Lost boys of Evacsa
by Emperor Eros

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Chapter 2 - Jack's Panic

In small quarters, 14 year old, Joseph Aaron Collin Kirkpatrick III or J.A.C.K, trying to take his mind off of his queasy stomach starts to write in his Journal entry for the morning...

"Dear Journal,

Well here I am, just finished hurling my lunch off the side of some navy ship, well that really wasn't lunch, I bet shit looked better.  Still makes me feel like a bumbling loser.   Yeah you are probably wondering why a 14-yr. old kid is on a navy ship to begin with, you know what so do I? I mean I was finally free from my foster parents, backpacking across the Trans- Canada highway.  Well actually that only lasted a day, but still.  Next thing, I know army guys surround me, who make me get in some car.  I was scared shitless man. Next thing I know I am flying out to some Navel base in the middle of now where, I didn't even get a  chance to breath the air before I was stuffed in to some hole they call a room.  Sigh!
They said they would explain to me what is going on and why I am here in a meeting at 1100 hours.  Oh god it is 10.58, they are coming to get me. I got to go.

Thanks for listening,

* Knock! Knock *

A hot looking young blond navy officer enters his quarters.  Jack quickly closes his  journal. Standing up he quickly glances at the mirror, he catches a glimpse of himself, his short brown hair, dark blue eyes make him look very cute, also standing at only 4'9, weighing at 95lb soaking wet, with a very petite body, not skinny just petite, like he is a china doll or something.

"Time to go" the officer states the obvious.

"I'm coming" Jack replies shyly, the young officer turns on his heel, leading the way out the door.  Jack follows the young officer with great interest in his butt, as they wind their way through the ship to the conference room.

"Here you go, right through here, take a seat, the General will be with you shortly" with
that the young officer leaves the room.

"General!? Great just fucking great, what have I gotten into?" Jack mutters to himself.

 "That is the question son, what have WE all gotten ourselves in to" says the general as he comes in and sits down.

Blushing Jack looks at his lap.  "it is ok son we all curse, now do you know why you are here Joseph?"

"No sir" Jack says quietly

"Well you heard of the new country, with those boys on the island right"

"Yeah, everyone is talking about it, sir?" he asks still looking at his lap.

"well I bet you are wondering what this has to do with you?"

"Yes sir"

"Well you have been picked to visit the island and represent Canada as our Ambassador, so you have an important job.  Unfortunately you don't have a choice in this as the Prime Minster has decided for you. You are going to be our eyes and ears, you are going to learn as much as you can about the Evascan peoples.  Your actions on that island could mean the difference between war and peace.  You will behavior will be the BEST that you have.  You will follow and observe their laws and regulations.  As you will be meet the other 6 boys going, later on the island, although you will be the last to arrive because we have alright diplomatic relations with them, you will not have as many restrictions as the other boys.  I have been told you will be spending most of your time, his Emperor Remal who will be working to have better relations with us, as well as providing you with an office.  Every 2 weeks you will report to me, as I will want to know how things are going, as well you will be working out any deals, such as trade, etc..."

"But sir I don't know anything about this stuff" Jack states wide eyed.

"Don't worry, we will let you know what to do as we go along but we don't have much time to educated you. It will be fine son.  Now that you know what is expected of you. Someone should be hear in soon, so why don't you go back to your quarters and put on the suit laid out for you."  the General picks up the phone on his desk.  "Private Evans, would you escort Mr. Kirkpatrick to his quarters and make sure he is ready in 20 mins".

After he is finished he turns to Jack. "You are dismissed."

Dazed and trying to grasp what he was been told Jack follows the private to his quarters, deep in thought.  As he enters the cabin, there is a suit and tie on the bed he groans.  Changing in to the suit under the watchful eye of the private.  As he gets to the tie he starts having trouble, the private most over to him and makes him stand still and does it for him.

"Thanks" Jack says quietly.

The Private just nods "wait here, you will be escorted shortly" then leaves

Jack sits on the bed.

"It is time, Ambassador."

Jumping off the bed he spins around looking at the persons on the bed.  On the bed is a god sitting cross-legged, with shoulder length, emerald green eyes, wearing rich silky clothing.

