Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Part 7

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      September 28th, 2010

I sat at the bar nursing my scotch.

The day had been much longer than I had planned on.

I gave Pierre the list of renovation companies as well as instructions on what I wanted done to the building. He’d been surprised to find out I was the owner and I didn’t given him time to ask any question before I disappeared to go get my breakfast.

By the time I returned he’d gotten over the surprise and grilled me on why I hadn’t mentioned it when I arrived or why I hadn’t shown up before now. I gave him the story that was Berger’s past. That I’d been teaching abroad when my grandfather had died and only now returned to Paris.

He was worried about what I intended to do with the building once it was restored so I reassured him. I didn’t have any plans to sell it; this building was going to remain in my family for a long time.

My plans were reacquaint myself with Paris over the day, but Pierre wrangled me into discussing every details of the restoration. Even when I repeatedly told him I trusted his judgment he wouldn’t let me go. We discussed it while we ate lunch and through the afternoon and it was only as it got close to dinner that I was able to convince him to let me go.

I took a shower and got ready for an evening on the town. My luggage had finally arrived so once I was dressed I took my new cane with me. I also brought a light sport jacket since the evening was going to feel chilly after having spent the last seven years in Peru.

I took a taxi to the downtown area and while the sky was now dark the streets were bright with all the lit store fronts and advertisements screens. I remember a time when even walking in a big city you could still look up at the starts in the sky.

I miss those days . . . . sometime.

L’accotement was one of the gay bars Harker had listed as one that would appeal to me, and he was right. It was a peaceful oasis in a sea of hustle and bustle. Some light music was playing in the background, just loud enough to be noticed over the conversations.

A man sat next to me and signaled the barman. “A Rum and Coke,” he said as the man walked by. He spoke in English, with a slight accent from the Midwest.

The barman walked by multiple times without bringing a drink, or even acknowledging the man’s presence when he asked for his drink again.

I caught the barman’s eye and he came over. “Un Rum Cola,” I asked. He prepared it on the spot and slid it in front of me. I paid for it and passed it along to the man next to me.

He looked at me and then took out his wallet.

“It iz not needed,” I said in English, thickening my accent.

“Are you sure?” he asked and I nodded. “Thanks then. Merci.” His English accent almost mangled even that simple word.

“You are welcome.”

“I was starting to wonder if the famous French hospitality was just a myth.” He extended his hand to me. “I’m Dan.”

“Simon Berger,” I said, shaking it, and then holding it for a few extra second. We smiled at each other and I let go of his hand. “In France it iz expected dat visitors at least attempt to speak French.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Dan said looking down and blushing slightly, “the last time I spoke French was in grade six.”

“Why are you in Paris then?”

“Sales conference.”

“What do you sell?”

“High power mainframes for the cutting edge company,” he replied mechanically. I got the feeling that it was a line he’d repeated thousands of times in his line of work. “Your English’s pretty good,” he said.

“Merci,” I replied not minding that he’d changed the subject, “I taught history in New York City for five years.”

He looked me up and down. “You don’t look like any history teachers I’ve ever had.”

“What did dey look like?” I asked smiling.

“Either skinny with glasses or fat with glasses,” he replied, “Never as hot as you.”

I beamed. “Can I offer you some French hospitalité at my apartment?”

“I was hoping you’d offer.” He finished his drink and stood.

I finished mine as stood next to him, surprising him by being a head shorter than he was. I had looked closer to his height, then my five-five, sitting. The taxi ride was quite calm: the only thing we did was keep a hand on the other’s thigh.

He whistled as I led him inside my place.

“Man, Simon, this is a nice place.”

I cringed at the English pronunciation. “It iz Simon,” I said, pronouncing it properly, “In French we pronounce de ‘i’ de way you pronounce de ‘e’ in English.

“I’m sorry Simon,” he said, this time pronouncing it correctly.

“Thank you. And thank you, it iz a nice apartment. I enjoy old objects.”

“I hope you won’t mine that I’m not that old,” he said with a smile.

“Oh no, I plan on enjoying you for de entire night.” I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to my bedroom.

I pushed him on the bed and climbed over him. I kissed him passionately as I unbutton his shirt and then my hands were roaming over his smooth skin. For a salesman he was pretty buff, I could feel his chest muscles move as he wrapped his arms around me.

When we broke the kiss we were both panting and hard. I ground against him as I nibbled on his ear and neck, stopping only when he’d pulled my button up shirt to the point where it got in the way.

I quickly took it off and he sat up enough to take his off too and then we were kissing again. My hands were in his hair while his were massaging my ass. He was pressing me against him and what I felt there made me moan in anticipation.

I moved down slowly, continuing to kiss him as long as I could. When my lips detached from his they kissed his neck, then his pecs and his stomach.

Before undoing his pants I breathed in his scent. Even through the jeans I had no trouble smelling his intoxicating musk. I quickly undid his belt, opened his pants and pulled them down to his knees with his underwear. The smell of Man assaulted me and I plunged on his cock.

He moans as I licked it clean of the precum that had been leaking, even his balls had been covered in it. After that I swallowed his cock to the base in one go. He gasped in surprise as I took what must have been close to eight inches and it was just thick enough to stretch my throat.

