"THE LORD OF LORDS" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE LORD OF LORDS By Andrej Koymasky © 2012
Finished writing January 23, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Rudolf
The farm boy and the elderly artisan

The three traveled for several days, until they penetrated into the territory of High-Coast, or Mafu-Ooreeve', the area under the thumb. This was a mountainous area in the east and west, with large swamps in the extreme west, and a narrow strip of almost flat and cultivated land in the middle, running from north to south. The capital city Ooreeve'-Wafu rose steeply over the ocean, on a high mountain range of jagged black rocks.

They had just entered Ooreeve' when they stopped at the hut of a family of Producers, farmers, and asked for hospitality for the night. It was a big family, rather wealthy, that lived in a two-storey house consisting of several rooms. The upper floor had bedrooms, two for the two pairs of grandparents, one for the landlord and his wife, then three more for their daughters and five for the sons. In the attic there were four large rooms where the slaves slept.

The landlord, a Shini who was named Taroz'a, had dislodged two of his children by making them go to sleep with their brothers in order to free a room for Masu and one for Toma and his slave.

After dinner Masu was sitting on a bench outside the house, watching the inhabitants do their daily chores, like repairing tools, storing part of the harvest, weaving at the loom, washing and mending, carving wood... All that lively activity intrigued him and gave him a great sense of peace.

Not far from him, sitting on the grass, was the farmer's youngest son, a boy of fifteen, who was carving a wooden stick with expert and measured gestures. He looked at him: the boy was very well made, and Masu felt a desire to take him to his bed, also because he had not had sex for several days.

"What's your name, boy?" he asked.

The farm boy turned to look at him: "I am Neha Dokomo, warrior."

"Still a Neha? I thought you were already a Nu."

"Maybe next year, I don't know..."

"You are very good, I like the stick you're carving."

"I want to represent the birth of the four Ku..."

"The four gods... why did you choose that subject?"

"Because that's from where good and evil appeared in our world."

"For whom is that stick, boy?"

"For me. It is true that you killed a great red dragon?"

"No, I just killed her cubs and blinded their mother. Then the other warriors killed her, with fire."

"Blinded... by using your sword?"


"You have to be very brave and strong... and skilled..."

"So they say. But tell me boy, in addition to being a good carver, what other skills do you have?"

"Skills? I do not know, I don't think I have others. I'm still very young..."

"But not too young to not already have tested your skills as a man, I bet," the beautiful warrior said mischievously.

"Oh, I should have guessed... Everyone knows that when a warrior speaks of 'skills', he refers to sexual ones," the boy said with a wary glance.

Masu smiled. "Well, this time I was not thinking about that, but... why not? I'd like to also discover your gifts in that field."

"You would like me to go to bed with you," the boy said seriously.

"Not necessarily to bed, but certainly between my legs," the beautiful warrior chuckled.

"No," the boy only said.

"Why not? Would you not like me to find your hidden talents? Doing it with me?"

"You just want to take your pleasure with me, and after you've enjoyed it, you will forget me. I do not want to be just a toy for your male organ."

"But have you already done it with a girl? Or a boy?"

"Yes, I've tried both with a slave, one a girl and one a boy."

"And with whom did you like it best?"

"With both, although not as much as my brothers said."

"But if you were to do it with me, I'm sure you'd like it very much..."

"Not me. The adults use the boys, thinking only of their pleasure. You just want my ass, isn't it? Only a hole in which to vent your cravings, right?"

"Spend the night with me and find out..." the beautiful warrior said amused.

"No, why should I? With the slaves, at least, is up to me to decide what I want to do, even if they are older than me. But with you…"

"I would not force you to do anything, and you would have fun," Masu insisted with a smile.

The boy shook his head: "I do not believe you. I do not trust you. Adults use us boys just for fun, especially when they are lords or warriors."

"Did you have some bad experiences with a lord or a warrior?"

"Not me, I always keep a wide berth. For this I was not very happy when my father decided to give you hospitality."

"But you're a free man, although still only a Neha. No one can force you to... to do something you do not want."


"But you're very pretty, I'd really like to spend the night with you."

