Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Part 10

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October 7th, 2010


Lao had to still be pissed. He wasn’t acting like he was and he didn’t smell like he was, but he had to be. I know I’d be royally pissed if someone got into a fight with our host and it ended up costing me most of my finder’s fee.

He and Etienne had gotten into a tense discussion in the local language. Arsalan didn’t understand it anymore than I did so I could only guess it was about the fight I’d gotten into. By the time it was over Lao had handed back to Etienne most of the money he’d gotten when I paid the Afrikaner.

Etienne handed us a rough map drawn on animal skin. The story he gave us was that he’d bought it off an acquaintance whose great grandfather had been part of an expedition in the mountain where they had found and old explorer’s camp. They had taken anything that could be of value, but left a bunch of notebooks there. He gave me what was left of a page with the map. It wasn’t much, time and poor care had only left a rough square three inches by three of yellowed high quality velum. A lot of the ink had run off, and what was left was faded, but I could make out enough to recognize the hand writing.

My heart skipped a beat. The page had been written by Richard Francis Burton.

Until then I hadn’t quite believe I might be a step closer to finally finding the elusive journal. It was all I could do not to jump with joy and pull Lao with me as I headed outside.

Etienne was happy to see us go.

My enthusiasm survived two hours in the downpour and then I kept switching between wishing I was dry at Etienne’s place and wishing we were at Sir Burton’s old camp already. Even fucking Arsalan silly didn’t do much to improve my mood.

The map wasn’t the easiest to read and only Lao’s knowledge of the land allowed us to find the entrance to the cave as quickly as we did, although the three days under the rain felt much longer.

The cave had been made by nature, the jagged walls and ceiling were proof of that, but humans had shaped it too as shown by the flat floor and the pick marks in places.

Within a hundred feet the temperature dropped drastically, enough that I started shivering. Arsalan was the first one to get out of his clothes and shift. He shook the water out of his fur and posed.

“You know you want a piece of this,” he said with a toothy grin.

“Of course I do,” I replied with a smile. I mean how could I not, the guy had to be more than six-six, barrel chest, thick arms and legs and a ass that could milk you dry. His cock looked pretty good too, but he was still annoying me enough that I wasn’t going to play with it.

“But let’s wait until we’ve found Sir Burton’s camp before I fuck your ass again.” I took my clothes off and shifted too. I shook the water out of my fur and I quickly warmed up.

“Can I at least lick it?”

I actually thought about it, I was hard and so was he. It would certainly be fun. “No, let’s wait. I let you do that and we’re going to be having sex for hours.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Arsalan threw his wet clothes in his bag.

“Now that ya’ve decided that. Ya ready to keep going?” Lao had shifted too and was wringing the water out of his clothes.

I considered leaving mine here since I didn’t want to ever wear anything that wet again, but that meant I’d be ruining another set when we left here. I wrung them out and threw them over my shoulder.

“Yeah. We’re good to go.” With my pack in hand I took the lead.

As we proceeded deeper the cavern became more and more manmade. Someone had mined it a long time ago. It went fairly straight until it ended at chasm. I knelt and shone my light down.

“Where’d we go now?” Arsalan asked.

“Down,” I replied, lifting the rotted rope ladder that was still attached to the side.

“That thing ain’t gonna support our weight,” he commented.

“Ah got rope in the jeep, Ah’ll go get it.”

I leaned in a little further and studied the wall below me. The area where the rope ladder had gone down was polished, but the rest of the wall was jagged. I shone the light up and it lost itself in the darkness before hitting the ceiling. The miners had dug until they hit this and then went down.

I saw Arsalan move closer to me out of the corner of my eye. I ignored him as I looked around trying to find to other side of the chasm, but it too was lost in the darkness.

“Touch me there and I’m throwing you down this hole,” I told him as I felt his hand get close to my ass.

“Aw come on. We got to wait for Lao to come back we might as well have some fun.”

I stood and faced him. “Don’t you ever get tired of thinking with your dick?”

“Nope, what he tells me to do is always fun.” He grabbed my already hard cock and stroked it a little. “You have to stop ignoring yours. Come on, just let me suck you off for a while.” He went to his knees and gave my shaft a slow lick.

