you with me?"  My eyes seemed to roll around in my head, fighting to stay conscious.


"You have a severed tendon and nerve damage.  Whatever it is that did this to you knew exactly what it was doing.  I can see where the fangs entered, but it looks like they were dragged right through your flesh all the way down your thigh to intentionally to take out nerves.  Can you move your other leg?"  He put a hand on my good leg and I moved it slightly.  "I surprised you have any feeling left in your lower body.  That wound was meant to paralyze you.. and eventually kill you."  His words were like whispers in my fading mind.  Tears started running down my cheeks as I started to lose control of my body.  "Shhh.. don't cry.. you'll be okay."  Jared ran a hand across my cheek then brought both of his hands down to my wounded leg.  I felt the heat radiate from his hands, and my vision went completely blank.

I could feel Jared working his magic on me, when a huge jolt shot through me.  I could feel my body shoot up off of the ground as an image flashed across my mind.

A fight.. Skinwalkers... Gavin.  One of the Skinwalkers flew across the tunnel and slammed into one of the tunnel's brick lined walls at Gavin's will.  The other one lunged at him from behind, but Gavin whipped his arm back in a backhand motion, sending the Skinwalker hurtling into another section of the tunnel.

"Come on, is that the best you've got for me?"  Gavin taunted, his patented cocky smirk adorning his face.

Both of the Skinwalkers recovered quickly and slowly stalked Gavin.  Hunters stalking their prey.  They both took running starts and flew at Gavin's steady form.  Gavin fell face first to the ground,  flinging his arms across his chest in an 'X' position on the way down, sending the Skinwalkers crashing into each other with a sickening smack.  Gavin rolled to his side and laughed.  "This has got to be a joke.  I'm supposed to fear you?"  He stood up and motioned for the Skinwalkers to try and attack him again.  This time one of them hesitated, while the other one stepped forward.

"You talk a lot boy.  Without your powers you'd be nothing."

"Is that a challenge, freak?"  Gavin's arrogance seemed to be at an all time high.  The Skinwalker snarled and stepped forward.  Gavin allowed it to approach and then hand to hand combat ensued.  The Skinwalker's quickness didn't seem to shake Gavin one bit.  The Skinwalker threw a punch with it's left hand, which Gavin grabbed and twisted around, giving him the leverage to snap it's arm if he pleased.  The Skinwalker twisted back out of the grip, but Gavin pulled it towards him and smacked it upside the head with a spinning savate kick.  The Skinwalker hit the ground with a thud, while the other Skinwalker took it's opportunity to try and catch Gavin off guard.  It came sprinting in a blur at Gavin, who tried to side step it, but the Skinwalker on the ground grabbed one of his legs, holding him in place.  The running Skinwalker plowed into Gavin, driving him into the ground.  The Skinwalker pinned Gavin down, holding Gavin's arms above his head.

"Let's see you run your mouth now."  The Skinwalker hissed.  "You're dead."

"Hey asshole.  One problem."  The Skinwalker shot straight up off of Gavin and soared upward smashing into the tunnel ceiling.  "I'm a telekinetic."  The Skinwalker fell back to the ground with a thud, bricks falling from the ceiling down onto it.  Gavin walked over and pulled it up by the hair.  He positioned his arm around it's neck and placed his palm against the side of it's head.  "Now you're dead."  In one quick motion Gavin snapped the Skinwalker's neck like a twig.  Gavin let the body drop to the ground, then turned to meet the remaining Skinwalker.  It caught him in the side of the face with a hard left hook, spinning Gavin around, sending him to his knees.  Gavin spit the blood out of his mouth and stood up with a look of rage on his face.  What he came face to face with wasn't what he was expecting.  The color drained from his skin, a look of disbelief shining in his eyes..  "D-Dad?.. " *Thwack*  Gavin caught another hard shot to the face.

"I'm not your father you little fag.  I'm going to finish what I started."  Gavin's 'father' kicked Gavin hard before he could recover completely.  Gavin fell over onto his side, feeling the sting in his rib cage.

"Y-you're not him."

"Oh, I'm not?"  Gavin received a knee to the side of the head that sent blood flying from his mouth.

"Get up."  Gavin struggled, but somehow managed to get back to his feet.  "Just like old times, right, son."  Gavin charged at him, but was met with a devastating roundhouse kick to the chest, that sent him flying through the air.  Gavin got pulled up by his hair and the Skinwalker shifted back into it's demon like form.  It brought a sharp claw to Gavin's neck, "Go visit your mother in hell."  The claw started to slit a line across Gavin's neck...