"You are beautiful. If you were a slave, I would ask you to come to my bed," the boy replied, looking at him from head to foot, keeping his expression serious and suspicious.

Masu looked at him and realized that the boy's fly was swollen and stretched at the right place. He smiled and said: "But you're aroused, just thinking about it. Why are you so suspicious? I promise you will not regret it, if you come to my bed tonight."

"It is my bed in the first place... No, I don't trust you, I do not know you."

"A warrior has only one word."

"A warrior has only one law: the loyalty to his lord. And his master is not, as everyone believes, his To, but his cock," the boy said sarcastically and slightly grumpy.

"And yours? Despite your no's, it raised its head and points at me."

"You are beautiful, and at my age the blood boils in my veins... But I will calm it down tonight with my hand, or with one of the male or female slaves."

"And not with me. A real shame, and not just for me."

"Yours is hard too, your leather pants do not hide anything," the boy noticed, looking between the legs of the warrior.

"I have nothing to hide. For a warrior to have a hard-on is a source of pride, as much as having a good sword."

"But I'm not going to be the sheath for your sword. Don't insist, it is useless. Have you never heard that a farmer's head is harder than granite?"

"Talking of hard, for now I see above all what you hide in your pants... and I would love to make it go back soft, after having softened your stubbornness."

The boy raised an eyebrow and gave a wry smile: "As for hard headed, you can not complain, warrior."

"Nor about hard cock... What can I do to convince you? If you come into my... your bed tonight, I promise that I will act as if I were one of your slaves," Masu said with a tempting smile .

"No, I don't trust you," the boy repeated in a low voice and began to carve again his staff.

"The door will be open... and you know where I sleep, right?" Masu said, rising.

He made a short tour around the house, then decided to go lie down on the bed in the room that the boy had to give up for him. The room was small, almost completely occupied by the bed and a chest. Masu placed the lantern on the chest of beautiful carved wood, certainly the work of the boy, stripped and lay on the bed, without covering himself. It was not too cold. He fell asleep, after waiting in vain for the boy's visit.

He awoke, feeling a touch. The boy was standing beside the bed, wearing only his breeches. With one hand he was gently manipulating the handsome warrior's semi-erect member.

"You are here..." Masu whispered, smiling with satisfaction.

"Will you really do all I want, as if you were my slave?"

"Of course, for as long as you are in this bed."

"I don't know if I can trust you..."

"Follow your instincts. You've come this far, you're touching me, why not go all the way in what you started, at this point?"

The boy took off his trousers with a single move, and climbed naked on the bed with grace and agility.

"You will do what I want, okay?"

"Yes, and if I do something you do not like, just tell me to stop and I will stop," Masu said, drawing him to himself, starting to caress his firm fresh body and his velvety skin.

The boy was already well developed. He manipulated the boy's swollen genitals; there he also was nicely equipped, the young warrior noticed with pleasure. The boy let him do, he still had not said a single "no". Masu gradually worked him up, until the young farmer began to participate with increasing abandon and pleasure.

When, with some residual hesitation, Masu got in position to penetrate him, the farm boy offered himself without hesitation, pulling his legs against his chest. The handsome warrior pointed his hard member at the rosette of tender meat and looked into his eyes. The boy nodded. Masu then began to push. At first he met some resistance. The farm boy wet his fingers with saliva and went on his hole, then nodded again at the handsome young man.

Masu felt the tight sphincter begin to surrender to his drive and began to invade the boy's narrow and warm channel. Dokomo closed his eyes and relaxed. Masu slipped in slowly, retaining the strength of his desire. When he was fully inside he stopped. The boy was very tight and Masu gave him time to get used to the harsh and strong intrusion.

"Go on..." the farm boy whispered after a while.

Masu then began to push in, gradually increasing the strength and speed of his coming and going, continuing to monitor the expression of the boy. He took him for a long time, bringing him gradually to feel a growing pleasure and enjoying that total acceptance. The boy made his canal palpitate, squeezing it each time Masu withdrew and relaxing each time he pushed in, almost as if he were milking the firm column of flesh. It was obvious that he was not a rookie.

"You like?" he asked, pausing for a while so they did not reach orgasm too soon.

"Yes," the boy muttered.

