What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This story begins with a fairly standard and often used homosexual theme involving sex between a grown man and a homeless teenage boy he tries to help out.  It will start with a very intimate encounter between the two and then will take a turn for the furry and will alternate between human/human human/furry and furry/furry at random.  Any of you freaks who have something against sex between intelligent, loving, horny, furry creatures and people should stay away and leave those of us who are normal and who like that sort of thing to our innocent fantasies.  :)   Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

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Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

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Love and Lycanthropy - Chapter 10

Cole and I spent a good bit of time that first night that he'd changed in the house screwing around with the computer trying to find the best way for him to be able to interact with it.  I have a large room on the main floor that I dedicated to my electronics, robotics, and 3D fabrication hobbies that I usually just refer to as 'the hobby room'.  I have an electronics bench where I work on my robotics projects, another desk where I do a lot of design work with a computer, and another table where I do my 3D printing.

I set Cole up in front of the computer to see what he could do with the mouse.  He was actually able to use it fairly effectively, but only if I turned the sensitivity way down and he made broader motions with it on the desk with his front paw.  He wasn't able to click the buttons on it properly because he didn't have fine enough control of the toes on his paw, but I was easily able to cobble together a HID mini driver with C++ that used the microphone to allow him to bark to generate a mouse click.  After a bit of practice he found it fairly easy to navigate using the wireless optical mouse combined with the barking to select things.  We messed around with it enough to see that he would be able to use it, but it was just a bit more clumsy than we would like.

We then turned to the old touch screen monitor I had.  It's a 23" Planar monitor that can't handle multi-touch, but doesn't need a finger or anything conductive because of the way it works.  It uses infrared LEDs embedded in the bezel to detect anything breaking the matrix of beams across the screen.  I jury-rigged a setup using a long pencil with a rubber eraser epoxied to a Velcro strap that I could just tie onto Cole's muzzle so the pencil stuck out past the end of his nose.  I setup Windows with the touch features and toggled the on-screen keyboard so he could use that.  The normal keyboard would work, but he wouldn't be able to hold the shift key while the on-screen shift key was a toggle.  It was easier for him on the screen because as he typed the virtual keys he could see the text that was coming out in the window above it.

He was immediately much more successful with that rig than with the mouse, but it was uncomfortable for him since it essentially strapped his muzzle tightly shut.  Still, he liked it better for navigating the web because it was easier and far more accurate than trying to use the mouse with a paw and this was the only way he would be able to type messages.  He was very fast and accurate using the pencil as a pointer since he had much finer control over his head movements than he did over his big paws.  Like most hunters, wolves evolved excellent target tracking abilities with their stereoscopic, forward focused vision.  Using his paw with the mouse took a lot of concentration because it was an unnatural type of movement for the wolf and precision was a problem, but using his head was easy.

Once I knew what worked best for him I spent a bit of time with OpenSCAD to quickly model a hollow cone shape with the end cut off and tweaked it to conform closely to the shape of his muzzle.  I printed the resulting shape in blue ABS with my MakerBot and after a couple of design tweaks and re-prints I was able to get the fit just right and we had a lightweight, comfortable, hard plastic shell that he was able to easily slip his muzzle into.  Since his muzzle widened back towards his face and any tapping at the screen would keep the shell snug against his face, a friction fit was all that was needed.  I'd designed the topside with a short, hollow, cylindrical shaft that we jammed the pencil into so that it stuck out well past the end of his nose with the rubber eraser pointing at the screen.

He seemed really happy with it.  He could tap away with ease and when he was done he could simply use his front paw to slip it off his face onto the desk.  When he wanted to use it again he could just put his paw on it to hold it steady, then stick his nose right into it again and go back to surfing the web.  I would likely work the design a bit further later on with a better pointing device using conductive foam so he could use any type of touch screen on a phone, tablet or laptop, but this first crack at it seemed to be working great.  He could now use the computer to surf the web when he gets bored, or to tap out messages to me, and he was thrilled.

It occurred to me that even though Cole would no longer be able to attend school and make friends like normal boys due to his being stuck at the physical age he was for the rest of time, he could still be a normal boy on the Internet.  He could use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to make connections with others so long as he gave no details about his true situation.  As he got "older" he could hook up with older and older people online.  At least he would be able to engage in dialog and share private thoughts with people his own age who aren't a part of his immediate family and he would feel a bit more normal.  He could feel like he was a member of society and taking part in it even if it was only from behind a computer.  I would have to discuss it with Grace and see how she felt about it.

For the time being I set him up with his own email and showed him how he could send messages to me or Elias via email through our phone provider's SMS gateway so it would hit our cell phones.  I smiled and watched as he tapped out his first SMS message to Elias's phone that said, "Hi, Elias!  It's me, Cole!  I'm a wolf and I'm typing with my nose!  Me and Jake are having fun.  I wish u were here too.  I can't wait till u come home.  See u soon."

Elias wouldn't see the message until he got back to his clothes and looked at his phone when he changes from wolf back to boy in the morning, but I was sure he'd be surprised.

It occurred to me that this system would work great for both Cole and Elias.  I had never thought of the possibility of having Elias communicate electronically while he was in wolf form before.  I guess it's because he'd never changed while he was here with me at home so we weren't in a position to get the idea.  I would make final versions of the head gear for each of them that would work with the smart phone screen using an off-the-shelf capacitive touch screen stylus and they could even take them with them in their backpacks when they go out to change in the woods.  A tablet would work even better so we should look into getting one of those.  They would have a way to communicate back to me or Grace any time they wanted even while in wolf form out in the woods.  We would never be completely out of touch.

