Like father, Like Son
Part 2

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Charon slammed the door to his bedroom shut behind him. How could his father do that to him? He thought as he looked at the stuff piled up on his bed. His bedroom was suppose to be his sanctuary, the one place he didn’t have to worry about someone poking their nose in his business. He went to the bed and shoved everything back on the floor.

There was a light knock on the door, “Char?” His father called.

“Leave me alone!” Charon yelled back at him angrily. He waited for his father to call his name again, instead he heard him walking away. Charon lay back on his bed, what was he suppose to do now that his father knew his secret. He knew his dad had just joked about using Thor, there was no way he was like him, that he was a tail . . .; that he liked getting fucked. He was just trying to be his pal again. Trying to be his friend like when he was a cub and they would play with his toys together.

“I didn’t ask to be like this,” he growled at the large dildo laying on the floor next to its box. He really hadn’t, when his rut hit six month ago Rogul’s sister had been there to help him through it. The pantheress had showed him pleasures he’d never imagined, even when jerking off to those ‘in the fur’ magazines Rogul had given him. The night of love making had left him exhausted but wanting more of it.

Azras admitted to him in the morning that she’d been waiting for his first rut for almost a year. He’d burst out laughing since that explained why she’d suddenly appeared at his side and hardly ever left it during that year. He hadn’t complained she was a great person to have around, friendly, smart, funny and even manipulative in a caring way.

They’d had breakfast, and suffered through a few of Rogul’s lewd comments. Azras put him back in his place by pointing out he was just jealous of them because he hadn’t gotten laid in weeks. The panther glared at her, but was quiet for the rest of the meal. Afterward they went back to love making.

They didn’t spend quite as much time together after that day, but the quality of their times together changed. The intimacy he had discovered with her on his first time stayed with them even when they were just hanging out with other friends. He’d had no problems seeing himself signing a contract with her that would last as long as she’d want it to. He hadn’t told *that* to his father. There was no way to know how it’d take that news, as proud as he was of their family line.

He’d had no doubt about his interest in her until a few weeks after his rut. The news had quickly circulated amount his teammates, Rogul hadn’t been able to keep his mouth shut and to celebrate the whole team threw him a party. It had taken place at Garosel’s house, he was the team’s primary hunter and his parents were rich, and out of town. It had been a guy only party, alcohol and blood had flown freely. Charon had gone light on the alcohol, but he’d relished the blood, it was the real thing, something he didn’t get much of at home since his dad had cut down on his hunting.

Late in the night, way past the time when most of them should have been asleep, Jetor, one of the guardians, took out a vid he’d stolen from an adult store he’d sneaked in. it didn’t have a box since he’d taken it from the back store, but with a title like ‘raising tail’ he was sure there were going to have fun watching it. To a series of drunken hoots he put the disk in the player and everyone sat down in anticipation.

Like a lot of those kind of vids it started by trying to establish some sort of story, so it opened with two males, a puma and a rabbit, talking at a bar. When after two minutes they were still alone on the screen, and talking, someone yelled asking where the females were, to which most cracked up laughing.

The laughter died down moments later when the next scene showed those same males, in bed, naked, and hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

“You got a tail raiser vid,” someone yelled and the drunken laughter started again; everyone except for him. Charon’s eyes were glued to the screen. His ears started getting hot when they licked each other’s bodies and when one of them went on all for and lifter his tail for the other Charon had to cover his crotch to hide the hardon he got.

He quickly headed to the bathroom, happy that everyone else was just too drunk to notice his scent. He locked the door and leaned against the sink. What was wrong with him, how could he get turned on by two males having sex. He could see them again, the puma on all four and the rabbit pressing into him. He actually moaned at the image and his tail lifted enough for him to see it in the mirror.

That broke him from his reverie with a curse. He used a hand to force his tail down; he wasn’t a tail raiser, he couldn’t be. There was nothing wrong with being one, but others were like that, not him. He came from solid tiger stock; every male in his family had children. He wanted Azras as a mate, he couldn’t be a tail raiser.