“F, f, fine,” I managed to say once the shudder of pleasure passed, “but you stop once Lao’s back.”

Arsalan plunged on my cock and swallowed it whole.

Fuck that guy could suck. His muzzle was almost sizzling hot after the cool air. He kept his lips tight around my shaft as he bobbed up and down, not to mention that he knew how to use his ridged palate and rough tongue to drive me wild. It wasn’t long that I grabbed the sides of his head and started face fucking him.

“Ya gonna be doing that long?” Lao asked. I had no idea how long he’d been back, but he was watching us with a coil of rope over his shoulder. He was acting bored, but at least the tiger had the decency of being hard.

I reluctantly pulled out of Arsalan’s muzzle, he didn’t make it easy. He kept suckling on the tip until I pushed him back and he fell on his ass with a hurt look.

“I said we’d stop when Lao came back.” I was panting hard as I said that. His look didn’t change. I got the feeling that Arsalan was a master at using it to get what he wanted.

“How deep do you think it is?” I asked turning to Lao to stop the temptation to give into Arsalan.

He bent a glow stick until it started shining and shook it before throwing it in the hole. It took about ten seconds until I barely heard it hit bottom.

“Three hundred feet,” Lao said.

“We have enough rope?”

“Two hundred here,” he said as he handed me the coil. He shone his light at another coil on the floor further back. “And two more there. We’re gonna be fine.”

“Tie them together,” I said as I handed him one end, “I’m going to find some place to tie this to.”

The rope ladder was held in place by a metal ring driven into the rock. I pulled on the ring and it held. I was tying the rope when I noticed Arsalan before me. I looked up and saw his balls and shaft. I had to stop myself from licking my lips, his cock was glistening with precum. I looked up past them and gazed at the most pitiful hurt expression imaginable.

“We’re going to continue once we’re down there, right?” he asked me.

“Once we’ve reached Sir Burton’s camp and I’ve studied it, sure.” It’s not like I didn’t want to fuck him again, but I wanted to wait until after, in case this turned out to be another dead end and I needed a pick me up.

“Who’s going first?” Lao asked as he threw the coils over the side.

“I will,” Arsalan said grabbing the rope and starting down.

Lao gave me a look and I just shrugged. I guessed that Arsalan figured the faster he got down the faster sex was going to happen. I gave him twenty feet before starting down.

I’d gone down a hundred feet when light shined up at me.

“Everything ok down there?”

“Oh, yeah,” Arsalan answered, “Everything’s peachy.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“Admiring the view.”

I looked down and got the light in my eyes as a result. “Haven’t you had enough of looking at my ass at this point?” I asked while I waited for the spots to disappear.

“I’m never going to get enough of that.”

“Just start climbing down again,” I said rolling my eyes, “if I reach you I’m going to kick you off the rope.”

Arsalan didn’t reply, but I felt him move again through the rope.

As soon as I reached the bottom I took the flashlight out of my bag and shined it around. I couldn’t see in the distance, but immediately to my left was a broken wooden crate.

“Don’t touch that,” I told Arsalan who was about grab one of the boards.

“Why, it’s just a pile of wood,” was his reply.

“To you that’s all it is,” I said as I took my notebook and pencil out of my bag.

I did a sketch of the broken crate and noted the number that was painted on one side, three series of four digits. It looked familiar but I couldn’t place it. Once I was done I examined the wood. It was in far better shape than I had expected. It had to have been here for over sixty years. Even in this dry air insets and rodents could have destroyed it.

“How good is ya night vision?” Lao asked.

“Better than a human,” I replied without looking up, “probably worst then the two of you.”

“Found a torch, think it’ll help?”

“It can’t hurt,” I said looking at him. he was holding a thick branch with cloth wrapped at the end. “But as old as it is it probably won’t last long.”

Lao took a Zippo from his bag and lit the torch.

“But this might,” I said. In the illumination it provided I saw the tall wrought iron stand holding a shallow clay bowl. I smelled the oil before I looked in it. It took a moment before the fire from the torch made it catch on fire. I noticed the other one at the edge of our light and sent Lao to light it too.

“Can we have sex now?” Arsalan asked as I studied the stand.

“Once I’m done here,” I told him. About five feet tall, three legs and three prongs to hold the bowl, the work wasn’t pretty, but it was solid. For them to have bothered bringing this here, they knew they would be working here for some time.