When I finally looked at the time I was shocked to see we'd nearly blown the whole night on the project.  It had been a ton of fun so we hadn't noticed the time flying by.  We decided to pack it in and went upstairs to my bedroom and messed around a bit more.  We got up on the bed and I enjoyed having Cole fuck me again and tie to me, and then the two of us lay together on top of the covers.  I spooned my naked form against the big, furry wolf and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke some time later to Cole thrashing on the bed.  The change was hitting him, but there was no reason to be alarmed.  He'd woken when the pain hit but stayed right on the bed next to me.  I held him and spoke encouragingly as his body was once again ravaged by the metamorphosis.  He seemed calmer than ever before and other than the involuntary jerks of his muscles as they rearranged themselves and yanked his changing skeleton into its new shape, he stayed fairly still and calmly waited it out.  The change was over in no time and a grinning Cole pushed me onto my back and jumped onto me and hugged me hard.

"I had so much fun last night!  I can't believe how amazing it felt to fuck you!  It was the best time of my life!  It's so neat that I can talk to you now even when I'm a wolf!  Thanks so much!"

I hugged him back and said, "I had a ton of fun too."

"It was so easy changing right here on the bed with you," Cole said, "It still hurts, but I don't really care.  I know it will be over quick and you'll still be there with me."

"Yeah, It's great not to have to worry about the change anymore.  You went through it like it was nothing this time.  We can be a lot more relaxed about everything now."

He nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm glad we don't have to make a big deal about it or go into that stupid room anymore.  You don't have to wear your dumb World of Warcraft costume either.  It's so great!  I can't wait till Elias gets home so we can tell him.  We can change together now!"

I nodded and kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back.  We both lay quietly and before long we drifted off to sleep again.

It couldn't have been long before I woke again as the bed shook.  I was still on my back and Cole was still asleep on top of me with his arms around my neck.  I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Elias kneel onto the bed and lean in to kiss me.  He then kissed Cole on the head and rubbed his naked back as Cole turned his head around and looked up and his face split into a grin when he saw Elias smiling back at him.

Elias turned and sat on the bed said, "I got your message, little guy.  It was awesome!  Did you really type that yourself when you were the wolf?"

Cole grinned and nodded and said, "Yup.  Jake made me a thing for my face that I can slip on and off.  I can use it to tap on the computer monitor.  It's so neat!"

"I'll bet it is.  Maybe Jake can make one for me too," he said, then he looked at me and asked, "Did he change right here in bed with you?"

I smiled and nodded.

"That's not all!" Cole exclaimed, "He stayed with me in the panic room last night when I changed into a wolf and I didn't try to hurt him at all!  Jake thinks you wouldn't hurt him either and we wouldn't hurt each other!  Isn't that great?"

Elias raised his eyebrows and looked at me and before he could chew me out I said, "I know, I probably shouldn't have taken the risk but it seemed important.  I had the shark suit on and the Taser in my hand and one foot out the door just in case.  Cole told me just before the change that he didn't think he would hurt me because he loved me and he knew my smell as the wolf and the wolf would know that I'm his family.  It turned out he was completely right.  The wolf's instincts told him I wasn't any threat and that I cared for him and was there for him and I was not to be harmed.  He didn't threaten me at all.  He even wagged his tail at me before Cole was back inside him.  It was amazing.  I really think the panic room was completely unnecessary.  You would only be a danger to someone who isn't your family, someone you don't know and love and haven't spent a lot of time with.  I think you only attacked Cole in the woods because you'd only been near him just once for a few minutes and then a month passed and he was totally forgotten by the time he suddenly appeared out of the darkness at the worst possible moment of the change.  You two spent the whole night together as wolves after that and you've become really close already.  I think you'd be safe together."

"I suppose it makes sense," Elias said, "It sure would make things a lot easier if we could change without worrying about it.  I felt so alone last night and I wished I was here with you guys so bad.  I'd like to be home tonight and change right here.  We should try to think of a safe way to test it out.  Maybe we could use some tie out stakes for dogs and leashes and chains to keep us apart."

I shook my head and said, "We'd have to do that outside.  I'd have to be there too in order to let you both off the leash once you've changed.  If anything did go wrong I couldn't control the situation at all.  I think it's better to stay in the house.  I know I'm safe with Cole now for sure.  We just need to know that I'm safe with you, and that you're safe with each other.  The panic room is still our best bet to contain the situation if things go south.  I think maybe we could have Cole out in the hall with me while you're in the room.  We could keep the door open between us and I can watch and see what develops.  If anything goes wrong I could shut the door to separate you and keep you in the panic room.  I could wear the suit and hold the Taser.  I'm thinking it's gonna be just fine."

Elias said, "I'd still feel better if there was no possible way for us to get at each other.  The panic room door swings both ways and you could keep me locked in by wedging it from outside, but if Cole decided to bust in to fight with me you couldn't stop that.  You can't wedge it from both sides and the deadbolts aren't wired to power yet."

"Why do we have to be so careful?" Cole asked, "Don't you guys get it?  We won't hurt each other!"

Elias smiled at him and said, "You're probably right, buy you haven't seen what can happen when the wolf decides to attack.  It's really dangerous.  We just need to be really careful this one time until we know it will work with no problem."

"What if we built you a cage?" I asked, "We could go to the pet store and buy one of those back yard kennel kits.  They're pretty big and really solid and made of steel framed panels that are bolted together.  We could put one of those together inside the panic room and you could go into it while we stay outside of it.  If you and Cole went at each other you wouldn't be able to do any damage.  I'd be safe from both of you if I needed to be too.  I could just jump out of the panic room and wedge the door shut."

He nodded and said, "Yeah, that should work.  It's probably unnecessary, but I'd be happier if we made sure it was safe.  I'm bigger than both of you when I'm a wolf.  I love you guys and I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you."

I smiled and nodded.

"So, how did the big sex talk go?  Did you learn some pretty cool stuff, Cole?" Elias asked.

Cole grinned and said, "Yes!  It was so awesome!  Jake sucked my cock after and it felt so amazing.  I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too!"

Elias grinned back at him and chuckled and said, "That's fantastic!"