I shot up off the ground, landing on my feet as my eyes popped open.  Jared fell backwards, landing on his ass.  I glanced at him and could tell how drained he was from healing me.  I looked down at my leg where the deadly wound was now nothing but a memory.  I leaned down and helped Jared to his feet.  "Thanks bro."

"Heh.. anytime... time for a nap."  I helped him over to a secluded spot in the tunnel where he could rest.

"Jared, where are Gavin and Caleb?"  Jared didn't answer, "Jared?"  His eyes were closed and his breathing had become steady.  His power really takes a lot out of him.  I took off my coat and placed it over his sleeping form before I went to find out if anyone else knew where the two MIA's were.

Alex sat at the small metal table by himself.  His hands fidgeted with each other giving away his obvious nervousness.  I took a seat across the table from him, drawing his dark eyes to meet mine.  "Feeling better?"  He asked.

"Yeah.  Good as new.  How are you holding up?"

He shrugged, "About as good as I can I guess.  I've never been hunted before.  I just don't want to die.. everything was starting to come together for me.. and now.."

I reached over the table and took one of his hands in mine, "I'm sorry, Alex.  This is all my fault.  You wouldn't be in this if it wasn't for me.  I know you're still so young and have so much left to experience.."  Alex interrupted me.

"It's not that really.  I've experienced a lot in my life.  I mean hell, how many 16 year olds can say they've been a vampire?"  He grinned.

"Not many."

"That's right.  But most 16 year olds can say they've had something I've never had."  Alex's eyes traveled toward the tunnel entrance where his eyes fixated on one of the figures standing there.  Dave.  "I've never had that.. what he can give me.  Love."

"Does he know you feel like you do?"

"No.  I mean, we've been getting closer, cuddling a lot.  I'm just scared.  Scared of losing someone I love.  I can't take that kind of pain again."

"But if you don't take the chance, then you'll never know what it's like to be in love.  To be with someone who's just as in love with you as you are with them.  It's the best feeling in the world."  I smiled, thinking of the love I had, but frowned when the realization of how much I've lost hit me.

"You miss him don't you?"  Alex asked.


"The boy you saved.  The one that was worth basically writing your own death sentence for."  I nodded.  "What was it like to be with him?"

"It was absolute bliss.  We weren't together long, but we had been best friends for a long time.  I guess.. the thing I regret most is not giving us a real chance.  See.. I was new to the whole guy thing.  I'd never even considered it until Blade came back into my life.  He brought a spark into my life that I missed dearly."

"So what happened?  Why didn't you guys stay together long?"

"I messed up.. I went back to my ex girlfriend.  I still love her to this day, but I don't think it was the right thing to do.  I ran from my feelings for Blade, and Nikki seemed to be the best solution.  She loved me, I loved her.  She... she is the mother of my child.."  Alex looked completely taken aback when the words escaped my mouth.

"You have a kid?!?"

I ran a hand through my hair and sighed, "Nikki and I made the mistake of getting sexual when we were young.. very young.  When we were 12.. I guess we both matured early.  One time and she got pregnant."  I took a deep breathe as I spoke, "So, on September 17th, 1998, Cameron Sebastian Marling was born.  My son."

"Wow.. where is he now?"

"With his father."  Alex looked at me confused, "Blade.. It was my dying wish.. that he find and take Cameron out of the adoption situation.  The one that Nikki and I had no choice but to put him into.  I know Blade will be the best father that Cameron could ever want."

"That's really sad.. that you don't know your own son..."  A loud commotion from the tunnel entrance interrupted our conversation.  We both got up from the table and headed towards the opening.  Caleb came bursting through as Chloe opened up part of her shield for him to get by.  He had a couple cuts under one of his eyes, but other than that just looked tired.

"Where's Gavin?"  Chloe asked.  My thoughts exactly.

"I couldn't find him.  Something is messing with my head.  I couldn't concentrate enough to get any glimpse of him in my mind.  Then I ran into an agent soon after."

"An agent?  By himself in the tunnels?"  Chloe asked incredulously.

"Yes.  Heavily armed.  I made quick work of him, but you know and I know that they don't come alone.  Agents and Skinwalkers are running around here with one common purpose.."  Caleb looked at me.

"What do you mean with one common purpose?  Are you saying that the Skinwalkers are controlled by the government?"  I asked.

"Skinwalkers will do anything to make their own lives easier.  The government takes them in, trains them, feeds them.  They have no need to hunt for food, no reason to have to fight for survival.  As long as they do what the government asks of them, they are treated like.. humans."