He’d headed directly home; it took all his willpower to keep his tail tucked down during the walk since his mind wouldn’t stop replaying the little of the scene with the rabbit and puma he’d seen and wondering just how would it feel to have someone’s cock in his ass.

He quietly sneaked in the house and up to his room. He was going to sleep this off, was what he told himself, but it didn’t work out that way. He was just too horny He started jerking off, and then his curiosity got the better of him. He reached down between his legs and used a finger to rub the ring of muscle under his tail.

It didn’t feel too bad, he thought, rather nice actually. He reached for the bottle of fur oil he kept on his night table; he had to use it on his fur because he used too much soap and his fur would dry out in patches. He poured on his finger and then placed it back against his hole, rubbing slightly at first and then pressing it in as the oil spread and made it easier.

He moaned loudly enough that he worried he might have woken his father when the first knuckle slipped in past the ring. He was panting hard after that, stroking his cock furiously. He’d never felt anything like it. It even rivaled his night with Azras. It took a lot of effort for him to keep his orgasm at a loud moan rather than a roar.

If he had been able to keep his anal kink to when he jerked off he would have been able to simply think of it as a quirk, but within the next week he found out it was much more serious.

* * * * *

Charon looked at the ceiling with a sigh; that brought him back to his question, what was he suppose to do now? One thing he knew for sure was that he needed to get out of this place, he couldn’t really think about it while having to worry about his father knocking at his door again, or worst barging in; it wasn’t like the door had a lock.

He decided to head to the academy for the evening. It would give him some space to think and if he didn’t feel like coming home after that he could crash at one of his friends who had a room in the student lodging.

He got off his bed and grabbed his jacket. He didn’t try to sneak out of the house. His steps were loud; he wanted Harstal to hear him. He wanted to see if his father would try to stop him. As he walked by the living room he saw him out of the corner of his eye sitting in his usual chair. He thought he saw him start to get up, but he was out the door before it really registered.

Maybe he should look into getting a room at the Academy, he thought as he briskly walked away from his house. He knew he qualified; he lived just outside the perimeter. He’d chosen to stay at home because when he’d started there he couldn’t imagine not living there; now . . ..

While he walked he thought back on the first time he had sex with another male. Like his first fingering session, he hadn’t planned on it. He and Querar had stayed after practice so they could train together a little more. Since he and the hyena were both interceptor they tackled each other a good hour after everyone had left. When they were done they were sweaty and sore but happy with the practice.

Their time in the shower was like the others before, everyone saw everyone else naked when they showered after a game, it was so normal he hardly noticed. He knew Querar’s cock was bigger than his even if he had never seen it hard. Charon was slightly longer than eight inches hard and five inches around; he’d measured it like every cub did when they started transitioning into adulthood. Querar’s cock looked to be at least that while it was soft and dangling between his legs.

This time Charon did notice that the hyena wasn’t behaving quite as usual. While not normally exhibitionist in the shower Querar normally washed himself with vigor; all of himself. This time when it came to washing his cock and balls he went slowly, being almost delicate about it.

“You ok Querar?” the tiger asked and he massaged the fur shampoo in.

The hyena shrugged, “just tender balls.”

“Did you hurt yourself during practice?” Charon asked with worry.

Querar laughed, “nah, I just need to convince Aleita to let me fuck her.”

“Why isn’t letting you?”

“Who know, she’s a female, she said something about me being too tough to take.”

Charon looked the hyena over, for the first time he really looked at him. He was a few inches shorter but almost as wide, hard muscles under his spotted fur. His cock was indeed large and thick and his balls seemed to have a good heftiness to them. “I . . .” he stopped himself and turned his head into the water jet. What was he doing? He had been about to say that he’d been willing to give it a try. His cock stirred and he turned slightly so Querar wouldn’t notice it if he happened to look in his direction.

“What were you about to say?” the hyena asked.

“I was going to say that you should use your hand to take care of it, that’s what I do.”

Querar looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “yeah, right. Like you ever have to jerk off these days; isn’t that Pantheress attached to your hip anymore? You can’t tell me that your hand feel better than her.”

Charon couldn’t contradict him, not without admitting the real reason he liked jerking off.