He moaned and shuddered as I moved up and down on it, each time taking it all in. While I happily bobbed up and down I kicked off my shoes and undid my pants, the front were already wet.

I stood and took them off. He looked at me panting as I went to the bedside table; his gaze didn’t go up past my slim seven inch penis. I took a bottle of lube and condom out of the drawer. Condoms weren’t something I needed, but Aids had put such a fear in guys that it wasn’t worth the argument to convince them I was clean.

I put it on him before straddling his waist. Without looking behind me I poured a liberal amount of lube on his cock and then stroked it a few times. I moved back, rubbing his cock between my cheeks and spreading the lube.

I was looking at his face as I positioned his cock in place and slowly moved down. He closed his eyes and his breathing became heavy as I took in the head of his cock. I moved up and then down, already panting. I wanted to just impale myself on his flesh, but I also wanted to make this last.

It took over a minute of up and down until all my weight was on him. I stayed like that for a moment, smiling at him and rubbing his six packs spreading the pool of precum that had formed there on his stomach at the same time.

He poured a glob of lube on his hand and wrapped in around my shaft. I moaned and arced my back at the sensation. I planted my hands on his chest and slowly moved back and forth. He closed his eyes with a happy sigh, and I did the same not long after, focusing on the feeling of his cock moving in me and stopping myself from cumming too soon; I wanted to make this last.

I must have been doing that for fifteen minutes when I felt his leg twitch under me. Before I could open my eyes to see if he was ok he jerked quickly.

“What the hell?” Dan yelped in surprise.

I fell off him and landed on the bed, which bounced me on the floor. In my tumble I had time to see someone standing at the foot of the bed. Dirty ripped jeans, wife beater and messy dark hair red hair were all I really had time to notice.

“What the FUCK are you doing here?” I growled as I untangled myself and stood.

“You said to meet you here,” Arsalan answered, eyes glued on Dan.

Dan pulled the covers over himself.

“Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” I went to him and shoved him so he’d look at me instead.

“I did,” Arsalan said, surprised, “but you didn’t answer. I could hear you were in so I picked the lock.”

I stared at him mouth open. “Get out,” I told him, pointing.

“Come on, you’re having fun. I just wanna share.”

I decked him with one punch.

Arsalan looked at me from floor, surprise and hurt in his eyes.

“I said, get the FUCK out.”

Lao came in the room, helped him stand and then pulled him until they were outside my apartment.

“Fuck!” I took a few breath to calm myself. I sat on the bed and turned to Dan. “I’m sorry. That guy’s an idiot with self control issues.”

Dan was looking at him strangely and edging away. “Are you actually French?”

It took me a moment to realize that in my anger I’d dropped my accent. I let myself fall forward on the bed. “Oh merde,” I said and looked up at him with a smile. Unfortunately I could see that he didn’t find it funny.

“Look, maybe it’s best if I just leave,” he said as he got off the bed and pulled up his pants.

“You don’t have to go Dan. They’re not going to come back in here.” I moved closer and he took a step back.

“I don’t know what your game is. Maybe you just like passing yourself off as French and picking up tourist, or maybe it’s worst. I don’t care.”

“I am French,” I said, telling myself that I was for the moment anyway, but he didn’t believe me. He grabbed his shirt and shoes and left.

“Fuck!” I yelled loud enough to be heard outside. I stood looked around for something to hit, but the one who really deserved it was out of reach and hitting anything in here would mean destroying an antique.

Except the phone, maybe I would feel better if I smashed that.

No, Harker would be pissed if I did. So I focused on my breathing and forced myself calmer.

“I apologize,” Lao said, standing in the bedroom doorway, nude.

“You don’t have to you’re not the one who screwed things up.” Looking at him at felt my heart beat faster and my cock respond.

“I should have stopped him. We knew what you were doing that is why he came in.” His accent was gone also, he had reverted to proper English and his body language was that of his Chinese heritage. He only did that when he felt he was in the wrong.

He came to me, shifting in the process. He grew to over six feet tall as fur sprouted out of his skin. His cock became erect as he changed; it was at its full eight inches by the time he placed his hands on my shoulders and bent down to lick my neck.

“You’re not the one who should be doing this,” I said already breathless. His rough tongue was giving me goose bumps.

He pulled back and looked at me with the closest thing his current face could do to a smile, his lips were pulled back, exposing his teeth in what could be thought of as a vicious snarl.

“For him to pleasure you would not be a punishment. For him to remain in the hallway, listening to us as I pleasure you will impress on him the error of acting before thinking.

He picked me up and deposited me on the bed. He climbed on after me and lifted my legs over his shoulders. He looked at me, unmoving and I nodded. He pushed in slowly.

I moaned as he stretched me; he was a little longer and thicker than Dan had been. Once he was all in he moved my legs around his waist and proceeded to slowly fuck me.

He didn’t rush things, steadily pistonning in and out of me. I was moaning loudly. Probably louder than I had to for Arsalan’s benefit, but I really was enjoying this.

Lao bent down and started licking my cock and he moved in and out of me. As flexible as he was he couldn’t get close enough to wrap his lips around my cock, but his rough tongue was wonderful. In combination with his cock up my ass it only took half a dozen licks before I erupted in his mouth.

He pulled out only long enough to lick me clean and reposition us so we were spooning. And then proceeded to continue fucking me slowly through the night.

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