Like father, Like Son

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Harstal hummed to himself as he took the thick steak out of the frying pan and added it to the plate before placing it on the table, “Charon,” the muscular tiger yelled, “Breakfast’s ready.” He opened the fridge and took out a bottle, opening it to scent the content. He made a face as the chemical smell hit him, he didn’t care how nutritious the stuff was supposed to be, synthetic blood still smelled horrible. He put the bottle back and dug deeper for another bottle, one with the real stuff.

With the Equalist gaining power over the years more pressures were being made to stop predation and Harstal supposed that on some level he could understand them, everyone probably deserved a chance to live without fear of being eaten, but on the other side if prey species weren’t there to feed the predator, they would be better at defending themselves. Still, he did his part, he’d cut down his hunting and was using the meat replacement products as much as he could, but that stuff was expensive compared to judicious hunting. With careful planning, the ‘Productivity Loss Tariffs’ he had to pay for each of his kills were affordable. And less productive people didn’t always mean less tasty meat.

“Char, come on, meat’s getting cold,” He yelled after his son again as he poured two glasses of blood. Now days he tried to keep the real meat and blood for special occasions, like this breakfast. Getting his schedule and that of his son to match so they could share breakfast tended to be difficult, Charon tended to have to leave early for classes and Harstal almost always had to work late on the construction site, and their rest days almost never coincided, even today he had t be at the site before zenith, but he hadn’t worked the day before so getting up early enough to spend time with his son hadn’t been too tough.

The tiger in question came racing down the stairs dressed in loose exercise pant and his school jersey; and holding his equipment bag over his shoulder. He snagged a thick slice of meat with a claw and devoured it before grabbing another. “Sorry dad, I can’t sit down today, we have practice today.”

Harstal looked at his son swallow the slide whole, stunned, “but it’s your rest day,” he said dishearten.

“I know,” Charon answered before drinking his blood, “wow, this is the good stuff,” and stopped to look at his father and the table he’d set. “I’m sorry dad, I really can’t stay. With the championship in six days the coach asked up to forgo Rest day, and we really want to win it this year so we all agreed to.” A car honked, “I got to go dad, see you later.” And he raced out the door.

Harstal stood and walked to the living room window, pulling the curtain to watch his son jump in his best friend’s convertible and nuzzles the pantheress sitting between them, she laughed and returned the nuzzling. He recognized her as Charon’s best friend’s sister, but he couldn’t recall her name.

He sighed, it didn’t matter anyway, it had happened again. The two of them were growing apart. He guessed he shouldn’t be surprised, they were tigers after all, but still, he missed the young cub who he used to rassle with in the backyard. He couldn’t remember when they had stopped doing that. it just seemed that one day, they no longer were.

Harstal sat back at the table and tried to finish his meal, but his appetite had left him with Charon’s departure. Not wanting to throw good meat away, and not being able to stand recooked meat, he put the left over slices in a container and walked over to his neighbors who were scavengers. Neither were home so he left the container in their mail box.

Back home he cleaned off the table and washed the dishes before calling his boss, only to find out the day’s work had been cancelled because a major thunderstorm had come from nowhere over the part of the city where the site was located. With all that steel in the open safety regulations prevented the company from opening the site.

Harstal hung up and sighed. He wasn’t worried about the pay, his contract covered acts of nature, but it meant a whole day at home, alone. He straightened up and decided to do something productive with his day instead of feeling depressed. It had been some time since the house had been cleaned, he could tell from the scent of it.

But first he needed to relax.

He went to his bedroom and got undressed. From the closet he took out his tackle box, and from it another box. Out of that one he took out his pleasure kit; consisting simply of a foot and a half long by four inches wide dildo and a bottle of lube. The dildo was none descript so it would appeal to a wider audience instead of a specific specie. The product, like other dildos, was targeted at females, but Harstal knew he wasn’t the only male who owned one.

The attitude towards male lovers had shifted greatly since the time Harstal had entered his first rut, but while it was officially ok to be one, the social stigma attached to it had not gone away, so only the bravest proclaimed what they were in public. Harstal wasn’t one of those so he met others like him in the back room of certain bars, or pleasured himself using this.

He set the dildo on the floor, it had a suction cup so it held to the hard wood, and used a large amount of lube on it. When he kneeled over it he was already hard and leaking with anticipation. He put his clean hand on the bed frame for support, raised his tail and slowly lowered himself. He let a few inches enter him before stopping, moaning and panting. He loved the feeling of being stretched, which was why most of his lovers were thick, and he had bought this particular toy, it widened almost to his limit the more of it he took.

