"Living Fursuit"
By Michael "Rex" Wolf
Copyright 2010 rexbeowulf[at]yahoo[dot]com

Keywords: Adult, M/M, mind control, M-solo, animal costume, fursuit, entheogen

My name is rather unimportant, for there are others out there like me. But, as you humans need some kind of moniker for me to go by, and to protect my loving friend whose identity I take over, you may call me SC.

I have always existed. I am older than this world you humans know. There are a number of free spirits like myself, some of whom you have seen, as I know you have seen me.

We come out only at certain times to be among you humans. There are only a few of you humans that we make ourselves known to, at least in who we really are. We have to, because for us to enter the lives of humans, to bring them joy and happiness, to fulfill their fantasies, and more importantly to bring happiness to scores of other humans, we have to make ourselves known to what you would characterize as our "makers."

A human whose spirit I have long been intertwined with created a visage for me many years ago. He envisioned my appearance, and even gave me characteristics, similar to my own, to allow himself to fantasize about my existence. This was a gifted and deserving human who longed for me enough to allow me to take physical form among humans.

This is the story of my "birth" in physical form, told by me through my "maker" upon whom I bestowed the wisdom to give me form, and the knowledge of my existence to tell my story to you.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot to give my kind form. Hundreds of years ago (in your human measurement of course,) we could take form through simple fashioning of masks and garments bestowed by the wearer in ceremonies and single spiritual venture using various herbs that opened your human minds enough to invite us into your world, to allow us to take your physical form. But today, the spiritual practices have been pushed aside by your, heh, 'civilization.' Now you have to have "money" to pay someone to make garments, you call them costumes, or, my favorite, "fursuits" to bring us into your world. But the spiritual aspect once shared by a great many of your ancestors is largely gone.

The human through whom I appeared was one of the rare exceptions among you. A "furry," he often "prayed" as it were, secretly wishing, even fantasizing, that I would take physical form around his body. It was a fantasy he shared with my maker (in the physical sense, you'd call him a what...fursuit builder or something) one day. Neither of them knew I really existed, but the seed was planted to answer my human's dreams.

And so, this human called upon my maker to create a costume...oh, sorry, fursuit, to bring me forth, to give me form, to allow me to take this human's body and use it to give myself physical form. He is one of the rare among you who wanted me to control his body fully, to live among you and entertain, make you smile, make you laugh. I longed for a human to again wish me into existence this way. I'm really not that big into being controlled myself, it makes the experience, well, less fun for everyone, even the body I surround.

The maker was skilled. I had previously entered the human world through more primitive costumes: masks of wood, fur of foxes who had died, though never at human hands - this was a practice I deplored, and is why in a way I'm glad humans started making costumes out of this synthetic fur. I entered the maker's dreams at night, and stayed in the back of his mind while he was making me, to be sure I had some level of control over my physical form. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to achieve the correct balance of control and inspiration. Too much control, and the maker's results would be questioned and the maker could be at risk for some mental or emotional issues because they wouldn't really know how they did what I had them do. But too little control and too much reliance on inspiration and my form would be far from what I wanted it to be. And for this human whose body I would use, my presence was to incorporate sexual elements, a rare treat for me. I'm one of the rare spirits who loves sexuality, and thoroughly enjoy expressing it with the human physical form, something not often enjoyed with the fox form.

And so it was that my maker set about to give me physical form. In human experience, 6 months is a long time; but for me, it was a mere moment in time. And at the end of that 6 months, I did indeed have a beautiful physical form. I instructed my maker to don me himself, so that I could be sure I liked my physical form, and that it would be adequate to allow my, let's call him my host, sufficiently connect with his vision for my physical form. The results were great. The sleek grey fur of most of my body was wonderfully contrasted with the black paws and white belly. My face was better than I had in physical form in hundreds of years. I have to say it again, I do love these modern costumes, makes the wait for a suitable human by which to take form worth it. My maker gave me an articulated jaw, another feature I just loved waiting for which some of my brethren had shown me. To open my mouth, to see myself speak was incredible. And my sheath... The wolf spirit I knew who had inspired my maker to create these sheaths did a damn fine job of instilling a vision in my maker of how to give us sheaths that made the sexual experience something to really look forward to. In my previous manifestations, the only way I could feel my organs was through human touch upon him or herself, or through intercourse. But to feel my organs inside a proper sheath again was simply wonderful. I got distracted admiring myself and didn't notice my maker donning a pair of shorts over me, and when I used my loose connection with his mind to determine why he was putting on the shorts, I remembered that being out among humans required a level of modesty I hadn't yet gotten used to. I knew my host was a horny little devil, and hoped I'd get to experience physical sexuality again soon.

