Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!
Part 8

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September 30th, 2010


I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes for a moment. The seatbelt sign had turned off and people were moving around the plane.

“I finally got to meet him on October seventeenth eighteen-ninety in a small restaurant in the port city of Trieste. I’d been wanting to come here for a few years, ever since I’d found out he was living there, but it’d taken me this long to manage it. When I got there I kept hearing rumors were that his health wasn’t the best so I hurried to find him.

“My hands were shaking as I approached his table. He was there alone, eating and pouring over a small book. I guess you could say that man was my Idol, he’d managed to explore more of the world and its people in the seventy years he’d been alive than I had in over a century. I had devoured everything he’d published.

“S . . . Sir Burton?” It was the first time I’d ever been nervous enough to stammer.

“Yes?” He looked up from his book. He was thinner than the painting I had seen of him. His skin was wrinkled and dry. The years hadn’t really been kind to him, but he wore them with pride.

“My name is Simon Gruenberg, I’m a great admirer of your work. I’m something of an explorer too.”

“Sit down then,” he said with a smile, “it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow explorer. Where have you been to?”

“I’ve been to India, China and I spent a few years in the Americas.”

“How did you find the Americas?”

“Wild, savage, untamed, there’s an energy there that I have not felt anywhere else.”

Sir Burton nodded. “The energy of the unknown; it is there whenever we confront it. It is invigorating is it not?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I nodded.

“Tell me, what drew you to become an explorer?”

“At first I was just trying to escape my life, I guess. But then I started finding out about the history of the people and places I travelled to. Now that’s why I continue although I have an interest you might think is peculiar.”

“That’s all right,” he said with a dismissive wave of the hand, “we all have things some will think peculiar. If you’ve read some of my books you know how one of them keeps getting me in trouble with the high society.”

“I have read about that,” I chuckled. Sir Burton’s interest in sex had gotten him in hot water multiple times. “I would love to get you to tell me more about the tribe of the plains of Dumasez.”

“I will, but first tell me of your peculiar interest.”

It took me a few tries to manage to say it. “Werewolves,” I finally managed to say softly with a blush of embarrassment.

Sir Burton didn’t laugh or even dismiss what I’d said. He looked thoughtful.

“Have you come across anything about werewolves?” I asked hopefully.

“No, I have not. Not directly at least. But I seem to recall a fellow adventurer I met when I was younger telling me he’d found something he thought would change the legend of the werewolf.”

“Do you remember what his name was, or what he said?” I asked eagerly.

“No, it was too long ago.”

Disappointment stabbed at me.

“There you are,” a woman said as she joined us, “the doctor said you were to remain in the house.” She was pretty, smallish and looked years younger than Sir Burton.

“I know dear, but I was tired of the staff dotting over me. Dear this is Simon, a fellow explorer.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said. Her expression was kind, but firm. “I hope you won’t mind, but I need to bring my husband back home.”

“Why don’t we meet here tomorrow,” Sir Burton said as she helped him to stand, “I’ll bring my journal and you can read through it for the information you need.”

She looked at him severely, but he just smiled kindly at her.

I stood with them.

“That would be wonderful Sir.”

The next day I was back, but he didn’t show. I enquired at his home and the doorman informed me Sir Burton had fallen sick during the night. I didn’t want to intrude so I gave him my name and the address where I was staying. Sir Burton could send word when he was better.

Unfortunately he never got better. Three days later he died.

* * * * *

 “That’s it?” Arsalan said once I’d finished recounting the story.

“What else were you expecting?” I asked.

“You admired the guy, I expected you to at least have sex with him.”

“Keep your voice down,” I said while reminding myself that this was Arsalan, the guy who only thought with his dick. “Even if I had it isn’t exactly a subject appropriate to a crowded plane.” I did my best to ignore the look of annoyance the older woman sitting on the other side of Arsalan was throwing our way. “He was married and way too old for me.”

