Lost boys of Evacsa
by Emperor Eros

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Authors Notes:  I would like to make it known that this is my first story, and that this chapter has no sex in it, sorry no sex for a bit, till I get the charactors esablished.  Also I would like to say that some ideas that I got for the technical side of the story I found in a great Science Fiction in the Nifty Archive.  The Mechanic found is the Science Fiction/Fantasy section is definitely on of my favorite stories.   My using some of these Authors idea's is in to NO way trying to steal them, but instead I am trying to express my great appreciation for the authors work, by using some of his idea's I hope that I have done that.  Thank you and enjoy the show!

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Chapter 1 - The Discovery

May 26, 2005 -- 0800 hours

Captain Neil Kessler on a routine patrol of the Canadian waters is sipping coffee a bit on the edge, because the fog is very think, unusually thick. Looking down at some charts, and marking various things as well considering the weather report.  Glancing up to take his mug of coffee drops it, when he looks out the port window.

"Holy shit!" cries a very confused captain Neil Kessler jumps up. "Stop this fucking ship now!?

Staring up at huge a statue over 300 ft tall, that happened to appear out of no where, in the middle of a major trade route to Asia from in Canadian waters just off the B.C. coast, almost causes a head on collision with the Canadian Navy vessel.  The HMCS
Iroquois stops 500 ft from the statue's legs.

Scrambling out on to the deck, the captain and most of the officers, stare open mouthed at not just the size of the statue but at its crudeness.

"Lieutenant get me Ottawa" the captain says in amazement.

May 26, 2005 -- 0900 hours

"Are you sure this is absolutely accurate?" asks Prime Minister Edward Walter (PM) of Canada.

"Yes I am very sure sir" replies the Defense Minister.

"Very well we shall make contact first, and nothing gets approved, unless I say so" states the PM "do I make my self clear"

"Yes sir" comes the various replies from the emergency council.

General Newman you are in charge of this, but as I said EVERYTHING major is run past me, we have a opportunity of a life time, I don't want to screw this up"

Nods come from everyone there, General Newman is very pleased that he was chosen for this assignment.

"Very good sir, I shall get the men ready."  The General leaves in a hurry to get everything done on time.

May 27, 2005 -- 0500 hours

Three ships leave a top secret location on the BC coast, heading to the direction of the statue.  After the satellite surveillance, confirmed that there was a highly populated island, which was surround by 35 statutes.  The statutes were 5 km from the shore.  Standing over 300 ft high.  They, were an impressive site.  Not sure what to expect from first contact, the military is on high alert.

May 27, 2005 -- 1100 hours

The ships arrive at what appears to be the gateway. They stop as the General  discusses his plan to establish contact with the officers. In the Board room as  the they are finishing the planning. A voice sounds out of no where.

"Quine eshota poit. Isatia qouate. Etyapoi TEEEEEEEGGGEAAAA!!!

Out of nowhere a blue light blast from the middle of the room. Blinding everyone on the three ships.

"Ah much better!" says the voice. "Now you can understand us."

"Who are you?" demands the General.

"I am Kee-sha, Sage, Protector and High Guardian of my peoples. Also a member
of the High Council to His Royal Highness, Emperor Remal of Evacsa " replies the voice.

"Where are you?" the General looks around, trying to find out were the voice is coming from, it seems though it is coming from every direction.

"Hehehehe right here" says a youth sitting on the opposite end of the table.  The youth is of exceptional beauty, shoulder length brown hair, piercing emerald green  eyes, clean, fair complexion, and a stunningly slim body. If he were standing  he would measure 5'10.

Startled everyone in the room turns to him.

Shaken the General asks "How did you get in here"

"That is not of importance, what I believe though is you want answers and I am
here with them"

"But you are just a boy, you can't be older then 15!"  The Captain states.

"Are you not going to question me or are we going to fight over my age and  qualifications? Sit all of you!" commands the teen. Every one sits down anxious  about what they might find out.

"Were did you come from?" questions the General.

"We have always been here, although you may find this hard to understand, to put  it in children's terms, we were sealed away by a very powerful mage, I believe you  know him as Merlin.  Anyway he concealed us in a time of great danger, but he him  self was imprisoned before he could break that seal, so I have spent many years since  trying to break it. Believe me it wasn't easy." Kee-sha states very seriously.

Everyone in the room bursts out laughing.

"What do you take us for, that is the biggest load of cr..." A cocky lieutenant grips  is throat making choking noises, his face goes really red.

Meanwhile Kee-sha is sitting there with his right eyebrow raised, with an amused  look on his face. Closing his eyes he take a breath and opens his eyes.

The Lieutenant starts coughing as his breath returns.

"Does that answer you doubt lieutenant" asked the teen.

He nods quickly.

Kee-sha begins, "Good I am sorry it had to come to this but you must believe,  that things forgotten for you, have not for us. While we were sealed away, I could  see everything that went on in the world. Please don't interrupt me while I am  speaking.