"If you want, you can take me later," the young man suggested.

"No, when I want to take it, I prefer a girl. But a girl cannot take me; for that I go with boys..."

"You've already had many boys?"

"Only three of our slaves, although quite often. But you know best how to do it. Come on, continue, make me enjoy..."

Yes, Masu thought, I'll make you enjoy it, boy... and I'll enjoy you. He started again to beat into him with growing gusto. The boy liked it, he liked it very much and showed it openly. Masu had to come three times before being able to cause an orgasm, but a very strong one, to the farm boy, and therefore to satisfy him too. Finally late at night the boy left the room, completely satisfied, going back to sleep with one of his brothers.

The next day they resumed their journey. Di Ja was a happy boy, helpful and pleasant company. The young slave was also witty and intelligent. Masu thought that, in addition to his fellow traveler Toma's happiness, Di Ja had been a good buy, and was glad to have him with them.

They came to a pretty village. The inhabitants were mostly artisans, specializing in carving semiprecious stones, woodwork inlay and ceramics; in fact the village was divided into three parts. Every third had a Tu at it's head, that lived in his palace with his warriors; the council of the three Tu ruled over the village as a whole.

The three wanderers roamed the streets of the village, admiring the work that the artisans and their helpers displayed, mostly in the street, in front of their shops. It was nice to watch them work rapidly and with skilled hands.

Masu stopped to look at an old man, who was carving a piece of stone with different types of chisels and mallets. It was of a beautiful yellow gold, held in place by a wooden vise. The man had short gray hair, a short white beard, blue eyes and a serene face. Masu looked half at his work, and half at the man's intent expression.

The man, still working and not looking up, asked: "Hey, warrior, why do you have to keep looking at me?"

"I'm enjoying your work..."

"So why are you looking at my face?"

"I like your expression… You also have very beautiful and skilled hands."

"Aha! When a warrior speaks of beautiful and skilled hands, for sure he thinks how it would be if they were used on his body!"

"Why not? Beauty and skill are two things to be admired and appreciated. What are you carving?"

"A talisman. My talismans are highly sought after. While this yellow quartz in itself is worth little, once it is a good talisman, it's value will be at least eight times higher."

"A talisman? For what?"

"This, you see, will represent the life giving member of Shiki Waruno-S'oote, the Great Father of Everything."

"And how is the member of a Great God made? Have you ever seen it?" Masu asked, intrigued and amused.

"It is the essence of all male members, divided in four zones," the man said, continuing to sculpt, still not looking at him. "The area of the origin of the seed, the two perfect spheres that prefigure the whole of creation, the root of the column, which holds power and force and gives shape and substance to everything, and the ascending column, which dispenses pleasure and pain, and finally the pointed top, which penetrates the universe, projecting every single drop of semen, giving rise to life."

"So, like any other cock," Masu concluded amused.

"Any other, you say? It is not like any other. It is the great member of the generator of all things, as opposed to yours or of mine, that at best generate some pleasure and sometimes, at random, descendants."

"Mine only generates pleasure," Masu said cheerfully.

"Assuming that you know how to use it well," the man said dryly, but without harshness or challenge in his voice.

Masu, who normally was not very interested in men much older than himself, felt strangely drawn to this one.

"If you want to check out for yourself... I'm ready, craftsman," he said.

For the first time the man stopped working and looked into the eyes of the beautiful warrior. It was an open and frank glance, and his blue eyes were serene and deep as a mountain lake. A light of slight cheerfulness flickered in them.

"What is your name, warrior?"

"Su Masu-Yari."

"Su Masu-Yari... You go straight to the target like an arrow. You're not accustomed to mince words. Furthermore you are neither a Lord nor a Merchant, who are masters of double talk. Apparently you like men of my age."

"No, not usually. Yet I feel attracted to you."

"It's almost a compliment. Especially if told by a beautiful man like you."

"You find me beautiful? You too like men?"

"Yes, to the first question. A craftsman is a lover of beauty, he can not fail to appreciate it. And you're really beautiful. I would like to portray you in one of my sculptures. No, to the second question. I've never had a predilection for men, apart from the usual little sexual games between friends when I was a teenager."