"How do we kill them?"  Dave asked.

"The same way you kill anything. They aren't special, just a lot stronger than us physically.  That means they can take hits from us.. even our powers and it could have little to no effect on them.  But they aren't invincible.  They can be killed the same way we can be killed.  The problem is getting them weakened enough to take them out."

"We need to find Gavin."  I said sternly.

"Traveling these tunnels right now is sure death.  If we go, we have to go together,"  Chloe said.

A jolt shot through me again, causing my whole body to snap in one direction.  The vision started flooding my head moments later...

Skinwalkers.  Two of them walking down a tunnel.  No... wait.. 4 of them.. no.. 6... 10... at least 20.  Flanked by a group of men in suits, carrying weapons.  Knives, guns, rifles, explosives...  They started running.. no.. chasing something.  Whoever they are chasing.. I'm in their mind.. I see what they see.  I'm running fast towards  a silver light is up ahead..

I snapped out of the vision, the others staring at me.  "Open the shield!"  I yelled.  Chloe looked at me skeptically, then looked to Caleb.  Caleb's eyes burned into me, "I said open it!"  Caleb nodded at Chloe, who reluctantly opened a section of the shield.  I sprinted outside of the bright tunnel into the darkness.  I could hear the footsteps rapidly approaching.  A figure appeared a few yards ahead of me, sprinting my way.  The person stumbled and toppled over onto the cement.  I ran up to the tired being and lifted him up.  The dark eyes met mine and I was about to say something when I saw 3 sets of red eyes coming up on us fast.  I hoisted the the person up on my shoulder and took off as fast as I could back to camp.  The Skinwalkers were on my heals, the extra body weighing me down.  I came to the entrance and dove through the opening in the shield.  "CLOSE IT!!"  Chloe focused hard and the shield molded to the entrance quickly.  One of the Skinwalkers got an arm through the shield before it closed completely and was trying to pry through.

"It will get through eventually.. we have to get out.."  Caleb was cut off by the sound of metal and a sickening howl.  Everyone looked towards the source of the cry.  The shield closed off the entrance completely as the now severed arm fell to the ground.  Dave stood there with a gleaming sword gripped in his hand.  Blood dripped off the end of the blade as he tossed it to the ground.

"So when do you think we can get cable in this place?"  He asked nonchalantly.  "Oh, and Joey, you have a Gavin on your shoulder."  I would have laughed if I wasn't so worried about Gavin's condition.  I set him down against a wall, then kneeled in front of him.

"How bad are you hurt, Gavin?"  I asked.

"I-I'm all right.  Exhaustion is just setting in."  I remembered my vision, and lifted his chin up so I could see his neck.  There was no marks whatsoever.  "Joey, I'm okay, really."

I put an arm around him, the fear that I had been pushing back finally started to surface.  "I thought you were dead.  What happened?"

He started to speak, when Caleb cut in, "No time for chit chat."  He motioned towards the tunnel entrance.  Gavin and I both took in the sight.  A mob of Skinwalkers clawed, chewed, slashed and tore at the shield, while the agents were setting up explosives.  Gavin and I stood up quickly and walked to the entrance.  "We have a couple minutes to get out of here.  The shield is coming apart."

"How long can you hold them Chloe?"  I asked.

"Not much longer.  I'm draining fast.  They're too powerful."

I looked at Caleb who was already gathering whatever things we had with us.  "Caleb, get Jared out of here.  He's not strong enough to go on his own yet.  Dave...Dave?"  I looked around the room for Dave, but he was nowhere to be seen. "Shit, where did he go?"  One shimmer later and Dave popped out of thin air over by the table.  He had a large tote bag slung over his shoulder.  "What's that?"

"Weapons."  I looked at him incredulously.


"Yeah, weapons.  What? You think I don't watch Buffy?"  I smirked at him.

"Okay, good thinking Grasshoppa.  You, Alex, Caleb and Jared get out of here now.  Gavin, Chloe and I will be right behind you."

"All right, mate.  Take these,"  Dave pulled out a couple cross bows and tossed them to me, "May the force be with you Masta Joey."  Dave joined Caleb, Alex and Jared over by a small opening in the wall.  Caleb put his hands up to it and made a circling motion.  The opening enlarged ten fold, allowing them to fit through it.

"You've got 3 minutes before this opening closes.  After that there's no way out, but through all of them."  He pointed at the Skinwalkers and agents.  With that he led the others out of our latest camp.

"We have to figure out how to get all of us out of here before the shield goes down.  As soon as Chloe lets go the shield will crumble.  Chloe..."  I heard a thud and whipped around.  Chloe laid on the ground motionless.  Gavin was kneeling down beside her.  "What happened?"

