Lost boys of Evacsa
by Emperor Eros

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Chapter 3

Realizations, Festivities, and a Paradise.

(Remal's POV)

When Emperor Remal reaches his royal chambers, which is very huge, and very luxurious.  Exquisitely done, the room is decorated in the royal colors. Rich blues, yellows, and sliver.   Tastefully placed and actually planted are various flowering trees, which give off a highly erotic scent. Various statues, fine tapestries, which depict vary explicit homoerotic acts, add to the sensuality of the room.  From the lighting, to the type of fabric used, everything is done in such a way to stimulate the sexual senses. Sensuality is the theme, but at the same time you would be able to tell that the contents of this one room run in the multi-millions alone. 

As Remal firsts enters the royal chambers, directly in front of him is a huge pavilion style alcazar that has stairs leading up to the entrance. Guards are on either side of the entrance.  Servants recline on various places waiting for his bidding.  As Remal climes the stairs to the pavilion to the private chamber, the two guards bow in respect.  As he enters a servant closes the entrance, giving Remal his privacy. Inside the pavilion is his bed, it alone is equivalent to 4 King-size beds.  

Placed in the center of the colossal bed, is Jack.   Moving to his side, Remal sits beside him cross-legged, already sensing that Jack was reliving something painful in his life. Bound by scared law, Remal is forbidden to enter Jack's mind. A strong mental image that Jack's untrained mental conscienceless, unknowingly broadcasts, flashes in Remal's mind.

Remal sits for along time just watching Jack sleep, waiting for him to wake up.  Using more magic to do so would be harmful to Jack, anyway.  As he sits silently blocking Jacks mental broadcasts out of respect for him.  After some time Remal is hit with a series of emotions, ones he hasn't felt for over a couple thousand years, mainly longing.  Remal longs to get to know Jack in side and out.  He wants to know him completely in mind and body.  A longing for true love, thousands of years ago he thought he had found love, but was betrayed. Since then he has buried his own feelings in sake of his people. 

Yet he has this overwhelming urge to make love Jack, showing restraint, Remal lies beside Jack on his side facing him, he takes one of Jacks hands in his, stroking it with his thumb, marveling at the baby smoothness of his skin.  Carefully snaking his arm under Jack, he draws him close to his body, resting Jacks head on his chest.  His scent intoxicating Remal, it is so fresh, and clean.  He feels Jack, snuggle closer to his body, as if seeking protection.

Contemplating his new feelings for Jack, which have grown to heights which seems impossible, he feels so drawn to Jack, like he needs to be protected.  Yet he hardly knows this rarity, at the same time he does.  All the while, he comes to a conclusion, he will peruse this treasure.  It is like they were meant for each other. Smiling lovingly at Jack, he prays to Eros he will be able to win his affections.  With Jake sleeping in his arms Remal is lulled to sleep.

(Back at the Festival)

Kee-sha quickly explains to the crowed, that the Ambassador of Canada isn't well, and that his Majesty has gone to watch over him.  A sad murmur goes through out the crowd, because they think the festival is cancelled.  Kee-sha reassures him that Emperor Remal has commanded them to have fun, and that they still have 7 other honored guests to entertain.

A loud cheer erupts from the crowed. "Citizens of Evacsa, give our honored guests a truly Evan welcome!  I think they are wearing too many cloths!!! " Kee-sha shouts.

Suddenly a swarm of hot young teens descend on the Envoys, in a matter of seconds all 7 are naked before the energized crowed of teens.

"TO THE GREAT HALL!!!" shouts Kee-sha while running down the main road of the city.   The 7 envoy's are pushed, and pulled, their bodies felt up by many hands along the way. After the tenth touch on there soft dicks they started not to mind so much.   By the time they arrived to the great hall, all 7 of the envoy's were hard as rock. Just like the thousands of boys crowed around them.

Once in the great hall the crowed disperses around the Envoys, pulling them and sitting them down in 7 if the 9 thrones in the center of the hall.  The Crowed draws back so only Kee-sha is standing before them.

"Honored Guests, after much research on your cultures and music, I have found your Club music quiet inspiring.  So as you say `with out further adieu', let the festival. BEGIN!!!" 

As soon as Kee-sha stops speaking, Daft Punk's REVELOTION blasts out of nowhere, at exactly 1:00 min in to the track, seven figures burst from the crowed.  Each painted head to toe in different colours.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and one painted with all the 6 colours together all over his body, he is in the center of the other 6.  They are Evacsan dancers, not even the straightest man has yet to resist their charms, but it is also a great honor to be danced for by one of these dancers.

The 7 dancers, start dancing one of the most erotic dances, like a cat stalking it's pray.  Each moving in unison with the other, not a fraction of a millisecond apart, closer, and closer they move hypnotically to the guests of honor.  All too soon they reach they're pray, locking eyes with the Envoys, then all at the same time bend down 3 millimeters from each of their mouths.  The sexual eroticism is to much for the poor boys, their cocks erupt, cumming all over themselves with one of the most powerful orgasms either one of them has ever had.

The crowed cheers and whistles, shortly after the music changes to a sound, that could be disrupted as out of this world.  Very sexual, very energetic, the crowed of boys starts dancing immediately, the party has begun.  The Envoys are given cool cloths to wipe themselves with, and given a very sweet drink, which they slam back. Which is a mistake, cause they are equivalent to 3 shots of vodka each, just with out the burning sensation.

Smiling the seven dancers, grab their hands, and start dancing with the envoys.  Bumping, grinding, kissing, licking, and on and on it goes. For 2 hours straight they dance.  After that everyone in the hall takes a rest, reclining on couches, that lines the walls of the Great Hall. 

