Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Part 12

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September 8th, 1993

My first meeting with Robert didn’t put me in the most flattering light. I had been working for the Smithsonian for six months and I was in the basement of the natural history museum where I had been sent there to do an inventory. I didn’t mind being relegated to doing work an intern would normally do, it felt good being there surrounded by all these objects from the past, even the mustiness felt comforting.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really doing the work I’d been sent here to do, I was going through the boxes studying the shards of pottery in one or the bones in another. I’d gone through six boxes and I’d climbed a step stool to get another one. It turned out to be heavier than I expected and to avoid dropping it I had to step aside and my foot slipped off the stool. Next thing I knew I was leaning against the shelves holding the crate balanced precariously on my shoulder and against my head while feeling like my back was about to break.

Now, I’m strong, much stronger than any human I know, but I couldn’t get a proper grip on that crate. I shifted around trying to get the shelves to take some of the crate’s weight while I found some leverage, unfortunately that didn’t work out as planned, the crate moved sideways and started tipping over my head.

As I cursed in German, French and Chinese, I heard steps coming and then most of the weight was off me.

“You ok under there?” my rescuer asked as I slipped and ended up on my ass.

“I’m fine,” I said getting up quickly and grabbing one of the corners.

“Where does it go?”

“Top shelf.” With his help it was simple to get it back in place. “Thanks for the save,” I said taking him in; he was almost a foot taller than I was, which I admit isn’t that difficult since I’m only five foot four. He had a football player’s frame and a rich smell of earth.

“You’re welcome, I’m Robert.” He offered me his hand and my heart beat fast as I took it.


“Well Simon, I hope you’re going to be putting everything away before anyone else comes down here.” He looked around at the open boxes and the objects spread over the tables.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be packing everything right away. The boss doesn’t need to know about this, does she?” Eliza was the stern Latin woman who ran the civilization department of the museum. I liked her, but she didn’t care for goofing around or wasting time.

“As long as she can’t tell what happened here when she comes down later she won’t have to know.”

“Thanks, I owe you one. Well, with the save I guess I owe you two.”

“Just try to be more careful next time. I can’t always be around to save you,” he said with a smile before leaving.

I watched him leave, my eyes going down his wide back to the best looking ass I’d seen in years. I kept seeing it even after he turned the corner and disappeared from view. It took me a few minutes to stop dreaming of it and put everything away.

An hour and a half later the inventory was done and I was back on the main floor of the museum to check in on the Napoleonic Exhibit when Eliza came up to me.

“Finally Mister Wilner, it’s about time you came out of your hiding place.” She said crossing her arms over her chest.

“Excuse me?” It sounded like she knew what I’d been up to, but feigning surprise and confusion was always a good first line of defense.

“I’ve been looking for you for the last hour, where have you been hiding?”

“In the basement, Doctor Morelian had me do an inventory.”

“Really? I didn’t know you’d been demoted to an intern.” She waves a hand. “That doesn’t matter now, come with me, I want to introduce you to Doctor Starlin,” she said as she started walking.

“Who is he?” I asked trying to keep up with her.

“He’s the European History department supervisor.”

“I thought you were our supervisor, Doctor Salina.”

“I was only acting supervisor while he was on a dig in Nigeria. He finally came back this morning.”

“Doctor Starlin!” she called to a man walking ahead of us. I had enough time to recognize the wide shoulder and perfect ass before my savior stopped and turned.

“Hello Eliza,” he said once we caught up to him, “what can I do for you?” She glared at him, she hated being called by her first name while at work. I had to stop myself from chuckling at her reaction to being baited.

“This is Mister Simon Wilner,” she said through clenched teeth, “he’s our new expert for the French and English exhibits.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said offering me his hand, “call me Robert, I’m not as formal as our Eliza here.” I shook his hand as I held back more chuckles at the daggers Eliza shot him. Her look changed to a calculating one as we kept shaking hands a little too long.

“Do the two of you already know each other?” she asked.

“No, we don’t,” Robert replied, “but I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know him.”

I couldn’t believe he was flirting with me, or that I blushed because of it.