"There is no need to be frightened I am Kee-sha, Sage of Evacsa, are you ready to go?"

Jack swallows and nods quickly.

"Very well Ambassador let's go us go." Kee-sha starts making gestures that Jack can't even comprehend, then he winks at Jack.

BAM! Out of nowhere a flash of blue light blinds him, next thing he knows he is on a beach. Looking around at the lush gardens and the overall beauty of this beach.

"Welcome to Evacsa Ambassador of Canada!  We welcome you!"  A musical yet ancient voice greets him.  "I am Emperor Remal, please make your self welcome, I will be your guide."

The Emperor then approaches him till they are very close. He then bends down and kisses Jack on the forehead, then this chin, followed by both cheeks.  Then lastly his lips, to which is only a quick peck, but Jack feels a kind of some of his energy has been drawn from him, but he is blushing to much to notice.

Remal smiles at him, then grabs his hand and pulls him along up a path leading into the  palace main gate, where the other Envoys are waiting. The small group of 7 Envoys is still waiting at the entrance for them arrive.  The guides bow to Remal as he approaches, then Emperor Remal introduces to everyone who Jack is, then to Jack the 7 envoys.

"Every one this is the Ambassador of Canada, Joseph Kirkpatrick" Everyone nods to Jack.  Jack starts to sweat, he wipes he sweaty hands on his pants.

Then Remal starts introducing the Envoys starting with the one closest to him.

"Joseph over here we have Envoy David Spencer, of the United States, representing the rest of North America"  The Emperor motions to a blond 16-year-old with hazel eyes.  He is about 5'11, 170lb, with what looks to be a swimmers build. They nod to each other.

"Envoy Wagner Silva de Oliveira from Brazil, representing South America."  Ramel motions to boy of 18. His Latin and African heritage very dominant, with light chocolate skin, large puppy dog brown eyes, dark hair with tight curls, standing about 6'2, 210lb of solid muscle.   Wagner takes Jacks small hand in his and shakes it, smiling a big friendly smile, showing his pearly white teeth.

"This is Envoy Lee Kim Lean (Oswald), from Malaysia, representing Asia" Standing before Jack is a boy of 16, 5'4 and 130lb.  His Chinese features really set off his, dark brown eyes, black hair. Also having that youthful, smooth look to him, that is unique to an Asian boy.   Oswald smiles, and nods hello to Jack.

"Over here we have envoy Jared Deveraux, from New Zealand, representing Australia and Oceania."  Again before Jacks feasting eyes is a boy of 17, standing about 5'11 and 165lb with dark hair, clear complexion, and a solid build.  Tom shakes Jack's hand and smiles.  Moving on to the next boy.

"This is Niklas Ebersbacher from Liechtenstein, representing Europe" Looking back at Jack was a boy of 12, with a smirk.  His almost white blond hair and blue eyes show his strong German heritage.  Standing at 5'8, 125lb, with a build of a boy starting puberty.  Shaking Jack's hand, Niklas smiles broadly, his blue eyes sparkling.

"Dimitrius Halkiopoulos from Cyprus, is representing the Middle East."  Dimitrius is 18, with dark brown hair, and olive skin.  He stands about 6'0, 170lb, with a muscular build like a soccer player.   Dimitri nods to Jack, smiling a bit.  Moving on.

 "Lastly but not the least is Festus Fujuyigbe, from Nigeria, representing Africa."  Looking up at Festus, Jack is beholding on of the largest guys ever.  Festus at 18, his African heritage is very dominant.  Standing at 7'0 even, 263lb of solid and I do mean solid muscle.  Festus is build like a brick house.  Smiling down at Jack, and reaches for his hand,  taking it he quckly pulls Jack to him, then picks up Jack, and gives him a hug. It is obvious that like the other parts of Festus, he has a very large heart. Festus puts a very red Jack, he bursts out laughing slapping him on the back, nearly winding him.  After ever stopped giggling.  Jack feels though very hot with embarrassment, but tries not to show it.

