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Like father, Like Son
Part 3

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Harstal purred as he pulled the other male tighter against him. Being mostly asleep it took him some time to register that he was actually snuggled up against someone. As he slowly woke up he tried to remember who he’d spend the previous night with; it would have to have been one of his very good friends since he didn’t normally spend the night, even after having sex.

He woke up a little more and still couldn’t remember who he’d spent the night with; in fact he didn’t even remember getting into bed. The last thing he remembered had been looking at the photo album.

Since his arm was wrapped around the other male he ran a hand along an arm and felt cloth. That surprised him enough to open his eyes and look at the back of a head, orange with black stripes.

“Charon?” he asked, his mouth feeling like it was full of cotton, “what are you doing in my bed?”

Charon barely stirred. “I didn’t want to sleep alone, I hope you don’t mind.” His voice was quiet, like he was afraid of disturbing him.

“Of course I don’t, I’m just surprised; after the way you left I didn’t think you’d be back.”

“I know. I’m sorry, dad. I over reacted.”

“It’s okay, I’m just happy you came back home.” Harstal turned on his back and stretched. “I’m going to make breakfast. Do you want to sleep in some more?”

Charon shook his head. “No, I’ll get up too, just give me a minute.”

Harstall sat up and placed a hand on his son’s shoulder. “Take as long as you need.” He stood and took off his shirt, throwing it in the hamper. He kept his pants on even if they still smelled from having been slept in. Normally he wouldn’t worry about walking around the house with nothing on but his robe, or some time not even that, but he was still wary of Charon’s reaction.

He had expected the surprise, but not the anger; Harstall had thought his son would have been happy they shared something in common. When Charon had stormed out of the house he’d been afraid he would never see him again. After all that was more or less how he’d left his own father’s house, not that he could remember what the argument had been about. It was a few years before the two of them were on speaking terms after that.

That was the main reason he’d tried so hard to stay close with Charon. He knew he would leave eventually, but he didn’t want them to become strangers because of it. That was why last night had scared him so much he’d sought refuge in the past.

As he walked into the kitchen he heard the shower start. It was a short one; by the time it stopped Harstall had only set the table. He placed the pitcher of synthetic blood on it, next to the plate of meats, also synthetic.

He was taking his serving out of the warmer when Charon walked in, fur still damp. “You should take one, too,” the younger tiger mentioned as he took a sniff of the pitcher, wrinkling his nose in disgust, “You kinda smell.”

“I’ll have one before I leave for work.” He sat down while Charon took a pitcher of fruit juice and brought it to the table. “You know, you should really try to get used to the blood; it’s got the nutrients you need, and it might be all that’s available in a few years.”

Charon stared at him. “I hope not. I’m going to be of predation age next year. I plan on enjoying hunting as much as I can afford to.”

Harstall smiled and lifted his glass. “In that case, let’s hope the Equalists don’t keep gaining momentum.”

Charon poured himself a glass of juice and lifted it with his father. “Let’s,” he echoed.

They ate in silence for a few minutes. “About last night?” Harstall asked after finishing a slice.

Charon looked at his father. “Look, I’m sorry for over reacting, but you can’t be all that surprised, the way you made fun of what I am.”

“What do you mean I made fun of you?” Harstall asked, surprised at the accusation.

Charon sighed, “Come on, dad. You, using Thor? That’s like a rabbit turning on a lion in the middle of a hunt. It just doesn’t happen.”

Harstall stared at his son for a moment and then chuckled. “You’re going to want to watch yourself the first time you hunt a rabbit, because I was serious.”

“Dad,” Charon said with exasperation, “you don’t have to try so hard to be my friend. We can still be that even if we’re different.”

“Go check it,” Harstall insisted. “You’re going to be able to smell me on it. I already used it.”

Charon looked at his father, eyes wide in surprise. He then shook his head, “no, no, no. That’s not possible, you’re not a tail raiser.”

“And why do you say that?” his father asked with a smile.

“You’re my dad,” Charon stated, “you’re a construction worker, you’re buff. I’ve seen the way females look at you. You’ just can’t be one.”

Harstall tilted an ear in his son’s direction, “You can’t be serious. According to that, you can’t be one either. You’re one of the Hunt team’s star interceptor; you’re even better built than I am and are you telling me that you don’t have any females fawning over you?”

“That’s different, I’m . . .” Charon stumbled, unable to find a valid argument. “What about me then? I mean you’ve slept with females, how else would I be here?”

