Lost Children of Atlantis
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And now, without further delay:

~*~ {{Recap}} ~*~

After a few moments, he pulled back, looking at me with a puzzled look... which I watched turn to realization, then amusement. "Apparently, we'll be putting off your training a bit, my love," he said aloud, chuckling, as he cuddled against me. "It seems your mentor neglected to advise you of several things. Like the fact that going too long without release of some sort can have... shall we say, worse consequences than blue balls." He smirked, kissing my cheek lightly.

Well, I wasn't worried. At least, not too much. At least I still had Ryan, right?

"Don't worry," he continued, as if echoing my thoughts. "I'll stay with you. Forever."

~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~

I couldn't move, but I could still sense everything. Every sound, smell, sight was still transmitting to my brain; Ryan's presence by my side, the feel of his bare flesh pressing against me, the smell of him, the taste of his offering still on my tongue. I wanted to turn and hold him, to kiss him, but my body wasn't my own. I guessed this was the consequence he meant, that not getting off would lead to this paralysis, being trapped in my body.

"Among other things," he said softly, still holding me tightly, "if you do not ejaculate frequently enough -- at least once or twice a day -- you will be paralyzed like this. The same goes for actual copulation... it's part of the Esseren programming, a way to make sure you spread the gift you were given. While its primary benefit is that you can create children that benefit from as much genetic perfection as is possible for a human..." I heard him chuckle softly, likely at the irony of mentioning this to someone who'd just proven he wasn't straight. "Well, in any case, no matter the gender of your partner, your semen contains a type of Esseren we refer to as 'Caretakers'. These, when you have sex with a mortal partner, have a number of health benefits for them... they are less likely to fall ill, and age far more gracefully than any mortal should. I once knew a Guardian who had a single mortal partner for 500 years, and he'd barely seemed to age 20 years over the entire time."

Just then, a knock at the door caught both our attentions, and I saw Blake enter, not seeming to notice the fact that we were both naked, and in each other's arms.

"Sir, we have trouble," he said softly, in that same inflectionless voice. "Shemara has noted that there is movement... from Oakland. Arriata is heading this way."

"Arriata?" Ryan asked in a stunned voice. "Any idea why?"

"Not as yet, sir... though, if I might be so bold, it is likely due to our newest guest."

"Oh hell," Ryan said, getting up quickly. "I should've known. How much time do we..."

His question was cut off, as a sudden darkness fell across the room. Not pitch black, this darkness... no, it was as if the room was suffused with a dim, blood-red light. Blake seemed to go completely comatose in the light, and Ryan started, his eyes darting everywhere. I was afraid, not just because I had no idea what was going on, but because I couldn't defend myself if something went wrong, still paralyzed as I was. Moments later, a strange dark form materialized near the bed, as though a shadow came to life and was standing above me. It had no human form, no distinguishing features, that I could make out. It was... absolute darkness.

::So, this is the Childe which was taken from my very doorstep,:: the voice seemed to almost coo. A female, but not feminine, voice, one dripping with malice and something... something darker still, which caused my mind -- if not my body, being not of my control -- to shudder. ::So young, so beautiful.::

"You have no place here, Arriata," Ryan challenged the shadow. "This is my home, and the home of the one you refer to as well now. He has made his Choice."

::What choice?:: the shade asked mockingly. ::Was he given the opportunity to know all his options? To know what his choices might bring? There are three strongholds, each so close together... three Citadels, if you were to use the terms of our former brethren. Each holds a different path, a different destiny, for this youngling. Who are you to deny him this knowledge?::

"He knows what he must," Blake countered, and I noticed a strange shimmering light coming from his right hand. The inflectionless tone was replaced by a grim, resolved anger, as though bubbling up from deep within him. "He knows the paths, and he knows where his heart lies. You speak of consequence, but the only one wishing to force matters here is you."

The shadow cackled, a bloodchilling sound. ::So true, my former servant, so true. You, also, know the consequence of his choice, or at least, my role in it. He will be mine, and I will rip your so-called Citadel to shreds to acquire it, if he will not come willingly.:: The shade reached for me, but the light from Blake's hand grew and moved to cover me, and she seemed to shrink from that light. ::Oh, very well... if you wish to defend him and his precious free will, then I propose a contest. Tomorrow night, I will attack. Any who wish will face me, and if I defeat them, he will become mine. If none will oppose me, he will be mine. In the end, the result is the same... only the number of unnecessary casualties will change.:: With that, the shadow disappeared, and after a moment, the light returned to normal.

"As I see it, sir," Blake spoke into the brief silence following Arriata's disappearance, "we have two options. One is to ensure that your young companion is properly trained and able to defend himself as well, the other to send him into hiding." The glow surrounding his hand was gone, and his voice had returned to that familiar monotone.

::Agreed,:: I heard in a familiar voice, and saw Benito walk into the room, sadly regarding my naked form lying on the bed. "We have little choice in the matter, as we cannot let this one fall into Arriata's hands. I presume, by now, the import of Damien's existence has come to light?"

"The Prophecy," Ryan said, nodding. "It was Aricus who made the connection."

"Then you understand why we were so quick to try and rescue him, and why we will stand with you and he to protect him from Arriata. Given who and how she is, she would greatly desire him, if only to pervert the Prophecy to her own ends. She cares nothing for him and his well-being, and never would." Benito sighed indignantly. "However, in training this one, we have our work cut out for us. It might be easier to simply hide him."

I tried to move to defend my honor against Benito's words, but still lie motionless. Benito regarded me once more, his eyes filled with... disdain, perhaps. Something like I was less than human in his eyes. "And even now, he refuses to defend himself, or even to cover his shame!"

Ryan walked calmly over to me, pulling a blanket over my waste, at least hiding that much of my body. "This was his first time since he was made a Guardian, by my guess," he said softly, but with an edge of steel to his words. "Would you judge him so harshly if you'd realized that he can't move, that his body is paralyzed from that fact alone?"

Benito blushed, and his gaze turned a bit softer. "It has been so long, that I... forgot how that can be. I judged you harshly, Damien, and I apologize." He then turned from me, returning his gaze to Ryan. "In the meantime, I suppose we'll have to suffice with explaining things to him, rather than having him learn to develop his Powers. Hopefully, he'll recover soon enough, because time isn't on our side."

Firstly, for all new readers (which, after the unfortunate delay since my last posting in this story, is all I'm sure there are): you're coming in at the tail end of a story once abandoned, and which now serves as a stepping stone between Damien's origins in Frozen and his future story in From Afar. (Both, if you're interested, can be found via my website here.) I decided, finally, that this story needs to be given closure, so that I can truly focus on Damien's current story.

Next, for those very patient souls who are previous readers, I apologize if you weren't warned about my abandoning this story. I warned everyone on my mailing list, but alas, I know there are those who prefer to read without interacting. I was that way once, myself, before I started writing for Nifty. So, for those who haven't heard yet, as I mentioned above, we're close to the end here. There's probably another chapter or two here, but that's about all.

Anywhom, more to come, and for now, I'll be working on both this and From Afar until this one is complete. ~Mychyl