"We messed around some more when I was the wolf.  It was the best thing ever!  Jake said I would feel things stronger when I was a wolf and he was right.  I never felt anything so good in my life!"

Elias nodded and said, "I know, right?  Jake and I do that a lot when I'm the wolf.  It's pretty amazing."

He looked at me and smiled and then he leaned in again and kissed me on the cheek and said, "I'm glad you didn't waste any time.  Look how happy he is."

I looked at Cole and he grinned back at me and I chuckled and said, "He was the one that pressured me into it, but I'm also glad he didn't let me waste any time.  I'm just as happy about it as he is."

"Can we mess around right now?" Cole asked, "All three of us together?"

Elias smiled and said, "I'd love that, but I don't think it's a good idea right now.  Your mom will be home from work soon and Jake has to get ready and go to his job too."

My heart momentarily jumped as I realized I'd completely forgotten it was Monday morning and I had to get to work.  For the most part my career had been my life up until now.  Suddenly it was just a major annoyance that got in the way of real living.  I briefly pondered the idea of calling in to take the day off again, but decided against it.  I'd been screwing my employer over too much lately with my sudden weeks off and it might be best to stay on good terms with them.

"Elias is right, Cole.  I have to get showered and ready for work.  Elias would be happy to tuck you into bed if you like I'm sure."

Elias grinned and nodded at Cole and the boy smiled at him, then moved up to give me a tight hug and kissed me and said, "I love you so much, Jake.  You're the best.  This is the most awesome time I ever had in my whole life.  Have a good day at work.  I wish you didn't have to go."

I hugged him back hard and said, "I love you too, Cole.  I'll be back before you know it.  Elias needs to get some sleep and you need more too.   I'll see you when I get back tonight and we'll get set up so that you and Elias can change right here together and we'll see how that goes."

Cole grinned and nodded, then he got up and he and Elias went out to Cole's room.

I jumped in the shower and by the time I got out Elias was getting into bed.  I quickly got dressed and kissed him goodbye then went off to work.

The day was busy and it went by quickly enough.  Before long I was heading home again.  I stopped at one of the bigger pet stores on the way and found a kennel that was designed to be extremely roomy for large breed dogs like Great Danes and Mastiffs.  It was made of heavy, steel-framed wall panels with a really thick guage wire mesh and additional steel bands reinforcing the inner part of the walls.  It was incredibly solid looking and was modular.  The frames could be bolted together in different configurations with compression clamps.  It was meant to be nothing but walls with an open floor and no top, but I bought two of them so that we could use the extra panels to build a larger box out of them with a roof and floor all bolted together.  As far as I knew, Elias didn't have any sort of super powers or anything even during the change.  He was simply an unusually large wolf.  There was no way he could get through the steel.  Especially not during the short time he would have to work at it before he finished the change and became himself inside the wolf's body and was back in control.  It should be completely safe.

As I entered the house I was greeted with a terrific aroma of something cooking in the kitchen.  I kicked off my shoes and went in to find everyone busy getting supper ready.

"Hello, family!" I bellowed.  Cole ran to me and gave me a big hug.  "Hi, Jake!"

I kissed him on the forehead and ruffled his hair.  "How was your day, little man?"

"I didn't really have one yet," he said, "I just got up.  I slept all day."

Elias chuckled as I walked up to him to give him a hug and a kiss and he said, "Me too.  After all that's been happening the last few days I felt bagged.  It feels great to be all caught up on rest again."

"How about you, Grace?" I asked, "Did you get enough sleep?  You could have left it for me to get the meal ready."

She shook her head and said, "No, I'm fine.  I've never been one to sleep a whole lot.  I used to hold down two jobs, remember?  I got up a bit more than an hour ago and decided to make you all some of my special spaghetti sauce.  The boys are doing the salad.  There's garlic toast in the oven.  The pasta's boiling now.  It'll all be ready by the time you are."

"Smells awesome.  I'll go get changed and we can all sit down to eat," I said.

I walked up the stairs to my bedroom with a broad smile on my face as I pondered how incredible it felt to walk into a house full of people I love, and how different it was compared to the lonely life I had before.  I sort of had an instant family now and I couldn't have asked for a better one.  Certainly not a more interesting one at any rate.  My life had essentially changed overnight and this new one felt immediately comfortable.  I could slip right into it and I felt I would be content to live this way for as long as it might last.

Tonight we would test the ability of Cole and Elias to change together with me in the room and if that went as I expected it would, we could forget the biggest complication of all of this which was the logistics of the two boys going through a dangerous change and trying to keep them apart from each other and away from us.  Things would be much simpler going forward if it all worked out.

I finished changing and headed back downstairs to the kitchen and everything was laid out and ready.  As I moved to sit down Elias said, "Oh, before I forget, the contractor called just before you got home.  He said they're between jobs right now and he would like to bring his whole electrical crew in to finish up the wiring of the panic room.  He said if we were OK with them working during the day they could push hard and would finish it in just a couple of days.  He wanted to start tomorrow.  I told him it would be no problem.  I hope that's OK."

"I suppose it should be fine.  The noisiest part of the job is done so you should still be able to get some sleep while they're working.  Someone will have to let them in though so you'll have to stay up long enough to see them get started before you go to sleep."

Grace said, "I'm on shift tonight, but I'll be off for the next three nights.  My shifts are a bit longer so I do four on and three off.  They'll be getting here just after I get home so I can deal with them.  It won't matter if I get to sleep later on."

"OK, sounds great," I said, "It'll be good to have that last piece done even though I'm guessing we won't ever really need the panic room."

"Cole told me about you staying with him without your shark suit when he changed back this morning and that you even lay with him on the bed.  He said it was so easy to change this time that he doesn't think he'll ever be scared about it again as long as you're with him.  He said he'd feel even better if Elias could be there with him too.  Elias said you were going to see if the two of them would be able to change together?"