I tried to ignore the signals he kept sending my way, after all he was my boss. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have sex with him, but I could ignore my nature only so long and within two weeks we were having sex. I did everything I could to keep it casual and only sexual, meeting only a few times a week and never staying with him afterward. I didn’t want to fall in love again, but the guy could throw me over his shoulder and dazzle me with Greek history. So within a few month the sex happened more often, almost daily and a lot of the time at work, which was completely inappropriate; we almost got caught twice, but that didn’t stop us.

* * * * *

A year later I was standing nervously in front of his door. It wasn’t the first time I’d been to his house, actually I now spent most of my evenings there, but this time I was coming with a offer and I was scared of what he would say. I knocked, the door opened and I looked up into the most beautiful smile imaginable. Before I could do anything he pulled me close and kissed me. The kiss was hot, passionate and hungry making me responded to it eagerly.

When we broke apart we were both panting and even hungrier. I could see in his eyes that he was ready to rip my clothes off without even bothering to close the door, but I stopped him by presenting him the flowers I’d brought; I’d thought about bringing roses, but I thought the message they send was too strong.

Even after all this time having sex we hadn’t talked about what we were to each other, and I was afraid of what would happen when I brought it up. I specifically told the flower lady to use flowers without any romantic connotations so she gave me a cactus. After discussing it with her a little more she made me a bouquet of wild flowers, it was still romantic, but it didn’t carry any hidden meaning.

“You didn’t have to bring flowers,” he said softly once he got over the surprise.

“I know, but I wanted to do something special for you.”

“No one’s ever given me flowers.” His eyes got a little wet and he went to the kitchen. When he came back they were dry and the flowers were in a large beer mug which he put on the coffee table.

He kissed me again, but this time the flavor was more tender than hungry. I had a moment to wonder if he’d deciphered the meaning behind the flowers before I lost myself in the kiss and lovemaking that followed.

Two hours later I was snuggling to his sleeping form feeling silly for having been afraid I might scare him off. He opened his eyes and looked back at me.

“Hi,” he said with his bright smile and reached over to caress my cheek.

“Hello,” I replied, taking his hand and kissing it, “How do you feel about me moving in?”

“I feel like it’s the most wonderful news.” His smile became even brighter. “I never thought you’d ask.”

“I’m sorry, bad history,” I said and tried to order my thought so I could give him a sort of explanation, but he pulled me into a hug.

“Shhh, it’s ok. All that matters is that you asked.” I completely relaxed in his embrace. Robert was the only who ever made me feel safe. When he held me I didn’t have to worry about anything.

After a moment of my nose buried in his neck and breathing in his scent I started licking and nibbling on it. Robert moaned and I felt his cock react against me so I pushed him on his back and climbed over him to lick and nibble on his nipples. After a few moments of that I licked my way down coming across the pool of precum on his belly, which I cleaned before taking the tip of his cock in my mouth and suckling on it.

Robert bucked and started fucking my mouth and I let him do it. His eight inch cock easily went in and out even when he pushed all of it in. For half an hour I edged him on, let him get close to orgasm and then holding him down until he was calm, only to bring him close again. When I finally let him explode in my mouth he had been whimpering with need.

After swallowing the last of his load I crawled back up and he wrapped his arms around me. I was hard and leaking, but at that moment I was perfectly content to just have him hold me.

I moved in the next weekend.

It was two years after that when he had our only big hurdle. I’d been planning on telling him for some time, but I kept losing my nerve. On that day I’d promised myself that I would no matter what. I became sick with worry and went home early without telling anyone.

I wasn’t surprised when Robert got home hours early


The worry in his voice made me feel guilty about worrying him, but I pushed it aside and listened to the full moon rising, letting it give me the courage that alcohol couldn’t. I listened to him run around the house calling my name. When he opened the door to our library and looked inside he almost didn’t see me in the darkness. He’d taken a step away before looking in again.

“Simon? Are you ok? Doctor Larangua told me you’d left early and didn’t look good.” I wasn’t surprised someone had told him; our relationship wasn’t a secret.

“I’m fine,” I said in a cold tone. Right now even the moon enhanced horniness couldn’t compete with the sheer terror I was feeling, and I couldn’t listen to that so I shoved all my emotions in the back of my mind.