“I don’t get why that’s a problem,” Arsalan said.

Sitting in the window seat Lao remained silent.

Once Lao and Arsalan were in Paris it only took the time to buy the plane tickets for Damascus before we were on our way. Pierre had been surprised that I was already leaving, but he had the name of the people he needed to contact to get the work done on the building so he didn’t need me around.

Arsalan sniffed the air after one of the stewardess passed by and stood. “I got to go take care of something,” he just said.

“He can’t keep it in his pants, can he?” I commented.

“Nah,” Lao said, “he got even less self control than werewolves.”

It took a moment for what he’d said to sink in.

“Are you implying I don’t have self control?”

“Ya don’t got to always give into what your body wants, ya know.”

“If only it was that easy,” I said with a chuckle, “for us sex is like breathing. We can only go so long without it. Are you saying that no matter how horny you get you can always resist the need to do something about it?”

“Yah, I am.”

“Well, I did the best I could to learn to control it.”

“How’d ya do that?”

I smiled to myself, maybe I could put his self control to the test.

“I went to a monastery in the early eighteen hundreds because I’d heard their philosophy was about control rather then abstinence. I’d been in China for a few years trying to forget what the Spaniard had done to me.

“I explained my problem to them, and I mean all of it I even changed to demonstrate I was serious. I didn’t even get a raised eyebrow. They explained their rules, well their philosophy really. When I agreed to it they set me to work.

“Everyone there did chores to maintain the monastery, and they had to be done in a very specific way, all as part of learning to control ourselves. We also had to do a solid regiment of exercise, even with my endurance it took a few months for my muscles to stop hurting at the end of every day.

“It didn’t take me long to realize that I was given more exhausting tasks than the others. Turned out I wasn’t the first one to come to them to learn to control his sex drive. Their normal method involved getting them to channel the sexual energy in their work and exercise.

“Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. No matter how tired I was at the end of a day, I’d start prowling for sex.  Prowling was the wrong word; it wasn’t like I had to search for a guy to have sex with. When I arrived I was introduced to three men out of the sixty or so there who were amicable to having sex with me.

“One of them was Chen Yu Mon, he became my regular sex partner, as well as teacher. The man believed that there was something to be learned in every action we took. He was a good looking guy, about your height solidly build from all the exercise and work. Except for his black hair which he kept short he was completely hairless. He didn’t even have the crop of hair around his cock that up till then I’d seen on everyone I’d slept with.

“His cock was about the size of mine, but thicker, man it felt nice sliding in me. And he was talented with it. He’s the one who taught me that sex didn’t just consist of pushing and pulling my cock in a guy.

“When I arrived there I couldn’t go more than a day and a half without having sex. When I left I could go a week if I needed to; mostly thanks to him.

“The way it would usually work is that when I started getting horny I’d throw myself in whatever I was doing, use that to distract myself for as long as I could. When it got too much I’d go seek him out. We’d good to his room, which like mine was small, just enough space for a hard cot and a chest for our possessions. He would undress and sit cross legged on his cot and I would have to wait by the door until he gave me permission to enter.

“He never did. He would let me remain by the door fidgeting, with my cock making a tent in my robe any one could see, until my self control broke. I’d usually reach a point where I’d get angry at him for putting me through this. All I wanted to do was rush in there, bend him over and shove my cock up his ass hard enough to make him spew. I also thought about punishing him by finding someone else to have sex with, but I knew those were the signs of my breaking point so I forced myself to stay by the door.

“I felt the seconds go by as I watched him, his eyes were closed and his body was completely relaxed. He wasn’t betraying any of the excitement I could smell coming from him; he wasn’t even hard. As a distraction I went through what I was going to do to him. I was going to start with his lips, they were delicate and so delicious I could spend hours licking them, but this time I wouldn’t. I’d move on to his nipples, they were especially sensitive and I knew that I could get him to break his control with them. Once he was begging me for more I’d go down and lather his balls; I would lick and nuzzle them, cleaning them of the precum that would have flown down on them.