I nodded and said, "I've got two kennel kits in the back of my truck.  The boys will help me put it all together in the panic room after supper.  The plan is to have Elias locked into the steel cage and Cole and I will be just outside of it.  It'll be easy for me to see if anything is going wrong, but I already know I'm not in danger from Cole, so really it will be a matter of seeing if Elias and Cole try to get at each other."

"Do you think it will be safe?" Grace asked.

"I think so, yes.  They couldn't do much damage to each other with a steel cage between them even if they do go off on each other and I'll be standing by with a Taser in each hand just in case.  The change is brief so even if it went south it would only be bad for less than a minute.  I might need to jump out of the room to stay out of the way if that happens, but even if they do manage to hurt each other a bit, the next change would erase it.  I think it's an important enough test that we should get it done right away despite the small risk.  It will make things immensely easier for us if we no longer have to worry about the change.  The next big test will be a bit scary for you, but it will have to be done at some point.  I want you in the room with Elias in the cage when he changes.  We need to know that he won't be a danger to you."

Grace went pale and asked, "You don't expect me to do that tonight, do you?"

I shook my head.  "No, it's too soon.  We need to get his wolf form familiar with your scent first.  I think that's the key.  If the wolf knows your smell really well and associates it with someone important through Elias's connection to you, then it should be fine later on if you're around during the change.  If Elias begins to see you as his family then the wolf will ultimately see you the same way and you won't be in danger from it.  Tonight we'll just focus on Elias spending some time around you after he's changed so the wolf learns who you are."

She looked a bit relieved that she wasn't going to have to witness the change up close and she nodded.  "You looked so awesome in the video, Elias, I can't wait to see you in real life."

Elias smiled and nodded at her, but he had a tentative look on his face, like there was something on his mind.

"Is everything OK, Elias?  Is there something bothering you?" I asked.

"Could we talk about it alone after supper?"

"Is it something you can't share in front of Grace?  We need to start thinking of her as part of our family."

He turned a bit red, then faced her and said, "I'm really starting to warm up to you Grace, but some things you said when we first met really got under my skin in a big way and I'm not sure I'm over them yet."

Grace looked uncomfortable but she said, "Is it what I said about your age difference when I found out you were a couple?  I'm really OK with you two being gay.  It's just the age difference that caused me to react.  You look like you're thirteen or fourteen years old.  I'm not really in a position to judge, given my own experience, but the mother in me instinctually had an issue with it at first."

Elias nodded and said, "That's sort of the problem, instincts.  I've been in a situation before when I nearly lost control of the wolf while I was in that form because of powerful instincts.  We almost got in a tangle with a big cougar once.  The wolf had such a powerful hatred that when the thing came out in front of us in the woods he instantly wanted to kill it and started to growl and moved towards it to attack.  I just wanted to get the hell out of there but I'd sort of lost control and couldn't get the wolf turned around.  I had to fight hard but all I managed to do was slow it down just long enough that the cat moved back and turned around and ran.  I guess it wasn't ready for a fight with a wolf that size.  I'm worried that the wolf might tap into those hard feelings I have about what you said and think that you aren't really a friend.  I'm sorry, but I just want to make sure you're safe."

"Mom didn't mean anything bad, Elias.  She's really cool," Cole said.

"I know that, Cole, but I guess I'm not sure if I really feel it all the way down yet and most of what the wolf does is based on feelings.  I'm probably just being over cautious but she's your mom and I don't want to see her hurt by the wolf if he decides to lash out at her before I can get him back under control."

"Well, if there's an issue it should happen right away, don't you think?" I asked, "Grace can come into the room while you're still in the cage after the change and we can see what happens.  If it looks like there might be any danger she could leave for work early I suppose.  We'll have to figure out what to do next after that."

"Maybe it's the two of us who need to take some time to talk together alone after supper," Grace said to Elias, "I think it might be a good idea if we just get everything out on the table and explore the issue closer.  If we can really open up and understand each other then maybe we'll be in a better place.  I told Jake some things about myself and my past last night.  I'd like to tell them to you so you might understand me better."

I said, "That sounds like a perfect idea, Grace.  I think it would help a lot."

Elias shrugged and said, "OK.  I'm willing.  If we're gonna live together I guess it's important we do this now."

We turned our attention back to the meal and ate the rest of it in silence.

As soon as it was done and we'd dealt with cleaning up, Elias helped me get the two big boxes for the kennels dragged up into the panic room, then he and Grace went down into the basement to sit on the couch and have a private talk.

Cole and I got started assembling the kennel.  It was a pretty easy job but it involved a heck of a lot of cranking on heavy bolts with a socket wrench to clamp all of the panels together.  We arranged the big panels vertically instead of horizontally so the kennel would be plenty tall enough for the massive wolf it would have to contain.  Each kennel kit on its own would make a fairly large cage, but two combined allowed us to bolt additional panels on the top and bottom to make it completely enclosed and large enough to handle the wolf's size.

It took quite a while to get it all together and tighten the bolts and then I went to the hall linen closet and got some extra pillows and some heavy blankets that we put down on the floor of the kennel so Elias would have a more comfortable floor to thrash around on.

We were just finishing up when Elias and Grace came into the room.  Both were wearing wide smiles and Grace looked like she might have been crying a bit.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"It was pretty awesome," Elias said, "I had no idea who Grace really was, but now I know.  You were right, Cole, she's really cool.  Any doubt I had about her is gone.  I think we're gonna be great friends from now on."

Grace grinned and said, "I think so too.  We understand each other perfectly now.  Elias told me a lot of things about his life even back before he became a wolf.  He and I had a lot of similar experiences in our childhoods since we both had to go through the foster care system.  He told me a lot about what he's had to endure since his change, and how much better his life is now that he's with you.  It's pretty obvious how deep his love for you is, not that I really doubted it before.  It gave me some really good insight into how things might be for Cole going forward, too.  It was the best talk I've had in a long time and I'm really glad we did it."