And so, with my body being complete, came time for me to manifest upon my host. My host really wanted to submit to my presence, to physically take over his body, not just manifest around him and let him control me. In these modern times, there were few humans who could do this without the aid of herbs to open their minds to our world. So I put the idea in the head of my maker to try a particularly strong herb that I had already inspired my host to practice with. Before he started making me, I contacted my host, and inspired him to discover this particular herb, and to make contact with me through it, so that he could become comfortable both with the herb and its effects, as well as with the idea of being my host. I introduced him to the herb before he commissioned my maker, just to be sure he could actually handle the herb, and allowing me to fulfill his fantasy of letting me control his body. Sexuality is much more fulfilling in my world than in your human world, but I have to admit I longed to experience physical sexuality again.

Because of the nature of my host's fantasy to let me take full control of his body, and because his desire was so strong, I wanted to be sure he would have the best experience possible. I made sure both he and my maker know how this would best happen, for me, in costume form, to remain unseen by my host until after I manifest upon him the first time. My host was to put on the costume in total darkness. He would know he was putting on a costume, but would not see me. My maker had prepared the room where I would take over my host, removing any clutter, and cleaning the full-length mirror. I hadn't taken physical form in a long time, and I wanted to be sure I didn't hurt my host by tripping on something. I even had my maker cover the floor in anticipation of any mess I would make using my host's body for our mutual sexual pleasures.

So, in complete darkness, my maker put me on my host. I acted as my maker's eyes so he could see what he was doing, making sure my left paws went on my host's left hand and foot and not the right. He zipped my host into me and then placed my head on him. It was time.

The herb was introduced. It went to work quickly on my host and I was able to take control in no time at all. Of course, it helped immensely that my host was willing.

Alas, I had physical form.

Seeing my "body" made was one thing, but seeing myself in this form was a very intense experience. My host was enjoying it as much as I was, and it seemed he wasn't experiencing any shock or rejection. I noticed our erection came almost immediately and quite intensely. The maker had conveniently provided a lubricated sheath, which I, being a fox in physical forms at various times during my existence, appreciated immensely. My host seemed quite excited by it. While I had full control over his body, I could sense and almost feel him wanting to reach for our cock inside my sheath. I had the same urge, and since I controlled the body, I controlled any stimulation. And oh how good it felt to reach my paw to my sheath and feel my throbbing erection, even if it wasn't what I was used to, anatomically speaking. I had been staring at myself in the mirror the maker had provided, and realized my maw was agape in expression of the pleasure of the moment. Indeed the articulated jaw was a special touch to the fursuit.

I made a conscious decision, and scanned my form from ears to toes. The maker had done an excellent job of capturing my form. The quality of fur he chose not only looked good, but felt good too. The maker gave the fursuit pawpads, but it was I who gave feeling to those pads, and running them across my fur was a sensation I hadn't felt in many years. The eyelids on my face were just real enough to give my toony visage that balance of realism that was enough to convince even me that when my host blinked his eyes, my form's eyes blinked as well. No servos and actuators were needed here to convince me my eyes could blink. My nose was molded rubber, which again contrasted well with my overall cartoonish look. I could almost see my nostrils flare and gather moisture as I breathed through them. My chest fur swelled with every breath I took.

The whole experience was wonderful, and I could feel it as overwhelming, but in a pleasurable sense, to my host. The effects of the herb would only last a short while, but it was intense enough, and I could help drag out the experience long enough to make it worth a lifetime for us both. My host was having a bit of difficulty with the experience from a mental perspective, but I was able to put his mind at ease, with the gracious help of my maker who remained present and willing to help in any way possible. Without having to communicate directly to him, likely because of the previous conversations we had in his mind on the subject, he had already perceived the need for him to intervene.

"How do you like being inside SC?"

'It's wonderful,' my host replied mentally, but he could not speak it. So I spoke for him, saying "He says he is enjoying himself."

"Let me know if you guys want some help there" he replied.