"She just passed out."  My eyes immediately averted to the sight behind him.  The shield wavered, and quickly started to disintegrate.  I ran over to Chloe and picked her up.

"We have to go right now!"  I yelled as the shield disappeared completely.  I ran with Chloe in my arms through the shrinking passageway that Caleb had created.  Gavin followed closely and dove through the tiny opening at the last second, before it closed on him.  Scratching and growling came from the wall, the Skinwalkers were trying frantically to get at us.  I looked through the small crack that was left in the wall and saw an agent set up some kind of explosive in front of it.  I turned and quickly took off running with Gavin at my side.

The tunnels were dark and musty, the staleness of the air dulled my senses.  We ran and ran, further and further, not having a clue where we were going.  My mind was focused on getting as far away from the camp as possible.  Gavin stayed a good 5 yards ahead of me, not breaking his pace once.  I didn't realize his speed was more advanced then mine before.  I kept running when a voice echoed through my head.  "To the right, to the left, to the right, to safety."  The whisper left my mind and I called out to Gavin.

"Gavin, go right, left, right."  He didn't acknowledge my information right out, but he followed the directions as was told.  I tailed him until we turned the last right and came into a clearing.  Caleb, Dave, Alex and Jared stood in the murky, haze filled area.  A grate let moonlight shine down, reflecting off the puddles that lined the tunnel's grimy floor.

"I'll be right back, I have to take a piss."  Gavin said.

"Okay."  I continued toward the others.  I carried Chloe over towards Jared.  I went to hand her over when my hand grazed the back of her head.  I gently let Jared take hold of Chloe, now that he had regained his strength. I pulled my hand back and brought it close to my face.  The scent flooded my senses.  I turned around and stepped under the moonlight to make sure it was what I thought it was.  My olive skin shone in the moonlight, except it's color was tainted by another.  A thick red liquid dripping from my fingertips.  Blood.  My head snapped towards Gavin's retreating form.  "Gavin."  I said sternly.  He stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around.  Caleb, stepped up beside me and whispered.

"What is it, Joey?"  I held my hand up into the moonlight for all to see.

"Let me see your hands."  I said to Gavin, venom in my voice.  Gavin's arms extended up and out.  "Step into the moonlight."  Gavin took one step back and stopped.  His head leaned back and laughter started coming from him.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha..."  He fell to his knees, the evil laughter echoing through the tunnel.  "I knew you'd figure it out."  He whipped around, fangs protruding from his gums, his eyes a piercing blood red.

"Skinwalker."  Caleb whispered.  "That's not Gavin, Joey.  Don't let him fool you into believing it's really Gavin."

"Aren't you the wise one, MUTT."  Gavin hissed at Caleb.  "A cross breed of the rarest form.  I'm going to enjoy sucking the power out of you."

"Try it."  Caleb's eyes flared.

"Are you gonna let him talk to me like that, baby?"  Gavin addressed me.

"I'm not your baby."  I hissed.

"But what about the kiss outside our home.  The love in the shower.. did that mean nothing to you?"  He asked.

"H-how do you know about.."

"I was there.. I love you, Joey.  Don't let Caleb hurt me.  I'm sick.. there's something wrong with me.. the agents.. they did something to me.. made me like this.."  My features softened as Gavin's eyes turned from the glaring red back to the dark eyes that had been burned into my heart.


"Joey, kill him."  Caleb said.

"W-what?"  I stammered.

"Kill him before he kills you.  That is not Gavin."

"Don't listen to him, Joey.  What do you even know about Caleb?  He just came here to kill us.  That's all he's here for. To lead us into a trap."

"Damnit, Joey.  He's playing your emotions!"  Caleb yelled.  "Kill him now!"

"I-I can't..."  My eyes watered from frustration.

Something flew by my head and right into Gavin's shoulder.  He hissed loudly and the red returned to his eyes.  "Oh for christ's fuckin sake!  The nerve of the some people these days.  I'll bloody kill him.  I never liked the bastard anyways." Dave stepped forward, crossbow in hand.  Gavin pulled the arrow out of his shoulder, only to be met with another one piercing into his left leg.

"I'm going to rip your heart out and shove it down your little boyfriends throat."  Gavin snarled at Dave while eyeing Alex.

"Oh, bullshit farkin you will."  Another arrow went sailing through the air headed straight for Gavin's heart.  Gavin somehow, to everyone's astonishment, caught the arrow in midair and snapped it in half.  Gavin smirked and finally the Skinwalker took it's real shape.  The hideous beast stepped forward, but then stopped all of a sudden.