Harstall nodded. “I did, in my youth, but I never was all that into it. When I decided I wanted a child, I hadn’t slept with a female for a few years. What about you, haven’t you slept with some females? What about that pantheress?”

“Azras,” Charon said, his voice wistful. “She’s the only one I’ve slept with.”

“How was it?”

“It’s amazing. She’s a great female, she’s smart, funny, determined. When I’m done with the academy, I’m going to ask her to sign a mating contract with me.”

“That’s good . . . wait, what?” Harstall exclaimed. “You can’t be serious, she’s a Panther. Think about our family, our bloodline, your . . .” He forced himself to stop talking when he saw the look in his son’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, that’s none of my business.” But the news had hurt. Their family line was pure as far back as the records went. He’d hoped that when Charon gave him a grandchild he would be as pure as they were. Maybe he could get him to agree to have at least one with a tigress.

He opened his mouth and immediately closed it; Charon was still glaring at him with his ears folded back. Harstall took a deep breath. “I’m dropping this,” he said. “If you enjoy sex with her, how did you find out you liked having sex with males?”

Charon took a moment to calm himself before recounting the story to his father, from the party celebrating his rut, to the experiment with the hyena and his ongoing activities. Harstall looked at him with surprise and amazement as he listened. Charon didn’t give any details, but the older tiger’s imagination had no trouble filling them in. It took some effort, but he was able to keep his reaction in check.

“Are you still wondering what courses to take during your last year at the academy?” he asked when Charon was done.

Charon hesitated, taken by surprise by the question. “A bit, why?”

“Take some business classes,” Harstall suggested.


“You’ve taken something I do for free and found a way to make money at it; I’d say you’re a born business leader.”

Charon looked at his father skeptically. “How about you? How did you find out you liked males?” he asked instead of pursuing his father’s suggestion.

Harstall shrugged. “I always liked looking at males, even before my rut. It didn’t turn sexual until after. I went to a pleasure house to satisfy my curiosity and I found it much more satisfying.”

“A pleasure house? I didn’t think they had those for male lovers back then.”

Harstall nodded. “I don’t think it became legal for a pleasure house catering to male lovers to open till about ten years ago, but even before that you could find places that offered those services if you knew where to look, or were set on the task.”

He looked at their empty plates. “Mind taking care of the dishes while I go take my shower?” Charon nodded so Harstall left him to that.

In the shower his mind went over what Charon had told him and he found himself getting hard again at the idea of his son being fucked by other males. Since this time he could do something about it he lathered his hand with the fur soap and started caressing his cock. He imagined the younger tiger in the gym shower with a horse taking him as he stroked his hardon, moaning lightly.

For a moment he wondered if Charon would let him film one of his sessions at some point, and then chuckled to himself, shaking his head to get the idea out of his head. It was one thing for him to be attracted to his son, but wanting to film him having sex with another male just made him a pervert.

The absurd thought pushed out of his head he went back to thinking about Charon. This time he was being pressed against a wall, with a bull shoving his cock deep inside him. Harstall massaged his balls with a hand while his other one moved up and down quickly on his cock. He opened his mouth, panting as he got closer and closer to his orgasm.

“Dad?” Charon said inside the bathroom.

Harstall jumped in surprise and cursed as he almost lost his footing, having to grab on to the handle bar that was fixed to the wall for support. When his feet were firmly under him he looked through the heavily frosted glass door of the shower at Charon’s vague silhouette near the counter. His heart was beating hard, both at the scare he’d just had and the thought that Charon might have caught him jerking off.

“You okay in there?” Charon asked.

“Yeah, you just startled me and I almost fell.”

Charon chuckled, “Sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I need to use some water to brush my teeth.”

“Okay,” Harstall replied, moving out from under the jet of water. “Let me know when you’re done.” The shower had this problem that as soon as any other faucet was turned on in the house it lost all pressure in that temperature. It didn’t matter how small the flow was, the loss was total. They’d discovered the problem years before, and had tried to get it fixed, but none of the plumbers who had looked into it had been able to find the cause, so they had simply gotten used to it.

“Won’t be long,” Charon said.

Harstall looked down at his softening shaft. This was going to have to wait until later to be taken cared of, it seemed. He wasn’t going to start again with his son in the room, and it was getting close to the time he had to leave for work.

“I’m done,” Charon announced before leaving the bathroom.

Harstall waited a few seconds for the water to cool down to a bearable temperature before getting back under it and finishing washing. Once he was fully dry he got dressed and headed out the door, wishing his son a good day as he passed his room. He decided to take the bus only part of the way so he could look for a prey to hunt in the next few days.