The two of them hugged each other, then Elias walked over to inspect the kennel.  He grabbed at the side of it and pulled and pushed at it and he even gave it a good kick.

"This thing is solid as hell.  It should be perfect," he said.

I nodded, "Yeah, I think it'll be fine.  I'm not looking forward to taking it all apart again when we're done, though.  It's got a hell of a lot of bolts.  We need to get it out of here before the contractors show up tomorrow to finish the room."

Elias looked at the alarm clock on the table in the room and said, "I can't believe how long we talked.  It's almost time for the change.  We've got less than fifteen minutes."

"I'm gonna go down to the basement and watch some TV," Grace said, "Come get me when you're ready for me to meet Elias in his wolf shape."

I nodded at her and she kissed Cole on the head and left the room.

I went to get my bike chain from the garage to use to lock the kennel door tightly shut while the boys went to use the bathroom before their change.

We all met back in the panic room and Cole immediately began to strip down.  I sat on the small couch and smiled and watched as he did a little strip tease for Elias and me.  When he was done he came and climbed into my lap and gave me a big hug.

"I'm not even nervous at all this time," Cole said.

I smiled at him while Elias said, "I am.  This is the first time I've ever changed with someone here with me.  It feels weird somehow."

He began to strip down with Cole and I watching, then he stepped naked into the kennel.

"Maybe it's just the idea of being locked up in a cage that's affecting you," I suggested.

"No, it's not that.  I think it's just that it feels sort of like you're watching me going to the bathroom or some other embarrassing bodily function like that.  It didn't feel so strange when I did it in front of the camera but now that you're right here in the room it feels odd.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm doing it in the house for the first time ever in my life.  It's almost as weird as it might feel to squat and take a dump outside in the open in front of people when you've only ever done it in private in a bathroom your whole life.  It's hard to explain.  It's no big deal though."

"Could we lie down on the floor together, Jake?" Cole asked, "It was so easy this morning in the bed with you next to me.  I want to do it that way again."

"Sure, stay close to the kennel and I'll lie down on the other side of you.  We want to be sure you and Elias are fairly close while you're changing to really see if you're OK to be together."

Cole nodded and got off me and went to lie down on the thick carpet along side the kennel and Elias lay down next to him and they smiled at each other through the cage.

The kennel door only had a simple latch that was designed so a dog couldn't open it.  I used the bike chain looped several times around the frame of the door and the kennel to make sure it was tightly locked shut.

I looked around to make sure we were ready and I saw the Taser on the table.  "Shit, I forgot to grab one of the other Tasers.  I want to have two in case anything goes wrong.  Be right back," I said.

I ran to the bedroom and got the taser that was on the charger there, then hustled back to the panic room and grabbed the one off the corner table so I would have them right at hand.  Even as I was settling in beside Cole I felt him jerk as he let out a small grunt.  Elias tensed and spasmed too.

I put one hand on Cole and began to stroke him and say soothing things to him while I extended my other hand to the cage and Elias reached out to put his palm against mine with the mesh between us and he smiled at me just before another jolt hit him and he jerked again.  He put his other hand closer to Cole and the smaller boy extended his hand to put it against Elias's and they both waited for worst of the pain to hit.

I agonized as I watched the two boys getting wracked by the change once again and get hammered by the waves of pain.  I was amazed that just like this morning with Cole, both of them seemed extremely calm while the brutal transformation ravaged their bodies.  There was no look of panic and only the occasional grunt of pain.  There was almost no thrashing as I tried to keep touching both of them and letting them know they were not alone.

It progressed to the point that was going to be the most dangerous and I glanced just behind me where I'd placed the two Tasers and then looked back at the two proto-wolves who's bodies were vibrating and squirming as they came close to their final form.  Both let out a whine and slight growl as they regained the ability to make sounds, but both seemed to remain calm.  They were as dangerous as they would get now with all the power and teeth of the wolves without the reason of the boys' minds to control them yet.

Cole's fur was now in and he'd rolled onto his belly and I gently stroked his back.  He was at the point where he should be angry and snarling, but he took a brief sniff in my direction, then turned his head towards the cage.  Elias was far enough along that he was able to sit up and he faced the much smaller wolf outside the cage.  He wasn't himself yet.  I couldn't see him behind the wolf's eyes.  Neither was Cole.  They were the feral wolves, but they clearly knew each other and they sat quietly as they waited out the last of the change.

There were a few more sounds of joints clicking into place and a few final shudders then once again, like a switch being flipped, I saw the massive wolf's eyes shift into sharp focus like Elias had suddenly settled in behind them.  The big, beautiful wolf wagged his tail and looked down as the smaller wolf that was now Cole sat up and put a paw up on the cage wall and wagged his tail too.

"You were both absolutely fine," I told them as I got up off the floor, "You were calm and the change was about as smooth as it could possibly be.  Sit tight for just another minute, Elias.  Let's go get your mom, Cole."

Grace had closed the door leading down to the basement so I opened it up and Cole bounded past me down the stairs while I waited.  He yipped and barked and I heard Grace laughing, then Cole came running back up the stairs followed by his mother.

"I assume it went OK?" she asked.

I nodded, "Perfectly.  I really think it's gonna help them both to be able to lie down right together and change from now on.  It just seems to calm them both to the point where they're not the least bit scared or nervous and it's easier for them to deal with."

We made our way back upstairs to the panic room and Cole pushed the door open and went in and Grace and I followed.

The giant wolf in the cage looked over at Grace but it was clear right from the start it was going to be fine.  Elias wagged his tail and nodded to show us he was still completely in control of the powerful animal.

Grace walked up to the cage and stuck her fingers through the coarse wire mesh just to be sure, but Elias simply licked at her fingers and wagged his tail some more.

"Holy God!  You're so amazingly beautiful, Elias!  I can't believe how huge you are!" Grace exclaimed.