 Although I have been command by our Emperor to break the seal, which I have done. I also worked hard to made sure your venom or rather your wars, hatred, did not affect our peoples.  Many don't know you even exist I would like to keep it that way, but I am a servant of his majesty, if he can't not trust me to carry out his commands, he cannot trust anyone. So I carry out his will. To explain our ways in a very simplified way possible, and in hopes establish a treaty with the Canadian peoples.  His majesty is interested in making treaties with any other peoples at this time. But more on that later.

First thing you should know EVERY thing that you think is impossible is reality for us.  My people are all male and as you call it gay, each one of us have ah...certain abilities, which at this time I am not able to get in to.   We have longer life spans then you do, we grow normally for the first 15 years of our lives then after that we age every 1000 years.

Alas, there is too much for you to learn in one sitting, now I know you are anxious to see our island, take samples and so on.

I am sorry to inform you that our law does not allow `human' adults, I say human because you are more mortal then us.  As I was saying it is prohibited that any adult male, a boy who isn't gay or female of any age set foot on our waters or land, hence the statues.  When you enter past those statues you automatically give up all your rights to your country, and you are under complete control of our laws, your laws and ways have no effect in our land. So if you cross this boundary of statues, it is the death penalty.  There is no appeal on this, it will be carried out immediately! You have been warned. BUT there is an exception, boys under the age of 18 meaning 8-18, who is GAY, are permitted to enter as guests and eventually as if they choose to, as a full citizen. And as boys grow the will be allowed to stay when they get older, but they would be the only exception to this law.

His majesty has expressed a great interest in a treaty with the Canadian peoples at this time, though in the future with other friendly nations.  We would like you to be our channel of communication for the other countries.

Now for an offer, we offer you the cure  for many of your sicknesses, such as cancer, AIDS, or any major sickness that you don't have a cure for will be yours. This is a gesture of friendship. What you do with it is your business. Now I know I have been vague on some things, but I am sorry  but this is the best I can do, with out endangering my people you understand.

Now I shall leave, and you talk to your leaders about the terms that you would like to have for our treaty and I will come back when you are ready to begin formal talks. Good luck!"

With that Kee-sha was gone in his typical brazen manner vanishes, leaving a room full of shocked, open-mouthed persons.  After a few moments the room is a buzz with activity.

May 27, 2005 -- 1800 hours

"This is Kelly Mann with CBC news we have breaking news!  It appears we have new neighbors, early this morning the HMCS Iroquois, almost crashed in to a statue that is said to have appeared out of no where of major trade route.  After a short investigation, Prime Minister Edward Walter called an emergency defense counsel to determine a course of action, after reviewing the surveillance that was gathered that there was a highly populated island just off the coast of BC, surrounded by 35 statues, that are estimated at 300 ft tall.  How these peoples got here is still a mystery, and we hope to learn how they got here.  We will keep you posted as to any new developments as to this bazaar story.

Wait! just in, contact has been made with the people of the island, although no one is currently allowed on the island at this time.  They refer to themselves as the People of Evacsa, or an Eva.  Just 15 minutes ago the Peoples of Evacsa and Canada have signed a temporary peace agreement, until a formal one can be drawn up.  Emperor Remal of Evacsa wishes to convey his greeting to the peoples of Canada, as well as to the world.  He wished to assure the peoples of Canada, and to the people of the world.

 "We are mean you no harm, in fact just the opposite we want peace, as a gesture of good will we have provided the cures for ALL of the illnesses you have been fighting so hard to cure. We have much to learn as well as much to offer. Go now and live in good health. Tis'pajks (thank you)"

"Well this is interesting Bob, where exactly is this island, can you show it to us?"

"Well, Kelly if you look at this map..."

May 30, 2005 -- 1800 hours

"This is Kelly Mann with CBC news! Thank you for joining us.  Breaking news.  The British government has called an emergency UN security counsel meeting, in regards to Evascan peoples, it is felt that they are not competent enough to govern themselves, and that they should be relocated so that can be "cared for in the best way possible in the global communities means. The United Nations is proposing to step in so the children can get an education, proper food, and medical care."

During the meeting it is claimed a messenger for Emperor Remal appeared out of thin air and requested a formal meeting with the UN to address their concerns.  Many of the world leaders are amused and anxious to hear what this young leader has to say.  Emperor Remal is expected to arrive at the UN building tomorrow morning at 11 am.  We will bring to you his speech live tomorrow!

Now in other news...

June 1, 2005 -- 1100 hours

As Emperor Remal's time to speak approaches, he is a no show, just as the President of the General Assembly is about to move on to other matters.  A low rumble could be felt, then out of nowhere a bright ball blasts out of the center of the room, above the heads of the delegates, It then positions it's self at then end of the isle directly in front of the Podium. Then grows to in to a door like shape, except it is a glowing blue colour.  Every one turns to watch frightened about what is happening.  Security is making its move to block the path for what ever is coming and evacuate the building.

Just then a huge shadow appears, gradually getting smaller.  Then a blond hair, blue eyed, eight-year-old boy appears, wearing a sliver garment.  Bowing slightly to the crowed.

"His Majesty, Emperor Remal, the Wise, the Meek, the Guardian of Evacsa, the Father of Evacsa, the Defender and Protector of All Evas, Leader of the High Council!" the boy's soprano voice, rings across the hall, with such clarity, that everyone in attendance can hear him clearly.