"Thanks for giving me the time I needed."  As he said that, red eyes appeared in the darkness behind him.  Dozens of them.  I took a step back, and tugged at Dave's shirt.  He reluctantly started to retreat with me.  Caleb stood behind us next to Alex.

"What do we do?  What do we do?"  Alex started panicking.

"We try to live."  Caleb's statement sent chills up my spine.

I charged myself up to full capacity, the electricity surged through every inch of my body.  "All of you get into the next tunnel."  I yelled.  The group scurried around the corner, leaving me alone with the ones that wanted my life.  Lightning flickered from my eyes, and sparks jumped from my fingers.  A wind picked up around the tunnel, debris flew everywhere.  The Skinwalkers charged at me, and I unleashed my fury to the full extent.  An explosion of electric current flew from my body and engulfed the tunnel in front of me.  Skinwalkers flew backwards, the current's power too much for them to withstand.  The ones in the back fell over, while the ones in the front got the worst of the impact.  I watched as 4 of them twitched in a fit of seizures as the electricity fried their bodies.  The one that imitated Gavin screamed a horrifying scream.  The skin melted off the demonic form, his body almost liquifying in the process.  The energy died down in the tunnel, and I could feel my own strength depleting.  I turned and jogged off around the corner, my speed dramatically decreased from the attack.

I stumbled on some scattered rocks, but kept moving.  The few remaining Skinwalkers wouldn't be far behind.  I saw an open grate up ahead, and jumped up and grabbed it.  I pulled myself up, out into the night for the first time in months.  A hand grabbed me from behind and pulled me into an alleyway.  I shrugged the grip off and turned to.. "Blade?"  My heart jumped into my throat.

"I've been waiting for you to come back."  He spoke, his voice filled with a certain hope.  "I knew it was you that saved me.  I was hoping you'd come back to where it happened."

I looked around and sure enough I was back in the alley on West St.  Where all of this started.  "You can't be here.  Get out of here now."

"Why?  Dude, come on... do you know what it's been like for me?  Knowing that you're alive for the past few months, but not being able to find you.. or even explain how you could possibly be alive?"  Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke.

"Blade.. god.. this is so hard.  If you stay here, you will die.  I can't explain.. you just have to go."  He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me.  I returned the gesture, my breath catching in my throat.  "I love you.. I'll always love you.  You have to go.  I didn't let you die before, I won't let you die because of me now."

"Just give me a few minutes, please?"  His eyes pleaded with me.  I sighed, and let him lead me into a nearby building. The Skinwalkers haunting me in the back of my mind...

Back in the tunnels...

"Where is he?"  Alex questioned, "Do you think.. that.. that they got him?"  The fear in him made his voice quake as he spoke.

"I don't know.  I hope not."  Dave tried to keep up the strong front for Alex's sake.  He didn't want him to be any more scared then he already was.  "Are ya holding up all right?"

"I guess.  I really like Joey.. I don't want to lose him."

"Joey's the masta.  If anyone can take out an army of evil demon cows then it's him."  Alex chuckled.  That's one of the things that he loved about Dave.  He could always make him laugh.

"Hey.. umm.. I've been thinking.. about... umm.. you and I.."  Alex bit his lower lip and stared at the ground as he spoke.  Jared came strolling around the corner.

"Everything okay with you guys?"

"Yeah."  Alex said quietly.  "Any sign of Joey or Gavin?"

"No.. Caleb is trying to use his telepathy to see anything that will be useful to find them."  Jared looked at Dave and Alex with curious eyes.  "I ahem, yeah.. I'll leave you two alone.  Yell if you need anything."

"So, what were you gonna say?"  Dave's aussie accent made Alex melt.  He smiled from ear to ear.

"Well, I was trying to say that.. well.. that..."  Just then something burst through the tunnel wall and grabbed Alex.  Dave grabbed for him, but Alex was pulled through before he could get a grip on him.  Dave didn't hesitate and jumped through the hole that was now busted in the brick wall.

He walked down a rounded tunnel, almost pipe like.  Water dripped from the ceiling and his footsteps echoed as he walked.  "Alex?"  He called out.  The name echoed all around before stopping altogether.  Dave listened intently, and then heard a muffled groan.  He focused his mine on that groan and made himself teleport to it's origin.  He shimmered out of sight, then reappeared in another section of the rounded tunnel.  A man in a suit held Alex in his grasp.  A large, hulking man, armed with a rifle and explosives.  A Skinwalker maybe.. "I reckon ya might want to put him down."