The rest of the shower was spent in silence as they each concentrated on rinsing the soap out of their fur, and then drying themselves. Normally they would share a drying tube and help each other, but Charon didn’t trust himself being that close to the hyena; and Querar seemed happy to be on his own so he could be careful with his genitals.

When they sat on the locker room bench to get dressed Querar winced.

“You ever thought of paying someone to take care of that for you?” Charon asked before he even realized he’d opened his muzzle. What was he doing, was the only thing he could think.

“What’s you mean?” the hyena replied trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

“Well, there’s females who’ll let you pay them to have sex with them according to Rogul.”

Querar snorted, “yeah? You have any idea how much those queens ask for that? I don’t have anywhere near enough on me to pay for one.”

“How much do you have?”

The hyena pulled his pack from under the bench and his pants from that. He pulled a few bills from a pocket and counted them. The academy kept trying to get the students to use their id card to pay for what they needed, but everyone knew that there were times when he was much faster to just use paper rather than wait in the line do get the transaction processed. “I got thirty eight, why?”

He was crazy for even considering this, Charon thought, but his curiosity and desire were in control now. “Well, I’d . . . look, you’re a friend and that’s obviously painful,” he sighed, “I’m not doing it for free and you got to swear that you’re never going to say a word about this to anyone, but I’d be willing to try to help you out.”

Querar looked at him with wide eyes. Please say no, Charon thought as loud as he could, call me names hit me, but don’t agree.

What was he getting himself into?

“You’d, you’d do that for me?” the hyena asked in disbelief, his cock growing hard.

Charon shrugged trying to be nonchalant, “yeah.”

Querar hugged him tightly, “You’re a live safer, I don’t think I could stand another night like that. What ever you want you got it, I’ll come over to your place and do your chores, I’ll cover for you in class, what ever.”

Charon couldn’t help chuckle, “Querar, buddy. Just promise me you’ll never talk about it and hand me the money.” The hyena did that and then took a bottle of lube and a condom out of his bag; something for which Charon was grateful. He had lube and condoms, every male who had an active sex life kept those nearby at all time, but his wouldn’t have fitted the hyena’s cock. Charon swallowed at the hard piece of black flesh standing between Querar’s legs had to be close to ten inches long, and very thick. The tiger was both worried and excited at the thought of trying to take it.

“Lie back on the bench,” Charon told him.

The hyena didn’t question the order; he was on his back on the low bench, legs on the floor on each side. He ripped the condom wrapper open and unrolled it over his cock.

Charon was panting as he watched Querar lube his shaft. The tiger requested the bottle when he was done and straddled the hyena and bench, standing above both. He looked in his friend’s eyes for a moment, seeing desperation in them, lust and a hint of fear too, then he looked behind him as he reached for the pole of flesh.

From closer like this he could tell that while it had increased in length from its flaccid state, its girth had remained mostly the same. He stoked it a time or two, feeling it almost vibrate under his hand. The sensation was odd, not displeasing as he’d thought touching another male’s cock would be.

He let go of it and poured lube in his hand. He spread a good amount of it between his cheeks and even inside with a finger, moaning lightly. He then stroked Querar’s cock again before taking hold of it. He held it steady as he lowered himself on it, moving slightly until he felt the pointed tip pressing against his tail hole.

At least it was going to spread him slowly he thought as he slowly crouched down. He gulped as he felt his ring offer some reflexive resistance and forced himself to relax a bit more, he started panting. He had to stop moving because his legs started trembling. Charon was amazed that there was only the barest pain, he felt mostly pleasure.

While he was waiting there, catching his breath and letting his legs get used to the position Querar tried to thrust up a little, which caused Charon to tighten his hand on the shaft, making the hyena moan in pain.

“Please buddy,” Querar whined, “I need this so badly.”

“Yeah, well I’m not getting hurt for you pleasure,” the tiger replied forcing a growl in his voice, “we do this my way or not at all.” The hyena could only nod and whimper.

With that settled Charon lowered himself a little more getting more stretched in the process and enjoying it. He paused again before lifting himself until the cock was all out. Before Querar could complain about it he had lowered himself back down. With a deep rumble in his chest the tiger did small up and down motions, pushing a little more of the hyena’s cock inside him.