He rested for a moment then moved up and then back down, taking a little more of it. As he did that his lubed hand wrapped itself around his substantial member and began stroking it.

Harstal growled deeply as he impaled himself on the large dildo, quickly finding that more than three quarters of it was inside. With one last grunt he sat down completely his head pointing to the ceiling as he roared, his hand pounding his meat to take full advantage of the pleasure his stretched ass was giving him. Within moments his ass tightened even more against the dildo and his cock shot all over the floor.

Leaning sideways against the bed he let his breath come back to him, shuddering every time his cock twitched. He enjoyed the sensation of his cooling orgasm for a moment and then slowly worked himself off the dildo, He had to take his time because after such an explosion his ass was so sensitive that what was pleasurable previously, made him wince slightly.

When he was free of it and able to stand he took it to the bathroom to clean it, then it went back in its box and everything was back in the closet. He stretched, and with a pleased smile on his muzzle he set about cleaning the house, not bothering to get dressed, and starting with his bedroom’s floor.

It was an hour after Zenith when he got to Charon’s bedroom; he had known it would be the messiest of the house so had kept it for last, figuring that if he was too tired by then he’d get his son to clean it himself. The floor was littered with dirty clothing and Harstal wrinkled his nose in disgust; how could his son stand the stench, no wonder he always kept his door closed.

The clothes went in the hamper and then the washing machine, after that he put the books and objects strewn across the floor on the bed. Checking under the bed to make sure there was nothing else hiding there he saw a long box at the back. He pulled it out and placed it on the bed too. It was a little over two feet long, six inches wide and high. Curious he opened it.

He gulped when he saw the large cock in it. It was modeled after an equine and filled the box almost completely. He picked up the piece of paper that rested on the intimidating dildo, it was the receipt, it showed that the dildo was called ‘thor’ and that it had been paid for in cash. It left Harstal wondering where his son had gotten the money for it, surely his Study Allocation hadn’t gone toward it.

The next question to surface made him pick up the dildo; it was made of a firm rubber, slightly more giving then his own. He brought the tip to his nose and his eyes grew wide as he caught the scent of lube and his son on it. He put it back in the box, confused, Charon had never giving any indication that he was a male lover.

Harstal had gone though his son’s desk before, trying to get an indication of the kind of male he was growing up to be, and he’s seen a couple of ‘in the fur’ magazines he had, so he had assumed he had the normal interest in female for a male his age, and then there had been the nuzzling he’s witness this morning. He’d never had any clues that his son was taking after him to such a level, he looked at Thor again, and Charon could take it. With that thought his heart started beating faster and his cock grew stiff; could he?

He rummaged through the night table’s drawer and found the lube. With trepidation he tool the dildo out of the box. The base was a suction cup, but he wasn’t going to risk sitting on it, one misstep and he could rip himself apart with that thing. He sat down and leaned against the bed. He set the dildo on the floor, holding it up and in this position it was almost taller than he was. With shaking hands he lubed the top foot, and then his own ass to be sure, he didn’t want to count on the previous application to avoid causing damages.

With a deep breath he placed the flared head of the dildo against his tailhole and pushed it in. He was still loosened up from his previous session so it went it, but he still winced and was panting heavily. He moved the dildo slightly and moaning. His cock didn’t simply twitch at the pleasure; it jumped and shot a string of precum across his belly.

When his was able to open his eyes he looked at the dildo with a developing appreciation for it, His dildo had never caused *this* kind of reaction before. He grabbed the shaft and pushed an inch in and again his cock jumped and now it was leaking profusely. He pushed another inch and his eyes rolled back in their socket as he moaned. He was going to have a talk with his son about this when he got home.

He pulled and pushed the equine cock and had himself panting within minutes, his belly fur slick with oozing precum and not long after that he had to let go of the dildo as he tensed through his orgasm. Cum shot all over his belly and chest, some even ended up dripping from his muzzle.

“Fuck,” he whispered once his breath returned, “I need to get myself one.” He smiled contently as he licked the cum off his muzzle. After a moment he started prying Thor out of his ass; that proved a slower and slightly more painful endeavor, but he did get it out. He put the clean dildo back in its box and left it on the bed.