I unlocked the bike chain and took it off and opened the door.  Elias came out and sat in front of Grace and she immediately wrapped her arm around the massive animal's neck and hugged him hard.

I smiled as I watched her pull back and look him over.  She lifted one of his massive paws that was much bigger than her own hand and weighed it.  She walked around him and checked him out.  She plunged her fingers deep into his big ruff and scratched at his neck and then behind his big ears.  Elias took it all in stride and waited for her to get her fill.

"Let's all go into the hobby room.  Cole has something he wants to show you," I suggested.

We went into the room and I booted up the computer with the touch screen monitor while Cole put his paw on the pointer device and stuck his muzzle right into it.

As soon as the PC booted up Cole used his pointer and brought up Notepad and the on-screen keyboard to quickly type out a message that simply said, "Hi, Mom!"

Grace squealed with delight and shouted "Oh my God!!  You can talk to me!"

The wolf nodded and wagged his tail.

"I set him up with email last night, too.  He can send messages to my phone or Elias's.  Have you got a cell?"

She shook her head and said, "That's a luxury we couldn't afford.  I've just got my old land line at the house."

"Well it's no problem.  We'll get you one tomorrow.  Cole should have one of his own too if that's OK with you and I think we'll find a good sized tablet for them.  I want Cole and Elias to be able to message either one of us or vice versa even when they're wolves.  I'll be working on getting a mask printed for Elias tonight and then I'm gonna look for conductive pointers to replace the pencils so that they can use the capacitive screens on their own cell phones or the tablet to message us even if they go out to the woods to change."

"This is so amazing.  We should get tablets for all of us.  I would love to be able to play card games or board games with Cole even when he's a wolf.  There's all sorts of apps we could have fun with together," Grace suggested.

"That's a terrific idea.  It would help keep them entertained if they're indoors when they change."

Elias nodded and wagged his tail, then he put his paw on me to get my attention and he pointed at the pencil on Cole's head.

"It won't fit you, Elias.  I'll print one up for you later.  I can strap the temporary Velcro one onto your muzzle if you want.  It's a bit uncomfortable but we could take it off if it starts to bug you."

He nodded, so I went ahead and got the velcro strap with the pencil epoxied onto it that I'd tested on Cole and strapped it onto Elias's muzzle.

He turned to the same notepad screen and typed, "Can you hear me now?"

We all chuckled and Cole and Elias began to exchange words on the screen.  I smiled and watched for a bit, then I said, "I'm gonna go start taking the kennel apart again.  You all have fun.  Grace, stay close to Elias to make sure the wolf gets as much of the scent of you as he can.  We need him to know you're family."

She smiled and nodded and I turned to leave the room.

I went back to the panic room and started the long process of taking the kennel apart bolt by bolt.  There was a large walk-in closet in Cole's room and he didn't need much of it yet so I hauled the panels in there for storage for the time being.  I would donate it all to the humane society shelter later on.

It took a while to get it all cleaned up and get the panic room ready for the contractors and by the time I was heading back to the hobby room I found it empty.  I looked at the notepad on the screen and there'd been a lot of conversation about what they could do for fun in the house that finally ended with Cole asking, "Could we go downstairs to play pinball?"

I suddenly heard loud barking and Grace cheering coming from downstairs in the basement.

I smiled and headed back out into the hall and down to the basement.  This I had to see.

As I came down the stairs I saw Grace on one side of the Dark Knight pinball table and the massive wolf that was Elias sitting on the other side and barking and wagging his tail as he watched the action.  The smaller wolf was standing at the machine with his big front paws on either side.  It was a simple matter for him to flick his paws inward to press the flipper buttons and he seemed to be doing great.  Cole had tried the machine already when he was a boy, but he did as well as a boy would do the first time they try pinball, which is to say not very well.

The wolf seemed to have no problem, though.  It had to have something to do with the fine-honed ability to track moving prey and anticipate what they would do next.  It was a hilarious sight to see the big wolf leaning over the table and staring intently with his big tongue hanging out the side of his open mouth as he panted and wiggled his butt and wagged his tail this way and that while he flipped the flippers and sent the ball flying into the corners.

He triggered the Joker multi-ball and I watched in amazement as he deftly kept all of the balls in play for an amazingly long time while the point count flew upward.

As the Joker spun around and the loud music and hypnotic flashing lights kicked in Grace cheered and yelled at me, "That's the third time he's done that and this is still his first ball!"

I grinned and watched as the young wolf continued to dominate the table.  It was interesting to see his eyes dart around the playing field tracking all of the balls simultaneously and hitting the flippers instinctively at just the right moment to knock a ball back up into the playing field before it could escape.  I imagined it might be a lot like how a wolf would track the flow of a herd of animals, constantly assessing their movements and what they might do next while trying to separate a weak one from the flock and set up the perfect opportunity to attack.  It was clear that if Cole knew the rules of the table properly he would wipe out my highest ever score in one try even though I'd played the table hundreds of times to achieve it.  I resolved to teach him all the ins and outs of the table to see just how high a score he could get.

Finally, after a much longer while of Cole continuing to keep the balls in play, Grace looked at her watch and then came over and said, "I have to get ready and head out to work.  The boys are having a blast.  It's so neat that they can talk even while they're wolves.  Cole seems to really have a knack for pinball, too.  It's so funny to see a huge wolf playing the game.  I'll leave you boys to have fun.  I'll see you tomorrow."

I smiled and nodded and said, "Have a good night at work."

Before she went up the stairs she stopped and wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug and said, "I've always worried about Cole not having a male influence in his life.  I can't imagine a better influence than you.  You and Elias are easily the best thing that could possibly have ever happened to him.  I've never seen him so happy.  Thanks for everything."

I patted her on the back and she broke the hug and smiled at me, then went up the stairs

I watched Cole play for a bit longer and then I turned to Elias and said, "I'm gonna go upstairs and print up a mask for you."