The more he took of Querar’s shaft the slower he moved up and down on it so he could fully enjoy it, and he did. He’d never felt anything more wonderful. His cock was in agreement with him, it was bobbing before him, leaking precum on the hyena’s ripped stomach.

Querar’s head was back, moaning loudly. When he looked at the tiger, Charon had managed to take half of his cock. “Fuck that feels great,” he said, “Your ass feels better than any female I’ve even been in.” He then groaned as the tiger took a bit more. “Please tell me you can take it all.”

Charon didn’t answer, his eyes were closed and his mouth opened panting and moaning as more of his insides were stretched. He didn’t think about just how much flesh he was inserting into himself until he realized that he was sitting directly on Querar’s groin.

He looked down at the spotted fur he was sitting on, not quite able to tell if the spots were on the fur or in his eyes. He looked up as the realization that he had ten inch of hyena cock up his ass hit him to look at Querar’s eyes wide with amazement. Charon didn’t have time to say anything, the next moment his breath became jagged and before he realized what was happening to him his entire body tensed. With a roar that surprised even him his orgasm hit.

Querar barely had time to lift his arms over his face as the jets of cum flew over him, landing in his hair, on his arms, chest and finally stomach as the tiger came down from his high.

Charon leaned forward and a lot of his strength left him, and Querar groaned in response, “You ok?” the tiger asked.

“Your ass’ too tight,” the hyena replied weakly.

“Sorry,” he said, forcing himself to relax and pull up slowly.

The hyena’s reaction was instantaneous, he moaned and his cock started throbbing again inside Charon’s ass. The tiger pulled up and then went back down slowly, tightening his ass and watching Querar’s face to know when it was too tight. This way he was able to judge how to keep the hyena stimulated while he moved up and down.

Charon’s cock didn’t go above half mast as he was pushing the hyena’s shaft in and out of himself, but his ass registered only pleasure. Querar seemed happy to let the tiger do all the work until the end. When the hyena startd panting heavily he grabbed Charon’s hips and held him still while he thrust in and out quickly. The next moment he screamed and buried himself deep.

Charon almost objected but when he felt the hyena’s cock spasm inside him he moaned. It pleasurably battered his inside and felt like it was growing larger. When Querar went limp Charon made sure to move down with him so his cock remained deep inside him.

When Querar was able to breath again he looked at him. “That was amazing buddy. Thank you, I really needed this.”

Charon chuckled, “Don’t mention it, to anyone,” the last two words were said with an underlining seriousness.

“Don’t worry buddy, I’m never going talk about this, ever.”

Satisfied Charon started lifting himself up, but Querar stopped him. He slipped a hand under him and the tiger felt him grope around the base of his cock.

“Ok, you can pull off now.” The hyena said. “There’s so much cum in it that if I don’t hold it the condom’s going to stay inside you.” He continued as Charon stood and then moved aside to side down carefully. “You ok buddy?”

Charon nodded slowly. His ass was sore, but not painfully so. He looked at the hyena’s limp cock seeking confirmation of how much he’d taken. His breath caught when he looked at it, and he knew for certain that he’d be willing to take it again if he got the chance.

“Hey Charon, if I ever get in this position again, can I ask you to help out again?”

Charon chuckled to himself, it was as if he’d willed Querar to ask that. “You pay me and I’ll be happy to help you again. Now I think we both need to shower again.”

Querar had asked for his help a few times over the following months, and then he’d approached him with a special request. A good friend of his wanted to try having sex with another male, but he didn’t know who to trust with something like that, so the hyena had thought of him. Charon had thought about it for a moment, and then agreed, for double the price. When Querar ask why he pointed out that he’d charged him as little had did because they were friends, he didn’t know the other guy, so he didn’t get a special rate. Two weeks later Querar brought a fox to him.

Slowly the circle of male he let fuck him grew; now he even had a system. If one of the males he knew wanted to fuck him they left a note in his locker with their name, a time and a place. If he could and wanted to he’d show up, other wise they could try again another time.