* * * * *

Charon took the piece of paper off the shelf before putting his bag in his locker. He read the time on it and quickly determined that he wouldn’t be able to meet up with the client as he had a game practice after class. He scrunched it in a ball and threw it in the first garbage can he came across.

He still wasn’t certain how he felt about finding out his father was like him. He’d spent the rest of his rest day trying to work on his history assignment but all he could think about was the conversation they’d had over breakfast. He’d been able to smell his father’s excitement as he recounted how he’d found out he was a tail raiser so there was no doubting that he was also one.

Then there had been the bathroom. It was difficult to make out clearly over the running water and the smell of the soap, but he was pretty sure he’d smelled the scent of sex. Not that it was any of his business what his father did in the shower; it wasn’t like he was interested in watching him do it after all. Well, he couldn’t ignore the fact that he had turned and tried to see what his father was doing through the frosted glass.

He put his father out of his mind as he entered the gymnasium; he had something else to deal with today. He looked around to make sure Guri was here, not that he expected him to miss the one gym class he had with most of the Hunt players. While changing in the locker room he passed the word around that they were to leave Guri to him when they had to pair up. A few of the other players looked at him strangely, but no one questioned it.

The gym class had a little over twenty people in it this morning, twelve of whom were on the Hunt team. Their coach, an older bear, was the teacher so he’d made arrangement to have most of them in the same class so they could continue working on their team work. The six who weren’t there were missing because the courses they had couldn’t be moved around; the classes were either too small or the teacher too busy to be able to modify their schedule. They were also those who weren’t interested in pursuing Hunt games as a profession, so the coach didn’t feel the need to make a big deal of it. After running around the gym for twenty minutes as a warm up the bear had them pair up to practice tackling.

“Hey Guri,” Charon said as he stepped in front of him. “Wanna practice with me?”

The German sheppard looked up and grinned. “Sure,” he finally said once he was no longer panting, “I’d love to. I can never get enough of practicing with you,” he added with a knowing look

Charon kept his annoyance from showing at the implication as Guri stood and stretched a bit. The sheppard was well enough build that he could be a Hunt player if he wanted to, but he didn’t like getting hurt so he kept to idolizing the players from the sidelines. This class was as close to the game as he got since normally no one got hurt.

When the coach gave the signal Charon and Guri took their places, six long paces apart. The tiger would be the one to charge on the first turn so the German sheppard crouched low to receive him. On the second signal Charon ran at him, speeding up as much as he could in the short distance. He kept his elbow slightly elevated and at the last moment moved the point forward so that when they connected it hit the sheppard hard enough in the sternum to send him sprawling back wheezing for breath.

Charon extended his hand to help him up and waited for Guri to be able to breathe properly. “Sorry, you need to keep your guard up,” he said when the sheppard took his hand. He pulled him up hard, forcing them together. “And your mouth shut,” he whispered to him, his muzzle close to his ear, causing Guri to look at him with worry.

The coach called for position again and they stood apart. Guri would charge this time. He did so hard, probably intending to throw the tiger to the ground, but Charon was ready for him; when they collided he gave him a quick punch in the stomach. It wasn’t an allowed move during class practice, but it was almost invisible unless someone was specifically looking for it, so Charon knew he’d get away with it.

He held the Sheppard close, both to prevent him from falling down from the pain and so he could whisper a few more things to him. “You even think about walking away from practice and I’ll track you down and then I’m going to break you in half. Is that understood?” Guri gulped and nodded. “Good. The deal was you kept your mouth shut about what we did. Now you’re going to find out what happens when you can’t do that.”

The coach called for position and they separated. For the next fifteen minutes Guri was painfully tackled. Each one looked completely normal, but was extremely painful. Everyone on the team knew how to tackle, Protectors and Interceptors got the most practice at it since it was their main tool during the game, but Interceptors were the most vicious in their tackles since their job was to take out as much of the opposing team as they could before they crossed the line.

Guri didn’t say anything, even keeping his whimpering of pain to a minimum. The look Charon gave him each time he got up was enough to let him know that he could expect much worse if he drew any attention.

With the last time Charon sent the German Sheppard to the ground he looked at the young orangutan practicing with a badger around the same age. “Do you mind switching with me? I think I’m too skilled for him.”