"Or what?"  The man turned to face Dave.  "He's insurance.  Get the electric one, hand him over, and you get your little friend back."

"One question big guy.  Are you a Skinwalker or an agent?"

"I'm worse.  I'm genetically enhanced to have the strength of a Skinwalker and the weapon skills of an agent.  Don't even think about it kid."  The agent turned and kept walking away with the struggling Alex tucked under his arm.  Dave teleported again, this time snatching Alex out of the man's arms and taking him a safe distance away from the agent.

"Sorry sunshine, I can't let ya take him."

"It's your funeral, kid.  I'm taking him either way."  The agent cracked his knuckles and approached Dave.  He took a swing at him, which Dave easily ducked.  The agent threw a combination punch, sidekick and back hand next, but Dave used his agility to aerial away from him.  Dave kicked the agent in the back of the knee, causing him to lose his balance.  The agent tried to tackle him, but he shimmered out of sight, then reappeared behind the agent.  The agent turned around quickly and Dave brought a knee up hard into his nuts.  The agent slumped over, cringing in pain.  Alex walked over and poked the agent in the eyes.

"I'm genetically enhanced to have the strength of an almighty mangina."  Alex imitated the agent's voice to a tee.  The agent recovered fast and grabbed Alex's wrist.  Alex kicked at him, but the agent shrugged it off.  Dave came at him, but caught a solid punch to the abdomen.  The agent pulled out his rifle and aimed it at Dave.  "NOOO!!!"  Alex screamed out.  The agent shot at Dave, but Dave teleported just in time.  Dave started popping up all over the tunnel, avoiding shot after shot.  The agent ran out of rounds and threw the rifle to the ground.  He reached for his pistol, when suddenly his eyes widened and a muffled 'ooompff' came from his mouth.  The agent looked down to his chest.  A small glint came from an object.  He dropped to his knees, releasing Alex in the process.  Dave walked over, crossbow in hand.


The butt of the crossbow cracked across the agent's head.  His large body fell face first to the ground, lifeless.  Dave walked over to Alex and put an arm on his shoulder.  "Are you okay?"  Alex nodded.  Dave started to turn away, but Alex grabbed his arm.  Alex spun Dave around and pulled his body into his own.  Alex placed his soft lips over Dave's.  A small moan escaped Alex.  His heart was pounding in his chest, the feeling of bliss overwhelming him.  Dave reached up and ran his hands through Alex's hair, not wanting the sweetness he tasted in his mouth to end.  Dave held Alex's face in his hands and kissed him softly.  It was the most tender, beautiful, natural feeling in the world to both of them.  They stood there, arms wrapped around each other, melting in to each others' bodies, kissing sweetly.  A shiver ran through both of them, like an electric current running up their spines.  Their mouths meshed together, kissing harder, both wanting more.

"Ahem..."  Jared cleared his throat, startling the two young lovers.  "Uh.. we have to go.. the tunnels have been abandoned.  The Skinwalkers and agents are gone.  Apparently Joey took out a majority of them, and the others have retreated.  We're going back to the surface."  Jared squirmed uncomfortably as Dave and Alex reluctantly parted.  "Uh.. sorry.. yeah.."  Jared walked briskly back around the corner.  Alex just smirked, a light blush adorning his face.  Dave had a goofy grin as well.

"I guess we better go."  Alex spoke softly, the smile never leaving his face.

"Yeah.."  Dave's eyes met Alex's.  He extended his hand, which Alex clasped in his own.  The slowly walked down the tunnel side by side, hand in hand.  After everything that had happened, nothing could ruin that moment for them.

Warehouse, Corner of West St...

I sat on a window sill, with my arms wrapped around someone that I never thought I'd be able to be close with again.  I ran a hand through his long, silky hair.  I watched out the window, contemplating what was going to happen next.  "Blade.. you really should go home."

"What are you afraid of?"

"I'm in a lot of trouble.  People.. things.. are after me."

"Like what?"  He asked.

"Creatures.  Evil creatures.  They want me dead.  Dead for saving you and Eric.  Dead for letting Scott see what I am."

He stood up and stretched slightly.  "I have a surprise for you."  I looked at him in confusion.  He walked over to a door at the back of the large room.  He opened it and stuck his head in.  He said something, and then someone else appeared.  A woman.  Her long dark hair swayed as she walked, her beautiful face would turn anyone's head.

"Nikki?"  I whispered out

"Hey, hun."  Nikki wrapped her arms around me and placed a light kiss on my cheek.  "I've missed you so much."