He reached the academy gymnasium as he finished reminiscing. He used his ID card to unlock it; his card was keyed to unlock the places he had access to. As a student he had pretty much free reign of the entire grounds except for the administration buildings.

He had to go through the training room to reach the showers, where he was planning on taking care of the hardon he’d gotten from his trip down memory lane. He was surprised to find someone in the room. A boar dressed only in exercise shorts was tackling one of the practice dummies.

He moved away to catch his breath and saw him. “hey,” he called to Charon.

“Hi,” Charon answered and walked toward him. His cock could wait for a while.

“I’m Betro,” the boar said, “Are you here to practice? My wrestling partner cancelled at the last minute on me.”

“I’m Charon,” the tiger replied.

“I know, I was at Hunt practice today.”

Charon smiled, “Then you know wrestling’s not really my thing, also I’m not really dressed for exercise. I was just planning on grabbing a shower.”

“Well, I just need someone to be there so I have actual resistance against my grips. The dummies aren’t really good for much more than tackling. You’re stronger than I am, so you don’t need to have much skill to just try to hold me.”

Charon chuckled, he had the feeling Betro was younger than he was, it wasn’t always easy to tell with other species, but he seemed to be in bit of awe of him. No one in his academy level acted like that around him since they knew it annoyed him to have others fanning over him. “There’s still the problem of the way I’m dressed.”

“If you check in the lost and found box I’m sure you’ll be able to find some shorts your size.”

Charon thought about it and decided he could do with the exercise; it would let him work out some of the aggression he had left over from his confrontation with his father. Like Betro had suggested he found a pair of shorts in the lost and found. Students were always forgetting things at the gym so instead of trying to find out what belonged to whom they’d just put a few containers by the locker room and when ever something was found it got thrown in it.

If you thought you’d lost something here that was the place you checked. About the only things that didn’t end up there were Pads and Wallets. If you lost one of those, especially your ID, you were given a very serious talk to about the importance of keeping that on you and secure. Without it you were no one, so fair game to any predators out there. Only the most stupid of predators thought that their position in the food chain made them immune to other predators.

He and Betro practiced for over an hour, during which Charon was surprised to discover that being stronger didn’t mean he couldn’t be beaten. He also found out that the boar was indeed a year below him, that he was aiming to go in science and was a fan of Hunt games. When they were done they had a long and hot shower to relax their muscle Charon caught Betro looking at him a few times, but didn’t think anything of it, after all he was also looking him over when he got the chance.

He was surprised when he saw that the boar had a sheath; very few males still had them, one of the throw back to when their distant ancestors walked on all fours according to his history class, just like some canines still had bulges at the base of their cocks and some felines had bumps on theirs.

He noticed the glances Betro kept throwing his way as they dried each other, but figured he was just doing some comparing, something youths liked to do. He finished drying his head fur as he walked to the locker and then took his clothes out of it. When he turned and looked in Betro’s direction the boar was holding a few bills.

 “Here,” he said as he offered them to him.

“What’s that?” Charon asked ears tilted in curiosity.

“It’s a hundred twenty; that’s how much you ask for right?”

“What are you talking about?” Charon kept his body from reacting as he realized what the boar was asking for.

“I heard that for one twenty you’d let a male fuck you. I’ve . . .” Betro was barely able to start the second sentence.

Charon grabbed him by the extended arm and threw him against the lockers; sending the bills flying. He bent the boar’s arm painfully in his back and pressed his other arm against Betro’s neck hard. “Where did you hear that?” He growled menacingly.

“I don’t know,” Betro whined, “I just heard it.” The boar tried to reach back with his free hand to pull on the tiger’s arm, but Charon twisted the one he was holding, making him scream in pain.

“Don’t screw with me. I want a name.” For emphasis he pressed on the boar’s neck.

“Gur! Gur’s the one who told me!”

Charon removed his weight from the boar as he tried to figure out who that was, the name seemed familiar but he couldn’t place it. “What’s his full name?”

“Guriastany,” the boar replied holding back tears.