Elias nodded and I left the wolves and went up to the hobby room.  I pulled up the OpenSCAD design for Cole's mask on the computer.  Their faces were the same shape and I'd scripted the model with a main scale variable so I should only have to tweak it upwards a bit to print one big enough for Elias.  Because of the conical shape I only had to guesstimate the right size and get it fairly close and it would fit just fine.  The longest part of the process was printing it, but within an hour Elias had his own mask that he could slip on and off.

Cole must have finally lost his last ball or got bored because the two wolves padded into the room to join me.  Elias tried it on for fit and it was good enough.  The two began tapping messages back and forth at each other again.

I watched for a bit and then I said, "It's getting a bit late for me, guys.  I didn't get much sleep at all this morning and I have to go to work again tomorrow.  Will you two be OK if I go to bed now and leave you to it?"

Cole type, "Do you have to?  Can we mess around?"

Elias typed, "Yeah, let's mess around!"

I smiled and said, "We could just for a bit I guess.  We need to keep it light, Elias.  I don't want to push Cole too fast."

Cole typed, "I want you to push!  Could you fuck me in my bum like you do to Elias?"

I shook my head and said, "It's a bit soon for that.  It's really uncomfortable at first.  I don't think you'd like it."

Elias typed, "It might be uncomfortable when he's a boy, but he's a hell of a lot bigger as a wolf.  He could take you easy."

Cole typed, "Can't we try?  Please?  I'll never ask for anything again!"

He turned and looked at me with pleading, puppy dog eyes.  It looked comical with the bright blue plastic mask covering his muzzle and the long pencil pointing out past his nose like he was Pinocchio caught in a lie.

I chuckled and said, "OK, fine.  We'll try it but you need to remember the promise you made to me.  You have to let me know if anything makes you uncomfortable."

Cole typed, "I promise!"

"OK, let's go to the bedroom."

I left the computer running and the door to the hobby room open in case the boys wanted to go back in and chat after I went to sleep.  The big wolves ran past me and waited at the end of the hall at the closed door to the master bedroom.

It occurred to me as I walked towards them that there was an easy way I could make the house more accessible for them when they're in the wolf form.  I should change all of the door handles from the round, turning-knob type that they were now to the lever type so they could just press down with a paw to open a door.  The faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms were already the lever type so they could probably easily get used to taking a drink of water from there when they needed it.  It may be a bit awkward to use the toilet but they should be able to if the need arises and they won't have a problem flushing it.  They could use their pointer masks to manipulate the power switch on the computer to turn it on and they could even use them to work the TV remote downstairs.  Really they were fairly well equipped to use everything now and simply changing all of the door handles would open the whole house up to them, so maybe that should be my next project.

I opened the door and the wolves raced past me to jump up on the bed and roll into the middle of it.  The king size bed was huge but somehow it looked small with the supernaturally gigantic wolf that was Elias sprawled out in the middle of it.

I walked in and pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it aside.  Then I sat on the bed and pulled off my socks, sweats, and underwear and crawled up to the middle of the bed to join the dog pile.

Cole rolled onto his back and showed us his big red cock that was already peeking out from its sheath.  Elias wasted no time and turned and began to lick at the treat.  Cole wiggled in delight as more of his cock emerged.  I moved in at Cole's face and kissed him on the nose.  He lapped at my lips and I opened my mouth a bit and sucked his tongue right in so we could neck for a bit.  Elias came up to join us and began to lick at the side of my mouth so I let Cole's tongue slip from my mouth and turned to suck Elias's tongue in.  I switched back and forth between the two and then pulled back as Elias turned to Cole and the two wolves each plunged their long tongues into the other's mouth.  I watched as they necked lovingly and I saw more and more of Elias's big cock slip from its sheath as he became more aroused.

The massive wolf maneuvered over top the smaller one, who was still on his back, and lowered himself to begin to rub his throbbing red cock against Cole's cock that was now fully emerged and already leaking pre-cum.  It was a beautiful sight to see the two wolves enjoying each other.  I moved to the end of the bed so I could do one of my favorite things with Elias.  I lifted the massive wolf's tail and moved right in to stab my tongue at his hot hole.  I heard Elias groan into Cole's mouth as he relaxed his sphincter and enjoyed the sensation of my tongue invading his hole and working it furiously.

Elias began to hump just a bit harder at Cole as he rubbed his thick cock and huge balls against the smaller wolf beneath him.  I reached down and began to finger Cole's asshole and it was his turn to moan into Elias's mouth at the added sensation.  I played with Cole's anus a bit then brought my finger up and wet it in my mouth and reached down and gently inserted the tip of it.  Cole wiggled his butt like he wanted more so I slowly inserted more of my finger until the whole thing was in him.  Elias was right.  Cole was so much bigger as the wolf that this probably wouldn't be the least bit uncomfortable for him.  His back legs were splayed wide and he continued to buck his hips up to rub his cock harder against Elias's and I began to move my finger in and out in time with his bucking.

I pulled my tongue out of Elias's asshole and I looked down at the sight of the huge furry balls being rubbed against Cole's smaller ones as the two horny wolves humped at each other.  I would occasionally get a glimpse of Cole's hard cock and I could already see the knot beginning to grow at its base.  He wasn't going to last much longer he was so into it.

I patted Elias on the ass and got up off the bed to get the bottle of lube out of the nightstand drawer.  Elias got up and off of Cole and I asked the smaller wolf to flip over onto all fours so I could get behind him.  Cole quickly complied and was standing in the middle of the bed and looking back at me in anticipation with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.