The younger students looked at each other and shrugged, so Charon did the rest of the tackling part of the class with the badger, being careful not to hurt him and taking the time to show him how to better tackle.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Azras was there for his Hunt game practice and afterwards they left together for his place, not bothering to shower at the academy. Once home they barely waited for the door to close before pulling each other’s clothes off; they left a trail from the entrance all the way to the shower.

Under the water jet he held her against him, back to front, a hand between her legs, fingering her delicately while the other played with her nipple. To moans and whimpers he nibbled on her neck like she loved while slowly grinding his hard cock in the small of her back.

When she had enough she forced him to let go of her and turned, kissing him passionately before going down on her knees. She didn’t wait; she swallowed his shaft whole, deep throating it on the first go. With a loud moan Charon started thrusting in her muzzle. She was so talented at this, the way she could use her tongue to tease his cock head as it moved in back and forth, was driving him crazy. He fucked her mouth hard and fast, feeling his balls tighten in their sack.

He was getting close when she pushed away, looking at him with a mischievous smile as she stood. Charon growled in annoyance and pushed her out of the water and against the far wall. He kissed her savagely and ground against her, trying to get his cock to enter her, but while she responded to the kiss with passion she kept moving her hips she he couldn’t find his target.

Still kissing him she pushed him back, slowly getting him back under the water and then against the wall. His arm knocked the temperature control and the water suddenly turned ice cold.

To a shriek of surprise from both of them Charon slammed the water shut. They looked at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing. They got out of the shower and dried each other, he using his tongue to dry her breast and she using a towel on his groin, but taking her sweet time.

Then they went to his bedroom, where she forced him to lie back on his bed as she straddled his hips. She kissed him, grinding against him as she positioned herself. He stopped her just as she was about to lower herself; forcing her to sit down with his cock still unsheathed.

“We’re forgetting the condom,” he said, reaching for the drawer in his side table.

“Do we really still need one?” Azras replied, “It’s not like we’re going to catch anything from each other.”

He pulled one from the drawer, “I’m not worried about that, I’m worried about getting you pregnant.”

She smiled. “Come on, what are the odds of that happening?” She placed her hand over his, before he brought the wrapped condom to his mouth.

“Didn’t you pay attention to biology class? Our species are close enough that the chances are pretty good.”

“Just this once. You’ll see it’ll feel much better. If I get pregnant I’ll just go to a clinic and get it terminated.”

Charon looked at her; he couldn’t believe she’d just said that. “No, just no. We’re not going to take chances on someone else’s life. I don’t have any problems using condoms. When we’re ready for cubs then we can stop.” He pulled her hand to his mouth and kissed it. “Are you telling me that I’m not satisfying enough?”

She laughed. “Of course not, but it would be so much more intense without it, especially for you.”

He lifted an eyebrow. “Oh, you want intense, do you?” With a twist of his hips he had her falling sideways with a scream of surprise. He turned as she fell so that when she was on her back he was on top of her, between her legs. He ground his cock on her vulva while he assaulted her neck with nips and nibbles.

Within seconds he had her moaning and writhing under him. She kept moving her hips as he thrust, trying to get him to enter her, but this time it was he who frustrated her. He moved down a little, making her whine when his cock no longer touched her. With a grin he ripped the condom wrapper open between his teeth and spit it out once he had taken the condom out of it.

He bore down on her breasts; attacking first the right one and then the left one with licks, nips and suckles. While she was distracted with that he unrolled the condom over his cock with one hand. As soon as he let go of it he moved in, rubbing his cock head against her clit. She responded by arcing her back, and this time he didn’t fight her, thrusting in slowly until all of his length was nestled inside of her.

He didn’t give himself any time to rest; he slowly pulled out, his moans of pleasure joining hers. He slipped a hand between them so he could stimulate her clitoris while he thrust quickly in and out of her. He smiled as he felt her climb toward her orgasm, reading the signs of her whimpers and body language easily. He knew she crested when her claws dug in his back, he stopped moving to let her ride the pleasure without distraction.

When she quieted down he went back to thrusting, and quickly had her moaning until she came again. He continued like that for most of the evening; focusing on giving her pleasure for as long as he could and losing himself in it.

When he came it was with a roar loud enough to alert the neighbors to what had been going on. After that he barely had enough strength to stop himself from crumbling on top of her. He forced himself to roll off her and then pulled her close against him. They nuzzled and snuggled while regaining their strength, gently caressing each other and talking in whispered tones.

They talked about having her spend the night, but they both had classes in the morning, and Charon wasn’t sure his father was ready to be confronted with their relationship just yet.

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