“That dog,” Charon growled angrily as he pushed himself away from Betro and the boar crumbled to the floor, “I’m going to kill him. I’m going to rend him limb from limb and them I’m going to feed him his own entrails.” He knew him as Guri, that’s why the name hadn’t registered immediately.

Guri had been introduced to him by one of his regular; he’d been lusting after the players on the Hunt team. He’d agreed to it as a favor and the promise that it was going to be a one time thing only. Charon disliked those kinds of fans even more than the normal ones. He’d also made Guri promise he wouldn’t mention this to anyone. He glared at the boar.

“I’m sorry,” Betro said as he crawled back along the lockers, “I didn’t know, I thought.” He winced and covered his face as Charon too a step toward him.

“Can you keep you muzzle shut?” the tiger asked him in a low growl, “or do I have to worry about you flapping your lips too?”

“I won’t say a thing; I swear,” Betro said as he looked over his arm. “In fact I’m going to tell the others Gur was just making it up.”

The tiger narrowed his eyes at the boar, making him winced again. Charon realized he shouldn’t be surprised. If the dog had told one, he was bound to have told others. “You make sure you do that,” he said offering a hand to him, “but I don’t want it to get back to Guri, I don’t want him to know I’m going to be making him pay for saying that. You got me?”

Betro nodded as he looked at the hand. He hesitated a moment before taking it and being pulled to his feet. “I swear; he won’t hear anything from me.”

“Good,” Charon replied once the boar was steady on his feet. “Now,” he continued, keeping a steady gaze on him, “do you still want to do business?”

The boar stated at him with eyes wide. “I thought, I mean, I thought Gur lied.”

“What Guri did is blab, and I’m going to make him pay for that. If you can keep what happens here to yourself, we can still do business.” Charon knew he’d scared him enough to keep him from taking, but he wondered if he might not have scared him too much.

Betro was silent for a few moments as he reeled from the surprise. “This isn’t a joke, right? I mean you’re not just saying that so I’ll make a move and then you’ll beat me up right?”

“I’m serious. You have the money, so if you’re still interested we can do it.”

The boar looked him over of and he started panting. He reflexively covered his erection and nodded.

Charon chuckled and pulled out a small packet of lube from the back pocket of his pants and threw it at him. “You have a condom?”

Betro nodded and ran for his bag, throwing stuff out of it on his hunt. He pulled a ribbon of packets and ripped one off. Charon watched in curiosity as he put it on. He’d seen other male porcine, but this was the first time he’d seen one with throw back traits. His cock had a good girth to it, but it was difficult to determine its length; the shaft wasn’t straight, but had a slight twist and bend to it. It looked like a spring that had been stretched almost straight and the tip ended in a point.

“I, I hope it isn’t going to be a problem.” Betro said.

Charon shook his head; he lay back on the bench and lifted his legs. “No, I think it’s going to be pretty interesting.”

Betro positioned himself on the bench. “Do I have to do anything special?”

“Just lube it up and push it in, I’ll tell you if we need to adjust.”

The boar nodded and emptied the packet in his hand before spreading it over his cock. Charon didn’t worry that it seemed to be only a thin coating of lube. He bought high quality stuff; a little would last them. They’ll need another shower afterward since the stuff didn’t wash out of the fur without shampoo, but it was worth it.

Betro pushed in slowly and Charon moaned as he felt his ass stretch. By the time the cock was completely in him he was hard and leaking. As the boar pulled out the tiger groaned and tighten his ass around it so he could better feel the bend and twist move against his prostate.

Betro had a look of ecstasy on his face and he started pounding the tiger’s ass. Charon’s prostate was constantly stimulated; he’d never felt anything quite like that. He held on to the bench’s legs and wrapped his legs around the boars’ waist, forcing him to fuck him harder.

The boar didn’t need much convincing and was soon thrusting in and out of the tiger like his life depending on it. He closed his eyes in concentration and started grunting. Moments later Charon ground his teeth and arced his back as his orgasm took him over. Betro winced as Charon’s ass tightened around his cock and he stopped moving, watching in amazement as the tiger’s cock shot jet after jet of cum in the air.