Sitting on the thrones, the Envoys are feeling no pain.  They are all very horny from all the physical contact.  Knocking their legs apart, the dancers kneel between their legs, smiling at each of them.   With out hesitation they all swallow each of the envoy's hard cocks, causing them to moan in pleasure.

For the next 15 minutes, slurping, and moaning sounds fill the hall.  The Dancers seem not to tire, already having brought the envoys to close to the edge, only to bring them back again.  The boys' balls are aching for release, by now so bad, It is almost torture, and they want to cum so bad. One by one they start begging loudly for release, causing their respective sexual tormenters to smile around their hot cocks.

Showing mercy to the boys, the dancers increase their sucking action on their cocks.   Like a freight train, the boys' orgasms slam in to them with such a force they feel that they aren't going to stop cumming. Filling the happy mouths of the dancers, some of the boys cum so much it pour out the corners of their tormenters' mouths, dripping down their chins and on to the floor. After three minutes filled pleasure orgasmic bliss, the 7 boys slump in to their thrones, with satisfied smiles on their faces, their balls very empty.

After about a half hours rest the dancing starts again, which is only the beginning of the best party Evacsa has seen in thousands of years.     Just as the sun peaks over horizon the great hall is filled with sleeping, well fucked drunken teens.


(Jack's POV)

About this time Jack awakens. Someone is holding him, in a bed, looking up at the person who is holding him, he is very, very surprised to see Remal looking down at him, with his blue-green eyes, with a smile on his face.    The sun is shining through the white silk surrounding the bed.

"Welcome back Jack" Remal smiles.

"Yes your majó" Remal interrupts Jack by touching his lips with a finger.

"Between us, call me Remal" he grins at Jack.

"What happened, your maj-I mean Remal?" Jack asks embarrassed.

"You had a panic attack.  It isn't anything serious; I am a guessing the stress just came to a peak?"  Remal says running his fingers through Jack's hair.

Jack closes his eyes, and nods.

"It is ok Jack, you will be fine" Remal hugs him closer, kissing the top of his head. "Are you hungry?"

Jack smiles "Yes I am hungry."

Winking Remal gets off the bed, and walks to a light blue crystal about the size of a melon. Touching it lightly it starts to glow, a dim light blue.

With in moments a servant arrives in the room.  "I need to get changed, please call the steward; also I would like to have some thing light to eat brought up to the garden, in my favorite spot." The servant bows low, and scurries off.  Remal turns to Jack and smirks.  Jack brings his knees to his chest.

Moments later a snobby looking kid walks in followed by 8 other servants.  They bow to Remal, and then the snobby looking kid, starts barking orders.  They surround Remal, one move behind him and starts undoing his hair, others start undressing him, removing his jewelry, which is rushed out to be cleaned.  Soon he is standing there in an expensive toga like garment, smiling at Jack.

The snobby looking kid then motions the servants towards Jack.  The servants descend on him so fast, it is hard to believe, he is stood up, and all his clothing even his underwear is removed before he can blink.  Next thing Jack knows is he is standing there in a similar garment like Remal's.

Like clockwork the servant who is attending to Remal's jewelry returns, Remal is soon completely outfitted.  Waving his hand in signal that he has had enough fluttering for today, they leave quickly.

Jack is wide eyed, this process what truly amazing to watch.  It was like stepping back in to the medieval times.

The snobby looking kid, returns with a set of clothing, typical Evacsan style, except Jack's has a seal type symbol with the Canadian flag in the center. The servants quickly dress Jack.  Remal explains the new symbol on the arm of his garment to shows he is ambassador. Taking Jack's hand they walk out in to Remal's private garden for a quiet evening.   Which is extremely breath taking, like the royal chambers. 

This garden is very large, approx. 7 acres, with its own natural 15 foot high water fall, with a pond the size of a swimming pool; this pond has many large fish.  This is partially surrounded in a C-type shape with trees and other flowering and flowage plants. The water plants, range from cat tails, to water lilies.

Fruit trees, such as apple, orange, cherry, peach, etc.  Then the flowering trees and shrubs like lilacs, forsythias, hydrangea, amazing smelling azaleas, and rhododendron. Then the unique hanxazil tree* provides the erotic smell that fills the air, the red-yellow tubular flowers also provide a unique atmosphere.  

Vines such as very gorgeous sweat peas, morning glory.  The passion flower, honeysuckle, jasmine, and clematis.

Then Rose shrubs.  tea roses. climbing roses of many colours.  Begonias, tulips, scented lilies, Irises, pansies, peonies, asters, hostas, elephant-ear plants, ferns, daises on and on an on and on it goes.

Almost every imaginable colour you can think of can be seen, from bright blood red, to light green flowers. Also even the impossible can be found every shade of blue, even some neon colours, which add some strangeness to this garden.  It is a sight that leaves even people who hate plants in awe.

Slowly walking Remal leads Jack down a path that looks like brick path but done in jade.  A small table is set for two is near the pond on a terrace, the smell is wonderful, it is slightly secluded, and peaceful.  The meal was light and satisfying, consisting of a wide array of vegetables and fruit, which Remal insisted they feed each other. 

After they are finished, Remal takes Jack to a place were they could recline in the grass on a blanket.  Jack and Remal talk about this and that nothing to deep just getting to know each other, Remal skillfully keep the normally shy Jack chattering away.

* The hanxazil tree is a fictional tree as far as I know, so it isn't real.

To be continued....... 

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