Our level of excitement soared at the very notion of such action on his behalf. I wasn't a bottom, and my maker knew it from our conversations, and I knew he was dominant in that sense. But my host was submissive. An interesting dilema - a dominant spirit surrounding a submissive body in the presence of a dominant assistant. Thoughts of scenarios and fantasies flashed through my mind and I could sense the same of my host. But this was where my maker demonstrated initiative. He sat on the bed behind me, and put his arms on my shoulders and nudged backwards. I instantly knew what he was trying to do, and my host's level of excitement soared once again at the thought of the maker being the one to stimulate us as I took a step backwards and leaned against my maker.

"You guys just relax and enjoy" he said as he moved his hands sensuously, slowly, down my fur and to my sheath. He reached further and grasped my host's cock within my sheath. Here is where I was granted greater benefit in this than my host, for I shared the bodily sensations of my host, but had the benefit of having the sensations of the fursuit as well. And the feelings were incredibly intense. I wanted to close my eyes instictively, but because I knew my host wanted to see, and because I too wanted to see; I kept them open, and stared as my maker stroked my sheath and our cock.

I kept my form busy, moving my paws over my body and face, allowing both my host and I as intense a visual experience as the sexual one we were afforded by my maker, which of course increased the overall pleasure of the experience. The maker continued stroking us while I continued to enjoy my body physically, and my host could enjoy it visually as well as physically, though not near as much on the physical plane as I could, for such intensity would be too much for him.

The experience, already more intense than my host had ever before had, and that I had experienced in a great long time, was starting to peak. I could feel our balls churning, not only because my maker was fondling them with one hand while stroking us with the other, but because they were building for release. A great pressure had built in our prostate as well, a signal to me that this was going to be an intense one. My maker could sense our approaching climax, and he graciously pulled my sheath down exposing the tip of my host's cock. Hell, even I was enjoying a similar experience to my host now, seeing his cock where I felt my own. Rather than seeing this serving to trigger release, it merely initiated the orgasm. This was intense, and I was shaking, visibly. The orgasm continued to build. My vision was becoming dark as the feelings of the orgasm overwhelmed both mine and my host's. The orgasm began to force us deep into the experience and we forgot about the visual experience of seeing my host trapped inside of me. And then the world exploded. Out of a corner of our present reality, I could hear my maker whisper "holy shit" as we came. From this same corner of the reality we were on the edge of, I could see a streak of white, my host's cum, shooting up and striking the mirror at the level of my muzzle, two feet from where I stood. I guess that was the cause of my maker's quiet exclamation.

The orgasm lasted for minutes, but seemed to last for hours. It became our only existence. In those mere moments, my host and I connected as never before. We shared memories. We shared fantasies. We shared the experience as two humans never could, on a spiritual plane that overwhelmed the physical one. From the feeling of his cum surging through his cock and out into the air, to the pleasure which surged through our body combining us further until we both had fur, muzzle, paws, tail, and sheath.

The orgasm now beginning to dwindle, I felt us coming back, ever so slowly, to the wonderful reality we were experiencing. I was very glad my host could hanlde this particular herb, because for those who could, it made this part of the experience quite unforgettable. Of course, I gained benefit from my host using this herb too, as I could not meld with a host with more intensity than this and maybe a few other herbs or tools could.

The most intense part of the experience over, I realized it was time to say goodbye to both my host and maker. I turned around and gave my maker a big hug, even as I was beginning to let my host have more control over my form, as he entered more into the picture, consciously that is. And my host continued to hug my maker.

"Thank you," I whispered into my maker's ear as we embraced him.

"Yes, thank you, thank you both" my host responded, in the same voice, in the same ear; but now his solely his voice rather than under my control.

My maker responded. "Turn around, enjoy the time you guys have left." I'll be in the other room if you need me, okay?" He stood up from the bed, embraced us one more time, and left the room.

My host, now in more control of our form, turned towards the mirror and sat down on the edge of the bed. His cum was still streaming down the mirror. "Damn," he said, "I can't believe I...I mean we came that hard." Holy shit. It's definite evidence of how intense this experience was."

'For both of us' I quietly told him in his mind.

Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed our mutual experience, and meeting you, and everything...it was...well, intensely wonderful."

Will I get to see you again?"

'Whenever you put me on, some part of me will still be here. How much of me is up to you.

"Oh, that's good" he replied.

I remembered that he would be wearing me to conventions, and hopefully in public places where I could entertain people again. 'I love being around people, making them happy. I hope we can do a lot of that' I told him.

"Definitely. I have always loved fursuiting, and I can only imagine how much more fun it will be with you there with me. I also want to do what we just did again once in a while. Do you think we can?"

'Most assuredly' I told him.