When the bombardment ended Charon had cum all the way to his muzzle and his chest was streaked with it. He sighed with contentment and licked his muzzle clean.

“Wow,” Betro said, “isn’t the taste disgusting?”

Charon smiled, eyes closed as he rolled the cum on his tongue before swallowing it. “I like it.”

“Does that mean you’d be willing to suck me off too?” the boar asked hopefully.

The tiger eyed him, “I only eat mine ‘cause I know what goes in it. I’m sure you can find some wrestling fan to do that.”

Betro shook his head, “females take one look at it and get freaked out.”

“I’m sorry ‘bout that; keep looking, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’ll enjoy it.” He tightened his legs and moaned as he forced the boar to go in deeper. “Now, why don’t you finish this before you lose interest?”

Betro nodded and went back to fucking the tiger’s ass. It took him some time to get back to where he had been, by that time Charon was hard again. He kept his ass tight, both because he enjoyed the sensation and to help speed the boar along. When he orgasmed Charon almost came with him as the boar’s cock jumped inside him.

Charon didn’t have much time to relax as he felt Betro’s cock stop jerking and then soften; he had to catch the boar as he started falling forward. “You ok?”

Betro nodded, panting, “that was intense.”

Charon smiled, “yeah, it was pretty interesting. You going to be staying like that long?” he added when it looked like the boar wasn’t going to move.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly, straightening up before pulling out.

Charon let out one last sigh of pleasure before sitting up. He gave Betro his locker number, “If you want to do this again just slip a piece of paper with your name, the place and time of the meeting. If I don’t show up it’s ‘cause I couldn’t make it.”

“You mean you want to do this again?”

“Wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t.”

“Same price?”

Charon nodded, “wouldn’t be good for business to offer discounts; also, if you know someone who’s interested in fucking me, run him by me first. Don’t drop my name without my approval, or you’re going to end up like Gury, understood?”

Betro nodded, “Sorry for dropping the cash,” he said looking at he bills spread around the floor.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll pick them up after I’ve washed up,” the tiger said as he stood and stretched. He ran a hand between his ass cheeks as he walked to the shower and stroked his hard on. That thing wouldn’t go down without help.

Once his cock was taken cared of, as well as the washing and drying he walked back to the changing area. The bills were neatly stacked on the bench, as were his clothes. He sat down and got dressed, pocketing the bills without counting them; he trusted Betro to have made sure the right amount was there.

He took a deep breath and let it go. Now that he’d worked off his anger, and that he’d been fucked he realized something as he contemplated not going home; he missed his father.

He’d missed him for a while now; he’d just been so busy with class and the team that he hadn’t really been paying attention to it. He stood and walked out of the gym, and then the academy toward home. He wasn’t ready to leave just yet.

As much as he wanted to be an adult, he wasn’t quite ready to stop being his father’s cub. Charon still wanted to be able to go to him for comfort when he was in pain. He wanted to listen to his father’s stories and laugh at the antics of his youth.

He spent the walk home remembering the good times he’d had with his father, the time he’d watched his first Hunt game on the vid, and then when his father took him to a live game. That’s when he decided that was what he wanted to do with his life.

There was that first day of practice, when he’d come home crying because he’d gotten hurt and his father had comforted him, and made him go back the next day. There was that first game he’d played while his father cheered him on.

He quietly opened the door, not wanting to wake his father. He took off his shoes and headed for the stairs. He stopped as he walked by the living room; his father was asleep in the lounging chair, a large book on his lap.

He silently crossed the room and looked in the volume. It was opened to pictures of Charon as a young cub, with his father. He looked at his fathers face; the fur under his eyes was matted with tears.

He shook his shoulders lightly. “Dad?” he called softly.

“Char? That you?” Harstall replied, his words slurred, “I’m sorry, shouldn’t have gone in your room.”

“It’s ok dad,” Charon said sniffing his father’s breath, no alcohol; it was only sleep that was making him slur. That was good. Charon would have hated for his tantrum to have caused his father to drink himself into unconsciousness. He placed an arm under the older tiger’s arm and lifted him up. “We can talk about it in the morning; right now you need to get to bed.”

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