Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Part 15

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November 18th, 2010

The SUV bounced around the uneven terrain, but I didn’t care. Lao was driving while me and Arsalan were stretched on the back seat. Over the last two weeks Arsalan had stopped obsessing about fucking me. At first I thought it was a ruse to get me to let my guard down, but he hadn’t said or done anything lewd directed specifically at me. Even now while we snuggled I could feel his hard on pressing against me, but he wasn’t humping or saying anything, he only had his arms wrapped around me tenderly.

It was very nice.

“We gotta stop here,” Lao said as the SUV came to a stop. I had to look at my watch to figure out how long we’d been on the road. We’d flown into Denver in the early morning and now, eight hours later, we were somewhere in the Colorado hill side. I got out and pulled Arsalan. He resisted for a moment but finally gave up and joined us.

“This doesn’t look like it,” I said looking around. We were at the bottom of a steep hill with prairie grass all around us. I could see the path the SUV had taken through it disappearing in the distance.

“I’m going back to sleep then,” Arsalan said and crawled back on the seat.

“This gps is saying it’s half a mile on the other side of this here hill. We’re gonna have to walk it.”

“Come on lion,” I said slapping Arsalan’s foot, “no time to sleep. We’re almost there.”

“You guys go,” he said with a yawn, “I’ll wait for you to come back here.”

“Maybe ah should turn ya into a fur rug, you’d get all the sleep you like then.”

Arsalan flipped him the finger before turning on his side and curling up in a ball. I just shrugged when Lao looked at me and I started up the hill. Once I reached the top I stopped and looked in the distance. The hill swooped down softly on that side over three hundred feet and then leveled off until another hill started about half a mile away. In the side of that hill I could barely make out a building.

“That can’t be it,” I said.

“‘Cording to what yer man Harker said that’s it,” Lao replied.

“It makes no sense, why would they set up their restoration lab in the middle of nowhere. It’s going to cost them a fortune to get their supplies shipped in.”

Lao didn’t comment, he was looking at the building through binoculars, which I borrowed when he was done.

When no one from the restoration company got back to me I started thinking that Lao was right, I’d have to break in to see the journal. I contacted Harker and had him find out where it was being restored. Instead of an address he gave me gps coordinate. I had been surprised, but I figured it was how things were done now.

Finding a building in the middle of nowhere wasn’t what I had expected.

The building was two stories and the side of a small downtown office building. There were half a dozen cars parked in front of it and the back looked to be partially in the hill.

“Is it just me or does the building extends inside the hill?” I asked Lao as I handed him the binoculars back.

“I’ll go check,” Arsalan said as he walked by us and started running.

I did a double take, when had he climbed the hill and why was he naked? I wondered as I saw him shift.

“He isn’t seriously going to get close to the building in his lion form, is he?” I asked Lao.

“Ah don’t think Arsalan does anything seriously,” he replied.

I could only watch as he disappeared in the distance, the color of his fur making him blend in almost perfectly with the grass.

An hour later he reappeared climbing the hill from the side the SUV was and panting hard.

“I couldn’t get close enough to see if the building’s in the hill, they have guards and they like to use their guns.”

“They saw you?” I asked.

“Nah, they think they saw a mountain lion, not the real thing.”

“What are they doing with armed guards?”

“They’re probably protecting valuable stuff.” the lion said.

“They restore books. No one steals books anymore.” Arsalan looked at me sideways. “I’m not going to steal it, I just want to look at it.”

“How are ya gonna get in now?”

“I’m not sure. First thing though is getting the building's floor plan.”

“Ya gonna ask Harker?”

“No,” I replied. I had considered it. “I know someone who should have an easier time getting that information.”

* * * * *

“So who’s that guy we’re going to see?” Arsalan asked. “Is he hot?”

Except for a stop to have sex during the night we had been driving none stop, alternating drivers. I’d been reluctant to let him drive at first, but Arsalan was a decent driver.

“Kody’s in the construction business,” I replied, “He knows everyone involved in it. He’s going to be able to find out what’s up with that place. Take the dirty road that’s coming up, it’ll take us to his place.”

Arsalan did as I instructed and a mile later we came to a stop in front of a large ranch.

“Ya sure he’s in construction?” Lao asked. “This place looks like a farm.”

“I’m sure.” I replied getting out of the car and stretching. “He got a thousand acres back in eighteen fifty-eight as part of a settlement with the Government when he sued them to get his ancestral land back. As far as I know he isn’t doing anything with it.”

“So he’s another werewolf.” Arsalan stated.

“No, he isn’t.”

“Eww, he must be really decrepit then.”

“You’ll see,” I said as we walked to the house. It was a large house, but it wasn’t until we got close to it that you could tell it was built one and a half time larger in all directions. The door was ten feet tall. Arsalan’s mouth hung open and Lao studied it while I banged my fist on it.

A moment later the door opened and a nine and a half feet tall, naked, bear looked down at us. I had a small smile as I saw Lao take a step back from the corner of my eye.

“Hi Kody, you’re looking good.”

“Hey Simon,” he replied in a deep voice that made my bones vibrate, “You haven’t changed at all. Are your friends going to be ok?”

I turned to look at Lao. He had his hand over his revolver and it was shaking slightly. “I take it you haven’t met a werebear in your travels.” I wiped the smile off my face. As amusing as it was to see him lose some of his self control making fun of it wouldn’t help.

“No,” he said and I watched as he forced his body to relax.