After that he took a shower and decided he’s had enough of cleaning. He sat down in his favorite chair in his study, put his feet on the foot rest and leaned back to do some reading.

* * * * *

Harstal woke with a start, had he heard a door slam shut? He wasn’t sure, but something had woken him from the dream he’d been having. He didn’t remember what the dream had been about, but looking down at his hard cock he could tell it had been interesting. He tugged at it before scratching his balls, maybe he should finish what the dread had started he though when he heard rustling coming down the hall. He looked out the window and it was dark outside, looked like Charon was back from practice.

He stood and walked to his son’s bedroom, he could see light coming fom the partially opened door, and hear grunting. He peeked and saw his son, naked, sitting on his bed. He took a moment to admire his son, his musculature was more defined then his father, showing how dedicated he was to staying in shape, the stripes in his fur were crisp, showing that his heritage was clean. Harstal had made sure the female who bore him was as pure as he was, he didn’t have anything against mixed breeds, but it was a point of pride for him that his family was untainted.

Charon moaned and Harstal’s gaze was drawn down his son’s body to his cock, which was very close in size to his own, and further down, to the equine dildo Charon was shoving in his own ass.

Harstal couldn’t help himself, he entered his son’s bedroom. Charon looked up from what he was doing in surprise, but as soon as he saw who it was his face lit up with lust as he took in his father’s naked body. They didn’t say anything as Harstal climbed on the bed and stood next to his son, his hard cock throbbing next to his muzzle.

Charon licked his lips and took the tip of his father’s cock in his muzzle, suckling on it like a tit. Harstal had to close his eyes for a moment due to the overwhelming pleasure his son was giving him, but he forced them open to watch him swallow more of it. Harstal moaned as the heat of his son’s muzzle enveloped his shaft. Charon’s rough tongue felt wonderful moving against the underside of his malehood.

Charon looked up and their eyes locked. Harstal could see the need in them, so he took hold of his son’s head and slowly fucked his muzzle. He closed his eyes to savor the sensations, his son’s tight muzzle, the scent of lust coming from both of them, and when he felt a finger reach under his tail to push itself in his hole he couldn’t hold back.

* * * * *

Harstal opened his eyes as the orgasm woke him in the middle of a loud moan, his body tensed and cum flying across his belly and chest again. When it passed he slumped back in his seat, panting; that had been intense. He looked at his chest and then around for something to clean it. Not finding anything he used his hand to scoop as much of it and lick it clean.

Looking out the window he could see the sun was close to setting so he put pants on and called the school to find out when practice would be over. After that he rummaged through the fridge to prepare something to eat. While he cooked he thought about the dream he’d had. He knew he’d dreamt the situation because of Thor, what surprised him is how enticing the idea of having sex with his son was now that the thought was in his head.

He supposed that some might consider him a pervert for thinking those thoughts, but his son hadn’t been a cub for a while now, and he had to admit Charon had grown into a very attractive male. Harstal wouldn’t be surprised if he had already had his first rut. And he wasn’t going to pressure his son into anything, judging by his use of Thor, he already knew what he liked. Even if they never did anything together, at least now they might be able to talk, connect over something they had in common.

As he sat at the table with a piece of real meat and a glass of that vile smelling blood the front door opened and closed.

“Evening Son, how was practice?” Harstal asked, making Charon jump almost a foot and drop his bag.

“You scared the shit out of me Dad!” Charon was holding his chest as if his heart would escape through it. “I thought you’d be at work.”

“Got cancelled, thunderstorm,” Harstal replied in between bites.

Charon nodded, “ok, then I’ll see you in a bit, I have to get a shower, Rogul was in a hurry to leave after practice so I didn’t have time to grab one at the school.” He picked up his bag.

“Actually, before you head up can we talk about something?”

“Can’t it wait?” Sharon asked, almost whining a little as he started for the stairs.

“Not really,” Harstal said in an even tone, looking at his son, “It’s about Thor.” He almost laughed as Charon steps faltered and he almost tripped

“Wh . . . What?” Charon looked around for the nearest escape.

“You can calm down son,” Harstal said sipping from his glass, “I just wanted to know if I could borrow it when you’re not using it.” The look of pure astonishment on his son’s face as his muzzle hung agape was priceless, one of those moments that make you regret not having a camera on hand.

Harstal smiled to himself, yes, he thought, the chances were good he’d able to reconnect with his son.

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