"Phew now that we got that done, it is time to as you say `PARTYYYYYYY!'" grabbing Jack's hand, Emperor Remal then signals for the gate to be opened. The other High counsel members grab their assigned Envoys' hand enthusiastically.   As the gate opens, there is a crowed of thousands of boys, begin cheering, very excitedly to greet their important visitors.

As Jack is getting "nearer" by under the direction of  Remal,  to the excited crowed of boys.  His hands start to tingle, and he is sweating something furious.  As they get not 5 ft from the crowd.


His chest starts to tighten.  Jack stops walking, and so does everyone else, who are looking at him curiously. He doesn't understand what is happening, this is so fucking embarrassing, but he can't breath!  `HOLY FUCK! I can't breath!' he starts panicking, his chest starts to heave and hurts like it is on fire, he has never felt this before, as he tries to breathe, he feels extremely dizzy.  Then all of a sudden noise of the crowd seems so far away. That is the last thing he feels  as he blacks out.


(Remal's POV)

Last night the 7 envoys arrived, but they were housed in a Visitors Villa, on his private beach, just outside of the palace grounds. They were brought a day early so they could get use to their surroundings and meet their guides. Their guides would be the ones to handle the individual tours for the Envoy, drafting any agreements before they were brought to counsel, etc.  Unfortunately the Canadian Ambassador, was arriving alone today, so he would not get that privilege, but Remal was sure as his guide he would do just fine.

Waiting on the Beach for Kee-sha to arrive with the Canadian Ambassador, Remal is puzzled that his visions of him weren't clearer, but he didn't have much time to think on it.  For all too soon he could sense the Kee-sha's portal opening 3 ft from him, Kee-sha and the Ambassador who had his head turned not noticing him.  He greets Jack, as he likes to be called, in his formal way.  He is very taken aback though, when Jack faces him.  He never expected him to be so delicate, like something so breakable.  For his people this is unheard of, they are all especially good looking, yet they tend to look more on the boyish and rough and tough side.

He is definitely a rarity, and Remal starts to experience a protectiveness, which he never felt before.  Remembering where he is, he approaches Jack.

Then in the traditional Evacsan greeting for a high official, he kisses his forehead, then chin, then both of his cheeks.  When he kisses his lips lightly, he feels some of Jacks energy zap in to him, startling him.  Yet he doesn't show it, he smiles at the blushing Jack and takes his hand.

Leading Jack up to the Palace gate, he then gives formal introductions between Jack and the 7 envoys, though Jack is a bit nervous. After Jack gets a warm greeting from the African envoy, which made everyone laugh, as he turned red from blushing.  Remal takes Jacks hand again, and signals for the gate to open, as it opens to a waiting crowd who begins to cheer, excitedly.

Remal senses from Jack he is even more nervous then before, but continues forward, thinking it would pass like with everyone else he has encountered. Five Feet from the crowed Jack stops, something is wrong. Stopping he turns to look at, Jack his chest is heaving.  Slamming his senses like a tidal wave is something he hasn't felt in centenaries. PANIC!

Acting quickly he casts a low-level sleeping spell on Jack.  As Jack falls asleep instantaneously, one of his attendants catches Jack before he collapses on the ground.

Turning to Kee-sha, using his mother tongue, in a tone he rarely uses, but leaves room for questions  "Meilant geazq! oi heaigh!!  Yuqoep zcvw laos!  QZXQWE!!!"  (Take teleport him to my chambers, stay with him till I call you! MOVE NOW!)

With that Kee-sha and Jack were gone. The crowed starts to talk loudly wondering what is going on.  Remal makes a silence gesture, to which the crowed immediately shuts up. Signaling his Counsel members to him (who are also the envoy guides), and calling Kee-sha, who appears instantly.   Talking quietly, he commands them to carry on with the planned welcoming festival, and party.  Also telling them not to wait up for Jack.  Leaving Kee-sha to handle the crowd and the festivities.

Remal then walks over to the Envoys, "I am sorry but I must go and make sure Jack is alright, as his guide it is my duty.  But as this countries leader I apologies immensely, please try to enjoy your self, Jack will be fine."  The Remal gives them each a kiss on the cheeks, then turns and hurries to the palace.

End of Chapter 2

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