"Shhh.. we know everything..."  It took a moment to register what she said.  A moment too long.  I felt a sharp pain shoot through my neck.  I screamed out in pain.  I tried to push her away, but she was doing to me what I did to survive.  Drinking my blood.  Her fangs were anchored into me, so much so that I couldn't budge her no matter how hard I pushed.  I heard the door creek open again, and a man sauntered towards us.  He was dressed in a jet black suit, armed with a pistol.

"Don't struggle young man.  The more you struggle the more painful this is going to be.  You broke the rules, so now you have to pay for your crime.  That's how it works, it's nothing personal."  The anger in me built to a rage.  I lost control of myself and electricity burst from my hands zapping Nikki, sending her hurtling off of me.  I grabbed the ledge of the window sill and pulled myself up.  I ran my hand over the two puncture marks on my neck.

"Don't struggle?!?!  Don't fucking struggle?!?!?"  I moved toward the man in the suit.

"Okay, get him."  The man said nonchalantly.  Blade circled around me, and was soon joined by the slightly cooked Nikki.

"What's the matter, Joey?  Don't you love me anymore?  Don't you remember how you used to suck my cock and love it?"  Blade taunted.

"Fuck you."

"Oh, we didn't get that far did we?"  My eyes flickered with light.  Even though I knew it wasn't really Blade, his words stung me hard.

"Shut up."

"Can't take it?  Did it make you happy to turn around and leave me for Nikki?  Did it?  Did you enjoy breaking my heart?"  Tears streamed down my face.  My heart ached, as my mind remembered all the events that he brought up.

"Just shut up.."  I knew my voice sounded defeated, but I couldn't lie down and be killed.  "You aren't him!  You don't know what I felt, or why I did what I did.  Stop fucking with my mind!"

"The truth hurts doesn't it, hun?!"  Nikki spit her words like they were on fire, "You fucked me, got me pregnant, couldn't handle the responsibility of a child so we had to give him away.  It's your fault our son was put through foster care!  Your fault that he was abused for no reason.  If you were man enough to stick your dick up in me then you should have been man enough to take care of the consequences!"

I fell to my knees, dying slowly inside.  My heart felt like it was bleeding, being torn to shreds by my past.  How could I hurt two people so much, that I loved with all that I am?  "I-I didn't mean to hurt any..."

"Save your excuses.  You're mother was right, you are nothing.  You always were.  I don't know why I didn't realize it before."  Blade's words were just that.. like blades slicing my heart.

"And what are you?  You're nothing.  Both of you.  Your entire species is nothing.  Faceless beings that have to hide under other people's forms to go about your meaningless little existence.  You should all be wiped off the planet as far as I'm concerned."  A voice pierced through the shadows at the Skinwalkers as another figure stepped forward.  The short, blond head of hair, set atop the remarkable beauty of an adolescent face, offset by a sparkling set of brown eyes made me cry even harder.

"No.. please.. no.. not you too.."  The boy came over to me and put a hand under my chin.  He lifted my face so I was looking at him.  My eyes met his.. the dark pools that I had found love in once before were staring directly back at me.  "T-Trevor..?"  He nodded, his cocky little smile spreading across his face.

"In the flesh."  Nikki came towards us, and Trevor hissed with fury showing his fangs.  "Step back bitch."  Nikki hissed back at him.  "Come on, Joey."  Trevor pulled me up, and wrapped an arm around me.  He leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "Listen to me okay?"

"I-It's really you.."

"Joey, listen.  Focus."  Trevor placed his hands on my cheeks and held my eyes with his, "The things we fear most have already happened to us.  Fight the fear, Joey."

His words rang through my ears.  I nodded and pulled away from his touch.  I turned to the Skinwalkers and extended my hand outward.  I waved them on, issuing them the challenge.

"This is all very touching, but could we move this along.  Kill them."  The man ordered the Skinwalkers.

Blade came at me fast and hard.  His arms moved at a lightning quick pace.  Each punch he threw, I blocked, and each shot I took he blocked.  We were in complete sync with each other, mimicking every move that was made.  He went for a roundhouse kick, which I ducked under and smashed the back of his knee with a hard sweep.  Nikki made a run for Trevor, who tackled her head on.  He punched her hard in the jaw, then bit into her shoulder.  She snarled and shoved him off of her.