Lao lit stand after stand all the way to what I thought was the east ‘wall’. It was less a wall than where the floor of the chasm went back to being irregular and jagged, except for the part that was lit by the last stand. It probably led to another cavern or another mine.

The space that encompassed the ‘room’ we were in was about two hundred feet deep by four hundred across. The floor had been almost polished smooth by people walking on it; at one time this place saw a lot of traffic.

Outside the path made by the lamps, but close to them, I found most of the debris. What was left of old wooden benches and tables and an almost intact accountant’s desk; the olds style, made of oak and were you could work on while standing. The name Robert McCormick had been cut in the hard wood with a knife along with numerous doodles. The name was familiar but I couldn’t place it.

That was one of the problems with being long lived; it didn’t matter how good my memory was, there was no way I could remember everyone I’d met or heard of. I made rubbings of the markings so I could study them better once we were back to civilization.

Further away I found the fire pit, full of ash. Metal cups and plates lay scattered around it, indicating that those who were here last might have left in a hurry.

Arsalan and Lao left me alone while I was cataloguing and sketching the objects except for the tiger asking to use some of the broken benches to light a fire in the pit once I was done with them.

Once I was finished cataloguing the items in the room I ventured down the lit path. Lau hadn’t bothered lighting it past to wall so I did it as I went. It wound through the stalactites and jagged rocks. After a hundred meters it straightened and sleeping alcoves had been carved out of the rock. I found remnants of bedding, what could have been a book, almost entirely eaten by worms and even a pair of reading glasses with the lenses broken.

The path kept going past the alcoves, but there weren’t any light stands. Peering into the darkness didn’t reveal anything so I turned headed back.

This had been disappointing, I wanted to find irrefutable proof that Sir Burton had been here; maybe the book the fragment of page had been taken from, or a cup with his initials on it. It was a silly thought, and I knew it, but after seven dead ends over the last fifty years I really needed some indication that I wasn’t wasting my time.

I heard Arsalan’s grunting before I reached the cave; he had Lau on his back, legs over his shoulders and pounding his ass with abandon. As I reached them the air became thick with the scent of sex. These two must have been at it from the moment I’d been out of sight. His roar echoed throughout the cave and he slumped over Lao.

His ass was already in the air so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I slipped right in. He moaned as I pushed myself completely in; Lao had already stretched him and I hilted myself easily.

Arsalan tightened his ass around my cock as I started fucking him, I had to give him that he really knew how to bottom. Lao grunted with my thrusts, it might have been because he was now supporting both our weight, but I suspected that Arsalan was getting hard again. After that moment I stopped thinking. I grabbed the lion’s ass and plowed him hard until I came.

Afterward I lied back enjoying the afterglow. Arsalan was licking my cock and balls clean and Lao was doing stretching exercise.

“You found everything you were looking for?” Lao asked.

“Yeah,” I answered softly. I wasn’t paying him too much attention. Arsalan had gotten me hard again and was proceeding to give me the blowjob I had promised him earlier.

“Might be a good time to head back then. Don’t wanna to be in this jungle any longer than we got to.”

“Sure,” I replied, “once he’s done.” To which Lao snorted.

* * * * *

It only took me a dozen phone calls to find out why Robert McCormick was familiar to me. He worked for Oxford in the twenties and even forty years later, when I taught there, his expeditions around the world were talked about. It also explained the numbers; they were how Oxford catalogued their finds.

* * * * *

Oxford hadn’t changed all that much, at least not the building itself; most of the walls had a new coat of paint and some of the stain glass windows had been redone, but stones halls still felt and smelled the same. What had changed was the people; none of the students wore the robes anymore, and only the older teachers wore them.

I remembered the place enough that we didn’t get lost getting to the museum, by my knowledge wouldn’t help me further. If the content taken from the cave weren’t on display they would be stored in the basement, and I knew from firsthand experience that I would never find it without help.

I bumped into someone as I navigated the displays and apologized distractingly, reading the descriptions and praying I would find what I was looking for here.

“Simon?” someone called and I turned.

His black robe told me he was a teacher, his face said he was older, probably in his early seventies.

And then I found myself looking into amazingly blue eyes.

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