"So you do not accept my proposal."

"I did not say that. On one hand I'm curious. Maybe it would be worthwhile to expand my horizon. Mind you, I said 'maybe'. But I am not yet really convinced."

"And what can I do to convince you?" Masu asked with a smile. Then he added: "After all, I would make an exception by doing it with you, as I told you. Could you not make an exception too?"

"Another characteristic of an artist is curiosity, but habits don't change easily."

"I'm not asking to change them, only to make an exception."

"You can be convincing and also determined."

"Even warriors have some good characteristics, not only artisans."

"Su Masu-Yari... I could be your father, if not your grandfather..."

"But you're a fascinating man and there is something sensual that exudes from you."

"Flattery will not get you anywhere..."

"If you receive me in your bed, then I can pose for you, if you want to sculpt my features."

"Now you're tempting me, relying on my desire to represent beauty."

"What else keeps you then?" Masu asked, unleashing one of his best and most sensual smiles.

"My body does not react, it does not wish to join with yours."

"It does not matter if it reacts before or after, only during... and I know for sure that if you agree to try it with me, it will react."

"Young and confident, like all young people. And maybe even a little cocky, right?"

"No, not conceited. A warrior must know his own strengths as well as his limits... and I know this strength of mine."

"It takes two, for certain things."

"You are obstinate, craftsman. And I still don't know your name..."

"Does it matter? However, I am Chi Z'eke."

The artisan carefully placed his tools in a wooden box, wrapped the sculpture he was doing in a soft cloth, took everything into the shop and talked for a while with one of his apprentices. Then he returned to Masu, who had remained in the street and continued to look at him.

"But tomorrow you will sit for me, okay?"

Masu had won. He did not change his expression and said: "With great pleasure, but only tomorrow, because then I have to resume my way."

"It is enough. Follow me, I do not live not far away."

The man entered the house, gave orders not to be disturbed, and went to his room with Masu. Here, without saying anything, he took off his clothes and lay down on the bed, nude. He looked at the handsome warrior who was also quickly undressing, then made room for him on the bed at his side.

"Well, get busy, warrior. I have no experience in these things," the man said, quietly looking at him.

Masu glanced at his body: "You're well built, your body is still firm and pleasant," he said and began to outline its shapes with his fingertips.

It seemed that the craftsman enjoyed his attentions, although he was still not aroused. But the handsome warrior did not care; first of all he wanted the man to relax and get used to his proximity and to be touched by another male, as he had said that it had never occurred before. He skillfully stroked him in a way progressively more intimate and erotic. When he saw that Z'eke closed his eyes, he realized that the sensations he was giving to the man began to have their effect. So he pushed his operations a little further.

Finally he saw the large, heavy member of the other start moving gently and to gradually increase the consistency and the volume. Masu smiled, knowing that once he could make the man desire to enjoy the experience, this would become pleasant for him too.

For a moment he wondered why he cared so much to do it with this craftsman, but the answer did not surface in his mind, therefore he dismissed the question and thought no more about it. From the window came a gust of wind and the warm glow of the setting sun flooded the room. Masu felt a deep sense of wellbeing. He liked that old man, even if he did not correspond to his ideal. He liked to be there with him, especially because he felt that the craftsman was increasingly enjoying his attentions.

Masu was now very excited and was exercising increasing self-control not to rush things. When the handsome warrior least expected it, the carpenter raised his arms and began to caress his body, at first only his chest and hips, then also his belly and thighs, and finally his hard and swollen genitals - most of the work was done! From this point on he could let the old man take the initiative, it was enough that he kept him well excited.

He pushed against him with his whole body, to make him feel his erection press against him with vigor. The man turned on his side and took the handsome young warrior in his arms, wrapping his legs with his own. Their faces almost touched, and Masu looked at him. After a short while Z'eke opened his eyes and Masu read a little light of cheerfulness in them.

"It seems that you're succeeding..." Z'eke said, his voice low and warm.

"To do what?" the beautiful warrior asked with a little smile.

"To make me feel good and make me want this... and something more..."

"More of what?" Masu asked, now with a mischievous smile.

"A little more... intimate union, something that I never tried..."