As he speaks he motions to the glowing portal. Then starts walking to wards the podium, two more figures appear, older boys in similar sliver garments holding a roll of fabric between them, walking forward a boy of 5 appears holding the end.  As the 2 older boys walk briskly forward, the small boy stays where he is.  Blue & Silver Silk like material is unrolled on the floor of the isle, then up the to the podium. The boys vanish. Then eight, 6 ft, muscular teens march out of the portal, wearing only loin cloths, with ceremonial swords strapped to their sides. Marching forward a bit a smaller teen that looks to be about 12 marches out with a banner.  He is followed by a loud musical piece, the likes of which have never been heard before.

Then a teen of 15 appears of beauty that has yet to be matched. The boy is 5'7, with light-brown, shoulder length hair. Large gentle blue-green eyes, with a look of great wisdom, something you would expect to find staring back at you from a old man.  The richly dressed teen, walks forward down the isle with a commanding presence, there is no mistaking that this is Emperor Remal.  More guards then follow him. The first groups  of guards break off and take positions in front of the right hand part of the stage, who is then followed by the boy holding the banner, who takes up a position at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the podium.  Emperor Remal climbs the stairs as the remaining guards take up positions in front of the left hand part of the stage.

Emperor Remal nods to the President of the General Assembly, the Secretary General and Undersecretary General for General Assembly. Then steps up to the podium, then starts speaking, with a voice of an Elf, gentle but very a commanding tone that it demands attention.

"I first would like to thank the peoples of the world for their concern for us and out pouring of generosity. .

"Can we care for ourselves' many of you are wondering, well after I'm done I will let you decide for yourself.

You think because we appear young that we can't even feed ourselves, we as of to date have NO sickness, NO poverty, NO crime, NO shortages of food, shelter and clothing in my lands. I also provide ABSOLUTE security for my citizens.

But I am just a child you keep saying to your selves on who should be in school, looked after by responsible adults.  Yes it is true I appear 15, but I am the oldest of my peoples, the 6500 years of my life have been filled with so much accomplishments and experiences, that you have yet to experience.  I have been fortunate that I have certain abilities that to you may seem like fantasy, that have grown and have provided my people with many benefits.

I have ruled my people for over 5000 years.  Yet you only lead your peoples maybe  4 -- 12 years, some longer then that.  Yet you are all in experienced.  You are the children, you are the scared children, so unsure of yourselves that you lash out at your neighbors, your brothers.  There is no balance in your system or world.

But again what have WE done that is so great, that sets us apart from you, in the terms of technology and setting a better standard of quality of life?

We have and offered to you the CURES of every disease that you have worked so hard to find.  We give them to you as gifts of friendship, they are yours take them, and live.

Right now your computer development is extremely primitive.  You still continue to use electronic circuitry, and have yet to discover the benefits of using Neural circuitry.

Your communications can be faster then they are now and that uses the least amount of space. By using Sup spatial impulses through gravity, creates an instantaneous communication network.  You could send an instant message to the center of the Galaxy if you wanted to.

Your methods of travel, are the worst yet, you continue to use fuels that pollute and destroy our home, you have yet to create engines that use water as fuel, and can travel 3 times the speed of light. Our Light -- Portals create instantaneous travel network, imagine traveling from one end of the globe in less then 0.0065 seconds.  All of these things we have created and have found effective, environmentally safe and safe for you and me to use.

This may seem fictional or like some Utopia, BUT it is possible.  If you only open your eyes and look you will see that WE have done all these things.

Yet you argue we can't not get access to your island, so how can we get proof of what you say.  That is true, but I am not above my law, EVER!  Like you I must follow and set an example to my peoples, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS!

We want Peace, and are willing to work with you, as long as it does not conflict with our laws.

So that is why after much consideration, I have decided to allow 8 youths from each continent, that I have picked my self.  These youths well be from the ages of 13 -- 18, male as stated in our law as permits.  With your permission and permission of their parents I hope that they would be willing to allow these young men to take part in history. The exact details will be discussed with the parties involved.  The names of those who have been chosen will be announced to you in 1 week.

If you will allow us we will prove to you that we are valuable friends.


Tis'pajks! (Thank you)"

With that note, Emperor Remal, and his procession vanishes before the astonished counsel, and millions of viewers watching his speech live.

June 8, 2005  - 1400 hours

Emperor Remal announced the names of the select 8 who will have the privilege to spend time in his country directly to the leader of that country. Even going so far as given them the exact location where each boy could be found. All countries involved were very enthusiastic, most starting right away in locating their meal ticket.   When all were found, for the security of the boys involved their names were not released until they were safely on ships headed to the island.  Even the boys them selves were not told who the other boys where as requested by Emperor Ramel.

End of Chapter 1

Authors Comments:  So what did you think?  Was it oki for my frist attempt, should I continue with this story, I do have Chapter 2 almost completed, and it wont be in this style with the date and time.  Again comments or suggestions are always welcome.  thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Emperor Eros.