He flicked the light on and was at my feet holding my hands. “Please, you don’t have to lie to me. If you’re sick I need to know so I can be there for you.”

“I’m not sick,” I replied, “but I have something to tell you.” He looked at me eagerly. “I’m a werewolf.”

He looked relieved for a moment, as if what I’d said made complete sense. Then he frowned as he sank in. “What?”

“I’m a werewolf,” I repeated.

He looked at me stupefied before standing and moving to the doorway. “Damnit Simon, do you think you’re being funny? I was fucking scared you were going to tell me you had Aids and instead you pull a prank like this on me?”

It was my turn to stare at him. He thought I was making a joke? I started chuckling, and then laughing. What was this, a bad TV show where someone’s big secret had to be misunderstood as a joke so the plot could continue? I was laughing so hard I fell off the seat,

And then as suddenly as it came the laughter was gone. I glared at him and shifted as I stood. My shirt and pants ripped at the seams as I became taller and wider, red fur gowning all over me.

“Does this look like a joke?” I said, the words only barely understandable since my head had also changed, my mouth now being a muzzle with vicious looking teeth, ears on top of my head. I pulled the ripped clothing off me and I was naked before him. I didn’t make for a pretty sight, unlike all other werewolves I know I don’t look anything remotely like human when I’ve changed.

Now that I’d let go of the fear I was horny and if it hadn’t been for the terror on Robert’s face I would have jumped him.

Robert slowly backed out of the room and then ran off. I heard the door slam shut and his car peel off. My worst fear had come to pass; I’d scared him off. I curled up in a corner and cried until I feel asleep.

For the next week I couldn’t leave the house. I was terrified that if I left Robert would come and lock me out. I also couldn’t go into work since he’d have to see me and I didn’t want to risk having him freak out there. The phone rang every day, but I didn’t answer; I might be work wanting to know why I wasn’t there, it might be Robert telling me to leave or it might be some stranger, which meant Robert wasn’t calling.

After two weeks I’d started getting used to the idea that Robert couldn’t deal with what I was and that it might be time for me to leave when the front door opened. An instant later I was in the living room watching Robert close the door. He turned and we looked at each other before both looking away. He was wearing the same clothes he had when he left and looked like he hadn’t slept well in a few days - like me.

“Hi,” I said. I wanted to go hug him, but I couldn’t tell if he wanted me anywhere close to him yet.

He didn’t say anything immediately. When he did it was to ask “Did I really see what I thought I saw?”

I nodded, and then realized he wasn’t looking in my direction. “Yes, you did.”

“How is that possible?”

I just shrugged, I’d asked myself that same question for years after I’d become a werewolf. It didn’t seem possible, where did the extra mass come from? How did the fur shrink back into my skin? It was impossible, and yet here I was as proof.

“How did you become a . . . what you are?”

“Maybe we should sit down first,” I said indicating the couch.

He nodded. “In the kitchen.”

I took my usual seat at the table, and he sat across from me instead of in his seat next to mine.

“How did it happen? Were you bitten? Mauled?”

I shook my head. “I doubt it. I was pretty sick, probably dying. I remember a man next to where I was lying asking me if I wanted to get better, but I don’t know if that was real or just part of the delirium. After that I started getting better and a few months later I realized that I was a werewolf.”

“Am I going to become one?”

“No, I’m not contagious.”

Robert sighed in relief and sagged back in his chair.

“Robert,” I said reaching for his hands.

He pulled them away quickly and then looked ashamed. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“It’s ok, I understand,” I replied. “Do you want me to . . .” my voice broke and I had to take a few breaths to get myself under control again. “Do you want me to leave?” I whispered.

“No! No, I want you to stay. I just need to wrap my head around all this.”

It took two month before he was able to let me touch him again, and six before we slept in the same bed. Those were tough times for me. I wanted to be faithful to him, but while he wouldn’t have sex with me I still needed to so I did it behind his back. When I told him about it a few years later he was surprisingly ok with it.

The accident should have been our second hurdle, but instead of dealing with it, I ran.

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