“I wasn’t conscious of entering his room. One moment I was planning his torture the next I was on my back on his cot. The shock of the impact was what knocked some sense in me, enough that I saw the fist coming and rolled out of its way. The floor was cold against my skin when I fell on it and it helped wake me up some more. When or how my robe had fallen of me was a complete mystery.

“I avoided a few more blows as I managed to stand. I was hard as a rock and all I really wanted to do was fuck him, but his attack forced me to put that aside as much as possible. That was Chen’s way of getting me to exert control over myself, and I had too, otherwise he could easily send me flying through the wall.

“He wasn’t trying very hard to hit me, that’s the only reason I could avoid his blow and find the opportunity to get a few in myself, not that any connected. Somehow I eventually managed to grab him and force him face down on the bed.

“While I smirked in satisfaction he managed to spin on his back under my hands. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me against him. It only took a moment to position my cock and enter him.

“He was already lubed up, he was always lubed up; sometime I thought he produced lube naturally. I slipped in his tight hole with a moan, it felt like an eternity since the last time my cock had been buried in someone.

“As soon as I bottomed out I pulled out and I was back in. I was ready to just close my eyes and fuck the living hell out of him, but he tightened his ass hard enough it was painful.

“Maintain control,” he said steadily, “do not let the lust dictate your actions.”

“I growled at him, but he only released me once I’d calmed my breathing and the glaze was out of my eyes. My body was shaking with pent up desire, but I forced myself to move in and out of him slowly. His ass felt so wonderful, it was hot and tight. It hugged my shaft and kept it constantly stimulated.

“Even taking my time it wasn’t long until my orgasm arrived, but again Chen wasn’t going to make it easy on me.

“Do not seek immediate release,” he said, “use the exercises you have learned to push it back.”

“I couldn’t believe what he was asking. Asking a werewolf in the state I was in not to cum was like asking a pyromaniac to put out a fire. It was torture. And here he was with a cock so hard it could have been vibrating and leaking a lake of precum on his stomach, but his breathing wasn’t even labored.

“This wasn’t the first time I’d gone through this, every time I went through this in fact. Sometime the three of them would work on me to get me close to orgasm just so I could practice the exercises.

“I focused on tightening the right muscles in my groin while I kept plowing his ass. I had just enough clarity left among the pleasure I was feeling to decide to turn this into a fight. I grabbed his cock and closed my fist tightly around it the way he liked it. With all the precum he had been leaking it was slick and my hand moved easily.

“He started panting and he tightened his ass around my cock; he wasn’t going to make this easy on me. The sensations went up my spine and my entire body throbbed. I fought to keep my mind from being overwhelmed by the pleasure.

“There was no way I could win. I didn’t have the decades of experience he had and I was wired to cum. I thought about cheating, I could pinch one of his nipples to try to break his concentration, but that stray thought became the entryway for the pleasure.

“My mind went white and with a scream I buried myself in him. Wave after waves rushed over me and I was left panting hard once my cock was done jumping inside him.

“I’d let go of his cock to support myself and my arms were shaking with exhaustion. I opened my eyes to look into his. He gave me a smile before closing them. His ass tightened around my cock, which sent a shiver of pleasure through me, as he tightened and relaxed muscles.

“He groaned a little and then I felt his cock twitch between us. A moment later I felt his cum flow.

“That went on until he died twenty years later,” I said to finish. I smiled in satisfaction at the tent in Lao’s Jean. “You want to head to the bathroom to take care of that?”

“Nah, It’ll pass,” he said as he blatantly adjusted himself. ‘Course I also had a hardon at this point, but I could outlast it too. “What ya do after that?”

“I left. I’m pretty sure I was never more than a student to him, but Chen had become special to me at that point. The monastery became a reminder of his death. I wandered around China for a few years and then headed back to Europe.”

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