"You want to penetrate me?" asked the young man with a sensual voice.

"No, that I already know, and I don't think it's very different to take a woman or a man, especially from behind."

"So what do you desire?"

"Make me understand what feelings a man can create, thanks to this..." he said, taking his hard member in one hand and shaking it gently. "What it's like to feel it slip inside, to have it moving in and out... To be at the other side of a sexual relationship... Won't you like the idea?"

"If you want it, I sure am not the one who says no," the warrior said.

"Get busy, then... boy!" the old man said with a soft sigh.

Masu proceeded to the task, knowing that since the man had never done it before, he had to go very gradually, with great caution and kindness. So the sun was already disappearing behind the mountains, when he finally began to try to penetrate the intact ring of human flesh.

To his surprise, Z'eke was completely relaxed and did not at all try to fight his push. Very slowly, stopping often and closely monitoring the excitement of the craftsman, Masu was able to move into the man's firm flesh, to invade it little by little, to fill it with his strong and hard pole until he was fully immersed inside. Again he paused for a long time, making his member quiver inside him, but without moving, while caressing the man's genitals to make him keep a full turgid erection.

When he felt the hot and narrow flesh channel tremble and contract, he finally began to move back and forth with great caution.

"You can stop going so gently," the man whispered. "Now I am used to your invasion. Do what you have to do, man. Let me feel if it is really worth it, doing it with a man..."

Masu did not need further encouragement, so he started to fuck the man with the considerable force. The expression on the craftsman's face was still serene, but also a veil of pleasure was appearing.

"Yes..." the man murmured, fingering with ever more pleasure the strong and rippling muscles of the young man, who was taking him with manly energy.

"Yes..." he repeated softly, expressing his approval for such a completely new and unexpectedly enjoyable experience.

"Yes..." he whispered again, beginning to move in unison with the strong and handsome warrior, fully enjoying the vigorous and skilful pounding of his own flesh.

Very soon the man was fully participating in the form of sex the handsome warrior was making him taste for the first time in his life. Masu ceased to control his instincts: now he had nothing more to worry about, he felt it. The man was actually enjoying their union, and this was giving the strong warrior all the pleasure he could desire.

Finally the man reached orgasm. It was not an explosion, but rather like a lake overflowing by a flood. He didn't utter a single groan, but his whole body was trembling. A little while later Masu gave his warm seed to the man, overflowing with a series of strong jets into the deepest part of his tight, hot channel.

They paused for a while to quietly relax. The man had opened his blue eyes again, and looked at him with a vague smile on his lips and in his eyes.

"That was great," Z'eke sighed. "You made me discover that I lost far too many years. It is a rather different pleasure from what I've known up to now, but no less enjoyable. I think I'll have to find somebody else, since tomorrow you are going to leave our village."

"It will not be hard to find a mate, you're a handsome and attractive man."

"I know. And I already know who will be."

"A warrior of your ward?" Masu asked curiously.

"No, my apprentice. I noticed that he likes older men. And I know he likes me, though he never had the courage to tell me."

"He will be very surprised, but pleasantly surprised, I think, especially if he likes mature men."

"Tomorrow I'll expect you in my shop, to pose for me."

"Like I promised, I will certainly come."

Masu dressed himself, saluted and went outside. Shortly after he met Thomas and Ja.

"Where were you?" his friend asked. "I have found a place where we can spend the night, but I couldn't find you."

Masu chuckled: "An unexpected but pleasant meeting..."

"Someone we know?" Thomas asked a little surprised.

"No, no. Someone I got to know... quite intimately."

Toma laughed: "Oh, I could have guessed it! Our heartbreaker! A nice boy, I suppose."

"Wrong! He has exactly sixty years!"

"Sixty? Since when from are you interested in dry wood? Apart from that time with the magician..."

"It was pleasant enough, although I prefer younger men. But sometimes one can enjoy a dish from another menu, right?"

With his eyes wide Ja asked: "Did you made love with a magician, Su Masu? Really?"

"Yes," the handsome warrior said, amused by the boy's astonishment. He told him what had happened, starting from the day he was exiled for having saved the life of the little slave.

Ja drank every word of it, going from wonder to wonder.


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