I smiled and moved in behind him and just like I'd done for Elias, I lifted Cole's tail up to expose his dark hole and I jammed my tongue right into it and moaned at the wonderful taste of him.  Cole's butt began to come down a bit as he squatted onto my tongue and reveled in the sensation of it plunging in and out of his hot hole and rubbing against the sensitive ridges.  I never get tired of this and I could do it all night long, but I was so turned on that I was getting close myself.  I squirted a bit of lube onto my finger and pushed it gently into Cole's rectum.  I added more lube and inserted the tip of a couple of fingers and slowly began to push them further in.  He pushed backwards a bit to speed things along so he was still obviously OK.

I enjoyed myself just a bit longer playing with his big furry balls while I fingered his hole to loosen him up as much as possible.  Finally I couldn't wait any longer and I asked, "Are you ready, Cole?"

He looked back with a bit of a glazed look and he nodded vigorously.  I got on my knees behind him and squirted a very generous amount of lube into the palm of my right hand and I spread some of it onto my cock.  I got into position and put my fat cock head against his anus.

"Relax and push just a bit, Cole."

He did as I asked and immediately my cock popped easily past his sphincter and entered his rectum.  He moaned a bit but made no move to stop me.  I sighed and pushed and enjoyed the sensation of my cock smoothly invading his incredibly hot tunnel.  It always felt so amazing to fuck Elias and it was equally incredible to plunge my cock into Cole's tight hole.  The resting body temperature of wolves must be higher than humans because it feels so hot and great.  I moaned as I fed more of my cock in to the wolf until I finally bumped up against him.  Cole's head went down a bit as he lost himself in the sensation of my fat shaft sliding against his sensitive anus as I pulled it smoothly back out, then pushed it slowly in again.  I built a slow and steady rhythm and Cole seemed to be pushing his ass back against me trying to make me go faster, but I kept it slow for the time being.

Once I knew he was completely OK and enjoying it I leaned myself right onto his back and reached under him with my still well-lubed right hand and took hold of his incredibly hard, naked, red cock that was now profusely dripping pre-cum from the tip.  I felt Cole briefly tense under me and then suddenly begin to hump hard against my hand, pulling himself off my cock, then pulling his hips back to push himself back onto me.

Suddenly I felt Elias's big, wet tongue begin to probe my asshole and I relaxed to let him get me wet.  He lapped at me hard for a little while but he couldn't wait and in one move he was up and over top of me with the tip of his cock pressed against my anus.  I relaxed as he thrust at me powerfully and the tapered tip of his massive cock smoothly entered and spread me wide open so he could feed in the rest of his massively engorged tool.

I groaned at the sensation of my rectum being filled with him and leaned more onto Cole and wrapped my arms around him tightly to hump at him harder while I jacked at his cock with my right hand.  Elias leaned in more and wrapped his huge front legs around both me and Cole as his tail went up in the air and his ass began to hump at me harder and harder.  Both wolves began panting as they approached their climaxes.

The sensation of being sandwiched between these two beautiful, furry, powerful creatures as they let go and worked towards their orgasms was incredible.  Elias began to grunt as he thrust his hips hard at me and my anus spread even wider to accept the massive wolf's big knot as he pushed it firmly into me to lock me to him.  I could feel Cole's knot bumping against my hand as he humped at it and I gripped his shaft more tightly and grabbed the big knot with my left hand to make him feel as though he'd tied while my own breathing became short and quick as my orgasm fast approached.

Cole moaned and began to pump his hips furiously at my lubricated hand as his orgasm suddenly crashed into him and I felt his hard cock pulse in my grip as a huge volley of semen blasted through it and out onto the bed.  His anus clamped down hard on my cock in rhythm with the thumping beats of his orgasm and the incredible sensation of the hot hole grabbing at my cock shaft drove me over the edge and I cried out as the orgasm hit me and I shot my load deep into the wolf.

Elias began to buck against me even harder as he grunted and groaned and panted and suddenly he pushed so hard it was like he was trying to stab himself right through me and held the position and I felt his massive cock begin to pulse as he filled me once again with his thick seed.

There were moans and groans all around as the three of us road out our intense orgasms until we finally settled down and held still.  I was buried fully into Cole-wolf and I let my weight fall onto his furry back while I continued to hold his cock so he would feel tied.  Elias was fully tied to me and he held still on top of me while he waited for his knot to begin to shrink.

I reveled in the sensation of being sandwiched between two wolves.  Their fur was so thick and soft and felt incredible against my naked body.  I rubbed my face against the back of the neck of the wolf beneath me and said, "That was incredible, Cole.  Thank you.  I love you so much."

Cole whined happily and I could feel his tail trying to wag, but it was caught under my belly as I leaned onto him.

Elias leaned in and began to lick at my neck and the side of my face and then he rubbed his cheek against mine.  He then gently nipped at the back of Cole's neck and the smaller wolf lifted his head up and Elias and Cole rubbed their faces against each other for a while, sharing their affection for each other while enjoying the wonderful glow left behind by our intense orgasms.

We held that position for quite some time until finally Cole's knot shrank away and his cock began to retreat back into his sheath.  I let go of it and loving stroked the beautiful wolf a while longer as Elias waited for his knot to finish going down.  A short time later he slipped out of me and got off me.  I pulled my softened cock out of Cole and I moved to lie down on the bed.

"I'm so sleepy right now," I said, "Will you two keep me company just until I fall asleep?"

Cole came up and lay down in front of me with his back to me.  The same way we'd fallen asleep together the night before.  Elias lay down behind me and snuggled in tight.  I was warm and comfortable between the two big wolves.  I stroked their fur some more as I said, "I love the two of you more than you can imagine.  I'm about as happy as anyone can possibly be right now."

Cole wiggled onto his back with his big paws in the air and his tail wagged as he moved his face in and licked at my mouth.  I parted my lips and sucked on his tongue for a bit while I scratched at his chest and belly.  Elias craned his neck over me and licked at both of our mouths and the three of us necked a bit and then settled back down.

As I continued to stroke Cole's soft fur and I thought about what an amazing life I have now, I drifted off to sleep.


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