"What's the matter baby?  Too kinky for you?"  Trevor's fangs dripped with blood as he smirked at Nikki.  She made a beeline straight for him.  He jumped over her, sending her crashing into the wall.  He grabbed her by the hair and exposed her neck.  "I myself, am a biter."  Trevor's fangs slammed into Nikki's neck, sinking all the way to the hilt into her jugular vein.  Her arms flailed wildly as she transformed back into the hideous creature that she really was.  Trevor held on, drinking the blood until her limbs stopped moving altogether.  He tore out of her neck, dropping the lifeless body to the ground.  He looked at the horrendous form lying on the ground, "I should've put a paper bag over your head first."

I heard a snap and turned my attention back to Blade.  He seemingly had snapped his leg back into it's joint.  I kicked Blade hard in the face, forcing him to his knees.  "I didn't hurt you on purpose."  I punched him in the eye.  "I loved you more than life."  I sent a spinning kick right into his ribs, making him topple over.  "I saved your life.  I put all of my friends in danger to keep you alive."  I pulled him up by his hair and drove my knee into his ribs with a sickening crack.  I picked him up by his tattered shirt and held him in front of me.  I stared into his bluish eyes, the eyes that stole my heart.  I started to doubt what I was doing when the bright red started to break through his pupils.  The evil inside was something Blade never had and never will.  These things deserve everything they get.  "All of the pain you've given me tonight.. that paralyzing  pain.. I'm giving it back to you."  Blade's body shook in convulsions as I pressed my hands to his chest.  The electricity flowed through his body, his skin emitting a thick black smoke as he died from the inside out.

"J-J-J-J-J-J-J-Joey-y-y-y-y-y-y.."  I screamed out, letting all the anguish inside finally escape.  The electric flow came on too hard, sending Blade soaring through the window behind him, falling to his death on the cold street below with a loud smack.  I turned my head to glare at the lone agent.

"You are dinner."  My fangs descended down and my animalistic instincts took over.  The man fumbled for his gun, but by the time he got it cocked in his hand, I had him in my grasp.  I brought my fangs down to his neck and pierced it slightly.

"Joey, wait..."  Trevor stopped me.  I looked at him, my vision blurred by the hunger burning inside of me.  "If you kill him this will all happen again.  More agents, more Skinwalkers.. they'll all come for you."  His words sunk into my head slowly, but surely.

"Call your superior.. tell them to end this hunt."  I growled.

"Never.."  I pressed harder into his neck.  "Ahhh.. fuck.. ahh... okay.. okay.  Don't kill me.. I have a family.."  He reached in his coat and pulled out a phone.

"I want to hear them say it's over."  I said.  He held the phone to his left ear, where my head was positioned.

"Sir, this is AD Martin.  I have seen to it that case #300124 is no longer an issue.  The threat of exposure has been taken care of."

"You have confirmed this yourself?"  The man hesitated, so I pressed down harder.  He cringed, gritting his teeth.

"Yes sir.  Case closed."

"Nice work, Martin.  I'll see you here at 0700."

"Yes sir.  Goodbye."  AD Martin hung up the phone, and I looked over at Trevor.

"He's expected back now.  If you kill him, then his superior will know that you're still at large."  I reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a wallet.  I flipped through it and found a picture of him and his family and a card with his contact information on it.

"If you mumble a word about me being a threat again, I will find you and do what you've been doing to me.  I will hunt you and your family down.  Their blood will be on your hands."  I threw him to the ground and tucked the picture and card into my pants pocket.  He got up and scurried out of the room.

My eyes met Trevor's and he walked over to me.  His arms encircled my waist, and held me tight.  He put his forehead against mine, and gazed into my eyes.  My nose brushed against his, nuzzling the soft skin.  Tears overflowed the brim of my eyes as I melted into his touch.  Tears ran briskly down his cheeks as well.. the first time he let his emotions truly show with no shame in front of me.  His lips parted and gently went over mine.  I sobbed into him and collapsed to my knees.  He held me tight, not letting any of me slip away.  "I missed you so much, Joey."

"I'm so sorry for leaving you.  So sorry..."

"Everything's okay now.. everything is how it's supposed to be."  He whispered as he leaned down one more time.  Sending his love through my body with the velvet touch of his sweet lips.  We stayed there, holding each other, content on where we were.  Living for the moment.

A lone figure stood in the doorway of the near empty room of the abandoned warehouse.  He ran a hand through his blood soaked blonde hair.  His battered face stared at the definition of hurt.  Pain shot through his heart as he watched the boy he loved in the arms of another.  The pang of guilt plagued every inch of his being.  His own fear cost him a chance at happiness.. again.  He turned on his heels and sulked out of the building off into the night.  Sometimes it's just easier to leave behind what you can never have...

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