Arsalan on the other hand hadn’t moved, his eyes were locked on Kody’s crotch and he was drooling.

“Snap out of it lion,” I said punching his shoulder a bit harder than I needed to, “we’re not here for you to get laid.”

“Why not?” he replied, but he did close him mouth and looked away from the large cock and at me.

“For one thing,” Kody said waving us inside, “at my age I don’t indulge as often as I used to.”

“What’s the other?” Arsalan asked as we entered.

“I have someone who keeps me very satisfied.”

“Well, that sucks,” Arsalan grumbled which made me and Kody smile as he guided us to the living room.

Like the house itself everything inside was built to accommodate Kody’s large size; the dining room table went up to my head, the kitchen counters were pretty much inaccessible to me and sitting on the couch wasn’t exactly comfortable.

“Kody, these are my friends, Arsalan and Lao,” I said once we were all seated. “Arsalan is a werelion and Lao a weretiger.”

“You’ll forgive me if I don’t shake your hands,” Kody said showing us his large hand, “I’d rather not crush them by accident. I’ve never met a werelion and weretiger before, are there many of your kind?”

“As far as ah know ah’m the only one,” Lao said.

“Ditto,” Arsalan added.

“Are ya this large in ya human form?”

“No,” Kody said with a chuckle, “I was six two last time I shifted to human.”

“How long ago was that?” Lao asked.

“’least forty years.”

“Why?” Arsalan asked. I let them talk, I’d gone through most of these questions myself the last time I’d seen Kody.

“Unlike werewolves, us bears age. The main thing that happens to us as we grow older is that our change becomes more and more difficult and painful so after a while we pick a shape and stay in it.”

“But you’re already pretty old,” Arsalan said.

“Sure, but with a bit of luck I’ll live to be over two fifty, but I’ll be spending the rest of my years looking like this.”

“It’s a good thing you have all this land to hide on then,” I commented. “There’s been enough sighting of Sasquatch on the west coast as it is.”

“Good thing my ass, I knew this was coming. Why’d you think I sued the government back then? I had to get my land back before I got too old. I’m just happy you were around to help track down those eviction orders for my people.”

I was stopped from commenting by the front door opening and closing.

“Dad, I’m home.”

“I’m in the living room,” Kody replied. Moments later Brandon, Kody’s adopted son, walked in. He still looked to be in his early forties even after all these years. Five eleven, two hundred sixty pounds of mostly muscles covered in overall and a flannel shirt.

Kody bent down and Brandon wrapped his arms around his neck before kissing him deeply. The kiss lasted a good minute and left the kodiak bear with a hardon. Once Brandon let go he noticed the hungry look Arsalan was giving them and gave the werelion a wink.

“I’m going to go change out of these things,” he told Kody before looking at me. “It’s good to see you again Simon, I’ll be back in a bit.” Kody watched him leave the room with a wistful expression.

“He’s ya son?” Lao asked.

“Yes, but not biologically. I fell in love with him in fifty two. He became my son when I made him into a werebear three years later. It’s our way to tracking who changed whom.”

“Wait,” Arsalan said, “so he’s like you?”

“Yeah, except at his age he can easily shift from one form to the other.”

Arsalan jumped off the couch. “I’ll be back in a while.” He ran out of the room and Kody watched him go with a chuckle.

“Ya know he’s gonna try to have sex with ya son, right?” Lao said.

“Figured as much. Brandon can take care of himself. If he doesn’t want to he’ll send your werelion friend packing.”

“Ya said you made him into a bear. How’d ya do that?”

“I take it like Simon you can’t make other weretigers.”

Lao nodded his head.

“Well, for us it’s like in the movies, a bite, our saliva entering the blood, basically any kind of bodily fluid exchange does it.. Most of us prefer going with sex tho, makes the experience a whole lot more special.”

“Does that mean ya got female werebears out there?” Lao asked.

“’Course, most werebears are straight. Hell most werebears are born rather than made like me and Brandon.”

“Then how come yer managing to remain unnoticed? There must be thousands of yas around.”

“There isn’t that many of us; it isn’t easy for one of our women to get pregnant. We’re also careful not to attract attention, we live in small communities away from large cities.”

A growl from deeper in the house interrupted us. Something fell and broke and then there was a yowl from Arsalan. The three of us exchanged smiles.

“So,” Kody asked once the others were quiet again, “what brought you guys here?”

“I need your help getting information on a building,” I said. I gave him the name of the company and the coordinates Harker had given me. “I’d need the floor plans and the security layout if you can get it.”

“You;’re planning on breaking in?”

“Yeah,” I said bashfully.

Kody didn’t judge, he picked up the phone and started making calls. For half an hour he called one person and then another while me and Lao listened to the moans and gasps coming from the back of the house. Eventually the sounds diminished into nothingness. I was hard and leaking at that point and thought about joining them, but I didn’t want to miss it when Kody found the information I needed.

Lao glanced at me with a smirk.

Not too long after the silence descended on the back of the house Brandon peeked in. He was still in his bear form, a seven and a half foot tall brown bear and smelling heavily of sex.

“Hey Guys,” he whispered, “I think I broke your friend.”

“What happened?” I asked. I couldn’t see how it would have happened, but Brandon seemed genuinely worried.

“Well, I fucked him hard like he asked, but when he came he lost consciousness.”

“Does he have a smile plastered on his face?” Lao asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon replied tentatively.

“He’ll be fine then. He’ll probably ask you to do it again when he wakes up.”

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